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Mechelen 2018 3rd International Forum of the European Youth Parliament Belgium

Call for Editors & Vice Presidents

Who we are Hi, we are Anja, Eline, Lena, Victor, Ilse and Eva and we are currently the people behind the International Forum Mechelen 2018. We are students who share a love for Europe, personal development, good food and Belgian beers. We are incredibly excited to introduce ourselves to you and present our vision for the session. We cannot wait to read about your ideas and thoughts for the International Forum and your motivation to join us in your application. As the session President, Lena has the honour of being responsible for the cooperation of all officials’ teams, the team of chairpersons, the academic quality and the theme implementation of Mechelen 2018. She is 23 years old and currently in her Master of European Studies at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). Next to her studies, Lena works as a project assistant in the Schwarzkopf Foundation in Berlin for the Understanding Europe project. She joined EYP as a delegate in April 2011 and has since then attended many sessions in different roles and countries, as well as served on the board of EYP Austria. Eline and Anja are the Head-Organisers of the session. They both live in Mechelen and are studying respectively history and business engineering at the University of Brussels. They both started EYP in 2015 at the National Selection Conference of EYP Belgium and have had the opportunity to explore different roles at national and international sessions both together as well as individually. Ilse, Eva and Victor complete the core team of this IF. They are respectively responsible for venues and logistics, fundraising and PR. Ilse studies Economics at the University in Antwerp, Eva does architectural engineering in Brussels and Victor is in his second year of civil engineering in Leuven. Each one of them have been enthusiastic and active within EYP Belgium and will continue to be so in the future.

Call for Editor(s) and VP’s Mechelen 2018

Our vision One word that shaped our discussions about a vision for the project the most is impact. During Mechelen 2018, we want to have an impact not only on its participants, but also the inhabitants of Mechelen by involving them in our work, the environment by saving up on paper and being aware of what we consume and where it comes from, and on the EYP network in general, for coming up with ideas that might be of great use for the network in the future.

Involving locals In Mechelen, we want to expand the impact that EYP has on the participants of its sessions to the inhabitants of Mechelen, the host city for the forum.. With local elections coming up in Belgium in October 2018, we want to involve locals in the programme of our event, raise their awareness for political issues, talk about the European Union with them and get their input on the ideas we come up with. We are planning to organise opportunities for the committees to meet locals and present their ideas to them. Locals can then share their opinion on the suggested solutions, and with this knowledge, delegates can work on realistic solutions. Locals will also be invited to General Assembly and a panel debate and will get a small timeslot to share their opinions in the debates. If it fits the topic, delegates will get the opportunity to conduct small social studies in Mechelen, develop and conduct interviews with locals to receive data about their topic from the city of Mechelen, which they can later work with in their resolutions. Furthermore, we would like to get in touch with local entrepreneurs and enterprises to develop concrete projects with as part of the resolutions. In order to really have an impact, these projects should implement what has been suggested in the solution by local communities and the local partner. Political education for the local youth is also planned to be part of Mechelen 2018. We would like to offer the youth of Mechelen an afternoon of Understanding Europe workshops, debating workshops and discussions about the session topics to motivate them to engage with the session participants not only on a social-, but also on an academic level.

Ownership & Personal Development Ownership and Personal Development lie at the core of our values for the IF Mechelen 2018. It is extremely important to us to create a feeling of ownership for all participants of the session. We want to give everyone the freedom and liberty to contribute with whatever ideas they have, take initiative and make a change. We want to find motivation in each others’ successes and create an atmosphere of mutual caring. Alongside this, we want every official to set concrete learning goals for themselves before the session to ensure a guidance as well tailored to the officials’ needs as possible. We want to get to know our team members, their strengths and weaknesses and development goals very well and guide them through the process with very close cooperation and communication and a thorough tracking of the personal development. Something that goes along with the abovementioned, which is also incredibly important to us, is transparency. Only with being transparent towards everyone involved, we can provide everyone with the space and information they need to take up ownership for the project and develop personally.

A strong leadership What we are looking for now, is a strong leadership to work on this very special event with us. We are looking for people that are motivated to closely work with us to implement the vision of the session at the earliest stage possible. We want to internalise and integrate it into the work we will be doing with our teams and together develop our ideas further to make the vision more concrete and tangible. We are aiming at organising a leaderhip weekend from 4-6 of May 2018, which we ask you to keep free in case you are interested in applying.

Call for Editor(s) and VP’s Mechelen 2018

The call Questions for all applicants


How do you relate to the vision and concept behind Mechelen 2018? What does it mean to you? (max. 250 words)


In what way can the inhabitants of Mechelen contribute to the International Forum and how can the inhabitants of Mechelen profit from the IF in their city? (max. 300 words)


What do you want to learn in Mechelen? How would you like to develop personally? (max. 250 words)


What does a strong leadership mean to you and how can we make use of it in in the best way in your opinion? (max. 300 words)


At the session, we want to work with three topic clusters that each contain three committee topics belonging to one broader theme. One Vice-President will work on one cluster each, engaging intensively with the chairpersons of this cluster, but also with its topics. How could the topic clusters be best used in Mechelen 2018? (max. 250 words)

Editor(s) 1. 2.

What is your vision for the Media Team of the session? Describe how you see the role of your Media Team at the session, how you want it to function and what kinds of media you plan on using and why. (Max. 500 words) How can your Media output also have an impact on the inhabitants of Mechelen? (max. 300 words)

General Information Dates 21 March 2018

Deadline call

4 - 6 May 2018

Leadership weekend

8 - 15 September 2018


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Call for Editor(s) and VP’s Mechelen 2018

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Call Editor(s) & VP's