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dairy DID YOU KNOW THAT COWS WILL DRINK LESS WATER IF IT SMELLS OR TASTES BAD? If the water is unpalatable cows will drink less water, which can mean lower milk production. One of the most common causes of unpalatable drinking water for cows is the presence of bacteria. “Good water quality is essential for successful livestock production” – ANZEEC (2000) water quality guidelines Poor water quality has also been associated with increased risks to animal health. “Abundant, high quality drinking water is the most important essential nutrient for dairy cows” – David K. Beede PhD, Michigan State University, March 2009 “Water quality is an important issue in the production and health of dairy cattle” – Waldner & Looper, Oklahoma State University, 2002 Low quality water can be expensive! Scale build up can have a negative impact on the efficiency of your dairy shed and milking equipment. High calcium and iron content in the water can also block up pipes and nozzles, shorten the life of your equipment and increase your maintenance costs.

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