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QSI – New Zealand’s Height Safety Manufacturer The team at QSI with their extensive knowledge in design, manufacturing and distribution produce some of the best height safety equipment within the New Zealand market


roudly manufactured in New Zealand, QSI is able to offer premium quality height safety equipment to meet and exceed the markets requirements. We manufacture the majority of our products in our ISO 9001 certified factory in Wanganui, which enables us to have direct control over the quality of products and the ability to assess customer requirements to meet demand with quick lead times.

ufacturing premium health and safety equipment for over 40 years, drawing on over 70 years of safety experience. Our many years of experience in manufacturing have given us a reputation for innovative product development. We also source product directly from some of the world’s best manufacturers, made to our own exacting standards. We understand that in today’s market, there is a need to maximise every dollar and we are committed

New Live Wire Harness In conjunction with the electrical industry, QSI has been developing a new harness the ‘Live Wire’ over the last two years. The Live Wire is a revolutionary new harness designed for linesmen and tower workers. It is the combination of two years of hard work drawing from three of our best harness designs. The unique design helps eliminate suspension trauma when the user is suspended from the front D-ring or side pole strap

We are also New Zealand’s first IANZ Accredited Height Safety Laboratory which allows us to test and certify height safety gear to AS/NZS 1891.1:2007, AS/NZS 1891.3 and AS/ NZS 5532 standards. This means every product we make has been tested to the strictest standards and having our own testing facility on site gives us the unique opportunity to take our products to the limit multiple times throughout our development processes, rather than relying on fewer, more expensive tests in foreign labs. This allows us to identify and quickly solve problems, which in turn reduces research and development costs resulting in better and affordable pricing for our products. Not only does QSI offer Height Safety equipment, but we also offer a diverse range of other products: • First Aid and Emergency Kits • Spill Absorbent Products • Industrial and Specialised Fire Retardant Clothing • Respiratory Products • General Medical and Safety Products • Signage QSI has been designing and man-

to achieving and bringing the highest quality product at competitive prices.

rings. The leg fastening straps don’t pass through the groin area which helps relieve pressure and circulation problems in fall situations. The adjustable seat and wide back padding provides comfortable support when working under work-position tension for long periods of time. The dielectric buckles are rated to

Innovation Being a height safety manufacturer allows QSI a unique and innovative opportunity to work with local industries to research and develop new products to suit the needs and requirements of workers. Other height safety companies who strictly import finished products are limited in what they can offer and many times the user will have to choose what’s best from their range, rather then what’s best for their needs. QSI understands that workers within each industry have a unique job to do and we can go the extra mile to coordinate, develop and manufacture products tailored to their exact requirements. We like to take a proactive approach when discussing and developing our products with customers in finding out how we can further support them and areas we can grow and expand into. With such a philosophy this allows us to consistently expand, develop, find solutions and constantly improve.

QSI has been designing and manufacturing premium health and safety equipment for over 40 years

9kV and provides the great features of the standard steel fitting without the risk of electrocution. The cross-over shoulder design helps to eliminate pull-down and discomfort on the shoulder area when stretching in difficult situations. More comfort. Improved flexibility. Less restriction. If you’re working long periods of time in a harness, this is definitely the harness for you.

The QSI team has been developing a new revolutionary harness the “Live Wire” for linesmen and tower workers over the last two years

Feel free to contact us for enquiries and we will be more than happy to work with an authorised QSI distributor to meet your needs Unit 6, Pacific Park, 20 Pacific Place, Wanganui 4500 New Zealand Tel: 06 348 9522 • Fax: 06 348 9523 • Email: Website: • •


Industrial Safety News April 2016  
Industrial Safety News April 2016  

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