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Got Liquid Nitrogen?

Rebel Rock: Philosophically Straight Crediting valuable advice to be consistent regarding their own business’s internal requirements, Rebel Rock Accounting CFO Melissa Diaz says, “We wanted to make sure we were helping businesses whose philosophies aligned with ours; we didn’t want to help those who are only in it to get rich and get out. Cannabis can be messy and difficult to manage, there are tons of stringent regulation, and a lot of accounting systems simply aren’t built for the industry. So, we must work with people we trust and can collaborate with on a dayto-day basis. We don’t waver from our initial intent when starting Rebel Rock — and having a clear vision of who we are as a company has paid off every single time.”

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That is the question prominently lettered on the side of the N7 Delivery truck that seeks to answer it. Inspired by the need for nitrogen delivery to service their Creamistry locations, business partners Andre Wadsworth and Ryan Zeleznak launched N7 Delivery this past summer to provide nitrogen delivery services to local retail businesses around the Valley in addition to their Creamistry locations. Creamistry relies on liquid nitrogen to make its unique ice cream desserts, which are handmade and frozen to order, as the customer watches. “When we learned how difficult it was to not only get nitrogen service at our Creamistry locations, but also to get it on a consistent and affordable basis, we decided to start N7 with the thought that other companies are also in need of an affordable, consistent nitrogen delivery service,” says Wadsworth. They invested in a truck and nitrogen tank that was custom built to their specifications by a company in the Midwest and brought out to Arizona. N7 now delivers to cryotherapy companies, and local eateries and coffee shops as well as serving their needs at Creamistry. “When setting out into a new industry, lack of knowledge can be a challenge,” Wadsworth admits. “We meet these

challenges by continuing to learn about the industry, this business and, most importantly, what our customers need and how we can be the best and most reliable company to fill that need.” Wadsworth shares that the most valuable piece of advice given them is to be patient when it comes to consistency and diligence, noting, “It takes time to do something right, and we’re committed to doing right by our customers.” N7 Delivery, LLC

Accounting Aims to Serve Cannabis Businesses Rebel Rock Accounting provides cannabis businesses nationwide with specialty accounting solutions, tax services, CFO/controller services and business system implementation, filling what CFO Melissa Diaz describes as “a clear void in the fast-paced, ever-evolving industry.” From grow operations and seed-to-sale businesses to dispensaries and beyond, she says she and her fellow co-partners Liz Mason and Katie Kane founded Rebel Rock earlier this year to help cannabis operations “achieve success-driven management while working within the stringent regulatory environment.” To do this, the team utilizes the latest cloud-based technologies in ways that make sense for each client to improve business efficiencies, ensuring best practices are implemented with accounting, records management, accounts payable, expense reporting, receipt tracking and full-cycle reconciliations. “We do research to find the best possible tech solutions for each of our individual clients.” One of two primary inspirations for starting Rebel Rock came from a close friend who was a general counsel to multiple cannabis companies. “He expressed to us that the industry really needed legitimate accounting if it was going to grow sustainably.” Attending MJBizCon Vegas, the cannabis industry’s largest trade show, the partners found there were

no firms that cannabis businesses could go to and have all their accounting needs met. The other impetus? “The cannabis industry is extremely male-dominated. We wanted to change that!” Gaining credibility in the cannabis industry they found to be a big hurdle. Explains Diaz, “There are many people in the industry who have been working with cannabis well before it was legalized, and they have a lot of skepticism when it comes to lawyers, accountants or the IRS. There’s a perception that those in the professional industry don’t know what’s going on.” Their approach was to collaborate closely with business owners to find solutions that work for that business’s longterm financial goals. Says Diaz, “We’ve developed some really strong, rewarding professional relationships in this industry — even if it took a little more work to gain trust initially.” With an interest in helping the industry expand legitimately and sustainably, Diaz says of Rebel Rock Accounting, “Ultimately, we want to help eliminate the stigma surrounding cannabis, because the industry has a ton of positive potential.” Rebel Rock Accounting

Liquid nitrogen does not need to be pressurized to remain in its liquid state, but its temperature must be kept below its boiling point of –320 degrees Fahrenheit.

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