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All change Business as usual The Framing Workshop— The Next 2 8 Y e a r s i n W a l c o t St r e e t


wenty eight years ago Martin Tracy, along with his partner Julia, started their own business, The Framing Workshop, in what was then a rapidly changing Walcot Street. Walcot continues to evolve and it was with this in mind that Martin and Julia began to think about the future of their business and how it would continue to serve their clients, Walcot’s community, the city and their long standing, loyal and experienced staff.

Over the past eighteen months or so, a plan has evolved that will ensure the longevity of The Framing Workshop. Martin explains, “ As we approached an age when we were having to think about our future, along with that of our all consuming business, I was determined to safe guard and maintain our existing integrities. The most significant of these has been the seeking of options for continuity and a solution in providing us with the confidence that our clients, together with our staff will continue to be looked after in the same way. We were therefore delighted when Ian and Hannah Pittman, who between them have over twenty five years of experience working at The Framing Workshop, took over the business as their own”. Ian and Hannah are delighted to be continuing The Framing Workshop with the same traditional values of customer service, high quality materials and creativity - still as a truly independent, family run business. Ian says, “Martin has set the standard of the reliable high-quality service for which The Framing Workshop is known. We are excited to be taking The Framing Workshop into its next 28 years with the wonderful, dedicated staff”.

80 WALCOT STREET, BATH BA1 5BD TEL : 01225 482748

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