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Issue 1 Quarter 4 2013


The NEW West Midlands Edition The magazine from OCBS packed with offers, news and much, much more!


QUICK REFERENCE Alfa Romeo – Guests - Tel: 0121 5698704 Chevrolet- Brindley Wolverhampton- 01902 714240 Chrysler – Guests - 0121 5698704 Fiat- Guests- 0121 5698704 Ford - Chambers Group - 0121 311 9800. Honda – Brindley Cannock - Tel: 01543 506506 Hyundai- J T Hughes – 01952 211941 Jeep – Guests – Tel: 0121 5698704 Kia – Brindley Wolverhampton - Tel: 01902 705985 Mercedes Birmingham- 0121 7661669 Mercedes Stourbridge- 01384 4445800 Mazda- Colliers Birmingham- 0121 3821010 Mitsubishi- J T Hughes 01952 211941 Nissan – West Way Stourbridge- Tel: 01384 574453 Peugeot – Colliers - Tel: 0121 3821010 Saab – Brindley Wolverhampton – Tel: 01902 714240

Accident Management – Collision Solutions Tel: 0800 093 8441 Novol – Automotive Refinishing Products – Granlyn Auto Paints LtdTel: 0121-5887888 Bodyshop & Garage Equipment – Brinklake Ltd – Tel: 0845 5197 246

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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Hi All, Welcome to your very first Automotive Vision! And thanks for taking the time to read the magazine this quarter. Each quarter in association with our dealers and specialist suppliers we will be providing you with a great opportunity to increase your profits with some fantastic special offers and hopefully at the same provide you with some informative and interesting features that will also benefit your business. I joined One Call in January and have been in to see most of you throughout the year presenting the benefits of using genuine parts from our dealers in your service/repair and crash repair businesses and on the following pages you will see a snap shot of these. Our industry has always been quite diverse and is constantly evolving and therefore being well informed about changes that could affect service and profitability is critical and throughout these quarterly publications the One Call team will also be doing all it can to provide you with any relevant information that may assist you. I hope you enjoy and if any of you would like to make any comments or wish to discuss any of the features shown then please give me a call. In the meantime I would like to thank all of One Calls partners featured in the magazine for their assistance in providing you with these fantastic offers and an even bigger thank you to Sarah- Cooper Williams from Media Angelus for putting this publication together.


AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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Spray Paint Gun Cleaners

Brinklake, supply paint gun cleaners produced by one of the leading manufacturers of spray gun cleaning equipment, B-TEC. Whatever your body shop or industrial paint shop needs, their range of cleaners will improve the effectiveness of your paint guns, making spray jobs quicker and far more effective.

Here is what Martin Parlett from Brookvale Autos Witton Birmingham had to say after taking delivery recently of the B-TEC Starter-01 Cleaning Machine. “It cleans my guns fantastically well and has saved me a fortune in thinners. It is an all round quality package and has quickly given me greater efficiencies in the way I clean my spray guns to how I did before”

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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PRICE CHECK FRIDAY The following pages feature the latest special offers from our Main Dealers, if you check your prices with two factors and one main dealer on every job you would make enough extra profit to cover the wages of someone to do this!! I know most garages don’t get time to check prices so let me take the hassle away for you. I am looking to telephone around 30 garages around the Birmingham/West Midlands area every Friday, who I shall then ask for any registration numbers of vehicles they have booked in for the following week, I will then price check things like Service Kits, Brakes, Clutches, Cambelt Kits and Waterpumps – you will be surprised how often the One Call Main Dealers are cheaper than the factors. What have you got to lose??? If you want to join ‘Price Check Friday’ just email me at and I will be glad to give you a call.

AUTOMOTIVE VISION magazine is produced and edited by MEDIA ANGELUS

WHAT A LAUGH! A selection of excuses given to the DVLA from owners who failed to tax their car. ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻

I had man flu and couldn’t go to the Post Office. I’ve been out of the country for four months and I forgot where I parked my car. My dog ate the reminder. My reminder on my phone didn’t work so it’s not my fault I fell out of a tree picking plums and broke both my arms. I took too much Viagra and couldn’t leave the house. I’d forgotten the motorbike was in my garage – it was hidden behind the BBQ so it’s not my fault. My accountant told me I’m due a tax rebate so I didn’t think I needed to pay again this year. I was on my way to the Post Office to tax the car and called into the betting shop - there was a horse running at Doncaster called ‘Don’t Do It’ so I bet on that with my car tax money instead – it lost. My mate said that if the cost of the tax is more than what the car is worth you haven’t got to pay it – it’s not, so I didn’t.

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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A product that is gaining an increasing amount of attention in the UK is partslink24. Already a big hit in Germany and elsewhere on the continent, partslink24 is now gaining traction in this country. is a multi-brand website for automotive spare parts. By bringing together as many manufacturers as possible under one site, LexCom (the company behind partslink24) hope to provide a one-stop shop for garages, bodyshops, fleet managers and anyone else who needs to look up spare parts and order them from OEM dealers. partslink24 currently hosts the official spare parts data from around 20 different manufacturers, which between them represent over 60% of the UK parc. New brands joining later this year will bring the total up to around 70%. Most brands feature VIN or reg vehicle identification, pricing (RRP) and additional vehicle data, all through one website. For some brands, partslink24 even offers personalised pricing and online ordering from your local dealership, with more dealers coming online all the time. If you haven't already seen it, now might be the time to take a look at partslink24. Ask your One Call rep for more information.

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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31st December

PARTS HOTLINE 0121 382 1010

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT – FRIEND OR FOE TO BODYSHOPS AND FLEET CLIENTS There is a wariness to use accident management companies whether you are a bodyshop or a company with a fleet of cars, especially after recent media coverage over referral fees, personal injury. We spoke to Lisa Quinn-Jones, Sales Director of Collision Solutions. Why should a Bodyshop Owner or Fleet Manager use an accident management company such as yours? I can’t speak for other accident management companies, and whilst there are companies out there who are non-compliant with the guidelines set by the ABI, Collision Solutions, is an accident management company who have been established for over 20 years. Our head office based in Lancashire, however we offer nationwide cover as this is vital to the majority of our fleet clients. We have an excellent reputation as a company that is committed to offering a superior service within the accident management market place. You also have the added assurance in knowing that we are one of only fifty one accident management companies who are a 1st Tier subscriber to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) Third Party Agreement which regulates the industry. What is it that you offer your clients that sets you apart from other Accident Management Companies? Well I would need to answer that in two parts as the benefits to a Bodyshop are slightly different to those of a company running a fleet. Above all it is the personal service and level of service that we offer that sets us apart, we always go that extra mile. However, if I give just some of the main benefits that we can offer a company with a fleet of cars, whether it is just a few vehicle or hundreds may and then look at what we can offer Bodyshops. With all our fleet clients we will manage all aspects of the claim on our clients behalf, many companies do not have a dedicated fleet manager and we know from experience that dealing with all the calls, paperwork and other issues involved in an accident takes an incredible amount of time so therefore, we can save the client time, allowing them to get on with their normal role. Because we operate 24/7 and UK wide, the company and vehicle driver has peace of mind knowing that whenever and wherever they are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident we are there to help. We also make sure that we recover all costs involved from the ‘at fault’ drivers insurance and as quickly as possible.

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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As well as this, Collision Solutions will provide an equivalent replacement vehicle, whether a Mini or an LGV whilst the vehicle is being repaired or a settlement has been made in the case of the vehicle being deemed a ‘write off’. Collision Solutions will also manage the accident if the clients driver is at fault, therefore we can control the costs against the clients insurer and where possible provide a replacement vehicle complimentary to you. In fact we will also provide the same service if an employee drives his or her own vehicle on company business. What about Bodyshops? We offer a number of benefits to the bodyshops, once a client is referred to us we ensure that the bodyshop retains the repair as well as paying a preferential labour rate. We also allow them to choose their own engineer and of course with non-fault accidents their customer receives a like for like vehicle which pleases their customer as not many bodyshops can afford to keep a range of vehicles on fleet to cover every size of vehicle, especially with clients in special vehicles such as dual control or refrigerated vans for example which we can. Although referral fees are banned we do offer commission on the hire of the vehicle. Above all we offer full support to bodyshops by way of appointing them a personal account manager, monthly visits from the field based account manager as well as offering marketing support. By doing this we can help the bodyshop target businesses in their local area to gain their fleet work, offer advice and also where necessary involve our own marketing consultant to give them support in areas that they may not have the expertise or the time to dedicate to. What this means for the bodyshop is that we not only look after their client, we also maintain communication with them and the client which means that they can get on with the repair and leave everything else to us. We are very proud of the fact that our customer satisfaction survey to the private and business drivers has over the past 2 years been rated as ‘Excellent’ 98% every quarter. Is there anything that you think could be improved on by you? We are always striving to improve our service and welcome feedback from all our clients regardless of whether they are an individual, bodyshop or fleet client. We thought that it was also time to see what bodyshops would like so we have recently commissioned our marketing consultant to do an independent survey that will go out via our newsletter to ask all bodyshops to participate in a confidential survey. The participants are asked to tell us what they want from accident management companies such as ourselves, what is important to them when choosing an accident management company and where we can improve our service to them. This will give us a good idea as to how to plan for the future. What would you like to see change in the industry,? The main thing I would love to see change is that all insurance companies work with us to do what is best for their policy holders and allow them the right to choose where they have a vehicle repaired, which is their right, without being penalised.

Tel: 0800 093 8441

Your local supplier: Granlyn Auto Paints Ltd Bank St, West Bromwich,B71 1HF AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1 Phone: 0121 588 7888


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Your local supplier: Granlyn Auto Paints Ltd Bank St, West Bromwich,B71 1HF Phone: 0121 588 7888

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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VILLA 09/11 25/11 30/11 04/12 08/12 15/12

ALBION Cardiff WBA Sunderland Southampton Fulham Man Utd


BLUES 09/11 23/11 30/11 03/12 07/12 14/12

Chelsea Villa Newcastle Man City Norwich Cardiff


WOLVES Huddersfield A Blackpool H Barnsley A Doncaster H Middlesboro H Bournemouth A


18/11 23/11 26/11 30/11 14/12

09/11 25/11 30/11 04/12 07/12 14/12

Peterboro Crawley Sheff Utd Port Vale Shrewsbury


5/11 16/11 23/11 26/11 30/11 14/12

Carlisle A Notts Co A Brentford H Tranmere H Peterboro A Milton Keynes H

Battery Offers Genuine Honda quality with 3 Year Guarantee

These batteries can also be used for other vehicle fittings.

BRINDLEY CANNOCK Progress Business Centre, Walsall Road, Cannock, WS11 0JP Email: PARTS HOTLINE: AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1

01543 506506 26

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BRINDLEY CANNOCK Progress Business Centre, Walsall Road, Cannock, WS11 0JP Email: PARTS HOTLINE:

01543 506506

0121 311 9800

Chambers Ford Coleshill Road Sutton Coldfield West Midlands B75 7BS AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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0121 311 9800

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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In the current Economic Climate it’s fair to say that most businesses are finding money hard to access although many Bodyshops and Garages wish to continue investing in new equipment to drive efficiencies and meet the technological demands of the modern vehicle. Then talk to PMD Leasing about financing for your business needs. For just £9 a day you could have £10,000 of equipment! Why not spread the cost and pay for it as it works for you? All equipment can be financed, if you’re unsure please just ask! Specialists in Garage and Bodyshop Equipment Finance We are pleased to announce the launch of our new websites dedicated to the Garage Industry. Please visit us at and follow us on Twitter @pmdbodyshopmot and check out our Facebook page Call Sam or Jill on 0161 627 7092 for details quoting OCBS or Click here to visit their website

COBRA INSURANCE Cobra UK & Ireland are an Independent Motor Trade broker that has been established in Altrincham since 1993. With a large organisation behind us, we are able to offer our customers a wide choice of insurance markets using the benefit of the buying power that comes with a large business. We are a well respected and continually expanding independent commercial insurance broker providing bespoke and cost effective insurance solutions for all businesses connected to the motor trade industry. This ensures that all aspects of your business will be covered to give you peace of mind when it comes to your insurance programme. We are proud to say that many of our clients have been with us since we opened up for business and from this we have expanded and shall continue to succeed. Our clients are more than happy to provide references on our service. Our in-house motor trade scheme provides a wide range of added value services for our clients to help control costs and minimise risks more efficiently. We are able to provide access to leading industry service providers such as: · · · · ·

Risk Director - A free online risk management tool for your business. Motor Insurance Database - Assistance with the regulatory obligations and a dedicated helpline. ROSPA - Discounts on a wide range of risk management services from the Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents. AA - Up to 61% off the AA mechanical breakdown service. Securikey - Discount rates from the UK's leading company for safes and high security key cabinets

If you want to find out more about how Cobra UK & Ireland can assist you with competitive premiums, exceptional service levels and comprehensive cover, then please contact Daren Bootham 07570 674 697 or Tim Sweeney 07799 876 360 and we would be delighted to offer a free no obligation review of your insurance programme.

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Collision Solutions Accident Assistance recently launched their new Fleet Users initiative, not only will this help their Fleet clients but they could help yours also. With a dedicated advisor, your own unique reference number assigned just to you which records all accidents referred via your clients, and a 24/7 service that offers advice and help to your clients in the event of an accident. Our service ensures that your fleet clients will have: 

Minimum disruption to their business as we manage the claim on their behalf

A 24/7 response nationwide for you and for them.

An equivalent replacement vehicle whatever the vehicle

Recovery of costs involved from the insurer of the 'at fault' driver

We will also manage the accident if their driver is at fault - which controls the cost against their insurance company.

If their employees drive their own vehicle on company business all the benefits still apply. To find out more about this unique service, contact Paul at: or download the brochure by CLICKING HERE

New MOT Rules The advisory period for the new MOT changes introduced by VOSA Jan 2012 is now coming to an end & the following will be MOT failure.

Supplementary restraints The vehicle will fail the test if any airbag fitted as original equipment is obviously missing or defective. A seatbelt pre-tensioner fitted as original equipment but missing or that has obviously deployed will be a reason for failure. Seatbelt load limiters that are missing where fitted as standard or folding webbing type limiters that have obviously deployed are also reasons for failure. The vehicle will also fail if a Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) malfunction indicator lamp indicates a system malfunction.

Warning lights As well as electronic parking brake and electronic stability control warning lights (where fitted) the MOT test will also include checks for the correct function of the following, where fitted;    

Headlight main beam warning light Electronic power steering warning light Brake fluid level warning light Seat belt pre-tensioner warning light

If you’re current diagnostic equipment cannot diagnose the malfunction or reset the warning light call GDI. By using our OE Genuine Main Dealer Diagnostic Tools & software we will help you diagnose the problem. ABS, ESP, SRS, Power Steering, Engine etc. For the last 10 years GDI has been helping the major insurance companies and the crash repair industry to rectify airbag faults especially after collision. We have a vast knowledge of all common airbag faults. AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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GDI Airbag Services Include          

Reset warning lights Fault finding & diagnosis Crash data removal from airbag ECU Program new airbag ECU Repair original airbag ECU Supply airbag ECU/Module Bench test airbag components Replace parts Repair faults Repair airbag wiring faults

GDI can repair defective Airbag ECU/Module usually on the bench or sometimes even while on the car. Our service includes collection, bench repair, software re-flash, delivery, installation, diagnostic programming and configuration. Re-setting and full testing while connected to the vehicle. GDI will use genuine OE equipment & software to diagnose the Airbag Malfunction. We have various solutions for many problems. If you are not sure how to rectify the Airbag faults give us a call.

GDI OE Dealer Diagnostic Tools Include Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Peugeot, Renault, Saab, Seat, Toyota, Vauxhall, VW

GDI Services Ltd 07740 866555

JT HUGHES Telford Stafford Park 1 Stafford Park Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3BD Service & Parts opening hours: Monday - Friday - 8.30am - 5.30pm Saturday - 8.30am - 12.30pm Sunday - Closed

Mitsubishi: 01952 305542 Hyundai: 01952 305565

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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JT HUGHES Telford Stafford Park 1 Stafford Park Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3BD

Mitsubishi: 01952 305542 Hyundai: 01952 305565

Service & Parts opening hours: Monday - Friday - 8.30am - 5.30pm Saturday - 8.30am - 12.30pm Sunday - Closed

FORMULA 1 CALENDAR The 2013 /2014 Calendar 2013 17/11 USA 24/11 Brazil

2014 Grand Prix



Grand Prix of Australia

Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne

16 March

Grand Prix of Malaysia

Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur

30 March

Grand Prix of Bahrain

Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir

6 April

Grand Prix of China

Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai

20 April

Grand Prix of Korea

Korea International Circuit, Yeongam

27 April

Grand Prix of Spain

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona

11 May

Grand Prix of Monaco

Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo

25 May

Grand Prix of America

Port Imperial Street Circuit, New Jersey

1 June

Grand Prix of Canada

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal

8 June

Grand Prix of Austria

Red Bull Ring, Spielberg

22 June

Grand Prix of Great Britain

Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone

6 July

Grand Prix of Germany

Hockenheimring, Hockenheim

20 July

Grand Prix of Hungary

Hungaroring, Budapest

27 July

Grand Prix of Belgium

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Francorchamps

24 August

Grand Prix of Italy

Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza

7 September

Grand Prix of Singapore

Marina Bay Street Circuit, Marina Bay

21 September

Grand Prix of Russia

Sochi International Street Circuit, Sochi

5 October

Grand Prix of Japan

Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka

12 October

Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

26 October

Grand Prix of the United States

Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas

9 November

Grand Prix of Mexico

Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico City

16 November

Grand Prix of Brazil

Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo

30 November

AUTOMOTIVE VISION—Issue 3, Quarter 1


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Dewan Industrial Estate York Avenue Helmshore Rossendale BB4 4JG

Adrian Welsby Sales & Marketing Manager Mob: 07833 291802 Tel: 01706 212223 Fax: 01706 227773

Automotive Vision - West Midlands Edition