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Subject: Date: Interviewer:

Preliminaries Approval for recording interview? Non-Disclosure Agreement signed?

Introduction Purpose of interview • Thank you for taking the time to meet with us. We’re here to discuss your experience with ____________________. I have prepared a series of questions to help guide us through the interview. Terms of Confidentiality • The answers and information collected today will be used solely for the purpose of writing the Customer Success Story for ________________________. • The Story may be published on the ___________________ website and other sales material. • ________________ and myself will have access to your responses. • Your responses will be used in a way that is complimentary and faithful to _______________ and __________________ and the business conducted between therein. Q: Do you have any questions before we begin?

Conversation We're here with __________________________. I'd like to start with some questions about ___________________________: • I understand that _________________ offers several core programs: • Coach Program • Corporate Services • Developing Leadership Q: Can you tell me about your involvement with the programs? Interview Preparation and Questions

The Need For a Solution Q: Tell me about some of the business objectives or challenges that led you to look for a solution of this type? Q: Can you quantify the problem in any way? (lost time, money, resources)

The Decision Process Q: How did you hear about ________________? Q: How did the selection process go? Q: What was most important to you in a solution? Q: Why did you ultimately chose the solution? Which specific features were most attractive?

The Delivery and Implementation Q: How did implementation go? Q: Who was involved? Q: How quickly did your staff pick up the solution and start using it? Q: Was there training involved?

The Solution in Action Q: In what key ways do you use the solution the most? Q: Can you describe how you use and some of the benefits? Q: Can you tell me about the benefits of the Virtual Desktop initiative? Q: Can you tell me about the benefits you've experienced from the implementation of Off-Site Backup Service Q: What are some of the benefits to students? Faculty? Staff?

Interview Preparation and Questions

Details and Results Q: Have you reduced downtime or outages? Q: What was the customer service like? Q: Can you share any feedback or anecdotes from staff, faculty or students?

Wrap-up/Future Q: What's on the horizon for __________________? Q: Are there any plans to expand your usage of the solutions? Q: Is there anything you'd like to discuss that I haven't touched on?

Closing Thank you. That completes the interview. Feel free to contact me if you remember something you'd like to include. You'll be sent a draft copy for approval before publishing.

Interview Preparation and Questions

Inteview Preparation Template  

A sample interview preparation I use for interviewing clients.

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