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LIFE ON THE LINE, U.S. Premiere, 20 min, Filmmakers: Nick and Cheryl Dean— Wallacea is the biographical designation for a group of mainly Indonesian islands. One of the areas of the world with the widest range of endemic biodiversity, it remains virtually unknown to most people. This short film highlights the region’s biodiversity and the efforts of a few individuals to protect this fragile ecosystem and its inhabitants. 2:50 pm Saturday at the Opera House, Block 5

TIGER TIGER, DC Environmental Film Fest Presents at ACFF, 91 min, Filmmaker: George Butler —  Spotlighting the tiger as the most charismatic animal on earth, this adventure-conservation film takes the audience to the Sundarbans region on the border of India and Bangladesh. Known as one of the most dangerous places on Earth, this tidal mangrove forest may be largest, wildest remaining tiger population. Tiger Tiger follows Dr. Alan Rabinowitz as he confronts the dangerous terrain both tiger and man must navigate in their struggle to survive. Asking the essential question of wildlife conservation everywhere — how can man co-exist with nature? — the film seeks to communicate the desperate state of tigers and the vital work being done to save them. 6:15 pm Sunday at the Opera House, Block 15 u All images provided by ACFF except where noted.

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