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world, including festivals in Anchorage, Alaska, New Orleans, Louisiana, Bogotá, Columbia, and Seoul, South Korea. In it, filmmaker J. Christian Jensen captures the harshness of a white winter in the town of White Earth, North Dakota, a community transformed by the oil and gas fracking boom sweeping the state, where entire families crowd into RVs because rents have skyrocketed and housing is scarce. Where fathers attach plywood rooms to stationary trailers to create more space, and return home at the end of their shifts smelling like diesel. Parents see the boom as an opportunity to make money until the fields bust. Their kids often see it differently. Jensen tells the story of White Earth through the eyes and voices of the children, providing a unique perspective on u

Oil drilling near White Earth, North Dakota, has transformed the landscape. White Earth Poster Design: Randy Bangerter Photo courtesy of J. Christian Jensen

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