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GTA Edition: Includes Halton, Peel, York, and Durham Regions FREE Your camper deserves: A summer of fun, friends and success! April 2024 360 ALLSTARS APRIL 24, 2024 / 7:00PM

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Summer Super Playgrounds

Register once for $38.44 and play all summer! We’re excited to offer our half-day drop-in camp membership at select parks in Oakville this summer. Campers will enjoy supervised games, crafts, sports and making new friends without the commitment of a full-day, week-long camp! Offered weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. Age: 6-12

Parents/guardians must sign campers in and out. No before and after-care or supervised lunch breaks provided. This outdoor program is subject to safe weather conditions. Additional fees for non-residents. Some exceptions apply. Spaces are limited. Visit to purchase your membership.


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John Racioppo


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Spring is a great time for kids to engage in fun and educational projects that will get them outdoors. Using some creativity, here are some ideas for spring projects for kids:

Plantingagarden: Teach kids about gardening by helping them plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables in pots or a small garden plot. They can learn about the plant life cycle, how to care for plants, and the importance of sunlight and water. Kids love playing in dirt.

Naturescavengerhunt: Create a list of items for kids to find outdoors, such as different types of flowers, insects, birds, or specific colours. This activity encourages observation skills and an appreciation for nature.

DIYbirdfeeders: Help kids make bird feeders using recycled materials like pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Hang them in the yard and observe the birds that come to feed. Get your cameras ready.

Spring crafts: Get creative with spring-themed crafts such as making paper flowers, painting Easter eggs, creating nature collages with leaves and petals, or decorating flowerpots. Painting stones is a popular craft for kids these days.

Butterfly life cycle project: Teach kids about the life cycle of butterflies by raising caterpillars and observing

their transformation into butterflies. You can order caterpillar kits online or collect caterpillars from your garden.

Outdoorart :Take art projects outdoors and let kids paint or draw scenes from nature. They can use sidewalk chalk to create colourful designs on pavement or rocks.

Springcleaninganddonating: Get kids involved in spring cleaning by decluttering their toys and clothes. Encourage them to donate gently used items to charity to teach empathy and generosity.

Outdoorscienceexperiments: Conduct simple science experiments outdoors, such as making a rain gauge to measure rainfall, studying the effects of sunlight on plant growth, or experimenting with buoyancy using natural materials.

Here are some books that can assist you with more ideas and how-to guides: “Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids” by Kim Andrews, “Backpack Explorer on the Nature Trail” by Editors of Storey Publishing. There’s also a great Explorer Kit you can purchase to motivate your kids even more.

These spring projects provide opportunities for kids to learn about nature, develop new skills, and have fun outdoors during the beautiful spring season.



at The Royal Conservatory

July 2 - August 23, 2024

The Oscar Peterson School’s summer programs are back! If you are looking for a summer camp for your kids ages 4-17, have a younger child (ages 0-6) ready for our neuroscience-based Smart Start TM Early Childhood Education music program, or want to maintain your child’s learning over the summer with private lessons, we have something for everyone!

Our camps include Before and After Care, high staff-to-camper supervision, and a stunning air-conditioned location just steps from St. George subway station.

Register today

Before you dust off your tennis or pickleball racquet, golf clubs or garden shears, now’s the time to get your body ready for these activities.

Too often our excitement to get back into the game can bring on nagging pains of past injuries and even bring on new aches, impacting our quality of life. By no means should this hold you back.

Trevor Pickett of Sable River, Nova Scotia, has been a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years and was recently named 2023 Canadian Fitness Professional of the Year. As the owner of Offbeatfitness. com Pickett knows all too well that as springtime approaches, few take the time to prep their bodies for the activities ahead. “Let’s face it, most of us have been hibernating crunched over our desks and computers, which can impact our spine and muscles, and yes, we might start



feeling our age. Although stretching is important in helping elongate the muscles, Pickett says it’s the lack of mobilization or range of motion of a joint that needs to be addressed. “Mobilization can help warm up the body and prevent muscle spasms and lower back pain, especially when embarking on any activity that requires repetitive movements.”

Post Work Static Stretches – hold or move throughout for 30 sec.


• On all fours, gently look up towards the sky and become aware of how that changes your entire spine’s position.

• Tuck your tailbone beneath you, which will change your spine’s position in the other direction.

• You may feel a gentle stretch in the lower and upper back.

TIP: “It’s important to move slowly and under control. You should never force a stretch as your muscles are usually tight for a reason. We always teach our clients the proper technique and make time for both dynamic and static stretches, and don’t forget to strengthen your core.”

Last word: Hibernation, for many, has meant being chained to our desks. Like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, our bodies require a few squirts of oil to loosen those stiff joints. Remembergo slowly, take frequent breaks, and always keep your posture in mind. And if you need a simple warm-up, check out Pickett’s Yard Work Mini Warm-Up on YouTube. Remember to always check with your practitioner before starting any exercise.


• Stand in front of a wall with your right arm outstretched, palm on the wall.

• Turn your body to the left to feel a stretch and repeat with the other arm.

Pre-work Dynamic Mobilizations

– 3 sets of 10


• With a slight bend in the knees, push your butt backwards while either holding a rake/dowel along your shoulders. As an option, clasp your hands behind your head.

• Be sure to keep a slight bend in your knees and squat down until you feel a gentle stretch in your hamstrings and then repeat.


• With either a rake/dowel along your shoulders or on your chest, slowly and gently twist your body to the left and right.


• This is meant to stabilize the hip. Keep a slight bend in the knee and hip at all times.

• Slowly and with control, stand on one leg and slightly step out to one side. Repeat on other side.

• You can use the rake/dowel for balance if necessary.

6 CITY PARENT | April 2024
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Kids Against Maturity:

If you are tired of playing the same old games every game night, Kids Against Maturity will bring a breath of fresh air. It was created and enjoyed by parents just like you. Suitable for all ages. $24.87 Available at

CIMELR Kids Camera:

Designed with charming cartoons, our Kids Camera is ideal for young ones. If your child has a passion for photography, the CIMELR kids’ camera is the perfect choice. Let their journey of exploration and wonder begin as they embark on capturing the beauty of the world. $44.99 Available at and

LEGO Icons Tiny Plants Building Set:

Introducing LEGO Icons Tiny Plants – a stylish and relaxing building set that adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. Create nine unique plants inspired by arid, tropical, and carnivorous species, beautifully showcased in terracotta flowerpots. $69.86 Available at and

Slumber Otter Cuddly Toy:

Fotorama Burger Mania Game:

Race against a friend to build the perfect custom burger. Assemble your burger quickly before it reaches the end of the moving conveyor belt. The player who prepares the most burgers wins. Show off your burger-building skills and become the ultimate burger master! $51.95 Available at and

JustForKids Kids Garden Tool:

These mini versions of adult-sized tools are perfect for little ones who want to garden like the grownups. With each metal tool securely attached to a 27.5” solid wood handle, kids can truly immerse themselves in the joy of digging and planting! $37.24 Available at

Brave Finder Light Up

Terrarium Kit:

Unleash your creativity and nurture a thriving ecosystem with the incredible Grow Own Habitat in a Jar! This amazing Light-Up Terrarium Kit is not just a fun activity but also a fantastic way to ignite your child’s curiosity and foster a genuine love for science. $29.99 Available at

The ultimate baby soother that brings calmness to your little one, at home or on the go. With soothing music, gentle sounds, and super soft clothing, this adorable otter lulls your baby into peaceful sleep. Its rhythmic breathing movements create a mesmerizing effect, making it the perfect snooze time companion. $29.99 Available at

One For Kids by Sonicare:

This toothbrush makes brushing fun and easy for your child. It has gentle pulse reminders and a playful design to help them transition to electric brushing effortlessly. The built-in timer ensures they brush for two minutes, and the QuadPacer signals when to move to a different part of their mouth. $24.99

Available at

8 CITY PARENT | April 2024

Get ready for summer with Miles the Label’s swim collection, ideal for your next vacation! This carefully curated collection showcases playful and lively patterns that are guaranteed to make your little ones shine with both fashion and safety. Apart from the charming two-piece sets and swim trunks, this swimwear line also features a range of rash-guard pieces, providing added defense against the harsh effects of saltwater or chemicals. Each item is crafted from recycled materials and incorporates built-in sun protection. One-piece rompers are available in most styles for $44.00. Sizes range from 0-24 months & Jr from 2-14. Shop at

1. Sun’s Up Surfs Up Navy Rash guard – $42 2. Ahoy Miles Long-Sleeve Rash guard – $44 3. Pearl Shell Print on Pink Long-sleeved One-Piece Swimsuit – $50 4. Gecko On Navy Swim Trunks – $40 5. Surfboard on Sky Swim Trunks – $40 (Also comes in a one-piece Swim Romper – $44) 6. Gecko Long-Sleeve Rash guard – $44 7. Starfish on Sunrise Bikini – $44 8. Colour Block Pirate Flag Swim Trunks – $40 9. Mermaid Print on Aqua Long-Sleeve Rash guard Swim Set – $55 6 7 8 9 4 3 5 10 CITY PARENT | April 2024


Father Of the Bride (1991) By Walt Disney Studios

George Banks and his wife, Nina, find themselves in a whirlwind of emotions when their daughter, Annie, returns from her studies abroad with some exciting news - she’s engaged! Suddenly, their once peaceful world is flipped upside down, leaving overprotective George feeling completely out of his element. As they navigate the challenges of meeting the in-laws and planning a wedding with an extravagant consultant and his flamboyant assistant, it feels like the chaos will never cease.

Good Boy (2003) By 20th Century Studios

Long ago, canines descended upon our planet from a distant celestial body, harbouring intentions of conquering the world. Presently, the esteemed Greater Dane seeks a comprehensive report on the progress of this takeover, thus dispatching Hubble on a mission of investigation. However, as Hubble finds solace in the company of the solitary Owen who adopts him, a profound realization dawns upon him: dogs have forsaken their original purpose. No longer are they mankind’s adversaries, but rather, they have become his most loyal companions. To compound matters, the Greater Dane herself is en route to Earth for an imminent inspection...

Holes (2003) By Walt Disney Studios

In a cruel twist of fate, a young boy finds himself unjustly banished to a merciless camp, ruled by a stern warden and her relentless staff. Day after day, the children under their watchful eyes are compelled to tirelessly excavate enigmatic holes amidst the scorching desert. As the sun beats down on their weary bodies, doubts begin to creep in about the true purpose of their grueling rehabilitation. Could there be a sinister secret lurking beneath the surface?

The Sound of Music (1965) By 20th Century Studios

This enchanting and uplifting tale is inspired by the true story of the Von Trapp Family singers, a renowned concert group during the time leading up to World War II. Julie Andrews beautifully portrays Maria, a spirited young woman who starts off as a tomboyish postulant in an Austrian abbey but later becomes a governess in the household of a widowed naval captain with seven children. Through her presence, she infuses the home with a fresh zest for life and a deep appreciation for music.

12 CITY PARENT | April 2024

Kids Summer Pottery Camp 2024

Do you have a young artist looking to get creative this summer?

Enrol them in Clay With Me's Summer Pottery Camp!

We have 8 fun-filled, themed weeks of ceramics, arts, games, wheel throwing, handbuilding, and, of course, take home projects!

Sign Up at

lessons, campers are enthralled by the exciting and engaging camp programming.

2112 Dundas St West & 474 Richmond St West 2 Studios - 8 Weeks - Half & Full Day Sessions Summer 2024 Swim Day Camp! www.theswimacademy.ca905-339-3000407 Speers Rd, Unit 8-10 Spots are Limited! Register Now!
13 April 2024 | CITY PARENT
Oakville Swim Academy intentionally crafts our camp program to create opportunities for campers ages 6-10 to build relationships, try new things, and learn the most valuable life skill: Being safe in - and around - the water. In addition to receiving two daily swimming


Get Ready for Special Occasion Season

Petit lem, a renowned Canadian brand, presents an exquisite Spring Collection of baby apparel that effortlessly blends fashion and comfort. With their expertise in baby fashion, Petit lem offers a delightful range of high-quality clothing made from luxuriously soft, organic cotton. This collection is thoughtfully designed to provide utmost comfort for your precious little one.

1. White Pointelle Knit Cardigan – $48
2. White Eyelet Dress and Tights Set – $68
3. Poplin Shirt & Suspender Shorts Set with Bowtie – $64 4. Berry Print on Poplin with Lurex Dress Set (3–pc) – $64
5. Celestial Blue Yarn–Dyed Striped Woven Dress Set (3–pc) – $64
6 Gingham Cross Hatch Linen Woven Dress Set – $48
7. Celestial Blue Yarn–Dyed Striped Poplin Shirt & Shorts Set with Bowtie – $64
8. Tulip Print on Crosshatch Linen Jumpsuit
14 CITY PARENT | April 2024
15 April 2024 | CITY PARENT



Introducing the latest “Truck Tales” book, a must–read for car–loving kids! Meet Cylinderella, who lives with three mean trucks and spends her days cleaning for them. But with the help of the Fairy Rod Mother, she attends the Royal Car Show and teaches the kingdom that what’s inside is more important than a shiny exterior.

Ages: 3–5 Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: 24 Price: CAD $13.80

Too Many Hugs – April

Theo’s book on consent teaches his family about respect and personal boundaries. He writes five rules for hugging and puts them on the fridge. When Grandma sees the rules, she asks for consent. Theo happily agrees. Consent empowers kids against abuse and shows that they matter. Asking for a hug respects personal boundaries.

Ages: 3–6

Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: Price: 32 CAD $22.95

The Three Little Rigs

Follow the little rigs as they transport materials over a mountain and face off against the mischievous Big Bad Bulldozer. This exciting truck adventure is perfect for car and truck–loving kids and will captivate both kids and adults alike!

Ages: 3–5

Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: 24 Price: CAD $13.80

I Love You, Little Truck – April

“I Love You, Little Truck” is a heartwarming story about the love between Big Truck and Little Truck. Despite Little Truck’s doubts, Big Truck’s love overcomes any obstacle, as shown through charming illustrations by Natasha Mollins and a simple, rhyming text that conveys a touching message for children.

Ages: 1–4

Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: 24 Price: CAD $22.69

The Naughty Bench

A.H. Benjamin

Room 4 faces challenges: bad weather, cancelled zoo outing, and Miss Cross with a headache. Flynn makes a rude sound, Ruby and Phoebe argue, and Oscar takes too long in the bathroom. Everyone then gets sent to the bench. But tough times don’t last, and they end the day happily, laughing and having fun.Ages: 4–8 Publisher: Bushel & Peck

Books Pages: 32 Price: CAD $24.81

Nellie in Knots

Nellie conquered anxiety; she performed in the talent show and acted as the lead choreographer. However, an encounter with Rufus left her terrified of dogs. Now, she refuses to go outside, attend dance club, or stay at her grandparents’ house. Can she overcome her fear with the support of friends and Dr. Neederburger?

Ages: 7–10

Publisher: Pages: 116 Price: CAD $16.95

16 CITY PARENT | April 2024

After school and weekends

In person and online

• Expert French tutoring

• Individualized learning plans

• Focused on your progress

• Tailored for success

• One on one and small groups for personalized learning

• Interactive sessions

• Dynamic classes for all levels

Why Choose Us?

• Customized schedules

• Interactive sessions

Ready to speak French with confidence?



Arts & Crafts

Themed Weeks

Now Accepting Registrations
Dearcroft Lakeshore Dearcroft Trafalgar Crossing Dearcroft Rebecca Three locations in Oakville offering exceptional Montessori Programs:
CAMP Field Trips
Outdoor Adventures
in French
17 April 2024 | CITY PARENT



R eformation is dedicated to sustainability and has identified sp ecific areas of focus to drive their efforts in climate action and environmental justice. People, Product, Planet, and Progress is where it’s at!

Reformation’s popular Abby High-Rise Straight Jean has gained popularity among celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Emily Ratajowski. The jean st yle is currently offered in seven washes, and recently launched two more – the Tenaya and Fior Di Latte.

Available online at or visit one of their stores at Yorkdale Mall and York ville.

in Colorado
Rise Straight
in Lanier
Fior Di Latte
1. Cary Studded High-Rise
2. Cary High Rise in
3. Abby High
4. Val Mid Rise in
5. Val Mid Rise in
6. Cynthia High Rise in
1 3 4 6 5 2 18 CITY PARENT | April 2024
ENTER TO WIN A CRAFTSMAN® LAWNMOWER | @craftsmantoolsca Enter Online: • Go to (scroll down to giveaways section) or scan the QR • Select this contest within the listing and click Enter to Win. For full contest details & rules visit the link above. Retail Value $319.99 • Powerful motor: 13 amp motor with 20-in. Deck helps power through tall grass • Mowing convenience: 3-in-1 mulching, bagging and side discharging • Adjustable: single lever height adjusts from 1-1/2-in. To 4-in. Enter Online: Available at Lowes and RONA stores across Canada. YOU COULD WIN A CRAFTSMAN® LAWNMOWER For advertising information please contact ARTICLES EVENTS RECIPES CONTESTS COUPONS RESOURCES BLOGS AND MUCH MORE! Learn • Play • Discover • at Pickering Museum Village Ice Cream Social | Junior Blacksmith Garden Gnomes & Fairy Homes Escape the Forest | PMV Kidz Club Izzy’s Mystery Adventure Registration must be done in advance. Visit our website or call 905 683 8401 for assistance. @PickeringMuse LEARN DEVELOP GROW 416-425-6062 19 April 2024 | CITY PARENT

get creative



Teaching kids how to cook is an essential life skill that often gets overlooked. In today’s world, where fast food and pre-packaged meals are prevalent, knowing how to cook can benefit children of all ages.

Unfortunately, many kids today may miss out on this skill due to spending their free time playing games or watching videos instead of engaging in hands-on learning. While technology has its benefits, so does knowing how to boil an egg, how to properly use a knife, and understanding healthy food choices.

Research has shown that children who learn to cook are more likely to make healthier food choices and better understand nutrition. So, while electronic gadgets may have their place in our lives, we mustn’t let them overshadow the joys and benefits of learning to cook. Besides, children need to know they don’t need to rely on DoorDash or Uber Eats for their next meal.

Fear not, for the Little Kitchen Academy (LKA), under the watchful eye of Linsay and Blake Moran in High Park, has arrived to save the day.

Through its Montessori-inspired approach, LKA aims to reverse the decline in culinary proficiency, ensuring that children can confidently navigate the kitchen as they grow up.

“We are a first-of-its-kind Montessori-inspired cooking academy for kids ages three to eighteen focused on providing a safe, inspiring, and empowering space for children to identify, develop, and refine their senses,” says Linsay Moran, franchise owner at LKA High Park.

LKA is a place where children can learn the basics of cooking with confidence and curiosity. To help set


the stage, each child dons a chef’s jacket like their instructors. So, let’s get cooking LKA style!

What can the kids expect?

When the students explore their station, the first thing they notice, instead of finding little kid tools like the ones they might have in their play kitchen at home, is filled with the actual kitchen tools their parents and grandparents use.

What’s the make-up of the class?

“We have an amazing team of instructors from various backgrounds, including dieticians

and holistic nutritionists, who share one thing: they’re all passionate about helping children learn these skills. At LKA, we have a maximum of ten children per class. For younger children, we maintain three instructors for every ten children. Safety is a top priority, especially when using kitchen tools. We provide child-safe wooden knives for our youngest students to develop their knife skills correctly.”

The Montessori approach to practical life skills shines at LKA. Math can be challenging to grasp. LKA uses visual measuring cups

shaped into their fractional amounts. These award-winning tools by Welcome Industries make the world of fractions come to life.

What’s the reaction from parents?

“We’ve heard many amusing stories about our students being in the kitchen and correcting their parents on their knife grip and safety.

Recently, a mother shared a lovely experience about baking with her young son, who showed her how to compress the measuring spoon against the inside of the bag to level it. These children are learning useful

skills and gaining confidence in their abilities.”

The reward?

Each three-hour class has the students work through a recipe developed to suit their abilities and age. The instructors help the children use their tools but provide the independence needed so they can explore and invent; but don’t worry, instructors are always there when needed and when safety is a concern.

To learn more about LKA and programs – see

21 April 2024 | CITY PARENT

Perfect outing for moms with babies 0-12 months ofage

• Watch the movie with your little one in a car seat beside youorsnuggled in acarrier

Dads, grandparents and friends welcome. Enjoy the newest Hollywood movies inababy-friendly environment NOW PLAYING AT YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD

Barrie, Etobicoke, North York, Oakville, Oshawa, The Beach, Vaughan. MOVIESFORMOMMIES.COM

Scan here to learn more!
A baby friendly play date for moms


gift guide

Melon + Salty Air

Indulge in a savory and tangy combination that immediately whisks you away to a peaceful coastal atmosphere.

$30.00 Available at

Fjords of Iceland Bath Bomb

It’s a true delight for your body and soul.

$11.20 Available at

CHI Lava Iron

The smooth epitome of sophistication.

$71.02 Available at

Eucalyptus, Mint & Rosemary Bubble Bath

Drift to a hidden oasis within the Blue Lagoon. Chase after wisps of eucalyptus mist, and the refreshing scent of petrichor

$30.80 Available at

Facial Hair Remover by Phillips

Get smooth skin on the go! This designed tool removes even the tiniest hairs on your face without any hassle or complications.

$29.99 Available at

Manta SILK Sleep Mask by Manta Sleep

Experience the ultimate rejuvenating sleep with our premium Manta SILK Mask.

$69.00 Available at and

Abby High Rise Straight Jeans by Reformation

The Abby High Rise Straight Jeans are not only stylish, but they are also grown in a way

$288 Available at

24 CITY PARENT | April 2024


Check our online Gift Guide for additional details on these products. Gift Guide for additional details on these product

Hydrogel Eye Therapy by Evio Beauty

Give your skin the nourishment it craves. Evio Beauty creates products that fortify your skin’s natural defenses, transforming stressed-out skin into resilient skin.

$22.00 Available at, Shoppers Drug Mart and

Manta Weighted Mask

Designed to combat stress and anxiety, this unique weighted mask combines gentle pressure with complete blackout for a truly soothing experience. $49.00 Available at and

St. Tropez Self Tan Supreme Violet

Bronzing Mousse by St. Tropez

Prepare yourself for an elevated tanning experience and embrace the extraordinary St.Tropez glow.

$62.00 Available at, and

Cleanance A.H.A Exfoliating Serum by Avène

Transform your oily or acne-prone skin with a comprehensive range of products designed to purify, correct, support, and and high tolerance.


CHI Compact Garment Steamer

Say goodbye to wrinkles on the move!

$109.97 Available at

CHI Electronic Iron with Retractable Cord that special occasion.

$79.57 Available at

25 April 2024 | CITY PARENT



The sun has that special spring warmth while the world is showing signs of emerging from its long winter dormancy. You and the kids alike feel the urge to get out and do something. Hop in the car and take a short road trip just above the city to the Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum, in Gormley.

This excellent museum showcases one of York Region’s largest historic collections. Hundreds of artifacts, documents and photographs tell the story of more than 200 years of local history. There’s a wedding dress worn by Mary Bogart in her 1852 nuptials, a reminder of an important family who lent their name to the village of Bogarttown (more on that vanished village later), and series of letters written home by Henry Wideman, one of 50,000 Canadians to serve in the American Civil War.

The grounds, meanwhile, boast a fine collection of historically relevant buildings – a mini pioneer village - that enable guests to step back into time.

The first building in the museum collection was the Bogarttown

Schoolhouse, built in 1857. If you look carefully, you can still see the initials carved by students in the exterior brick walls and the teacher’s desk inside belonged to the school’s first teacher, Francis Starr. Closed in 1968, the school is all that remains of the once thriving farming village of Bogarttown, long since swallowed up by Newmarket.

Other buildings include a circa1850s log cabin that represents

a typical first home of a pioneer settler-family (you can still make out the axe marks on the broadbeamed walls made with the callused hands of an immigrant farmer), a typical 19th century barn, a unique two-seater outhouse, the elegant Victorian era Brown House, owned by James Brown, a prominent figure in early Stouffville, and a second schoolhouse, the circa 1871 Vandorf School, which features two separate

entrances – one for girls and one for boys – the only building original to the site.

Consider visiting on April 13 when the museum hosts Springtime in the Forest (12:30 – 2 p.m.). This interactive event for children ages 3 – 10 explores what happens in the forest during the spring and includes themed activities and crafts. Cost is $10 per child. Or explore the exhibits and grounds for free during the Museum Open House.

Experience more than 200 years of history and an afternoon of family fun at the Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum.


Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


14732 Woodbine Avenue, Gormley

26 CITY PARENT | April 2024

CAMP KODIAK , Canada’s premier overnight summer camp, caters to children and teens aged 6 to 18, offering a specialized experience for those with and without learning disabilities, ADHD, and ASD Level 1. The program boasts a variety of highlights, including a social skills program, academic support, and over 50 activities. With a camper-to-staff ratio of 2:1 and 3:1 in the cabin, the focus remains on personalized attention and fostering meaningful connections. Cabin groups are small, allowing campers to bond over shared interests and ages. The staff, comprised of professionals from various fields, ensures a supportive environment conducive to growth and development. Activities, spanning athletic, artistic, and life skills domains, are designed to nurture confidence and guarantee success. For older campers, the Leaderin-Training Program offers valuable leadership opportunities. Camp Kodiak promises a summer filled with fun, friendship, and success. |

CAMP WABIKON For over 75 years, Camp Wabikon has provided youth from around the world with an exceptional overnight summer camp experience. Located on an island in beautiful Temagami, Ontario, our site adds to the magic of your child’s stay. Our qualified, dynamic staff team leads a safe, fun and educational program. Campers love the freedom of being able to choose their activities each day using our personal choice sign-up system. We also offer an outstanding 6-week Counsellor In Training (CIT) program for 16 and 17 year olds. We are a family-owned and operated business that takes great pride in the work we do. By limiting camper enrolment to 150, everyone at Wabikon feels like part of the family. Join us for a summer you’ll never forget! | |


Do you have a young artist looking to develop their creativity this summer? Come join in on the fun all summer long at Clay With Me – with week one kicking off July 2! Each of the eight weeks will introduce a new theme to help participants (ages 6 and up) explore their imagination to make amazing things out of clay! Every child will be invited to dive into the world of ceramics – including wheel throwing and hand-building – to craft one larger and a smaller project to take home! Half-day & full day sessions are available at both our Dundas West Studio (2112 Dundas Street W) and our Richmond Street Studio (474 Richmond Street W). For more information or enroll, visit: |




CONSEIL SCOLAIRE VIAMONDE Viamonde is the only French-language public school board in Central Southwestern Ontario. Its 57 schools deliver a first-class education to students from Windsor to Bowmanville, while offering the Ontario curriculum with a special emphasis on the strong development of French and English. As a leader in education, Viamonde provides innovative schools on a human scale, where students are citizens of the world. The board’s unique name reflects its openness to the world, in all its diversity. Providing free education for all, Viamonde schools are inclusive environments where differences are respected. With stellar EQAO test results and a higher graduation rate than the provincial average, Viamonde students prove that the Board is the #1 choice if you are looking for a school that values students’ interests and offers rigorous academic training. |





Join us at our Spring Open House for a school tour to learn more about Montessori education and discover why Dearcroft Trafalgar Crossing School is your natural choice. Newly Opened in 2023, our North campus delivers exceptional Montessori programs for children ages Toddler to Grade 6. Please join us on Tuesday, April 9th from 10:00 am-11:00 am to meet our dynamic team of teachers and learn about our new state-ofthe-art classrooms. For more information, please email |



Embark on an electrifying adventure of boundless joy and excitement at Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park, proudly catering to the thrill-seekers of Whitby and Hamilton. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience that transcends age boundaries, where interconnected trampolines beckon you to defy gravity and soar to new heights. Brace yourself for endless leaps, laughter that resonates without limits, and the exhilaration of gravity-defying slam dunks. Whether you’re seeking an everyday escape or planning a special celebration, Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park is the ultimate destination. Our committed staff ensures a seamless and safe experience, turning every birthday bash into a resounding success. Feel the contagious joy of bouncing, the symphony of laughter, and the creation of lasting memories at Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park in Whitby and Hamilton. |

FRENCH CLASSES At L’Agence French, we are a dedicated French Educational Specialists Team helping our students (young and adults) reach their goals. Students will receive superior education and personalized programs as they gain confidence and develop lifelong skills. We know there is no limit to our students’ potential. We offer two elite educational options to accommodate every family’s needs: the after-school/after-work tutoring school and the weekend seminars. Both services will elevate students’ French skills and nourish their curiosity. Students will build confidence in an elegant French environment. We welcome children and adults of all ages and all French levels, from beginner to advanced. @lagencefrench | |







From majestic lions to playful monkeys, Jungle Cat World Zoo offers a diverse collection of over 150 animals for visitors to admire and learn about. As you wander through the zoo, you may encounter fascinating creatures such as tigers, lemurs, and exotic birds. Each animal at the zoo plays a vital role in conservation efforts, helping to raise awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking for a fun day out, Jungle Cat World Zoo provides a unique opportunity to connect with the natural world and appreciate the beauty of the animal kingdom. Plan your visit today and embark on an unforgettable adventure among some of the world’s most incredible creatures! |


3667 Concession Rd 6

Orono, ON


OAKVILLE SWIM ACADEMY has remained the premier swimming instructional facility in Southern Ontario for the past 15 years. Small class sizes, warm saltwater pool, and a learning-centred instructional approach are just some of the things that separate Oakville Swim Academy from other swim schools. With an unwavering emphasis on technical success, we approach swimming lessons biomechanically, ensuring that swimmers get from point A to point B safer, quicker, and more efficiently. We offer semi-private and private lessons, parent & tot, adult lessons, leadership programs, and more! No matter your skill set, age, or aquatic aspirations, we have a high-quality program ready for you! Spring and Summer Programs are now available! Contact us for a free assessment. |


407 Speers Rd, Unit 8-10, Oakville

ONTARIO TECH UNIVERSITY SUMMER CAMPS program provides campers with fun, hands-on opportunities to learn and explore. Our mission is to inspire kids to see STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) everywhere in the world around them. Hands-on activities and curriculumbased learning in robotics, coding, gaming, and much more, provides an experience that is both educational and fun! We succeed when our campers leave camp thinking that STEM is exciting and within their reach – that it could be part of their future. Counsellors are university staff, Faculty of Education students, graduates, or members of the Ontario College of Teachers. Inperson and virtual camps are available! Camps run weekly from July 2 through Aug. 23. Supervised extended care is available for an additional fee. Join us for a fun-filled summer! |

THE OAKVILLE SOCCER CLUB has been providing a positive soccer experience to the community of Oakville since 1972. The Club delivers year-round soccer programming for all ages and skill levels, starting with our youngest soccer stars (2 years-old), and progressing all the way to Adult League (ages 18+). Along their soccer journey, players can enjoy recreational or competitive levels of the game following OSC’s Player Pathway! Currently, registration is open for Youth Summer Soccer (Ages 2 – 18) and Summer Camp! Spaces are filling quickly! Sign up today to lock in your spot for soccer fun! |


Come join Canada’s #1 grassroots summer soccer day camp. The Royal City Soccer Club is celebrating our 32nd annual summer camps this July and August. Our program is designed to offer a soccer focus in the morning with a leisure swim and camp activities in the afternoons. All children ages 5 to 13 are encouraged to register for full-day or morning sessions at any of our 30+ locations across Halton, Peel, York, Toronto, and Durham. We offer early drop off and late pickup times with additional extended care times available ($$). Our camps operate during all 9 weeks in July and August. |



THE OSCAR PETERSON SCHOOL is The Royal Conservatory’s community school, welcoming all ages and abilities! Whether you want your child to take lessons with our experienced faculty, have opportunities to perform in our beautiful spaces, or just have fun learning and making music with others, there is something for everyone! Our 2024 summer music camps run from July 2 to August 23 for kids ages 4–17 who are interested in Musicals & Singing, Piano, Strings, Band, Rock Band, or Instrument Exploration. Also, for young children ages 0–6, our early childhood Smart Start™ program features a neuroscience research-based curriculum. Our camps also offer before-andafter care, high staff-to-camper supervision and a stunning, air-conditioned location conveniently located steps from St. George subway station. |



Give your child an unforgettable adventure with a focus on fostering artistic expression and teamwork! Led by practicing professional artists, don’t miss the chance to inspire your child’s creativity in a vibrant and supportive environment. Each week is only $350. Summer camp at TO Live features two weeks of non-stop fun with music (singing classic songs, percussion games, introductory music theory), dance (group choreography, improvised dance, movement games), theatre (improvisation games, theatrical skit creation, teamwork practice), and visual arts (painting, drawing, handmade crafts, mixed media). Each day of camp at Meridian Arts Centre begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. Extended care is available from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. each morning and 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. each evening for additional fees. |

TORONTO KIDZ offers a wide range of camps at multiple locations in Toronto for kids ages 5-12. Besides the summer camp, we offer PA Day camps, winter camp and March break camp. In the summer, our KIDZ Camp for our younger campers follows a weekly theme such as pirates, dinosaurs, animals, etc. – while our JUNIOR Camp for 9–12-year-olds, focuses on topics such as leadership, magic, wacky science, and more. We include a weekly field trip to one of Toronto’s attractions and a full day park day. Our programming is the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor time. Outdoors, we visit nearby parks, splash pads, and explore the city on our field trips! Indoors, we play games, get creative with arts & crafts, and learn exciting new things related to the weekly theme! We truly care about each camper’s experience and build long-lasting relationships with our camp families. |

TORONTO WALDORF SCHOOL Introducing Toronto Waldorf School Summer Camp, celebrating 14 years of enriching experiences! Embrace a summer brimming with movement, arts, and life skills development. With our staff’s deep understanding of how to provide children with a healthy and supportive community, and children’s endless capacity for play and creation, we provide our campers with the care, activities, and life skills which serve them for years to come. Research shows that the things which children need most are undervalued in today’s fast-paced high-tech times. These things include freedom in play, creative expression, time outdoors, sensory-rich experiences, dynamic movement, cooperation and collaboration in games, and respect for children’s individuality. Our experienced staff strive to promote these qualities through our summer camp program. |


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