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Enriching New Zealand through active leadership in a connected community.

Jo Brosnahan – Chair, Leadership New Zealand; Company Director Tony Nowell – Deputy Chair, Leadership New Zealand; Director, Valadenz Nick Astwick – Chief Operating Officer, Kiwibank; Alumnus 2010


Carol Bellette – Chief Financial Officer, Landcare Research; Alumnus 2012

Growing, celebrating and weaving together New Zealand’s leaders through conversation.

Sean Hughes – Chief Executive, Financial Markets Authority; Alumnus Leadership Victoria Tara Pradhan – International Relations Manager, Auckland Council; Alumnus 2007

VALUES Courageous Generous of Spirit Inclusive Acting with Integrity Innovative Apolitical Celebrating Diversity

LEADERSHIP NEW ZEALAND TRUST PO Box 5061, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141 T: +64 9 309 3749 E: W:

Samuelu Sefuiva – Principal Advisor, Race Relations, NZ Human Rights Commission Hilary Sumpter – CEO, Auckland Communities Foundation; Alumnus 2010

Leadership New Zealand Advisory Trustees Sir Bob Harvey – Chair, Advisory Trustees; Chair, Waterfront Auckland David McGregor – Deputy Chair, Advisory Trustees; General Counsel, Envirocounsel Reg Birchfield – Publisher, RJMedia; Chair, Abilities Inc, Auckland Tony Carter – Co-Chair, The New Zealand Initiative; Chair, F & P Healthcare; Corporate Director Maureen Crombie – Chair, ECPAT International; Alumnus 2006 Jennifer Gill – Chief Executive, ASB Community Trust John Hinchcliff – Emeritus Vice Chancellor, AUT University; President, Peace Foundation Peter Kerridge – Director, Kerridge and Partners Ltd Chris Laidlaw – National Radio Host; Wellington Regional Councillor; Writer

LEADERSHIP NEW ZEALAND STAFF Sina Wendt-Moore – Chief Executive Louise Marra – Programme Director Annette Bartlett – Programme Leader Judy Whiteman – SkillsBank Director

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Louise Marra – Director NZ Government Auckland Policy Office, Director MBIE; Leadership New Zealand Programme Director Tim Miles – CEO, Gen-i, Australasia Fran O’Sullivan – Journalist Brian Roche – CEO, NZ Post Suzanne Snively – Managing Director, More Media Enterprises; Chair Agri-Women Development Trust; Company Director Dame Cheryll Sotheran – Director Creative & Tourism, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Dr Morgan Williams – Chair, WWF New Zealand

Alumni Committee Hilary Sumpter (2010), Neville Pulman (2006), Jennie Vickers (2007), Richard Llewellyn (2011), Julian Inch (2012), Bernie Grant (2012), Ewen Anderson (2012), Lisa Howard-Smith (2005), Mark Dunlop (2009)

Editorial Team Reg Birchfield, Jo Brosnahan, Sina Wendt-Moore, Judy Whiteman, Gill Prentice, Jan Michael David, Rebecca Savory

Chair’s foreword


n organisation only lives in the minds, hearts and actions of its people. Without the passion and commitment of many to the vision and mission, it will not survive. Ten years ago, those of us who gathered together to establish Leadership NZ had a dream of changing the face of leadership in New Zealand. We wanted to create an opportunity to grow and celebrate New Zealand leaders within the context of diversity and conversation. We aimed to recruit a group which was a microcosm of the New Zealand community – all sectors, all races, both sexes, rural and urban, from throughout the nation, and to connect them together. And we saw the opportunity to enrich New Zealand through these leaders actively serving our community. In evaluating whether Leadership NZ has succeeded in its mission, we need to follow those who have been through the programme. Each Alumnus and Alumna has a story to tell of their experience on the programme – it has changed lives, given them focus, clarified their mission and given them the tools for leading. They have been exposed to the best of New Zealand leaders who have given generously of themselves, they have been immersed in community and the art of conversation. Experiences vary, but many have subsequently had a significant effect on the community around them. Some have passed forward their learnings by creating new leadership thinking and developing further New Zealand leaders. Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh, talented poet and storyteller leads the Pasifika Mat, a unique series of workshops which are a part of the BEST Pasifika Leadership Programme; Minnie Baragwanath, a recent Sir Peter Blake Trust Award winner, has established Be and the Be Leadership Programme; and Sina Wendt-Moore is our own CEO of Leadership NZ, creating new and challenging leadership experiences. Some are leading within their communities, such as Penny Hulse, the Deputy Mayor of Auckland Council, Josephine Bartley, community leader in Glen Innes and Jo Kelly-Moore, the Dean of the Auckland Anglican Church. Corporate leaders include Murray Jordan, the MD of Foodstuffs Auckland and Nick Astwick, the COO of Kiwibank. Maori leaders include George Riley, CEO of Ngapuhi and Teresa Tepania-Ashton, the CEO of Maori Development Inc. Each is an authentic leader making an enormous difference, and there are many more. In looking to the next decade, Leadership NZ is evolving to meet a new world. We have always embraced diversity of thinking, bringing new perspective to issues. We have also embraced family; believing that authentic relationships are the basis upon which we can have challenging conversation. Leadership is about change, and the concept of disruptive leadership has recently evolved. Disruptive leadership embraces change by reframing problems and opportunities in different ways. It is often about simplicity rather than complexity. Sometimes, this is merely about looking at a different problem from a different perspective – through a different lens. Diversity enables disruptive leadership, particularly if it also involves the younger generation of leaders. We all know that the generations think differently. Those of us in the boomer generation tend to hold the positions of influence – but those of Gen X and Gen Y have a lot to teach us. Embracing their thinking can stimulate some new and exciting solutions. While diversity has now got credibility in New Zealand, there is not real understanding of the reality of having a truly diverse group around the table. Most organisations do not embrace the opportunities of diversity; they seek those who they feel comfortable with, not those who are truly different. That must change – around the world, research is proving that diversity at the board and executive table brings organisational success. If we are to become an innovative nation, we need to connect with each other and we need to embrace the perspective and value that each can bring to the table. We need to live diversity, not talk about it. That is the Leadership NZ challenge for the next decade; to demonstrate the opportunity in diversity with aroha. How disruptive might that be! Jo Brosnahan Chair, Leadership NZ


Yearbook 2013 Chair’s foreword Jo Brosnahan


CEO’s message The Age of Athena Sina Wendt-Moore


Graduation address Disruptive leadership Dr Lance O’Sullivan


Graduation speech Navigating with the long view Sarb Johal, Karlo Mila


The Class of 2013 A photo essay


Programme Overview + Events


Graduands’ Biographies 12 Reflections from the class of 2013 Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture 21 Imagine tomorrow’s world: Professor Richard Faull Feature 22 Alanna Krause – the disruptive leader Reg Birchfield Leadership Week If you get it I want it! Disruptive leadership? Professor Edwina Pio


Alumni Snapshots


Alumni connections 45 Leadership NZ’s sphere of influence • Adrian Wimmers • Meredith Youngson • Alistair Kwun • Deidre Otene The Class of 2013 A photo essay

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The age of Athena D

isruptive leaders are at the centre of all meaningful change in the world. These are leaders who step outside the norm, challenge established practices and protocols and reframe problems and opportunities from different perspectives. They create uncertainty, they think and act beyond the boundaries of what is and they lead change by living it! Disruptive leadership is not a solo act though – it takes a village to create a truly disruptive force for change. The key is to change the conversation in your tribe to make it safe to be a disruptor. Leadership NZ’s network is a disruptive tribe – in our village, our extended fanau, we foster courageous and challenging conversations that make it safe to think and act differently. We create space that paradoxically can hold difference yet within the diversity, we catalyse collective action that is a disruptive force for innovation and positive change. I think a significant outcome of Leadership NZ’s work and influence is that we are changing mindsets of leaders about what successful leadership in the 21st century looks like. There is a groundswell of conversation, debate and energy driving for diversity in leadership in all sectors demanding that those who sit at the table, who hold the formal power, influence and money, reflect the people served by that organisation, community body or company. This drive for diversity isn’t just about being equitable – it is about having a breadth and depth of leadership thought, diversity of life experience and mindset to enable leaders to be disruptive, to achieve the vision and results they seek, to improve the social and economic wellbeing of our society. Earlier this year a book came out 2

called The Athena Doctrine – How Women (and the men who think like them) will rule the future. Authors John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio recount the results of a significant global research initiative investigating how the world defined ‘traditional’ feminine/ masculine qualities, and leadership. They challenge traditional models of leadership based on masculine traits and behaviours, and call for a reframing of modern contemporary leadership that is more feminine. In the global survey of 13 nations and 64,000 men and women, two-thirds agreed “the world would be a better place if men thought more like women” – a belief shared regardless of age, income, and nation. Large numbers across all countries (70%-80%) were anxious and negative about the future, expressing high levels of distrust and dissatisfaction with organisations, government, the economy and the behaviour of men. People were frustrated with a world dominated by codes of traditionally masculine thinking and behaviour – codes of control, aggression, competition, black and white thinking – behaviours that have contributed to the many problems faced today (wars, income inequality, risk-taking and scandal). Qualities of the ideal modern leader identified by men and women across the globe (many considered feminine) described a person who is patient, flexible, intuitive, reasonable, passionate, empathetic, selfless, and loyal. People want a more expressive style of leader who shares their feelings and emotions openly and honestly, is vulnerable, open-minded and trustworthy. People want to connect with those in power more personally; they want leaders who will break a gridlock through reason not ideology; long-term thinkers who plan for a sustainable future (not posturing for expediency). Leaders who are cause driven (not self-focused), have empathy, candour and humility. They are flexible, listen, build consensus, and inspire confidence. Decisiveness and resilience (considered more masculine traits) are important but the data highlighted that the definition of “winning” is changing – it’s becoming a more inclusive construct. Collaboration and sharing credit are considered more effective than aggression and control. The feminine leadership Gerzema and D’Antonio describe is not squishy or soft. It is wise and quietly strong. All these qualities reflect strength of character that is admirable and noble, and requires true integrity and confidence. To be vulnerable and connect to others we also must be courageous. The authors felt these qualities resembled the Greek goddess Athena – that she is the personification of the qualities that suit our times. Although predominantly a feminine set of skills, traits and attitudes, this does not mean the end of men and it’s not a male versus female issue! Eighty-one percent of people in the survey believe men and women need both masculine and feminine traits to thrive in this era of constant change. For centuries our worlds have been dominated by a masculine way of thinking – The Athena Doctrine is about restoring a balance that is fit for purpose in the 21st century. It’s about wise, courageous, humane and cooperative leadership. The Age of Athena is now! Sina Wendt-Moore

E nga reo e nga mana nga karangatanga maha o te motu tena koutou katoa


t is my pleasure to attend the Leadership NZ graduation dinner of 2013 as guest speaker and feel truly humbled by the calibre of those who have performed this role before me. I congratulate all of the graduates who have given up their time this year and a future commitment to deliver leadership for our people, our communities and our country. We are all here tonight because we realise the importance of inspirational and quality leadership for the progress and prosperity of our nation. We are all here because of our personal commitment to be a part of the movement that sees the development of leaders who will infect those around them with inspiration. I would like to talk about two forms of leadership that reflect my approach and commitment to the communities I serve. ‘Servant leadership’ is a concept that I am sure resonates with many of us present. This concept was introduced to me by Mr Pat Snedden within the last five years. Whilst this term ‘servant leadership’ is new to me it reflects a belief that I feel has guided my journey to where I am today working among and for my community and my people. Robert Greenleaf in 1970 defined servant leadership as “being a servant first who has then developed the desire to aspire to lead”. He added that this form of leadership challenges us to make sure that other people’s highest priorities are being served. “Do the people we serve become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? And, what is the effect on the least privileged in society? Will they benefit or at least not be further deprived?” This approach to leadership sits well with me and has help shape and give purpose to things I hope to achieve for the people I serve. The second form of leadership that I subscribe to is ‘disruptive leadership’. Whilst again the term is relatively new to me I feel that like servant leadership it reflects a belief that I have and an approach that I have incorporated into my commitment in the work I do. The fact that I was called a maverick by some and was the target of attempts to undermine my desire to see change occur reflects the disruption my style of leadership was having. Resigning from a well-paid yet complacent job where I felt like Judas to the people I was born to serve, to open a medical practice with my wife in Kaitaia saw me called a maverick. I saw a way for improving access to health services and improved health care experiences for people with high needs in the Far North but my ideas fell on deaf ears. People with no phone, low levels of health literacy and understanding and little money struggle to have positive experiences within our health system. I did not believe

that the changes needed to effect improvements were insurmountable or required huge injections of cash and policy. Sure it would change the way our day ran, but the world would not collapse if we tried a change of approach. So we have a ‘no-booked-appointments walk-in clinic’ that is proving very popular with our high-needs, low-means group of patients who can access health care on their terms. We have seen a reduction in fees for medical care since our entry into the health provider market of our community. One definition of a maverick is someone who is a non-conformist, does not follow the rules of the group and a person of unorthodox views. Unwittingly the people who labelled me a maverick have given me a badge of honour that is the ultimate in recognition for disruptive leadership. Leadership and the desire to see change take place will never happen from a place of comfort, safety and complacency. Risks need to be taken, uncomfortable and sometimes unpopular positions need to be adopted and passion, innovation and enthusiasm need to take the place of complacency and security. It is important to keep in mind the need to maintain a delicate balance between disruptive leadership and progress. There is a time for shaking the tree and allowing the deadwood to fall to the side. There is also a time where quality leadership can cultivate the network of roots and branches that are our communities and will allow meaningful progress to occur. I have no doubt that the skills that are required to do this are being celebrated here tonight. No reira tena koutou katoa. Kaitaia GP Lance O’Sullivan is a passionate advocate for Maori health. He was recognised as one of New Zealand’s outstanding emerging leaders this year and honoured with a Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award.



Disruptive leadership


Navigating with the long view In delivering this year’s graduation speech, Sarb Johal challenges his classmates to remove their blinkers and broaden their horizons; Karlo Mila counsels them to harness a collective vision that can hold difference and diversity of perspective.


n my area of work, disaster management, there is this phenomenon that occurs during recovery. It is called building things. ‘Thing’ theory – it is actually called that – suggests that we build ‘things’ to demonstrate commitment and action. Some kind of benefit is presumed to flow from building the ‘thing’, only what we tend to see is money and energy flowing to areas, to people, outside the area that the thing was meant to help. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it probably was not what we intended to do. We do this, time and again, disaster after disaster. We build things, if only to feel like we are doing something, anything, to help with the recovery. But there is a problem with this approach. Investing in ‘things’ in an attempt to bring about rapid change and demonstrate out heartfelt commitment to action can actually fail to support long-term recovery. One of the issues we returned to time and time again in our journey through this year is the futility of short-term thinking, and also the difficulty in keeping the attention of a fast-information, fast-food consuming society on the longer view, the slower view, the view where many ideas might have to be held at the same time in order to develop really beneficial actions. The pull to build a new ‘thing’ is a strong one. Yet we also know that in our small and dynamic nation, we may have too many ‘things’, all competing for limited resources of finances, talent, and indeed, attention. Perhaps a new ‘thing’ isn’t what we need after all. Perhaps the new ‘thing’ we need is here before us right now. Our task is to remove our blinkers, broaden our horizons. If we can climb high enough, we can see that the earth does indeed curve after all. There is more for us to discover, more than we know. It is waiting – it exists now – but it is yet to come into our awareness, our collective being. Perhaps what we can build best, is a small ‘thing’ to help us see this more clearly; a simple pair of spectacles. If we stand tall, upon each other’s shoulders, rock solid in our foundation, we may see both the shadow and the light, stretching into the far. When we look through our new spectacles, we can tell each other stories of our journey to these distant shores; different, divergent, wonderfully clashing tales, so at odds that perhaps we 4

start to wonder if are looking through the same pair of spectacles after all. But this pluralism is our strength. It is from this diversity, this tumultuous colliding and mixing of currents and all that this stirs up that essentially and paradoxically anchors us as Leadership NZ. As the winds of the North meet the seas of the South (something I’m familiar with in Wellington), as Te Ika ä Mäui meets Te Wai Pounamu, we may see the full spectrum of life and its possibilities set out before us. We, as bespectacled leaders, can see these differences, hold these differences, tell stories about these differences and the options that they make available to us. To be part of the solution, we as leaders can serve to increase our collective awareness of the complexity rather than the simplicity. We as leaders can explore that complex space; to voice the long view, instead of the short view. And one of the many things that I have learned in my first year in Leadership NZ is that seeking the consensus view does not always offer the best solution. In the words of a fellow Leadership NZ traveller: “Leadership NZ is a place that holds difference – we have created a safe and challenging space to hold that difference, and to challenge us to look at what can come from truly celebrating diversity – diversity of experience, background, culture.” Perhaps this is what we as leaders can offer: A safe holding space that can broaden our collective vision, not narrow it. We can help to seed a more expansive vision taking in all at our periphery, rather than a settle for a monocular, and somewhat short-sighted squint. I’d like to finish with a quote from Joseph Campbell, who I’ve returned to time and again throughout my year: “If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open doors to you. I say follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” Oh, and don’t forget: you will see more trails, more people, and more open doors, if you wear your glasses. – Sarb Johal

Spirited leadership Dedicated to Louise Marra, whose wise words are so shamelessly appropriated here, the Leadership NZ participants 2013 (you’re awesome), Sina, Annette and all the leaders who generously came to talk to us, and left their mark‌

Let us navigate today open-hearted with a spirit of inquiry leaving our judges behind embracing the archetype of the learner. We have learned that leadership is not about putting more on, but about taking stuff off. Letting go of what we’ve accumulated that no longer serves us. Daring to be bare. Sometimes being naked is your only protection from life. Stripping the layers away, to find the puutake within, the taproot, where we draw our energy that will sustain us going forward. Let us navigate today with aroha and hope for the future, let us heal ourselves, in the land itself, in the saltwater of our seas in the green of our forests. Let us wash ourselves clean, Let us create practices of care, so that we can prepare for the hard journeys the lonely ones, that involve standing on chairs, and seeing the long view, the distant view, the storms brewing on far shores, let us step up, stand up, and look at that view from that mountain, for all those who are too busy simply surviving, heads down in the engine rooms, too busy trying to staying afloat, Let us be bold enough to look up beyond their horizons. Let us resist the lure to be passengers, to cruise, or to follow the seductive sirens singing their songs of private good. Let us follow the call to what is shared knowing that decision making can be fraught with danger, the winds can change, the course can be perilous, but wondering, always wondering, how do we find a way through this? Insight is the journey.

Let us navigate today with strength of self, Let us work out what we will take bullets for. Let us practice our passions. Let us not be good. Because we do not want to navigate the narrower lives tiptoe the tight-ropes of expectation the fine lines of perfection but instead we want to be whole, aware of our shadows, that loom long over our decks, let us take the time to look. Let us hold on to our discomfort for long enough to know what it means. Let us be responsible for our own inner culture knowing that what is within, is so often without. Let us navigate today with purpose, let us not be consumed by the urgent, the reactive, the risk-averse the bland leading the bland, the business as usual. Let us get off the auto-cue queue. Let us be the ones who take risks in service of a greater vision knowing that we cannot control outcomes but we can understand the causal chains that inform our intervention logic open to doubt encountering the unknown avoiding amygdala hijacks of shame, fear and blame, rooted deeply in our psyches. Let us hold onto our uncertainty and our potential vastness tap the taproot stand in our power with awareness. 5

Let us navigate today in a spirit of manaakitanga, embracing diversity, let us be open to disagreement without attachment, knowing that when everyone thinks the same no one is thinking. Let us be open to being challenged, and see where we are triggered. Let us communicate with people in ways that they can hear. Let us temper what we are good at let us know what is ‘me’ and what is not ‘them’. Let us walk in their jandals. Let us be able to influence others who think differently from us but let us listen with our hearts and not know the other in ways that render them done and dusted. Let us remember that it takes less energy to stick with our own biases. Let us find the levers in diversity, and be prepared to disagree, experiencing the fullness of reality through other people’s perspectives. Let us navigate today with courage, and when we find that we are digging ourselves deeper into holes of our own making, let us be brave enough to put down the spade, and call it, the spade the spade. Let us to dare to be disruptive. Let us stop. Let us be wise about what we are dependent upon. Let us be bold enough to rethink a system that sends our waste into our rivers that are life-giving. Let us disinvest in what one day will destroy us, let us research hard so that our values consciously underpin the bricks and mortar we build in our designs for life, and the paths that lead us to each other. 6

Let us use our knowledge to navigate a finite world, let us thrive in the world with limits. Let us be the people who just went and built the bloody thing until other people ‘turned up’. Let us get our gumboots on, let us nut it out, for all of us. Let us navigate today in a spirit of unity, Let us believe that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can be the change they want to see in the world. Let us ‘up’ our conversations about what matters, find the levers of change, contribute to collective wisdom creative thinking, consciousness but let us have a broader vision that catches the periphery and rear-view that can bear to see who benefits from our leadership and who benefits by the smallness of our groups and who doesn’t. In a country struggling with its own wicked problems, even where there are no jobs, there is plenty of work to be done. Let everyone on this waka, know that they are welcome guests. Let us believe passionately that people can do a lot more than they think. Let us create environments in our circles of influence, where people feel empowered enough to make something happen. Let us harness the institutions we are a part of to enable these visions. Let us stand in our power with awareness. Let us navigate today with the long view, Let us have 150-year strategic plans be the ones who invest in the technology that prepares us for the unexpected, who design the tramways, who add value to the milk, who add milk to the diets, of the next generation, stretching beyond the short-term

and the self-interest. Let us plant trees with strong roots in anticipation of those brewing storms on the changing climate of the far horizon, so that the land holds, so that the land holds, and the people prosper when it hits our shores. Let us navigate today embracing and open-hearted, Let us take everyone with us, Let us never forget where we come from, Let us be humble, knowing that we walk in the paths other people have carved, with their bullshit odometers on asking themselves, is it true, is it really true that we cannot do this? Let us take responsibility for our conscience knowing that others might walk in the trails that we leave behind. Or lack a trail, because we were not courageous enough to bushwhack them, to walk them, or to make them wide enough so that we can move as a collective. Let us be those leaders who beat the drums, orchestrate drama, dance, theatre, and sing songs of the sea in all sorts of strange languages that ache with purpose, passion and possibility and inspire the next generation to build boats that will carry them into the future navigating wisely, with courage, unity, spirit, purpose, strength of self, manaakitanga, hope for the future aroha, open-hearted, with the long view, with a spirit of inquiry. Let us be those leaders who operate in ways so that people barely know that we were trying to lead them, so that they will say, we did it ourselves. – Karlo Mila

Waitangi wharenui.


Arthur Grooby.

Brent Chalmers, Georgie Witehira & Carolyn Santiago.

Quentin McCarthy & Murray Hickman.

Andrew Lawson.

Brent Chalmers, Erena Kara, Sir Tipene O’Regan, Kimberly Rees & Murray Hickman.

Steve Ferguson & Sarb Johal.

Finding rhythm at Strike Percussion, Wellington.

Ben Smith.

James Wilson, Georgie Witehira & Melanie Swami.

Jay Williams, Angela Derecourt, Murray Hickman, Carolyn Santiago, Craig McIvor (Telfer Young), Adam Bennett, Andrew Lawson & Jean Kibblewhite (in foreground).

Georgie Witehira, Adam Bennett & Jay Williams.

Carolyn Santiago & Grant Edwards.

Angela Derecourt.

Kimberly Rees & Carl Rogers.

Christina Howard & Jamie Robinson.

Listening to another fascinating speaker, Palmerston North.

Melanie Swami, Chris Morgan, Arthur Grooby, Dame Anne Salmond, Erena Kara & James Wilson.

Steve Ferguson, Dame Anne Salmond & Jamie Robinson.

Graeme Wheeler (Governor, Reserve Bank), Carl Rogers & Michelle Hancock.

Sarb Johal, Jamie Robinson, Carl Rogers & Michelle Hancock.

Sina Wendt-Moore & Louise Marra, Leadership New Zealand.

Jean Kibblewhite & Angela Hassan-Sharp.

Sarb Johal, Quentin McCarthy, Annette Bartlett, Louise Marra.

Grant Edwards.

Carolyn Santiago, Ben Smith, Carl Rogers & Christina Howard.

The 2013 Programme Overview February The Journey – Exploring Leadership – Parnell on the Rose Gardens, Auckland Team-building day; tools, inspiration and connecting; exploring leadership models. Louise Marra

Programme Director, Leadership NZ; Director, Spirited Leadership

Craig McIvor

Chief Executive Officer, Telfer Young Ltd

Sir Bob Harvey Dame Anne Salmond Dr Selina Marsh

Chair, Auckland Waterfront Development; Chair Advisory Trustees Leadership NZ Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Auckland

Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland, Leadership NZ Alumnus

March Our People – A Civil Society – Grace international, Glen Innes, Auckland

Elements of a civil society; ethics; values; communities; community engagement; social entrepreneurism; deprivation; human rights; diversity; migration; refugee resettlement; the long tail of underachievement. Dr John Hinchcliff

Emeritus Vice Chancellor, AUT University

John Kotoisuva

Founder/Chief Executive, C-Me Mentoring Foundation Trust, Leadership NZ Alumnus

Josephine Bartley Dr Tess Liew Jenny Oxley

Venasio Leilua

Professor Manying Ip Dr Selina Marsh Jay Williams

Advisor, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Leadership NZ Alumnus Manager, Ka Mau Te Wero Trust

Chief Executive, Manaiakalani Education Trust IamGI Collective Youth Leader University of Auckland

Senior Lecturer, Auckland University, Leadership NZ Alumnus Phoenix NZ Young Performers, Leadership NZ Participant

April Our Roots – Our History – Whangarei; Moerewa; Te Tii Marae, Waitangi; Waitangi Treaty Grounds Our history; Maori perspectives; the Treaty of Waitangi; health; community and community leadership. Chris Farrelly

Chief Executive Officer, Manaia Health PHO

Professor Paul Moon

AUT University

Debbie & Ngahau Davis Pat Snedden

George Riley

Joint General Managers, He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust Business Advisor

Chief Executive Officer, Te Runanga a-Iwi o Ngapuhi, Leadership NZ Alumnus

May Our Economic Backbones – Caccia Birch House, Palmerston North

Rural New Zealand; agribusiness; science and research; food technology and natural resources. Sam Robinson

Chair, AgResearch; Farming Leader

Mavis Mullins

Director, Paewai Mullins Shearing Ltd

Professor Nicola Shadbolt Tony Nowell

Janine Sudbury

Massey University

Director, Valadenz Ltd; Deputy Chair, Leadership NZ Talking Horses

July Sustaining our Wellbeing and Values – YMCA Christchurch; Hanmer Springs

Sustainability – the outer world of environmental sustainability and the inner world of resilient leadership needed to sustain this; our environmental scorecard; green growth – merging the economy and the environment; how Maori view and balance the environment and economy; our own relationship with the environment. Dr Susan Krumdieck

University of Canterbury

Paddy Pawson

Adventure Therapist, St John of God Waipuna

Sir Tipene O’Regan Lou Sanson

Peter Townsend

Dr Morgan Williams Dr Pam Williams Valli Waugh

Founding Chair, Ngäi Tahu Holdings Corporation Chief Executive, Antarctica New Zealand

Chief Executive, Canterbury Employer’s Chamber of Commerce Principal, FutureSteps; Leadership NZ Advisory Trustee Future Steps Facilitator

September Forces that Shape our Thinking – Governance and Media – ACC and Toi Whakaari, Wellington

The forces that determine how we lead and govern ourselves; how our country and thinking are shaped through media, communications and the creative sector. Graeme Wheeler

The Rt Hon Jim Bolger, ONZ

Governor, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Former Prime Minister; Former Ambassador to the United States; Chancellor, University of Waikato

Michelle Hippolite

Chief Executive, Te Puni Kökiri

Simon Telfer

Director, Stimulus

Mervin Singham

Adrian Wimmers

Michael Houlihan Helen Baxter

Lewis Holden

Christian Penny Martin Rodgers Colin James

Murray Hickman

Director of the Office of Ethnic Affairs Partner, KPMG Wellington, Leadership NZ Alumnus

Chief Executive, Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa Tongarewa Mohawk Media

Chief Executive, Ministry for Culture and Heritage Director, Toi Whakaari, Leadership NZ Alumnus

Manager of Research, Consultation & Planning, Wellington Council Political Journalist

Strike, Leadership NZ Participant

October Creative Leadership – Onetangi Community Hall, Waiheke Island Different ways of leading for a better New Zealand; our own creativity in leadership. Simon Harger-Forde

innovate change

Billy Matheson

Principal Advisor – Social Entrepreneurship, Auckland Council

Jade Tang


Jennie Vickers

Zeopard, Leadership NZ Alumnus

Rosie Walford

Innovator for Creative and Ethical Leadership

NOVEMBER Closing Retreat – Drawing the Threads – Northridge Country Lodge, Silverdale Visions for New Zealand – group visions and visions from the speakers; what that means for New Zealand leadership. Jo Brosnahan

Chair, Leadership NZ

Nick Gerritsen

Crisp Start

Tony Carter

Naida Glavish Sue Watson

Sir Stephen Tindall Rod Oram

Justice Joseph Williams

Chair, Air New Zealand; Chair, F&P Healthcare; Leadership NZ Advisory Trustee Chair, Te Runanga o Ngati Whatua Chief Executive, KEA Global Founder, The Warehouse

Journalist, Sunday Star-Times; Broadcaster Judge, High Court

Leadership NZ Events 2013 February 15 Programme Launch Cocktail Evening KPMG Viaduct Harbour Auckland

Mihi Whakatau: Graham Cameron, Leadership NZ Alumnus MC: Lydia Sosene, Leadership NZ Alumnus Speakers: Ross Buckley, Chair, KPMG; Nick Astwick, Chief Operating Officer, Kiwibank, Leadership NZ Alumnus

July 11 Dinner with a Difference: A Disruptive Leadership Experience Leadership Week Dinner Sir Paul Reeves Building, AUT Auckland

Mihi Whakatau: Wayne Wharerau, Leadership NZ Alumnus MC: Jennie Vickers, Leadership NZ Alumnus Speakers: Professor Edwina Pio, Sir Bob Harvey, Chair, Auckland Waterfront Development, Chair, Advisory Trustees Leadership NZ; Afra Abdeen, Honours student, AUT Faculty of Business and Law; Tex Edwards, Investor; Ngaroimata Reid, Business and Community Development Consultant, Leadership NZ Alumnus; Barnaby Marshall, Business Director, I Love Ugly; Alanna Krause, Director and Operations Manager, Enspiral; John McCarthy, General Manager, Lifewise Performers: Poets, Marina Alefosio, Grace Taylor

September 12 The Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture Professor Richard Faull Imagine Tomorrow’s World Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell Auckland

Welcome: Mihi Whakatau: Rewi Spraggon, Leadership NZ Alumnus; The Very Reverend Jo Kelly-Moore, Leadership NZ Alumnus MC: Jim Mora, Radio New Zealand host Speakers: Professor Richard Faull, University of Auckland; Jo Brosnahan, Chair, Leadership NZ; Toni Myers, Trustee, Leadership NZ Performers: CeleBRation Choir

November 16 2013 Graduation Event St Columba Centre, Ponsonby Auckland

MC: Angela Green, Leadership NZ Alumnus Speakers: Dr Lance O’Sullivan; Karlo Mila and Sarb Johal, Graduand Representatives

GRADUAND BIOGRAPHIES ADAM BENNETT Customer Director New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Background: I’m from England, living in Auckland since 2006, and thriving on New Zealand life. I have two young daughters, a partner of 17 years and a lifelong love of Norwich City Football Club, all of which have no doubt contributed to my receding hairline. I am a Customer Director at NZTE, the nation’s export and trade agency. I love the unifying purpose of my workplace, to make New Zealand a better place, something driving me as a leader. I worked in the UK in several sectors, my favourites being with Lotus Engineering and Bentley Racing. Work and pleasure are perfectly balanced; my guiding light. Reflection: Having had some great training, and greater work experiences, I am ardently anti-MBA, seeking a more practical and intellectually challenging real-world development experience. Leadership NZ hit the mark in providing access to people, situations and experiences

BRENT CHALMERS Director KPMG Background: I am a management consultant within KPMG specialising in information technology. As a professional engineer I have spent most of my life in technologybased industry, in roles spanning engineering, research, programme management, sales, marketing, consulting and general management. Prior to KPMG I worked in the public sector for approximately six years, where I led a number of all-of-government IT initiatives. I have also worked in large corporations, SMEs and start-ups. Reflection: I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Leadership NZ programme. I come out of it with a much deeper and richer sense of who I am, the country we live in and the complexities

ANGELA DERECOURT Director and Coach Blue Ocean Coaching & Consulting Background: A New Zealander through and through, I was born in Christchurch, grew up in Ohariu Valley, Wellington and relocated to Auckland in 2003. I have had the opportunity to work with people throughout New Zealand and thanks to my career choices in the telecommunications, IT and logistics markets was able to specialise in executive selling within the corporate and public sectors, having a solid understanding of SME and provincial New Zealand. My corporate career highlighted my ability to relate to people in a holistic and entrepreneurial manner. In 2011 I retrained as a business and life coach and in 2012 I launched my own business. I run a number of workshops for adults and teens alike, plus I coach and mentor businesses throughout New Zealand and internationally. Reflection: Wellness is about taking time for what’s important and at times catching your breath, which is how I would describe my experience with Leadership NZ. The 2013 year (while apart from being the best year!) is so diverse, yet we have bonded as a group through the shared

I never imagined. It also allowed me to ‘learn’ New Zealand and its issues, something I craved as a leader in my new home. I want us to address the incredible level of inequality in our nation and understand what I can do to help it. The primary benefit has been receiving the tools to accurately reflect on my impact as a leader, how my actions benefit others and whether I am truly making the most of my desire to be an effective coach and leader for New Zealand. This year has been about understanding what my next step will look like in New Zealand and how I can best maximise my skills and minimise my development challenges! The main lesson I took away is that knowing what you love and following it will guide you in your career and life. Ardent career planning is not always helpful, as it can shut away insight and possibilities others might bring. Skills offered: Governance; organisational review; leadership development; coaching. Current community involvement: Diversity speaker/expert for AUT MBA course. Location: Auckland

and challenges (and solutions) we face in this modern age. My world view has changed as a result. Along with the readings, the programme team and the speakers, the insights and contributions from the very diverse participant group have challenged my values and beliefs. These participants have become my friends and counsellors, and I stand in awe of their courage, honesty and compassion. They inspire me. Having been blessed with this experience, my next task is to consider what to do with my newfound knowledge and insight. Part of the answer I think is to apply small changes consistently. Another part is to know that I am already making a difference – my own firm’s vision to “fuel New Zealand’s prosperity” resonates strongly with me. But I feel like there is more for me to do, and I sit, waiting in anticipation, for the answer to arrive. Skills offered: Governance; marketing; sales; strategic planning; technology planning/advice. Location: Wellington

experience. We’ve examined boards and big business, we’ve explored politics and rural New Zealand, we’ve slept in the Waitangi marae, we’ve sung, we’re shared our most intimate secrets and we’ve grown immensely as individuals and collectively. We stripped ourselves of backgrounds, careers and titles and stood only for our values – we’ve critically examined our own leadership, the good, the bad and the ugly through what we’ve seen in others and what we’ve observed in ourselves over the past year. We’ve been privileged to have spent time with many of New Zealand’s most iconic leaders who have shared themselves intimately, authentically, and I have been humbled by many, including many in my actual class who are already outstanding leaders in their respective fields. The Leadership NZ programme has certainly assisted with my own leadership style and vision, enhanced my coaching practice and my ability to relate, understand and contribute to New Zealand’s diverse cultural society. Skills offered: Mentoring; coaching; sales strategy; change management; governance; leadership development. Current community involvement: Reading and literacy programme at Karaka School, Auckland South. Location: Auckland, but available throughout New Zealand and internationally.

“The main lesson I took away is that knowing what you love and following it will guide you in your career and life. Ardent career planning is not always helpful, as it can shut away insight and possibilities others might bring.” Adam Bennett 12

CLASS OF GRANT EDWARDS General Manager Regions/Regional Manager Otago PGG Wrightson Background: I have spent the best part of my career within the agricultural sector employed by PGG Wrightson (formerly Pyne Gould Guinness and Reid Farmers). I am currently employed as General Manager Regions and Otago Regional Manager. The role is responsible for the regions’ delivery of services to farmers. Accountabilities include financial management, people performance, strategic development and managing client relationships. Prior to this appointment I spent 20 years in the Wool Industry attaining the roles of Wool Manager for Pyne Gould Guinness and chairman of the Wool Brokers Association. Other professional experience includes a position as Rural Manager with the ASB. I am married to Lisa and have two children, Kate and William. Reflection: Leadership NZ brings a diverse range of participants to the

STEVE FERGUSON General Manager Strategy, Transformation & Delivery Kiwibank Background: I’ve been fortunate to have worked in industries as diverse as financial services, energy, local government and entertainment. My career path has taken me through businesses undergoing major change, located in sometimes challenging physical and cultural regions such as New Guinea, but through this I’ve developed a broad understanding of what leadership is about. My current role at Kiwibank involves strategy development, business transformation and programme delivery and allows me to utilise my broad experience, passion for leadership as well as work with some very talented people. Outside work my 10-year-old twins keep my partner and me busy and I’m a keen motorcyclist and I enjoy playing my bass guitar when time permits. As a family we love to travel and explore other cultures. Reflection: The Leadership NZ programme has given me a much broader perspective, particularly for the key issues and opportunities facing New ARTHUR GROOBY Director, Ministry of Youth Development Ministry of Social Development Background: I grew up in rural Motueka. After leaving high school I trained as a chef and worked in the hospitality industry for 13 years before deciding to go to university and then on to Wellington to join the public service. I am currently the Director of the Ministry of Youth Development. Reflection: This year has been an amazing journey as part of the Leadership NZ whanau. Looking back, I came with an open mind, with a view to be challenged, stimulated and inspired, and I’ve not been disappointed. I’ve shared this year with amazing participants, wonderful facilitators and insightful speakers – some of the most fascinating New Zealanders I would not have met if it had not been for Leadership NZ. We have grown individually and as a group, and built a genuine sense of aroha and respect for each other. Throughout the year our sessions quickly became a vital oasis of sustenance for me. It’s been wonderful to learn about the challenges/issues facing New Zealand using topics about the environment, culture, agribusiness, sustainability and economics as the platform. Although I thought I was familiar with some of the topics,


programme, all in their own right offering a wide range of leadership skills and knowledge which provide for robust discussion around how we can make a positive difference to the way forward. Leadership NZ has broadened my horizons from a wider ethnic and cultural perspective. Whilst I have had significant exposure to the agricultural industry and South Island life, the programme has provided me a greater understanding of issues faced in other parts of New Zealand. Leadership NZ brings a very diverse and knowledgeable range of speakers who are at times blunt in their honesty whilst their achievements and messages are inspiring and humbling. The greater understanding of current issues and those challenging society in the future will make us better leaders in our own right, ones who strive to use networks for a better society and allow us to make a positive impact. Skills offered: People management; financial management; agricultural systems; strategic planning; coaching. Current community involvement: Children’s sporting activities from coaching to refereeing. Location: Otago

Zealand. The diversity of the participants in this year’s programme has really challenged me to think differently and become aware that what’s reality for one person can be very different for another. I’ve also become aware of the great natural talent we possess as a country and the need to foster that talent, the diversity it offers and the ability to learn and apply this to the environment and industry. There have been real highlights throughout the year, in particular those that have created the “aha” moments have been hugely valuable, and enabled a chance for self-reflection and discussion. I am grateful to my peers who have challenged me to grow as a leader and I’ve valued the relationships built throughout the year. The warmth and passion of everyone in the group have really helped bring it all together for me, and I looking forward to continuing to challenge myself and grow. Skills offered: Change management; leadership and people management; strategic planning; governance. Current community involvement: Mentoring SMEs; mentoring and guidance to mid-level managers; school board. Location: Wellington, and Kapiti Coast

I quickly discovered that the diverse concepts and conversations we were exposed to forced me to examine things in new and fascinating ways, reshaping my thoughts. I am much better informed and have a greater appreciation of the kaleidoscope that is New Zealand. Leadership NZ is an authentic and ethical point of difference – we created a safe place to challenge each other, where our diversity of life flourished on common ground, and where difference led to a celebration of sameness. There is an emerging and excited recognition amongst us that we can make a difference and we can take a lead to positively shape New Zealand by walking forward together. The DNA helix of leadership is about courage, integrity, vision, guiding star values and heart. This year in my leadership journey I’ve had my inhibitions challenged and I’ve been inspired to be more. What is really heartening is the assurance I have in knowing that I won’t be journeying on my own because I am privileged to have 27 of the most amazing and talented people walking beside me. Skills offered: Relationship management; strategic planning; project management; youth development; community engagement. Current community involvement: I volunteer at Mary Potter Hospice, mentor a young leader and belong to a number of community groups. Location: Wellington

“The greater understanding of current issues and those challenging society in the future will make us better leaders in our own right, ones who strive to use networks for a better society and allow us to make a positive impact.” Grant Edwards 13

GRADUAND BIOGRAPHIES MICHELLE HANCOCK Business Improvement Manager Auckland International Airport Background: I was born and bred in the Waikato, but am now happy to call Auckland home. My background is in economics and finance and I have also studied psychology. So far in my career I have had the opportunity to work in a number of sectors, including government, telecommunications, agriculture and finance. For the past 18 months I have been working for Auckland International Airport in a business improvement role. This is the perfect role for me, as it encompasses my skills in commercial and financial analysis, economic regulation and strategic planning. Auckland Airport is a fantastic place to work and I am lucky to have a great team around me who share the ambition to create a world-class gateway into New Zealand. In my spare I time I enjoy getting out and about in New Zealand’s great outdoors with my family and friends. My daughter Julia arrived this year, and I am passionate about ensuring that New Zealand is a country that I want her to grow up in. Reflection: There are some events in life which you know are going to

ANGELA HASSAN-SHARP Deputy Director Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Background: I came to New Zealand over a dozen years ago for what was originally a short trip to undertake research on poverty in the Pacific… and never left. Over the years I’ve fallen in love with Wellington and Godzone and become an unabashed patriot – I love my city and this country, warts and all. I have worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for over a decade in various roles associated with the management of New Zealand’s assistance to developing countries, particularly those in the Pacific, to foster economic growth, alleviate poverty and provide humanitarian support in times of crisis – saving lives and changing lives! I am very proud to represent New Zealand in our work with partner countries around the world to enable them to achieve their national development goals.

MURRAY HICKMAN Artistic Director/General Manager Strike Percussion Background: A professional musician my entire career, I am a founding member of Strike Percussion Ensemble. Currently in our 20th year, Strike is the longest running, full-time independent performing music group in New Zealand. We present throughout New Zealand and around the world in a range of settings with a diverse array of other artists. Our work straddles the creative arts, education and not-for-profit sectors, our projects ranging from collaborating with some of the world’s leading performance artists to our Batterie100 programme which sees us working with groups of 100 underprivileged youth in a long-term music mentoring and performance programme. My work takes me into many environments, from the Rugby World Cup final to offshore arts festivals to decile one schools, and allows me to meet and gain insights and experience from people from all walks of life. Reflection: As a performing artist, my journey into leadership has been somewhat accidental, a by-product of success as a musician rather than any conscious decision to lead. As such, it has taken me time to

be life-changing. Having the opportunity to experience the Leadership NZ journey is one of these. At the beginning of the year I had a vague idea that I wanted to be a better New Zealander. Now I have a much clearer idea of what I can do to accomplish this. The programme has provided me with a safe and supportive environment in which to reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses. I have been able to connect with other passionate New Zealanders who want to make a real difference. It has been a rare privilege to listen to the leaders who have shared their thoughts and experiences with us. Some of these speakers have had a profound impact on me and the insights into what makes a great leader have been invaluable. Key themes that have emerged are: the importance of community-led initiatives, focusing on long-term rather than short-term outcomes, and sustainability – of self, social structure and the environment. I feel challenged to reflect on the role I can play in ensuring that New Zealand is a place that I am proud to call home and that provides opportunities for our future generations. Skills offered: Commercial management; financial and economic analysis; economic regulation; strategic planning; capital governance. Location: Auckland

Reflection: The opportunity to be a part of the 2013 Leadership NZ programme came about at the perfect time. Serendipity! 2012 was a year of significant milestones for me – I celebrated turning 40, my 10-year anniversary as a New Zealand public servant, and my youngest child being potty-trained! For the first time in a long while I found myself standing at crossroads fairly unencumbered and seeking new adventures. The programme has provided me with the time, tools, role models and relationships to pause for a moment, reflect on my leadership journey to date and figure out where I might want to go next. That’s a pretty amazing space to be able to inhabit. Most importantly, the programme has provided me with a new and diverse network of talented and visionary New Zealanders, all looking to make a positive difference in the lives of the communities that we belong to and serve. Skills offered: Strategic planning; policy development; project management; relationship management; governance. Current community involvement: Wilton Montessori Board of Trustees. Location: Wellington

fully realise the leadership role I can play in the development of our great country. Leadership NZ has come along at the perfect time in my career, teaching that great leadership comes in many forms, across the entire spectrum of human endeavour, and can come from the most unlikely of places. While the skills and tools I have learnt are providing enormous practical assistance, it is the conversations, speakers and exchange of ideas with fellow participants that have really broadened my knowledge of my environment, my country and myself, providing me with the inspiration and impetus to seek out my sphere of influence, and challenging me to create positive change in those areas where I can make the most difference. I am excited and energised to be embarking on the next stage of my career with this bank of knowledge and support to help guide me. Skills offered: Creative thinking and problem solving; event management and production; youth mentoring and leadership development; fundraising. Current community involvement: Centered around music and the arts, blurring the lines between my professional life and my community contribution – my work with the Batterie100 and the NZ Brass Bands Association are good examples. Location: Wellington

“The programme has provided me with the time, tools, role models and relationships to pause for a moment, reflect on my leadership journey to date and figure out where I might want to go next.” Angela Hassan-Sharp 14

CLASS OF 13 CHRISTINA HOWARD Child and Family Advisor Todd Foundation Background: The best thing about not knowing what you want to do when you grow up is that you never know where you’ll end up. Without a clear goal or driving interest, my working life has been a series of interesting experiments and happy accidents. My first attempt at university wasn’t a success − the culture shock of transplanting from sunny Whakatane to Dunedin may have been a factor! So moving to Invercargill seemed the next logical step − at the time, anyway. During my time there, I had the opportunity to set up and run a community volunteer centre, and then moved on to establish and manage a team of resource workers for Child, Youth and Family. Extramural study provided a second chance at university, and I eventually moved to Palmerston North for post-grad study. After completing a PhD in psychology, I moved to Wellington and worked in research, evaluation and strategic analysis roles in the public sector. My current position at the Todd Foundation, where I’ve been for the last 3½ years, utilises the full range of skills and experience

SARB JOHAL Associate Professor in Disaster Mental Health Massey University Background: Born in London to first generation Panjabi immigrants, I grew up in this cultural milieu and worked and studied all over England and Wales before moving to New Zealand in 2005. Although I have 20 years’ experience as a psychologist, I have worked in many different jobs including as a postman (one day), and searching planes for drugs and bombs (I was 18 and they used to send us on before the explosive-sniffing dogs). More recently, I’ve found myself taking a leadership role in the recovery from the recent Canterbury earthquakes. Reflection: When I moved to New Zealand, I wanted adventure. Leadership NZ definitely ticks that box, and more. It wasn’t what I expected. I don’t think it’s what anyone expected it to be. That’s the beauty of the programme.

‘ANAHILA LOSE KANONGATA’A-SUISUIKI Site Manager Child Youth and Family Background: I hail from the villages of Hofoa, Kolovai and Vaipoa in Tonga, arriving in Aotearoa New Zealand in 1980. I am happy to be the grandmother of Melanie Kateline and Ailine Jessica, mother of George, Pelenaise, Suzanne and Maluoaigafaaitu. I’m married to Utufiu Suisuiki of Satapuala, Samoa; we currently call Manurewa home. My profession is social work where I enjoy leading the Otahuhu Site of Child Youth and Family as Site Manager. A better sports manager than a player, I have led a Tongan contingent to participate in the 1999 Touch World Cup in Sydney, Australia and I also managed the Tonga Women’s Rugby Team in 2004 and 2013. Through my community engagement I developed a passion to make a positive contribution politically and in 2011 made number 51 as list candidate for the New Zealand Labour Party. Most Saturday mornings you will find me on Radio Tonga of Aotearoa band 1593AM as the breakfast radio host. I consider engaging with ‘Api Ko Hofoa and Vaka Fanaua as giving back to those that have paved the way for Tongans in Aotearoa New Zealand.

developed in my very non-linear career. Working in the philanthropic sector is a both a joy and a privilege; one that I’m very lucky to enjoy. Reflection: The 2013 Leadership NZ programme has transformed my concept of leadership, deepened my knowledge of Aotearoa and heightened my self-knowledge. Over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to go beyond superficial exchanges, and deeply engage with our speakers, with the Leadership NZ whanau and with myself. Several alumni have commented on how the Leadership NZ ‘effect’ continues well after the year is over, and I can see how the tools for thinking, reflecting and relating we’ve learned will have continuing value. However, for me, the unique experience that Leadership NZ has provided is the opportunity to be in ‘right relationship’ with a large and diverse group of passionate, opinionated, caring, intelligent and good-hearted people. This dynamic is powerful and delicious, and was co-created by every one of the 2013 Leadership NZ participants, who all have my deepest respect and thanks. Skills offered: Strategic research; evaluation and monitoring planning; cross-sector relationship management; community engagement. Current community involvement: Conscious Consumers, Hutt South Time Bank. Location: Wellington

Within the frame of our group commitment to stay open, to converse, to challenge and be challenged, so much freedom exists and I have done my best to grab it, hold tightly on to it, and enjoy the ride. My natural tendency is to do my best to seek a consensus before moving to action. This year, I challenged myself to do something different. The perspective offered by the programme and the conversations that happen between us helped me to experiment with different ways of being with the world, with different ways of making decisions, and different ways of sensing my own needs. I am sure I am not the first person to write about how nourishing this programme is. Nor will I be the last. If you get the chance, come on the programme. Drink deep. Feed well. Digest. Grow. Skills offered: Coaching; public speaking; people development; facilitation; mentoring. Current community involvement: Work with national and local organisations and communities around disaster preparedness and recovery. Location: Wellington

Reflection: It has been an honour and privilege to join this wonderful whanau. I wholeheartedly would like to thank Leadership NZ for adding value in my life. This experience has provided an excellent opportunity to pause, take stock and breathe! I have gained clarity, an appreciation of learning new behaviours, and understanding of how fundamental the role of leadership is in shaping our country. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the programme; I’ve appreciated the learning and having some insight into New Zealand’s history and diversity. I have valued the contribution of the team at Leadership NZ, the speakers and our group, and as a person who benefited from sponsorship I plan to return the favour. Malo e fakakoloa ‘o Aotearoa (thank you for enriching Aotearoa). Skills offered: Community engagement; public speaking; sports management; project management. Current community involvement: Vice-chair, NZ Labour Party Women’s Council; chair, Manurewa Labour Electorate Committee; committee member: ‘Api Ko Hofoa Incorporated Society; Vaka Fanaua – Ongo Niua & Tafahi; NZ Tongan Rugby Football Association; Tongan Language Week; event organiser, East Tamaki Tennis Club. Location: Tamaki Makaurau

“I have gained clarity, an appreciation of learning new behaviours, and understanding of how fundamental the role of leadership is in shaping our country.” ‘Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki 15

GRADUAND BIOGRAPHIES ERENA KARA Operations Manager Te Hau Ora O Kaikohe Background: My career has centred in and around the health and wellbeing of our people, looking at how the various facets of society, community and the environment each play a role. I am currently employed as the Operations Manager at Te Hau Ora O Kaikohe, a Maori provider based in the heart of Kaikohe. At the same time, I work with the Te Pu O Te Wheke Whanau Ora Collective to look at how we report against outcomes, and also do research projects with Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi. I have governance roles with Ngapuhi Asset Holding Company, Northland District Health Board, and the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Research Centre. Reflection: This journey started in February with a group of people I have been privileged and honoured to learn about, learn alongside and build something that is quite intangible. As I write this, the image of a korowai pops into my head. Like the construction of a korowai, the ahu, whenu and

JEAN KIBBLEWHITE Director of Splashzone, Trustee of CB McLean Trust, Treasurer McLean Polo Self-Employed Background: Brought up in a rural farming community, I went off to boarding school but chose to go back to my community to work and live. I worked as a wool handler and meat processor until my husband and I built up our own fishing company. I now work full time in helping run our company office and future planning for us and the other entities I work with. I have been the trustee of our generational family farm for 13 years and have overseen its transfer from one generation to this, and am involved in its daily running and direction. My latest project is helping set up a polo training

ANDREW LAWSON Senior Solicitor Mangere Community Law Centre Background: Auckland born and bred, I have a commitment and passion for access to justice and community legal services and have been involved as both a solicitor and trustee of the not-for-profit Mangere Community Law Centre almost continuously since 1989. I am currently the senior solicitor there, with responsibility for the legal outputs of the Law Centre. The Law Centre is the only legal provider in Mangere, with a population of 50,000 or so, and aims to meet unmet legal needs and improve access to justice for that community and elsewhere in Auckland. I also have my own sideline legal practice and am currently on the Steering Committee of Auckland Disability Law (addressing the legal needs of the disabled community), having previously served on the governance boards of various local NGOs and as a coordinator of community legal services across the Auckland region. I am married to Sheryl (with whom I own a hair salon business) and have three school-age children. Outside of work, I am a keen music fan and lawn bowler. Reflection: The 2013 Leadership NZ programme has been revelatory for me in terms of examining my own personal and professional motivations,

feathers are still coming together; those that are there already are bound tightly. The binding of each strand and placement of each feather takes time. Each feather, each strand on this korowai represents the many people, stories, relationships, lessons, whakatauki, places and journeys we have all been on. Constructing a korowai is not easy, it is challenging, it can be painful; you have to know what to keep and what not to; most of all you need to build it with a spirit that comes from caring, compassion and believing. I know when we turn to look back on this year this korowai will fall over us all; the feathers will flutter with all that we’ve learnt. Skills offered: Research and development; project management; community leadership; community development; youth leadership development; iwi leadership and development. Current community involvement: Kaikohe Te Kohanga Reo; Helping Young People Evolve (HYPE) Centre Advisory Group; Cross Fit Plus Ngapuhi (CFPN) Club; Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Research Centre. Working with the community. Location: Kaikohe, Tai Tokerau

farm, the first of its kind in New Zealand. We have Mongolian riders for the second year coming to hone their skills in horsemanship and the game of polo. Also this year we are putting on the first beach polo event in New Zealand which we hope to be a great platform for the players to show off their skills and the game to an international crowd. Reflection: Leadership NZ has been a great programme for me to rub shoulders with extremely high achieving individuals in their respective fields. It has been a great benchmark for my own life. I have gained insight and skills that will be invaluable to me for my future. I feel it is a great privilege to have been included in the class of 2013, and recommend the programme highly to anyone who is serious about their future and that of New Zealand. Location: Masterton/Wairarapa and Porangahau/Hawkes Bay

values and leadership style. The various speakers have inspired me with their strong visions for a better New Zealand. There has been great personal challenge for me in the context of a supportive and emotionally connected environment. Conversations with the speakers and amongst the very diverse programme participants enable us to deeply search key New Zealand issues, and leadership and behavioural drivers. As a group we have learned together as like spirits and made meaningful friendships. The enthusiasm and ideas engendered have strengthened me personally and given me greater perspective on effective leadership and how to make a difference in our communities. The opportunity to reflect, creatively expand and grow has been special. Leadership NZ’s kaupapa provides an innovative framework for all this to occur. A quote, gifted to us by one of our wonderful speakers, has stuck with me: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea” − Antoine de Saint Exupery. Skills offered: Legal; governance; mentoring. Current community involvement: Steering committee member, Auckland Disability Law; Steering group/legal adviser, Nga Tangata Microfinance (Manurewa); funding officer, Glendowie Bowling Club. Location: Auckland

“The enthusiasm and ideas engendered have strengthened me personally and given me greater perspective on effective leadership and how to make a difference in our communities.” Andrew Lawson 16

CLASS OF 13 HELEN LOMAX Principal Advisor Maori Tertiary Education Commission Background: Ko Maungahaumi te maunga, ko Waipoua te awa, ko Tapuihikitia te marae, ko Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki te iwi. My current role focuses on boosting educational and employment outcomes for Maori through the TEC’s investment in tertiary education. For 10 years I was an independent consultant on Maori initiatives, including a range of projects for Poutama Trust on strategy and communications, aligning national Maori business information services, and as a proxy board member of the National Business Information Service. As an associate of Heathrose Research I conducted multi-sector research on supporting success for Maori, women, Pasifika and migrants through industry training and on workplace literacy. For the Victoria University Management School I led the Maori strand of a research programme on building human capability. I was actively involved for several years as president and vice president of a community-owned, teacher-led Montessori school. Earlier on I worked for my iwi trust as executive officer and for our Iwi runanga on media and marketing. For Huia Publishers I edited and helped produce books on Te Ao Maori. I’ve held policy roles in health, justice and corrections and completed secondments to support Treaty of Waitangi negotiations and iwi consultation.

QUENTIN MCCARTHY General Manager Downer NZ Background: I was born and raised in Alexandra, however, I have lived in the Manawatu – Palmerston North for the last 15 years. I have worked for Downer and its previous companies for over 40 years and in a senior management leadership position over the past 20 years. I hold various qualifications such as Post Grad Diplomas, Civil Engineering qualifications and various professional affiliations such as a member of AMINZ as a mediator. Currently I am the General Manager –Lower North Island in charge of some 600 staff and the position involves competencies such as risk management, developing business opportunities, ensuring sound financial and business processes are in place, developing and managing people and developing long-term business plans and restructuring business for success. I am passionate about developing leadership skills and giving staff the ‘opportunity of a chance’ – much in the same way as I was all those years ago…

KARLO MILA Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Auckland Background: I grew up in Palmerston North, the daughter of a Tongan dad and Palangi mum and I have always written poetry about things I cared about. Two published books of poetry later, my day job is as a postdoctoral researcher exploring what is healing in a Pacific mental health context and developing an intervention. My PhD explored culture, identity and wellbeing among the New Zealand-born Pacific population. I’ve focused upon the health, prosperity and full participation of Pacific peoples most of my working life. I’ve been a researcher/writer for nine years. Prior to that, I was the manager, Pacific Health Research, at the Health Research Council of New Zealand. I’ve worked as a union organiser, a secondary school teacher in Tonga, an Op-Ed columnist for the Dom-Post, and a self-employed consultant in the area of research and evidence-based policy. Poetry, writing, creativity, indigenous knowledge, the arts and wellbeing are my areas of interest. I am married and am the mother of two energetic boys.

Reflection: My career portfolio has consistent threads that unconventionally span public, private, iwi and NGO sectors. Through Leadership NZ’s programme I’ve gained confidence and reassurance about the bicultural, multi-sector lens I can contribute through leadership. I’ve deepened my appreciation of the value of collaboration and conversation across sectors to respond well and with intent and integrity to present and future challenges for Aotearoa New Zealand. Sina, Louise and team, together with Leadership NZ’s board and expert advisors, create the perfect storm of organisation, creativity, intelligence, tools together with truly incredible leadership networks. The speakers have been fascinating, open and challenging. The programme direction has inspired me and provided tools and techniques I put straight to use. Lastly and with gratitude, I’ve loved the journey with the Leadership NZ 2013 programme participants; all amazing people who have shared their insights and experiences so generously to help us grow our leadership practice. Tihei Mauri Ora! Skills offered: Organisational development; organisational review; relationship management; strategic planning; governance. Current community involvement: Trustee, School Continuance Fund, Capital Montessori School; team manager, Wellington East Girls’ College, Junior Collegiate Netball; umpire, Motu Kairangi Netball. Location: Wellington

Reflection: The Leadership programme has provided me with an unbelievable opportunity to view firsthand the people and industry that make up the heart of New Zealand’s success. This has led to better understanding my next step in the leadership journey as I enter the twilight zone in my current working career. I have been exposed to the thoughts and insights of some of New Zealand’s leading minds which has been simply awesome and an opportunity that would not have occurred had I not been part of the Leadership NZ team. The diverse range and background skills of over 30 people has provided a rare opportunity for a range of feedback and views to be shared which in today’s society is seldom experienced. The neat thing was all observed the core principle of the Chatham House Rule which allowed all participants to fully participate and express their own views in a way that is safe and without concern of personal reputations. Skills offered: Leadership and coaching; leadership mentoring; change management; optimising organisational structures; strategic planning and risk management. Location: Palmerston North

Reflection: It’s been such a journey of discovery. It has really helped me broaden my horizon beyond the community that has been the focus of much of my work and passion, to the bigger picture of Aotearoa/New Zealand the challenges we collectively face. As well as being encouraged to look more broadly, more responsibly, and in more “long-term” or “big-picture” kinds of ways, we’ve been so encouraged to look inwards, at ourselves and at ourselves-in-relation to others. It has been super refreshing for me to embrace diversity, be consciously open-hearted and be open to a spirit of inquiry, instead of being such a know-it-all about myself, about New Zealand, and about other people in it. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to learn so much, particularly about myself and about others. It has been a real privilege to be part of the group. The programme has been both nourishing and challenging in so many ways; I’m very grateful for the opportunity. Skills offered: Writing; research; poetry; analysis; creativity; public speaking; policy development. Current community involvement: Accepting random but very regular requests to speak publicly, mentor academically, sit on advisory groups, perform/ judge/teach poetry, and write stuff that (in my mind at least) is for the collective good. Location: Wellington

“Sina, Louise and team, together with Leadership NZ’s board and expert advisors, create the perfect storm of organisation, creativity, intelligence, tools together with truly incredible leadership networks.” Helen Lomax 17

GRADUAND BIOGRAPHIES CHRIS MORGAN Head of Procurement Auckland Transport Background: I graduated as an aeronautical engineer in the UK and spent the early part of my career working in the aerospace and defence industries in procurement, production planning, and operations management roles. My wife and I fell in love with New Zealand during an all too short holiday in 2000. A year later we emigrated with our two daughters. Since arriving in New Zealand I have worked in the healthcare and insurance industries in various procurement roles. For the past three years I have been privileged to be chair of my professional body in New Zealand. Reflection: I have found the Leadership NZ programme to be challenging, rewarding, fun, and a sanctuary. I have been inspired by the diverse group

KIMBERLY REES Grants Advisor ASB Community Trust Background: I grew up in Boston and arrived in New Zealand 18 years ago after a sailing odyssey across the Pacific with my husband on our classic yacht. With a degree in sociology and work experience in environmental law, the trip opened my eyes to the precious value of small community groups and an appreciation for the environment. When we got to New Zealand, I knew right away that this was the place to stay, so we started a family and made this wonderful country our home. Over these two decades in New Zealand I’ve been employed in roles that have a common thread of empowering communities. Reflection: This past year has been absolutely awesome to have been part of Leadership NZ! I am sad that it is soon over as I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am assured however, that it will continue with my new whanau, just in another format. The Leadership NZ programme has lived up to every high expectation I had of it, that perfect balance of internal and external learning that took place though the diverse guest speakers, the self-exploration tasks we did, tutoring from our remarkable facilitator, the structured experiences/activities we took part in, and of

JAMIE ROBINSON Performance Manager Accident Compensation Corporation Background: I work for ACC where I have a responsibility to ensure that ACC’s services achieve its rehabilitation and financial objectives. I’m part of a strong team dedicated to improving customer service and achieving the best possible rehabilitation outcomes for our clients. Currently, I am leading an exciting project to get our clients closer to the help they need faster.

CARL ROGERS Business Development Manager OSM Downer NZ Background: On leaving school at 17, I trained in amenity horticulture and arboriculture. As an arborist (tree surgeon) I climbed commercially for companies in the United Kingdom, Germany and Bermuda. While working for a commercial landscape and tree contract company in Bermuda, I made the transition into management and leadership. Moving to New Zealand in 1992, I became manager of Asplundh Tree Expert (NZ) and spent the next 20 years growing and developing this company and its Australian sister company, peaking at over 600 employees throughout both countries. Leaving this role in early 2013, I worked as a consultant and contractor in a range of roles, before joining Downer in October 2013. Reflection: Funding myself through the programme, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to gain from it. I wanted to be a better leader, to be more involved and connected with New Zealand, and to see where I might be able


of participants and the amazing leaders we have had the opportunity to get to know. Most of all, the programme has forced me to critically examine my values and what I contribute. Having grown up a “Forces kid” I’m accustomed to not putting down roots anywhere; it’s been easy for me to remain only loosely connected to the community in which I live. During the programme I have realised that I need to ground my passion for New Zealand somewhere, and do what I can to make it a better place. I’d like to acknowledge ACC for giving me the opportunity to participate in this unique programme. Skills offered: Governance; commercial; strategy development; lean/six sigma; project management. Current community involvement: Board member for Inspiring Communities. Location: Auckland

course the fun hang-out/general discussion time with fellow participants who each bring a different perspective and world-view. I’ve always been open to learning and tackling complex issues, but now getting the tools, sharing the leadership roles and concentrating on genuine and openhearted processes, I am so much more equipped. I now have the courage to continue on the journey of making a conscious contribution towards building the future of New Zealand. I am honoured to be connected to such diverse, talented people that make up the expansive Leadership NZ family. And a specific aroha-felt thank you to my special cohort of wonderful individuals who have nourished me on an intellectual and emotional level throughout the year – you have enriched me immensely and it is much appreciated, kei te aroha au ki a koe. Skills offered: Change management; communications; fundraising; governance; project management; strategic planning; creative thinking; youth leadership development; community engagement; policy development and implementation. Current community involvement: Board member of McLaren Park Henderson South (MPHS) and the Titirangi Community House; member of the Kohimarama Yacht Club where I help run youth sailing programmes/regattas across Auckland. Location: Auckland

Reflection: I have really enjoyed the Leadership NZ programme. It is expertly facilitated and will have you expanding your learning edge. We have enjoyed intimate conversations with some of New Zealand’s top leaders. This has given me a greater appreciation of the challenges that New Zealand faces but it has also been inspirational. It has been a privilege to share this experience with such a diverse group of leaders. Skills offered: Performance management; customer-focussed leadership; project leadership; staff development and mentoring. Location: Wellington

to give something back. I have discovered issues that I wasn’t aware of, and have been given clarity on issues that I thought I knew but now realise I didn’t fully understand. I have learned tools and gained insights into what great leadership is and isn’t. I have enjoyed reflecting on my career, looking at what worked and what didn’t, assessing my motivators, understanding my values and beliefs, learning and challenging myself to become a better leader. The knowledge of the speakers has been informative and their honesty and openness has been inspirational and humbling. While the issues are serious, the journey has been great fun, full of laughter, support and friendship. The 2013 group is as diverse as the issues we have discussed and shared and I feel honoured to be part of it. Skills offered: Company leadership and management; strategy; business development; change management; safety culture; lean and mean contracting. Current community involvement: Trustee for The New Zealand Notable Trees Trust. Location: Auckland

CLASS OF 13 CAROLYN SANTIAGO Founder CommunityWorks Background: I lead the CommunityWorks team providing professional fundraising, governance support and management services for community groups and social entrepreneurs throughout New Zealand. We operate nationwide in a virtual office environment supporting visionary leaders to deliver fundamental community services. Our business is based on an understanding of the challenges associated with managing events, meetings, money, memberships and volunteers. We are experts at setting up or refining systems and applying technology-driven solutions for smaller organisations to dramatically improve performance, minimise overheads and save time. We work as researchers, planners and coaches basically doing whatever it takes to mobilise and support people achieve their goals. I am a former public servant, having worked mainly for the Foreign Service living and working in several other countries and a secondment to the PM’s department. I love learning

BEN SMITH Procurement and Technical Glasshouse Manager Turners and Growers Background: I started working for Status Produce and its parent company Turners and Growers before I left school. Over the past 14 years I have worked there in some capacity, apart from a three-year stint in other horticultural businesses. My current role is varied and is all about ensuring the operational and technical success of our 20 hectares of glasshouse tomato production. I am also a member of several industry organisations addressing issues common to many growers. On a more personal note, my wife Gina and I had our first baby this year. Reflection: The 2013 Leadership NZ programme has been everything I hoped it would be and I am privileged to have been part of it. The challenges that this programme has given me have been enormous. The speakers have been world class and the facilitation is first rate. Also, others in our cohort have

MELANIE SWAMI President, Auckland Area Group National Programme Convenor Pan Pacific and South East Asia Women’s Association Inc (PPSEAWA) Background: Arriving in New Zealand from Rarotonga, my career started with the Department of Statistics which lasted more than seven years. A move into the corporate sector, providing services to the communication, security, catering and cleaning industries offered me opportunities and challenges throughout the company. I also worked in the self-adhesive paper industry, Jac New Zealand, for some years and was awarded the “Supplier Personality” three years in a row. Carter Holt Harvey, paper bag and packaging, also provided another avenue of my career pathway and currently I am employed at Vulcan Steel. My roles within these companies varied and as a result, I have been successful in applying my skills and experiences that I gained to my community groups. Passion for my cultural heritage and love for people inspired me to join PPSEAWA Auckland Area Group six years ago. The diversity of membership within this NGO and other community groups extended my worldview of culture and behaviour. Whilst in full time employment, I played netball for over 20 years, ventured into a coaching role and later became manager for the Under 15/17/19 representative teams, Auckland Netball Association and Auckland/Waitakere Netball Association.

and I’m a perpetual student. My qualifications include a degree majoring in management and communications management, and certificates in public relations and adult teaching. I have studied in New Zealand and overseas, obtaining a pilot’s licence when I lived in Asia. Being deaf, I rely on hearing aids and my wonderful Hearing Dog Bailey. Reflection: This has been a transformational experience for me. I will leave the programme with a far greater sense of self, a deeper understanding of my own personal leadership style and strengths, a renewed sense of appreciation for the value of drawing on collective energy and collective brainpower, and a far greater appreciation of the need to draw on diversity of thought, values and expertise. Skills offered: Governance; organisational development; coaching; finance; fundraising. Current community involvement: Trustee, Rotorua Christmas Parade; executive officer, Community Rotorua; manager, Mangakino Community Agency; fundraising & finance coordinator, Auckland Deaf Society; association secretary/treasurer, NZ Angling & Casting; recipient & speaker, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Location: Based in Rotorua, working nationwide. made a massive contribution to each other’s learning. Best of all, the most important things that I have learnt this year are definitely not what I had thought I might learn at the beginning of the year. Before the programme, I would have described myself as a typical “middle of the road” New Zealander with regard to the scepticism I held towards most issues. I did, however, come into the programme with an open mind and I was challenged to keep it that way from the outset. Frankly, I have surprised myself in that I have changed my mind on some views that I have held for a long time.  Skills offered: Strategic planning; project management; public speaking; process improvement. Current community involvement: Tomatoes NZ committee; Pukekohe Vegetable Growers Association committee; Horticulture NZ Future Focus working group; ongoing involvement with the Young Vegetable Grower of the Year. Location: Pukekohe

I am strongly supported by my husband, Devindran. Reflection: My initial thought of being selected for Leadership NZ was quite daunting. However, after the first session, I knew this had to be an exciting and the most challenging chapter in my life. This journey has provided me with an extra navigation tool to enhance my continued involvement within the wider community and the people I associate with. I have been nourished by, and connected to diverse, inspirational and amazing speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise in different sectors of life, culture, art and business, especially in relation to the welfare of New Zealand − our lucky country. The travel around the country and the venues added some colourful ingredients to the mix of a diverse group of talented people, the 2013 participants. The programme has provided me with a greater knowledge of the social, economic, political, environment and cultural aspects of New Zealand. Thank you Leadership NZ for the opportunity. “E tiare koe, o Aotearoa, kia tupu kia ruperupe e tuatau uatu – You are a flower of Aotearoa, you shall grow and flourish forever.” Skills offered: Communications; governance; community engagement; organisation development; public speaking. Current community involvement: Pacific Islands Presbyterian Church; Newton-Cook Islands Group Finance; Cook Islands Women’s group; PPSEAWA; National Council of Women-Auckland branch. Location: Auckland

“I have been nourished by, and connected to diverse, inspirational and amazing speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise in different sectors of life, culture, art and business, especially in relation to the welfare of New Zealand - our lucky country.” Melanie Swami 19

GRADUAND BIOGRAPHIES JAY JUNIOR WILLIAMS Creative Director Phoenix Performing Arts NZ Background: Teacher. Playwright. Director. Producer. I am the Creative Director for Phoenix Performing Arts NZ. I started this amazing journey five years ago with an idea and a very small group of talented young people. I know that performing arts is a powerful mechanism for self-discovery and personal growth. For me the performing arts allow individuals to instantly experience aspects of humanity through the creative process and ultimately they make positive lifestyle changes. The performing arts are a lifestyle, a way of being. Reflection: Some are commercial flowers, always watered and fed, hydroponic clones, harnessed in a manmade glasshouse. I’d rather be a dandelion weed, free like the phoenix, uncaged, candid, real, growing on the side of the road, broken through the surface of stone, to live, to share with nature, to seed without prejudice. To float by the breeze of my tupuna, carrying my DNA beyond the confines of a shop window. I’d rather be invisible than be a decoration in someone’s kitchen or an afterthought

JAMES WILSON Chief Executive Q Theatre Background: I trained as a theatre director at Rose Bruford College and have been working professionally in the arts since 2002 in both New Zealand and England. I’ve worked for organisations that thrive on collaborative thinking and partnership. I’ve seen what can be achieved when an organisation is conscious of the role it can play in its local community, and the impact it can have on those around it. My roles have always been at the point of connection between an artist and an audience − working to share stories, creating platforms to explore the world around us. I moved to New Zealand in 2005, having met my Kiwi wife in London, and have loved immersing myself in the culture, life and energy of my new home. In 2011 I joined Q Theatre and was appointed chief executive in 2012. At Q I have loved the challenge of growing a start-up organisation, shaping the culture of a new and vital piece of performing arts infrastructure for Auckland. Reflection: I remember my first day on this programme, waiting nervously in Parnell Rose Gardens, trying to spot the other participants arriving, trying to work out “What does a leader look like?” Since that first day

GEORGIE WITEHIRA Operations Manager Self-employed Background: My professional career in Local Body spanned 26 years primarily in the Sports & Leisure Department of Manukau and then Auckland Council. My earlier roles were in first line management of both single and multiple leisure facilities. I managed aquatics, recreation, fitness and childcare activities. From 2005 I was a senior manager responsible for facility operations. I was the project leader for a new customer service strategy, property upgrades for childcare, people development programmes in leadership and on job training, bicultural awareness and disability awareness. Since July 2013 I have been developing property and in October will undertake training to advance my skills in the property development area where I intend to work for myself. Reflection: The Leadership NZ programme has continued to give me a much deeper understanding of the big issues impacting New Zealand and the world and challenged me to think more critically about how I can best contribute. The valuable learnings in the area of self-reflection have improved my effectiveness in the varied leadership roles I hold with

on Valentine’s Day. I’d rather be a dandelion weed growing wild any day. Finding your unique leadership identity has been the gift that Leadership NZ has given me, a space to reflect, to translate what this really means for me and then how to use this to benefit my community. Leadership NZ has transformed my perception of leadership and how this translates in the creative world I work in. I now have a deeper appreciation of the many pioneers that have gone before me. I realise the deep importance of courage under fire, being truthful to your ultimate purpose, even if it means disagreeing with the people that are dear to you. I feel grounded in knowing that I can really contribute to the landscape of our nation in a way that leaves a template for my children. This experience is another milestone in the book of Jay and I’m eternally grateful for sharing this time with some of the most inspiring people I know. Thank you Leadership NZ for creating an environment that fosters authentic truth, energy and passion. I am now ready to rise from the ashes again. Skills offered: Event management; production manager; youth leadership development. Current community involvement: White Ribbon Campaign; Women’s Refuge; suicide prevention; bullying prevention; Body for Life Bootcamps. Location: Waitakere, Auckland

any preconceptions I might have had about leadership − and my capacity for it − have been challenged, stretched, explored and blown apart, both by our guest speakers and by my colleagues. Leadership NZ is a place that holds difference. My understanding of the value and power of diversity has grown hugely, as the programme has shown me the opportunity and insight created from diversity of experience, thought, culture and worldview. I have been inspired by the generosity and honesty of our guest speakers, as they have shared stories of courage, resilience and vulnerability. Of the many themes that have emerged, one that has resonated strongly with me regards the importance of long-term thinking. What is the legacy that we are creating for our country? How can we raise the horizon of our thinking so that we are not constrained by the push for short-term outcomes? I relish the immersive nature of the programme − understanding New Zealand from engaging with a range of communities; accepting the challenge of walking in another’s shoes. My belief in the power of ensemble and collaboration has been deepened this year, my learning enriched greatly by my fellow participants. Skills offered: Working in collaboration; creative thinking; community engagement; developing young and emerging practitioners; leading change; culture building; fundraising; stakeholder engagement. Location: Auckland

increased self-confidence and a much greater sense of inquiry. My world view has certainly been challenged and I find myself checking in regularly to ascertain who is benefiting from my efforts and more importantly who is not. The quality of the speakers has been outstanding throughout with Sir Tipene O’Regan and the Right Honourable Jim Bolger being recent memorable contributors to our group’s leadership journey. The Leadership NZ 2013 group are excellent people with a diversity of being and thought and a strong appreciation of the unique contributions each person makes. The Leadership NZ team has also been outstanding with facilitator Louise pushing our leading edges and constantly challenging our thinking and the paradigms that we develop for ourselves. The programme has been life changing, and as I move through each day that is my life I now have a valuable set of tools, experiences and friends that enables me to confidently move forward with curiosity and excitement about what might be possible. Skills offered: Governance; project management; training; mentoring; community engagement; leadership development; people development; coaching. Current community involvement: Coach junior basketball; chair Counties Manukau Basketball Board; board member, Auckland Basketball Services. Location: South Auckland

“I relish the immersive nature of the programme - understanding New Zealand from engaging with a range of communities; accepting the challenge of walking in another’s shoes.” James Wilson 20

«««« The Reeves Lectures, which began in 2012, commemorate Sir Paul Reeves, an outstanding leader and visionary, and are designed to provide commentary on New Zealand’s progress as a nation. They are a drawcard for thinking New Zealanders wanting to engage in shaping a positive future. Leadership NZ organised the lecture in partnership with the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Radio New Zealand and Auckland University of Technology where Sir Paul Reeves was Chancellor from 2005 until his death in 2011. The Sir Paul and Lady Reeves Scholarship Fund was also launched


Imagine tomorrow’s world: At this year’s annual Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture, Professor Richard Faull asked everyone to “Imagine tomorrow’s world if scientists in the university worked collaboratively with doctors in the hospitals and people affected by brain disease in the community. We could move mountains!“ Around 400 people gathered at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell and were captivated by Professor Faull as he took the audience on a voyage of discovery. He told a story of the excitement of science in the human brain, the excitement of discovery in science and how finding things out in an unexpected, serendipitous way is at the very core of science discovery. Discovery in science involves collaboration – people working together and discovery is the ultimate excitement. Under the guidance of MC Jim Mora the audience engaged in a lively Q&A session with Professor Faull. They were also treated to an inspiring performance by the Centre for Brain Research CeleBRation Choir. The video of the lecture can be viewed at and full transcript of Professor Faull’s lecture can be downloaded from

in 2012 in loving memory of Sir Paul was. This fund enables scholarships for those who would otherwise be unable to take part in Leadership NZ’s leadership programme. We believe there should be no unreasonable economic barrier for an individual to participate and so scholarships are an essential part of ensuring the diversity of participants in our programmes. Leadership NZ and our scholarship recipients would greatly appreciate your support. You can make an online donation at our webstore at or contact us on 09 309 3749.



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rship is, Disruptive leade swelling according to the ip ranks of leadersh bout commentators, a isations looking at organ w and and people in ne nna different ways. A ent of Krause, an expon as her the approach, h at it own take on wh s her means and share adership thoughts with le field. writer Reg Birch

Photo: Mark Tantrum


ocial enterprise advocate Alanna Krause is a disciple of disruptive leadership. Krause, who’s spent the 12 years since she left her native California travelling through and living in countries like Spain, Japan, the United Kingdom and India before discovering New Zealand, has consistently questioned the status quo. “Ever since I was a little kid I’ve asked myself and others why? I’m inclined not to accept things for how they are,” says Krause. “I like to think critically about why and how we do things.” A questioning approach to life is, she thinks, the essence of disruptive leadership. “Disruptive leadership takes many forms, but you start by thinking critically about prevailing structures and the ways things are done. It’s easier to default to the traditional approach. “But,” says Krause, “unless we make life a little harder for ourselves and engage critically with new ideas, nothing changes. We won’t innovate. That’s where I think disruptive leadership starts.” Krause isn’t entirely dismissive of conventional leadership thinking either. “But,” she adds, “everyone knows there are problems and shortcomings in society that relate back to the ways in which we have opted to organise ourselves in business, government and society generally.” She concedes, for example, that leadership as practised by traditional corporates and large institutions works well for some people and some kinds of work. “But things are changing rapidly. 22

We have to recognise the greater diversity of ways in which people now work and think,” says Krause. “The goal is basically to get the best out of everyone and do the best we can to tackle the quite large problems we have. To do that we must be more open minded about ways of doing things.” Krause has, she says, “a great appreciation of the power of business” and the tools it deploys to accomplish things. This belief in business processes underpins her adoption of social enterprise as a preferred vehicle for delivering opportunity and solving problems. “The whole system of business and business thinking has solved some amazing problems and reshaped the world,” she says. Krause believes in applying business processes to solve problems for the “social good”. The great work of charities and so on can be amplified by using business processes. “Business is a tool box which can be applied for profit only, or it can be applied to social good goals – pretty well anything you want to accomplish really,” she adds. Krause’s career is peppered with accomplishments. The impatient entrepreneur founded her first start-up when she was 15, became one of America’s youngest ever members of the Chamber of Commerce and, was recognised as one of the top “40 under 40” businesspeople to watch in Southern California. She’s convinced her early experience running companies gave her a “deeper understanding” of what it takes to manage your own venture, take risks and realise your own business ideas. She provided web and graphic design services. In 2005 she headed for Namerikawa, Japan, where she became

a civil servant employed by the Japanese government to improve multicultural understanding in an ethnically homogeneous environment. She stayed until 2007 and gained, among many things, significant communication and media experience. “I had a weekly newspaper column and TV show focusing on multiculturalism, awareness, inclusion and tolerance,” says Krause. She arrived in London in 2008 and for the next two years provided Japanese/English bilingual technical support to Bloomberg’s premium financial data service. “I became a team leader and innovated participatory, collaborative process in this traditional corporate environment,” she says. This included working with Bloomberg’s head of global operations to implement an Idea Market that provided a platform to employees to discuss and vote on a range of operational process improvements. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 Krause spent time as the volunteer manager of the Nowhere Arts Festival – “building a city from scratch in a week in the middle of a Spanish desert” with no power hierarchy and no money changing hands. She used efficient communication channels, leveraged online tools and deployed a “philosophy of inclusion, respect and collaboration” to corral large numbers of volunteers to plan and deliver the festival. Krause arrived in New Zealand in 2011 from India where she’d been volunteering with an organisation that supports child victims of human trafficking. Now she’s in Wellington where, she admits, she’s comfortable about staying a while. Krause has a problem choosing a job title for herself. She concedes she facilitates things, but what she does mostly is manage. “Management has many connotations,” says Krause. “Managers should support people to do their best work as professionals, as people, across the board. Even when I’ve worked in traditional organisations I look at managers and think ... ‘If you’re not here to make my jobs easier and make me more productive, why are you here?’ I’m in management but it’s not necessarily management as most people think of it.” Since she arrived in New Zealand Krause has become a director of Enspiral Foundation which she calls a “toolbox to empower connected yet independent projects and teams”. Enspiral’s success comes from leveraging a strong network, developing innovative tools and processes such as online collaborative decision making and using Loomio, a tool created by a social enterprise cooperative in the Enspiral network. Using her growing portfolio of online tools including Loomio, Yammer and social media, Krause is busy facilitating events, meetings, retreats and other projects. She kicked off Wellington’s first Social Enterprise Week in August. She has, she says, a passion for what happens with people and technology to make the world a better place. And she believes in leadership that empowers people in participatory and collaborative ways. Does she consider herself a leader? “I’m getting closer to being able to accept that title,” she adds hesitantly. “But so much of what is called leadership in other systems isn’t inspiring or helpful leadership. So I haven’t wanted to accept the term in the way it’s used in some other contexts.”

Leadership requires a “good understanding of the big picture to the point where you can see how the different systems and policies and dynamics interact within an organisation”, says Krause. Leaders need a big picture vision to establish priorities, identify direction and design the systems that help people to reach goals together. Leadership is not, she says, about having all the answers. “It’s about creating the conditions in which people’s energy can be harnessed and their potential realised.” Krause was two years old when given her first computer. She’s a child of the internet and, as such, the internet “inspires her view” of the world. She doesn’t see the world as rigid hierarchies, but rather as a network of interconnected nodes and how information is routed through them. “The protocol for how people communicate is perhaps the most important aspect of the system,” she adds. Her entrepreneurial approach to life is underpinned by online technology and social media-based strategies and applications. So what can New Zealand offer a champion of social enterprise and self-confessed technology wonk? “There are so many opportunities here,” she says unhesitatingly. “The smallness of the country for a start. It makes people more accessible. Accessibility makes me feel engaged with the society – at all levels. If I really want to, I can have my voice heard and have an influence. I find that motivating.” By linking New Zealand’s social accessibility, fair, open-minded and progressive society with new technologies and ways of thinking the country could re-emerge as a global leader of social progress, according to Krause. “New Zealand has been at the forefront of social progress many times in its history. By combining your social democracy with new ways of thinking about business and deploying new technologies the country could again become a world leader,” she adds. On the other hand, New Zealanders seem unwilling to celebrate their successes. “Kiwis do seem to focus on the problems and highlight what they think the country could do better,” says Krause. “This is a pretty amazing place and you should accept and recognise that a little more.” Kiwis are prone to self deprecation and that’s not helpful, she adds. Krause is convinced that online technologies will increasingly help social enterprise succeed in today’s world. “You can go out there now and build an online or global business. The internet and its related communication technologies offer a rising tide that can lift all boats. In today’s world it’s possible to offer value to people without taking away from others,” she says. “That (non aggressive) way of doing business is well suited to the Kiwi mentality.” Krause is, she says, still learning about leadership. “I’m learning how to add value to the projects I do. It’s about observing and thinking critically about the dynamics and diversity of groups and creating systems that work, support and encourage everyone to give their best. It is a powerful and humanistic way of achieving things. “Businesses, governments, indeed all of society, is simply people deciding how to organise themselves and do things as groups. We made all this stuff up. We also get to decide how we want to do or change things. There’s no platonic law of human structure. It’s just people making stuff up and doing whatever we want to do.”

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Dinner with a Difference

Leadership NZ’s annual Leadership Week dinner in July was hosted at AUT University Business School. Edwina Pio, Professor of Diversity at the Business and Law School of Auckland University of Technology, Visiting Professor at Boston College, Massachusetts, USA, and Visiting Academic at Cambridge University, UK, gave the opening address. Her speech is reproduced here. If you get it I want it! Disruptive leadership?


motions and rhetoric are in abundance as the Pakeha Party continues to get 40,000+ Likes. David Ruck’s initial ruse has struck a chord in the minds and hearts of many New Zealanders. While this party claims that it is not racist, its clarion call is “equal rights and benefits for Pakeha in New Zealand”. If you get it, I want it! If you have it, so must I. In forging ahead as a nation in the pursuit of happiness, safety and security this interesting Pakeha development needs to be understood as embedded within a nation that is complex and diverse with traditional power centres changing in a cross mingling of people, commerce and industry. A nation that is on the cusp of disruptive innovation and disruptive leadership. Professor Clayton Christensen from Harvard University is the architect on disruptive innovation. He articulates disruption as a positive force which transforms an existing market through introducing simplicity, convenience, accessibility and affordability. And it is visionary leaders who have the power to disrupt for good… to break apart or rupture the status quo for change… for brighter narratives in evoking a virtuous cycle of global citizenship and mindful conduct. I would like to acknowledge the Dean of AUT University Business and Law, Dr Geoff Perry who is deeply


committed to developing current and future leaders through strategic disruption and his team’s support in positioning AUT’s Business School among the very top business schools globally. Walking along with him is our Associate Dean of International and Engagement Roger Stokell. Hats off to both of them for their visionary leadership. We live in disruptive times, in an era of protests where Turkey, Syria and Egypt are in turmoil, protest is often the lifeblood of change. Our discourses and actions need to be exposed to scrutiny, debate and alternative lines of enquiry. We need to transcend boundaries and binaries of Pakeha and Maori, of Asian and Croatian. For has not mixed blood resulted in a blend of various cultures and a diverse genetic pool, disrupting the very idea of purity in terms of whiteness and indigeneity? Are we not all strands of the same skein of life? And in weaving our pattern for the future, we need new designs and new threads to stay vibrant in the international arena. We do not need a single master narrative, but a chorus of many voices in our orchestra of disruption. We need sweet spots beyond colour and creed to embody the possible in the enjoyment of life and liberty. As an ethnic minority woman I am immensely proud to be a New Zealander. I am also immensely blessed to call

this country my home. I yearn for disruptive leadership that brings about a balance of endorphins and equanimity. Disruption which creates hope in the homeless, inspires our youth and provides nurturance to our elders. Disruption where our children are not abused, and where our adults work for their daily bread and do not stretch their hands out for the dole. Disruptive leadership then is about defending the rights of our common happiness and preserving the global commons from racism. Pakeha, Maori, Asian, African and a host of other races call this country home – for we look to the pohutukawa for its crimson colour that is a grace, and the song of the tui that is a symphony to the soul. Then if you get the grace and symphony, I too want it. Such is the true spirit of disruptive leadership. Any takers? On behalf of the AUT Business School it is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome such a diverse range of leaders across a number of generations, to our sell out disruptive event this evening. I would like to acknowledge Sina WendtMoore, CEO of Leadership NZ Trust and her team and the many dignitaries who are present with us. Kia tau te rangimarie (May your world be blessed). Ora Mai Rai (Radiate your magnificence) Namaste! 25


Ewen Anderson

Chief Executive, Sport Waitakere Skills offered: Sport and recreation; not for profit governance; general management; organisational development and strategy; community development; leadership and collaboration. Current community involvement: Waitakere Regional Hockey Turf Trust; BEST Pasifika Leadership Foundation mentor; junior hockey coach. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Executive Director, Netlogix Skills offered: Broad commercial experience including skills in: strategy; financial analysis; general commercial analysis/ problem solving; diverse stakeholder communication and relationship building; negotiation; project management. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Max Adler Owner and Director, Imminent Skills offered: Social and business innovation applying user-experience design principles, and including insight research, innovation gaming, and other forms of creative participation. Current community involvement: Helping young ones at church; Volunteering for NZ-based fundraising agencies for overseas aid and development. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Tui Ah Loo Director Tamaki Operations, Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi Tamaki Makaurau Skills offered: Providing Maori responsiveness and effectiveness advice to senior management to enable them to actively engage with the Maori community with confidence. Current community involvement: Trustee of Te Taurahere o Ngati Porou ki Tamaki Charitable Trust; inaugural member of Porou Ariki kapa haka group; member of the Auckland District Police Maori Advisory board; member of Unitec’s Runanga. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Jane Aickin Manager Local and Sports Parks Central, Auckland Council Skills offered: Strategic planning; project management; workshop/meeting facilitation. Current community involvement: Chair, NZ Recreation Association Auckland/Northland Region. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

Matt Anderson Director, The Sleep Store Skills offered: Small business management; e-commerce; small business social media engagement. Current community involvement: Titirangi Playcentre. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

Paul Argar Head of Taxation, Westpac New Zealand Skills offered: Financial & tax advice; business case development; strategy development; facilitation; mentoring. Current community involvement: Member, NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants; Bay of Plenty Committees and National Tax Committee. Programme year: 2008

Location: Auckland

Dean Astill Export Manager, RD8 Fresh Produce Skills offered: Governance; marketing; project planning. Current community involvement: Board member, EIT Horticulture Advisory Board. Programme year: 2006 Location: Hastings

Nick Astwick Chief Operating Officer, Kiwibank Skills offered: Strategy development; marketing; financial governance; connecting networks; possible investment and partnering; leadership. Current community involvement: Micro Lending Scheme; Nga Tangata Trust (through Kiwibank); financial literacy programmes in community (through Kiwibank). Programme year: 2010 Location: Wellington

Janine Attwood

Executive General Manager, Vero Insurance NZ Skills offered: Governance; business excellence; valuebased leadership. Current community involvement: Auckland Rotary. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

General Manager Corporate Services, Simpl Skills offered: HR consulting; strategy and transformation planning; wellbeing and engagement; coaching and leadership development; change management. Current community involvement: Mentor for the Omega Group. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Fiona Allan

Mark Baker

Chief Executive, Paralympics New Zealand Skills offered: Strategic planning in the not for profit sector; leading teams; partnership collaboration. Current community involvement: Board member and secretary general of Oceania Paralympic Committee. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Independent Contractor Skills offered: Operations management; strategic planning; commercial management; retail and manufacturing process design; technology solutions design; project management. Current community involvement: Various Leadership NZ SkillsBank projects. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

Andrew Aitken


Claire Balfour

Moi Becroft

Training Manager, McIsaac Caregiving Agency Skills offered: Speech-language therapy assessment for communication and swallowing disorders; communication confidence coaching for presentation skills and public speaking; NLP master practitioner. Current community involvement: Mentor for YWCA Future Leaders programme; Forgotten Felines volunteer. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Manager, Maori and Pacific Programmes, ASB Community Trust Skills offered: Funding advice; development advice. Current community involvement: Piha Bowling Club; Piha Pre-School; Piha Gallery. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Ian Balme

Chief Financial Officer, Landcare Research Skills offered: Governance; financial and commercial expertise; strategic planning; risk management and mentoring. Current community involvement: Chair, Christchurch Early Intervention Trust; board member, Cathedral Grammar School; Leadership New Zealand. Programme year: 2012 Location: Christchurch

Managing Director, Forgotten World Adventures Skills offered: Governance; project development; environmental leadership; agricultural business; forestry. Current community involvement: Chairman, Taumarunui Tourism. Programme year: 2006 Location: Waikato

Minnie Baragwanath Chief Executive, Be. Institute Skills offered: Accessibility lens; social change perspective; speaking/presenting. Programme year: 2007

Location: Auckland

Megan Barclay Programme Director, Be. Institute Skills offered: Start-up strategy; organisational development. Current community involvement: Board member, Adoption First Steps. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

Josephine Bartley Consumer Advisor, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment Local board member – Auckland Council, Maungakiekie Tamaki Ward Skills offered: Relationship building; listening; advocacy; networking. Current community involvement: Board member, Glen Innes Family Centre, Glen Innes Business Association, Tamaki Pacifica Branch; chair/founder, Tamaki Community Patrols; Panmure Basin Advisory Basin committee; chair, Tamaki Community Liaison Group for Policing and Security. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Marija Batistich Senior Associate, Bell Gully Skills offered: Governance; legal advice (particularly on environmental and local government matters). Current community involvement: Environment & Resource Management Committee of Auckland District Law Society; Auckland Committee of Resource Management Law Association; Croatian Cultural Society. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Carol Bellette

Tom Bennett Partner, Bell Gully Skills offered: Legal advice – corporate/commercial, construction, and local government law. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

Glen Bennett Mission Team Leader, Incedo Community Development Advisor, New Plymouth District Council Skills offered: Participatory action research facilitation; events coordination. Current community involvement: Youth social enterprise research. Programme year: 2010 Location: Taranaki

Michael Berry Chaplain, Royal New Zealand Navy Skills offered: Chaplaincy; celebrant; pastoral care; Christian ministry. Current community involvement: Church ministry and leadership; member of Auckland East Rotary Club. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Dion Blundell Vicar, Papakura Parish, Anglican Diocese of Auckland Skills offered: Grass-roots connections; spiritual direction; community overview. Current community involvement: Board member, Papakura Normal. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Matt Bolland Corporate Affairs, 2 Degrees Skills offered: Communications strategy development; media relations; government relations and marketing. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland



Angela Bull

Director, VisionOn Skills offered: Project management; facilitation; organisational development/review; change management. Current community involvement: Supporting SpringBoard. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

General Manager Property Development, Foodstuffs North Island Skills offered: Property; environmental law; governance. Current community involvement: Board member, Dress for Success Auckland. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Sally Bramley Branch Manager, Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: Culture change; performance enhancement. Programme year: 2007 Location: Waikato and Bay of Plenty

Mike Brooker Group Solicitor, Foodstuffs (Auckland) Skills offered: Legal; negotiation; governance. Current community involvement: Fundraising initiatives for CanTeen, local schools and the like; pro-bono legal services for Starship, Fred Hollows Foundation and other charitable organisations while at the law firm. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Rourina Brown Community Advisor, Auckland Council Skills offered: Project management; facilitation; policy and planning. Current community involvement: Co-founder and member, Cook Islands Research Association; National Pacific Disability Leadership Group. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

Devin Brown Sales Manager – New Zealand & Pacific Islands, Northpower Skills offered: Strategic direction setting; opportunity for growth criteria. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Gordon Brown Manager Programme Delivery, Roads and Maritime Services Skills offered: People mentoring; planning and programming skills; relationship development; negotiating skills. Internationally qualified soccer coach. Programme year: 2010 Location: Sydney

Olive Brown Retrofit Manager, He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust Skills offered: Leadership; governance; organisational management; process and systems development; troubleshooting. Current community involvement: Board member, He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust (staff representative); Te Kia Ora Marae (Kaipara); Healthy Homes Tai Tokerau Steering Group; Northland Housing Forum Working Party. Programme year: 2010 Location: Moerewa, Northland


Grant Bunting Chief Executive Officer, Seedlands, Grainstore, Farmers Mill Skills offered: Executive management; strategy; market development; change management. Current community involvement: Trustee Jumpstart Charitable Trust. Programme year: 2009 Location: Timaru

Jeanette Burns Regional Manager Central Region Prisons, Department of Corrections Skills offered: General and operational management; project management; change management. Current community involvement: Local school activities; community groups associated with the prisons. Programme year: 2007 Location: Waikato

Phil Burt Finance Director Headquarters, New Zealand Defence Force Skills offered: Financial advice; leadership mentoring. Current community involvement: Sports coaching; church group involvement. Programme year: 2005 Location: Wellington

Graham Cameron Studying for a Master of Theology, University of Otago in 2014 Skills offered: Community development; youth work; fundraising; strategic planning; Tikanga Maori; Te reo Maori. Current community involvement: Board member, Ngati Ranginui Iwi Inc; chair, Poututerangi Marae; whanau member, Te Kura Kokiri; whanau member, Te Kohanga Reo o Te Akau. Programme year: 2012 Location: Tauranga

Janette Campbell Partner, Cowper & Campbell Skills offered: Environmental and resource management law; negotiation and mediation; project management; broad strategic planning and implementation. Current community involvement: Pro bono legal advice to the Tree Council (Auckland) Inc. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Leanne Campbell

Craig Churchill

Divisional Manager, Community Development, Hutt City Council Skills offered: Youth leadership development; governance; fundraising; facilitation; event management. Current community involvement: Assistant governor for Rotary District 9940. Programme year: 2008 Location: Wellington

South Island Regional Manager, Courier Post/Express Couriers Skills offered: Governance; leadership; strategic planning; business development; logistics, supply chain and operational management; change management and organisation structure optimisation. Current community involvement: Board member – DARE Canterbury Inc (youth development, empowerment & life skills programme); Commerce Liaison board member – Lincoln University – Te Whare Wanaka O Aoraki (Industry Advisory Board to the Commerce Faculty). Programme year: 2010 Location: Canterbury

Tony Catton Property Development Executive, Foodstuffs (Auckland) Skills offered: Property development; asset management; strategic analysis; planning and implementation. Current community involvement: Coach of junior rugby and cricket. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Henare Clarke

Karen Chan

Regional Manager, Downer NZ Skills offered: Governance; HR management. Current community involvement: Board member, Genesis Youth Trust. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Business Development Manager, Bell Gully Skills offered: Media relations; professional services

Jacqui Cleland

marketing. Programme year: 2008

Location: Auckland

Debbie Chin Interim Chief Executive, Capital and Coast District Health Board Skills offered: Public policy; financial; private sector. Current community involvement: Rotary. Programme year: 2005 Location: Wellington

Shane Chisholm Territorial Public Relations Director, The Salvation Army Skills offered: Strategic planning; operational management; change management; project management. Current community involvement: Volunteer, Salvation Army. Programme year: 2008 Location: Wellington

Bernie Chote General Manager, Winstone Aggregates Skills offered: Project management and delivery associated with resource projects; broad strategic planning and implementation including converting strategy to action. Current community involvement: Coaching of junior soccer at Three Kings United Football Club; significant community liaison on the associated activities of Winstone Aggregates. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

GM Human Resources, Meridian Energy Skills offered: Strategy; human resource management; organisational development; leadership development; coaching. Current community involvement: Manager (and supporter) for son’s sports teams. Programme year: 2009 Location: Wellington

Edward Cook Head of Sales, The Challenge Network Skills offered: Facilitation; training; public speaking; change management; advocacy; marketing; promotion; communications. Current community involvement: Various social action campaigns and projects with 16 year olds across the UK. Programme year: 2009 Location: London, United Kingdom

Adam Cooper Manager Strategy and Planning, Land Information New Zealand Skills offered: Strategy development; facilitation; coaching. Current community involvement: Coaching and mentoring of young professionals in the public and social profit sectors. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wellington

Richard Copeland Human Resources Manager – Tait Communications Skills offered: Generalist human resources with experience in international HR activities. Current community involvement: Chairman of Elders for Spreydon Baptist Church. Programme year: 2007 Location: Christchurch

Robyn Cormack National Marketing Manager, Department of Conservation Skills offered: Marketing and communications; tourism product development; marketing research; online marketing; public-private sector partnerships. Programme year: 2007 Location: Wellington



Margaret Davison

Co-convenor, Inspiring Communities Skills offered: Community-led development; strategic planning; partnering and collaboration; community engagement and empowerment. Current community involvement: Nelson Community-Led Development Network; Clifton Terrace School Board of Trustees Programme year: 2011 Location: Nelson

Director Policy & Research, Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs Skills offered: Extensive background in Scotland working with not-for-profit organisations to support their growth and development; extensive governance experience; involvement in a number of community boards supporting community regeneration; extensive experience on rugby committees. Current community involvement: Junior rugby committee and civil defence. Programme year: 2011 Location: Wellington

Carlene Creighton Project Manager, Self employed contractor Skills offered: NFP board experience; general management; project management; communications; marketing management operations management; event management. Current community involvement: Hospice North Shore. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

Maureen Crombie Chair, ECPAT International Skills offered: Relationship management; project management; governance. Current community involvement: Chair, ECPAT International; Advisory Trustee, Leadership New Zealand. Programme year: 2006 Location: Whangamata

Mark Crosbie Director, Prolex Advisory Skills offered: Property advice; construction/development advice. Current community involvement: Trustee, Keystone NZ Property Education Trust. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

Bruce Cullen Executive General Manager, Downer New Zealand Skills offered: Governance; board; project management general management; engineering. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Fiona Davies Northern Regional Manager, Northpower Skills offered: People management; facilitation; education Programme year: 2012 Location: Whangarei

Mike Davies Head of Services, NZ and Pacific Islands, Alcatel Lucent New Zealand Skills offered: Facilitation to determine vision, mission, strategy and values; programme and project management; assistance with technology introduction; dealing with organisational change. Current community involvement: Youth development; charitable board/trust. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland


Juanita de Senna Senior Travel Planner, Auckland Transport Skills offered: Governance and board experience; cultural competency; change management and policy; project management group facilitation (focus groups); bicultural training. Current community involvement: RWC volunteer – VIP Host; board member, Programme Waitakere Trauma and Abuse Counselling Services (WATCS); chair, Nga Mahi Kia Tupato o Tamaki-makaurau (Auckland Maori Injury Prevention Coalition). Programme year: 2009

Location: Auckland

Barbara Delaney Solicitor, Schnauer and Co Skills offered: Governance; legal counsel. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Quentin Doig Licensed Sales and Marketing Consultant, Harcourts Picton Property Centre Skills offered: General management; PR; governance; HR; change management; facilitation; coaching. Programme year: 2006 Location: Marlborough.

Alistair Drake Business Accountant, Department of Conservation Skills offered: Strategic management; governance; treasury; finance. Current community involvement: Trustee, Northable Disability Trust. Programme year: 2008 Location: Whangarei

Gillian Dudgeon Skills offered: Change management; strategic planning; governance; project management; facilitation. Current community involvement: Sports management. Programme year: 2008 Location: Wellington

Mark Dunlop Principal Consultant, M V Consultants Skills offered: Governance advice and board roles; business strategy; organisational alignment; performance coaching; senior executive coaching. Current community involvement: Chairman Huntington’s Disease Association (Auckland); mentor First Foundation; advisory trustee Workchoice Trust. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Irene Durham

Richard Fitzgerald

Trustee, North Power Electric Power Trust Skills offered: Business coach; business owner; New Zealand Business Woman Award 1998-1999; property and trust advice; clarity on issues for small to medium New Zealand businesses and trusts; investment strategy; financial planning. Current community involvement: On boards for NorthHaven Hospice Endowment Trust; NorthAble (Disability Services); Enterprise Northland and Destination Northland; NRC Community Trust; Northland Business Development Trust; Trustee NorthPower Electric Power Trust. Programme year: 2005 Location: Northland

Greenacres Farms Skills offered: Working knowledge of a broad range of agricultural systems; sponsorship negotiation; strategy development; managing a large volunteer workforce; revenue building; brand management and television relationship management; change management processes. ‘Turn Around’ strategy; business development; industry collaboration; contract negotiation; change management for staff and volunteers; organisational culture development. Current community involvement: New Zealand Young Farmers;Team referee for my son’s soccer team; sponsorship advice to help community projects structure their funding. Programme year: 2011 Location: Upper Canterbury Plains

Justin Ensor Partner, KPMG Skills offered: Governance. Current community involvement: Board trustee, Murrays Bay School. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Dickie Farrar

Duncan Fletcher Regional Manger & National Insurance Manager, PGG Wrightson Skills offered: Strategic and business planning; change management; people management; agricultural systems; and strategy development. Current community involvement: Board member, Pukaha Mount Bruce.

General Manager, Whakatohea Maori Trust Board Skills offered: Strategy; planning; organising; and change management; working with and developing teams; building organisational culture and ensuring we all achieve results. The tools I look for to enable this to happen are baseline evidential information backed up by clear strategy, great people, ability to execute and the cash to achieve results. Programme year: 2011 Location: Opotoki

Programme year: 2012

Peter Fenton

Pae Arahi Matua, Auckland Council Current community involvement: Growing community leadership capability at an iwi level. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

General Manager, Customers, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Skills offered: Governance; business management; human resources and operations leadership. Current community involvement: Junior coaching; sports administration. Programme year: 2006 Location: Wellington

Penny Fitt Head of Design/Head of Curriculum, Te Kura Toi Whakaari o Aotearoa (New Zealand Drama School) Skills offered: Group work facilitation; creative games; teaching, language (German, French, Spanish). Current community involvement: Eko Theatre collaborator; conversation group member (Forum for Personal and Social Enquiry, Wellington); visioning for Manutuke School’s application for special school status. Programme year: 2011 Location: Wellington

Location: Wairarapa

Chris Fogarty Director of Corporate Affairs, Allens Arthur Robinson Skills offered: Communications and media advice; business planning. Programme year: 2005 Location: Sydney

Johnnie Freeland

Cheryl Gall National Manager, Operational Capability Development, Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: Rehabilitation and case management expertise; leadership development; mentoring and project management. Programme year: 2009 Location: Wellington

Tony Gerritsen Principal, St John’s Theological College Skills offered: Facilitating reviews of organisations primarily using the Appreciative Inquiry model; assisting with conflict resolution. Current community involvement: Primarily through church and para-church organisations. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland



Angela Green

CEO, Liquorland New Zealand Skills offered: Project management; organisational change management; governance. Current community involvement: School board of trustees; treasurer for a Baptist Church; operational care for at-risk youth. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

Executive Producer, Q Theatre Skills offered: Creative thinking and problem solving; matching business/corporates with creative thinkers; matching business/corporates with entertainers; event management and production. Current community involvement: Volunteer as a mentor for emerging arts companies. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Karen Giles Business Services Manager, Manaia Health PHO Skills offered: Advice for NFP groups and small business, including HR, policies & procedures, accounting advice and support; project management; business cases and management support. Current community involvement: Treasurer, voluntary marae committee. Programme year: 2009 Location: Whangarei

Jason Greene

Greg Glover

Carey Griffiths

Company Director, Drumlea Farm Current community involvement: Vice chair, New Zealand

Superintendent – National Manager Road Policing, New Zealand Police

Farm Environment Awards. Programme year: 2007

Skills offered: Performance management; partnership building; relationship management. Programme year: 2011 Location: Wellington

Location: Waikato

Deb Godinet Manager Property, Auckland Transport Skills offered: Lawyer and planner by professional training; recipient of the Auckland City Council’s Chief Executive Urban Design Excellence Award. Current community involvement: Chairperson, Waitakere Women’s Centre. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Assistant Grower – Status Produce, Turners & Growers Skills offered: Marketing; leadership; a youth’s perspective. Current community involvement: Encouraging the younger generation into our primary horticultural business, with a focus on the nursery and garden industry sector. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Stephen Guerin General Manager – Retail, PGG Wrightson Skills offered: Finance; corporate governance; HR strategic planning. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Nick Hadley

Director/Shareholder, Builders Quality Systems Skills offered: Building industry advice. Current community involvement: Justice of the Peace. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Director, Kudos Web Skills offered: IT web marketing; management marketing strategies; music. Current community involvement: Leadership New Zealand; Rotary BNI. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland and North

Bernie Grant

Tim Hamilton

Principal Staff Officer, Army, New Zealand Defence Force Skills offered: Mentoring; initial network contact within New Zealand Defence Force; people management; strategy to cope with those tough conversations that need to be had. Current community involvement: Hutt City Women’s Refuge; Upper Hutt Time Bank. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wellington

Chief Executive Officer, Netball Waikato Bay of Plenty Skills offered: Strategic planning; project management; facilitation; fundraising; governance; change management; event management. Current community involvement: Chair North Harbour Junior Cricket. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Fenella Gray

Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager, IBM New Zealand Skills offered: Business and community partnerships; communications planning; strategic planning. Current community involvement: Manager of various corporate volunteering projects. Programme year: 2011 Location: Wellington

Carl Graham

Chief Operating Officer Investments, Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: Mentoring; planning; financial management. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wellington


Liz Hampton

Dave Hargreaves

Sarah Hipkiss

Chief Executive Officer, Foodstuffs NZ Liquor Skills offered: Strategic planning; operational and logistics management; business mentoring. Current community involvement: CanTeen; Waikato Hospice and True Colours; active in schools rowing in the Waikato; president, St Paul’s Rowing Club. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland & Hamilton

Partner, KPMG Skills offered: Accounting; audit; risk management; mentoring. Current community involvement: “Women in business” mentoring of students at University of Auckland business school. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Dave Harris

Brendan Hoare

Production Manager, Thirkettle Nurseries Skills offered: Horticultural advice; technical research skills, assisting in transition from family run businesses. Programme year: 2011 Location: Nelson

Managing Director, Organic Systems Skills offered: Courage; determination; strategy; big picture thinking; acting. Current community involvement: Chair, Organics Aotearoa NZ; founding director BioGro Society; Journal of Organic Systems World Consultative Committee; 2014 UN’s International Year of Family Farming; executive director, Econation2020 Charitable Trust. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Glenn Hawkins Chartered Accountant and Management Consultant, Glenn Hawkins & Associates Skills offered: Financial management; governance; system reviews. Current community involvement: Director of Ngati Whakaua Tribal Lands – Iwi Authority; director of Eastside Training – PTE for at-risk youth; advisor to a range of Maori organisations including Hapu, Marae, Kura, Kohanga and community groups. Programme year: 2005 Location: Rotorua

Milton Henry Deputy Principal, Selwyn College Skills offered: Programme development; mentoring – youth and adults; identifying and prioritising resources for diverse groups; thinking and literacy skills; promoting effective student/teacher relationships. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

Stephen Hollands Coach, Ministry Of Justice Skills offered: Leadership; operational management; individual mentoring programmes; injury claims management. Current community involvement: Volunteer with Refugee Services NZ; member New Zealand Forest & Bird Society. Programme year: 2009 Location: Wellington

Cheryl Holloway Skills offered: Communication; facilitation; coaching; relationship strategy; organisational change; policy development; creative writing. Programme year: 2006 Location: London

Stephen Henry

Beth Houston

Group Manager Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Skills offered: Strategic planning; project management; sales; marketing; governance; organisational development/ review; change management; board development. Current community involvement: Deputy chair Neighbourhood Support. Programme year: 2008 Location: Wellington

Full time mum Skills offered: Fundraising; marketing; public relations; workshop facilitation. Current community involvement: Wellington Women’s Boarding House; New Zealand Labour Party. Programme year: 2009 Location: Wellington

Simon Hepburn

Maori Strategy Manager, ASB Community Trust Skills offered: Community funding advice; sports coaching; community development support; community organisation advice and support. Current community involvement: Hapu/Marae project development; Rumaki school whanau committee member; trustee of community organisation. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

General Manager, Mackley Carriers Skills offered: Budgeting; financial reporting; operations management and general management. Programme year: 2009 Location: Christchurch

Kristy Hill Strategy & Enterprise Manager Ngati Whatua Orakei Skills offered: Maori policy support to Maori organisations. Current community involvement: NZ Women’s Football Team (Football Ferns - retired); competed in London Olympics 2012. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

Cyril Howard

Lisa Howard-Smith Regional Relationship Manager, Family and Community Services (MSD) Skills offered: Strategic planning; organisational and service development; change management; mentoring and supervision; project/event management; fundraising and promotions; funding and contracting. Current community involvement: Mentor, Arts Access Aotearoa. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland



Clive Jones

Archdeacon of Auckland, Anglican Diocese of Auckland Skills offered: Supervision; group facilitation; chaplaincy; support; celebrant, mentoring. Current community involvement: Leadership, Anglican Church; facilitator of Post Ordination Training for Auckland/ Northland; church ministry selection and appointments advisor to the Bishop; convenor, General Synod Women’s Studies Council. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

General Manager Business Development, Education New Zealand Skills offered: General management; change management; complex service delivery management; regulatory affairs; higher education management. Current community involvement: Speaking engagements on climbing Mount Everest; what mountaineering teaches us about leadership; why leadership is important to the future of New Zealand. Programme year: 2009 Location: Christchurch & Wellington

Penny Hulse Deputy Mayor, Auckland Council Skills offered: Community engagement and development; local government experience; political lobbying. Current community involvement: Patron of Waitakere Special Olympics; Community Waitakere Charitable Trust; Henderson Riding for the Disabled; The Trust Waitakere Brass Band; Northern Football Association; WALSH Trust; Trustee, Swanson Railway Station Trust; Waitakere Anti Violence Essential Services; chair of the Crime Prevention Reference Group; former director of EECA Board. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Elaine Hultzer Partner, KPMG Skills offered: Accounting; audit; risk management; governance; mentoring Current community involvement: Mentoring of female students at Auckland University Business School. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Julian Inch Business Development Consultant, Previously CEO, District Health Boards New Zealand Skills offered: Business development; strategy; new business ventures; building performance culture; collective engagement and decision-making approaches; transformational change; purposeful change management; performance management and accountability; project and programme management; mentoring and coaching in running a SME in public sector; health and central government knowledge and experience. Current community involvement: Assisting local school and children’s sporting groups; interest in disability issues. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wellington

Deborah Ingold Consultant Support Manager, Hay Group Skills offered: Project/organisation skills; an open mind; initiative; people management skills. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Hilda Johnson-Bogaerts General Manager Operations, The Selwyn Foundation Skills offered: Governance; mentoring; vision development; change management; care philosophy/models of aged care. Current community involvement: Board member, Eden Alternative Australia-New Zealand. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland


Murray Jordan Managing Director, Foodstuffs (Auckland) Skills offered: Strategic advice. Current community involvement: Involved in a number of charities including CanTeen and The Blind Foundation. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Jo Kelly-Moore Dean, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Anglican Diocese of Auckland Skills offered: Chaplaincy; celebrant; facilitation. Current community involvement: Member, Auckland Diocese Council; Auckland representative, General Synod. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

Lance Kennedy Lead Service Manager, Northland Region Corrections Facility, Department of Corrections Skills offered: High level of agency leadership in the Mid North area – examples are the high level attendance at the interagency sectorial forums in this area representing the department. I lead the relationship across the Department of Corrections in my area of responsibility including prisons, departmental agencies etc. Current community involvement: Manager, Kaikohe Seniors Rugby team Programme year: 2008 Location: Kaikohe, Northland

Manu Keung Policy and Project Co-ordinator, Waikato Regional Council Skills offered: Project management; community stakeholder engagement; governance. Programme year: 2008 Location: Hamilton (but moving to Doha).

Richard Kibblewhite Director/Company Owner, Splashzone and ECF Skills offered: Business development. Current community involvement: Ship Wreck Relief Society. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wairarapa

Caroline Knight Skills offered: Project management; governance; mentoring and coaching. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

John Kotoisuva

Russell Little

Chief Executive Officer, C-Me Mentoring Foundation Trust Skills offered: Teaching; mentoring; pastoral care. Support parents who are struggling with their teenager; I support and guide young people to have a purposeful life. I use my engineering skills and fatherly experience to encourage and motivate young men and women. Current community involvement: Vice chairman for the board of trustees for the West Fono Health Trust; Pacific Community advisor – Manukau Institute of Technology. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Supply Chain Architect, Health Benefits Skills offered: Strategic planning; marketing strategy; new product development; global supply chain solutions; commercial stewardship. Current community involvement: Coach of youth grade sports teams in soccer, touch and cricket. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Jackie Kruger Director Planning and Community Services, Tamworth Regional Council Skills offered: Strategic planning Current community involvement: Director, New England Medicare Local. Programme year: 2006 Location: Tamworth, NSW, Australia

Richard Llewellyn Head of Corporate Communications, Telecom Skills offered: Media relations; communications strategy and planning; stakeholder engagement. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Tracey Lonergan Head of Claims, Sovereign Skills offered: Customer focused leadership; uniting teams in a common direction; ability to see a job through to completion. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Alistair Kwun

Puamiria Maaka

Events Specialist, SKYCITY Entertainment Group; Connections Navigator, Future Dragonz Skills offered: Communications strategy; sponsorship; brand architecture; Asian consumer insights; event design; community relations; hospitality. Current community involvement: Communications and strategy advisor, New Zealand Chinese Association Auckland; Outreach consultant, Integration of Immigrants Programme, Massey University; Research Group, Asian Aucklanders and the Arts, Creative New Zealand. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

Manukura – Chief Executive, Te Waipuna Puawai Mercy Oasis Skills offered: Community development; organisation management; relationship building with diverse communities; strategic thinking; project management. Current community involvement: Member of Hunga Tiaki roopu, Tamaki Alliance, Auckland Social Policy Forum, NZ Christian Council of Social Services (Auckland Services Group, Child & Family Policy Group). Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae parent and supporter. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Theresa Le Bas

Scott McAlister

Principal, Tompkins Wake Skills offered: Legal expertise in all areas of resource management law (environmental and planning law). Current community involvement: Resource Management Law Association (NZ); National Environmental Law Association (Aus). Programme year: 2006 Location: Hamilton

Group General Manager, Cleeve Transport Skills offered: Strategic planning; operations management; logistics planning. Current community involvement: Surf lifesaving; kayaking. Programme year: 2010 Location: Christchurch and Auckland

Iulia Leilua

General Manager, Foodstuffs Own Brands Skills offered: FMCG sales and marketing background; commercial/general management; team leadership; business assistance. Current community involvement: Providing mentor and leadership support on both an individual and group basis. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Director, Silk Associates Skills offered: Maori, Pacific and indigenous journalism; communications strategy development and implementation. Current community involvement: Ngati Haua iwi activities: Pacific Island Media Association. Programme year: 2009 Location: New Zealand and Pacific region

Kevin Leith Chief Information Officer, Sovereign Skills offered: Strategic planning; general management; marketing – brand, media management, public relations; ecommerce and innovation; sales and service. Current community involvement: Hoping to assist in providing school board support for lower decile schools within the greater Auckland region. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

Dave McAteer

Wendy McGuinness Chief Executive, McGuiness Institute Skills offered: Strategic planning; risk management; scenario development. Current community involvement: Working to produce a national sustainable development strategy for New Zealand. Programme year: 2007 Location: Wellington



Chris Martin

PAK’nSAVE Group Manager, Foodstuffs North Island Skills offered: Retail; operations management; strategic planning; leadership development. Current community involvement: Assisting with kids’ sports club and local school and kindy work. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Director, Xpanda Security Skills offered: Strategy planning and execution; financial performance management and measurement; operational efficiency; governance. Current community involvement: Member of three security associations. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Karyn McLeod Community Funding Programme Manager, Auckland Council Skills offered: Funding proposals; team development; strategic planning; change management; governance. Current community involvement: Trustee, North Shore Women’s Centre; trustee, Massive Theatre Incorporated. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

Claire McQuilken Head of Insurance Systems & Information, Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: Mentoring; management; leadership development. Programme year: 2010 Location: Christchurch, Wellington

Makerita Makapelu Team Leader, Wesley Community Action Skills offered: Governance; entrepreneurship; community engagement; strategic thinking. Current community involvement: Running a community social service. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wellington

Selina Tusitala Marsh Senior Lecturer, The University of Auckland Skills offered: Running creative workshops; editing selfpublished creative writing (poetry/short story). Current community involvement: Run workshops for YouthLine, Manukau; speak and perform throughout New Zealand for educational, NGO, and business organisations; designer and facilitator of Best Leadership’s Pasifika Mat programme, which focuses on the inward journey of leadership using pasifika metaphors and creative writing. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Anaru Marshall Chief Executive, WISE Better Homes Skills offered: My role as chief executive of a small organisation encompasses leading our organisation; developing relationships with new and existing stakeholders and partners; developing our businesses and our people; delivering the board’s strategic vision; financial management of our businesses. Current community involvement: I maintain connections with my community through my current work and also as a member of a local community development trust that delivers programmes that have a strong youth focus; chairman of a Maori land trust; member of other groups and networks. Programme year: 2012 Location: New Plymouth. My work takes me across Taranaki, King Country and Whanganui.


Steve Merchant Skills offered: Coaching and mentoring. Programme year: 2010 Location: Tauranga

Taane Mete Founder & Artistic Director, Okaraka Dance Company Skills offered: Mentoring (art, dance & choreography); art performance management. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Karam Meuli Programme Co-ordinator, Mahitahi Trust Skills offered: Innovation; personal development; group facilitation. Current community involvement: Shambhala Meditation Centre. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Dave Miller Consultant, AgFirst Waikato Skills offered: Strategic planning; strong background in NZ agriculture in particular dairy. Current community involvement: Leadership and development committee, Potato NZ. Programme year: 2008 Location: Waikato

Jodi Mitchell CEO, Simpl Skills offered: General management; IT strategy. Current community involvement: Executive board member, NZ Health IT Cluster. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

Sina Wendt-Moore Chief Executive, Leadership New Zealand Skills offered: Leadership and governance; strategic management; mentoring; stakeholder & community engagement; social enterprise. Current community involvement: YWCA Aotearoa New Zealand (co-president); founding trustee, Pacific Music Awards Trust; immediate past president of PACIFICA Auckland – Women’s Network; mentor for the Leadership Pacific Network (Auckland); advisory board member of appointbetterboards and Mind Warriors – JOLT. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Tracy Moyes Director, Moyes Consulting Skills offered: Strategic planning; project planning; marketing and communications branding event management and leverage; stakeholder engagement. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

Jon Neal

Sacha O’Dea

Regional Manager Leaf Projects, PMI Asia Leaf Skills offered: Strategy; planning; leadership; facilitating change management. I enjoy working with and developing high performing teams to deliver and maximise performance. Current community involvement: Coach for my son’s soccer team; active volunteer at my children’s school. Programme year: 2012 Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

General Manager, Older People’s and International Policy, Ministry of Social Development Skills offered: Strategic planning; project management; facilitation; governance; change management; people management; analysis and problem solving. Current community involvement: Mentor for First Foundation. Programme year: 2008 Location: Wellington

Gia Nghi Phung

Josie Ogden Schroeder

Stay at home mum Skills offered: Development and planning for community groups including administration process, budgeting, public participation, grants application and events organisation. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

Chief Executive Officer, Christchurch YMCA Skills offered: Strategic planning; fundraising; staff management/HR; governance; advocacy and risk management; crisis management; empowering others. Current community involvement: Board member Outdoors NZ; trustee/staff member YMCA Christchurch. Programme year: 2011 Location: Christchurch

Judy Nicholl GM Aeronautical Operations, Auckland Airport Skills offered: Strategy; human resource leadership; conflict resolution. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Rachel Noble Chief Executive, Disabled Persons Assembly (DPA) Skills offered: Deaf/disability lens; cultural facilitation; strategic development promoting attitudinal and environmental inclusive practices. Current community involvement: Deaf community; disability community. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wellington

Sue North Business Manager Claims Management Group, Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: People management and development; facilitation; training design and delivery. Programme year: 2011 Location: Wellington

Christopher Northmore Manager, James Henry Skills offered: Entrepreneurial and strategic thinking. Current community involvement: Life coach to my children. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wellington

Yvonne O’Brien Associate Director National Delivery, Te Wananga O Aotearoa Skills offered: Leadership development and mentoring; strategic planning; public speaking; Maori community engagement. Current community involvement: Extensive with iwi, tertiary education providers, government agencies and community organisations. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Graeme Olding Partner, Chapman Tripp Skills offered: Legal advice; structuring; tax. Current community involvement: Chair Leadership Team Mt Roskill Baptist Church; chair Trustees of Roskill Community Trust. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

John O’Neill Southland Regional Manager, PGG Wrightson Skills offered: Understanding of agricultural sector; finance; people management. Programme year: 2011 Location: Invercargill

Greg Orchard Chief Operating Officer, Wellington City Council Skills offered: Strategy; planning; governance; finance; leadership; asset management; coaching; mentoring. Current community involvement: Chair, University of Canterbury Quake Centre; director, Accessible Properties New Zealand; director, Australasian Institute of Housing. Programme year: 2007 Location: Wellington

Patrick O’Reilly Acting CEO, DNZ Property Fund Skills offered: Funds management; commercial property investment. Current community involvement: Trustee, Inspiring Stories Trust; Property Council of New Zealand; advisory board member for IPD for the NZ Property Index; member of an international advisory group for Principles for Responsible Investment for the inclusion of property. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Stuart Orme Self employed – Manager, Woodnet Skills offered: Governance experience both on start up and established boards; land-based perspective to New Zealand opportunity and challenges (strategy, planning, implementation… mentoring). ‘Camp fire’ relaxation to LNZ alumni. Current community involvement: Chair, Wairarapa Farm Forest Association; trustee, Reap House Community; trust member, Castlepoint Game Fishing Club. Programme year: 2010 Location: Masterton, Wairarapa 37


Kirsty Pillay-Hansen

Project Development Manager, Manurewa Marae Trust Skills offered: Collaboration; youth engagement; community development. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Consultant (Owner), KPH Consulting Skills offered: Youth development; youth participation; training and facilitation; youth sector collaboration; project management; mentoring; capacity development & support; governance; community development; research & development. Current community involvement: Treasurer, management committee, Avondale community preschool; trustee, Thrive. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Philip Patston Managing Director, Diversity New Zealand; Executive Director, Diversityworks Trust Inc Skills offered: Consulting in social innovation; strategic thinking; creative thinking; coaching and mentoring; organisational and people development; diversity awareness; leadership development; group facilitation; speaking. Current community involvement: Patron of Rainbow Youth; facilitating diversity conversations in schools; informal mentoring. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Malcolm Paul Managing Director, Fairfurth Consulting Skills offered: Strategic planning; team leadership; project management; technology consulting. Programme year: 2008

Location: Auckland

Christian Penny Director, Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School Skills offered: Direction; facilitation; group work. Current community involvement: Mentor and leader of development projects in the theatre and related arts. Programme year: 2009 Location: Wellington

Gavin Pearce Director, Deloitte Skills offered: Actuarial advice; financial modelling and forecasting. Current community involvement: Still getting to know my new city... Sydney. Programme year: 2006 Location: Sydney

Roslyn Pere Product and Service Manager, Air New Zealand Skills offered: Marketing; product and service development; project management. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

JR Pereira Chief Executive, Pacific Economic Development Agency Skills offered: Management; marketing; economic development – community development; village economic development; arts management; cultural performing arts (Samoa-Pacific); Samoan culture & protocols. Current community involvement: Developing a village/district farm for overseas exports through a public/private sector partnering. Programme year: 2007 Location: Samoa, Auckland at times

Shalini Pillai High Engagement Senior Advisor, ASB Community Trust Skills offered: Community sector grant making advice. Current community involvement: Trustee Women’s Centre Waitakere. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland 38

Mike Playle Policy Manager, Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: Operational and strategic policy development; machinery of government; people management and development. Current community involvement: Group fitness instructor at my local gym. Programme year: 2012 Location: Porirua

Damon Plimmer Parish Priest, Anglican Diocese of Dunedin Skills offered: Group facilitation; mentoring; spiritual direction; celebrant; pastoral care. Current community involvement: Church ministry; scout leader; school trustee and chaplain. Programme year: 2011 Location: Wanaka

Tama Potaka General Manager Corporate Services, Tainui Group Holdings Skills offered: Strategic planning; project management; facilitation; governance; organisational development &/or review; board development; legal advice; event management. Current community involvement: Co-chair, Maori Law Society. Programme year: 2009 Location: Hamilton

Tara Pradhan International Relations Manager, Auckland Council Skills offered: Facilitation; project management; event management; sponsorship; international relations, stakeholder engagement, strategy ic and business development. Current community involvement: Advisory board member Film Auckland; supporter of Massive Company (Aotearoa Young People’s Theatre) and The Zenergy Trust and Fledgling Trust; executive committee member Korea New Zealand Business Council. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

Rachel Prebble Senior Museum Programmer, Auckland War Memorial Museum Skills offered: Museum learning; volunteer involvement; community involvement. Current community involvement: Working with NZ Japan Society of Auckland Inc on the upcoming Taste of Japan event; working on The Expert Sessions programme at AWMM. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Bridgette Pretty

Emily Redmond

Director, BDC Financial Services Skills offered: Financial, management and commercial accounting services and support. Making people’s life easier by identification and implementation of correct systems including vast experience with SAP, MYOB, QuickBooks, APS, Banklink, Xero and Accredo. Current community involvement: Working with and mentoring teenagers after growing up in an extended family with many foster children. I focus on building confidence and life skills for our youth. Programme year: 2011 Location: Sunny Nelson

Head of Business Management, Insurance & Prevention Services, Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: Business planning; business writing; strategy development. Programme year: 2010 Location: Wellington

Michael Price Deputy Consumer and Claims Manager, Earthquake Commission Skills offered: Governance; operations management; process improvement. Current community involvement: Board of Trustees, Sumner School. Programme year: 2007 Location: Christchurch

Rangimarie Price Director, Naturally Right Skills offered: Strategic leadership; governance. Current community involvement: Trustee, NZ Day Trust. Programme year: 2006 Location: Whangarei

Neville Pulman Managing Director New Zealand, Creative Activation Skills offered: Change management; facilitation/strategic workshops; marketing; community engagement. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

Michelle Quirk Chief Executive, New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation Skills offered: Corporate; professional services; notfor-profit strategy (including strategic review); business transformation; board/CEO advisory. Current community involvement: NZGCF mentor for First Foundation. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Ngaroimata Reid Business and Community Development Consultant Skills offered: Leadership; strategic planning; business and community development; Maori development; event and project management. Programme year: 2007 Location: Waitakere

Zechariah Reuelu Business Facilitator, Pacific Business Trust Skills offered: Ethnic communications; business development; youth development; community led development. Current community involvement: Pacific communities; local community initiatives. Programme year: 2012

Location: Wellington

George Riley Chief Executive, Te Runanga a Iwi o Ngapuhi Skills offered: Facilitation; planning; advocacy. Current community involvement: Trustee and Tupuna Whanau Rep Te Tii B3 Ahu Whenua Trust Hokianga Accord. Programme year: 2009 Location: Far North

Phil Riley Chief Policy Officer and Change Director, Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: General management; project management; communication management; negotiation. Programme year: 2005 Location: Christchurch

Di Rump

Artistic Director, Barbarian Productions Skills offered: Facilitation; public speaking workshops in expression; public communication; performance. Current community involvement: Women in Leadership Arts community mentor. Programme year: 2011 Location: Wellington

General Manager Sales and Capability, New Zealand Post Skills offered: Large scale transformation change leadership; Salesforce effectiveness planning and performance turnaround; strategy implementation planning; strategic alliance development; management; leverage retailing franchising distribution channel development and operational management. Current community involvement: Mentoring; volunteer for community events; Community Post Boards. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland but travel 4 days per week around NZ, mostly Wellington and Christchurch

Dianna Rattray

Sapna Samant

Vicar, All Saints Ponsonby, Anglican Diocese of Auckland Skills offered: Community project management; chaplaincy; celebrant; pastoral care; group facilitation; mentoring. Current community involvement: Church ministry and leadership; Police Chaplain; New Zealand Police Nga Pirihimana O Aotearoa. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Creative Head/Company Director, Holy Cow Media; GP, Porirua Union Community and Health Service Skills offered: Creative writing; storytelling; filmmaking; radio production; medical skills. Current community involvement: Considerable community involvement through GP role. Programme year: 2009 Location: Wellington

Jo Randerson


ALUMNI SNAPSHOTS Catherine Schache

Parul Sood

Commercial Director, Leapfrog Skills offered: Governance and legal counsel. Programme year: 2011 Location: Christchurch

Manager Waste Planning, Auckland Council Skills offered: Strategic planning; project management; resource planning; public and government body communication. Current community involvement: Board member, Community Trust working in area of sustainability. Programme year: 2006 Location: Auckland

Robyn Scott Education Manager, Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income Skills offered: Governance; organisational development; fundraising. Current community involvement: Board member, Inspiring Communities. Programme year: 2006 Location: Wellington

Andrew Sharp General Manager Sales and Marketing, Soanar Skills offered: Sales leadership; coaching/ mentoring; strategic planning; supply chain management; turning around low-performing teams. Current community involvement: Started the Waterfall Foundation project. Programme year: 2012

Location: Sydney

Manu Sione Northern Regional Manager, Relationships Aotearoa Skills offered: Management; advocacy; strategic planning and project management. Particular skills working with Pacific peoples. Current community involvement: Working with church groups to support health programmes in the community. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Leisa Siteine Event Production Manager, Auckland Tourism Event & Economic Development Skills offered: People, facility and event management; community arts management; project management. Current community involvement: Church youth leader; board member, Auckland Basketball Services. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

James Smallwood General Manager, ABS Australia Skills offered: Business management in primary industry. Current community involvement: Chairman, Wairarapa Arts Festival Trust; member, Waiohine River Management Committee; member, Wairarapa Shepherds. Programme year: 2007 Location: Melbourne, Australia

Adrian Sole Commercial Development, Taranaki Daily News Skills offered: Negotiation; bbusiness mentor with Business Mentors NZ. Current community involvement: Trustee Taranaki Health Foundation. Programme year: 2006 Location: Taranaki


Lydia Sosene Out of Parliament Support, Parliamentary Services, Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board Member, Auckland Council Skills offered: Governance; operation and business management; mentoring and coaching; strategy and planning; organisational wellbeing; networking and relationship building; project management; policy analysis and review; advocacy; Samoan interpreter and translator; communication; event coordination and management; parent volunteer for various schools; community and sports fundraising projects. Current community involvement: Congregational Christian Church of Samoa EFKS Grey Lynn member; Sunday school teacher and youth volunteer; Rise Up Trust life member; board member (Pasifika) Mt Albert Grammar School; lifestyle learning centre Community Initiative project manager; chair Pasifika Sector Council (Auckland); A.M.E.N Women’s Ministry events coordinator; Mangere LEC executive member. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Chellie Spiller Lecturer, University of Auckland Business School Skills offered: Change management; Immunity to Change; The Leadership Challenge; indigenous business; Maori business; wisdom in business; authentic leadership; workshops, presentations and corporate training. Current community involvement: Community-based research initiatives; various spiritual growth communities. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Rewi Spraggon Skills offered: Consultancy; broadcasting; television presenter; event management; master of ceremonies; Maori leadership programme kowai; creative innovation; artist; musician; chef. Current community involvement: Surf lifesaving coach; Maori Television; Te Runanaga O Waitakere spokesperson; traditional Maori weaponry teacher for at-risk youth; Te Waonui a Tane board member; National Maori Men Group mentor; Te Atatu Rugby League. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

Matt Stratton Investment Administrator, ASB Community Trust Skills offered: Operations and process management; investment strategy and planning. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Karanina Sumeo Current community involvement: Samoan Congregational Christian Church – Grey Lynn. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Hilary Sumpter

Claire Teal

CEO, Auckland Communities Foundation Skills offered: Strategy communications; marketing; change feasibility; project management. Current community involvement: Board member, Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand, Akarana Rugby League Zone, Leadership NZ Trust (Alumni Rep). Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Programme Manager, Volunteering New Zealand Skills offered: Community-led development; mentoring; strategic planning; working with volunteers; community and voluntary sector governance; public speaking; facilitation; workshop design and delivery. Current community involvement: Scaling back community involvement for a while ahead of the birth of my first child. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wellington

Che Tamahori Managing Director, Digital Arts Network Skills offered: Online marketing and communication strategy; technology strategy, design consulting. Current community involvement: Chair of Wanganui School of Design Advisory Board. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

Alison Taylor High Engagement Manager, ASB Community Trust Skills offered: Capacity development for not for profits; philanthropic sector advice; evaluation, effective governance; youth sector advice; public health, facilitation. Current community involvement: Board member, Vodafone Foundation New Zealand. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Vicky Taylor General Manager Smartfoods; Corporate Director Current community involvement: Co-founder of Springboard, a not-for-profit with an objective of accelerating the development of young directors in New Zealand. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

Emma Taylor Viticulture Project Manager, Villa Maria Estate Skills offered: Research; communication (scientific into common language). Current community involvement: NZ Winegrowers Research Committee; member, Young Viticulturist of the Year National Co-ordinator; Board of Trustees Greenmeadows School. Programme year: 2008 Location: Hawke’s Bay

Caine Thompson Viticulturist, Mission Estate Winery Skills offered: Budgeting – development/tracking – horticultural/viticultural advice; business management; logistics management. Current community involvement: Organiser of the Hawke’s Bay Young Viticulturist of the Year Competition; chairman Hawkes Bay Winegrower Research Group; technical officer for the Gimblett Gravels Guest; lecturing at Eastern Institute of Technology. Programme year: 2010 Location: Hawke’s Bay

Cate Thorn Vicar and Priest-in-Charge, Anglican Church in Aotearoa, NZ and Polynesia Skills offered: Mentor; community facilitator; strategic thinker; celebrant; wordsmith; enquirer. Current community involvement: Collaborate with various community projects; ministry from the church into the community. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Koroseta To’o Development Consultant, Sustainable Pacific Development Skills offered: Project management; strategic/policy and governance advising on Pacific development issues; stakeholder consultations; community empowerment and development models. Current community involvement: Extensive work with Pacific communities using my development expertise. Programme year: 2006 Location: Waitakere

Aaron Topp

Chief Executive Officer, In Zone Industries Skills offered: Strategy – commercial and financial. Current community involvement: Director, Te Waipuna Puawai Mercy Oasis Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Director Sales and Marketing, Hatuma Dicalcic Phosphate Skills offered: Communication; marketing; writing; strategic planning; collaborative or individual problem solving. Current community involvement: Takapau School BOT; Farming for the Future Research Steering Committee. Programme year: 2008 Location: Hawke’s Bay

Teresa Tepania-Ashton

Essendon Tuitupou

Chief Executive Officer, Maori Women’s Development Inc Skills offered: Governance; management; strategic planning; business planning; project planning. Current community involvement: Trustee Leadership NZ; Current directorships: Te Aupouri Fishing Company; Te Aupouri Commercial Development Company; Community: Hapu & Marae. Programme year: 2006 Location: Wellington

Manager, Temple Ministries Skills offered: Community development; project management; mentoring support; strategic development. Current community involvement: Leadership Factory (developing community leaders); leads a community-based health and fitness initiative in South Auckland; advisory board member for several not-for-profit organisations. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Tony Te Au


ALUMNI SNAPSHOTS Michelle van Gaalen

Laura Vodanovich

Director Strategy and Business Performance, Bank of New Zealand Skills offered: Customer and market strategy; operating model design; business strategy. Current community involvement: Trustee, Chamber Music New Zealand; Chamber Music Foundation. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Director, Tairawhiti Museum Skills offered: Recruitment selection; risk management; strategic planning. Current community involvement: Chair, school board. Programme year: 2006 Location: Gisborne

Linda Vagana General Manager, Duffy Books in Homes Skills offered: Understanding of not-for-profit; management of youth initiatives; primary and ECE sector; sport sector; stakeholder relationship management. Current community involvement: Youth work – Auckland; NPC coach (Netball North Harbour); board of Sport Waitakere; Samoa sports. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Anil Chandra Varma Engineering and Emergency Services Manager, Auckland Airport Skills offered: Mentoring; leadership; safety and risk management; negotiations; engineering; strategic planning; people development; facilitation. Current community involvement: Refugee Angel; trustee and member of Education First Trust. Programme year: 2012 Location: Auckland

Hans Verberne Northern Area Manager, Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: Organisational planning; quality assurance; mentoring; team building. Programme year: 2011 Location: Waikato

Richard Vialoux Vicar, Anglican Parish of Mount Maunganui Skills offered: Conflict resolution pastoral care; project management; community building. Current community involvement: Chair of the St Mary’s Early Childhood Centre’s Management Team, Mt Maunganui. Programme year: 2009 Location: Mount Maunganui

Jennie Vickers COE (Chief of Everything), Zeopard Skills offered: Speaker on following subjects: skills development for staff and stakeholders using web based learning; thought leadership to influence funders and attract supporters; respecting and protecting intellectual property rights; NFP governance – realistic practice and practicalities. Current community involvement: RNZFB guide dog foster home; LNZ alumni representative. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland


Tracy Voice CIO/Director Business Technology and Information Services, Ministry Of Agriculture and Forestry Skills offered: Strategy; leadership development; information technology implementations; operations; project management; process management. Current community involvement: Board member of Wairarapa Trinity Schools; Cub leader in Scouting NZ. Programme year: 2009 Location: Wellington

Annie Wahl Branch Manager, Waikato Accident Compensation Corporation Skills offered: Leadership; injury rehabilitation; strategic planning; change management; operational management. Programme year: 2008 Location: Hamilton

Daniel Walker Sales Manager, Samsung Electronics Skills offered: Leadership; governance; p&l management. Current community involvement: Trustee Tuia Te Here Tangata; Maori Youth Development director of Fronde; mentor First Foundation; board member Ngati Ruanui. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Serena Walker Postgraduate Student, AUT University Skills offered: Group facilitation. Current community involvement: Shine volunteer advocate. Programme year: 2007 Location: Auckland

Suzanne Weld Principal Strategic Planner, Auckland Council Skills offered: Project management; community vision development; facilitation; council annual plan and resource consent process advice; landscape planning and design; leading strategic planning projects; research in environmental and local government law. Current community involvement: Member of Resource Management Law Association; Yachting New Zealand; Ryder-Cheshire Foundation; Life Education Trust Rodney. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland and Northland

Michelle Wessing General Manager Solutions, Standards New Zealand Skills offered: Project management; change management; leadership development. Programme year: 2009 Location: Wellington

Wane Wharerau

Adrian Wimmers

Iwi Liaison Officer, New Zealand Police (Waitakere) Skills offered: Governance; community networking projects. Current community involvement: Chair, Ngapuhi ki Waitemata Charitable Trust; trustee, Te Runanga a Iwi o Ngapuhi; trustee, Guardians of the Sea. Programme year: 2008 Location: Auckland

Partner, KPMG Skills offered: Governance; interface between public/private and NFP sectors; financial/commercial/financing skills; performance measurement and improvement; public private partnership specialist. Current community involvement: Trustee, Inspiring Stories Trust; member, Komiti Pasifika, Victoria University of Wellington; member, MBA Advisory Panel, Victoria University of Wellington. Programme year: 2009 Location: Wellington

Jim White Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Auckland Skills offered: Community/group building; thinking; celebrating. Current community involvement: Restorative Justice facilitator/mediator. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

Sarah Williams

Elaine Wong Programme year: 2011 Location: Hong Kong

Executive Director, Porter Novelli Skills offered: Public affairs; marketing, PR; community and stakeholder relations; issues and crisis management. Current community involvement: Board member Heart Foundation of New Zealand. Programme year: 2005 Location: Auckland

Melanie Woodford

Robert Wikaira

Rachel Wotten

Head of Support Services Centre & Information Technology Leader, TeRunanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi Skills offered: Team leadership; business change management; strategy; SLA management; project/ programme management practitioner (Prince2); Six Sigma/ Lean; IT management, IT governance; ITIL – service operation/design/strategy/ transition and continual service improvement. Programme year: 2012 Location: Far North (Kaikohe/Paihia)

Sales Strategist/Visionary/Social Entrepreneur, HP/ Sassy Sales/Wonderful Works Skills offered: Business development management; consultative selling; sales strategy; account management; customer relationship management; coaching teams; wellbeing coaching. Current community involvement: Wonderful Works, Wellbeing Coaching; presentations, workshops and individual sessions to various community organisations and individuals. Programme year: 2009 Location: Auckland

Peter Wilson Roof Tile Group Manager, Fletcher Building Skills offered: Global portfolio management; management of medium and large scale enterprises in a complex environment; people management/development in a cross cultural context; leading diverse teams; strong safety leadership; project management; senior stakeholder relations. Programme year: 2011 Location: Auckland

Skills offered: Branding; marketing; sales planning; strategic planning. Current community involvement: Previously, as a mentor for Future Leaders within YWCA. Programme year: 2010 Location: Auckland

Murray Wu General Manager Corporate Responsibility, Kiwibank Skills offered: Strategy formulation; strategy management; quality and process improvement; corporate responsibility and sustainability. Current community involvement: Sustainable Business Network transition group member. Programme year: 2012 Location: Wellington

Meredith Youngson Co-Founder, Hearts in Healthcare Skills offered: Facilitation; mentoring; community development. Current community involvement: Timebank, Raglan; volunteer, Raglan Environment Centre; Swanson Railway Station Trust member; Swanson Station Market support. Programme year: 2006 Location: Raglan



Leadership NZ’s

sphere of influence… The success stories of Leadership NZ alumni are an enduring testament to the value of the programme. In a similar vein to our mid-year coverage, we meet four more alumni whose lives have been influenced by their connection with Leadership NZ. Rebecca Savory, who is in her final year of a Bachelor of Communication Studies, interviews Adrian Wimmers, Meredith Youngson, Alistair Kwun and Deidre Otene.

Adrian Wimmers Partner, KPMG Alumnus 2009


drian Wimmers has a passion for making a positive difference for New Zealand through the work that he does, and in 2009 his passion for his work was solidified by the Leadership NZ programme. Prior to the programme, Adrian worked for KPMG in the UK, the Netherlands and most recently seven years in New Zealand advising the Government on a range of financial and commercial issues. More specifically, he was focusing on connecting the public, private, and NGO sectors to create a more effective national system for improvement, based on measuring effectiveness of programmes and having success as the incentive for financial support. The Leadership NZ programme showed Adrian the potential of his ideas and gave him the confidence to take the next step in his career. “Leadership NZ provided me the opportunity to look at what I was doing and actually realise that it had merit to really keep pushing in this direction,” said Adrian. Adrian was nominated for partnership at KPMG at the end of his Leadership NZ year and became a partner at the end of 2010. “For me, I had my epiphany moment about halfway through the year where I realised that the only person that was limiting me from stepping up to the next stage in my career was me. It was just this moment of reflection when I realised my firm has put me on this because they’re looking for me to step up and looking for me to become a leader in the things that I do and the only one who’s nervous about this process is me, not them, they’re waiting for it.” He is now the head of KPMG’s infrastructure and projects 44

group, and leads KPMG’s financial and commercial advice to the public sector. “I see my job as helping the Government make better decisions.” Adrian went on to work on one of the first public-private business cases in 2009/2010, to be the financial commercial advisor to the Ministry of Education on the first Public Private Partnership to close in New Zealand, as well as leading a team on the first social bond in New Zealand (see http://tinyurl. com/lg3qadb). “Leadership NZ got me to a place where I was certain I was in the right place… I was incredibly pleased to find myself working in a partnership at a large company that thinks the same way I do. That people want to make a difference in this country.” Adrian is in a unique position, collaborating large corporate companies with small social businesses, combining his advanced business skills with his passion for making a positive difference. “I try to be at the front edge of disruptive change and it’s because I really believe that we can do better as a country – that we can get better at measuring and managing the right things.” Outside of KPMG, Adrian is also involved in projects through Victoria University, as well as a member on the board of Inspiring Stories Trust. “To be a part of an organisation that is purely focused on inspiring young New Zealanders and focusing on the ecosystem of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship through just storytelling and inspiration, that’s a wonderful place to be. And I just pinch myself on how lucky I am to be a part of that. And combined with what I’m paid for, it just adds up to a package where I feel like I’m helping to make New Zealand a better place.”

Meredith Youngson

Co-Founder, Hearts in Healthcare Alumnus 2006


eredith Youngson sat in the Leadership NZ audience in 2006 and heard from a speaker who had given up his job and financial stability in order to follow his passion. This struck a chord with her and since then that is exactly what she has done. Moving with her husband Robin in early 2012 from their Swanson home in west Auckland and re-locating to beautiful beach-town Raglan has been the disruption she was looking for in her life. Meredith and Robin left their previous jobs in Auckland to launch their new worldwide movement, Hearts in Healthcare, bringing compassion back into the health system. “We go where the passion is and help it flourish,” said Meredith, discussing their online network for healthcare workers. Prior to this, Meredith had worked for 17 years as a microbiologist, taking time off while having children, before becoming heavily involved in a number of communitydevelopment projects in Swanson. Ready for a new challenge, Meredith was inspired by people she met through Leadership NZ who were following their passion and loving it, saying the programme had a big effect on her future. “It feels like you’ve set yourself free… I think it probably changed [my path] more than I ever realised at the time.” The Leadership NZ programme taught Meredith three important things about herself and her leadership style. She started to recognise and value her own style of leadership. “I’m a servant leader. I’m a nurturer and I love looking after people,” said Meredith, preferring to work within a group opposed to out-the-front. She also learnt how important it is to stay grounded in your family, and being a leader didn’t mean your family life had to suffer.

Thirdly, you should be doing a job you love. “I’ve been really lucky. I loved almost everything I’ve done. What you love changes over time, you don’t always have to be stuck in that same thing all time… I’m not the type of person who wants to repeat her life over and over again, I like to try new things.” The programme provided her with the confidence to follow her passion and fulfil her potential. “I think Leadership NZ really opened that door to me understanding myself which gave me a lot more satisfaction and a lot less stress.” All of this experience and learning has led her to Hearts for Healthcare, founding the project with Robin who was previously a consultant anaesthetist. “At the moment the health system is based on disease and problems. We would rather it was based on wellness of patients and staff; it’s about caring for people. It’s not about re-inventing, it’s about connecting the people who are already doing that. “We’ve found there are so many people in healthcare all around the world who are feeling burnt out and isolated and aren’t satisfied with their jobs. Connecting two of those people in the same hospital who may not have even met each other before is just about a human connection.” Her positive outlook on life means she defines herself by what she is for not against, attracting likeminded people and ideas. “If you know what you’re for then you’re living to your true values and you’re living an authentic life and it’s so much more satisfying and actually a lot more effective.” Meredith has a clear vision of her own identity and this is reflected in everything she does. “I guess disruptive leadership is really about following your passion, not being stuck in either your own paradigm or someone else’s… It’s about not following a conventional path.”


Alistair Kwun

Events Specialist, SKYCITY Entertainment Group; Connections Navigator, Future Dragonz Alumnus 2006


n 2006, Alistair Kwun was self-employed and searching for who he was and where he was heading. The Leadership NZ programme was the perfect combination of “right place, right time” for him. During a year of soul-searching it gave him a sense of grounding and shaped the direction he was heading in and helped him discover what he wanted to do next. “It was very much a catalyst for me to discover who I am,” said Alistair, acknowledging the programme as a key part of his identity and current projects. “The programme was a gift to me, and a very generous one. I had no idea what leadership really meant until I completed this programme.” Alistair left the programme with a new direction as well as three key messages he now carries through his community projects. “To me the programme is centered around innovation, making things happen and generosity of spirit… It’s inspired me to give back to the communities which I serve.” As well as this, he learnt the importance of working in a team of diverse personalities and creating environments that bring out the best in people. Alistair was inspired to embark on a number of “passion projects” that he ran outside of his professional life as an events manager for SkyCity. Identifying himself as a cultural innovator, he wanted to explore what it meant to be Chinese in New Zealand and his own cultural identity. He became heavily involved in the New Zealand Chinese Association, shaping the annual Leadership Development conference for Chinese New Zealanders. 46

Driven by his own experience discovering his identity through the Leadership NZ programme, he wanted to pay-it-forward and provide other people with the same opportunity. “I feel quite privileged to be able to give back like this, I think that’s one of the things that gives me the most satisfaction out of the work I do in the community. It’s the idea of sharing knowledge but contributing to helping people find who they are and realising their potential.” The Leadership Development conference had a snowball effect to many other projects for the New Zealand Chinese Association including the Banana Conference, a cultural storytelling platform to share Chinese stories with New Zealanders of all ethnicities. “Traditionally a lot of the cultural storytelling is celebrated within individual communities. The environment we’ve created is we’ve invited non-Chinese to come and learn about us together. Through that we’ve created a dialogue and a stronger sense of belonging for the people who come along and share with us.” Following from this came Future Dragonz, a project focusing on the well-being of future generations and a network for young professionals, based around the new ways of thinking. “There’s a sense of disruption coming through. What we’re about is what I would call cultural innovation, we’re not afraid to challenge the traditional. Through that, new stories emerge. “We have grown up with certain stereotypes that we’re trying to challenge… The programmes that we’ve created are about breaking up those stereotypes, and that’s really important to me. [We are] challenging what it means to be Chinese in New Zealand.” The programmes aim to disrupt the traditional practice of “work, work, work” and telling fresh and contemporary stories. “It’s about caring for others, and it is about standing up for what you believe in,” said Alistair. Alistair hopes that some of the people he is working with in the New Zealand Chinese Association will continue on to also take part in the Leadership NZ programme, just as he had the programme recommended to him by 2005 Alumni Gia Nghi Phung.

Deidre Otene

Project manager, Taiohi Whai Orang, Manurewa Marae Alumnus 2008

Ko Maungataniwha te Maunga Ko Taapapa te Awa Ko Ngatokimatawhaurua te waka Ko Rahiri te Tupuna Ko Poroa te Tupuna Ko Hokianga Whakapou karakia te Moana Ko Mangamuka te Marae Ko Ngapuhi te Whare tupuna Puhi Kai Ariki Puhi Moana Ariki Puhi Taniwha Rau Ko Kohatutaka me Te Uri Mahoe nga Hapu Ko Ngahuhi me Te Rarawa nga Iwi Ko Deidre Otene ahau Ko Tegen Atarangi Stillwell raua ko Temanamai I nga Rangi Stillwell toku tamariki


or Deidre Otene, 2008 was a turning point in her life taking part in the Leadership NZ programme and since then she has embarked on a new journey of passion and a dream job. Prior to the programme, Deidre had worked her way up through multiple government department jobs, being recognised for her skills with many promotions along the way. Starting in Work and Income as a case manager and most recently working as a Youth Offending Teams coordinator for Manukau City Council, she has had a fair amount of experience with helping people. However it wasn’t until she joined the Leadership NZ programme that she discovered where her true passion for helping people sat and how she could use her skills to make these passions both a reality and a career. “I will admit that the programme was actually life-changing for

me, not just on a career level but on a personal level as well,” said Deidre. “The programme content, in particular the guest speakers who I heard from and engaged with, as well as the programme participants allowed me to explore what really was important to me and what direction I really did want to take.” Following the programme, she embarked on her new journey by moving to Queensland, Australia and working for the benevolent society and indigenous communities. Despite loving her work there, she returned to New Zealand in 2011 to realise her dreams in her own community. “I was given the confidence to take the risk and plunge into my dream career and to do that in my dream setting, which is where I have worked my way to where I am now.” Deidre joined a team of Manurewa community groups all working towards similar goals for their community, and is now based at the Manurewa Marae as the project manager for Taiohi Whai Oranga, a youth health initiative built on holistic needs of young people and their families. Hoping to empower youth, empower the community and disrupt and overcome stereotypes, Deidre said, “It’s about taking risks and challenging the norms and working outside those norms to create positive change.” Inspired in 2008 by the likes of guest speakers Judge Joe Williams, Bob Harvey and Sir Paul Reeves, Deidre has found great satisfaction in now working within her community and for her community. “They turned the light on for me that when you’re passionate about something you can actually make it your career, and achieve the passions that have been placed in your heart. That’s what I’m doing now.” As well as working full-time in her project manager role and supporting her family, Deidre is also studying for a conjoint Law and Arts degree through the University of Auckland part-time. Deidre was awarded the Vodafone World of Difference scholarship for 2013, allowing her to continue her inspiring journey. 47

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