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Replace your missing teeth with dental implants Eat, talk, laugh and smile with confidence

Main Dental Partners Limited, registered office: 11 Laura Place, Bath BA2 4BL Registered in England & Wales registered number 08192098

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No uncomfortable or loose dentures No need to involve adjacent healthy teeth Facial profile and gum vitality maintained

Single tooth

Several teeth

Complete set

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Nobel Biocare is a world leader with more than 25 years documented evidence in implant-based dental restorations.

Dr James Main

‘Dental implants “are worth every penny” ’ Una Lynch is a retired businesswoman. She had lost her lower premolars on both sides over the years and wore a denture to replace them. Una says, “The denture was really uncomfortable. I was always aware of its presence. It didn’t feel natural and kept sliding all over the place. I was reluctant to smile.”

Una felt self-conscious and didn’t feel confident doing face-to-face business with her clients. She told her regular dentist how she felt about her denture. He recommended she see Dr James Main in Glastonbury to discuss the option of dental implants. After consulting with Dr Main, Una had several implants to replace her missing teeth at his clinic. She reflects, “I was surprised at how easy the whole process was. It was amazing – it didn’t impact on my work or daily life.”

Una adds, “I feel much better within myself now. I can speak more clearly than when I had the denture. I can smile; I feel more confident.” She concludes, “I would have had implants to replace the denture ages ago, if I had known about them. They are worth every penny.”

High quality private patient care • Implants to replace missing teeth • Teeth whitening and cosmetic treatments • Natural-coloured fillings to replace ugly metal • Crowns, bridges and veneers • Oral health and hygiene service • Four-year guarantee on recommended treatments (providing you attend for regular maintenance care)


Dr James Main has extensive experience in cosmetic and implant dentistry. He has been treating implant patients for more than 10 years and has placed over 800 implants. In straightforward cases, the final stage of the treatment can be completed by the patient’s own general dental practitioner.

Are tooth implants right for me? Find out more at our next dental implant discovery event

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Saturday 10 June 9.30–10.30am, 10.30–11.30am or 11.30–12.30pm The Chaucer Room, The Walnut Tree North Petherton, south of Bridgwater TA6 6QA


 01458 831883 The James Main Dental Partnership 3 Lambrook Street, Glastonbury BA6 8BY


01458 831883

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Issue 12 - Volume 12 - Mendip Times  

Celebrating life on the Mendips and surrounding areas

Issue 12 - Volume 12 - Mendip Times  

Celebrating life on the Mendips and surrounding areas