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We’ve Invited 30,000

Nurses/ Allied Health Professionals to spend the day


d It’s an Invitation to Shop for a JOB... and get a jump on holiday shopping at over 100 premium brand outlets in the Poconos

$100.00 Shopping Certificates will be offered as Incentive... to qualified pre registering healthcare professionals. $1,000’s of additional discounts will be available to those who attend

Nurses & Allied Health Professionals Pre-Register... Nurses & Allied Health Professionals will be encouraged to pre-register & schedule interviews online at:

This is an RSVP Hiring Event... recruiters can attend with confidence of Interviewing Candidates

$Event: Pocono Northeast Professional Healthcare Job Fair $Date: November 11, 2005 - Tentative $Time: Noon - 7pm; 10am - Noon - Invitation Only Private Select (Morning Mimosa* Mixer) $Where: The Crossings Premium Outlets, Tannersville, PA (Heart of Poconos) Hiring Tent will be at Center Courtyard of Crossings Easy access to parking and shopping

30,000 PA Licensed Nurses & Allied Health Professionals ( RAD/ Imaging Techs, PT/ OT/ RT/ VT/ ST, Master Social Workers)

* Non-alcoholic

From the following PA Counties: Lehigh Monroe Northampton Lackawanna Wyoming Luzerne

Carbon Pike/Wayne

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September 15th, Noon - 7PM

You will receive: Booth Space, Additional support promotion/advertising ex: Newspaper, Radio, TV, Signage, Posters, Emails.

Package A - Full Page Ad

Package B - 1/2 Page Ad

Package C - 1/4 Page Ad

Total Price: $995.00*

Total Price: $795.00*

Total Price: $595.00*

• 2 Issues EW • Booth • Tent • Table, Chairs

• 2 issues EW • Booth • Tent • Table, Chairs

• 2 issues EW • Booth • Tent • Table, Chairs

Contact Ted Schweitzer: Phone: 570.585.0212 x 206 • Fax: 570.585.0546 • Email: * All packages must be paid in full by September 15, 2004

* Ask About our “Shared Job Booth Packages”.

• Restaurant Owners... inquire about our premium location: “One Stop” Restaurant Jobs mega booth. Share the space...Defer the cost!!! • Small Business owners... Do you know a fellow business owner in the same industry who needs help? Partner up and take advantage of our shared packages. • Construction, builders, contractors, trades industry? Ask about delegate booth representation. • Are you a business who hires temps? Ask about out temp worker job booth. • Are you a small business with minimum hiring needs? Ask about our Delegate Booths. • Is your business located in the outlying area? Poconos, Hazleton, Lower Luzerne County, A delegate booth my work for you as well!

Additional considerations planned

• Free Career Advancement / Continuing Ed/ Re-Training/ Job Search Seminars. • Pre- JOB FAIR Employer Job Opportunity Video Spotlights. Featured on the City of Scranton TV Channel. Inclement weather date and location... September 22, 2004 @ St. Mary’s on Mifflin Ave. Downtown Scranton

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