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Museum, Design Store + Coffee Bar 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach | Free for Florida Residents


Friends, Welcome to the 2022 edition of the annual Art Deco Weekend in the City of Miami Beach, the longest running free community cultural festival in our City. Friends, This year’s theme is "Art Deco Celebrates the Radio”, celebrating Art Deco's influence on the technology and radio's influence on the Welcome to the 2022 edition of the annual Art Deco Weekend in the streamline of the Art longest Deco buildings. City of Miamiforms Beach, running free community cultural festival in ourtoCity. In addition our wealth of historic architecture and arts and culture amenities, our City also Deco has beautiful beaches and great culinaryArt This year’s theme is "Art Celebrates the Radio”, celebrating traditions. In Miami Beach, there isand truly something for everyone. Deco's influence on the technology radio's influence on the streamline forms of Art Deco buildings. Enjoy Art Deco Weekend and your time visiting us!

In addition to our wealth of historic architecture and arts and culture amenities, Sincerely, our City also has beautiful beaches and great culinary traditions. In Miami Beach, there is truly something for everyone.

Enjoy Art Deco Weekend and your time visiting us! Mayor Dan Gelber


Mayor Dan Gelber

Art Deco Weekend | 6 | Miami Beach 2022

CONTENTS Jan 14 - Jan 16, 2022 | Ocean Drive, Miami Beach





06 Letter From The Mayor Miami Beach’s Dan Galber Welcomes everyone to Art Deco Weekend 2022.

26 Live Music Line-up for our jazz stage.

10 Letter From The MDPL Chair

28 Where Have All the Old Postcards Gone? “Can anyone tell me where all the Old Postcards went?”

12 About Us

30 Shop the Artisan Market

14 Elevated Art Deco: Aviation, Skyscrapers, and the Vertical View

32 Full Schedule of Events

18 Lecture Series Learn about the presentations and speakers we have ready for you this year. 22 Memories of Sparton Nocturne Radio: How Art Deco Weekend helped preserve a radio that became world-famous

44 Miami Beach Visual Memoirs Project Celebrating its 12th Anniversary 46 Poster Artist Meet Sergey Serebrennikov 48 Urban Sketchers Join us as we draw the architectural gems of the Miami Beach Historic Art Deco District

38 Classic Car Show See all makes and models of cars, trucks and motorcycles from the early 1900s up to 1993

50 Announcing the World Congress on Art Deco 2023

40 Guided Tours A list of MDPL’s tour offering during Art Deco Weekend

58 Festival Sponsors

52 Film Series

42 Art Deco Museum A visit to the museum will teach about the three major historic design styles in Miami Beach

Art Deco Weekend | 8 | Miami Beach 2022

LETTER FROM JACK JOHNSON MDPL CHAIR WELCOME TO THE 2022 EDITION OF ART DECO WEEKEND! Our theme this year is “Art Deco Celebrates the Radio.” We are commemorating the importance of the Radio, the principle means of mass communication during the Art Deco period. The Radio and Art Deco grew up together and informed each other. And Radio design often reflected the Art Deco movement, resulting in some of the most iconic and beautiful furnishings to be found in the homes of the period. Our lecture series will reflect this theme, including Peter Sheridan’s ondemand virtual talk on “The Most Beautiful Radios Ever Made,” Danielle Shapiro’s lecture on John Vassos at the Wolfsonian-FIU, and A. Brad Schwartz’s on-demand virtual talk on “Broadcast Hysteria: Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds and the Art of Fake News.” Spend the weekend with us, taking in the beautifully preserved hotels along Ocean Drive, the commercial buildings on Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue, the apartment buildings in the Flamingo Park neighborhood and the single family homes west of the Park. You can explore all of this yourself or you can take tours led by our trained tour guides. The MDPL staff, volunteers, and Board have more activities for you than you can possibly fit into your ADW schedule - music, food, shopping, guided tours, films, lectures and more. I personally recommend the Jazz Age Art Deco VIP Lounge, the Ocean Drive walking tour, the Flamingo Park neighborhood House Tour, the Artisan Market along Ocean Drive, and our series of Art Deco films at O Cinema South Beach. You can find the details for all these events in this Program Guide. And there’s lots more to choose from. And don’t forget to visit the official MDPL Gift Shop in the Welcome Center. It has been completely reimagined and reorganized and is now the best shopping experience to be found anywhere on Miami Beach! HAVE A GREAT ART DECO WEEKEND!

Jack Johnson, Chair of the Board Miami Design Preservation League

Art Deco Weekend | 10 | Miami Beach 2022


MIAMI DESIGN PRESERVATION LEAGUE LEADERSHIP BOARD OF DIRECTORS Officers CHAIR Jack D. Johnson VICE-CHAIR Nancy Liebman SECRETARY Sandra Scidmore TREASURER Joel Levine Directors John Bachay, Joe Tom Easley, Jack L. Finglass, Guy Forchion, Ira Giller, Janis Good, Julie Isaacson, Tanya K. Bhatt, Marc Lawrence, Sarah Leddick, David McKinney, Mitch Novick, Michael Raynes, Stuart Reed, Nina Weber Worth Chair Emeritus Michael D. Kinerk Committee Chairs Finance and Legal Joel Levine World Congress on Art Deco 2023 Jack D. Johnson Tour Guides John Bachay Programs Nancy Liebman STAFF Executive Director Daniel Ciraldo Bookkeeper Jeanette Travieso CPA Guest Experience Director Mark Gordon

Graphic Design Stephan Leddick Archivists Merle Shama & Patricia Díaz Zeas Gift Shop Jim Offutt Resident Artist Iris Chase Art Welcome Center and Museum Staff Pamela Asher, Dorn Martell, Jeremy Collins, Jeannette Towell-Ramos, Pamela Boudreaux, Barbara Carino, Jon Fontaine, Rahhel Laidro VOLUNTEER TOUR GUIDES Sandra Scidmore, Howard Brayer, Julie Fornary, Martin Jean, Joel Levine, John Bachay, Melinda Berman, Gregg Chislett, Gina Davidson, Jack D. Johnson, Melissa Kishel, Franziska Medina, Lois Randall BARBARA BAER CAPITMAN ARCHIVES Dennis Wilhelm, Chair ADVOCACY COMMITTEE Jeff Donnelly, Jo Manning, David McKinney, Jack D. Johnson, Sarah Leddick, Sunny Weber, Marc Lawrence, Julie Isaacson, Mitch Novick PUBLIC HISTORIAN Jeff Donnelly FOUNDERS Barbara Baer Capitman, Andrew Capitman & Leonard Horowitz

See online program guide and website for a complete list. Visit Art Deco Weekend | 12 | Miami Beach 2022


1116 OCEAN DR | MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 | 305-908-1462 | VMMIAMIBEACH.COM

All photographs by Lynton Gardiner Gallery View of Aerial Vision A copper finial from the 1913 Woolworth Building, a 1925 real estate map of Miami, and much more are on view in the exhibition Aerial Vision. The maps serves as a portal for a deep dive into Miami sites of the 1920s and 30s via Aerial Miami, a Google Maps-driven digital interactive.


Aviation, Skyscrapers, and the Vertical View

Visit the museum at 10th and Washington Avenue, just down the street from the Art Deco Welcome Center. By Lea Nickless

THE WOLFSONIAN-FIU, A MUSEUM located at Washington Avenue and Tenth Street in the heart of Miami Beach’s Art Deco District, examines and celebrates the modern age through its rich and diverse holdings. Its massive collection— more than 200,000 items—focuses on the pivotal period 1850–1950, a time of tremendous innovation and change. Aerial Vision, an exhibition currently on view through April 24th, investigates airplanes and skyscrapers and their transformational role in creating new ways of seeing and interpreting the world. The exhibition explores how these new elevated platforms informed and inspired the creative eye. Sparked by the rapid development of airplanes and skyscrapers and the aerial vistas they provided, a new visual era emerged in the early twentieth century. Only a few years after the first powered flight in 1903, an international aviation craze erupted, and skyscrapers, already

Art Deco Weekend | 14 | Miami Beach 2022

established by the 1890s, grew taller with each subsequent decade. The resulting vertical views provided visual thinkers with novels ways of seeing—shapes were simplified, dimensions shifted, and perspectives transformed. Innovations in design followed suit with increasingly abstracted, simplified, and streamlined forms. The Art Deco style, with its similar focus on clean lines and modern formats, evolved concurrently and is found in multiple objects in Aerial Vision. Florida, important in the early development of aviation, is referenced throughout the exhibition. This proposal drawing for the K.K. Culver trophy for a women’s 50-mile air race at the Miami All American Air Maneuvers in 1939 celebrates aviation with a purely Art Deco form. A national air meet first held in 1929 and sponsored by the City of Miami, the Maneuvers grew to become a prestigious annual event, advertised as the “Olympics of Aviation.” Industrial designer Viktor Schreckengost conceived the streamlined trophy with its stairstep base depicting a stylized recumbent female figure—the spirit of flight—held aloft on a symmetrical shaft. The sculptural form was designed to hold a miniature detachable plane to be kept by each year’s winner.

Design drawing, Proposal for the K. K. Culver trophy, 1938 Viktor Schreckengost (American, 1906–2008) Cleveland, Ohio Gouache, ink, and graphite on board The Wolfsonian–FIU, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Viktor Schreckengost, 2006.4.1

Poster, Rockefeller Center, New York: New York Central Lines, c. 1939 Leslie Darrell Ragan (American, b. 1897–1972), designer New York Central Railway, New York City, publisher Latham Lithography & Printing Co., New York City, printer Offset lithograph The Wolfsonian–FIU, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection, TD1991.174.11

With a skyscraper craze overtaking American cities by the 1920s, the clean lines, geometric details, and ziggurat profiles of the Art Deco style emerged as the chosen design aesthetic . A 1916 New York City zoning ordinance prescribing setbacks to ensure adequate sunlight at street level helped shape the skyscraper form, mandating that the building decrease in mass at higher levels. New York’s Rockefeller Center, with its central seventy-story RCA building, exemplifies this synthesis urban planning and style. Featured in this travel poster for the New York Central Railway, the complex is depicted from above, rising dramatically from a simplified and abstracted view of the city, light and shadow creating dimensional patterns.

Art Deco Weekend | 15 | Miami Beach 2022

Mural study, The History of Transportation: New World Unity, c. 1944 For the Eastern Airlines offices, Rockefeller Center, New York City Dean Cornwell (American, 1892–1960) Oil, graphite, and foil on paper The Wolfsonian–FIU, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection, XX1990.3140

John D. Rockefeller, Jr., the force behind Rockefeller Center, envisioned the complex as a space for the public to view and interact with art extolling the best of the human spirit. For the Eastern Airlines building lobby, Rockefeller commissioned popular illustrator Dean Cornwell to create three massive murals, Day Flight, New World Unity, and Night Flight. Each measuring fifty feet, the murals remain in situ, depicting advances in transportation over time and revealing optimistic narratives that include the hope of global unification through aviation.

MacGilchrist had experienced the view from above during the First World War Visual artists, seeking to capture the energy and excitement of the period, responded with dynamic images such as this lithograph by Scottish-born John MacGilchrist depicting airplanes and a zeppelin freewheeling over zigguratshaped skyscrapers. The view from above rendered the world below in miniaturized form, street-level cars becoming small dots. An aerial enthusiast as well as an architect, MacGilchrist had experienced the view from above during the First World War when he served in the British Royal Flying Forces as a balloon observer.

Print, Aerial Commerce, 1930 John MacGilchrist (American, b. Great Britain, 1893– 1977) New York City Lithograph The Wolfsonian–FIU, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection, TD1993.112.1

The skyscraper’s dynamic silhouette became visual inspiration for artists and designers alike. Austrian-born and educated Paul T. Frankl, recognizing the need for advancement in American decorative arts, stated in his 1928 book

Art Deco Weekend | 16 | Miami Beach 2022

New Dimensions that architecture and decor must go hand in hand. He extolled the skyscraper as a “distinctive and noble creation” and insisted that “the outside and the inside must all be one piece and one spirit.” Considered a leading exponent of modernism in America, Frankl promoted and sold his designs along with the latest in modern accoutrements inspired by the new architecture at his New York City interior design gallery. Frankl first crafted a skyscraper bookcase in 1923 at the request of his wife, who needed more storage and soon developed a line—Skyscraper Furniture—that included bookcases, vanities, and desks. Wildly successful, Frankl’s Skyscraper Furniture quickly permeated American popular consciousness via national newspaper articles and advertisements, even appearing in cartoons in the New Yorker and a popular 1928 novel, The Skyscraper Murders.

...the machine age, fusing classical forms with technology. Invented in New York in the nineteenth century, elevator technology evolved in tandem with the high-rise, shifting the hierarchy of buildings and forever changing notions of urban space. Topmost floors and attic quarters were no longer a less expensive option but became penthouses, the domicile of the monied elite. Elevator doors, the entry point into these new vertical transport systems, became prime surfaces for ornamentation, as seen in these bronze doors from the 17-floor Art Deco Hotel Manger in Boston. Featuring stylized foliate patterns, they also reference the machine age, fusing classical forms with technology. Designed by architects Funk & Wilcox and completed in 1930, the hotel was part of a massive complex that included the North Station railroad depot and Boston Garden sports arena. Elevator doors, 1929–30, From the Hotel Manger, Boston Funk & Wilcox, Boston, architects and designers Sterling Bronze Works, New York City, maker Bronze, iron The Wolfsonian–FIU, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection,–.2

Bookcase, Skyscraper, c. 1926 Paul Theodore Frankl (American, b. Austria 1886– 1958), designer Frankl Galleries, New York City, retailer The Wolfsonian–FIU, The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection, TD1993.42.1

These objects and their stories represent a brief glimpse of what is on view in Aerial Vision. For a deeper dive, visit The Wolfsonian, Wednesday–Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm; open until 9 pm on Fridays.

Art Deco Weekend | 17 | Miami Beach 2022

LECTURE SERIES Made possible with the generous support and assistance of the Wolfsonian-FIU and our stellar line-up of speakers. This year’s lectures are centered around our festival theme: “Art Deco Celebrates the Radio”




This lecture will be prerecorded and made available online. Register at artdecoweekend. com to receive a link to the video

This lecture will be prerecorded and made available online. Register at artdecoweekend. com to receive a link to the video

This is the untold story of the Art Deco radio and the extraordinary contributions of famous industrial designers in the 1930s, who contributed so much to the development of radio and the world-wide spread of the Art Deco style. Enjoy a look at the most beautiful radios ever made.

In Broadcast Hysteria, A. Brad Schwartz boldly retells the story of Welles’s famed radio play and its impact. Did it really spawn a “wave of mass hysteria,” as The New York Times reported? Schwartz is the first to examine the hundreds of letters sent to Orson Welles himself in the days after the broadcast, and his findings challenge the conventional wisdom.

Peter Sheridan has been in general dental practice in Macquarie Street Sydney, Australia since 1971. An accredited professional photographer specializing in fine art, Peter is also an internationally respected collector, historian and lecturer in the field of Art Deco design. His collections are considered world class and have been displayed by the National Gallery of Victoria and featured by the The National Trust and the Historic Houses Trust. He is the author of 4 major award-winning photographic reference books on design and architecture: Radio Days (2008); Deco Radio (2014); Sydney Art Deco (2019) and\ Sydney Art Deco & Modernist Walks – Potts Point & Elizabeth Bay (2021) In 2001 Peter was honored by the Australian government and awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his work with people with Multiple Sclerosis. Peter is an avid tennis player competing in Australia and overseas in Masters’ tournaments.

A. Brad Schwartz is a doctoral candidate at Princeton University, studying 20th century American history with a special interest in questions of media and journalism, law and policing, and the cultural production of history. His undergraduate thesis at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor explored Orson Welles’s 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast, drawing upon an untapped trove of listener letters to challenge the standard narrative of the so-called “panic broadcast.” This research became the basis for his first book, Broadcast Hysteria: Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds and the Art of Fake News (Hill and Wang, 2015). In 2013, he co-wrote a documentary about War of the Worlds for the PBS series American Experience, based in part on his thesis research. His second book, Scarface and the Untouchable: Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and the Battle for Chicago, co-written with Max Allan Collins, was published by William Morrow in 2018.

Art Deco Weekend | 18 | Miami Beach 2022


SOUND AND VISION: A CONVERSATION WITH A RADIO COLLECTOR 11 am – 12 pm Harvey Mattel & Michael Hughes Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Ave Beginning with a small, streamlined radio he spotted at an antique show, South Florida collector Harvey Mattel built a collection of radios that now numbers in the many hundreds and includes some of the most coveted receivers in existence. In conversation with Wolfsonian development director Michael Hughes, Mattel will reveal what sparked his passion for radios, share how his collecting interests have evolved, and speak about some of the most significant pieces he has acquired over the years.

WHEN RADIO WAS NEW: JOHN VASSOS & DESIGN FOR MASS MEDIA 1 pm – 2 pm Danielle Shapiro Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Ave What should a radio look like? How should a tuning dial feel to the touch? More than a half-century before the iPhone, pioneering industrial designer John Vassos addressed these questions, recognizing that the right answers could mitigate fears about new media technologies and inspire people to welcome them into their homes. Danielle Shapiro, author of a book about Vassos, will show how he contributed to the shape of radio and television receivers as a lead consultant to RCA in an age when these devices revolutionized how Americans consumed information and entertainment.

DECO FOR A DEMAGOGUE: FATHER COUGHLIN’S SHRINE OF THE LITTLE FLOWER 3 pm - 4 pm Frank Luca & Shoshana Resnikoff Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Ave The Shrine of the Little Flower, a Catholic church built in the Art Deco style outside Detroit, was the center of a radio empire started by Father Charles Coughlin that reached up to 30 million Americans each week in the 1930s. Originally an advocate of President Roosevelt’s New Deal and critic of the Ku Klux Klan, Coughlin turned to anti-Semitism and support for fascism by the end of the decade. In a talk that reveals the links between design, politics, and power, Wolfsonian chief librarian Frank Luca and curator Shoshana Resnikoff will trace Coughlin’s role in American life and shed light on how religion and rhetoric shaped the Deco design of his church.


Art Deco Weekend | 19 | Miami Beach 2022


SUNDAY, JAN 16TH FONTAINEBLEAU HOTEL: IMAGINING PARADISE 1 pm - 2 pm Joel Levine Art Deco Museum, 1001 Ocean Drive The Fontainebleau Hotel is a Miami Beach icon appearing in more than a dozen Hollywood films, representing both the city’s splendid glory and sordid historical past. Utilizing movie clips and other archival material, Joel will explore the meaning of architecture in American cinema and then reconstruct the history of the Fontainebleau while exploring the themes of architectural beauty, status, racism and antisemitism. Joel Levine is a Tour Guide and Board Member of the Miami Design Preservation League. Prior to retiring from a career in medical and educational administration, he collected and restored radios and televisions from the Art Deco and Mid Century Modern periods (1925-1970). Joel uses unconventional sources, including movie clips and picture postcards to tell a story about a place and its people. He has presented in Miami Beach, Tel Aviv, Mauritius and Napier, New Zealand.

SPOTLIGHT ON ART IN PUBLIC PLACES 3 pm - 4 pm Deborah Desilets Art Deco Museum, 1001 Ocean Drive In the 1930s art and national symbolism converged within the Federal Arts Projects, or the WPA Projects, that supported the values of the American Public. The great Depression and these Arts Projects changed the relationship between art and the public and are the harbinger of the relationships of art in the public realm today. Federal Arts Projects aimed to express American civic pride; today there are challenges to those very arts works as values in the public have changed greatly. This lecture addresses Morris Lapidus’s life-long battle for ornamentation in architecture. The intention is to look at the ornaments, their symbolism, and the lasting quality of the messages in his art pieces for public consumption in his early hotels on Miami Beach, and his lasting contribution to the art experience on Lincoln Road. Deborah Desilets is a registered architect, curator of the Morris Lapidus Exhibition, and steward of the Morris Lapidus archives.


Art Deco Weekend | 20 | Miami Beach 2022

Nocturne, model 1186 from the lobby of the Park Central Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida Walter Dorwin Teague, designer Manufactured by Sparton Corp., Jackson, Michigan, c. 1935 Courtesy Wolfsonian/FIU


How Art Deco Weekend® helped preserve a radio that became world-famous.

By Dennis W. Wilhelm Chairman, Barbara Baer Capitman Archives Miami Design Preservation League charter member

In December 1980 my company, Ziggurat Partnership (myself and Michael D Kinerk, now MDPL chairman emeritus), booked a booth at the Art Deco Weekend market inside Washington Storage building, (now Wolfsonian/FIU). I displayed a sign-“We Buy Colored Glass Mirrors.” A woman offered an old blue glass radio that her father had in the garage. He got it from the Park Central Hotel when management wanted it out. I bought it for $200. I took it home and turned it on. A mesmerizing glow came from the “magic tuning eye” and I astonishingly heard many stations, including the BBC on shortwave band. It was like being transported back to the 1930s. The cobalt blue glass mirror had many bad patches where the silvering flaked off. The chrome was tarnished all over. In February 1981 I disassembled the radio and took it for restoration.

Art Deco Weekend | 22 | Miami Beach 2022

Lobby view, Park Central Hotel, 640 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, a 1939 photo from Gleason Waite Romer Photographs, Miami-Dade Public Library System.

Machine Age in America 1918-1941 exhibition installation photo, showing 1935 Chrysler Airflow C-1 sedan and 1935 Sparton Nocturne Radio. Courtesy Brooklyn Museum.

Our friend Margaret Doyle, wife of Andrew Capitman, was occupied with research at the Miami Public Library; she spotted the radio along the wall in the Park Central lobby in a photo taken by famed photographer Gleason W. Romer. Proof of provenance! (See dim but clear round image of radio, bottom right, under window.) Sparton Electronics still was in business. In March, 1981 to my inquiry they replied that Sparks-Withington Co. made “Bluebird” radios 1937-1940, adding that “SPAR-TON was from the founders’ names. Industrial designer Walter Dorwin Teague designed the glass-front radios. They misidentified the big “Nocturne” radio as a “Bluebird” – a much smaller model. MDPL Founder Barbara Baer Capitman had introduced us to Diane Camber, director of the Bass Museum who viewed our collection and asked to borrow the radio for an exhibit. The radio debuted in the Bass’ show “Origins of Modern Design in Art Nouveau and Art Deco,” Jun. 6 to Aug. 29, 1982. Miami News art critic Paula Harper wrote in her review: “Just inside the front door of the museum the crowd swirled around an amazing Art Deco radio…” That led to our agreement to loan the radio for “The Machine Age in America 1918-1941,” a traveling exhibit organized by the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibit was there Oct. 17, 1986 – Feb. 16, 1987. I attended a VIP-preview on October 15

and was flabbergasted to see my radio up front, one of four definitive objects: airplane, automobile, bronze gates from Chanin Building – and my radio! A few days later I saw the radio featured on the NBC Today Show coverage of the exhibit. Eminent art critic Robert Hughes of Time Magazine wrote: “No American sculptor who tried to make metaphors of technology, not even Calder, came up with an object as striking as Walter Teague’s ‘Bluebird’ radio, … the big blue glass disk suggesting the ether from which broadcast signals were gathered — [it] shows how little truth there is in the idea that design is condemned to lag behind “high” art in expressive clarity.” Soon the museum learned the name of the floor-model Sparton actually was “NOCTURNE” – not “Blue Bird.” They updated the label and promotional materials. The exhibition traveled for two years to the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles County Museum and High Museum in Atlanta. On tour, the Nocturne radio was the sole image on posters for each venue, adding to its fame. While it was at the Pittsburgh venue I received a generous purchase offer from our friend Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. who wanted it for his museum. I was thrilled to think it would remain in Miami Beach, so close to its first home. MDPL received $15,000 of the proceeds as a thank you from Ziggurat, because I surely never would have encountered the radio if not for Art Deco Weekend.

Art Deco Weekend | 23 | Miami Beach 2022

In 2003 I encountered the radio in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum, on loan from Wolfsonian for “Art Deco 1910-1939” – perhaps the greatest Art Deco exhibition ever. In a Miami Herald advertisement Dec. 22, 1935, the radio was noted as on display in a Washington Avenue store, a few blocks from Park Central Hotel and the Wolfsonian/FIU, where it resides today, bringing it full circle.

The Miami Herald, Sunday December 22, 1935, page 5-B.


Art Deco Weekend | 24 | Miami Beach 2022


LIVE MUSIC Produced by


Jazz Age Stage

Lummus Park and 6th Street FRIDAY • JAN 14TH

FRENCH HORN COLLECTIVE 2 pm - 5:30 pm Free Event The French Horn Collective is an energetic and progressive band that performs an eclectic variety of Gypsy Jazz, Swing, and modern original French music throughout South Florida.

TROY ANDERSON AND THE HOT FIVE 6 pm - 10 pm Free/ VIP Event/ Registration Required Troy Anderson got his first taste for music while growing up in a Bahamian family filled with musicians. At the age of 10, he began playing the trumpet and went on to perform in the Florida Sunshine Band and the Gospel Sounds before being introduced to the world of the drum and bugle corps in school. A later stint with the Florida Vanguards taught him how to be an effective lead soprano soloist while performing in front of thousands of screaming fans. Subsequent tours with the famous Bayonne Bridgemen Drum & Bugle Corps helped hone his showmanship skills Anderson first fell in love with the music of Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong while playing with the 2nd AD (Fwd) Jazz Band in Germany where he was stationed as a paratrooper. Practice, however, made perfect and he soon managed to replicate Armstrong’s trademark growl with stirring accuracy.

Led by Parisian Musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and songwriter Vincent Raffard, the diverse group consists of talented musicians from a myriad of musical backgrounds, with instrumentation including Trumpet, Guitar, Violin, Double Bass, Clarinet, and Vocals. The French Horn Collective’s wide variety of musical influences, ranging from Gypsy Jazz, Hot Swing, Ska, to Polka, result in the band producing a smooth mixture of progressive Gypsy/Parisian/Swing/World Music.

TROY ANDERSON AND THE HOT FIVE 6 pm - 10 pm Free Event

Art Deco Weekend | 26 | Miami Beach 2022


Created and led by bassist and bandleader Paul Shewchuk in 1999, the Swing All Stars feature a collective of top vocalists and musicians, in fact, each member is a nationally recognized artist. They make musical magic happen for dancers and listeners alike. The Swing-Allstars were chosen to perform at prestigious events at the Perez Art Museum in Miami, and The Norton Museum’s 75th Anniversary Gala in West Palm Beach.

FIU ART DECO COMBO UNDER THE DIRECTION OF DR. LISANNE LYONS 12 pm - 2 pm Free Event Lisanne’s career began immediately following high school as the featured vocalist for three Air Force bands. She has been featured with the Woody Herman Orchestra, Maynard Ferguson, Arturo Sandoval, Roanoke Symphony, Palm Beach Pops, XL Big Band in Sweden, Nantes Big Band, Los Alas Studio Orchestra, and various bands and orchestras across the country. She teaches Studio Music and Jazz at the FIU Frost School of Music. And was founder the vocal jazz program and directed the Down Beat awardwinning vocal jazz group, the New Virginians.

THE SWING-ALLSTARS 2:30 pm - 5 pm Free Event The sensational Swing-Allstars are known as the leading South Florida-based swing band and are well known for bringing together swing dancing and great live music.

ANIBAL BERRAUTE’S MILONGA UNDER THE STARS 6 pm - 8 pm Free Event Anibal Berraute, Argentinean piano player, composer, arranger and producer, fuses the tango with elements of other musical forms: the “Uruguayan Candombe” with its African roots and Argentinean rhythms, traditional country-folklore sounds, and American jazz among others, to come out with a new vibrant harmonic approach to a genre that in a little over a century, transcended its humble beginnings, to reach the whole world and its concert halls to be finally declared “cultural patrimony of humanity” by the United Nations. Anibal Berraute brings to this project his experience of having been a performing member of some of
the best orchestral units of the genre, not to mention his exceptional talent as a composer, arranger, conductor and skills as a producer for some of the leading talents of the music industry.

Art Deco Weekend | 27 | Miami Beach 2022

Where Have All the Old Postcards Gone? By Nancy Liebman

CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE ALL THE OLD POSTCARDS WENT? They were the magic that brought the glamor and excitement to the emerging little place called Miami Beach. Did some mysterious TEXT MESSAGES scare them away? Could it be that they are hidden behind an evolving crowd of monstrous towers? Or could it be that the colorful POSTCARDS seemed to be out of touch for Miami Beach’s popular and glamorous up and coming future? It seems that our famous little city is trying to become something it has never been. Perhaps it is seeking to recover from too many false starts, rather than using the brilliance of earlier simpler times to grow a stronger future. The residents of yesteryear did not have to contend with out-of-scale high-rises and a changing landscape of crime. The biggest worry was from developers trying to turn South Beach into a second Venice Canal and stopping the growing number of preservationists from saving our iconic historic properties. It took until October 20, 1982, for the Miami Beach City “fathers” to appoint thirteen people to a Preservation Board that

consisted of ten lawyers, property owners, and anyone else committed to stopping the Preservation Movement. Amazingly, three preservationists were appointed to the group even though they were referred to by some members as the “P” word. It seems we are losing the uniqueness we built that has been recognized around the world. The problems today come in more subtle ways. No longer is the Preservation Movement called the “P” word. We are hearing more chilling words like “height” or “out of scale projects” or “demolition of two story buildings and “useless” old hotels”. We are becoming just another high-rise waterfront spectacle crowding out the ocean. I believe if we stopped our world at this moment and took an honest look at what our little home town is becoming, we might conclude that our future could be perfect----if only we turned our attention to the conventional wisdom of the Historic Preservation Movement and how and why it enhanced our city so much. Maybe then the magic of those lost postcards would return again!

Art Deco Weekend | 28 | Miami Beach 2022

Art Deco Weekend | 29 | Miami Beach 2022


Shop the Artisan Market Ocean Drive between 5th and 12th Street Friday, Jan. 14th Noon – 10 pm Saturday, Jan.15th 10 am – 10 pm Sunday, Jan. 16th 10 am – 8 pm

Visit our Artisan Market to find unique products for sale by local sellers. Next to the palms in Lummus Park where you can admire the historic, pastel-colored Art Deco buildings along Ocean Drive.

Art Deco Weekend | 30 | Miami Beach 2022


RESTROOMS located at 6th, 10th & 14th street

1300 BLOCK • Barbara Baer Capitman Memorial • Kids Playground 1100 BLOCK • Food Pavilion North 1000 BLOCK • Information • Volunteer Check-In • First Aid & Emergency • Miami Beach Neighborhood Associations

ART DECO WELCOME CENTER 1001 OCEAN DRIVE • Miami Design Preservation League • MDPL Membership • Official Art Deco Gift Shop • Art Deco Museum • Visitor Center • Tour Information, Ticket Sales & Check-In • Sunday Lectures FITNESS • Muscle Beach

Art Deco Weekend 2022 FESTIVAL HOURS Friday, Jan. 14th Noon – 10 pm Saturday, Jan.15th 10 am – 10 pm Sunday, Jan. 16th 10 am – 8 pm Ocean Drive & Lummus Park between 5th and 12th Street. *Film Series & Lecture Series at off-site locations as listed.

FESTIVAL ENTERTAINMENT Encompasses Music, Films, Lectures, Exhibits, Arts, Classic Car Show, Tours, Dancing, Shopping and so much more!

Visit for the most updated schedule Art Deco Weekend | 32 | Miami Beach 2022

800 BLOCK • Food Pavilion South • Deco Kids Fun Zone

Benefitting Fienberg Fisher K-8 Center

• Bike Valet

Sponsored by Better Streets Miami Beach @BikeWalkMB

600 BLOCK • Jazz Age Stage • VIP Lounge

NEARBY LOCATIONS OF ADDITIONAL EVENTS • Saturday Lectures The Wolfsonian-FIU 1001 Washington Avenue • Films O Cinema South Beach 1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach • Live Theater Colony Theatre 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

(Tickets Available)

• Live Music • Classic Car Show • Chess Tournament

FRIDAY, JAN. 14TH EVENT HIGHLIGHTS VIP Event/ By invitation / MDPL members Jazz Age at Art Deco VIP Dancing Under the Stars Troy Anderson and the Hot Five Opening Night Soireé Lummus Park & 6th Street 6 pm – 10 pm • FREE Registration Required Sign up for membership at:

Spirits by Swarm, Inc.

Art Deco Weekend | 33 | Miami Beach 2022

FRIDAY, JAN. 14TH LIVE MUSIC Jazz Age at Art Deco VIP Lummus Park • 6th Street & Ocean Drive Troy Anderson and the Hot Five 6 pm - 10 pm EXHIBITS Art Deco Museum • 1001 Ocean Drive Morris Lapidus: I Did it My Way 9 am – 5 pm LECTURES On Demand / Pre-recorded Deco Radio: The Most Beautiful Radios Ever Made Access online at Speaker: Peter Sheridan On Demand / Pre-recorded Broadcast Hysteria Access online at Speaker: A. Brad Schwartz WALKING TOURS Located at 1001 Ocean Drive Ocean Drive Architectural Tour • 10:30 am South Beach Scandals Tour • 1 pm Ocean Drive Architectural Tour 
• 2 pm FILMS Radioland Murders O Cinema South Beach 1130 Washington Ave • Miami Beach 2 pm - 4 pm • $9 - $11 KIDS ACTIVITIES Deco Kids Fun Zone Lummus Park, between 8th & 9th St. 10 am - 5 pm Suggested donation $5. All proceeds to Miami Beach K-8 Fienberg Fisher

LIVE THEATER Colony Theatre • 1040 Lincoln Road A Wonderful World A new musical featuring the music of Louis Armstrong. Produced by Miami New Drama 8 pm - 10 pm 15% discount on tickets: Use code ARTDECO SHOPPING Artisan Marketplace Ocean Drive • Between 5th & 12th street 12 pm - 10 pm

SATURDAY, JAN. 15TH OPENING CEREMONY Opening Ceremony • 10 am Lummus Park • 6th Street & Ocean Drive LIVE MUSIC Jazz Age at Art Deco VIP Lummus Park • 6th Street & Ocean Drive French Horn Collective 2 pm - 5:30 pm Troy Anderson and the Hot Five 6 pm - 10 pm EXHIBITS Art Deco Museum • 1001 Ocean Drive Morris Lapidus: I Did it My Way 9 am – 5 pm LECTURES Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Ave Sound and Vision: A Conversation with a Radio Collector • 11 am - 12 pm Speakers: Michael Hughes & Harvey Matte Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Ave When Radio Was New: John Vassos and Design for Mass Media • 1 pm - 2 pm Speaker: Danielle Shapiro

Art Deco Weekend | 34 | Miami Beach 2022

Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Ave Deco for a Demagogue: Father Coughlin’s Shrine of the Little Flower • 3 pm - 4 pm WALKING TOURS Located at 1001 Ocean Drive Ocean Drive Architectural Tour • 10:30 am Jewish Miami Beach Tour • 11:30 am Ocean Drive Architectural Tour 
• 12:30 pm Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association Home Tour 
• 1 pm South Beach Scandals Tour • 2 pm Movie Lover’s Guide to South Beach 
• 3 pm Ocean Drive Architectural Tour 
• 4 pm Deco Nights and Neon Lights Tour 
• 5 pm CLASSIC CAR SHOW 25th Anniversary Classic Car Show 10 am – 3 pm Ocean Drive • Between 5th & 10th street FREE ARTS Sketchwalk No. 1 • 11 am – 12 pm Ocean Drive • Art Deco Museum Sketchwalk No. 2 • 3 pm – 4 pm Ocean Drive • Art Deco Museum

Dance Lesson with 4 x World Champion Yuval Hod & Gypsy Juls • 1 pm – 2 pm Jazz Age Stage at Lummus Park & 6th St FILMS Freedom Radio (1941) O Cinema South Beach 1130 Washington Ave • Miami Beach 2 pm - 4 pm $9 - $11 LIVE THEATER Colony Theatre • 1040 Lincoln Road A Wonderful World A new musical featuring the music of Louis Armstrong. Produced by Miami New Drama 1 pm - 3 pm 8 pm - 10 pm 15% discount on tickets: Use code ARTDECO SHOPPING Artisan Marketplace Ocean Drive • Between 5th & 12th street 10 am - 10 pm

Art Deco Weekend | 35 | Miami Beach 2022

SUNDAY, JAN. 16TH CHESS TOURNAMENT With Commissioner Mark Samuelian 9 am – 10 am Jazz Age Stage • Lummus Park & 6th Street LIVE MUSIC Jazz Age at Art Deco VIP Lummus Park • 6th Street & Ocean Drive FIU Art Deco Combo under the direction of Dr. Lisanne Lyons • 12 pm - 2 pm The Swing-Allstars • 2:30 pm - 5 pm Anibal Berraute’s Milonga Under the Stars • 6 pm - 8 pm EXHIBITS Art Deco Museum • 1001 Ocean Drive Morris Lapidus: I Did it My Way 9 am – 5 pm LECTURES Art Deco Welcome Center 1001 Ocean Drive The Fontainebleau Hotel: Imagining Paradise • 1 pm - 2 pm Speaker: Joel Levine Art Deco Welcome Center 1001 Ocean Drive Spotlight on Art in Public Places • 3 pm - 4 pm Speaker: Deborah Desilets ARF DECO DOG WALK Meet in front of the Art Deco Museum Ocean Drive & 10th Street 1 pm

WALKING TOURS Located at 1001 Ocean Drive Ocean Drive Architectural Tour • 10:30 am Jewish Miami Beach Tour • 11:30 am Ocean Drive Architectural Tour • 12:30 pm South Beach Scandals Tour • 2 pm Ocean Drive Architectural Tour 
• 3:30 pm CLASSIC CAR SHOW 25th Anniversary Classic Car Show 10 am – 3 pm Ocean Drive • Between 5th & 10th street FREE ARTS Sketchwalk No. 3 • 11 am – 12 pm Ocean Drive • Art Deco Museum FILMS The Big Broadcast of 1938 O Cinema South Beach 1130 Washington Ave • Miami Beach 2 pm - 4:30 pm $9 - $11 SHOPPING Artisan Marketplace Ocean Drive • Between 5th & 12th street 10 am - 8 pm LIVE THEATER Colony Theatre • 1040 Lincoln Road A Wonderful World A new musical featuring the music of Louis Armstrong. Produced by Miami New Drama 3 pm - 5 pm 15% discount on tickets: Use code ARTDECO

Visit for the most updated schedule of events. Art Deco Weekend | 36 | Miami Beach 2022

STAY INSPIRED The Betsy-South Beach is a family owned and operated luxury boutique hotel on Ocean Drive offering property-wide art installations, and unrivaled cultural programming – including The Betsy Writer’s Room which has hosted over 1,000 visiting artists, and a poetry rail celebrating 12 writers that have shaped Miami culture. The Betsy hosts live jazz nine times a week and is proud to partner with numerous local cultural organizations including O, Miami Poetry Festival, Miami Beach Classical Music Festival, Miami New Drama, Supporting Women Writers in Miami, South Beach Chamber Ensemble, Miami Jewish Film Festival and the Miami Beach JCC. T H E B ETSY H OT E L.CO M • 305-531-6100 • 1440 O C E A N D R I V E, M I A M I B E AC H, F L 33139


ART DECO WEEKEND WELCOMES back the Classic Car Show presented by the Antique Automobile Club of America-South Florida Region, made up of enthusiasts of antique automobiles of all makes and models of cars, trucks and motorcycles from the early 1900s up to 1993. On Saturday (1/15) and Sunday (1/16), antique automobiles from all over Florida will be on display on Ocean Drive. THE ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF AMERICA-SOUTH FLORIDA REGION The South Florida Region is located in a part of the country that is known for great weather, so we have a lot of events and shows. We get the year off to an early start with the two-day Art Deco Weekend Classic Car Show in January. The two days feature a car show on Saturday and Sunday of restored and un-restored cars and motorcycles 25 years or older that compete for trophies and for Best of Show in the following categories: Pre-War, Post-War,

and Best Original. Each day is its own show with trophies handed out on both Saturday and Sunday. It all takes place in connection with the Art Deco Weekend Festival on South Beach held over the Martin Luther King weekend that fills up ten blocks of the famed Ocean Drive on Miami Beach with antiques, art, food, street performers, music and of course our cars. SATURDAY, JAN. 15TH AND SUNDAY, JAN. 16TH 10 am - 3 pm • Ocean Drive between 5th and 10th Street

Art Deco Weekend | 38 | Miami Beach 2022



1230 OCEAN DR | MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 | 1-844-319-3854 | HOTELOCEAN.COM


Art Deco Weekend 2022 MDPL Tour Offerings

THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING IN ART DECO WEEKEND, the Miami Design Preservation League’s annual fundraising event. Tours are a great way to get a look at the city and the architecture of Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District – Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival and Miami Modern. Unless otherwise noted, all tours are $30 and begin at the Art Deco Welcome Center on 10th Street and Ocean Drive. Please note that discounts only apply to the regular 10:30 am tour and the self-guided audio tour. See tour descriptions for more detail. Friday, January 14th • Saturday, January 15th • Sunday, January 16th OCEAN DRIVE ARCHITECTURAL TOUR This 90 - 120-minute walking tour provides an introduction to the Art Deco, Mediterranean, and Miami Modern (MiMo) styles of architecture found within the Miami Beach Historic District. Explore hotels, restaurants, and other commercial structures with visits to a number of interiors. (For the regular 10:30 tour only - $30 for adults, $25 for Seniors (65+), Military, and Students, and Free for MDPL members and children 12 and under. All other tour times - ($30) Friday: 10:30 am, 2 pm Saturday: 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, 4 pm Sunday: 10:30 am, 12:30 am, 3:30 pm

SOUTH BEACH SCANDALS TOUR This 90-minute walking tour focuses on illegal activities and shady characters in Miami Beach history. Topics include political corruption, illegal gambling, alcohol during prohibition, and organized crime figures. ($30) • Friday - 1 pm, Saturday – 2 pm, Sunday – 2 pm JEWISH MIAMI BEACH TOUR This walking tour explores the rise and fall of the Jewish population of Miami Beach over the past 100 years, including a look at the impact of selected key Jewish individuals and institutions, plus an overview of architectural styles in the southernmost

Art Deco Weekend | 40 | Miami Beach 2022

part of the city. Tour starts at the Welcome Center tent and ends at the Jewish Museum of Florida - FIU, at Third Street and Washington Avenue. ($30) Saturday – 11:30 am, Sunday – 11:30 am DECO NIGHTS & NEON LIGHTS TOUR Similar to our regular Ocean Drive Tour but focuses on neon lighting. Our Art Deco buildings come alive when the lights go on! Neon lighting has always been associated with glamour and excitement. Learn about the history of neon lighting, its rise, its fall, and its resurgence. ($30)• Saturday – 5 pm MOVIE LOVER’S GUIDE TO SOUTH BEACH – AN ACCIDENTAL WITNESS TO HISTORY Miami Beach is a favorite locale for onlocation shooting of films and TV series. While most of the stories are fictitious, the process of on-location shooting captures a record of a place as it was at a particular point in time. We witness all the elements that comprise a neighborhood; its buildings, its people, the noise, even the level of automobile traffic. We will reconstruct the history of Art Deco and the City of Miami Beach by presenting short movie clips and frame freezes from films to illustrate the

ever changing nature of Miami Beach, its buildings and its people. “Movie magic” will be dissected with a demonstration of a hard to see internal joke and impossible location movements not readily visible to the casual observer. ($30) • Saturday – 3 pm FLAMINGO PARK NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION SELF-GUIDED HOME TOUR Take a walk through history! See inside some properties in one of Miami Beach’s first neighborhoods - Flamingo Park Neighborhood! You will see styles including Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco, Streamline Moderne, and Miami Modern. This is a self-guided walking tour that lasts about 90 minutes and a walking distance of just about one mile. You will be given a map of the properties and a wristband once you sign up. The map and wrist band will be your admission to the properties. Tickets may be purchased online or at the Art Deco Welcome Center at 10th Street and Ocean Drive, across from the Clevelander. If the purchase is done online, please bring the proof of purchase to receive your map and wrist band. Properties are open from 1 pm - 5 pm

Digital Illustration by Tony Skeor

Art Deco Weekend | 41 | Miami Beach 2022


SPECIAL EXHIBITIONS: Morris Lapidus: I Did It My Way A 20-Year Retrospective OPEN DAILY FROM 9 am - 5 pm The Art Deco Museum allows visitors and locals to better understand the architectural heritage and community culture of Miami Beach. MDPL designed the museum to be educational and informational while reflecting the fun and glamour of Miami Beach. A visit to the museum will teach about the three major historic design styles in Miami Beach. These styles are Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco and Miami Modern (MiMo).

Scale models of select buildings allow you to have a closer look at the elements of these structures. You will also learn about the development of the City of Miami Beach. The Miami Beach Visual Memoirs project has recorded the personal stories of people who have been a part of Miami Beach’s story. MDPL’s history is also on display so that guests can learn more about preservation. The museum includes a resource center, a children’s area, rotating exhibits and much more! Visit MDPL.ORG for more information

Art Deco Weekend | 42 | Miami Beach 2022

Carl and Kathy Hersh with Nicole Henry, jazz singer/songwriter.

Architect and sculptor Kenneth Treister talking about the creation of the Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial.

Miami Beach Visual Memoirs Project Celebrating its 12th anniversary

In 2011, the Miami Design Preservation League teamed up with Carl and Kathy Hersh, Close-Up Productions to produce a video archive of oral history interviews with people with deep connections to Miami Beach. Their memories and stories have provided fascinating insight into the Beach’s history and development. The Visitors and Convention Authority of the City of Miami Beach has renewed our grant every year since then. The FIU Digital Library offered to host the archive and under their care and promotion, it has received over 80 thousand hits from users. Close-Up created a website, a YouTube channel, and a Facebook page, which currently has almost 800 followers. The Hershes have also produced numerous features, mini-docs, and profiles using archive content and vintage media. This past year, Close-Up worked with the Miami Beach Youth Commission to produce a series of five webinars focusing on the history of minorities on Miami Beach, including the Black, Jewish, Hispanic and LGBTQ communities. Youth commissioners participated directly in lining up guests

and joining them in conversation about a particular group’s experiences of Miami Beach’s past. The webinars were endorsed by the Miami-Dade County School Board and are available for classroom use. In addition to the webinars, we interviewed Kenneth Treister, creator of the Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial; Glendon Hall, Chair of the Miami Beach Black Advisory Committee; Michael Gongora, first openly gay Miami Beach City Commissioner; Nicole Henry, singer/songwriter and activist; Joe Fleming, long-time preservation attorney; and Jud Kurlancheek, former Director of Planning and Zoning for Miami Beach. One hundred and fifty people have been interviewed since the beginning of the grant, representing diverse perspectives and contributions to the Beach’s cultural life, its economic development, and its historical and environmental preservation. The archive is available to the general public for research and education, all made possible by the continued support of the City of Miami Beach Visitors and Convention Authority (MBVCA).

Art Deco Weekend | 44 | Miami Beach 2022


5473 N BAY RD MIAMI BEACH $3, 500,000 • 5 BD • 5 BA • 3,947 SF

NANCY BATCHELOR Vice President M 305.903.2850 nancybatchelorteam nancybatchelormiamirealtor Not intended to solicit currently listed property. © Compass Florida, LLC. Equal Housing Opportunity. All information furnished regarding property for sale or rent or regarding financing is from sources deemed reliable, but Compass makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy thereof. All property information is presented subject to errors, omissions, price changes, changed property conditions, and withdrawal of the property from the market, without notice.

Art Deco Weekend | 45 | Miami Beach 2022


Sergey Serebrennikov

SERGEY SEREBRENNIKOV, MIAMI, is a graphic designer and artist known for his unique retro and Art Deco style. In 2014, Sergy moved to the USA from Russia and began work on new creative projects. He created a series of posters for the wall design of the Art Deco Welcome Center in Miami Beach and a series of works dedicated to famous locales in Miami Beach such as The Bass Museum, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, and South Pointe Park. In 2017, Sergey created large panoramic Art Deco style illustrations for the interior and exterior of the grocery store Silpo in Kiev, Ukraine.

Sergey has been included on the short lists of international festivals and exhibitions: shortlist 2015 International Fine Arts Competition by Art Fusion Galleries; Runner-up of open contest «DIGITAL DECADE 2016» (London); RAW Event Miami, personal exhibition (June, 2018). In 2018 the Art Deco Welcome Center was decorated with a large Welcome To Miami Beach poster design with the symbols of Miami Beach in Art Deco style created by Sergey. It has become a popular phototaking spot for visitors to Ocean Drive. Discover more about Sergey’s works and illustrations at and

Art Deco Weekend | 46 | Miami Beach 2022











Sketch with Urban Sketchers

“Join us as we draw the architectural gems of the Miami Beach Historic Art Deco District and capture the essence of the 1920s Art Deco Weekend Festival Events.”

COME SKETCH WITH US! For those who enjoy sketching or would like to learn how. All skill levels are welcome! We are thrilled to include for the second time the Urban Sketchers in our Art Deco Weekend program with a series of Sketchwalks. Join us as we draw the architectural gems of the Miami Beach Historic Art Deco District and capture the essence of the 1920s Art Deco Weekend Festival Events. Join a global community of artists dedicated to raising the artistic, storytelling, and educational value of on-location drawing, sharing with the world “one drawing at a time”. Urban Sketchers (USk) is an international community of three hundred chapters and 250k Sketchers in cities around the world. This program of events is led by USk Miami. Instagram: @urbansketchers @uskmiami

Art Deco Weekend | 48 | Miami Beach 2022

SKETCHWALKS Urban Sketchers tent: Ocean Drive between 10th and 11th Sketch with us at the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District to capture the essence of the 1920 Era and the Now into your sketchbook! Sketch moments in time from the Art Deco Weekend Festival. People of all ages, and all drawing levels and skills are welcome. A Sketchwalk is an interactive walking tour run by Urban Sketcher leaders, where its participants stop to pull out their sketchbooks and capture the scene in a drawing. These on location from observation sketches tell the story of place, time, and community. Equipped with inks and colors, Urban Sketchers use their personal drawing techniques, interpreting their view through their own styles. At each walk, through a ceremonious “Sketchbook Throwdown”, the incredible variety of works captured is

shared and discussed, providing inspiration and a fascinating show and tell for all! Bring your sketchbook and sketching supplies of your choice. As this event is OUTDOORS be prepared with drinking water, portable chair/stool, and appropriate clothes for the weather. This event is FREE. Registration is required. Saturday: 11 am - 12 pm, 3 pm - 4 pm Sunday: 11 am - 12 pm


DA N N Y H E RT Z B E RG 305.505.1950

H I L L A RY H E RT Z B E RG 305.336.2210

©2021 Coldwell Banker Realty (FLA License No. 2027016). All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Realty fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury logo are registered and unregistered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The property information herein is derived from various sources that may include, but not be limited to, government records and the MLS. Although the information is believed to be accurate, it is not warranted and you should not rely upon it without personal verification.

World Congress on Art Deco Coming to Miami Beach in 2023

The Miami Design Preservation League will host the 16th World Congress on Art Deco in 2023. We anticipate that 150-200 Art Deco aficionados from around the world will be coming to Miami Beach to see and celebrate our unique collection of Art Deco architecture. The theme for the Congress is MODERNISM – FLORIDA’S HIDDEN TREASURES. MODERNISM means that in addition to our Art Deco buildings, we’ll be showing off our equally extraordinary Mid-Century Modern (MiMo) architecture. HIDDEN refers to the fact that we’ll be featuring buildings that even Art Deco fans who have previously visited Miami Beach have not seen. TREASURES reflects the importance and value of these hidden gems. So mark your calendars! We will begin with a Pre-Congress in Palm Beach County April 28-30, 2023. The main Congress will take place in Miami Beach and Miami May 1-7. And the Post-Congress will take us to Central Florida May 8-9.

In addition to walking and bus tours, we’ll be providing fascinating lectures, delicious meals in historic settings, museums visits, parties and special events. To the extent possible, we hope to make these activities available to locals as well as visitors. MDPL (the first and oldest Art Deco Society in the world) hosted the first World Congress on Art Deco in 1991. It was the brainchild of our founder, Barbara Baer Capitman, who unfortunately didn’t live to see it happen, as she died of congestive heart failure in 1990. Not only was that first World Congress a success, it spawned the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies, which has authorized 15 more World Congresses that have been held every two years in different cities around the world. Fittingly, Miami Beach will be the first city to host 2 World Congresses. Details and Registration for the Congress will be available in mid-2022. For more information as it becomes available, watch the Events page at MDPL.ORG. If you have questions, reach out to us at

Art Deco Weekend | 50 | Miami Beach 2022

1677 COLLINS AVE | MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 | 305-532-2311 | MAREVA1939.COM


FREEDOM RADIO (1941) Saturday, January 15th • 2 pm - 4 pm $9 -$11 O Cinema South Beach 1130 Washington Ave • Miami Beach Hitler’s doctor is gradually realizing that the Nazi regime isn’t as good as it pretends to be when his friends start to “disappear” into the camps. His wife is courted by the party and accepts a political post in Berlin. Meanwhile, Dr Karl decides to try to do something to counteract the Nazi propaganda and with the help of an engineer and a few friends he sets up the Freedom Radio to counteract the Nazi propaganda.

RADIOLAND MURDERS Friday, January 14th • 7 pm - 9 pm $9 -$11 O Cinema South Beach 1130 Washington Ave • Miami Beach

THE BIG BROADCAST OF 1938 Sunday, January 16th • 2 pm - 4:30 pm $9 -$11 O Cinema South Beach 1130 Washington Ave • Miami Beach

The secretary at radio station WBN, Penny Henderson (Mary Stuart Masterson) is frantically trying to keep things in order as a broadcast goes on the air. Chaos breaks loose, however, when a series of murders occurs in the building, accompanied by an enigmatic voice over the airwaves. Penny’s writer husband, Roger (Brian Benben), tries to deduce who the killer is, but he also happens to be the prime suspect. As he evades the law, Roger gets closer to uncovering the identity of the murderer.

The S.S. Gigantic competes with the S.S. Colossal in a luxury liner race from New York to France. S.B. Bellows (W.C. Fields), the bumbling brother of the owner of the Gigantic, accidentally wrecks the sophisticated engine of his sibling’s ship, built by brilliant engineer Bob Hayes (Leif Erickson). Meanwhile, radio entertainer Buzz Fielding (Bob Hope), aboard the Gigantic with his girlfriend, Dorothy (Dorothy Lamour), is hoping to win so he can pay alimony to his three ex-wives.

Art Deco Weekend | 52 | Miami Beach 2022


Barbara Baer Capitman Legacy Sponsor

Leonard Horowitz Premier Sponsor

JANUARY 20-23, 2022 Media Sponsors

Municipal Support

Marketing Sponsors

Art Deco Weekend ® is produced and owned by the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) with major funding and support from the City of Miami Beach, Mayor & Commissioners of the City of Miami Beach, Miami Beach Visitor & Convention Authority, and Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council; with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Affairs Council, the Mayor, and the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners; as well as the Miami-Dade County Tourist Development Council and the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs.

Art Deco Weekend | 58 | Miami Beach 2022

MIAMI IS I T S OW N WO R K OF ART For Art of Black Miami events go to #ArtofBlackMiami

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