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Who do you believe? Kaiden Maines, acting freshman, portrays “Angel,” and holds Andrea Amaro, acting junior, who plays “Marisol Perez.” In Marisol, guardian angels leave the humans they protect to enter a war against heaven. Perez must fend for herself and decide who to trust as the war spills into New York City. Marisol was part of TheatreOCU’s Stage II season and ran April 20-23. The show addresses topics of theology, personal relationships and loneliness.

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We’re one big, happy family The cast of The Juniper Tree unites for a final moment of harmony after a show full of jealousy, poison and murder. The opera was part of Bass School of Music’s Spotlight season and ran March 3-5. The show’s ensemble creates the juniper tree where the mother and son’s bones are buried.

Cast me! Jaeli Wolf, dance performance junior, performs in “Alto’s Lament” during an Oct. 14 dress rehearsal for the Student Choreography show. The dance tells the story of a performer who feels frustrated with the lack of good roles for women with her vocal range. The annual show features

Moving on

dances choreographed by dance performance seniors to highlight what they’ve learned in their

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Hannah Green, music/theater senior, and Tyra Bullock, acting senior, portray

dance classes.

“Bev” and “Francine” in TheatreOCU’s Clybourne Park, which ran Feb. 2-5. The two characters share their perspectives of life in a 1950s segregated neighborhood, touching on themes of race and gentrification.

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Let’s misbehave Stephanie Feeback, music theater senior, sings about letting loose to Matt Flowers, music theater senior, during an April 19 dress rehearsal for Bass School of Music’s Anything Goes. The show features a complicated love triangle between passen-

Love conditionally

gers on the S.S. American. Any-

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thing Goes touches on themes of race, crime and following

Gareth Forsberg, acting freshman, portraying “Sims/Papa,” specifies the terms of his love for “Iris,” portrayed by Paige Konger, acting senior. The Nether, directed by Hal Kohlman, tells the story of humans engaging in a virtual universe where they can log in, create their own identity and explore their strongest desires. A detective named “Morris,” played by Haley Fortune, acting senior, discovers the world and unravels its mysteries. The show explores ideas of love, reality and the line between right and wrong. It ran Nov. 3-6 in the Black Box Theater in Wanda L. Bass Music Center.

your heart.

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We’re better together Patricia Irwin, music theater/ vocal performance sophomore, and Daniel C. Brown, acting senior, portray zookeepers and sing a duet about finding their misplaced lion at the improv show April 21 in Clara E. Jones Administration Building. The final weekend of improv shows highlighted the group’s musical talents as they improvised a full musical with various song styles.

Elina Moon Student Publications


Life imitates art

Elina Moon Student Publications

Brent Greenwood, a local Native American artist, paints during the Spring Equinox exhibition March 31 in the Nona Jean Hulsey Gallery in Norick Art Center. The event highlighted the making of Native American art in Oklahoma.

April 26, 2017

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