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Volume 1, May 2018















The International Conference Locations Directory


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EUROPEAN CONGRESS LOCATIONS The Conference Venue Allocator Volume 1 2018


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Volume 1, May 2018





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Q & A Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group






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IMEX Frankfurt



From Chili to China


MPI. Meeting Professionals International

Interview with Matthew Marcial and

Sonya Thorpe-Cobb

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Colofon BMG Business B.V. Kerkenbos 10 15E 6546 BB Nijmegen 024 - 760 06 67 Publisher: Heltjo Brinkman Editor in Chief: Mahlee Plekker Editorial Team: Harrie Linssen, Erik van der Does de Bye, James Dawson

Editorial The first edition of INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES lies in your hands. We are extremely happy with this new member of the MEETINGS family! The first couple of pages are dedicated to interviews with our own ‘keynote speakers’. We spoke to Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX group. She’s sure that despite the increasingly digitalized environment there is still a growing aware-

Design: Rogier Teijgeler, Sandra Elzinga Commercial distribution:

ness among the wider business community of the importance of face to face meetings.

Dorita Brinkman,Tanja Hanibals Account managers: Reinoud Goossens, Theo Müller-Königkrämer, Tatos Ohan

ICCA confirms this position, and, with over a thousand affiliated companies and organizations based in approximately 100 countries, ICCA ranks among the largest and most well subscribed events associations in the world today.

Managing board: Ralph Brinkman

MPI’s Matthew Marcial and Sonya Thorpe-Cobb are also not afraid of the


digitalization of our meeting world. They see technology as something

International CONFERENCES, Summits

ever-changing and always impacting our industry especially: with VR technology,

& Conventions 2018 is a publication by BMG Business B.V. Nothing from this

augmented reality, and AI.

publication may be used, multiplied or copied without written permission from the publisher.

In the second part of this magazine you will find a catalogue with information about the biggest, best and brightest international venues across Central Europe, handily arranged by country in alphabetical order. With these features


we hope to make an important contribution to the successful organization of your next event!

The International Conferences Team Mahlee Plekker, Editor in Chief


International CONFERENCES










The International Conference Locations Directory


100 recommended

EUROPEAN CONGRESS LOCATIONS The Conference Venue Allocator Volume 1 2018

Volume 1, May 2018


WITH LOVE FOR MICE Maandblad • Jaargang 30 • Editie 2 2018







Jaargang 2 • Editie 1 2018










meetings &

Het brede vakmagazine voor professionals en ondernemingen in Business Travel en in de Travel Business




• Podiumbouw en -verhuur • Sanitair

Jaargang 10, editie 1 2018


EVENTS Sailing Dutchman Events betrokken bij De Stormruiter

MTV EMA 2016, De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE!, het ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament en North Sea Jazz Festival. Rotterdam Ahoy is al jaren hét toneel voor grootse nationale en internationale topevenementen. En ook voor kleine, ruimten, een state-of-the-art Ahoy Arena, zes Beurs- & Evenementenhallen, een Congres- & Vergadercentrum en inhuis catering staan onze medewerkers

Contact? T: 010 – 293 32 43 - E: - W:

Zakelijke bijeenkomsten in het Spoorwegmuseum. Spoorwegmuseum is niet alleen het leukste station van het land, het is ook de mooiste locatie. Ons authentieke

editie 2 2018

NIEUW IN 2020! Opening congrescentrum met internationale allure en compleet gerenoveerde Beurs- & Evenementenhallen.

AHOY - aanpassing ad Events 1-5-17.indd 1

04-05-17 13:29

stationsgebouw biedt een en al sfeer. Van ruimtes met .. koninklijke allure tot stoere, industriele zalen of een monumentale stationshal. U kunt zelfs het hele museum afhuren. Dus heeft u plannen voor een congres, borrel, dagje uit, feest, heidedag, presentatie of vergadering? .. We barsten van de ervaring en ideeen en helpen uw evenement graag op het juiste spoor. Bel 030-230 6289 of mail naar



editie 1 2018

Pro-actief. Built for experiences.

‘Compleet nieuwe manier van ticketverkoop’


Beste Congreslocatie 2016 én 2017!

klaar om een prestatie te leveren die uw verwachtingen overtreft. Persoonlijk.

Peter Roos en Eelco Schäffer van Tibbaa:

Veel interesse voor de zakelijke arrangementen


besloten evenementen kunt u bij ons terecht. Naast onze multi-inzetbare


De Tafel van Twente

De Carrière van…

Attractieparken en dierentuinen


Noord-Holland & Amsterdam


Business Travel

Incentives 1 (2018).indb 1


Travel Market



Podiumbouw en -verhuur

19-02-18 10:37

International CONFERENCES 7


FRANKFURT 15–17 MAY 2018

FUTURE PROOF YOU – AND YOUR EVENTS What’s NEW at IMEX 2018? • Dozens of new hotels and venues, latest event concepts, trend-setting tech co’s, hot destinations, rising stars and more • Innovation everywhere – Learn from C2 and Skift. Immerse yourself in our brand new Live Zone • EduMonday – Our pre-show education day has doubled in size, scope and stimulation

Why you will LOVE this year’s IMEX • IMEX in Frankfurt changes every single year. It’s a vibrant, magnetic business showcase bursting with creators, innovators, partners and suppliers from every corner of the world • Education is a BIG DEAL. There’s a multitude of talks, workshops and specialist events • It’s a fast-changing world, IMEX is designed to help you keep up – and seal the deal


International CONFERENCES

Discover something new at IMEX. Register (it’s free) and plan your visit at



Heltjo Brinkman, Publisher

Introduction/preface The idea for this new magalogue, a combination of magazine and catalogue, came up at IMEX in Frankfurt last year. In the media corner, with more than 100 magazines and catalogues from many European countries, we saw a lady – she came from Canada, she said - with seven of these brochures. At first, she put them in her bag, but then she took them out again and laid them back on the shelves. We asked her why she would not take a few of those magazines, and in which country she was thinking of organising her next conference; she told us that her company were not yet sure where to look for a venue, only that it had to be in central Europe, and to take all of those brochures with her would be too much weight to carry. Right at that moment our concept was born: to develop a media project that would provide information about several international venues across a range of countries in Central Europe. Today I am proud to introduce our first edition of INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES.

International CONFERENCES 9


Q & A Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group: IMEX in Frankfurt 2018 will take place at Messe Frankfurt from 15 -17 May 2018, with EduMonday, its pre-show day of learning and insights on Monday 14 May. International Conferences asked Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group, to react to a couple of statements about the upcoming IMEX event.

The importance of face to face meetings “The meetings and events industry is, of course, well placed to understand the importance of meeting face to face. Our shows, both IMEX in Frankfurt and IMEX America, attract planners from around the world to meet and do business with a vast range of destinations, venues and other suppliers – all under one roof. “There is now growing awareness among the wider business community of the importance of face to face meetings. In recent years national and local governments have begun to appreciate the valuable role of meetings and events in developing their knowledge economies and acting as a catalyst for innovation when convention bureaux work in collaboration with academia and industry in addition to the recognised direct benefits from business tourism. “We explore this at our Policy Forum, taking place on the first day of IMEX in Frankfurt. This unique high-level event will bring together up to 40 policymakers, including national and regional government ministers, and political influencers with around 80 industry leaders.” Turning the focus back to humanity “The meetings and event industry is, as often said, ‘a people industry’ and it’s therefore crucial to look after our people, their health, their safety, their 10

International CONFERENCES

“There is now growing awareness among the wider business community of the importance of face to face meetings”


sense of fulfilment and their futures. “We’re noticing a trend towards people asking more questions, throughout this industry and in society as a whole, about whether people - and their lives, their feelings, their aspirations, their health and their minds - are being sufficiently prioritised as society copes with challenges and adapts to progress.” Sustainability = top priority “Sustainability has been one of our core values since our inaugural show 15 years ago. We are committed not only to implementing sustainability best practice at our shows but also to encouraging the industry to do so, through our education programmes and through initiatives such as the IMEX- EIC Innovation in Sustainability Award, which is handed out at IMEX in Frankfurt. “It’s heartening to see how many organisations have, over the years, demonstrated their creativity and commitment to sustainability. Who’d have thought it was possible, even five years ago, for Superbowl 2018 to declare a zero-waste target for example? Times have really changed and IMEX is delighted to celebrate and support that change.”

“It’s heartening to see how many organisations have, over the years, demonstrated their creativity and commitment to sustainability” IMEX Talking Point: Legacy “While the meetings and events industry has been evolving over the past

five years we’ve seen a shift away from planning an event around a ‘single moment in time’ towards planning an event with longer-lasting, more meaningful impacts – impacts that can be seen long after the event has ended. That impact could be on the attendees, the host community, the local innovation economy, the destination partners, the city leadership, the environment or many other areas. “As a company whose mission is “to unite and advance the meetings industry, doing everything we can to educate, innovate and help our clients make powerful connections with the right people,” IMEX has a strong, living commitment to the idea of Legacy. “Legacy is our Talking Point for this year and we’ll be exploring various elements of legacy at our shows including our education sessions as well as the Policy Forum and Exclusively Corporate programmes at IMEX in Frankfurt.” International CONFERENCES 11


“She means Business”, woman in the Event Branche “Gender politics continues to top the headlines– issues affecting women at work, such as gender equality and career advancement, are more prominent than ever. In the meeting and event sector, where women comprise the majority of the workforce, these topics are particularly pressing.

“We want to play our part in highlighting the challenges that women face, but more importantly helping to introduce solutions” “We want to play our part in highlighting the challenges that women face, but more importantly helping to introduce solutions. The best way to do this is to bring people together for


International CONFERENCES

open conversation, collaboration and learning – and our new conference, She Means Business, is set to do just that.” “She Means Business, takes place the day before the show on Monday 14 May, as part of EduMonday, and celebrates the role of women in the industry. Meeting and event strategists – both female and male – are invited to share expertise and learn from inspi-

ring speakers and mentors. “We created She Means Business in partnership with tw tagungswirtschaft, to address the crucial issues currently faced by women in the meetings and events sector with inspirational speakers sharing their insights and experiences.”


IMEX Frankfurt IMEX, or ‘Incorporating Meetings made in Germany - The Worldwide Exhibition for incentive travel, meetings and events’ to give it its full title, is a worldrenowned exposition that burst on to the international scene in the heady days of 2001, with its first showing arriving two years later in the form of IMEX Frankfurt in April of 2003. Since that time, IMEX has grown considerably, with a move to the larger venue of Messe Frankfurt in 2005 and the opening of IMEX America in Las Vegas in October of 2011. This year, visitors can look forward to what is sure to be an outstanding showcase at the Frankfurt venue, with over 200 education programmes scheduled as well as numerous partner events held by MPI, ICCA and SITE (amongst others). Indeed, with more than 5,200 qualified buyers ranging in from some 150 countries, this year is set to be the event that you surely do not wish to miss. Messe Frankfurt This year, IMEX will be held at the Messe Frankfurt venue from the 15th to the 17th of May, with an additional ‘EduMonday’showcase to be held on the 14th. The veInternational CONFERENCES 13


nue is within easy reach from the local airport, and, thanks to its relatively central location, is but a stone’s throw away from many of Frankfurt’s premier hotels. For full travel details, please see below for more information. Arriving from the Airport • By IMEX transfer on show days. Approx. 20 minutes travel time. • By train/S-Bahn from the Regionalbahnhof (regional station) at the airport. • Take any train on platform 1 to Frankfurt’s main station. Then take the S-Bahn (lines S3, S4, S5 or S6) to Mesee (entrance Torhaus). Approx.


International CONFERENCES

30 minutes travel time. • By taxi, the journey will take around 20 minutes. Fares start from €25 pp. From central Frankfurt hotels • By IMEX transfer on show days. Morning and evening transfers run from selected hotels. • On foot. Download our walking map for walking times. By car • Follow signs to Messe and take the WestKreuz Frankfurt exit. Follow signs to Messe Frankfurt Tor 9. Ask the gate staff for parking information.

By train • Frankfurt’s main station is 15 minutes from Messe Frankfurt. Take tram 16 in front of the station to Festhalle/ Messe,U-Bahn line U4 to Festhalle/ Messe, or S-Bahn to Messe, entrance Torhaus. An IMEX shuttle bus runs from the Festhalle/Messe entrance to IMEX on show days. Main Events This year’s events will begin with the aforementioned EduMonday conference on May 14th. This will be open to everyone attending IMEX and is an opportunity to immerse oneself in a full day of free edu-


cation and networking (in both English and German). From general educational perspectives to a more specialised focus, including the new ‘She Means Business’ conference and PMCA’s Business school, you will find a range of experts willing to divulge the latest in fresh ideas and different approaches, all using pioneering new learning methods focused on your professional development. The day will conclude with drinks at the nearby Adina hotel – an ideal opportunity to relax and expand your network at the same time. On May 15th, guests can look forward to the Policy Forum, the successor to last years’ Politicians Forum, which aims to bring policy makers together with influential industry leaders to engage both national and international governments and organisations in the advancement of industry. The main theme of this years’ conference will be the notion of legacy what it is that we as individuals and associations can do to ensure the brightest of futures. In addition, there is also the IMEX-MCIMPI future leader’s forum, a unique and free opportunity to gain expert insight into the meetings industry. This event will be particularly useful for students currently on hospitality, event or tourism management courses, as it will give attendees the chance to meet with seasoned professionals at the heart of the industry. Similarly, with the Faculty Engagement Programme, academics in the field will meet to discuss trends and new solutions with industry leaders and share their knowledge. Both events will take place over two days, May 16th to May 17th, with some 8,000 students expected to attend. The showpiece event of this year, the Gala Dinner, will take place on May 16th. With live music, fabulous food, engaging conversation and a celebration of the many outstanding achievements of the meetings industry, this will be the ideal centrepiece to entertain your clients and meet up with industry friends old and new alike. Where can I find out more? Log on to to begin your journey today: these events, as well as many more, await you. International CONFERENCES 15



From Chili to China The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) has over 50 years of pedigree within the MICE industry and represents leading suppliers from across the globe in the handling, transportation and accommodation of events. With over a thousand affiliated companies and organizations based in approximately 100 countries, ICCA ranks among the largest and most well subscribed events associations in the world today.

This year is due to be a hectic one, with events scheduled in locations ranging from Chile to China and with many more in between. Kicking off the events lined up next in Europe this year is the Association Expert Seminar in Frankfurt, Germany. Launching just before IMEX Frankfurt on May 12th-14th, the AES aims to co-


International CONFERENCES

ver a broad range of topics, including the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings, client objectives, supplier negotiations and the respective cultures within businesses. In other words, the event wishes to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers and encourage stronger, more productive and longer lasting business relationships.

Keynote Speakers Guests this year can look forward to keynote speakers with a wealth of experience, what with Greg Bogue, the Chief Experience Architect over at Maritz Global Events, Gary Grimmer, CEO of Gaining Edge and Ksenija Polla, Director of Association Relations for ICCA all scheduled to share their collective


wisdom. Indeed, with over 80 years of shared experience, even the most seasoned of industry regulars could stand to learn a trick or two. Annual Central European Chapter Conference In June, ICCA returns to Germany for its annual Central European Chapter conference, this time in Wiesbaden, before heading across the English Channel to the ‘Old Smoke’- London - for the concisely-titled ‘The Meetings Show’. As the famous lexicographer, biographer, essayist and poet Dr Johnson put it, ‘He who is tired of London is tired of life’, and TMS is certainly looking to capitalize upon that lasting appeal with a twoday exhibition on the 27th-28th of June that is destined to impress. The show will feature a veritable smorgasbord of stunning location ideas with a scope encompassing over 50 countries across 6 continents - perhaps that perfect Antarctic retreat is still in the design phase. Nevertheless, the exposition is shaping up to be an interesting one, so be sure to check out the ICCA stand for the Member Networking Reception at 3pm on Wednesday June 27th to catch the latest in industry gossip or simply to socialize with fellow members. Playground for the well-connected If London doesn’t grab your attention in the way the great Dr Johnson might’ve

hoped for, then perhaps the next venue on the calendar will: Monte Carlo, Monaco. A place that requires little introduction, Monte Carlo is perhaps best known as a veritable playground for the well-off and well-connected, what with its gorgeous casinos, bevy of 5-star rated restaurants and hotels as well as its stunning views of the French Riviera. Furthermore, it is also home to one of the most famous and challenging courses in all of Formula 1, the Monaco Grand Prix, and as such is sure to be an exciting destination for any petrolhead colleagues you may know. This year the ICCA European Client/ Supplier Business Workshop will take place there from the 28th-30th of June. Guests this year can look forward to arriving in spectacular style, what with

helicopter rides taking passengers from the nearby Nice airport to the luxurious Fairmont Monte-Carlo hotel. The programme includes both client and member forums, educational seminars, workshop sessions and everimportant networking dinners that are sure to leave an indelible impression. As one might expect, the event is a rather exclusive affair so be sure to check your eligibility on the ICCA website, Association Meetings Programme Ljubljana Looking into July, ICCA members and association executives alike can embark on the road less travelled by attending the AMP (Association Meetings Programme) conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia from the 9th to the 11th of July. This wonderful gem of a city boasts astounding feats of architecture, including the picturesque 11th-century Ljubljana Castle and the famed Dragon Bridge, as well as a uniquely Slovenian atmosphere that while difficult to describe is unlikely to be forgotten. Indeed, with a population of only 280,000, Ljubljana manages to combine all the amenities of a modern city with a sense of small-town charm, and with easy access to beaches, olive groves and ski resorts, is able to accommodate guests with even the most eclectic of tastes. This year’s conference will be at The Grand Hotel Union which enjoys a privileged central location very close to the Old Town district; it is also the largest convention hotel in the entire city. Built International CONFERENCES 17


in 1905 in an elegant Art Nouveau style, the hotel features 327 comfortable rooms divided between historic and more business-focused buildings. The Grand Union Hall, the main function room for the hotel, accommodates up to 800 delegates, ensuring that guests this year will be treated to both space and luxury. Should you find yourself fatigued from a busy day of fraternising, the hotel also boasts an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a fitness centre and a massage parlour for those who wish to recuperate in style. Partnership The main theme of this year’s AMP will be the notion of partnership, while individual sessions are set to encompass topics such as the sustainable development of cities, the contrast between emerging and established travel destinations – with Ljubljana a notable example of the former – and a whole host of new ways to approach negotia18

International CONFERENCES

tions within the MICE industry. Among the speakers for this year are the CEO of ICCA, Martin Sirk, Jane Cunningham of Bestcities Global Alliance, Christophe Schewe of IFALPA, as well as a variety of local talent including but not limited to Lucka Kajfez Bogataj from the University of Ljubljana and Ana Ros, Head Chef of Hisa Franko, an internationallyrenowned restaurant and reportedly the place where Hemingway wrote A Farewell to Arms. The status of Ljubljana as a destination for the future cannot be underestimated, with both The Guardian and Rough Guides listing it as one of the top cities to visit back in 2016, and, with its designation as the ‘Green Capital of Europe’ that very same year, it would appear that ICCA have chosen their venue with utmost care. Moreover, with its relatively low cost of living and abundance of affordable services, the city is an ideal location for those of us with an eye on the budget.

Valencia Aside from lovely Ljubljana, the remainder of the summer is set to be something of a globe-trotting affair, with conferences scheduled for Mexico, Kenya, Jordan, China and Thailand before ICCA returns to Europe for their second European Client/Supplier Business Workshop of the year, this time in Valencia, Spain from the 27th-29th of September. An historically agrarian and provincial city, Valencia has in recent years become something more akin to a regional and cultural capital, with rapid urbanization and one of the busiest ports in all of Europe contributing to its current standing as Spain’s third largest city overall and one of the many tourism hotspots to be found in the country. Taking place at the Feria Valencia, one of the oldest and most acclaimed event venues dating back to 1917, the


workshop invites participants to share the benefits of their experience much in the same way as June’s event in Monte Carlo. Angélica Harispe, the Global Events Manager for the Strasbourg Convention & Exhibition Centre and an attendee of last year’s event had this to say: ‘This Workshop is undoubtedly a great opportunity to really get to meet clients and their needs, mixing professionalism and fun’. Maria Del Mar Carnero Rollan, the Conference Area Director of FIBES at the Seville Conference & Exhibition Centre, was similarly enthused: ‘ICCA Workshops mean an exclusive opportunity to meet likely decision makers in a very friendly framework, (it) enables us to make a quite different approach to them. I have participated in three workshops and organized one in the new Congress Centre in Seville so far, and we have always got congresses for future editions. (of course, this is a start, but you have to keep doing your homework on daily basis) I find them great’. Whether you’re an old hand in the industry or a fresh face, there’s a great

deal of opportunity at these workshops to either showcase your knowledge or learn a little along the way All in all, it’s looking to be an actionpacked year for ICCA and the MICE industry at large, with the fourth quarter of the year looking to be equally as international as the summer: IMEX America is scheduled for the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ - Las Vegas – in mid-October; the 56th and 57th ICCA

congresses are in Prague and Dubai respectively, and finally we have the Forum for Young Professionals in Barcelona rounding out the remainder of November. For more information on all of these events, as well as many more, be sure to check out the second edition of our International Conferences 2018 later this year.

International CONFERENCES 19


Interview with Matthew Marcial and Sonya Thorpe-Cobb

MPI. Meeting Professionals International 20

International CONFERENCES


MPI, or ‘Meeting Professionals International’, began modestly in 1972 but has since become the world’s largest meeting and events association with more than 60,000 professionals currently included within its scope, 17,000 of which are full members. Spanning a staggering 19 countries with 90 distinct chapters, it has become the go-to platform for business professionals wishing to expand their horizons and share ideas. International Conferences sat down with Matthew Marcial, the current vice-president of education and events, and Sonya Thorpe-Cobb, manager of communications, to get their take on current affairs as well as contemporary challenges and opportunities within the industry. Education, Events and Associations Matthew leads MPI’s academy team – no small task for a global institution. ‘It’s all of our education coupled with our entire events portfolio’ he assures me with a humble confidence that can

only come about through over a decade in the organization. It’s clearly a matter that is close to Matthew’s heart: ‘We pride ourselves on the quality of education and networking that we have available for our members, and offer a broad range of services for all segments of the meetings and events industry’. Indeed, currently the MPI academy offers 13 separate and distinct certificate programs, including topics as diverse as healthcare compliance and women in leadership – furthermore, many of these courses are also available online and thus possess an even larger reach.

Moreover, with scholarships, research grants and volunteer programs (more of which later) all firmly ensconced as part of the organization’s repertoire, it would be difficult to overstate the degree to which they are committed to their network. So, what of upcoming events? ‘Our World Education Congress (WEC) is going to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, this June - it’s a global participation (event) and it’s the best in education for meeting and event professionals’. WEC has good pedigree: keynote spea-

International CONFERENCES 21


kers from previous years’ iterations include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Deepak Chopra, bestselling author Jonah Lehrer, the actor, writer and lawyer

We pride ourselves on the quality of education and networking that we have available for our members, and offer a broad range of services for all segments of the meetings and events industry


International CONFERENCES

Ben Stein and TED Senior Fellow Candy Chang. This year promises to be no less of an occasion, with speakers including Michael Cerbelli, who you may well know from the ‘Cerbelli Hot List’, and Dena Blizzard of One Funny Mother Inc. The full list of speakers will be released in the ensuing period between now and the summer, so for those interested, do make sure to keep up-todate by logging on to the WEC website, On the other side of the pond, the Global Forum in Rome - jointly hosted by SITE and MPI - took place from the 12th to the 14th of January and was met warmly: ‘(We felt that) that was a really strong event with over 500 attendees and a really strong presence from the MPI Italy chapter as well as SITE’s membership base’. It seems like Matthew wishes to carry that momentum forward, and with the IMEX Frankfurt event rapidly approaching in May, he has good reason to think that it will: MPI is the strategic partner of the IMEX

institution, and, as is their forte, they provide the vast majority of educational tools on offer. Looking beyond this year and into 2019, European members and guests alike can look forward to the European Meetings & Events Conference (EMEC) at the World Forum, located in the political and administrative heart of the Netherlands, The Hague. Subtitled ‘Changing the Game’, next year’s conference promises to improve upon this year’s Roman rendezvous by allowing MPI Nederland full creative control, with the end result guaranteed to be a uniquely Dutch affair. Sustainability and Technology One of the most challenging aspects in today’s business world, and indeed humanity as a whole, is that of legacy. As the statesman Edmund Burke put it, ‘History is a pact between the dead, the living, and the yet unborn’. In this vein, we have seen the rise of a global yet quiet revolution, one aimed towards creating a cleaner, greener and


healthier world. As a result, the issue of sustainability has risen beyond the political sphere and become a key factor across almost every type of industry. The meetings and events industry is no exception, and MPI have taken considerable steps to ensure that it is kept on the forefront of their agenda with a number of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes, including ‘Teachers Treasures’, an initiative whereby attendees to their events are asked to donate leftover and unused materials to local schools, as well as ‘Dress for Success’, which likewise encourages attendees to recycle their cosmetics for the sake of those less fortunate.

We see technology as something (that is) everchanging and always impacting our industry especially: with VR technology, augmented reality, and AI Similarly, with the exponential growth of technology showing no signs of grinding to a halt, MPI have taken the opportunity to integrate various new tools under their purview, or as Matthew puts it, ‘We see technology as something (that is) ever-changing and always impacting our industry especially: with VR technology, augmented reality, and AI. Recently, we’ve adopted a chatbot on our website to help automate Q&A for our members at our events. We’re seeing members and planners become more comfortable with that kind of technology. At the WEC, we’ll be showcasing a technology that has AI that helps with translation’.

Good news, then, for those of us (such as myself) who are confined to one language. It’s also changed the way that education is put forward; long gone are the days when a simple blackboard and rote repetition of the facts would suffice. Nowadays it’s changed into more of an experiential phenomenon, something that one can not only observe but actively participate in. At this year’s WEC and IMEX Frankfurt, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy exactly this type of encounter: look out for the innovation and experiential design ‘villages’ (on-site interactive conference halls) should you find yourself visiting. Volunteer Programs and Women in the Workplace The last two years have seen considerable social and political upheaval, and, against the backdrop of this evershifting environment, one of the issues that has been raised time and again is workplace and gender equality. From the numerous stories that have filled our respective newsfeeds all the way to the #MeToo campaign currently circulating on social media, there has never been such a proliferation of people discussing the role of Women in work. In this light, MPI has teamed up with IMEX Frankfurt and a whole host of other associations to bring us the #SheMeansBusiness conference that will be part of the free-to-attend EduMonday in Germany this year. The event aims to celebrate the role of women in the meetings industry, and with speakers including Major Nicola Baumann, one of the first ever female pilots in the German airforce, and Laura Winterling, CEO of Space Time Concepts GmbH, this year promises to be an inspiring and - dare I say – stellar affair. It’s clearly a topic that strikes a chord with MPI, and one that they have taken numerous steps to address: last year, the ‘Women in Leadership: Executive Leadership Skills’ certificate program was launched to considerable success, and fortunately, it is just one of many initiatives put forward. Indeed, as Sonya informs me, the number of women currently serving as chapter leader for

MPI has teamed up with IMEX Frankfurt to bring us the #SheMeansBusiness conference. The event aims to celebrate the role of women in the meetings industry MPI’s various regional divisions is remarkably high: ‘In Europe, we have 120 chapter leaders and of that number, 83 or 69% are women. Then if we look at the US and Canada, we have 772 chapter leaders (in) total, and 82% of those volunteers are women’. ‘It’s something that is naturally ingrained as part of MPI for years now. We work with our members and we help them with opportunities and professional development through our education, but also, through serving in volunteer roles, they get leadership opportunities (that they wouldn’t otherwise have)’, she continues with a palpable sense of passion and pride. It’s clearly an area of agreement between the two, and when I ask what the future holds for the industry, Matthew is likewise upbeat: ‘We’re going to see women continue to climb into more executive level roles, more diverse individuals in those areas and so we’ll continue to support the initiatives we’ve begun to put in place’. With all of this in mind, it’s looking to be a bright and interesting year for MPI and the wider industry as a whole. Be sure to keep on the look-out for upcoming occasions as we move into the second quarter of the year, and for more information, including a full schedule of the events mentioned here as well as many others, log on to www. today to begin your journey. International CONFERENCES 23



Strong signs for what business professionals can expect to see happening in 2018-2019 SITE, or the ‘Society for Incentive Travel Excellence’, began in New York in 1973 and today is comprised of some 2,000 members and 29 local chapters spread across 84 countries. Their membership encompasses a broad range of incentive travel professionals who aim to share their interests and passions to forge new relationships and help build careers.

Founded upon a

strict code of ethics and with a reputation for good business practice, SITE has grown exponentially within the past 40 years, and with a rich plethora of events scheduled for this year, that growth shows no signs of abating.

The first major upcoming event for this year will be SITE’s 3rd Annual Incentive Summit Americas conference, which will be hosted at the stunning Montage Deer Valley mountain retreat, a 5-star venue situated just outside of Park City, Utah. Aside from the aweinspiring setting, guests this year can look forward to what promises to be an engaging conference with a decidedly rustic feel, with on-site activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, fly fishing and trap shooting sure to rouse one’s inner adventurer. Starting from the 5th and closing on the 8th of April, the resort is located a mere 40-minute drive away from Salt Lake City International airport, ensuring easy access for those lucky enough to be invited to this exclusive event. SITE NITE Meanwhile in Europe, SITE have a very special occasion lined up as a precursor to May’s IMEX Frankfurt: SITE NITE. The snappily-titled event will take place the night before IMEX kicks off – May 14th – and will be celebrating the achievements of the research-and-development based SITE Foundation. This year 24

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will be the 10th annual iteration of the conference and will take SITE NITE back to where it all began, the InterContinental Frankfurt Hotel. A whole host of guests are expected to attend, from SITE members to industry colleagues as well as top hosted buyers from across the globe. Tickets are still available, and with some 500 guests expected to attend and a 1:2 ratio of buyers to suppliers, it would be unwise to miss this golden opportunity to significantly expand your network.

This year’s event is looking to expand upon the success of last year with a renewed emphasis upon technology SITE Incentive Seminar Looking beyond the summer and into

the final quarter of 2018, the SITE Incentive Seminar, situated in the heart of Catalonia, Barcelona, will occur on the eve of the IBTM World conference on November 27th. This year’s event is looking to expand upon the success of last year with a renewed emphasis upon technology, and with selfconfessed ‘quintessential techie’ Drew Evans of Dana Communications at the helm, it’s a promise unlikely to be broken. To find out more regarding this event, as well as many others, be sure to take a look at our second international conferences edition this coming November.


The SITE Index It would be impossible to mention SITE without discussing the world-renowned SITE index. The index examines internal and external challenges to the industry and how these affect stability and growth, all the while addressing the behaviour of buyers and suppliers to provide leading indicators for future trends. What’s happening the next 12 months? This year’s edition yielded some interesting results and provides some strong signs for what business professionals can expect to see happening in the next 12 months. The Rising Importance of Sustainability The incentive to ‘go green’ has never been higher, with both buyers and sellers identifying sustainability as their top condition in ensuring positive conditions for future incentive travel programs. Indeed, as the report shows, the vast majority of programs now include at least one corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity.

Increased Belief in Incentive Travel Programs Confidence is a boon to any industry, or as the American author, activist and lecturer Helen Keller put it, ‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence’. The MICE industry is certainly no exception to this rule, and it’s heartening to see that both buyers and sellers responded to the question of whether incentive travel was a strong motivator of performance with a resounding ‘yes’. In fact, despite the challenges that have arisen in the past 18 months, the percentage of participants that selected the ‘strong advocate’ position has increased across the board from the previous year. This shows a burgeoning faith in the industry that bodes well for those who are now entering it for the first time, whilst also ensuring veterans a bright future ahead. Buyers, Budgets and Bargain Destinations Approximately half of all buyers repor-

ted an increase in their incentive travel budgets, with the average spending amounting to a substantial $5,000. That said, while it appears that budgets have increased overall, one of the key factors that still drives buyer’s selections is that of cost-effectiveness. As a result, some 40% of buyers cited ‘less expensive amenities’ as their highest priority, an increase of 11% from the year before. Likewise, ‘less expensive destinations’ accounted for 35%, up 7%. Sellers broadly concur, with value for the dollar among their top 3 picks along with safety and audience appeal. What this means for future events its that we are likely to see an increase in so-called ‘budget’ destinations that still have the capacity to wow guests. For Europe in particular this means that countries such as the Czech Republic - where the prices are inexpensive yet the venues are spectacular - are expected to draw in wider attendance than ever before. For more information, including the complete index and associated papers, log on to International CONFERENCES 25


EU launches European Capital of Smart Tourism This new initiative seeks to reward innovation and boost smart development of tourism in the European Cities.

On the initiative of the European Parliament, today the European Commission launches the European Capital of Smart Tourism to recognise outstanding achievements in smart, innovative, sustainable and inclusive tourism by European cities.

Two European cities that demonstrate innovation, creativity and excellence in four categories - accessibility, sustainability, digitalisation, cultural heritage and creativity - will be awarded the title of European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019.

The initiative aims to promote the smart tourism offer and showcase innovative, inclusive, culturally diverse and sustainable practices to tourism development by European cities.

Winners of the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019 will receive expert communication and branding support for a year, a marketing video, a purposebuilt sculpture for their city centre, and tailor-made promotional actions.

Tourism is the EU’s third largest socioeconomic activity – it represents almost 10% of EU GDP and supports 25 million jobs. By rewarding exemplary practices of smart tourism, the European Union seeks to encourage innovation at the level of tourism destinations, culturally diverse and inclusive tourism offers and highlight the multifaceted contribution of tourism to sustainable development. 26

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In addition, four European cities will receive thematic European Smart Tourism Awards for their outstanding achievements in the categories listed above. The awarded achievements will be presented in a special exhibition on the occasion of a prestigious Award Ceremony in Brussels on 7 November 2018, organised on the European Tourism Day.

The competition opens on 11 April 2018. Details on how to apply and terms and conditions can be found at The deadline for applications is 30 June 2018 at 16:00 CET. Finalists will be announced mid-August 2018 and winners in the second half of September. The competition is open to cities in the EU with a population of over 100,000. In countries where no city has more than 100,000 inhabitants, the largest city is eligible to apply. Please refer to the Guide for Applicants for more information.


The top of Europe



Photos: © Austrian Convention Bureau |

Congress country Austria Austria is in comparison to its neighbours a small country. However, this characterized feature and the enormous versatility makes the difference in its charms. With years of experience in organizing conferences and a vital service oriented congress culture, the “Alpine Republic” belongs to the most important congress destinations in the world.

The position of Austria as conference country knows a long history: Milestones such as the “Congress of Vienna” and the post-war era conferences took place in Austria. Here, knowledge was developed and has been continued on a professional level.

Multifaceted and sustainable It is well known that, in addition to its excellent location in the heart of Europe, Austria also boasts an excellent infrastructure. Numerous well-known business enterprises, universities and international organizations respectively authorities, are located here. Austria scores particularly well in terms of stability and security. Two key factors that become more important nowadays. Rich in cultural treasures, historic and with a modern flair as well as versatile opportunities for sports and leisure activities, the country inspires many international congress participants. The beauty of Austrian natural spectacles, mountains and lakes is known far beyond the borders.


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The meeting industry service organizations The Austrian Convention Bureau (ACB), is currently strengthening 78 Austrian member companies. For 26 years already, the association has been promoting the exchange within the meeting industry in Austria. No surprise that it has an excellent network of individual companies and service providers. The transfer of knowledge and networking are at the focus of Convention4u, the annual congress of the Austrian conference industry. The ACB Magazine, a specialist medium of the association, provides updates on the Austrian conference landscape and provides information on developments such as trends at congresses. The congress statistics “Meeting Industry Report Austria” (MIRA) serves as a tool to prove the importance of the industry with meaningful figures. For meeting planners and organizers who are looking for locations and contact persons in Austria, the ACB website offers many good


links: from the congress partner finder to location finder to green meeting professionals and green meetings. In addition, each of the nine Austrian federal states has its own Convention Bureau. Here, local professionals inform the customer about the different destinations and regions. They act as a link between organizers and local businesses and assist in the search for the right partner. According to the Austrian congress statistics MIRA, almost 2/3 of all events took place in the federal states in 2016 (excluding the city of Vienna). This underlines the competence of the overall Austrian meeting industry.

A very big small country In 2016, the Alpine Republic registered a total of 19.338 congresses, corporate meetings and seminars with more than 1.5 million participants. A considerable amount if compared with around 8.8 million inhabitants. In 2016, Austria ranked the 7th position in the Union of International Associations (UIA) statistics. The capital Vienna even ranked 5th, after Brussels, Singapore, Seoul and Paris. Austria is also consistently represented in the ICCA Country Ranking. Here only events are counted, which rotate between at least three countries and which have been held at least three times. Austria took the 12th position in the 2016 ICCA statistics. Vienna was only defeated by Paris in this worldwide ranking! The Austrian congress calendar on the ACB website provides an outlook on future congresses and conferences in Austria. Here, organizers have the opportunity to promote their own congresses and can get an idea of the current event situation in the respective federal state. Furthermore, the umbrella organization provides congress organizers with useful information about the congress organization such as funding, taxes and compliance, holding of green meetings as well as partner and location finders.

Our future is green

Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT) decided to launch the Austrian Eco-label „Green Meetings and Green Events“. This Eco-label has been developed by the Association for Consumer Information (VKI) in cooperation with the ACB. The clear and easy to read guidelines help event and meeting organizers to significantly reduce environmental impact and thus the ecological footprint. The special feature of this flexible tool is that the focus lies on the entire event. A green idea thus flows into all areas of an event such as travel, accommodation, venue, catering, procurement, material and waste management, social aspects and communication. The acceptance in the domestic enterprises is growing. Numerous green meetings already held, show that such events are possible in every size, on every location and for every budget. This confirms Austria as a pioneer in the field of ecological responsibility.

Recipe for success Diversity, flexibility professionalism and know-how as a recipe for success. The high service quality, the innovative strength of the congress providers and the versatile range of services that make the country the ideal conference location. The overall package is perfect: the central location in Europe and the high-quality and constantly optimized public transport network enable a variety of opportunities for events, meetings, incentives and side events in both the main and smaller towns and rural areas. The spectrum of possible venues ranges from modern and historic convention centers to conference hotels and universities to extraordinary conference locations, such as palaces and museums. Every federal state has unique, top-equipped and flexible conference centers that make an event in Austria a highlight for all participants. Austria organizes and makes seemingly impossible possible. The competent partners will assist you from the planning to the end of the event and beyond.

Organizers of congresses are increasingly focusing on climate protection, regional added value and social compatibility. Therefore, the

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At the heights of conferencing:

Alpine urban meeting experience at Congress Messe Innsbruck


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With 60,000 sqm of useful floor space in 39 halls and meeting rooms at its three locations Congress Innsbruck, Messe Innsbruck (Exhibition Centre Innsbruck) and congresspark igls, Congress Messe Innsbruck (CMI) host up to 500 events a year attracting some 600,000 visitors. It is a distinguished meeting place in the heart of the Alps for scientists and authorities from all over the world.

Innsbruck is arguably one of the most impressive and modern locations to host an exhibition or conference, with a tradition going back to 1867, when the alpine metropolis was the setting for the first conference to be held in the State of Tyrol. With 265,672 overnight stays by congress guests, Tyrol takes a strong second place behind the State of Vienna as a congress destination in Austria, as shown by the 2016 Meeting Industry Report Austria (MIRA) recently presented by the Austrian Convention Bureau (ACB). According to MIRA, international congresses are the key to the high overnight stay figures in Tyrol. But what makes Tyrol and its Capital Innsbruck so attractive for international congresses and conferences? Two previously organized Winter Olympic Games, a highly rated university, numerous international enterprises and the cultural offerings like the “Golden Roof” are

to name but a few of the outstanding qualities of the capital of the alps. “What will meeting planners definitely surprise about Innsbruck are the short interurban distances between our three locations and the bright offerings of the Alpine region,” states Christian Mayerhofer, CEO of Congress Messe Innsbruck. In Innsbruck you feel on the one hand like in a metropolis with all its cultural sights, bars and shopping malls and on the other hand you find yourself in a natural paradise in just a few steps. “A cable car station in front of the Congress Innsbruck directly positioned in the city center enables delegates and visitors to get a beautiful view across the City for a meeting or lecture session or just between lecture sessions from about 2,000 meters above sea level,” reports Mayerhofer. In addition the congresspark igls can play off its

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strengths as a “jewel in the mountains”. The glass construction is situated only a few miles from Congress Innsbruck in an absolute quiet park against the backdrop of an impressive mountain panorama. And the Innsbruck Exhibition Centre – located just a 10 minutes walking distance from Congress Innsbruck – is flanked by the spectacular massif of the “Nordkette” and considered to be one of the most modern locations for trade shows and fairs, corporate or social events and conferences in the Alpine region. These unique selling propositions have been enjoyed for example by more than 2,000 scientists at the 84th Congress of the European Society for Atherosclerosis (EAS) in 2016. In 2017, the congress of the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS) was held at Congress Innsbruck with 1,500 international participants. Another highlight took place in 2017, when the congress of the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) provided a platform for hundreds of experts to meet and discuss latest scientific research. “From the planning stage through to the final accounting, our professional and highly competent in-house Professional Congress Organizer PCO Tyrol Congress is dedicated to providing a service of quality, creativity and flexibility. The CMI’s in-house facilities, logistics, technical services and catering, enable the organization of all events run


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perfectly”, explains Mayerhofer. The renting out of rooms, technology and services is as much part of the core business as the comprehensive or partial organization of events such as conception, budgeting, planning and organizing of exhibitions, trade fairs, congresses, meetings, corporate events and all manner of cultural events. “Now we are looking forward to setting the stage for several high profile conferences this year too”, tells Mayerhofer. The International Snow Science Workshop will not only stand out by guiding 1,000 researchers and experts to Innsbruck in October, it is also the world’s largest conference on snow and avalanches. Another real treat will be the EUSALP Conference, which enables communication and collaboration among policymakers, public authorities, agencies, stakeholders and persons interested in the macro strategy for the Alpine region.

Contact: Congress Messe Innsbruck T: +43 512 5936 1000 E:


A HISTORICAL VENUE FOR MODERN IDEAS Schloss Schönbrunn Meetings & Events

A wide variety of rooms ensure that there will always be the appropriate setting for the occasion.

Apothekertrakt (Apothecaries’ Wing) The Apothecaries’ Wing on the east side of the Schönbrunn palace grounds is the perfect multipurpose events centre, the ideal setting for conferences and meetings, as well as a venue for exhibitions, trade fairs, dinners and weddings. The ten rooms with their different sizes and atmospheres are linked by spacious light-flooded areas that are ideal for taking a break. An outstanding aspect is the harmonious interaction between the historical building and the modern equipment. The terraces in the Orangery Garden and the Apothecaries’ Court provide outside areas that connect to the ground floor barrier-free facilities by means of direct access routes.

Orangery The Orangery provides an imposing setting for your events. The room, 700m2 in size, its appearance elegant and yet reticent, is ideal for staging your event in a style that is both traditionally imperial as well as

modern – regardless of whether it is a dinner, a lecture or an exhibition. Give your guests a feast for their eyes with the direct connection between the Orangery Garden and the banqueting hall. Let the gravel forecourt to the Orangery be transformed into your event’s elegant interval zone. And what is more, in the summer months you can hire the Pflanzenorangerie (plant orangery) – all 1200m2 of it.

White and Gold Rooms and Great Gallery The rooms directly in the Palace sparkle with their historical and imperial furnishing. Precious leaf gold decorates the White and Gold Rooms on the palace’s ground floor. These four rooms are each of a different size, and can be selected to meet the size of the event. The terrace into the Palace Park presents a breathtaking view of the Gloriette. The Great Gallery on the palace’s main floor communicates a flair of unadulterated exclusiveness. Only available during evening hours, the rooms have an atmosphere that takes you back to the age of the Empire.

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Congress Saalfelden offers a total of 14 conference rooms spread over 2500m² of modern event space. Whether seeking to accommodate up to 1000 people, or in need of a single room for a business conversation, Congress Saalfelden clients look forward to a generous range of spatial options and flexible room designs on 4 floors – with the 500m² “Grosser Saal” as its centrepiece. The meeting floor offers a room height of 15m with a breath-taking view of our magnificent Pinzgau mountain scenery. In combination with the new modular meeting package system and the benefits of the newly refurbished 4-star hotel ‘Die Hindenburg’, we have everything to ensure your conferences and meetings are a resounding success. What makes Congress Saalfelden so extraordinary is the comprehensive range of services provided here. The team is personally involved in every meeting, every trade fair and every evening event – from the initial planning phase, right through to implementation, and takes responsibility for ensuring everything runs smoothly and to the complete satisfaction of all guests and clients. Our in-house technicians are always ready to help and provide A-Z support with everything from a simple PowerPoint presentation to a complex multimedia show.


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Congress Center Villach The Congress Center Villach (CCV) is the most innovative and attractive venue in south Austria. For international and national congresses and conferences, business events, product & car presentations as well as cultural and social events, with up to 2000 people, you are optimally equipped. The brilliant symbiosis of a congress centre, a 4* Superior design hotel and haute cuisine on the highest level is unique in Austria.



20 very well equipped meeting rooms – the biggest for more than 1000 participants – guarantee the best options for basically any events and every requirement. The meeting facilities range from small meeting rooms of 60sqm to a total exhibition space of more than 3.500sqm. Also the combination of a multifunctional room concept and the latest lightning and audio technologies makes the CCV a unique congress destination.

Many international and national companies are trending to choose resource and environmental protecting conference sites. The CCV has the official authorization to certify your event as “Green meeting” or “Green event”. To label your event with the official Austrian ECO label, will guarantee you a positive image.

More LOCATION Situated at the very heart of the city, on the banks of the Drau river, CCV‘s attractive glass facade offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes. The location within three cultures on the border between Austria, Italy and Slovenia is easy to reach by car, train or plane. Villach is a very unique host with its relaxed southern atmosphere, majestic mountains and crystal clear lakes all around. With the most sun-hours per year in Austria, Carinthia is an Eldorado for all winter sport fans, golf pros, summer-, sun & hiking lovers.

More SERVICE Starting from a professional offer to room bookings, menu choice, meeting room equipments and smooth conference procedures all the way to your dinner party – “One event - one contact person” is our philosophy which will guide you through the planning process with ease!

More CULINARY DELIGHTS The stylish award winning 2-toques gourmet restaurant LAGANA and the LAGANA bar are the hot spots in Villach’s day & night life featuring a huge sun-terrace with lounge and dining facilities. Chef Hermann Andritsch combines a modern Asian touch with the best of the Mediterranean haute cuisine and high quality regional products. Besides, our team also caters all events within the hotel and CCV assuring highest quality for coffee breaks, business lunch and gala dinners.

More COMFORT 135 modern rooms and suites will accommodate you at the 4* Superior Hotel Holiday Inn Villach which is directly connected with the CCV. Modern architecture, a metropolitan air system and the romantic style of the river atmosphere characterize this modern business hotel. Relaxation can be found in the 800sqm Vitality Club with 2 saunas, steam bath and large state of the art fitness centre.

Sales Manager Mrs. Silvia Wirnsberger, MBA | +43 4242 22522 5865 | | International CONFERENCES 35



Congress Centre Alpbach Surrounded by impressive and beautiful mountains, Alpbach has been called ‘Austria’s Most Beautiful Village’. Within this setting is a unique conference and meeting centre: Congress Centre Alpbach. The centre spans a grand total of 2,796m2, meaning that event organizers have ample space with which to work. The in-house technology has been upgraded and is adapted to suit the latest forms of communication and features special lighting technology to provide the perfect ambience for your convention. This bright and friendly building’s architectural highlights are a glass ceiling cone that allows maximal daylight into the foyers and rooms, and the large glass exterior gives beautiful views of the Alpbach Mountains. The simplicity and elegance of the luxuriously furnished meeting rooms and foyers lend themselves to many purposes. The Congress Centrum Alpbach is also an ideal venue to host evening events and receptions, corporate events, exhibitions, trade fairs and road shows.


Kongresskultur Bregenz A unique atmosphere and theatrical professionalism make Kongresskultur Bregenz a splendid venue. When planning your conference, you can count on this most versatile of venues, which is also situated in a prime location right on the shore of Lake Constance (Bodensee). The rooms can be combined according to your requirements: hire the Plenary Chamber as your main conference room, utilize break-out rooms for preparation work or for taking a break between agenda items, or make use of workshop rooms for intensive, undisturbed group work. The largest room available, the Grosser Saal, has a maximum capacity of 1,656 guests with theatre-style seating and is well suited to larger conferences and meetings. Naturally, all rooms include state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities and WiFi.

photo: Matthias König


Messe Graz Graz is the capital of Styria (Steiermark) and an economic, scientific and educational hub. Messe Graz is comprised of around 40,000 m2 of both covered areas and open-air space. At the heart of the Messe Graz amenities is the all-new ‘Hall A’. The innovative construction and attractive metal façade of Hall A underlines a modern, urban aesthetic. Generously proportioned access and loading zones and large open spaces within the complex complete this hall’s versatile concept. Many forms of catering are on offer, from international cuisine to a more traditional Austrian style. Excellent accessibility also contributes to a successful event at the Messe Graz: with the complex being situated between the city centre and Graz Ost (East) motorway, it’s within handy reach for users of either car or public transport.


Congress und Messe Innsbruck In the immediate vicinity of the Old Town district, Congress & Messe Innsbruck combines professionalism, hospitality and efficiency. Congress Innsbruck is a worthy partner for every kind of event, what with international dimensions coupled with Tyrolean charm. The oldest of its halls, Hall Dogana, was first built in 1582 and was once the preferred opera house of an Italian Princess, while the modern facility can house up to 1,189 guests. Meanwhile the largest of its halls, Hall Tirol, can host 1,500 people in luxurious comfort. Messe Innsbruck offers 40,000m2 of space for every kind of event, including three additional exhibition halls as well as the new MesseForum, which features five halls with the capacity of 58 to 1,640 persons respectively, all with state-of-the-art technical equipment. Whether for exhibitions or trade fairs, congresses either corporate or social, everything is possible at the Messe Innsbruck.


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Photos: Senfter

Congress Centrum Alpbach

The Congress Centrum Alpbach’s new extension is helping to pave the way for a new era of sustainable meetings.

As with the existing building, the extension is mostly situated underground but still maintains the ability to be comfortably illuminated by daylight. Movable partition walls enable the multi-functional use of the floor space and the exhibition areas, whilst combinable seminar halls of various sizes create the ideal conditions for multifaceted events. So the new extended CCA easily hosts events ranging from a gala reception to a plenary meeting for up to 750 people. The new centre can cater for a variety of event designs and the spatial flexibility, in particular, enables a combination of various simultaneous events: be them congresses, conferences, and meetings, subject related trade fairs exhibitions as well as corporate events, roadshows, special events or incentives.

Where events come to life The new CCA extension also provided an opportunity for an upgrade in the Congress Centre’s in-house technology; with the latest light, video and interpreting facilities making their way into the halls, whilst the state-of-the-art 3D-system is one of the most modern systems in all of Europe and simulates acoustics from world-renowned concert halls. So whether it is a concert hall or cathedral acoustic settings you’re after: the CCA has it covered.

Green Meetings in Alpbach – where better to experience a true taste of nature? For several years Alpbach and its Congress Centre have been considered a leading Green Meeting destination for the German-speaking market. The mountain village of Alpbach has received many prestigious awards such as “Austria’s Most Beautiful Village” and “Europe’s Most Beautiful Flower Village”, and judging by the breathtaking scenery, it is easy to see why. The building itself is embedded in a slope and the roof-top terrace, complete with wonderful views over the scenic valley offers an ideal haven for clearing the mind or for relaxed conversations amongst delegates/colleagues. Conferencing in Alpbach means conferencing in a sustainable environment which actively encourages creative thinking and inspires fresh new ideas. That’s why the German-speaking market have been keeping one of Austria’s best hidden gems secret for so long. But not for much longer!

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K3 KitzKongress Surrounded by the impressive Alps, this modern and well-equipped venue offers 9 halls and conference rooms for seminars, congresses, courses, workshops, gatherings and more informal meetings. The largest room has a capacity of 720 guests, and every hall is equipped with highly advanced audio-visual and technical facilities as well as WiFi. A technical crew is available on-demand for every meeting, so there is no need to worry about the occasional mechanical malfunction. KitzKongress offers you total flexibility when it comes to catering - there are no exclusive partners, instead you have a multitude of regional partners who cover the entire culinary range – from local delicacies to haute cuisine. Kitzbühel is a world-famous hotspot of alpine tourism: in collaboration with well-selected agencies, you can tailor the experience to your specific needs to ensure an unforgettable experience.


Kärntner Messen Klagenfurt The Kärntner Messen Klagenfurt, is an expansive venue well suited to congresses, exhibitions, fairs, seminars, concerts, product presentations, kick-offs and dance events. Klagenfurt is the capital of Carinthia, the centre of the international Alpes-Adria Region. Each year, the Kärntner Messen Klagenfurt hosts over 100 events tailored to a large scale of sectors, such as the automotive, tourism, winery, and construction industries. The location can comfortably house up to 5,000 participants and spans an extraordinary 100,000m2 – 35,000 of which is indoor. The venue is situated close to important motorways like the A2 and the A10 and is within a stone’s throw from the nearby railway station and Klagenfurt Airport. Thankfully, the on-site parking facilities are very large and best of all, free of charge.


Design Center Linz The Design Center Linz is a unique structure; this modern congress centre provides optimal conditions to ensure best results. The impressive stage design allows you to convey your message with clarity and ease, and, thanks to the variety of technical amenities on offer, you can be sure to expound your ideas in a way that will be guaranteed to enthuse your visitors. The venue can host up to 3,000 people and contains plenty of room in a flexible, multifunctional space with a comfortable atmosphere. The two foyers also provide plenty of room for accompanying trade exhibitions or catering areas. The business modules are available through comprehensive package deals, all containing the essential components for a successful conference. Straightforward and transparent cost analyses help to safeguard those on a tight budget.


Europahaus Part of Congress Zillertal, the Europahaus is part of a successful history with the MICE industry. One of the leading congress centres in Europe, with over 500 events held annually, the venue is built in an interesting way which enables intelligent use of the available space. The largest of the available halls can host up to 660 guests with theatre seating and an additional 990 standing spaces. The location is very well suited to congresses, presentations, exhibitions, performances, informal meetings, board meetings, gatherings and business dinners. Mayrhofen is a famous tourist hotpot – readily accessible by train, it offers a combination of formal settings for business meetings and leisurely parks entirely suitable for more informal affairs.


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Congress Saalfelden Dedication and flexibility are qualities typical of the Congress Saalfelden team. These attributes, coupled with the excellent infrastructure of the congress centre, are always very well received in the Saalfelden Leogang. A total of 11 meeting rooms cover 2,500 square metres of state-of-the-art space for events. The Congress Centre is close to Salzburg, guarantees barrier-free mobility and offers enough room for all types and sizes of event. Whether you are looking for a room for 1800 guests or simply somewhere for a small discussion, Congress Saalfelden has a wide range of adaptable rooms in all sizes. First class service and the complete satisfaction of customers and guests alike are of the utmost importance to the staff of Congress Saalfelden. Their experienced team of specialists provides a comprehensive range of support services to ensure every event is a special one.


Messezentrum Salzburg (Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Centre)

Unlimited possibilities for every meeting can be found at Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Centre. Arranged in a large circular building, there are 10 halls, 39,257 square metres of exhibition space, large and bright foyers, 65,665 square metres of outdoor space, the seamlessly linked SalzburgArena and the modern congress and meeting area. The largest hall can facilitate visitor capacities up to 5,900, making it the perfect venue for a whole range of events, such as large-scale congresses, exhibitions, fairs, rallies, company events, presentations and gatherings. A free public WiFi service providing up to 1 Gbit/s bandwidth is also available. Furthermore, the venue offers a wide variety of highly advanced audio-visual facilities and mains electricity connection for the entire complex. Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Centre is well connected to both interregional and international traffic and transport networks.


Salzburg Congress One of the most remarkable congress venues in Europe is the Salzburg Congress centre: located on the verdant edge of the world-famous Mirabell park gardens in the heart of Salzburg, this facility offers a unique combination of tasteful architecture and harmonious design. The excellence service team are on-hand to ensure the smooth handling of your conference, whilst the venue itself contains 15 conference rooms of various sizes with capacities ranging from 20 all the way up to 1,324 guests. Overall, the 15,000 square metres of usable space can accommodate up to 2,500 congress participants. Each facility is named after a famous denizen of the city of Salzburg. At Salzburg Congress, there are very generously proportioned exhibition spaces (as well as suites and offices), and the top-class caterers provide the very best cuisine Austria has to offer.


Congress Center Villach The Congress Centre Villach is situated in the heart of the town on the banks of the Drau river, with an attractive glass façade not only looking out onto the river but also a affording breath-taking panoramic view of Carinthia’s mountains. Organizers of national and international conferences, congresses, corporate functions, presentations, and major cultural or social events of up to 2,000 people are optimally catered for in what is Carinthia’s largest convention centre. The pleasing mix of modern architecture, agreeable ambience, multifunctional and flexible room concepts, the latest in congress technology as well as fine catering and highest-level hotel service make the Congress Center Villach a unique convention destination.

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Hofburg For over 600 years, the Hofburg was the residence of the imperial House of Habsburg. This dynasty played a most important and pivotal role in the history of Europe. Today it is the premiere venue for congresses and conventions, fairs and exhibitions, press conferences and debates, banquets, balls and concerts. For the next few years, the Hofburg will also host the lower house of Austrian parliament, meaning that a meeting of any kind in this majestic, almost mythic ambiance will remain an unforgettable experience. Each of its 35 rooms, from the smallest chamber to the largest hall, breathes imperial allure. The Feast Hall (Festsaal) is the largest hall, and here you can host 1,210 guests in historical grandeur mixed with modern technology. Moreover, with world-class cuisine and dining facilities, the latest in audio-visual technology, and a setting quite unlike anywhere else, you can be sure to expect an experience akin to the Emperors of old.


Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center Ideas need space to flourish, and with the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, you are sure to find it: 55,000 square metres of exhibition space combined with a further 7,000 square metres make this one of the larger convention centres in the region.. No two days are the same in this location, with even the venue itself constantly changing to suit individual needs. Each room has a layout that is adapted to create the perfect setting for every single event. As one might expect, all state-of-the-art tools for audio and video are available and a dedicated crew provides support for every aspect of your event, including security, technical support and service provision. Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center keeps a close eye on sustainability and manages available resources carefully. In addition, the venue is completely barrier free to ensure full accessibility for every single guest.


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Austria Center At just 7 minutes walking distance from the centre of Vienna and surrounded by contemporary architecture, the Austria Centre offers unlimited options for every kind of meeting. This is Austria’s largest conference centre, with a total capacity for 20,000 guests, 24 lecture rooms, 180 meeting rooms and 22,000 square metres of malleable space. The wide range of halls, rooms and outdoor spaces of this venue is unrivalled in Europe and the flexibility of the rooms means that every meeting concept can become a splendid reality. Both conventional and more innovative meeting formats can take place at this location. The tech on offer is extremely advanced: the largest TV screens, for example, are 22 metres wide and 6 metres high. Similarly, the lighting and setting customizations are practically endless. A professional technician will take care of every aspect of your meeting. In addition, the site offers easy access to the directly adjacent Café MOTTO Viennese coffeehouse. Lastly, the venue also boasts an unparalleled 2,000m2 of advertising space.

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Ferry Porsche Congress Centre Named after the Austrian automobile designer, the Ferry Porsche Congress Centre offers maximum creative freedom, a great deal of technical potentialities and first-rate décor. The innovative congress building provides every meeting with technology of its highest level. The state-of-the-art house also sets standards where flexibility is concerned: thanks to movable walls and individual provision for seating, the interior can be adjusted on a whim. The largest hall can host 600 people, and, in addition to 5 seminar and conference rooms, there is 800 square metres of outdoor space available, all set against the sunny panorama of the Alps. The Ferry Porsche Congress Centre also has its own personal philosophy when it comes to catering - it tries to integrate regional organic produce into an eclectic and tasteful menu designed to help guests become more aware of the importance of sustainable food sourcing while exciting their palate at the same time.

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Sparkling European hotspot Belgium is a small country, yet its location and position - flanked by Germany, France and the Netherlands - have made it the economic and urban nerve centre of Europe.

More than 1,000 public and private international organizations have either headquarters or a permanent secretariat in Belgium. The best known are of course the European Union, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the General Secretariat of the Benelux. Belgium is roughly divided into three highly autonomous regions: the two largest are the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders to the north and the mostly French-speaking southern part, Wallonia. The capital, Brussels, is an officially bilingual (French and Dutch) enclave within the Flemish Region. Furthermore, a German-speaking community in eastern Wallonia contributes to what could be called a tri-lingual state.

Gastronomical country This sense of contrasts can be found everywhere in Belgium: from the surprisingly original, modern or historical, small and cozy or large and


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multifunctional, from medieval to contemporary, from Art Nouveau to Avant Garde, everybody loves the magnificent cities and the top gastronomy that can be found here. Indeed, Belgians love good food, their (more than 1,500) special beers, cheeses and of course their chocolate, bonbons, endives, beef stew and “speculaas”. All this notwithstanding the excellent seafood along the coast and the fries are simply legendary!

Focus on the Environment and Sustainability Belgium has more and more green conference centres that are the ideal setting for inspirational meetings. Such venues with a focus on the environment and sustainability bear the International eco-Green Key label (‘Clé Verte’, ‘Green Globe’ and ‘Eco-dynamic Business’).

The MICE organizations Belgium knows two overarching organizations dealing with organizing MICE events. Firstly, there is the Destination Management Company (DMC), a receptive local agency that focuses on company


service and has in-depth local knowledge of potential destinations. It provides facilities ranging from general advice, finding and picking the perfect venue, the organization of creative and original events and exemplary logistical management. The other organization is the Professional Congress Organizer (PCO). This group has excellent knowledge of the business market and its actors. PCO offers several services: advice, management and coordination of administrative and operational aspects of the event as well as budgetary monitoring. PCO bring their knowledge of new trends to bear when taking care of aspects such as finding an experienced service provider and the commercialization of the exhibition spaces. It also aids in the registration of congress visitors, accommodation, speaker management etc.

cisive elements in the choice of destination, and Flanders is lucky to possess all three. The compactness of the destinations and resulting short distances between cities travel time to be both comfortable and swift. The broad range of conference infrastructure - from international hotel chains, ‘boutique’ hotels to exclusive venues - guarantee an abundance of choice. Flanders has top congress organizers to plan your events, from incentives and small meetings to larger, more open congresses. On top of this, Flanders has a well-deserved reputation for high standards concerning customer care and, above all, excellent hospitality. Thanks to these qualities, organizing an event in Flanders is a pleasure rather than a chore.


Wallonia, the Southern part of Belgium, possesses one of Europe’s best preserved natural regions. In these charming landscapes, many exceptional venues and sites are scattered throughout the large green stretches of the region. Wallonia’s major cities and two-thirds of its population lie along the Sambre and Meuse valley. The north is relatively flat and agriculturally fertile, while the Ardennes, the hilly and sparsely populated area in the south and south-east of the Meuse River, is a popular destination for its scenic beauty and outdoor leisure pursuits.

Brussels is the home to over 150 different nationalities and an incomparable network of professionals in a truly cosmopolitan and multicultural city. Brussels is ranked as the number one destination in Europe and the number two worldwide in hosting meetings of international associations. In fact, Brussels hosts more international associations than any other city in the world – as such, it is the unrivalled top host city for the offices of international associations in Europe. According to the Union of International Associations (UIA), Belgium was ranked as third in the top 15 of International Conference Countries in 2014. Brussels also has an exceptional infrastructure and rail network, such as the Thalys and the Eurostar. It benefits from an international airport and reliable inter-city transport, including the tram, bus, metro: mobility is no joke in Brussels.

Flanders The Flemish coast and countryside, with their art and culture, are undoubtedly a popular destination for corporate meetings. The cultural heritage in Flanders extends back centuries, with numerous prominent artists having made a lasting impact on the European art world and beyond. Most famous among them are Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling, Pieter Breugel, Peter Paul Rubens, Sir Anthony van Dyck and Jacob Jordaens. Beautiful historic cities such as Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent have renowned conference centres, each with the capacity of up to a few thousand people. Good accessibility, state-of-the-art conference facilities and the timeless attraction of the art cities can be the de-


Wallonia is gifted with exceptional venues and sites: cities like Bastogne, Dinant and Durbuyv all house top-class conference facilities with great cultural, historical and industrial heritage. Mustsees of the region include a plethora of castles, the prehistoric caves (Grottes de Han) and of course the hot springs of Spa. Hotels accommodations range from the larger international chains to the more local, idyllic and quaint, while bigger conferences can be held in Libramont or the Euro Space Center in Transinne as an example.

Wallonia: a life-sized multi-sports pitch! The region is ideal for an al fresco meeting, with a whole host of both indoor and outdoor activities; time spent in such a green environment is sure to generate similarly fresh and new ideas. Indeed, hospitality is the point of pride in Wallonia, ensuring that it is an experience to live and relive again.

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Hilton Antwerp Old Town Located in the heart of historic Belgium, the Hilton Antwerp Old Town hotel offers a central location in Antwerp and is an ideal base to discover the beautiful and historic city. Combining old-world charm and stylish sophistication, this hotel in Antwerp, Belgium overlooks the city’s historic town square and Belgium’s finest architecture. The hotel provides 13 recently refurbished meeting rooms across three floors including a Business Centre and the expert catering Team Members will work to design a delicious, customized menu to suit the occasion. For meetings and events there are 13 recently refurbished meeting rooms, including the largest hotel ballroom in Belgium, entirely renovated, for up to 1,200 delegates. There is a direct train link in 30 minutes between Brussels Airport and Antwerp Central Station. Hilton Antwerp Old Town lays at 1 mile from the World Trade Center. Restaurant Brasserie Flo Antwerp serving Creative French-Belgian cuisine.


Kinepolis Antwerpen One of the main venues of Antwerp, Kinepolis offers you great opportunities for any kind of event. This state-of-the-art cinema has 24 halls, in which you can host 7,368 people. This cinema has state-of-the-art audio and video facilities and renews concepts and technologies permanently. Kinepolis offerd the best possible cinema experience and continually invests in revolutionary technologies so that you can experience your event even more intensely, just as you had in mind. Kinepolis Antwerpen is one of the prime cultural venues in both Antwerp and Flanders. This venue is highly suitable for presentations, movies, congresses and other kinds of meetings. The is a high level catering service available. Even breakfast can be served at the typical Belgian Leonidas Chocolates Café. There is a free parking available for both cars and bicycles.


Art & Design Atomium Museum The Atomium is Brussels’ landmark. The ADAM offers companies and private individuals the opportunity to hire areas for their special events, such as general and plenary meetings, conferences, public relations events, cocktail parties, gala evenings, marriage ceremonies, or private visits to its collections and temporary exhibitions. Organising an event at the ADAM will emphasize your initiative and creative outlook. What better way to highlight your imaginative approach than to invite your colleagues, clients, partners, family or friends to get together in an exceptional setting, where they can share a wonderfully enriching cultural experience? The Auditory and the Agora can be combined to provice 660 square metres of space for a maximum of 500 people. The various exhibitions are worthy a visit as well. It is possible to visit the museum as a part of your meeting’s program.


Square Brussels Meeting Centre SQUARE offers you flexibility and choice. Learn about the spaces the venue has to offer - browse the auditoria, catering areas, grand halls or studios and find the rooms that work best for you. Once you’ve seen inside SQUARE, you can plan your event in four easy steps. In the largest hall, you can host up to 2,200 participants. Team SQUARE is a balanced mix of seasoned professionals and youthful creative energy. The multilingual staff is on-site and ready to assist you. A personal touch is always added, because every event is unique and has to be special. From stand building to catering and logistics to audiovisual, Team SQUARE has you covered. Choosing the right catering for an event is an important task and to help with you this process, the crew has formulated a series of product ranges which will surpass your expectations and provide incredible value for money - be it a gala dinner, buffet, pause-café, sandwich lunch or more precise requests which include special dietary requirements.


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“HOUSE OF THE AUTOMOBILE” In Brussels, European, national and regional policymakers, companies and organizations from all over Europe come into contact with each other. The renowned congress building “House of the Automobile” fits perfectly in this dynamic environment in every respect. The “House of the Automobile” was in 2017

voted by the magazine “Meetings NL” as “Best Event Location

of Belgium”!

The “House of the Automobile” is located near the ring of Brussels, very convenient to the National Airport and the center of Brussels. In addition, a number of European Institutions are within a short distance. Thanks to this excellent location, the building is easy to reach, not only by public transport but also by car. The building has a private parking and an adjacent parking for more than 400 vehicles is only a five-minute walk from this top location. The contemporary building is characterized by a fresh look, lots of light, light shades, modern furnishings, fitted will all modern comfort and surrounded by greenery. In addition, the “House of the Automobile” has two large terraces, one wide terrace with large garden on the ground floor and an immense panorama roof terrace with a fantastic view over Brussels. These terraces can be used for any purpose, from an outdoor cocktail event to a “walking dinner”: An absolute must during beautiful sunny days. The location has 11 spaces that can be combined for your event. On the ground floor there are six conference rooms, including the large rooms “Minerva” and “Nagant” which offer 300, respectively 144 guests in a theater setup. Whether you want to hold a meeting, a workshop or conference, organize a sales education, fine dining, hold a business

cocktail party, lounge and even exhibit products in our state-of-theart showroom: everything is possible. It does not matter whether you need a theater or school setup: every setting can be realized. All rooms are equipped with the latest technical installations such as LCD projection and audio equipment, Wi-Fi and air-conditioning. Naturally, the familiar flip-overs are available. Moreover, the large rooms “Minerva” and “Nagant” are equipped with interpreter booths and multichannel receivers. In all rooms, daylight enters that can also be darkened if desired. To make an event also a complete culinary success, the House of the Automobile works closely with carefully selected, domestic caterers such as “Food Lovers”, “Artfood” and “l’Huitrière & Eole”. These culinary partners cater to your personal wishes, whether it’s a simple lunch, sandwich buffet or an extensive dinner and with impeccable service. The “House of the Automobile” offers a personalized approach to an unforgettable event. The exceptional location, extensive facilities and particularly competitive rates will be decisive arguments for your choice!

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Charleroi Espace Meeting EuropÊen Welcome at CEME, Congress Centre of Charleroi, the perfect location for your meetings, congresses, exhibitions or events. This venu has various rooms for any occasion. The largest room has a capacity of 500 guests. Interpretation services are available. For your seminars and meetings, CEME proposes professional audio-visual equipment. For your comfort, the CEME accompanies you from conception to the end of your event. The team, specialized in the organization of events is there to support you, support you and answer all your questions. The presence of a CEME staff member is mandatory throughout the duration of the events within our infrastructure. At CEME, the catering service adapts itself to the formula desired by the customers. Make your choice among CEME’s caterers partners and compose your event right on the plate!


Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport Very close to Brussels Airport, Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport offers great opportunities for meetings and events. The seventh floor of Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport will feel like heaven to you! With a view of the airport, Brussels and even the Atomium, this is the ultimate place for high-level meetings. 19 banquet rooms are available for every group with a maximum of 250 people. Some of the rooms can be combined. Every room is multifunctional. This makes the hotel very suitable for congresses, presentations, gatherings, seminars, workshops, trainings, galas and some more informal meetings. Every room is equipped with modern audio-visual facilities and wireless internet. Restaurant Catherina offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and at the QC Bar & Lounge you can get a tasty snack or drink as well. Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport has 246 luxery rooms and suites.


Mce Conference & Business Centre Welcome to the MCE Conference & Business Centre. Hosting over 40,000 meetings and events since being founded, MCE Conference & Business Centre is one of the largest meeting centres in the heart of Brussels. The dedicated Conference & Business Centre team knows how to make your event a real success. The venue in the heart of Brussels offers you 5 floors, 38 meeting rooms and 1,400 m2 on the ground floor. The meeting rooms can be easily divided and converted into smaller or bigger rooms if needed. The rooms are adaptable to U-shape, Theatre, Cabaret and Classroom setups. All the rooms are modular and independently air conditioned. Standard equipment includes modern audio-visual equipment, flipcharts and wireless internet access. There are no pillars or columns in any of the MCE meeting rooms. So wherever your attendees are sitting, they will have a great and clear view of speakers and presenters. All MCE rooms have natural daylight creating a comfortable and productive environment for all your meetings or events.


Kloster Heidberg The 18th century monastery Kloster Heidberg is a very special seminar and event centre in the German-speaking part of Belgium. It is classified as a monumental heritage and is located a few steps away from the Eupen train station and the city centre. The set articulates around the chapel and the choir. This seminar and event centre allows multiple and flexible usages with accommodation possibilities. There are 5 rooms. The chapel is the largest room and offers an unique atmosphere. There are relatively few structural alterations here in order to preserve the original character in gothic style. The cloister, the balcony with its ancient church organ, the stained glass windows and the paving tiles create a unique ambience in the chapel as a whole.You can receive 170 participants here. The caterer chefs serve a great variety of meals for lunch and dinner. A lot of importance to the usage of regional products is attached to this catering service.


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Limburghal Welcome to the Limburghal, once of most multi-faced venues in the North-East of Belgium. This venue offers a lot of opportunities, especially for trade fairs and exhibitions, mass show programs, concerts, mass rallies, banquets, radio and TV productions, sport and very large congresses. There are two halls and the agora. Here you can host up to 8,000 people. The largest hall offers you 4,000 square metres of space. Also available are meeting rooms, an auditory and a feast hall. There are 8 different catering services available. Limburghal offers a large variety of extra services, such as a photographer and state-of-the-art audio-visual services and wireless internet. At Limburghal, you do not rent a hall, but a concept. The level of services is very high. The venue is a great help with organising an event together with you. The personal touch is creating a great success.


Holiday Inn Gent Expo Book the convenient Holiday Inn Gent Expo hotel for its meeting rooms and easy access to Gent city centre. Succeed at business in our 11 meetings rooms at Holiday Inn Gent Expo, with wireless internet and space for up to 200 delegates. You can host your banquet or function, with catering facilities for up to 1,000 guests. The venue is highly suitable for congresses, seminars, conferences, gatherings, workshops and presentations. In every room, advanced audio-visual technology and wireless internet can be used. Unwind in your comfortable guest room at Holiday Inn Gent Expo, with complimentary tea and coffee, a flat-screen TV, in room safe and fridge. You can stay in touch with complimentary high-speed Internet at the work desk, and enjoy drinks available from the shop at reception. The Atrium restaurant presents a hot buffet breakfast and a selection of snacks On weekdays, lunch and dinner can be ordered from the Ă la carte menu. A selection of fine wines can be ordered from the wine menu.


Opera Gent Take a seat You and Opera Gent (part of Opera Vlaanderen) can become partners: an ideal marriage. A broad advertising presence in all Opera Vlaanderen communication (online and offline), in combination with a wide range of stylish possibilities to invite your business contacts to performances and activities in Antwerp and Ghent. This beautiful theatre dates back to 1840, is located in the historic centre and has parking in front of the door. The three salons (Foyer, Redoute hall and Lully hall) form an impressive 90 metre long enfilade. They can be used separately or combined. The actual auditorium is an inviting horse-shoe shaped bonbonière with excellent technical facilities. This flexible infrastructure is ideal for gala evenings, concerts, dinners, seminars, conferences, corporate parties and photograph and film shoots. Business seats provide your company with the necessary flexibility and luxury during your visit to the opera, within a defined budget.


Salons Waerboom Hospitality has a name: Salons Waerboom. These salons are an established value in the world of events and hotels. The venue offers unlimited possibilities for conferences and meetings. The wide range of flexible rooms for meetings, seminars, congresses, expositions and forums from 10 to 900 people, allow for unlimited possibilities. Salons Waerboom can cater to all of your needs and will gladly assist you in organizing your meeting: a collaboration with professional audiovisual partners, fast lunch or lavish dining, natural day light and direct access to the garden and terraces, free wifi in the entire building, possibility to spend the night, great accessibility from Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Charleroi, and free parking. The hotel with 45 rooms also offers the possibility to organize residential seminars, which is ideal for trainings and teambuildings of more than one day.

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B2B Vayamundo Houffalize Are you looking for an original formula for a meeting, incentive, or business trip? Are you organising an unforgettable business trip? B2B Vayamundo Houffalize is a perfect venue for every occasion. The venue has 18 rooms. Here you can accommodate up to 250 people. The congress hall can host up to 800. There are cabins for simultaneous translations. This very complete venue is suitable for congresses, conferences, seminars, teambuilding, gatherings and business trips. Up to 800 people can enjoy splendid gastronomy in three well-kept restaurants. In the Vayamundo Brasserie you can enjoy a fast, but very refined bite at any hour of the day. Restaurant Le Buffet proves again that self-service and conviviality can go hand in hand perfectly. For the culinary nose of the salmon you are expected in Restaurant au Bec du Feyi. The brand-new lounge offers everything to finish a nice day in the style of the Ardennes.


Studio Six Close to Antwerp, Studio Six is an unique venue. It is the site of movie studio AED Studios. At this venue, your imagination becomes true. There are 16 studios, two of them can accommodate up to 2,000 people. You can rent Studio Six for congresses, spectacular presentations, business dinners, company parties, galas, conferences, but also small scale gatherings, workshops, movie recordings and many other different occasions. Every studio can be arranged as you wish. Studio Six is a completely flexible venue. Studio Six does not only have very good event halls, they can also arrange artists’ performances, music and entertainment during your event. Catering services vary from a simple breakfast to a spectacular dinner for hundreds of guests. Studio Six is easily accessible by car (near E19), but also by train, bike and even helicopter. There is a parking for 1,000 vehicles.


Hof ten Steen Linter Stylish events or meetings in a historical setting between Brussels and Maastricht: Hof Ten Steen dates back to before the XIV century. In a former life, it was a stronghold - in which the peace treaty of Austria was signed in 1789. Hof Ten Steen is available for a wide range of events: receptions, parties, seminars, meetings, fashion shows, product launches, etc. Both small and large groups are welcome. The atmosphere in this historical setting is unique. There are 2 halls: the restored barn with old carpentry work, and the imposing 420 m2 main hall. These rooms can be split into smaller rooms. For a reception, you can receive up to 800 people. The atmosphere in this historical setting is unique. The castle farm is surrounded by a private park of 6 hectares and is located in the village centre of Orsmaal in Brabant, near the border with Limburg.


Kursaal Oostende A modern pearl at the coast, Kursaal Oostende is a splendid venue for your events. The unique location, a professional team and a large mix of leisure and B2B create a positive atmosphere. Kursaal Oostende has been rebuilt after 1945, but is breathing the allure of its 19 centuries roots with an ambiance of luxury and sublime. Every sense will be ensnared. There are three large halls. In the largest hall, the concert hall, you can accommodate up to 2,000 people. In these halls, you can organise large congresses, concerts, conferences, seminars and presentations. Furthermore, there are 6 smaller rooms, suitable for gatherings, workshops and other smaller meetings. Every hall and room is equipped with various modern audio-visual facilities and WiFi. The beach offers a lot of opportunities for a relaxed break. Catering is, of course, available and fits to both the unique venue and the purpose of your event.


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Het Godshuis Are you looking for a great venue for your company event, party or business meeting? Situated in a monumental former 19th century hospital, Het Godshuis offers you 7 unique halls, 2 gardens and 4 conference rooms. Every hall and room has its own charm. The largest hall provides space for up to 700 participants. The venue is very interesting if you want to organise a large conference or congress, an impressive product presentation or kick-of, a teambuilding in a different environment or a small gathering or workshop. You will certainly feel at home here. There are 64 deluxe hotel rooms. This makes the venue very attractive for meetings that can last several days. As a break, you can take a bike, play some golf or make a trip to the famous Flemish coast. In the authentic bistro Sente you can enjoy a large breakfast, a fresh salad lunch and a lavish dinner.


Château de Resteigne Built in the 12th century, Château de Resteigne (Resteigne Castle) is an impressive venue for several occasions. The 4 salons can be combined and accommodate up to 450 people for a reception. For a seated occasion, there is space for up to 200 people. The authentic, yet comfortable salons are suitable for stylish dinners and receptions. There is 50,000 square metres available for outdoor meetings, like garden parties, teambuilding, and receptions. The chapel is a serene hall for ceremonies and other impressive occasions. The largest room is the so-called barn or grange. Here you can receive up to 800 people for a presentation, concert, press conference, seminar, exhibition, or feast. This grange is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities for excellent performances. Catering will be arranged according your wishes and the style of your meeting.




special venues

10,000 people

event rooms

BRUSSELS SPECIAL VENUES, the leading non-profit event venue network in Brussels, offers event planners the widest choice to suit every occasion, from an intimate dinner to a huge corporate or public event. -



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Boulevard de la Woluwe 46 Woluwedal - Bruxelles 1200 Brussel //




The Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport is a location to meet in style: due to the international character and the wonderful views over Brussels and the Atomium, the seventh floor will feel like a seventh heaven!

Meet with spectacular views The Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport has no less than 17 professional rooms with highly experienced room managers to support you at your meeting. The rooms have a capacity for groups of up to 350 people and are equipped with all the modern conveniences and techniques one could hope for in a hyper-modern setting. Each room has its own climate control and minibar, ideal for a drink during your meeting. In addition, the projectors are built-in as standard and optimally adjusted, saving you valuable start-up time.

also have exclusive access to the ‘Superbox Paradise’, which features arcade games, free drinks and an espresso machine.

Ideal location Located directly at the E19 just ten minutes from Brussels Airport, and within easy reach by train or bus, the Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport is readily accessible for you and your guests. What’s more, a spacious underground car park and a shuttle bus to- and-from the airport guarantees a hassle-free journey.

Meeting packages Whether you choose to organize your meeting with the hall managers or decide to opt for a meeting package, this venue has you covered. Indeed, the latter gives organizers the option of having everything in hand ahead of time, yet it still allows you to customize your event to how you see fit. The in-house restaurant, ‘Catharina’, offers modern dishes with a Mediterranean touch and the sushi bar ‘Pink Ginger’ serves sushi with a twist, with either option a splendid addition to your potential meeting.

Overnight stays? The Van der Valk boasts an impressive 246 luxury rooms in a range of sizes, ensuring that your guests are able to relax in comfort and style. Furthermore, the new ‘Superbox’ rooms are a perfect option for single travelers, full to the brim as they are with a wide variety of cool gadgets all within a 14m2 space. These rooms include seats that can double up as a workspace, a toucan-shaped ceiling ornament, Bluetooth-operated surround sound, a 40-inch TV set and brand-new Playstation systems with Virtual Reality headsets. Moreover, guests

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Welcome to Limburg, Belgium Belgian Limburg Convention Bureau

Although Belgium counts ten provinces, only the north-eastern province of Limburg borders the Netherlands, Germany and the Liège region. This province in the Flemish part of Belgium with its ‘National Park’ is considered as the green backyard of Brussels, Maastricht and Eindhoven. In recent years, the entire region has developed strongly. The Belgian Limburg Convention Bureau (BLCB) plays a prominent role in professionally promoting and facilitating the MICE industry in Limburg: You plan a congress or meeting in a stimulating environment? Welcome to Limburg, hospitable, exuberant and surprisingly innovative!


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Belgian Limburg is ideally located in the heart of the Euregion, far away from the busy traffic around Antwerp and Brussels. Although it is a compact area, it still has a very surprising and varied landscape. The romantic Voerstreek with its wooded valleys, the historic Haspengouw with fruit trees and grain fields, the water sports areas of the Maasland with its gravel extraction and of course the Kempen with its moorland, land dunes and wooded areas. Cities, nature reserves, heritage: they all lie here on a small surface and form a world in themselves. But it is especially an area that, due to the various surrounding cultural influences, has been formed into a region with a unique, pleasant atmosphere. Get inspiration from the pioneering spirit, the unspoiled nature, the atmospheric industrial heritage and the historic cities.

Limburg, much more than ‘green’! Although Limburg is known for its nature reserves and natural beauty, it also has a rich history of important economic engines such as coal mines, the car- and electronics-industry that offered work to thousands of people. The recession of the 1970s caused the closure of some of these important employers with high unemployment as a result. With enormous resolve and the necessary government support, the province has made huge efforts, not only to get as many people back to work as possible but also to find a useful destination for the old industrial areas. Limburg evolved from a manufacturing industry to a knowledge- and service-industry. As a result of the growth of these economic activities, a lot of companies settled in the province and employment grew again. With the help of a number of companies that felt involved in start-ups, start-ups were facilitated with capital, knowledge and/or office facilities. Thanks to these means and know-how, it appeared to be very interesting for companies or associations to settle in Limburg. Only a few European regions experienced such dynamic growth, particularly by small, medium-sized and large companies that account for 90% of the entire industrial sites. Therefore, it is not surprising that Limburg has the highest export percentage of Belgium with its many (subsidiary) companies of multinationals. Limburg matters economically again, stronger than ever!

Other examples of these positive developments are the “Thorpark” and “C-Mine” in Genk, the former “Philips” sites that now are shaped into the “Corda Campus” in Hasselt and the innovative “Flanders Make” in Lommel. All perfect venues that can also be of interest to the meeting industry. By turning a recession into a new economic growth, the slogan ‘Reinventing is our nature’ has shown that this is not a phrase. Limburg also quickly understood that it is much smarter to join forces. A good example of this is the joint approach to promote the region. The province has 44 cities and municipalities. In addition, the most Northern and Southernmost cities are only 80 km apart. If the cities such as Hasselt, Lommel or Genk would promote themselves individually on the international market, it would not only be inefficient but also difficult to realize because of the cost aspect. Therefore, it was decided to join forces and promote Limburg together. From this, the BLCB, which comes under Tourism Limburg, is the non-profit knowledge agency for tourism in Limburg. Your conference, incentive or meeting in a stimulating environment? Related facilities for your guests such as suitable hotels, restaurants or just that unique place for your incentive? The BLCB, with its enthusiastic and expert team, make use of their networks and thorough knowledge of the environment to select a suitable place for your event free of charge and independently. In doing so, creatively use is made of the many Limburg trumps for professional events. There is always a location that perfectly matches with your wishes, theme or strategy. In addition, there is the possibility to easily and quickly find meeting and incentive opportunities within Limburg by using the smart search engine This will bring you in direct contact with the entrepreneurs.

Excellent location One of the great economic advantages of Limburg is its excellent location. As half of all residents of the European Community live within a radius of 500 kilometers around Limburg, the infrastructure in and around Limburg is well developed. As a result, Limburg is a good base and destination for economic and tourist activities. In addition to the extensive secondary road network, Limburg is very quickly accessible

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by direct connection to the major E25 / A2 (Amsterdam-Luxembourg), E40 (Cologne-Brussels), E42 (Liège-Paris), E313 (Antwerp-Liège) and E314 (Brussels-Maastricht-Aachen). Of course, every city in Limburg has a train station that connects to a good public transport network with the rest of the region. Moreover, public transport is also available to the larger conference venues such as “De Grenslandhallen” in Hasselt, the “Limburghal” in Genk and the “Sovereign Arena” in Lommel. Internationally, Limburg is quickly and easily accessible by Thalys and Eurostar from Paris or London via Brussels. Finally, there are no less than five airports within a radius of 80 kilometers from Hasselt, the capital of Limburg. This includes Brussels-Zaventem international airport which is less than an hour away from Hasselt. Düsseldorf International Airport is only 135 kilometers away. The three other major international airports, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (195km), Düsseldorf Regional Airport Weeze (120km) and Cologne-Bonn Airport (150km) are also quickly and easily accessible via the extensive road network and public transport. Naturally, the BLCB is also ready to provide shuttle service for small and large companies to and from the airports.

The art of choosing The Hasselt-Genk urban area forms the beating heart for administration, services and shopping and the mining area with its industrial heritage breathes the southern passion. However, it does not matter


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what you choose. Whether you choose Hasselt, the capital of Belgian Limburg, the capital with its hip, trendy city center and atmospheric evening activities or as an ideal base for your (green) activities. Or you choose Lommel, the natural city of Flanders with its inspiring nature and its atmospheric city center with ample parking space and the incentives Center Parcs “De Vossemeren” around the corner. Or you choose Genk, a typical example of the metamorphosis from ‘manufacturing city’ to ‘knowledge city’, the central hotspot in the green, the industrial top-notch summarized in heritage sites, renovated mining sites full of creativity but also the hubs of innovation. With pleasure, the BLCB assists you in making a choice and arranges it for you, free of charge and independently. This matches with the Limburg mentality: hospitable, passionate but also epicures, with enthusiasm and dynamism. A mentality that contributes to the unique character of the province. We hope to see you soon in Limburg!


Czech Republic Traditional yet modern Since










Republic and Slovakia in 1993, the Czech Republic has demonstrated considerable growth in all areas. Substantial restructuring projects, such as the introduction of a market economy and privatization of business, have resulted in the country becoming a full European Union member since May 1st, 2004. This is a great exemplar of the Czech mindset, or as the famous writer and dissident Franz Kafka put it: ‘From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back.’

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Perfectly situated in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is an ideal meeting and incentive destination. From the historic regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, to its stunning capital city Prague, as well as 14 other interesting locations dotted around its diminutive territory, you will be sure to find the location suited to you.

Professionals in MICE The Czech Republic is a small picturesque country with a great wealth of valuable heritage sites, twelve of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. From historic to modern, it offers a wide variety of conference facilities. Professional congress organizers (PCOs) and destination management companies (DMCs) such as the Czech Convention Bureau, Prague Convention Bureau and coordinate activities used in communication with foreign partners and potential clients who are interested in organizing exhibitions in the Czech Republic, all with a creative and innovative attitude.

Why the Czech Republic The Czech Republic possesses some excellent large convention centres, such as the magnificent Prague Congress Centre; the Aldis Congress Centre in Hradec Králové; the Congress centre in Pilsen or the New Multifunction Hall Gong, situated in the lowlands of Vítkovice in Ostrava. If you add ease of accessibility, advanced MICE infrastructure, great value for money and – as is so important in the contem-


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porary world – safety, you will find the Czech Republic approaching something close to an ideal destination for meetings, incentives and events.

Pulsating Life in Prague Prague has become a very popular European MICE destination. Aside from its indisputable architectural beauty, with styles ranging from classical Roman to modern Functionalism, it offers excellent infrastructure for all sorts of meetings - from small, cosy conventions to larger events with several thousand participants. Thanks to its compact, historic centre, it is very easy to become oriented and a pleasure to work in. The rich cultural life, regular music festivals and large number of other musical, theatrical and artistic performances ensure an incomparable atmosphere in the Prague music halls, and are sure to contribute to an unforgettable experience. No wonder Prague was selected as the European Capital of Culture at the dawn of the millennium.

Quality time and competitive Prices Last but certainly not least, the Czech Republic is famous for its competitive price to quality ratio and, specifically, it boasts some of the cheapest (and best) beers in Europe. Cheers!



Wellness Resort Darovanský dvůr The Wellness Resort Darovanský dvůr, situated in the idyllic countryside of the Horní Berounka nature park, is the largest leisure complex in the country. This location provides the opportunity for various types of meeting, including congresses, presentations, board meetings, company trips and branch networking, all in part due to the excellent state-of-the-art audio-visual technology that can be found on-site. The latest addition to this range of services is the new multi-purpose Mirror Hall. The hall is entirely separate from the main hotel and congress centre and allows complete privacy for guests, offering a grand total of 25 beds in 11 rooms. The wider complex boasts a 27-hole golf course, 3 tennis courts and a heated indoor swimming pool, making it ideal for team-building exercises or a leisurely afternoon’s stroll.

Dýšina-Nová Huť

Greensgate Golf & Leisure Resort Greensgate Golf & Leisure Resort is an authentic and traditional yet modern accommodation for business trips and networking opportunities. Situated in the picturesque vicinity of the river Klavava, the resort is a gateway to a world of healthy living and relaxation. It is also one of the top golf courses for both professional and amateur golfers, and, as a result, a great venue to improve your business network as well as reduce your handicap. The Golf resort is built up on values such as optimism, enthusiasm, freshness, as well as tradition, stability and respect. At Greensgate Golf & Leisure Resort, you can follow in the footsteps of famous top golfers.


Congress Centre Parkhotel Plzeň Business meetings of all types are possible at the Congress Centre Parkhotel Plzeň: this great hotel offers various conference and meeting rooms for groups of varying size, while each room boasts the most modern advantages in acoustics and ergonomics. The stage in the ‘Big Hall’ is of particular interest as it is variable in size according to the requirements of the event. This hotel is a great accommodation for congresses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, product education, workshops, balls, banquets, concerts, performances and various shows. Congress Centre Parkhotel Plzeň offers high quality catering services, including a diverse menu suitable for set meals as well as the capacity for banquets and buffets on request; an ideal compliment to any conference or event.


Courtyard Pilsen Marriott Courtyard Pilsen is the perfect place to treat yourself to the inviting hospitality of the Czech Republic. This hotel is ideal for a pleasant exploration of its famous city, Plzeň, but is also a more-than-suitable location for business meetings. Each meeting room features highspeed internet access and state-of-the-art audio-visual services, including projection facilities and microphones as well as the office capabilities one might expect. The hotel boasts an outdoor garden venue that lends itself well to energising meeting breaks or a more fun break-out session. A dedicated crew provides guests with on-demand service, any time of day. Indeed, the Courtyard Hotel offers its own on-site restaurant, ‘Pils’n’Grill’, that has a reputation for outstanding international cuisine coupled with the spectacle of an open kitchen.

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Hotel Central Located in the very centre of the historical city of PlzeĹˆ, Hotel Central is an enticing location for any formal or informal business meetings. The parlours contain all modern conveniences that one might anticipate, and further boast audio with a wireless function for the more informal feel. After a successful meeting, the restaurant is the place to be for great Czech and international cuisine with a pleasant ambiance.


Primavera Hotel & Congress centre The excellent Primavera Hotel & Congress centre is a modern hotel in PlzeĹˆ with opportunities for creation of special programs. The centre is suitable for conferences, seminars, receptions, business presentations, fashion shows, artistic performances, business parties and many other events. The hotel offers lounges and a large hall, the Primavera Hall. Nearby is an outdoor terrace and cafĂŠ, perfect for a break after a long session. The hall and lounges are equipped with the latest technology, enabling video conferencing, interpreting, as well as much more. Not only can the lounges and the hall be used for meetings, but also the cosy wine bar, restaurant and winter garden are more than adequate alternatives. Primavera restaurant offers specialities of the Czech and international cuisine, all with a splendid view on the Uhlava river valley.


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Vienna House Easy Pilsen The historic city of Plzeň is a beautiful setting for a business meeting. Vienna House Easy Pilsen – opposite the world-famous Pilsener Urquell brewery – is an excellent hotel for business meetings due to its central location, high comfort and pleasant ambiance. The conference rooms are spacious, airy and contain modern audio-visual facilities, as well as high-speed WiFi. This hotel is suitable for congresses, conferences, presentations, receptions, banquets and many other occasions. Four conference rooms can be joined together to make a large room for various occasions, for example as a ballroom. After a day’s hard work, be greeted by a sense of well-being upon entering a Vienna house Easy Pilsen room. The 144 spacious rooms provide a quiet, comfortable night’s rest, and the adjoining Restaurant Sunlight offers an outstanding menu inspired by genuine Bohemian cuisine.


Ambassador Zlatá Husa Hotel In in historical heart of the Golden City, Ambassador Zlatá Husa Hotel provides luxury accommodation in tasteful rooms adjacent to the famous Wenceslas Square pedestrian area. This hotel was built in 1920 and offers a distinctive conference centre with various meeting rooms and exclusive catering facilities. One of the main highlights is the gorgeous Art Nouveau Congress Hall; with its unique style, it is an ideal place for holding important conventions, international summits, social events, banquets, company parties, shows, concerts and presentations. The other rooms are somewhat smaller, providing suitable places and a warm ambiance for smaller groups. Every room is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for audio and video. Ambassador Zlatá Hotel has two private restaurants where dining is possible. There are 162 luxurious air-conditioned rooms available, some with a view of the Wenceslas Square.


KCC City Conference Center Directly next to the Pankrác metro station, the KCC City Conference Centre is an easy reachable location for business meetings. Due to the multi-purpose facilities at the KCC, it is an ideal venue for organizing congresses, conferences, training sessions, auctions, expositions and other social events. Every hall has its own foyer and, naturally, there is a stable WiFi connection for quick Internet access as well as air-conditioning throughout the entire complex. The KCC collaborates with a preferred partner for catering, which includes both standard types of catering such as coffee breaks, receptions, banquets, cocktails, and other meals, as well as a more economical option in the form of dining at Cafe Empiria. Within ten minutes walking distance there are several hotels with a total room capacity of over 800. Furthermore, the KCC can prepare a complete accommodation proposal as per request.


Lobkoviczký Palác The Lobkovický Palác, built in the 16th century at the famous Prague Castle, is one of the most significant cultural sites in the Czech Republic. It is the only privately-owned building at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is an exceptional location for gala dinners, cocktail receptions, business conferences, product launches, seminars, fundraising events or more board meetings. The whole location, with its beautiful, authentic halls and rooms, is an unforgettable backdrop to any potential meeting. The classical ambiance, the modern comfort and the very advanced audio-visual facilities create the best conditions possible for your meeting. The location offers a great deal of additional services, such as special table settings, flower decorations, an open, airy conference space as well as various forms of entertainment - live music, DJ sets or other types of performer. The palace also boasts some of the finest dining facilities available anywhere in the Czech Republic.

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National House of Vinohrady Prague, the Golden City, is one of Europe’s best kept treasures and is ideal for doing business. Set in a neo-renaissance building, the National House of Vinohrady is a splendid place for social and cultural events. The commitment to quality makes the staff focus constantly on innovation, improvement, and the building and maintenance of long-term relationships with both customers and partners. This location contains outstanding, luxurious halls and comfortable syndicate rooms. Naturally, any guests can make use of the advanced technical services on offer, including audio-visual facilities and WiFi. The location is particularly suitable for congresses of varying sizes, conferences, balls, concerts, meetings, presentations, seminars, lectures, galas, buffets and dinners. The cuisine is of a similarly high standard, including some of the best traditional Czech dishes the country has to offer.


Palác Žofín The beautiful Palác Žofín is located on the Slovanský ostrov or Slavnonic Island, the very heart of Prague. Over the years, this palace, built in 1837, has become a symbol for both Czech and international social, political, cultural and business events of exceptional importance. Indeed, it is a remarkable place, with the capacity to easily house concerts, international conferences, balls, galas and dinners. The impressive halls and comfortable rooms have state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities and wireless internet and every room can be decorated and shaped to your taste. There are also specialist services, like interpreters and translators, hostesses and delegate registration, and the location is easily accessible thanks to direct transport available to and from the airport. Various forms of entertainment can be arranged, from musical ensembles to magicians. It goes without saying that the dining facilities are exactly in line with the splendour of Palác Žofín. A meeting at this splendid palace will be remembered for a very long time.


Prague Congress Centre As one of the largest congress centres in the Czech Republic, the Prague Congress Centre offers almost limitless opportunities for small and large-scale events, what with variable room sizes and suitable halls for every kind of meeting imaginable. The location has been used extensively for seminars, workshops, press conferences, company presentations, exhibitions, conferences, congresses, rallies and many other types of large gathering. The Prague Congress Centre offers its own audio-visual equipment and services, like projections, sounds, lighting and interpreting, with each room adapted to the specific requirements of the clientele. Through the general catering partner, high quality Czech and international cuisine is readily available, and the venue itself is within walking distance of a Holiday Inn which boasts 254 rooms: ample size for any ambitious conference.


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Scandinavian Gateway Due to the position of Denmark, it rightly can be qualified as the gateway to Scandinavia. It is positioned south of Norway, southwest of Sweden and north of Germany. Denmark is surrounded by lots of water such as the Baltic, the North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegat.

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The country consists of a main peninsula, Jutland and an archipelago of 443 named islands. The major islands are Zealand, Funen, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm

Why Choose Denmark for a business event in Northern Europe? Denmark has everything you need for meetings, conferences and events. Where modern design meets ancient history and the finest customer experience is a priority, everything is guided by the unique Danish open-mindedness and can-do attitude. It is a small country with excellent infrastructure that allows you to get to your final destination without hassle. Delegates can be accommodated in the heart of a city, within walking distance of their meeting venue. Fast broadband is widely available. And with a fixed broadband availability to 99% of homes in Denmark, you stay connected during your meeting. These are the reasons for a famous statement: Everything is closer in Denmark.

“Quality of life in Denmark is high, social life is great” Denmark is continually ranked as a safe and secure top country to do business in and is internationally renowned for its innovative IT, life science, shipping and clean-tech industries. It is one of the world’s best economically and socially developed countries. Danes enjoy a high standard of living and the country ranks highly in some metrics


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of national performance, including health care, protection of civil liberties, democratic governance, prosperity, human development and high levels of education. Some 86% of the Danish population speaks English. The strong welfare state ensures economic equality in society and the virtual non-existence of corruption. Polls repeatedly show that the Danes are among the happiest people in the world.

“Copenhagen is the most liveable city in the world” The charming capital Copenhagen is not only known for Tivoli, the Little Mermaid, harbour quarter Nyhavn and Carlsberg. The city is also famous for its bicycle traffic, district heating system or its waste management. In various respects Copenhagen is a role model for many of the world’s big cities when it comes to sustainable town development. For example, in Copenhagen, there are more than 21.000 hotel rooms of which 71% are eco-certified.

Denmark, green and responsible Denmark is a clean-tech and renewable energy world leader. In Denmark green and responsible meetings are almost impossible not to stage. For example, the Bella Center, Scandinavia’s largest convention centre (20.000+) reduced their CO2 emission by 25% in 2015.

Convinced? Check out our extensive information about our success in the MICE industry.



LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference Conferences and meetings should be anything but routine: make room for fun and learning and let LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference help you design a program that promises participants fun, inspiration and a renewed sense of energy. As the name might suggest, the hotel is inspired by LEGO®, and when you play there, you will quickly find yourself losing track of the time, making it a model venue for teambuilding exercises and a place for new ideas to flourish. LEGOLAND® Hotel & Conference is a 4-star hotel with a 5-star conference centre featuring 25 flexible conference rooms, 2 auditoriums, seating for between 50 and 300 people, and, with its ‘Multihus’ conference room covering 1,800 m2, it is an ideal venue for major events. All meeting rooms have free Wi-Fi and state-of-the-art AV equipment. The staff ensure a continual supply of water, coffee, tea, freshly baked bread, fruit and delicious pastries throughout the day. The hotel itself enjoys 223 crisp and modern rooms, guaranteeing your guests a safe and pleasant stay.


MESSE C When you hold your event in MESSE C, you will find yourself in the very centre of Denmark. MESSE C is a new and delightful residence, where there is room for discussing ideas and where you can hold your meetings in pleasant surroundings. With 33,000 square meters under the same roof, there is almost unlimited capacity as to how many group rooms you can book., One can host up to 10,000 guests at this venue, and as such, it provides a tantalising option fr major trade fairs or public exhibitions. MESSE C has more than 3500 free parking spaces right on the doorstep. Electric cars are always welcome here and can even top up on-site. If you require a more intimate setting without distraction, then there are three meeting rooms that focus on comfort and tranquillity, allowing you to concentrate on matters at hand. The restaurant offers a rich range of cuisine, making it a more than suitable place to relax and share ideas with colleagues.


MCH Messecenter Herning Situated in the heart of Denmark, MCH Messecenter Herning has a staggering 450,000 m2 capacity, making it the largest centre for fairs and exhibitions in all of Scandinavia. The Messecentrer spans over 15 halls, varying in size from 1,800 to 10,400 square metres. Service facilities include: a bank, a tourist office, interpreting services, conference and meeting rooms, information centres, electronic exhibition guides, restaurants, kiosks/bistros and technical and administrative service systems. Additionally, the MCH Herning Exhibition Centre of Exhibition Centre Herning Concert Arena is usable for outdoor concerts and events. The Exhibition Centre is also a co-organizer for major celebrations and events with the facility to house up to 5,000 dining guests. When booking an event at MCH, you always have only one contact throughout the event.


Comwell Hotel Kolding Centrally located in the country, Comwell Hotel Kolding overlooks the scenic Kolding town and fjord. The hotel is a specialized conference hotel that offers a unique range of flexible meeting and conference facilities, the likes of which you will not find in many places in Denmark. As an organizer, you and your participants will feel welcome, at home and in safe hands. Comwell Hotel Koldin offers a unique range of flexible facilities: 17 conference rooms, 16 group rooms, a theatre and congress hall with ample light exposure, as well as seating for up to 1064 sitting guests. The hotel has state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities and free wireless internet. There are many small cosy break, bar and lounge areas. Comwell Kolding is an expert in major events and has conducted some of the country’s largest conferences and congresses over the past many years. Comwell Kolding also has the perfect facilities for smaller meetings, the MeetingCamp - a special little universe in microcosm, designed specifically to cater to more intimate groups.

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AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen Host flawless meetings and events at Copenhagen’s Bella Center, the largest conference centre in Denmark and all of Scandinavia. Inspiration comes easy with the innovative and contemporary designs of the Copenhagen conference centre: take advantage of fourstar amenities, unsurpassed service and flexible meeting space to make your next event, large or small, a memorable and successful occasion. Located within the Bella Center Copenhagen and offering 3,917m2 of event space, the possibilities are almost endless. The in-house conference centre features 48 flexible rooms and auditoriums with capacities ranging from six to 930 people. AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen offers a welcoming atmosphere with convenient and efficient services - start your morning with a hot buffet breakfast at BM Restaurant and punctuate an eventful day with delicious, locally-sourced fare at BASALT. With unique architecture and boutique rooms, AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen is a stylish destination for business or leisure.


Scandic Copenhagen The success of any event depends upon the following: the programme, the location, the venues, the facilities, the food and the surroundings. If you choose to host your next meeting at Scandic Copenhagen, you will be guaranteed to have your bases covered. The hotel is in the centre of historic Copenhagen, and offers a large and modern conference facility of more than 1,500 square metres which can accommodate up to 1,100 people. Scandic Copenhagen has 16 conference locations, 9 of which have capacity for more than 60 people each. All venues are equipped with the best IT and AV equipment available, as well as free wireless internet access for anyone taking part. At the hotel Scandic Copenhagen, the professional staff are always on hand to ensure your needs are met, and offer smart solutions so that your event and/or conference turns out just the way you want it to. Large and bright break-out areas, with plenty of space for creative solutions, exhibitions and product launches, are also provided. All 486 rooms have a contemporary design with themes ranging from the city to the countryside.


Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center A stylish and spectacular hotel with deluxe meeting facilities in Copenhagen: that is Tivoli Hotel & Congress Centre. Tivoli Congress Center has more than 55 meeting rooms of different sizes. The smaller rooms can seat up to six, whereas the larger conference rooms can house up to 450 people with no loss of comfort. The Tivoli Congress Hall – the main showroom for larger exhibitions – cranks the capacity to 2,400 people. Here, you can be confident that your event is held in a professional atmosphere; where your wishes and guests are given centre stage, and, in consultation with you, the best solution for your event will be found. All rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art AV and IT equipment. Craving delicious brasserie-style food, delicate sushi or perhaps a succulent steak? The restaurants at Tivoli Hotel are ready to assist you and your loved ones with a tasty culinary experience. Tivoli Hotel has 679 elegantly appointed rooms.


Hindsgavl Slot A beautiful manor on the isle of Funen, Hindsgavl Slot operates as a modern conference hotel, with top-of-the-line conference facilities for both small and large groups of guests. To add extra dimension to your meeting, the hotel is set amidst a melange of magnificent, historic buildings and some of Denmark’s most awe-inspiring scenery. Hindsgavl Slot has varied meeting and conference rooms, with a broad scope ranging from as little as 2 to as many as 650 participants, all of which are equipped with modern and exclusive facilities. All conference rooms are bright, airy, and comfortably furnished, with modern interior and the newest AV and IT equipment that can be set up according to your desires. Technicians and other personnel are always ready to help you in your arrangement. The manor’s unique kitchen is stocked with fresh, delicious ingredients – in the summer months, these are locally sourced from the venue’s own vegetable and herb garden. Hindsgavl Slot has 120 rooms at its disposal, assuring that guests have ample space in which to dwell.


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Odense Conference Center In the centre of Funen in the middle of Denmark lies the Odense Congress Centre. Here you can organise meetings and conferences of all sizes - no matter how few or many guest you wish to accommodate. With bright and welcoming meeting rooms, the venue can help you host the perfect meeting: some of the country’s best and largest facilities await you in cosy and professional surroundings, with capacities ranging from 8 to 8,000. Odense Congress Centre also offers in-house accommodation, with 102 spacious rooms and 7 suites, a delicious breakfast buffet as standard for all guests, and easy access to the conference centre itself. The site also features its own integrated parking facilities, meaning that guests and hosts alike can unwind with minimal fuss.


Radisson Blu H.C. Andersen Hotel The stylish 4-star Radisson Blu H.C. Anderson Hotel, located near the birthplace of that most famous of Danes, author Hans Christian Andersen, is an attractive venue for every kind of meeting. In one of Denmark’s most beloved cultural hotspots, the hotel offers cheerful interior design and modern amenities, including a personal minibar and free high-speed Wi-Fi for the 157 rooms. The hotel also features 17 conference rooms suitable for corporate and social functions, with the largest space capable of hosting up to 1,200 delegates. Enjoy fresh European cuisine at the on-site Restaurant Hans Christian, also the home of the signature Super Breakfast Buffet. In between conferences and exploring the charm of Odense, you can take advantage of the on-site fitness centre to boost your energy with a cardio workout or alternatively, use it to bask in the sauna after a long hard day.


Munkebjerg Hotel The 4-star Munkebjerg Hotel with its 5-star conference facilities is a specialist in arranging meetings and conferences. Based within the vicinity of the Munkebjerg Forest, the hotel boasts a spectacular view of the nearby Vejle Fjord. There are a variety of meeting rooms available, many of which can be adapted to suit your specific program and the number of participants you wish to host, with an overall capacity of up to 700 participants. There is also delicious food on offer at the on-site restaurant and bar, as well as many other indoor and outdoor facilities. Each year, the Munkebjerg Hotel organises numerous teambuilding events, exercises which cement and improve upon employees’ confidence, communication and relationships. As they say, a happy team is a healthier team – more successful, more connected, and better at working together.

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Success through expertise Germany









82 million inhabitants. Apart from its technological achievements, it has also produced some of Europe’s most celebrated composers, philosophers and poets. For that reason, Germany is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Land of Poets and Thinkers’.

Germany’s central and southern regions have forested hills and mountains interspliced by the Danube, Main, and Rhine river valleys. In the north, the landscape flattens to a wide plain that stretches to the North Sea. Between these extremes, Germany is a country of incredible variety. Germany’s location at the heart of Europe has shaped its history both for good and ill. It shares its borders with nine neighbours, more than any other European country. Germany’s largest wooded area is in the southwest, near the Swiss border: the famous Black Forest, a mountainous region full of pines and fir trees. The forest also conceals the source of the Danube, one of Europe’s longest rivers. Aside from a vast variety of differences in both landscape and population, the economic output and welfare developments of the country play a hugely significant role on the world stage.


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Competent in science and business Germany is Europe’s largest economy and the world’s second-largest exporter. Germany offers expertise and competence in many fields of endeavour and is also a leading location for innovative research and development in six key sectors. These include medicine and healthcare, transport and logistics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, technology and innovation, energy and the environment, as well as a booming financial services sector.

Your sector, Your destination Financial services in Frankfurt, medicine in Nuremberg, technology in the Rhineland, automotive industry in Southern Germany, logistics in Hamburg, environment and energy in Berlin: some industries have established themselves in certain metropolises and regions, thus shaping their respective regional competence profile.


importance of networking with experts will only increase in the future. So, it is no wonder that Germany is a popular destination from the viewpoint of congress, convention and event planners. The venue possibilities are versatile and plenty. Every state, region and city offer unique conditions for successful business trips, making new contacts and exchanging experience at an international level. The outstanding infrastructure, short travel distances, excellent hotels and catering all contribute to this winning formula. With experiences tailored to your sector and area of business, it offers outstanding value for money.

However, these sectors are more dispersed than they might appear at first glance. Metropolises and urban agglomerations frequently reveal ulterior fields of expertise in addition to the more core areas with which those destinations are normally associated. Other industries, such as agriculture, are well-established throughout Germany. Furthermore, a large number of scientific research facilities, associations and institutions all over the country constitute an extensive network of experts. These key sectors shape a unique landscape of commercial and scientific clusters, which is not restricted to a few metropolitan regions but instead spans the entire country. Even many smaller towns are home to highly specialized institutions and companies which have become leaders in their fields. This notwithstanding, there are areas with established strengths, such as the traditionally strong industrial base of Baden-Württemberg. However, there is one thing you are certain to find for your sector or company: the right destination.

Industry-specific competence as MICE driver Conventions, congresses and events are platforms for exchanging experiences and ideas. They promote the innovation, exchange and transfer of knowledge. They also provide training for professionals; both budding and experienced. They reflect society and provide a stimulus for political, economic, scientific and social processes. The

Every year, approximately three million events take place in Germany, with attendance figures of over 360 million. This is a significant economic factor for hotels and convention facilities as well as for ancillary service providers in the MICE value-added chain.

Germany as an international event trailblazer with specialist expertise

Germany has earned top marks in international rankings as an event destination. For the eleventh time in succession, the country ranks as the premier destination in Europe and as the second best worldwide according to both the ranking list of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and the Destination Comparison Report.

Berlin: Green Meetings city As conferences, conventions and incentive travel have an impact on the environment, many event locations are taking steps to introduce environmentally friendly alternatives. A ‘carbon neutral meeting’ is just one of the many innovations that are currently shaping Berlin’s environmental protection and energy efficiency status in the German capital. For example, transfers from hotels to venues frequently generate carbon dioxide emissions. The Berlin Convention Office has recognized this trend and developed a unique website together with various partners operating in Berlin’s congress industry. The ‘Berlin – Green Meetings’ platform lists approximately 70 suppliers who are already implementing measures to improve environmental sustainability. To find out more, log on to

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Kongress am Park Augsburg Experience the unique surroundings and diverse options offered in the class listed Augsburg Convention Center. Whether a successful company event, an international congress, an unforgettable concert or a first-class sports event, Kongress am Park offers 2 large congress or concert halls for up to 1,400 guests, 2 bright foyers with 1,300 square metres for exhibitions and 7 functional meeting rooms for workshops, press conferences or VIP-Lounges. The Convention Hall is our absolute highlight measuring 1,000 square metres and including a stage of approximately 200 square metres. This multifunctional central hall offers space for various events includingconventions, conferences, company presentations, concerts, events with orchestra and choral groups, theater productions and musicalperformances. You can experience Augsburg hospitality in diverse restaurants and in numerous hotels. © Kongress am Park,Norbert-Liesz


darmstadtium science congresses Darmstadt is where science and research come together in a pioneering spirit. Across a total usable area of 18,000 square metres, there are many ways of combining and configuring the varied spaces for your event. Multifunctionality is one of the greatest strengths of Darmstadt’s science and congress centre darmstadtium. Design scalability throughout the venue makes (almost) anything possible. The large congress hall ‘spectrum’ truly offers the entire spectrum of possibilities. Yet a high degree of flexibility characterises all the rooms in this venue. Levels 2 and 3 of the centre’s west wing have 18 conference rooms (of the 21 in total), which can accommodate up to 1,300 guests. The conference rooms are separated by mobile, soundproof partition walls and are highly adaptable in terms of combinations. Depending on the room configuration, up to 300 guests can be seated classroom-style. © Fotografie Schepp


Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event In the venues at Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event many different events can take place, be it international congresses, corporate events, sports events, concerts or shows. For event participants and event planners, a team of around 130 event professionals are available as well as venues with individual capacities of up to 66,500 persons. As an important centre for business and science in Germany, Düsseldorf is a popular location for conventions, conferences and corporate events. As a classic convention and conference centre, the CCD or Congress Center Düsseldorf offers a flexible room concept for up to 16,000 visitors. The venue is expanding its capacity and undergoing a rework: a complete reconstruction of the adjoining Exhibition Hall 1 is planned, which will increase the size of Hall 1 to 12,000 sqm. The completion date is planned for the summer of 2019. The Congress Center is also in the process of being redesigned. In addition, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event offers a wide range of special venues. Delight your staff and customers alike with spectacular venues tailored to corporate events in the best possible way. Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event has more than 20 years of experience in creating events of the utmost quality. © sop architekten, Visualisierung CADMAN


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Messe Erfurt Welcome to Erfurt – welcome to the heart of Germany! The premises are quickly and easily accessible thanks to the brand-new ICE hub, meaning that Messe Erfurt is the perfect venue for every kind of event, be it a trade show, congress, rock concert or basketball game. No city in the country is further than three hours from Erfurt, ensuring that organizers and visitors can reach the exhibition centre from anywhere in Germany with ease. Seating in all rooms can be arranged in rows, blocks, or classroom-style with desks, and there are modern technical facilities for presentations, interpretation services and shows. The biggest conference room at the Congress Centre is the Carl Zeiss Room, which has full technical facilities for up to 726 seats and can also be temporarily partitioned. The foyers on each floor create an open atmosphere and provide space for exhibitions and services. In addition to the 1,600 seats in the Congress Centre, the multi-purpose exhibition hall - which can also be used as a conference room - allows an extra 5,172 seats to extend the capacity yet further.


Congressforum Frankenthal Located in the beautiful Palatinate region in the south west of Germany, Congressforum Frankenthal is a wonderful location for all kind of events. Each hall has its own ambiance: for large events, there is the Großer Saal (945 m2), where you can host up to 986 guests in classical-modern architecture. Meanwhile, the representative Mirror Hall (300 persons, 297 m2) is a unique hall for concerts, presentations, seminars and events. Finally, the Conference Centre (1032 m2) provides maximum flexibility for individual customers’ wishes and features mobile and soundproof walls that allow event organizers the exact amount of space required, with up to six rooms available between 100 to 150 m2. Almost all the halls and rooms are drivable by car. Each hall and room are equipped with high-end facilities for audio and video. In the surrounding area, visitors can find pleasant accommodations at various four and three-star hotels, and, with 300 on-site parking spaces as well as fantastic access to nearby freeways and travel hubs, a convenient arrival is guaranteed. CFF Grosser Saal:© BASF PK Kunststoff


CCH – Congress Center Hamburg The CCH - Congress Center Hamburg - is one of Europe’s biggest convention centers. Since January 2017, it has been undergoing comprehensive modernization and remodeling work. With a total available exhibition space of 12,000 square meters, another 12,000 square meters of foyer space, and 12,000 seats in up to 50 halls and rooms, the new CCH will be in perfect shape for the varying requirements of today’s conventions and events when it reopens in 2020. The future CCH will be able to accommodate several concurrent events, practically without limitations. Plus, with its generously-dimensioned entrance hall, the CCH will feature an additional, multi-purpose space perfectly suited for special events, such as product exhibitions or marketing shows. Situated in the central part of the city, it will be as attractive as it has always been as a world-class convention center. Planung Arbeitsgemeinschaft agn Leusmann mit TIM HUPE Architekten, Hamburg

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Grand Elysée Hamburg Located in the green heart of the “Hanseactic city”, the Grand Elysée Hamburg is Germany’s largest privately owned five-star hotel and is a welcoming meeting place for locals and guests from around the world. Featuring a total of 510 spacious rooms and suites, Hamburg’s largest ballroom, and a total of 30 flexible function rooms spanning over 4,200 m², the Grand Elysée Hamburg is your ideal partner for events of all types and sizes. The 511 rooms all feature marble bathrooms and flat-screen TVs, as well as free Wi-Fi, complimentary bottled water and fruit. Guests can also enjoy access to the hotels’ extensive spa area, complete with an indoor pool, treatment rooms, saunas and a gym. The hotel overlooks the Moorweide City Park and is easily accessible via one of the city’s major transportation hubs, Hamburg Dammtor, which is a mere 3-minute walk to/from the Hotel. The hotel is also in close proximity (4.6 km) to Hamburg’s new landmark building – the Elbphilharmonie – another example of the convenient location of the Grand Elysée Hamburg. With its four restaurants, two bars and one café, the property offers a unique and diverse culinary experience featuring excellent, attentive service in an inviting ambience.


Design Hotel + CongressCentrum Wienecke XI. The 4 stars Design Hotel + CongressCentrum Wienecke XI. welcomes you. Situated in a quiet part of the Hannover city centre, it is a great venue for a business meeting. Here you will find everything you need for organising a board meeting, a gathering, seminar, presentation or a gala, banquet, congress or conference. The 20 conference rooms and halls can accommodate up to 3,500 guests. The roos has flexible walls, so that you can make use of a room that is fitting the number of guests. Every room has its own, unique atmosphere and comfort. The technical equipment is very advanced and daylight is entering every room. Design Hotel + CongressCentrum Wienecke XI. offers very fine culinary highlights. The gastronomy varies from a beer garden with traditional German food and drinks up a hotel barb with nice terrace and good wines.


Hannover Congress Centrum Welcome to HCC – the Hannover Congress Centrum. This venue is suitable for every kind of meeting. There are 41 comfortable rooms for seminars and gatherings up to 200 people. For congress and conferences there are 7 authentic halls with perfect infrastructure and excellent know-how. In the largest hall, you can receive up to 4,530 guests. For trade fairs and exhibitions, everything can be arranged, including, for example, hostess service. The halls and rooms are fully equipped with the latest technology for audio and video. Hannover Congress Centrum offers unique congress management services, like planning, organisation and operational services during your event. There are many forms banqueting possible, including different arrangements. Directly connected with the congress centre there is the 4 stars Congress Hotel am Stadtpark. This hotel has 258 rooms.


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Deutsche Messe AG - Made for professionals The conference facilities at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds offer a unique atmosphere, exceptional architecture and state-of-the-art conference equipment. Boasting the highest standards in technology and architecture, this versatile venue provides the ideal setting for every kind of event – congresses, conventions, informal get-togethers, workshops and road shows. Our ‘Raumwunder’ venue is flexible and can be built to purpose, with halls and rooms suitable for events ranging in size from 12 to 1,140 attendees. Our new facilities in Hall 19/20 are easily reachable by car or public transport. Located at the heart of the exhibition grounds, our Convention Centre complex offers not only unique, futuristic architecture, but also highly adaptable conference rooms to suit a wide range of tastes and styles.

Ingelheim am Rhein

kING Kultur & Kongress With a capacity of up to 1,000 people, visitors to kING Kultur & Kongress are gifted ideal conditions for your conference or meeting. In addition to the large congress hall, there are up to five other meeting rooms as well as a host of smaller accommodations with ample amenities. Similarly, the associated representative foyer areas are ideally suited for accompanying exhibitions and catering, and supplementary function rooms are also available. The kING Kultur & Kongress Hall combines brilliant acoustics, state-of-the-art media technology and flexible interior design elements: the built-in acoustic system represents a breakthrough in room sound quality, as it offers the possibility of acoustically adapting the room to the type of performance without making any structural changes. The venue works together with a number of hotels in Ingelheim and the surrounding area, and, in order to make organization easier, we offer a hotel reservation service as standard. ©HeikeRost


Congress Centre Leipzig Modern, flexible, international. These qualities make for the identity of Congress Center Leipzig as much as the dynamic city. With its clusters of excellence in science and various industries, and with its unique cultural wealth, Leipzig attracts meeting planners and congress delegates from all over the world. This venue has 23 halls and rooms, and spacious foyers and exhibition areas, perfect for all kinds of event layouts. In combination with Leipziger Messe’s exhibition halls and the stunning. Highest quality standards, the commitment of the staff, and the Kempinski background of the experienced management ensure that food and drinks served at the Congress Centre Leipzig are a culinary delight. Be it a quick snack in the bistros of the exhibition halls, be it a decent lunch in one of the four à la carte or self-service restaurants, or be it a gala night in the breathtaking Glass Hall.

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Globana Airport Fair & Conference Center Are you planning major events in the heart of Germany, close to the Leipzig Trade Fair? The Globana Airport Fair & Conference Center offers you, as an exhibition center and a multifunctional event location directly at the airport Leipzig / Halle, some unique advantages. This venue has everything you need for any event: 3 multifunctional exhibition halls and conference halls, an event center in close proximity to Leipzig and to the Leipzig trade fair, an exclusive gala hall and even hall with unique ambience. Furthermore you can stay at a modern 4 star hotel: The Globana Airport Hotel with free parking. The venue has a creative catering servicem, offers professional and complete event service and an own exhibition and stand construction service. No wishes remain unsatisfied at the Globana Fair & Conference Center. Whether it be a gala, exhibition, sales fair, specialized fair, sales presentation, meeting, seminar, congress or conference.


KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig Discover the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig Built in 1900, the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig now appears in its new splendour after an extensive and elaborate renovation. This is an unique venue, being immediately next door to the zoological garden. The scientific topics presented at Zoo Leipzig: offer numerous points of contact for conferences and congresses. The historic building, with its exciting architecture, combines historical and contemporary elements in a uniquely elegant atmosphere. The 15 halls and rooms offer space for congresses of all kinds. There is an ideal infrastructure and the very latest in state-of-the-art conference and media technology. With its new venue in the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig, the Congress Centre Leipzig is now eminently capable of handling the trends and developments that are likely to emerge in the conference sector: quality of experience, variety, mobility and connectivity, sustainability and security.


Hotel Bayerischer Hof “Our multiple award-winning hotel, ideally situated in Munich’s Old Town District, is a privately-owned institution and has been run by the Volkhardt family for four generations. With its 337 guest rooms, including 74 suites, it ranks among the leading German hotels and is a member of “The leading Hotels of the World”. The hotel includes the gourmet restaurant Atelier, awarded with 3 stars by Guide Michelin and 18 points by Gault Millau, as well as another five restaurants and 6 bars replete with all culinary delights imaginable. The ballroom, as well as 40 function rooms, with their mix of both contemporary and historical settings, are the perfect backdrop for your events with a capacity of max. 2,500 guests. Spread over 1,300 sqm, our unique rooftop wellness oasis “Blue Spa” awaits you and offers breathtaking views over Munich. Our famous Night Club stages (almost) daily performances by international jazz greats, while our very own theatre Komödie im Bayerischen Hof represents the best in light theatre entertainment. Lastly, the hotel’s unique Cinema Lounge offers the latest movie blockbusters from around the globe.”


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©Benjamin Monn


Photo credits: Messe Stuttgart


ICS International Congress Center/Messe Stuttgart

Excellent transport infrastructure, rooms flooded with daylight and an attractive environment make the ICS a popular event venue Accessibility, size and diversity: these are the features that distinguish Messe Stuttgart. With total earnings of approximately 131 million euro and a profit of 17 million euro, Messe Stuttgart is one of Germany’s leading trade fair companies. Every year over 22,500 exhibitors present their products and services to up to 1.2 million visitors on a hall area of 120,000 square metres, an outdoor area of 40,000 square metres and in the 33 rooms that offer flexible use in the adjoining ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart. The ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart has made a name for itself as one of the largest and most state-of-the-art congress centres in Germany. Since its opening in the Autumn of 2007, it has become one of the most sought-after venues in central Europe – a key market area. It is the ideal setting for all events of every description and magnitude: whether it be a congress with or without an accompanying exhibition, a sales training course, a company anniversary, a board meeting or an annual general meeting - the flexible spatial concept of the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart is adapted to suit any and all requirements that event organisers may have. The available space is comprised of rooms that can be separated in multiple ways, from the plenary assembly hall for 3,000 guests to the meeting room for four people, and also features a multifunctional hall with spacious foyer. The ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart can accommodate up to 10,000 visitors in total at any given event. Flexible conference rooms for up to 650 people are also available in the newly designed and enlarged West entrance. All rooms boast

generous daylight, excellent conference technology and fascinating views of the Messepiazza through the glass façade which stretches over the entire height of the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart. The close proximity to Stuttgart International Airport, the A8 motorway and the B27 main road ensures that visitors and guests have a pleasant journey and offers excellent logistics for exhibitors and event organisers. Furthermore, the dynamic hotel infrastructure has alternatives to suit all tastes and price ranges in the immediate vicinity of Messe Stuttgart. Wining and dining, hospitality, top-quality restaurants, vineyards, forests, parks, musicals, opera, theatre, shopping: Stuttgart is a city teeming with variety. The excellent quality of life and vibrant culture here play an important role: indeed, the Stuttgart Opera has already been chosen many times as the best in the Federal Republic of Germany, while the superb architecture and high-ranking museums confer an ambiance quite unlike anywhere else. Moreover, the people here are regarded as gourmet enthusiasts - nowhere else in the country is there such a dense concentration of star-rated restaurants.

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Nürnberg (Neuremberg)

NürnbergConvention Center (NCC) Large congresses, product presentations, staff events and customer galas: NürnbergConvention Center, with its capacity of up to 12,800 participants. offers unique possibilities for your event. The venue provides maximum flexibility and can be used individually to suit your wishes. There are many different combinations of halls possible for ever kind of event. The Frankenhalle with its plenary capacity of up to 5,000 seats and multipurpose applications is our multi-talent in the top congress segment. Its variable architecture with retractable telescopic stages and the use of innovative presentation equipment ensure impressive events. All halls and rooms are equipped with the most advanced technical facilities. Fine food and refreshing drinks are offered as well. NürnbergConvention Center brings you only the best for business lunch, snack or festive gala dinner, prepared of fresh, high-quality ingredients.


Infinity Hotel & Conference Resort Munich Welcome to the INFINITY. The INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich is the largest hotel and conference centre in Munich’s north end. It is also the top choice for conventions and events. Located just outside Munich, the hotel boasts optimal connections to the city centre and airport alike. The Hotel and Conference Centre possesses the largest event space in the north of Munich – a total of 6,000 square meters. Choose from 43 event rooms and one event location, with sizes ranging from 23 to 1,342 square meters. The largest hall, the Auditorium Arena, has a capacity of 2,750 people. The ideal framework and organisation will be provided for your event, conference, seminar or meeting. State-of-the-art AV technology, complimentary access to high speed Internet throughout the hotel complex, ergonomic chairs and printing facilities on-demand (available from our guests’ own laptops) are standards you can expect to find here. You will also have a personal conference planner and in-house event technicians at your disposal.


Kurhaus Wiesbaden The Kurhaus of Wiesbaden, with its magnificent ballrooms, is frequently the venue for traditional cultural events; open-air concerts and ballet performances in and around the Kurhaus set highlights in Wiesbaden’s cultural scene. Eight Rooms are arrayed around the center piece of the Kurhaus, the large concert hall and the impressive Foyer. The Kurhaus Colonnade and the Theater Colonnade are a harmonious frame for the Bowling Green and at the same time an attractive backdrop for events. In the largest hall, you can receive 1,350 guests. Modern conference technology is hidden behind the historical facades: The rooms are able to be linked audio-visually and acoustically via a control center. Simultaneous translation is possible, as are radio and television broadcasts. A qualified technical services team will manage and supervise the perfect course of your event. The Käfer’S Kurhaus catering services ensures top culinary quality and perfect service.


Best Western Plus Palatin Kongresshotel In the wine city Wiesloch and the Metropole Region Rhein-Neckar (near Heidelberg, Speyer and Mannheim) is the ideal venue for any kind of meeting. There are 16 multifunctional conference rooms available. The largest room has a surface of 1,270 square metres and can accommodate up to 636 participants. Some of the rooms can be used in a combination with other rooms in order to create more space. In all rooms, the most advanced theatre, audio and video facilities are available. This venue is highly suitable for gatherings, seminars, congresses and other events. The hotel has a fine restaurant where international and local cuisine can be tasted in an informal atmosphere. Of course, the local and regional wines are recommended. Best Western Plus Palatin Kongresshotel has 135 very comfortable rooms. Under this hotel, there is a parking for 416 vehicles.


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® Das Palatin / Tobias Schwerdt


Castle of Karlsruhe and surroundings, Credit: KMK/Jürgen Rösner


A warm reception assured – welcome to the Karlsruhe Convention and Trade Fair Conference Centre Congresses, conventions, symposia, company events - professional congress and event organisers alike will find the ideal conditions in Karlsruhe, as the rooms and halls offered by both the Convention Centre and the Trade Fair Conference Centre are as individual and unique as their events. The Karlsruhe Convention Centre is located in the heart of the city, and, with its four first-class locations and 20,000 sqm of exhibition floor space, it is one of the largest of its kind in all of Germany. The Trade-Fair Conference Centre at the gates of Karlsruhe provides the right environment for all types of business events and can accommodate more than 2000 participants.

active communicative network of centres of competence and top clusters, it’s not such a long way from research project to marketable product. This considerable convention package is completed by its easily-accessible location near to a transportation hub with excellent national (and international) links.

....and with a whole new look for 2020! The Stadthalle, the central element of the convention facility within the city, will have a completely new look from the beginning of 2020. The Karlsruhe Convention Centre is already looking forward to welcoming you and your event to these new surroundings! Learn more at :

A buzzing city with Mediterranean-style savoirvivre and an innovative spirit The dense network of partners that the Convention Centre enjoys enables them to reap the benefits from the thriving business and academic environment that surrounds the area. Better still, the Karlsruhe Convention Centre combines the infrastructure and organisation of a top event with the unique flair of the city of Baden’s former royal residence, resulting in a harmonious union that is destined to impress. Moreover, the location possesses some of the most beautiful countryside in Germany, situated as it is between the southern Palatinate, the Alsace region of France, and the Black Forest. In addition, Karlsruhe is one of Europe’s most aspiring locations for innovation, boasting a distinctively creative blend of future-oriented research and world-class university teaching. Indeed, with a highly

Trade Fair Centre with the Conference Center, Credit: KMK/ Onuk

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WunderlAnd KAlKAr

Hotel, Business - And eventlocAtion

events and festivals We offer the needed space for events of all sizes, both indoor and outdoor: • Concerts • Award Shows • Festivals • Sport events and many more…

Facts • 435 Hotelrooms • Business Center

• Indoor Area 9000 m² • Outdoor Area 160.000 m²

Accessibility • Airport Düsseldorf-Weeze (30 min.) • International Airport Düsseldorf (50 min.) • Our parking lots are easily accessible and offer over 2.000 parking space to our visitors From small events to complete festivals, our event management-team will exceed all your expectations.

Feel free to contact us for more information: +49 (0)2824 9100 (10 ct./min.). or H O76T International E L S &CONFERENCES RESTAURANTS






A meeting in a nuclear reactor: that would really give you energy! Located on the banks of the Rhine, in a green landscape surrounded by ancient, atmospheric villages, you will find Wunderland Kalkar. In the 1970s and 1980s, this was set to be one of the largest and most modern of nuclear reactors: however, demonstrations, political complications and licensing problems caused a huge delay in the building of the plant, and, on top of that, the Chernobyl disaster occurred in 1986; as a result, the completed nuclear power plant was never put into use. In fact, it was left abandoned until 1995. But its story was not yet over. The Dutch entrepreneur Hennie van der Most recognized the myriad possibilities that such a location could potentially entail and decided to use the industrial heritage and unique ambiance of the site for touristic purposes and thus established an ultra-modern amusement park. The rusty installations, gray cooling tower and abandoned buildings were given brand new functionality: a hotel with 435 rooms was constructed with a huge lobby, restaurants and a café street with several themed bars. Various parts of the now-defunct power plant still permeate the landscape, creating a scenery that is quite unlike anywhere else. Nowadays, Wunderland Kalkar is much more than just an amusement park – the business market has, daringly, sought to utilize its inimitable style to its own advantage – which in turn has allowed the site to become an alluring venue for trade fairs, conferences and company parties. Attendees have since realized that the possibilities of this location, with its peculiar buildings and distinct industrial chic, are practically infinite.

Business & Pleasure, everything under one roof! In the main building, there are 20 (!) meeting rooms with spacious lobbies including a meeting room inside the former control room,

complete with original control panels and other attributes. This, along with many other features, has allowed the site to maintain its idiosyncratic appeal.

‘Messe Kalkar’ At the edge of Wunderland Kalkar is the multifunctional ‘Messe Kalkar’ exhibition hall with 9,000 square meters of exhibition space. 45 exhibitions and events routinely take place here every year. The halls can be used separately but can also be linked together to hold different events simultaneously. In addition, the enormous outdoor area can be used as an event area with the same versatility as the other facilities. Wunderland Kalkar not only has extensive experience in organizing business events, but also has everything available ‘in-house’, as it were, from catering to decoration. As well as providing to your own wishes, you can also opt for ‘Business & Pleasure’ combinations with a fixed price per person, all-in formulas and special arrangements, meaning that organizers can arrange events that eliminate the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. All rooms, including the theme bars, can be rented exclusively for your company. At Wunderland Kalkar, they really do harness their collective ‘energy’ to provide you with the best event experience possible.

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Luxembourg, unparalleled possibilities The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the only remaining Grand Duchy in the world, is the cradle of a unified Europe, a focal point for different cultures, and the headquarters of many European institutions. Luxembourg city is one of the official seats of many of the European Union’s major organizations. Known as a financial heartland and its status as Europe’s most powerful investment management centre, Luxembourg today is, in fact, a microcosm of Europe.

Luxembourg showcases a fascinating concatenation of contrasts within its limited territory: a rich history coupled with exemplary modernity, local flair meets cosmopolitanism, and bounteous natural landscapes teeming with variety to idyllic, feudal-era medieval homes. Indeed, with cultural treasures, delicious dishes, excellent wines from the famous Moselle vineyards, festive traditions and a dynamic society, Luxembourg has it all!

A clever and experienced MICE country The irresistible combination of business, quality of life and unforgettable cultural outings intermingled with state-of-the-art MICE infrastructure, both in the capital and across the country, make Luxembourg a key hub for business and conferences in the heart of Europe. Furthermore, with three official languages - French, German and Luxembourgish, as well as English to conduct business - one can rightly speak of a genuine multilingual environment. In Luxembourg, everything is nearby. It is connected to Europe with an excellent network of motorways, an international airport and sound rail connections including the TGV, meaning that business locations are quickly and easily accessible despite your starting destination. Speaking of fast connections, according to the National strategy for very high-speed networks, Luxembourg has its sights set on be-


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coming a global leader in super-fast internet by achieving full 1 GB/s coverage across the country by 2020. As a result, Luxembourg has already begun implementing a modern and widely deployed optical fiber and cable network throughout the country, ensuring that conference facilities are equipped with the very latest in communication technology. Luxembourg possesses a variety of conference and meeting venues for up to 2,000 persons and events up to 8,000 persons, each with an eclectic mix of technical know-how, flexibility, comfort and aesthetics. The choice of venues is vast, able to respond to the most demanding needs, and is certain to please any potential visitor.

Get in touch The Luxembourg Convention Bureau (the official conference bureau of the city of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Congress for the promotion of the Grand Duchy) will assist in finding the right venue for you and your event. When considering Luxembourg as a venue, the bureau is your major point of contact: they offer on-site consulting and the capacity to liaise with local suppliers, as well as a whole host of other services. Their advice is impartial, professional, and, best of all - free of charge. In the Grand Duchy, you’ll find yourself coming for the business, but staying for the pleasure.


Esch-sur-Alzette Rockhal

Boasting three concert halls; the Main Hall that can accommodate an audience of up to 6500, The Club that can hold up to 1,200 and finally The Floor with a capacity of up to 200, the Rockhal - a complex managed by the public institution Centre de Musiques Amplifiées and co-financed by the Luxembourgish State - is Luxembourg’s No 1 concert venue. The Main Hall is also a multi-functional show space: the flat base of the hall and a service grid covering the entire area ensure total flexibility of layout, while a height of 17 meters enables major events to be organised without set restrictions. Accessible to vehicles and machines up to 30 tonnes, rigging is simple and efficient. Rockhalcafe is more than just a bar, more than just a restaurant, it’s a place for everyone who loves music and who loves food. Book today to come and see it for yourself!


Abbaye de Neumünster The Neumünster Abbey Cultural Center, inaugurated in May 2004 after ten years of work, is located in the heart of the old district on a UNESCO World Heritage Route. Boasting spectacular scenery, this architectural ensemble has experienced 4 centuries of turbulent history to become an exceptional meeting space, offering over 12,000m2 of wonderful venues for large and outdoor events. Inside the building(s), there are many spaces that make it a favoured place for symposia and seminars, congresses and big company celebration, whilst also maintaining the capacity for more intimate occasions. Indeed, with over 13,000 m2 conference rooms with a capacity of 16 to 283 people, cocktail rooms for between 70 to 500 people and dining rooms for up to 300 people, the venue offer all possible configurations and all the necessary infrastructure for all types of events.


Alvisse Parc Hotel Discover a world well suited to both corporate and private events at the Alvisse Parc Hotel. The modern reception rooms welcome you to a friendly and functional setting suitable to all types of requirement. Whatever the event you wish to organize, the dedicated crew will assist you in whichever way they can. There are 14 rooms available for hire ranging from 10 to 1500 persons in capacity, and all rooms utilize professional equipment and modern technology, and, with easy access to free Wi-Fi and on-site parking of up to 480 vehicles, the venue is well disposed to suit your needs. The restaurant boasts Luxembourgish and French cuisine as well as a high quality local wine list. Throughout the year, thematic menus and suggestions complete the traditional menu.


Cercle Cité With Cercle Cité, the City of Luxembourg has a multi-functional conference oasis in the heart of the capital. The architectural design of the ensemble is both innovative and welcoming, playing on the contrast between the historical and monumental architecture of the Circle on the one hand and the modern and even futuristic aspect of the Cité on the other. The Cercle Cité Conference Centre consists of 4 modular meeting rooms and two auditoriums, designed for the comfort of visitors and accommodating up to 250 people. Its multifunctionality is one of the main assets of the Cercle Cité space, since it allows it to serve as both an exhibition centre, conference room, presentation space or an art display, all the while with professional, personalized services and high-performance equipment.

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Luxembourg D’Coque

A futuristic building characterised by its rounded forms impressive and elegant, D’Coque is a harmonious ensemble which has successfully assumed its own style whilst blending perfectly with its urban surroundings. With its 60,000 square metres, D’Coque offers a flexible and functional venue capable of meeting the needs of even the most demanding of customers. Once your precise wishes and requirements have been clearly established, the team from D’Coque will find the optimal combination to deliver effectively on your expectations, whether it be sport events, cultural events, exhibitions or conferences. Furthermore, there are indoor sports courses, aquatic courses and Multi-Fit courses for those of us with a spring in their step. The venue has several restaurants and bars in which to relax afterward, each with a suitably refined menu. D’Coque Hotel has 36 comfortable double rooms and the entire site is a non-smoking zone.


Discothèque-Restaurant Melusina Built in 1984, Melusina has since become one of Luxembourg’s best-known venues and brings to bear its more than 30 years of experience as an event partner with stunning confidence. Whether you are looking to host an event for a large group of up to 500 people, or just a small intimate gathering, Melusina offer various possibilities to entertain your guests. If you’re looking for a space in which both private and corporate events, from weddings to film locations, Melusina offers a personal and flexible service tailored to your needs. The venue can organise various aspects on your behalf, from buffets, stage performances, DJ’s, projections, lights and more. You can book the club or lounge, or both. Surprise your guests by creating different atmospheres within different rooms, creating a night to explore, or simply get together in an exclusively private space such as the lounge.


Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg The Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg is the city’s major venue for drama, opera and ballet. The theatre consists of two auditoriums: the main theatre with 943 seats and the studio which has up to 400 seats but can be compartmentalized. There is also an underground car park with 450 parking spaces. Improved cloakroom facilities have been installed in the lower level of the foyer, while a new bar and fittings have been added to the upper level. Able to accommodate high calibre productions in opera, theatre and dance, the Grand Théâtre is one of the most sophisticated venues in Europe. The venue has state-of-the-art stage technology, acoustics and lighting facilities. The Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg is highly suitable for congresses, concerts, presentations, performances, exhibitions and workshops. The venue is situated in the heart of Luxembourg.


Luxexpo The Box Located in the multi-modal transport hub in Kirchberg and in close proximity to many European institutions, Luxexpo The Box is ideally situated in the centre of Luxembourg’s business district. With a covered exhibition area of 33,000 m2, Luxexpo is the largest exhibition centre in the Greater Region. The congenial team offers both exhibitors and visitors alike their considerable experience in the organization of exhibitions, fairs and congresses, as well as providing all necessary information pertaining to infrastructure and logistics to ensure that your event is a success. The main European capitals and cities of the Greater Region are easily accessible via the transport network. Luxexpo The Box provides visitors with an unparalleled range of solutions to facilitate their journey, be it by road, rail or air.


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The National Cultural and Sports Center “d’Coque” invites companies and agencies to take full advantage of the many opportunities it offers, with its outstanding facilities suitable for every occasion: product launches and exhibitions, conferences, business meetings and seminars, corporate events, concerts, cocktail parties, team buildings and much more.

D’Coque is the pride of the City of Luxembourg, which lies at the very heart of Europe. Its geographically central position makes it a much appreciated business location. Luxembourg is a country of human dimensions, easy to reach and presenting an extreme diversity. Its culture, heritage and history as well as its hospitality and gastronomy highlights the country as a key marketplace in Europe. D’Coque is one of its modern and well-equipped facilities presenting the latest communication technologies for corporate and cultural events.

D’Coque, ideally located for international business meetings and events D’Coque is located close to the international airport of Luxembourg with numerous air connections. It is also just a short ride from and to the main European motorway network leading to Germany, France or Belgium, and has excellent high-speed rail connections to the cities of the surrounding European countries.

D’Coque offers you flexibility and excellence for any event D’Coque provides facilities for events involving anything from a small group to a mass event and will give a new dimension to your corporate needs: it has several meeting rooms (up to max 40 persons)

and an amphitheatre with 215 seats for conferences or product presentations with state-of-the-art technical installations, including multi-media facilities. D’Coque also offers several spacious areas (the “Arena”, the “Arcades” and the “Gymnase”), that provide space for up to 6.000 persons and spaces can be tailored to every need. In addition, you’ll find an aquatic and wellness centre, as well as many highly professional sports facilities and fitness rooms in the very same building. And if that is not enough, there are several press rooms and VIP suites. If needed, you’ll also find onsite a 3-star hotel with 36 rooms, providing comfortable rooms including breakfast, billiards and a relaxation room. Quality in-house catering can be provided, and in fact everything is on hand to make your event a total success. All in all, there is no better venue for any event. Whatever you plan, regardless of how many may attend, whenever it takes place, d’Coque will provide the perfect setting. It can be so well described in just a few words … d’Coque: 1 location, 1001 activities International CONFERENCES 81



Chapito by Casino 2000 Chapito by Casino 2000 is an exceptionally high-quality venue: with 1,300 square metres of configurable floor space, 500 square metres of gallery space, an impressive 12,5 metres floor-to-ceiling height and a 275 square metres stage with modern seating - featuring the latest in sound system technology - guests are sure to be wowed by this most spectacular of settings. Indeed, the largest hall can host up to 1,300 participants, whilst some of the other, smaller halls can be split into several sections as required. Lounges and outdoor terraces also contribute to a sense of a luxury. Each hall can be rented separately, so there is no concern of overspending on facilities that you may not need. Furthermore, in the wider hotel complex, l’Hôtel Casino 2000, there are 28 rooms and 3 suites as well as 800 free parking spaces to ensure that your guests are kept well accommodated.


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The Netherlands

Holland, diligent entrepreneurs The Netherlands is known as a flat country with plenty of water. The river Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt reach the North Sea via the Netherlands and created an important delta. Starting hundreds of years ago, the Dutch developed, constructed and maintained smart systems consisting of dykes, polders, weirs and lots of pumps of course, in order to conquer and preserve land.



The Kingdom of the Netherlands are widely spread known by the name “Holland”. However, only two provinces at the coast are named “Noord-” and “Zuid”-Holland. This has a history. Between 1588 and 1795, the area currently representing the Netherlands was the Republic of Seven United Netherlands. The republic was conquered by Napoleon in 1795 and became the Batavian Republic. appointed his brother Louis as king in 1806, turning the country into a kingdom. The Netherlands remained a kingdom after Napoleon’s defeat. At that time, the area called “Holland” made the biggest contribution to the entire nation’s economy and wealth. As such it became the commonly used name to indicate the entire country.

With 17 million people, the Netherlands is the most densely populated country of the European Union. More than 40% of the total population live in the “Randstad”, an agglomeration of the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Amsterdam is the capital, but the government resides in The Hague. The Netherlands has a long coastline with beautiful beaches. Behind the dunes you will find the clean, green, flat landscape ending up with some hills in the far South-East in the province of Limburg. Cruising the Netherlands, one will not notice that 27% of the country is below sea level. Despite the population density, you will not notice it when cruising, either driving, cycling or walking the country.

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Typical Dutch?

Convention infrastructure

When you think about Holland, you probably think of tulips, windmills and cheese, but there is much more that you will recognize for sure. What about the famous Dutch painting masters of the “golden” seventeenth age such as Rembrandt. What about sports. Dutch football with clubs like Ajax and PSV especially enjoy a worldwide reputation. During sports events you’ll notice the colour orange. This is related to the Dutch Royal Family and represents the national identity of the Netherlands. That’s why Dutch fans dress up in orange. During some sport events the whole country turns orange and people become infected with what we like to call the ‘orange fever’. The Dutch are creative, diligent, liberal and pragmatic. They are also rather direct, honest and open in their dealings with others.

The Netherlands offers a wide range of “green certified” conference locations with (nearby) hotel accommodations and restaurants. As a small country with centuries of experience in international relations, the Netherlands boasts an excellent convention infrastructure.

Economics The Netherlands is known as a politically stable country with a solid financial policy. The Netherlands is one of the most open economies in the world and is one of the world’s top 5 biggest exporters. Some big Dutch companies are: Shell, Unilever, Akzo Nobel, Philips, Aegon, ING Group and Heineken,.

Why meet in Holland? As you noticed in the before mentioned text, Holland may be small in size, but it is offering more possibilities per square kilometre than you can find anywhere else in the world! But there are more reasons why Holland is such a fantastic destination for your next event.

Easily accessible A small country like the Netherlands facilitates quick and easy access to wherever you want to go. You will not lose any valuable convention time on travelling long distances. What’s more, Holland’s public transport system and road networks are reliable and efficient. Apart from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with it’s excellent connections, the public transport is well organised and offers a good alternative to travelling by car within the Netherlands. The European high-speed train network connection makes Holland even more accessible.


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International atmosphere Holland enjoys a very stable economic and political climate. This allows you to organise a convention without any risks. It has always been known as a tolerant country with an international outlook enabling a great advantage for an international convention or meeting. In addition, due to the extensive language teaching on Dutch schools the majority of the Dutch speak excellent English. Even German and French are spoken by many Dutch as a second language.

Professional organisers Thanks to their ample experience in organising conventions, you may rely fully on our professionals for the organization of your international convention or meeting. The Dutch organisers are friendly, pragmatic and decisive. All multifunctional convention centres are equipped with state-of-the-art communication, audio-visual facilities and ICT infrastructure

Culture and entertainment The typical Dutch sights such as the Rijksmuseum for the ancient paintings and the Delta Works as example of unique structures to avoid flooding are definitely worth a visit. The Dutch cities offer a wide selection of concerts, museums, theatre shows and dance performances, as well as other types of entertainment. There is more than enough to choose from, ensuring an enjoyable social programme during your event. And remember, it’s all easily and fast accessible.

Service and hospitality The Dutch welcome their foreign guests with open arms. We are known for our enthusiasm to ensure that international visitors enjoy their stay. So get in touch with the Dutch!



Aeon Plaza Hotels – Die Port van Cleve Hotel Die Port van Cleve is located within Amsterdam city centre, and as such is an interesting choice for a meeting, business dinner, or simply to enjoy a lunch together with friends in an historical ambience. Meet in the restaurant, bar, the ‘Regentenzaal’ - suitable for 45 people – or one of the many meeting rooms or business suites. The beautiful design and Delft blue tiles add a classic style to any potential event, while the hotel can easily accommodate the more technical-minded amongst us.


Aeon Plaza Hotels – Dutch Design Hotel Artemis The Dutch Design Hotel Artemis is situated between the city centre of Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport, ensuring ease of accessibility for any potential guests. The style of the hotel is based on the legacy of various Dutch artists and designers including Mondriaan, Rietveld and Duduk. Every three months, the hotel renews its exhibition in the lobby with works of well-known Dutch artists as well as young local talent. The creative, inspiring environment provides an ideal location for those who might wish to channel their inner artist. The hotel is suitable for meetings or events of up to 230 people and offers several multifunctional meeting rooms and boardrooms. In addition, the hotel is able to provide a wide variety of technical equipment, and any other materials you may require are available upon request.


RAI Amsterdam RAI Amsterdam – the largest venue in the Netherlands – brings people together in the physical and virtual worlds, crossing borders and providing inspiration! Based in the famous city of Amsterdam, RAI Amsterdam has been uniting different worlds, people and markets for more than a century, at home and abroad. As the facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre creates the ideal conditions for inspiring meetings to take place and for strong ties to develop in. As the organising party, RAI Exhibitions connects context, content and communities by utilising national and international consumer and professional trade fairs. The venue has 73 halls, rooms and meeting spaces, suitable for every occasion. In the largest hall, you can accommodate 1,746 particpants. RAI Amsterdam is easily accessible by public transport via the train station Amsterdam RAI.


Event- en Congrescentrum De Bonte Wever Assen On the edge of the Assen woods you can find De Bonte Wever, the multifunctional sport and event centre with an all-inclusive hotel. A place where every day, every season, there is something to enjoy. Unprecedented possibilities in a multifunctional environment with all the comforts that you will come to expect as a business guest are on offer here. The largest of its many halls and rooms can contain 2,500 participants. This venue for every occasion, whether it be a business event, congress, meeting or network meeting. No matter what kind of meeting you have in mind, within the complex there is always a suitable space to suit your company; from an intimate session with eight people to a multi-day conference for thousands of guests. The site is located on the ring road of Assen, a stone’s throw from the A28 with readily available and free parking.

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WTC Almere Conference Center A modern state-of-the-art convention center with 8 comfortable meeting rooms suitable for groups up to 225 persons. You are most welcome for all your conferences, meetings, events, dinners and drinks. WTC Almere Conference Center is easily accessible by public transport. There is a direct connection to Schiphol Airport in only 32 minutes. hospitality is in our DNA; with a sharp focus on your wishes and demands fantastic catering; tasty, fresh and healthy, to support your energy

the ultimate meeting location in the centre of The Netherlands

advanced audio-visual support and free Wi-Fi indoor parking facilities Ask for our possibilities and book:

ALMERE Tel. +31 (0) 36 548 2500

AN EVENT SPACE THAT’S ACTUALLY FUN in-house restaurant and bar, free access to our gym and


countless other perks, The Student Hotel is an incredible

place for an exciting meeting or inspiring event.

You haven’t seen event spaces like this before - in the heart of a design hotel, with direct access to an incredible



Postillion Convention Centre Utrecht Bunnik Come to Postillion Convention Centre Utrecht Bunnik if you desire a meeting with impact in the most central location in the country. Discover the unique ambiance, the hospitable service, and the state of the art facilities: the team is ready to exceed your and your guests’ expectations. Postillion Convention Centre Utrecht Bunnik creates the perfect conditions with the highest level of comfort, stateof-the-art facilities, trained staff and ‘brain food’: tasty food and drinks designed to enhance meeting performance. There are 29 rooms and halls, and in the largest you can host up to 1,200 people. Make your working day even more productive by continuing in between appointments in the ‘Business Point’ area. The venue’s package includes a comfortable workspace, fast WiFi, free parking, snacks and drinks: all the ingredients for maximum output and optimal results.


Grand Hotel Ter Duin As a meeting venue, Grand Hotel Ter Duin is an inspiring location. The possibilities are multifarious: a multi-day conference at a party with live music, a great BBQ or a team building on the beach or in the woods are all easily organized thanks to the dedicated team that the hotel provides. With 137 hotel rooms and 6 conference rooms - the largest room can host up to 300 - Grand Hotel Ter Duin is also suitable for gatherings, seminars, brainstorming and presentations. Restaurant Ter Duin sources all its produce locally and sustainably, meaning that in addition to refined, classic and modern cuisine, you can enjoy your meal safe in the knowledge that nothing is wasted. Should you wish to venture out into Zeeland, be sure to sample the local seafood restaurants that the area is rightly famed for.

Den Haag (The Hague)

Cars Jeans Stadion Home of the famous football club ADO Den Haag, Cars Jeans Stadion is a versatile event location: a huge amount of event space, large parking spaces with excellent accessibility and a hard-working hospitality team ensures that you can comfortably host up to 10,000 people. It is perfectly located between the A4 and A12 motorways, meaning that any guests should have little difficulty in finding the location. The ADO Hospitality & Events team receives many clients for various types of events, and, with catering entirely under their own management and rooms for around 500 people (plenary) with up to 20 sub-rooms, the Cars Jeans Stadium is the perfect location for conferences and business presentations in The Hague. Furthermore, in a rather unique twist, you are free to schedule your conference at the time of a match, or, if you prefer, you can take your presentation centre-stage and have it on the pitch itself: as the Dutch would say, Doelpunt!

Den Haag (The Hague)

Fokker Terminal In the past, the Fokker Terminal was the centre of aviation technology in the Netherlands - here, students learned how to construct planes. Nowadays, the Fokker Terminal is the perfect venue for the organization of congresses, company events and trade fairs. A dinner? Scholarships? A congress? With the introduction of the Turn Key congress packages, the Fokker Terminal makes it possible to organize a congress in an unconventional, industrial and inspiring environment, but with the convenience of a ready-to-use conference location with 18 breakout rooms. Here you can receive up to 1,000 guests. The Hangar is the heart of the building and with more than 2000 square metres is a unique, impressive and inspiring environment for your event. With 17 fully furnished sub-rooms dotted around the hangar, suitable for between 40 to 100 people, your parallel program can be organised with ease. The Fokker Terminal can be adjusted to every group, and the main motorways are just around the corner.

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Den Haag (The Hague)

The Globe Meeting Center The Globe Meeting Center, located in The Hague, is a beautiful meeting and training venue that is well suited to large groups thanks to its proximity to Hollands Spoor railway station. Whether you wish to organise short meetings, brainstorming or large events, you can easily combine your meeting with one of the challenging activities that can be found in The Globe. Inside you will find everything your meeting needs: 15 modern rooms, both small and large, with free WiFi and good coffee, modern audio and video facilities, professional staff and excellent catering. The largest room provides space for up to 110 people, and the restaurant 250. The boardroom offers an extraordinary view over The Hague. Due to its complex yet refined interior and sophisticated use of colour, this venue is anything but average.

Den Haag (The Hague)

World Forum The Hague Host the world at the World Forum The Hague: this full service convention centre is located in between the beach and city centre and is only 30 minutes’ drive from two international airports. The venue offers the largest auditorium in The Netherlands: the King Willem Alexander. There are also 35 breakout rooms that can be customized on request. The larger centre is something of a compact venue, yet still offers 12,000 square metres of exhibition space, including the new Queen Máxima expo, and a total of 17,500 rentable square metres. All meeting rooms are situated around the central heart of the building, the Atrium, which in turn gives a sense of connection to the World Forum and allows the perfect flow of guests. There are meeting rooms available for all types of event: on the ground floor, the brand-new Expo Foyer serves as a powerful networking area with a bright and open ambiance. This layout allows you to create an event that provides a sense of intimacy whilst simultaneously being an outstanding area for networking.


Hotel en Congrescentrum ReeHorst For over 30 years, The ReeHorst has been a popular venue for nation-wide conventions. ReeHorst in Ede is centrally located and is within proximity to the stunning Veluwe region, an area of breath-taking natural beauty and one of the largest nature reserves in all of the Netherlands. The ReeHorst offers everything under 1 roof: an exceptional 4-star hotel, charming live-cooking at Restaurant Valentino, a brasserie, terrace, and no less than 39 excellent party and business halls - the largest of which is suitable for up to 600 people. The Reehorst has excellent catering: varied lunches, full dinners and international buffets. The venue is quick and easy to reach: 5 minutes from the motorway and 3 minutes walking distance from the train station Ede-Wageningen.


De Grolsch Veste Meetings & Events Give your meeting a special boost at De Grolsch Veste Meetings & Events: the stadium of FC Twente Enschede and the venue in which the Netherlands national women’s team won the Euro Championship in 2017. This venue is, however, more than just a football stadium - there are 20 rooms and halls, and in the largest you can host up to 2,000 participants. Each hall is equipped with audio and visual facilities and wireless internet, while video conferencing is also available. In De Grolsch Veste you can organise congresses, kick-offs, presentations, press conferences, gatherings and sport events. The stadium itself is suitable for various large-scale activities and events, such as pop concerts, and it is also possible to combine your meeting with attending a football match. The venue is completed by the in-house Restaurant De Veste, where you can thrill guests with an amazing variety of sustainably-sourced national and international cuisine catered to all tastes.


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Twente Airport Twente Airport is a unique location if you wish to utilize a 3-kilometre long runway in a uniquely spatial environment. It is the ideal location for business aviation but also the perfect place in which to establish your aviation-related company as it is a special test location that gives you access to an extensive runway. Accessibility is, as one might expect, not an issue: Twente Airport connects the eastern Netherlands with the rest of the world. In terms of accommodation, there are 60 halls and rooms, the largest of which can comfortably house up to a staggering 10,000 guests. As a result, the venue is a particularly interesting choice for trade fairs, larger congresses, business parties, festivals, automotive/aviation events and presentations with a more grandiose scope.


Event Hall Gorinchem Event Hall (Evenementenhal) Gorinchem is a venue that is well suited to trade fairs for professionals and consumers, congresses, shows, spectacular parties, convincing product presentations and other large-scale meetings. Here there are 40,000 square metres that you can tailor to your needs, 9 halls that are similarly versatile, the largest of which can host 8,000 people in style and comfort. You can make use of a large scale of facilities, such as audio-visual technology, high voltage electricity and anything else you may require for a successful trade fair or event. Before, during and after your event, you can count on the support of the dedicated crew - food and beverage are adjusted to the specific needs of your meeting, with finger food, snacks and small drinks available throughout the course of the day, while you can count on a suitably lavish dinner to end proceedings. Event Halls Gorinchem can easily be accessed from the A15 motorway and is replete with ample parking space for up to 4,000 vehicles.


Abdij Rolduc One of the most important religious monuments in the Netherlands, Rolduc Abbey is a wonderful venue thanks to its rich history, serene ambiance and privileged location, surrounded as it is by glorious flora and fauna. Words really do fail to describe the stunning 12th Century Mosan Art-style architecture. Now repurposed as a conference centre, the Abbey boasts a rich plethora of rooms with varying capacities (up to 450), ensuring that it is a truly unique experience for those who wish to imbue their conference with a decidedly antique mystery. Thanks to its position adjacent to both the Belgian and German borders, the venue offers excellent possibilities for an international reunion and is relatively easy to get to.


Agora Theatre Combining striking use of colour and ultramodern architecture, the Agora Theatre is sure to be an eye-popping venue for any potential meeting. Possessing both small and large cinema-style rooms, three foyers, additional meeting rooms, and an atmospheric artist’s lounge, the Agora is a suitable fit for a wide variety of events; from business to casual, from theatrical to informal, but nevertheless always professional. All rooms are equipped with advanced audio and visual facilities, and in the largest you can host up to 730 participants. Agora Theatre has many interesting options for catering - ever dined on a rising orchestra pit or experienced a dinner coming from what seems to be the sky? This venue is far removed from those humdrum days at the office. Lastly, the Agora Theatre is situated very close to the newly-renovated Lelystad central station, guaranteeing easy access for your potential guests.

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MECC Maastricht The story of MECC Maastricht is one of a team of people; a team that acts based on their firm conviction to give more than people expect. MECC Maastricht literally and figuratively goes ‘beyond boundaries’ to ensure customers’ success and the ultimate experience for visitors. This vision, in combination with the European and central location of MECC Maastricht, with Belgium and Germany at a mere stone’s throw away, offers unique, cross-border possibilities. Stop in sometime to see and experience it for yourself. The venue offers 28 halls and rooms, of which the largest room can accommodate up to 10,000 people. Preferred caterers provide a broad range of high-quality services tailored to the needs of any budget.


NBC Congrescentrum 6,000 square metres of hospitality await you at the NBC Congress Centre. This venue in Nieuwegein has been the setting for all kinds of business meetings and events since 1992. With 2 event halls, 35 rooms, a wide range of innovative facilities and a great kitchen, everything is there to make your event a success. Naturally, the location is furnished with all the audio-visual facilities one would expect. The NBC Congress Centre offers space for business conferences up to 5,000 people. The real difference at the NBC Congress Centre is made by the dedicated crew; this professional team of 162 enthusiastic colleagues has one single goal: to meet the needs and requirements of its clients. In this vein, and with its status as a primarily family-run business, the NBC Congress Centre strives for excellence.

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Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin Organise your meeting in luxury at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin: with 19 flexible and combinable conference and meeting rooms, including its main hall which can accommodate up to 1,050 participants, the venue is highly suitable for conferences, congresses, gatherings, and presentations. All halls and rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual technologies and wireless internet. Executive chefs and their respective teams look forward to welcoming you in their restaurants – together, they will take care of all your wishes and demands. Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin features 230 luxury rooms, 20 suites and 4 stylish penthouses, along with all the facilities that you may come to expect from a five-star hotel. Each room has a minibar, bathrobes, a hairdryer, a safe and a whole host of other delightful amenities.

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Hotel van Oranje Discover luxury as you’ve never encountered by organising your business meeting or event at Hotel van Oranje. With the motto of ‘work hard, play hard’, the hotel is not only suitable for meetings, but also for entertainment and team building activities. With 32 luxury halls and conference rooms all equipped with the most advanced audio-visual and wireless technology available, you can sure that the Hotel van Oranje, named after the famous House of Orange, is a suitable pick for your choice of conference. Whether you simply want a well-made coffee and cake on a sun-drenched terrace, or a full-course meal with a selection of accompanying wines, the hotel is more than willing to provide the service tailored to your specific needs. All their 174 rooms have been fitted with luxurious and comfortable furnishing, meaning that you can look forward to a pleasant night’s rest after a long and busy day.


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Event Plaza Are you looking for a venue with great opportunities for gatherings, company parties, presentations and events? Event Plaza offers sufficient space for every event you want to organise. There are 5 halls with up to 2,500 square metres surface, and these can be connected to each other to create a space for up to 4,500 participants. However, if you are planning on a somewhat smaller affair, you are free to use their interlocking rooms in a combination as you see fit. The largest of the available rooms can contain 1,200 people, and, for more informal meetings, a dancefloor is also readily obtainable. The halls have podiums as well as audio-visual equipment and wireless internet. If you rent a hall, the decoration will be adjusted to your wishes: luxurious table decorations can be arranged to create an impressive yet refined atmosphere. Catering is likewise highly customizable according to your designs.


De Doelen International Congress Centre In the cultural heart of Rotterdam, De Doelen International Congress Centre is an attractive venue for congresses, concerts, conferences, gatherings, seminars, workshops, teambuilding, trade fairs, and presentations. This venue has three ‘quarters’ – perhaps it should be ‘thirds’ - that can be combined into one large event space suitable for 3,000 people. Each hall is also suitable for sub-sessions during your meeting and is fully equipped with customary modern audio-visual facilities, video conferencing, and WiFi. Catering possibilities vary from lunches to exclusive dinners, with the option of refreshments during your meeting as well. De Doelen International Congress Centre has a direct connection with the Rotterdam Marriott Hotel, making the venue an attractive location for those who wish to retire from a busy day in comfort and peace.


De Kuip Meetings & Events De Kuip is among the most famous football stadiums in the Netherlands and is the home of current league champions Feyenoord Rotterdam. This venue has rooms of various types and sizes which can be easily linked. Thanks to this flexibility, the venue can provide ample provisions for a group of almost any size, whether it be 200 or 2,000. It is also possible to use one hall as a reception room the others as workshops, lecture halls or other sessions. Furthermore, with highly specialized facilities such as the Feyenoord Museum, the Press Centre and the Feyenoord Business Unit, you can relax at the thought of a convention that caters to a wide variety of tastes.


Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam From a private meeting or training to a fair or convention with thousands of guests. Opt for the Postillion Convention Centre in the heart of Rotterdam. Discover the state of the art facilities, top-quality service and the magical atmosphere of this national landmark. Whatever kind of event you are planning, Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam will surprise you with out-of-the-box ideas, culinary suggestions and original examples from past experience. This venue has 38 halls and rooms for every occasion. Every room is well equipped with audio-visual facilities. In the largest hall, you can receive up to 1,250 participants. The Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam creates the perfect conditions with the highest level of comfort, state of the art facilities, trained staff and brain food: tasty food and drinks which enhance meeting performance.

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Rotterdam Ahoy Rotterdam Ahoy is an exceptionally large venue that offers hospitality and catering for up to a staggering 25,000 guests, although, should you wish to host a more intimate affair, the Ahoy should not be excluded as it is equally as experienced with smaller groups of around 25 people. Ahoy is a great location for a trade fair in Rotterdam, with capacity ranging from 3,000 m2 to 30,000 m2. For the more practical-minded visitor, the venue boasts excellent accessibility and great parking facilities. Furthermore, the Rotterdam Ahoy is certainly not a static environment, with the doors to the new Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre (RACC) to be opened for the first time in 2020. This new international convention centre will have 35 rooms and a theatre / auditorium with 2,750 seats and 7,000 standing places, so be sure to keep an eye out if you prefer to plan your event well ahead of time.


Sparta Stadion Discover the unprecedented possibilities of organizing events at the oldest football club in the Netherlands: Sparta Rotterdam! A club with over 125 years of tradition, where warmth, history and sympathy prevail yet modernity is embraced with characteristic aplomb. The Sparta Stadium, nicknamed ‘The Castle’ by fans, is the ideal location to receive guests: 12 halls and rooms coupled with a well-maintained playing surface make an interesting choice for workshops, teambuilding and social events. The largest hall can receive up to 850 people, while the stadium itself can house up to 8,000 people. Furthermore, famous former football players of Sparta Rotterdam (and others) can be hired as speakers; The Castle is open for business!


World Hotel Wings A unique hotel and conference centre, located right next to the terminal at Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, the World Hotel Wings provides ample event facilities and consists of 29 differently-sized meeting and board rooms. In addition, private offices can also be booked for one-to-one appointments. Should be planning on a somewhat larger event, the multifunctional banquet hall has a substantial 900 square metres capacity, while the wider hotel can comfortably house 750 guests. The view from the Auditorium, with its 152 cinema-style seats, is simply magnificent. For special occasions, a brainstorm room, a Feng Shui styled board room and a kick-off room are all available per request. No time to travel? Video conferencing is offered along with all the other audio-visual technology one could hope to use. Furthermore, the complex boasts a rooftop wine bar with a heated terrace, an à la carte restaurant, Sports bar and a gym that is open 24 hours a day. With its amazing views over Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and the Rotterdam skyline, World Hotel Wings really will make you feel like you can fly.


Hotel Het Raedthuys Hotel Het Raedthuys is synonymous with culinary enjoyment and stylish accommodation. The picturesque village of St. Maartensdijk is easily accessible and there is ample parking available. This historically significant and monumental building dates from 1628 and has 20 rooms, nine hotel apartments and two exclusive and intimate chambers; the former Council Boardroom and the traditional Mayoral Room. All rooms are well suited for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, training courses, dinners or product presentations with up to 80 guests. In addition to these chambers, the lounge, restaurant and hotel apartments are also exceptional areas for you to host your next group event. If you require, it is also possible to hire the entire Hotel Het Raedthuys for your corporate or business function.


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Jaarbeurs The Jaarbeurs, situated adjactent to the busiest station in the Netherlands, Utrecht Centraal, is a large venue that contains eleven halls suitable for a wide variety of activities. There are various conference centres, such as the Supernova, the MediaPlaza, the Jaarbeurs MeetUp and finally The Beatrix Theatre with its 1,533 seats. In particular, one could call the Supernova venue one of the focal meeting points of the Netherlands: with 4 brand new conference rooms, it is the kind of clean, open space that allows people to access their inner creativity. Similarly, the Media Plaza is one of the most modern conference and meeting locations in Europe, consisting of 17 foyers and session rooms, while the Jaarbeurs MeetUp offers a high tech and high touch environment. The venue is open and available for all types of groups from 2 to 275 people, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Valkenburg aan de Geul

Ch창teau St. Gerlach Transcend the ordinary at Ch창teau St. Gerlach. Located on the edge of the Ingendael nature reserve just outside Maastricht city centre, the magnificent Ch창teau St. Gerlach has been sensitively restored to provide an exceptional, luxury hotel experience. A selection of 16 adaptable event spaces, suitable for up to 730 participants, offer everything from well-equipped conference rooms to a more intimate fine-dining restaurant. Experienced, multilingual staff, alongside complimentary high-speed WiFi, parking and shuttle service to Maastricht, positions Ch창teau St. Gerlach as the perfect host for any business or social gathering. With a choice of dining option within the estate grounds, their in-house chefs prepare exceptional cuisine for their three restaurants, all using homegrown fresh ingredients from the bountiful gardens. There are in total 113 rooms, suites and apartments to be used at your leisure.

Aeon Plaza Hotels is the management company of Hotel Die Port van Cleve and Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. Dutch Design Hotel Artemis stands for luxury, art, contemporary design, modern style and comfort. Dutch Design Hotel Artemis is ideally located between the center of Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. The hotel is located on an industrial estate in West Amsterdam with many international companies. We can be reached by both car and public transport. Below the hotel is a large parking garage where you can safely park your car. Dutch Design Hotel Artemis offers you: • 256 comfortable design hotel rooms • 11 multifunctional meeting rooms ideal for small or large meetings and events (maximum of 230 people in theatre) • Restaurant-Bar ‘De Stijl’ • Underground parking garage • Free use of fitness facilities • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel • Inspirational design & art • A large waterside terrace ideal for a relax afternoon in the summer

Hotel Die Port van Cleve stands for Dutch history, culture and classic style. The hotel is ideally located in Amsterdam city centre, with the many extraordinary sites Amsterdam has to offer within only walking distance. Hotel Die Port van Cleve offers you: • 122 ‘Delft blue’ restyled hotel rooms • Authentic old Dutch Bar-Bodega ‘De Blauwe Parade’ with unique Delft blue tile fresco • Restaurant Hulscher’s Famous steak - Premium Grill – Seafood bar • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel • 1 meeting room, The Brewery Club, suited for a business meeting, presentation or private dinner

Aeon Plaza Hotels, John M. Keynesplein 2, 1066 EP Amsterdam Email: Phone: +31 (0)20 714 1092



Het Raedthuys

Take a monumental, historical building from 1628 with a royal heritage, situated in a picturesque town between beautiful farmlands, ditches and dikes with the famous “Oosterschelde National Park” as a backyard. Historic meeting rooms, luxurious sleeping, culinary enjoyment, have drinks in a fantastic ambiance and with a private wine cellar. Close to the commercial centers such as Rotterdam and Antwerp: See here the perfect location for a business event!

Location and atmosphere The four-star hotel “Het Raedthuys” in Sint-Maartensdijk is characterized by a unique atmosphere. On the one hand, the historic building with its authentic spaces, its art treasures including furniture and paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries. On the other hand, the tastefully renovated town hall from the 1970s, with modern furnished rooms that are multi-use for various business meetings. Guests are really away from the city and can relax in a picturesque environment close to the sea. The hotel is centrally located between Rotterdam, Antwerp and Breda. There is plenty of parking at the hotel and a shuttle service is available on request.

Business approach “Het Raedthuys” is fully equipped for keeping business events ranging from sales meetings to concentrated management meetings and from a simple product presentation to a conference for more than 100 people at a top level. The halls and modern multifunctional rooms such as the spacious hotel apartments are ideal for working groups. The historic “Burgemeesterskamer” (Mayors room) is very suitable for business meetings but can also be used for “Private Dining”. The Raadszaal (Council Hall) from the seventeenth century is a beautiful, atmospheric multifunctional space, suitable for receiving groups of up to 60 people, both in meeting arrangements and for dinners.

The management guarantees a flexible organization that thinks along and organizes with personal service. Whether it concerns a multi-day business meeting, an incentive for employees or partners or a 24-hour “meeting and sleeping” arrangement. If desired, a complete private wing but also the complete hotel can be rented.

Hotel rooms “Het Raedthuys” has 28 rooms, all equipped with the latest technical gadgets. Ten authentic rooms, complete with four-poster beds and some with Jacuzzi. In addition, 10 state-of-the-art Superior Deluxe hotel rooms with every imaginable comfort and 9 hotel apartments stylishly furnished, very suitable for Long-Stay, Break-out sessions and Workshops. Finally, a Beauty & Wellness room for private use is available.

Culinary enjoyment Completely in line with the particularly high level, the hotel also has a highly rated restaurant with international cuisine that makes full use of fresh seasonal and daily products from regional and local suppliers. It’s no wonder that “Het Raedthuys” is one of the most popular business locations on the Dutch market in the high segment for meeting locations and was recently rewarded with 5 “meeting” stars.

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AEON PLAZA HOTELS Aeon Plaza Hotels is a hotel group that likes to distinguish itself from others with two excellent four- star hotels in Amsterdam: Die Port van Cleve and Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. Under their slogan “Best memories start here” they have exceeded the expectations of their guests for years. And there is much more to come!

The Aeon Plaza Hotels Group is an ambitious and dynamic organization that is characterized by a solid concept based upon a balance between care, reliability, corporate social responsibility and continuity. In the past two years, more than € 2 million was invested in the modernization of the two existing hotels. Two inspiring hotels belonging to the same group and although different, in both hotels the positive experience is paramount. The Dutch Design Hotel Artemis stands for luxury, art, contemporary design, modern style and comfort, while hotel Die Port van Cleve stands for Dutch history, culture and classical style. The accents may differ, but both hotels have fantastic business facilities. Please contact our planners for meetings and events, we will be happy to think with you on how we can make your business event a success. The modern Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, ideally located between city centre and Schiphol Airport, with 11 multifunctional meeting rooms and 256 comfortable design hotel rooms is aiming at the business market and ideal for meetings and events. By the inspiring design & art, it offers guests a unique and artistic experience, where originality, flexibility and creativity are leading. The spatial design and an almost tangible play of light combined with a warm welcome and personal service, guarantee an atmosphere that can only be found in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. 96

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Located in the heart of Amsterdam, opposite the Royal Palace the hotel Die Port van Cleve is located with its 122 ‘Delft blue’ hotel rooms. The hotel consists of three monumental buildings that are connected to each other. The meeting room, The Brewery Club, with its historic ambiance is ideal for any business meeting. It is distinguished by authenticity and there is everywhere a Dutch, homelike atmosphere from restaurant Hulscher’s to every hotel room. The solid team with a personal and flexible approach, the warm atmosphere and the rich historical appeal guarantee a unique experience for every guest. The Aeon Plaza Hotels Group recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility. This is perfectly reflected in the construction of a new, unique hotel, called “Breeze”, which will be located in Amsterdam, IJburg, innovative man-made island. It is the first zero-energy hotel concept in the world and will be opened end of 2018. This ten-story hotel, with 195 rooms, skybar and meeting facilities up to 80 persons provides energy by the smart use of the natural elements of sun, wind, water and earth. Guest Experience will all be about the energy that you bring. In a partnership with the Dutch Green Company, a hotel management company was sought, which was found in the Aeon Plaza Hotel Group.


‘VISITBRABANT’: THE COUNTER FOR BRABANT Brabant, a province located in the south of the Netherlands, is bubbling and there is plenty of room to do more. Since the rise of the leisure tourist, the province is now also using the marketing organization ‘VisitBrabant’ for the business tourist with the acquisition of (inter) national business meetings. The ‘VisitBrabant’ Convention Bureau is a smart starting point for everyone who wants to organize a business meeting or event, from small to large. The ambition is big because Brabant is booming.

Authentic hospitality as a foundation Brabant is full of beautiful locations for business events. From the dynamics of the inner city to the lee of nature, where organizer and guests can always rely on the typical Brabant hospitality. “VisitBrabant Convention Bureau wants to support every planner as much as possible”, explains Saskia Holterman, program manager MICE. “Our website allows planners to easily compare suitable locations. However, I prefer the personal contact. It is without costs and I can advise you freely and quickly on the best match. If desired, we also offer assistance with, for example, organizing overnight stays, dining & wining and fun trips. “

Cooperation Apart from the friendly and hospitable atmosphere, there is much more that characterizes Brabant. “Our intrinsic hospitality invites to cooperate,” is motivated by Sef Sweegers, Business Development Manager at VisitBrabant. “That mentality is the foundation of the success as, for example, Brainport: if you’re alone you will be faster, but together you get further.” It makes Brabant excels in themes such as design, high-tech, smart mobility and agrifood. Cities such as Eind-

hoven, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Helmond take the lead in this, but also other cities and their environment are closely linked to the economic pillars. “This cordial and open attitude typifies the Brabant mentality and is also noticeable at business meetings in Brabant: this open cooperation provides a greater imagination and a more energetic development, change or innovation. Every event benefits from a touch of Brabant. “

Places of interest Brabant offers a wide variety of beautiful locations: from Philips’ icon ‘Evoluon’ in Eindhoven to Castle Helmond and from the rusticity of ‘De Ruwenberg’ to the grandeur of the ‘Brabanthallen’. “Our locations are keen to make business meetings a success, but for the ultimate experience, we also like to organize a social program,” Holterman says. “Take your guests into the world of the family park ‘‘Efteling’ or ‘Safaripark Beekse Bergen’. Let them follow in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh or introduce them to hospitable ‘s-Hertogenbosch or ‘Capital of Dutch Design’ Eindhoven”. Do not hesitate to contact the VisitBrabant Convention Bureau. Their services can be found on their website: or call without any obligation with +31 13 303 03 90.

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CORPUS CONGRESS CENTRE A seated giant at the side of the highway: Undoubtedly, the CORPUS (from the Latin for ‘Body’) Congress Centre in the Netherlands is one of the most striking convention centers in Europe. In addition to the outstanding conference facilities, a spectacular ‘journey through the human body’ is a particularly valuable addition to any event.


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CORPUS is a multifunctional conference centre with a total of 1100 square meters with all imaginable flexible layouts and facilities, making it ideal for different types of events, from meetings, break-out inspiration sessions to large conferences. Even, renting the entire building is possible! The rooms are spacious and have an industrial character. Most rooms receive natural light and offer a wide view of the surroundings. Modern audiovisual equipment such as beamers and P.A.-sound systems are available. The spacious, seven-meter high conference hall of 568 square meters is suitable for plenary sessions for up to 540 people and large dinners. This space can also be reduced to a room with a maximum capacity of 330 people. In addition, there are four break-out rooms and there is a lounge, functioning as reception area, and terrace. The modern furniture, the understated use of colors and a tightly designed bar make the lounge ideal for both a splashing party, cocktail parties, trade fairs and product presentations. On the eighth floor, the penthouse can be found. A bright, inspiring space with its own bar and a magnificent view of the sea and the dunes. The penthouse is perfectly suited for a reception, a drink for up to 70 people or a dinner arrangement for up to 60 people. What makes it really special is the possibility to combine an event with an educational ‘journey through the human body’ in one hour,

accompanied by a private audio tour guide that is available in eight different languages. The journey starts at the knee and passing through various organs, one ends up at the “brain theatre”. The aspects of the human body can serve as a source of inspiration for your event. For example, CORPUS is extremely suitable for companies that work with themes such as health and vitality. Thanks to the perfect location near Leiden and between The Hague and Amsterdam (at only 20 minutes from the airport), the accessibility of CORPUS is well guaranteed, both by public transport and by car. Moreover, CORPUS has its own parking garage. Responsible nourishment is the big motivator of ’CORPUS Culinary’, an excellent in-house caterer that works as much as possible with (seasonal) regional products in a mix of creativity and pure taste. Whether it is a light lunch or an extensive walking dinner: together with the organizer, CORPUSexamines the possibilities and gladly provides food with dishes that are responsible and tasty. Discover what CORPUS can do for you: from the first contact, you will have a permanent contact person at CORPUS who will think along and make your event a success.

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Jaarbeurs | Utrecht, The Netherlands

Let’s make your event exceptional We craft exceptional events with great partnerships, amazing food and inspiring surroundings. Above all, we aspire to create an atmosphere where everyone feels at home and can have an extraordinary encounter. We have been bringing people together for over 100 years; something which is now more relevant than ever. In a world that has become more and more digital, a personal handshake makes the difference. We believe, doing business is people’s business. Meeting is looking each other in the eye. Celebrating is embracing each other. We are ready to make your event exceptional.

Meet Kris! Kris is an Accountmanager at Jaarbeurs. You can meet her at IMEX at Holland Meeting Point, hall 8, E100 or visit to see how she makes encounters extraordinary. 100

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Jaarbeurs makes your encounters exceptional

Our venues will inspire you

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soesterberg - utrecht - nl telephone +31 (346) 351755 w w w. k o n ta k t d e r k o n t i n e n t e n . n l


| Hotel |


25 meeting rooms | 131 hotel rooms | 2 historical buildings | 1 outdoor area | centrally located



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CITY OF KNOWLEDGE, CONNECTION & CREATIVITY Utrecht Marketing Convention Bureau

The city of Utrecht, with its easy combination of storied past and dynamic present, is a truly unique place. This 2000 year old city, nowadays the knowledge capital of the Netherlands, teems with a wide range of interesting museums and cultural events. When you stroll down the quaint streets and along the canals in the Utrecht Museum Quarter, taking in


the pleasant, intimate atmosphere for which Utrecht is famous, you’ll understand. The myriad knowledge and cultural institutions here serve to enrich and deepen the exchange of knowledge for your participants.


Utrecht is a global village in the literal sense, combining scale KNOWLEDGE, CENTRALLYintimate LOCATED IN EUROPE CONNECTION & WITH MANY INSPIRING LOCATIONS with international connection. CREATIVITY FOR BUSINESS GATHERINGS UTRECHTCONVENTIONBUREAU.COM Utrecht has a range of venues that meet the requirements of even the most critical conference visitor. From expansive to intimate, modern to historical, your location is here. All of them are equipped with the right tools to make your conference a success. Do you prefer a large or modern, small and full of character, five star or economy hotel? Utrecht offers an option for you. Beyond that, it offers a rich experience that will be remembered, whether you like to be immersed in nature, want to feel a strong connection with the cultural landscape, sleep in an old fort or wake up in innovative design, you’ll find it in Utrecht. Utrecht is easy to reach for visitors, no matter where they’re coming from. The train takes you in 30 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the heart of Utrecht. Its central station an easy connection from a range of surrounding countries. Paris, Brussels and Frankfurt trains are fast and frequent.

There is even a smart and simple tool, especially made for Utrecht. The Utrecht Region Pass unifies and simplifies international visitor’s time here. You can easily use all Dutch public transport, travelling from, to and within the Utrecht Region, visiting the most appreciated destinations within the province. Unique in its kind, the Utrecht Region pass enriches the experience of our foreign visitors. Utrecht is surrounded by a mosaic of landscapes, picturesque villages, welcoming cities and a rich cultural heritage. The broader Utrecht region offers unique conference and exhibition opportunities, all close to the city. The Utrecht Convention Bureau provides professional, free and independent advice to organizers of conferences, meetings and other (corporate) events on the possibilities offered by Utrecht Region in this area.

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CITY OF HEALTH & MATERIALS Maastricht: Convention Bureau

Maastricht’s vibrant history and its location at a crossroad of European cultures,










international flavor. Foreign visitors tend to feel perfectly at home in this international atmosphere. Maastricht is frequently referred to, as a microcosm of Europe. Currently, organizers of conventions, meetings and events choose Maastricht very often as their destination. Moreover, an increasing trend is observed. Is it only just because this oldest city of the Netherlands simply makes your event more successful? No, there is much more…!

In recent years, the Maastricht region has developed into an important area with an outstanding knowledge infrastructure. Maastricht, as a major capital, can definitely be considered as the city of life sciences and (bio)materials. This position is expressed by its cornerstone position in the “Brightlands” initiative, the brand name of a joint initiative of the Dutch province of Limburg, Maastricht University, Maastricht University Medical Center+, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Fontys International Campus Venlo, in close partnership with the leading companies in specific market areas.

“Brightlands” Maastricht Health Campus, Chemelot Campus, Smart Services Campus and Campus Greenport are four key elements of “Brightlands”, an open innovation community in a global context with a joint focus on health and sustainability. “Brightlands” combines science, business and education concerning materials, health, food and smart services. The campuses offer entrepreneurs, scientists and students, state of the art facilities to support development, innovation and growth. It is no wonder that more and more associations and scientific institutions feel attracted to this flourishing ecosystem and choose Maastricht as the destination for their conventions. Additionally, the quality of the different venues and the characteristics of the environment contribute to the success of every conference or event.

Venue and accessibility Maastricht’s location in Europe is unique. Major cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Liege are close. The entire Maastricht area is easily accessible by car and almost free of traffic jams. Furthermore, the region knows an extended train infrastructure with even a high-speed train connection ‘around the corner’ in Liege (Belgium). Finally, with a total eight (!) airports within one hour’s drive and the closest airport in a distance of 10 kilometers, Maastricht is efficiently accessible by airplane. Traveling from- and to these airports is easily by a wide network of shuttle services and public transportation.

The Maastricht Convention Bureau The Maastricht Convention Bureau personally assists you with both the organizational and content related aspects of your conference or exhibition. After analyzing your needs, we will assist you gathering all relevant information and quotations in order to find the most suitable solution. With over 70 partners in the Maastricht region, a strong connection to local governments and knowledge institutes, the convention bureau is able to offer the most optimal support and disclose a valuable network.

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© Kraaijvanger Architects, no rights can be derived from this image.


IN 2020!

The large venue Rotterdam Ahoy is well-known in the Netherlands and abroad for its indoor arena, exhibition & event halls and conference centre. And great news, Ahoy is expanding in 2020. A state-of-the-art international convention centre will be added and integrated into the existing structure of Ahoy. The centre will have 35 (break out) rooms, an auditorium with 2,750 seats (the largest auditorium in the Netherlands) and a brand new expo foyer of 2,300 m² which is perfect for an exhibition or gala dinner (excellent in-house catering available). Want to find out what we can do for you? T: +31 (0)10 – 293 32 43 - E: - W:

> Need extra space? The exhibition & event halls of Ahoy offers an additional 30,000 m2 > Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016 made Rotterdam one of the top 10 cities in the world > Ahoy is based within 10 minutes from the city centre of Rotterdam > Expected in 2020: a 250 room hotel on the premises of Ahoy


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Maastricht, the perfect place for all your corporate meetings & events

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Hotel Het Raedthuys is ideaal voor een zakelijke bijeenkomst in een bijzondere ambiance. Het hotel beschikt over 28 hotelkamers, suites en hotelappartementen. In het monumentale pand uit 1628 zijn twee sfeervolle zalen beschikbaar: de voormalige raadzaal en de oude burgemeesterkamer. Deze ruimtes zijn zeer geschikt voor een vergadering, congres, beurs, cursus, diner of productpresentatie. Naast deze ruimtes vormen ook de hotelappartementen prima ruimtes om in werkgroepen uiteen te gaan. Lekker, duurzaam en gezond wedijveren in de keuken van Het Raedthuys. De keukenbrigade brengt puur eten uit Zeeland. De gerechten op de kaart variëren van Zeeuwse Oesters, Thoolse Hoen en Thoolse Dikbil tot Oosterschelde kreeft. De zakelijke mogelijkheden in Het Raedthuys zijn legio, variërend van een eenvoudige productpresentatie, exclusief afhuren van Het Raedthuys tot een conferentie voor meer dan honderd personen op topniveau. Hotel Het Raedthuys is ideal for a business meeting in a special ambiance. At the monumental building from 1628 are two cozy meetingrooms available: the former council boardroom and the mayor’s old room. These spaces are ideal for a meeting, conference, exhibition, course, dinner or product presentation. In addition to these areas also form the hotel apartments fine areas to break out in smaller groups. Tasty, healthy and sustainable compete in the kitchen of the Raedthuys. The kitchen brigade brings pure food from Zeeland. The dishes on the menu range from Oysters and Tholen Beef and “Thoolse Hoen”up to Oosterschelde lobster. The business opportunities in Raedthuys are legion, ranging from a simple product presentation, exclusive rental of the Raedthuys to a conference for more than a hundred people at top level.

Markt 2 • 4695 CE Sint Maartensdijk • The Netherlands • T +31 (0)166-662 626 • • 108

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Excellent strong reputation Switzerland is famous for its stability, punctuality and reliability. Also, Switzerland traditionally sets the highest standards concerning quality. But there is much more: authenticity and a versatile nature to discover, ranging from palm trees to glaciers. Switzerland is proud to do whatever it takes to make your meetings successful.

Locations with a future

Cutting-edge infrastructure

No other country in the world invests more per capita in basic research and new technologies. Every year, Switzerland invests billions of francs in congress facilities and equipment. In city centers or high in the mountains: our ultramodern congress centers offer inspiring venues for people to meet up. Therefore, Switzerland knows important locations for business, research and plenty of international organizations have their seat in Switzerland.

Four airports connect Switzerland to the world, ensuring easy access to every part of our country. Wherever you arrive, your onward journey is straightforward, because Switzerland has one of the best-organized public transport systems in the world. At the heart of Europe, Switzerland is quick and easy to reach from all parts of the continent. It boasts an unrivalled network of public and private transport with a well-earned reputation for safety and security.

Quality of life

The Swiss MICE approach

In a Mercer study on the quality of life in 221 cities, the cities Zürich, Geneva, Bern positioned in the top 15. The Global Travel & Tourism Competitiveness reported Switzerland in the top 10 out of the 140 countries evaluated.

In 1964, Switzerland founded the world’s first national convention bureau, the “Association of Swiss Conference Cities”. Today it is turned into the Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau with a presence in 16 countries. Furthermore, the ten largest and most important congress centers in Switzerland associated to the “Swiss Convention Centers” (SCC). Your Swiss partners when it comes to large events from 1000 participants, some up to 5,000. All locations possess an exhibition area of at least 1,000 sqm and all with sufficient hotel accommodation in the vicinity, with competitive accessibility. Whatever location will be chosen, each congress center places great emphasis on individuality and flexibility, they are all committed to quality and share a typical “Swissness”.

Switzerland, the green pioneer Switzerland has long been a pioneer in the development of hydroelectric power. Nowadays, a consistent recycling, rigid exhaust emissions standards, waste management, carefully controlled landscape planning and strict conditions for construction projects is just part of our everyday life. According to Yale’s Environmental Performance Index, which compares a range of criteria from air and water quality to biodiversity and policies to tackle climate change, Switzerland tops the list of 132 countries.

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Kursaal Bern All under one roof, the Kursaal Bern comprises the 4-star Hotel Allegro, attractive restaurants and bars, and the Grand Casino Bern. The Kursaal Bern enjoys a central location in the heart of scenic Switzerland, is easily accessible by road, rail and air, and provides the ideal venue for events of excellence. The Kursaal Bern offers no fewer than 30 attractive rooms for congresses, seminars, dialogue and discussion – with capacity from two to 1500 persons. Harnessing the power of light, colour, shape, image and sound, multisensory impressions and user interaction can be used to enhance your presentation. With fine views of the historic old town and distant Bernese Alps, the warmest of welcomes awaits you.


Davos Congress Centre Welcome to Davos, the world’s finest meeting place. The Congress Centre Davos offers the ideal rooms for every event: from regional meetings to workshops, advanced training courses, exhibitions, socio-cultural events all the way to the renowned ‘World Economic Forum’. Thanks to the latest expansion of the congress centre, Davos now has one of the most modern congress centres in the Alps. The congress centre covers 12,000 m², features three independent meeting areas, a plenary hall for up to1,800 delegates and a further 34 rooms. Up to 5,000 delegates can meet here and take advantage of the perfect infrastructure. To guarantee that your congress also runs smoothly from a technical perspective, in addition to the latest in congress technology an expert technician for the supervision of technical facilities is also available for each individual section of the congress centre. When reserving at least 300 rooms (single use) in partner hotels via Davos Congress, the use of the Davos Congress Centre will be free of charge.


SwissTech Convention Center The SwissTech Convention Center is one of the largest conference centres in the Lake Geneva region, and is used to hosting events of international fame. This majestic building is distinguished by its modernity, its innovative technologies and a warm and experienced team. The SwissTech Convention Center distinguishes itself from other major congress centres by the number of conference rooms (1 to 20) and its adaptable capacity (from 40 to 3,000). The architecture of the building allows three auditoriums to become one; the number of seats in each auditorium can also be changed in just a few minutes. This modularity is based on two mechanisms: a system of sliding walls and the ‘Gala Venue’ technology. If you want to make your presentations livelier, you can count on high-tech performance aided by some of the finest technicians available anywhere.

Fribourg (Freiburg)

Forum Friburg For exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences, gatherings, banqueting, seminars, congresses, sports, concerts and many other occasions, Forum Friburg offers multifunctional spaces from 30 to 9,000 square metres. The halls and a proportion of the 12 rooms can be split as needs require and offer a combined space of up to 10,000 participants. Each hall and room are fully equipped with modern audio-visual facilities and WiFi. Catering services are on hand to offer a nice coffee break during your event, or perhaps a tasty aperitif or cocktail. Fine cuisine, culinary discoveries and traditional specialities all come as part of what is sure to be a dinner worth remembering. The multilingual and highly professional crew are always at the ready to ensure that everything will be to your wishes. Forum Fribourg is located near the motorway A12, and features parking facilities that can contain up to 800 vehicles.


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Genève (Geneva)

Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG) The CICG provides over 20 rooms with seating from 20 to 2200 places. They are ideally located just off the Place des Nations (UN) and within easy reach of the principal international organizations and diplomatic representations in Geneva. The CICG’s versatile infrastructure offers endless solutions and combinations whatever your needs may be. A spacious lobby, including an information desk, provides a perfect spot for exhibitions, receptions and banquets, and will make your event unique and unforgettable. There are also six vast meeting rooms on this level that can be converted into larger or smaller units by combining mobile partitions or dividers. The largest of the three meeting rooms can be merged with the room on the next level, resulting in a breath-taking transformation of available space. A pleasant lounge area equipped with a bar and comfortable armchairs is the perfect spot to relax and catch your breath between sessions.


Congress Interlaken How can you make sure your event goes perfectly? Congress Interlaken has the formula: the right location, all-round friendly service, years of event know-how and culinary delights to suit every taste. From event technology to decoration and catering, this venue is a one-stop shop. Motivated, flexible and experienced – Congress Interlaken are at your side to make sure your event is met with plenty of applause. The stylish ambience in the historic halls of the Kursaal coupled with the modern auditorium make the location an attractive option for your event. The rooms can be used for any type of event, with a total event space of 5,000 m2 and a capacity of over 1,500 people. Experienced event technicians will be on hand to support and advise you in both planning and implementation. All rooms come with free Wi-Fi, whilst special business and sponsoring packages - for even higher performance – are also available upon request.


Palazzo Congressi Lugano The Palazzo Congressi Lugano (Convention Centre) is located in Lugano’s city centre, close to both the city’s financial and recreational districts but also overlooking the lovely Ciani Park and its adjoining lake. The structure is just a few minutes walking distance from several hotels, shops and other amenities, making it a suitable location for all sorts of events. The Congress Hall is equipped with the most modern technical equipment available and is completely air-conditioned. On the ground floor, guests are welcomed in the large 1,100 square metres foyer, next to which is the amphitheatre, with comfortable seating of up to 1,130 guests. On the first floor, there are several large spaces with bright windows looking out over the park, and a large, 800m2 hall which can be divided into three sections. An elegant restaurant with a terrace overlooking the park completes the picture.

Luzern (Lucerne)

Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern The Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern (Culture and Congress Centre Lucerne) offers unforgettable concert experiences, numerous staging options and a delightful ambience. Surrounded by the elegant architecture of Jean Nouvel, the Concert Hall will provide you with the right venue for an impressive spectacle. The permanent ‘big screen’ and the latest lighting, sound, multimedia and conference technology guarantee an engaging event experience, and, when combined with the finest cuisine and technical assistance money can buy, you are sure to find yourself returning to the KKL. Capacity is suitable for up to 1,898 guests, and in-house project management, security and guests relations help to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

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Montreux Music & Convention Centre The ‘2M2C’ or Montreux Music & Convention Centre is a venue dedicated to cultural and business events, offering over 18,000 sq.m. of multi-purpose facilities in the authentic and spectacular setting of Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva. It combines quality and know-how in the organization of events, with over 45 years of experience in the field. At your disposal are an auditorium for conferences with seating for 1,800 people, a plenary hall for conferences with seating for 900 people, 29 modular rooms and offices, 4,500 m2 of foyers, public spaces with a vast array of terraces with views of the lake and the Alps, 2 exhibition halls with a total floor area of 4,000 m2 and convenient dressing rooms for performers. High-speed internet, wired or wireless digital communications, telephony and video-conferencing facilities are available throughout the 2M2C.

St. Gallen

CongressEvents St. Gallen From gatherings and banquets all the way up to a congress or mega-event, from mere hundreds to several thousand participants, CongressEvents St. Gallen offers very comfortable rooms and halls for every occasion. This venue has the pinnacle of modern infrastructure and audio-visual technology, and the event halls are very popular as locations for concerts or musical productions. CongressEvents St. Gallen has a professional event creating team. Likewise, catering is flexible as to your needs, and can be customized to suit a wide variety of events: from a simple snacks up to spectacular dinner galas for hundreds of people, everything is possible. Indeed, quality is the venue’s foremost concern: in 2017, an independent commission concluded that CongressEvents St. Gallen ranked among the Top 10 best event locations in the whole of Switzerland.


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Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium

Alpbach Bregrenz Graz Innsbruck Kitzbühel Klagenfurt Linz Mayrhofen Saalfelden Salzburg Salzburg Vienna Vienna Vienna Vienna Vienna Villach Antwerp Antwerp Antwerp, Lint Brussels Brussels Brussels Brussels Charleroi Elsene Eupen Genk Ghent Ghent

Congress Center Alpbach Kongresskultur Bregrenz Messe Graz Congress Messe Innsbruck K3 KitzKongress Kärntner Messen Klagenfurt Design Center Linz Europahaus Congress Saalfelden Messezentrum Salzburg Salzburg Congress Austria Center Ferry Porsche Congress Centre Hofburg Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center Schloss Schönbrunn Congress Center Villach Hilton Antwerp Old Town Kinepolis Antwerpen Studio Six Art & Design Atomium Museum Square Brussels Meeting Centre House of the Automobile DiegemVan der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport Charleroi Espace Meeting Européen MCE Conference & Business Centre Kloster Heidberg Limburghal Holiday Inn Gent Expo Opera Gent

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Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark Denmark

Groot-Bijgaarden Houffalize Limburg (Province) Linter Oostende Sint-Laureins Tellin Břasy Dýšina-Nová Huť Pilsen Pilsen Pilsen Pilsen Pilsen Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague Prague Billund Fredericia Herning Kolding Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Middelfart Odense Odense

Salons Waerboom B2B Vayamundo Houffalize Belgian Limburg Convention Bureau Hof ten Steen Linter Kursaal Oostende Het Godshuis Château de Resteigne Wellness Resort Darovanský dvůr Greensgate Golf & Leisure Resort Congress Centre Parkhotel Plzeň Courtyard Pilsen Marriott Hotel Central Primavera Hotel & Congress Centre Vienna House Easy Pilsen Ambassador Zlatá Husa Hotel KCC City Conference Center Lobkoviczký Palác National House of Vinohrady Palác Žofín Prague Congress Centre Legoland® Hotel & Conference Messe C MCH Messecenter Herning Comwell Hotel Kolding AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen Scandic Copenhagen Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center Hindsgavl Slot Odense Conference Center Radisson Blu H.C. Andersen Hotel

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Denmark Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany

Vejle Augsburg Darmstadt Düsseldorf Erfurt Frankenthal Hamburg Hamburg Hannover Hannover Hannover Ingelheim am Rhein Kalkar Karlsruhe

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Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg

Leipzig Leipzig, Halle Leipzig Munich Neuremberg Stuttgart Unterschleißheim Wiesbaden Wiesloch Esch-sur Alzette Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg

Munkebjerg Hotel Kongress am Park Augsburg Darmstadtium Science Congresses Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event Messe Erfurt Congressforum Frankenthal CCH – Congress Center Hamburg Grand Elysée Hotel Hamburg Design Hotel + CongressCentrum Wienecke XI Hannover Congress Centrum Deutsche Messe kING Kultur & Kongress Wunderland Kalkar Karlsruhe Convention and Trade Fair Conference Centre Congress Centre Leipzig Globana Airport Fair & Conference Center Kongresshalle am Zoo Leipzig Bayrischer Hof Nürnberg Convention Center (NCC) ICS International Congress Centre/Messe Stuttgart Infinity Hotel & Conference Resort Munich Kurhaus Wiesbaden Best Western Plus Palatin Kongresshotel Rockhal Abbaye de Neumünster Alvisse Parc Hotel Cercle Cité D’Coque Discothèque-Restaurant Melusina

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Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands

Luxembourg Luxembourg Mondorf-les-Bains Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam, Leiden Amsterdam Assen Brabant (Province) Bunnik Burgh-Haamstede The Hague The Hague The Hague The Hague Ede Eindhoven Enschede Gorinchem Kerkrade Lelystad Maastricht (City) Maastricht Nieuwegein Noordwijk aan Zee Noordwijk aan Zee Rijswijk Rotterdam Rotterdam Rotterdam

Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg Luxexpo The Box Chapito by Casino 2000 Aeon Plaza Hotels – Die Port van Cleve Aeon Plaza Hotels – Dutch Design Hotel Artemis Corpus, Congress Center RAI Amsterdam Event- en Congrescentrum De Bonte Wever Assen Convention Bureau Brabant Postillion Convention Centre Utrecht Bunnik Grand Hotel Ter Duin Cars Jeans Stadion Fokker Terminal The Globe Meeting Center World Forum The Hague Hotel en Congrescentrum Reehorst De Grolsch Veste Meetings & Events Twente Airport Event Hall Gorinchem Abdij Rolduc Agora Theatre Maastricht Convention Bureau MECC Maastricht NBC Congrescentrum Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin Hotel van Oranje Event Plaza De Doelen International Congress Centre De Kuip Meetings and Events Postillon Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam

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The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands The Netherlands Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland

Rotterdam Rotterdam Rotterdam Sint-Maartensdijk Utrecht Utrecht (City) Valkenburg a.d. Geul Bern Davos Ecublens Fribourg Geneva Interlaken Lugano Lucerne Montreux St. Gallen

Rotterdam Ahoy Sparta Stadion World Hotel Wings Hotel Het Raedthuys Jaarbeurs Utrecht Marketing Convention Bureau Château St. Gerlach Kursaal Bern Davos Congress Centre SwissTech Convention Center Forum Friburg Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG) Congress Interlaken Palazzo Congressi Lugano Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern Montreux Music & Convention Centre CongressEvents St. Gallen

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International Conferences Summits & Conventions 01-2018  

100 Recommended European Congress Locations The Conference Venue Allocator Published in cooperation with IMEX Frankfurt.

International Conferences Summits & Conventions 01-2018  

100 Recommended European Congress Locations The Conference Venue Allocator Published in cooperation with IMEX Frankfurt.