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Congratulations to county’s top students

Remember to always honor ‘The Patch’

By Melody Kinser Managing Editor


arpe diem! Having studied Spanish for three years, that is one of the few Latin phrases with which I am familiar. Seize the day! Today we launch our four-part series recognizing the honor graduates representing Hanover County Public Schools’ four high schools: Atlee, Hanover, Lee-Davis and Patrick Henry. Starting at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 15, members of the Class of 2019 will receive their diplomas in the E.J. Wade Arena of the VCU Stuart Siegel Center at 1200 W. Broad St. in Richmond. The day begins with Patrick Henry

and continues with Atlee at noon, Lee-Davis at 3:30 p.m., and Hanover at 7 p.m. We’re always pleased to share the stories of those students who lead their class as valedictorian and salutatorian. We appreciate the efforts of Chris R. Whitley, HCPS public information officer, in coordinating our coverage, which includes the big day itself. The futures these extraordinary students plan for are impressive as they prove how they achieved their grade point average status and honors through their work in the classroom, as officers and members of school organizations, and contributions to their communities. Motivated and ambitious are obvious words to describe them, but their successes prove much

more as the next chapter of their lives begins. Their dedication and commitment to their own educations, as well as tutoring and mentoring other students, epitomizes the praise heaped upon our county school division. While teachers inspire, so do student leaders -- and these honor graduates certainly merit the accolades and accomplishments they are sharing within these pages today through June 12. This is the day when we offer our “Congratulations!” to the valedictorians and salutatorians. Thank you for exemplifying what students can and should be as they map out their lives’ direction. Be proud. Enjoy your day. Look ahead. Seize the day!

The story of a mother’s love is one that endures By Jim Ridolphi Contributing Columnist As I entered the gates at Fort Lee, I had a feeling of uncertainty, the type you get when you are preparing to do something that you really don’t want to. I was interviewing a soldier who was retiring after a storied career as a medic in the U.S. Army, and I anticipated a long narrative of battlefield memories and stories of survival.

And this guy had seen all of those things, but he was much too humble to mention any of them as we talked about his many tours of duty. He had seen men die in his arms, and suffered through some unthinkable horrors in unspeakable situations. “When they know they are not going to make it, they call for their mothers,” he said, wiping a tear from his eye. “Their mother?” I replied with some surprise. He explained that, in that moment

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of total despair and surrender, battle-hardened heroes call for the one person that had cared for and healed them so many times in the past. That interview took place more than two decades ago when I worked at The Hopewell News, but the soft-spoken medic’s words have stuck with me. They resound with more intensity each year as Mother’s Day approaches, and we offer thanks and appreciation for the many sacrifices made by the ones who bore us.

My mother was forced into a dual role early in my life. When my father died at a young age leaving two small children and a-stay-at-home mom behind, she must have felt like the weight of the world had descended on her. She didn’t shrink in the face of such an enormous challenge, and never shied from her mission to raise us the way my father would have wanted. She was more familiar with the see LOVE, pg. 8 

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It might only be a piece of cloth with different colored threads but it is an important piece of cloth with a very deep meaning and heritage. I notice different patches on different uniforms and clothing and one particular one is on the uniforms of “Hanover’s Finest”. How often have I heard our deputies say, “Remember The Patch”. Remember the patch because it represents service, it represents caring, it represents character. Each of us has a “patch” whether it is visible or not. We represent it by our words and deeds. It represents our character, it represents our family and the place we work. When we say “I work for so and so”, we have a patch that we are obligated to respect regardless of our employment. When we fail to “honor the patch” we bring dishonor to ourselves, our family, our place of employment and our community. Let’s us have the character to live a life of honesty, a life of commitment to helping others in need, a commitment to using today to make tomorrow better for the world. Yes, Hanover’s Finest, how much better off Hanover County would be if we all followed your example. “Remember the patch and always honor it.” Dan Johnson Montpelier

Let’s all get together to solve mess in DC. Maybe everyone (Democrats and Republicans) and even us Independents in Hanover County could write our President and sugsee LETTERS, pg. 8 


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