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B AT H G E T S S ER I O US Tim Lambert is helping businesses to grow

Dominic Day is rugby player turned marketing director


TACKLING A NEW INDUSTRY When a rugby player partnered with a businessman, a new company arose Ex-Bath Rugby player Dominic Day has made a career move few fans would have expected, as he has become a business partner to Tim Lambert whose new sales, marketing and consultancy business is working to change Bath for the better. Tim is the managing director of Haydart, a small company which launched in November 2016 with a view to shaking up how consultancy currently operates. They strongly believe in staff empowerment and flexibility, utilising all of the modern communication tools available. Tim’s business partner Dominic is an international professional rugby player and works as marketing director for Haydart. After completing his degree at Cardiff, Dominic went full time in professional rugby, playing 120 games for Scarlets over seven years before joining Bath in 2012. He went on to play 110 games for Bath, and during his last year there he was selected to play for Wales in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. He explained his recent career change and said, “Knowing that unfortunately rugby will not last forever, I have been looking for something to push on with post-rugby. I met Tim during my playing days at Bath and we shared similar interests. When the opportunity came to work together I was delighted. “At the moment, while I am playing, I will input as much as I can whilst working around my rugby commitments. But it can give a welcome distraction and something to get my teeth into.” The focus of Haydart is to help businesses to grow in a

variety of ways. They advise and support in several areas. Firstly, they deal with growth capital by connecting businesses with the right funding partners through their large network of finance connections. Secondly, they outsource sales for smaller firms who may not be in a position to take on a full time sales director; they do this by outsourcing the work to themselves. They also work in third party sales, which helps larger firms who may want external output on their sales and marketing strategy or an individual campaign. One of their other main tasks is to help foreign firms looking to launch a business or product in the UK, and one of Dominic’s roles is to use his sporting and business connections to find the right speaker for any type of event. They are currently working on a range of schemes, mostly for Bath-based businesses. One of their biggest projects is helping a luxury property developer raise a multimillion-pound equity and debt financing to take the business to the next level, which will be concluding later this summer. They are also working with Paragon Structures in Bath to develop their full sales and marketing strategy as they grow their sports centre projects in the UK. Far from limiting themselves to only working with large businesses, they are working on smaller projects too in an effort to help Bath thrive even more than it already does. For more:


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