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Rob Morgan

Protel Communications Ltd 01179 864 777 How long have you been established? January 2018 will be our 30th birthday! What services do your company offer? We offer IP, digital and cloud telephone solutions to a diverse range of clients from start-up businesses through to multi-national companies, along with competitive line rental and call costs. Network and fibre optic cabling is also a part of our portfolio. This includes design, installation and relocations to your existing infrastructure. What will be the biggest telecoms challenges for businesses moving forward? The transition from traditional lines to SIP Trunks. Since the announcement that the ISDN 2 service will cease in 2025 and along with the increase of homeworkers, the broadband infrastructure needs to be sufficient and resilient enough to support the emerging technologies. Most rewarding aspects of the job? Ensuring that we’ve fully understood and delivered our clients brief and provided them with the service they deserve. The majority of our clients have been with us for many years and we strive to keep them up to date with new applications which may benefit their company.

Nick Townsend soVision IT

What makes soVision IT different from other IT providers? Our clients benefit from services that take the headache out of their IT. We have been providing this service for over 30 years to local schools, businesses and government agencies. Our services include: • Managed Services • Cloud & Hosting • Connectivity & Broadband • Design & Development What are my chances of being hacked? In today’s world without the right protection the chances are very high. Here at soVision IT, we aim to build robust layers of protection at every level, varying from end user education through to Application Control Policies. How can businesses save money on their IT? soVision IT work to ensure our clients are strategically investing in the right infrastructure that delivers cost-effective and efficient IT services. A stable and reliable infrastructure is important to businesses. We utilise technology such as virtualisation to ensure our clients get the most from their investment. Once we fully understand the customers’ requirements and budget, we will work to ensure we deliver the right solution.


david webster

Verhoef Training davidw@verhoef-training. What sets you apart from other companies? From its specialist beginnings supporting IBM Mainframes, we now provide over 250 courses supporting five operating systems, six databases and innumerable other courses for programming languages, systems analysis, DevOps, networking, security testing, project management and IT Auditing. Pretty much everything used by corporate IT infrastructures. There are only a handful of companies worldwide that can provide the technical environments required for the breadth and technical depth of the courses we deliver.   What misconceptions are there about IT support?   That it is easy, that it is intuitive and that it is better for consumers in this country if our companies outsource their support offshore. It may be cheaper now but it will be costly in the long term.   Most rewarding aspects of the job?   Without doubt the user experience. There is nothing more rewarding that a 10/10 course evaluation score; especially when we know the technical complexity of the subject.  To have overcome the challenges of sourcing materials, environment and expertise for esoteric topics like say, Parallel Sysplex Implementation and Administration, does give you quite a buzz.  

william wood

Datasharp Integrated Communications 4 Bath Business Park, Bath, BA2 8SG 08000 328274 What services do your company offer? I wish there was a simple way to summarise, but it’s pretty much everything to do with business communications, whether supplying a modern VoIP phone system, video conferencing, internet connectivity, network security or business mobile phones. Ultimately, it’s about us understanding what your business goals are, whether saving money, securing against the latest threats, saving travel time via use of video conferencing. What sets you apart from other comms companies? We’ve got a superb technology suite in our Bath office, allowing us to demonstrate everything we provide. There’s easily 30 different systems and platforms in there, covering all the different aspects of what we do, allowing customers to get hands-on with the technology and understand the differences between vendors before making a decision. What does a typical Datasharp client look like? We have customers ranging from 25 users in a single office to 1,500 users spanning multiple sites across the globe. Generally, they want to partner with someone they can trust to advise and support systems critical to the business.

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