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Landscapes 1035wa ratio .66 White Forest

1041wa ratio 1 Kyoto Blossoms I

1042wa ratio 1 Kyoto Blossoms II

2505wa ratio 1 Sun Dappled I

2506wa ratio 1 Sun Dappled II

7460wa ratio .4 White Forest

10905wa ratio .66 Horses and Trees II

11248wa ratio 1 Fall Forest II

11228wa ratio .66 Forest Study I

11247wa ratio 1 Fall Forest I

11274wa ratio 1 Forest Study II

11275wa ratio 1 Forest Study III



10328 ratio 1 Autumn Trees I

10329 ratio 1 Autumn Trees II

10379wa ratio 1 Golden Day Turquoise

11596wa ratio 1 Autumn Forest Study II

11597wa ratio 1 Autumn Forest Study III

11836wa ratio 1.27 Golden Birches II

10472wa ratio 1 Lavender Fields I

10473wa ratio 1 Lavender Fields II

10904wa ratio .66 Horses and Trees I

11837wa ratio 1.27 Golden Birches III

13012wa ratio .66 Birch Trees on White

13034wa ratio 1 Landscape I


Landscapes 13035wa ratio 1 Landscape II

13154wa ratio 1.27 Verdi Trees I

13155wa ratio 1.27 Verdi Trees II

13420wa ratio .66 In Springtime

13730wa ratio 1 Blue Birch

13751wa ratio 1.27 Wandering Through

14927wa ratio ratio .5 Aspens by the Lake

15077gg ratio 1 Evening Falls

15044gg ratio 1 Tree of Life I

15045gg ratio 1 Tree of Life II

15315wa ratio 1 Golden Birch I with Blue

15316wa ratio 1 Golden Birch II with Blue



13752wa ratio 1.27 Wandering Through II

13953gg ratio 1 Tree Of Light

13975wa ratio .66 Forest at Dawn

15559wa ratio 1 Golden Forest I

15560wa ratio 1 Golden Forest II

15593wa ratio .66 Dream Forest I

14386gg ratio .5 Birch Shadows

14710gg ratio 1 Forest Trees I

14741gg ratio 1 A Teal Tree

15826wa ratio 1 Confetti I

15827wa ratio 1 Confetti II

16217wa ratio 1 Dream Forest Square I


Landscapes 16218wa ratio 1 Dream Forest Square II

16434 - 20x20

16434gg ratio 1 River Birch I

16435 - 20x20

16435gg ratio 1 River Birch II

16593 - 24x36

22438wa ratio 1 Blue Lily II

40000ma ratio 1 TRANQUIL TREE

22501wa ratio .66 Birch Forest

35782ma ratio 1 WHITE BIRCH 1

40001ma ratio 1 TRANQUIL TREE3

40002ma ratio 1 TRANQUIL TREES



16593gg ratio 1.5 Fern Creek

16793wa ratio 1 White Cherry Blossoms I Neutral Crop

16794wa ratio 1 White Cherry Blossoms II Neutral Crop

40003 ratio 1 TRANQUIL TREE8

AMEEYE124751 ratio 1.47 Devastation Trail

ANDORP13836 ratio .74 Cottage Scene With Swan

16871Dgg ratio .5 Trees

17021Dgg ratio 1 Trees 2

22437wa ratio 1_Blue Lily I

ANDORP13840 ratio .75 Cottage 1

ANDORP13841 ratio .73 Cottage 2

ANDORP13842 ratio .73 Cottage 3


Landscapes ANDORP130650 ratio 1.24 House B

ANDVIL127345 ratio .66 The Blue Hour

Burr,86290 ratio 1 Parisian Afternoon II

Burr,86291 ratio 1 Parisian Afternoon III

Burr,86299 ratio .73 Time Out

CARDUN135847 ratio 1 A Golden Summer

ERICLA83759 ratio .44 Almost Winter


ERICLA83755 ratio .66 Painted Branches

ERICLA83756 ratio 1.5 Autumn Impasto

ERICLA83757 ratio 1.5 Autumn Fresco

ERICLA83767 ratio .33 A Whisper Through the Trees

ERICLA83768 ratio .33 A Moment of Peace

Douglas,80017 ratio 1 Palm Grande

CARDUN135851 ratio 1 Country Ways

CARDUN135852 ratio 1 Fields Of Gold

ERICLA91907 ratio .5 Country Living

ERICLA92084 ratio 1 Silent Forest

ERICLA92085 ratio 1 Tranquil Forest

10472wa ratio 1 Lavender Fields I

ERICLA83753 ratio 1 Tranquil Trees

ERICLA83754 ratio 1 Quiet Forest

ERICLA92152 ratio 1 Majesty I beige

ERICLA92153 ratio 1 Majesty

ERICLA92154 ratio 1 Majesty



Landscapes ERICLA92155 ratio 1 Majesty IV

ERICLA92355 ratio .5 Timber

ERICLA112878 ratio 1 Tree

ERICLA138447 ratio 1 Botanical Nine

Hayslette,79542 ratio 1 Barns on Greenbrier I

Hayslette,86375 ratio .73 Old Mill Bluestone

KARGER135642 ratio .78 Outback 2

Hayslette,91426 ratio 1 Hurricane Ridge

Hollack,86383 ratio 1 Drifting Breeze I

Hollack,86384 ratio 1 Drifting Breeze II

JOHZAC54349 ratio .75 Morning Light

JOHZAC55106 ratio 1.26 Lake Lugono

KARGER135625 ratio .8 Boondocks


KARGER135627 ratio .8 Charmed

KARGER135632 ratio 1.26 Forest Dream

KARGER135641 ratio .8 Notable Tree 1

KARGER137279 ratio 1.24 Abstract Landscape

KARGER137280 ratio 1.29 Blue Sky

LE020-A-ratio .5 Purple Road

LE021-A-ratio 1 Purple Rain I

LE022-A-ratio 1 Purple Rain II

LE029-A-ratio 1 Solitude

MW044-A-ratio .82 Lost View

PS027-A-ratio 1.4 Standing Tall I



Landscapes PS030-A-ratio .66 Blueberry Hill

PS031-A--ratio 1 Blueberry Hill I

PS033-A-ratio .55 Birch Reflection

PS034-A ratio 2 Lookout I

PS035-A ratio 2 Lookout II

PS038-A ratio .66 Lookout



b36716945s ratio 1.5 beautiful wild friesian horse stallion running

SE231-A ratio .66 View From Below

WK033-A ratio 1 South of the Hill II

TE046-A ratio .66 Autumn Threshold

WK032-A ratio 1 South of the Hill I


Photography 7146ma ratio 1 Water and Rocks

10134wa ratio 1 Metro I

7155ma ratio 1 SUNSET TREE

10133wa ratio 1 Cafe

10136wa ratio 1 Newsprint Paris

10351wa ratio 1.46 Kentucky Falls

10698wa ratio 1.46 Shi Shi Beach Low Tide I

11326wa ratio .5 Shi Shi Beach Sunset

10699wa ratio 1.46 Shi Shi Beach Low Tide II

11292wa ratio 1 Twilight Dock III

11327wa ratio .5 Shi Shi Point of Arches

11368wa ratio 1.5 Paris 1900



10352wa ratio 1.46 Multnomah Falls

10359wa ratio 1 Sunset on the Coast I

10360wa ratio 1 Sunset on the Coast II

11369wa ratio 1.5 Flat Iron 1909

11799wa ratio 1.25 Lotus Flower III

11800wa ratio 1.25 Lotus Flower VI

10457wa ratio 1 Tides and Waves Square

10458wa ratio 1 Tides and Waves Square

10575wa ratio .75 Snow Daze IV

11801wa ratio 1.25 Lotus Flower VII

11802wa ratio 1.25 Lotus Flower VIII

12468wa ratio 1 Gardenia



12469wa ratio 1 Magnolia

13777wa ratio 1.25 Nature Delight III

13775wa ratio 1.25 Nature Delight I

13776wa ratio 1.25 Nature Delight II

13778wa ratio 1.25 Nature Delight IV

13950wa ratio .8 Wings Collage IV

14574wa ratio 1 The Coronation

14844wa ratio 1 Rising Above the Surface

14580gg ratio 1 Lonely Tree

14842wa ratio 1 Through the Reeds

14985wa ratio 1 Lake View

15002wa ratio 1.27 Paris Stroll II



13999wa ratio .33 Paris Panorama

14298gg ratio 1.5 Eiffel Tower

14477gg ratio 1 London

15233wa ratio .66 Lonely Tree

15473gg ratio 1.33 Venice Romance I

15474gg ratio 1.25 Venice Romance II

14478gg ratio 1 New York

14479gg ratio 1 Paris

14480gg ratio 1 Rome

15569gg ratio .66 Affection

15570gg ratio .66 Botswana Afternoon

15591gg ratio 1 Proud Elephant



15592gg ratio 1 Zebra Pair

15626wa ratio 1 Argus


15842wa ratio .66 Manhattan Bridge

15924wa ratio 1.27 On the Bridge

15593gg ratio 1 Lion

15625wa ratio 1 Samoca

15706gg ratio 1.33 New York Crossing

15832wa ratio 1 Sea and Rocks

15914wa ratio .66 Pretty Horses

15916wa ratio 1.25 Dock Poles

16597wa ratio 1 Coffeehouse I

16598wa ratio 1 Coffeehouse II

16795wa ratio 1.27 Translucent Tulips II

15965wa ratio 1 A Jumble of Boats

16796wa ratio 1.27 Translucent Tulips III

16975wa ratio .5 Horses in the Wild

35733ma ratio 1 SHIRE

15925wa 1.27 City Glow

15966wa ratio 1 Anticipation

16121wa ratio 1.5 Tower Lights

15967wa ratio 1 Through the Reeds

16073wa ratio 1.25 Lake Pier

16455wa ratio 1 Zebra II Square

16499gg ratio .52 Twilight at Maison Rose



Photography 35784ma ratio 1 WHITE BIRCH 3

37632ma ratio 1 SUNSET II

36703ma ratio .68 MANE I

37631ma ratio 1 SUNSET I

39613ma ratio 1.46 GLORIOSA LILY

39614ma ratio 1.46 LEAF

39632ma ratio 1.46 AGED STONE EUCALYPTUS

39635ma ratio 1 ORCHID PINK

39637ma ratio 1.46 GERBERA BW

39638ma ratio 1.46 HIBISCUS VIII

39639ma ratio 1 HIGH CONTRAST TULIP


39658ma ratio .68 MAGNOLIA LEAF

39660ma ratio .68 THE GRAYS I

39753ma ratio 1 CALLA LILY IN SIENNA I

39755ma ratio 1 CALLA LILY IN SIENNA II


39617ma ratio 1.46 OAT GRASS II

39622ma ratio .68 STARBURST LILY I

39623ma ratio .68 STARBURST LILY II

39625ma ratio .68 ERDUOS HYDRANGEA I

39626ma ratio .68 ERDUOS HYDRANGEA II

39631ma ratio 1.46 AGED STONE BO TREE

39643ma ratio .33 KALUPTOS EUCALYPTUS

39663ma ratio .68 THE GRAYS II



Photography 264



40163ma ratio 1.33 HUGS AND KISSES 19

40166ma ratio 1.33 WONDER WHEEL 23

40192ma ratio 1 ZEBRA GRASS

40225ma ratio 1.33 MAP AFRICA

40226ma ratio 1.33 SAFARI

40227wa ratio 1.33 GO WILD

40295ma ratio 1 ASPENE143 FALL

40296ma ratio 1 FICUSBURKEY FALL

40298ma ratio 1 ICELAND B2 B16

40299ma ratio 1 RAINY TULIP TREE

40300ma ratio 1 RAINY BO TREE

40301ma ratio 1 TASTY GRAPE HIBISCUS

40302ma ratio 1 TASTY GRAPE HIBISCUS 2

40443ma ratio 1 CORAL MAP 1

40228ma ratio 1.33 JUNGLE KING

40444ma ratio 1 CORAL MAP 2

62010ma ratio 1.2 BODY REFLECTION I

62011ma ratio .83 BODY REFLECTION III

40297ma ratio 1 ICELAND B B16

74057ma ratio .75 COASTAL VIEW

82113ma ratio .47 BEACH HUTS

82260ma ratio 1.1 FORREST THEME II



Photography 82262ma ratio 1 FORREST THEME IV

82267ma ratio 1.1 ZEN THEME II

82265ma ratio 1.1 ZEN THEME I

82266ma ratio 1.1 ZEN THEME II

82352ma ratio 1 SAILING I

82353ma ratio 1 SAILING II

640076ma ratio .75 VINTAGE VENEZIA

a0122237d ratio .71 Devils Marbles

11699906 ratio .75 Melbourne Yarra River and Art Centre

a00107152b ratio .66 Autumn Landscape Under The Rain

a00326764b ratio .66 Park after the rain

a0460652 turtle ratio .66



88007ma ratio 1 BAMBOO I

88008ma ratio 1 BAMBOO II

88016ma ratio 1 WATER DROPS I

a619971b ratio .65 New York

a0743288 turtle 2 ratio .66

a04420069 Venice ratio .48

88017ma ratio 1 WATER DROPS II

88018ma ratio 1 WATER DROPS III

640075ma ratio .75 VINTAGE ROMA

a4731701d ratio .67 Coastal cliff landscape

a06294064b ratio .56 Skyline Of Brisbane

a7680387d ratio .67 Australian beach at twilight


Photography 268

a07722394 Flinders St ratio .65

a08378851s ratio 1 animal zebre portrait

A8396305 Green Is ratio .57

a08658724s ratio .72 Melbourne Skyline

a09116008s ratio 1.50 Leopard portrait

a09169372b ratio 1.5 Eiffel tower

a09630037d ratio .66 Red Telephone Box by the Thames Night Scene

a10485955d ratio .66 Underground sign London

a12865741 San Marco Sq ratio .66

a14494002s ratio .66 the kiss chicks

a15886456 ratio 1.5 Architecture And Historical Place Parthenon

a17747770 ratio 1.49 Meerkat

a19976530 ratio 1 Potrait Of An African Ostrich

a23023783b ratio .66 Brisbane Story Bridge

a29138089s ratio 1.12 Portrait of Frog

a52807393s ratio .66 Black Crowned Crane

Arches-h0938280 ratio .66

b0103686d ratio .93 Australian seascape at dawn

b743123d ratio .66 Big Ben Clockface UK England

b878757 ratio 1.33 Artemis Mask

b00927870sratio .66 France Giverny Monet's garden spring May

b1788627 ratio 1.51 Winged Victory of Samothrace

b8824182 Golden gate Bridge ratio .67

a51392668s ratio .66 ring tailed lemur



Photography b36716945s ratio 1.5 beautiful wild friesian horse stallion running

b39231719s ratio .66 Kingfisher in the wild on the island of Sri Lanka

b48898940s ratio .57 Peacock in the wild on the island of Sri Lanka

BERMYE52323 ratio 1.25 Foxglove 1 X Ray

Black-stallion h3752055 rat.66

c0335162d ratio .67 Australian waterfall Ellensborough Falls New South Wales

BERMYE52129 ratio 1 Xray floral

BERMYE52131 ratio 1.25 X Ray Flower

BERMYE52134 ratio 1.25 X Ray Shell

c0335187d ratio .69 Australian waterfall Millaa Millaa Falls North Queensland

c01340447s ratio .66 African elephant

c1949527d ratio .72 Waterfall Tasmania landscape


BERMYE52157 ratio .8 Dendrobium 2 X Ray Orchid

BERMYE52158 ratio .72 Dendrobium On Back X Ray Orchid

BERMYE52174 ratio .8 Joel's Rose X Ray

c18462875s ratio .65 African elephants in Tsavo Park in Kenya

c19263482s ratio .66 Hopetoun Falls Great Otway National Park in Victoria Australia

c26842589s ratio .66 Wild beach at Corcovado Rainforest in Costa Rica

BERMYE52200 ratio 1.25 Plumeria X Ray

BERMYE52204 ratio .8 Rose Noma X Ray

BERMYE52304 ratio .8 Rose 10 X Ray

c36540218s ratio .66 African Leopard

c42273839s ratio .66 Great Migration of Zebras in the Masai Mara

CAMBRO137306 ratio .66 Gold Coast Sunset 1



Photography CAMBRO137307 ratio .66 Gold Coast Sunset 2


CAMBRO137314 ratio .5 Gold Coast Sunset 3

CAMBRO137332 ratio .66 Lanikai Beach

CHRBLI34382 ratio 1.24 Central Park New York

CAMBRO137336 ratio .5 Magic Island Sunset Wide

CAMBRO137342 ratio .66 Mokuleia Sunset

CAMBRO137351 ratio .66 Nuuanu Stream 1

CHRBLI34742 ratio 1.32 New York

CAMBRO138862 ratio 1.5 Full Moon Kapiolani Trees

CAMBRO138867 ratio .66 Kahala Beach Waves

CAMBRO138868 ratio .66 Kahala Beach

CHRBLI51397 ratio 1.71 Nights 1

CAMBRO138890 ratio .5 Pipeline Surfer

CARCAS92430 ratio .91 Time Out 5

CHRBLI33033 ratio 1.24 Statue of Liberty

CHRBLI62940 ratio 1.25 Sepia 5

CHRBLI34452 ratio 1.24 Central Park New York

CHRBLI34720 ratio 1.24 Central Park New York

CHRBLI34743 ratio 1.24 Empire State Building New York

CHRBLI51371 ratio 1.71 Coney 4

CHRBLI51410 ratio .75 Wall Street and Broadway New York

CHRBLI62939 ratio 1.22 Sepia Street

CHRBLI62941 ratio 1.21 Sepia 6


CHRBLI62942 ratio 1.28 Le Pont Alexander Paris


Photography CHRBLI96016 ratio 1.27 Big Clock

CHRBLI96017 ratio .66 Big Clock2

CHRBLI96020 ratio 1.32 Chrysler building New York

CHRBLI110996 ratio 1.27 Le Pont Alexander Paris

CHRBLI96022 ratio .77 Gondolas

CHRBLI96024 ratio 1.25 Statue of Liberty New York

CHRBLI96027 ratio 1.36 Chrysler Building New York

Cook,82684 ratio 1 Rook Forest

CHRBLI96028 ratio .77 New York

CHRBLI96290 ratio 1.44 Brooklyn Bridge

CHRBLI110987 ratio .69 Bow Bridge

DANBAL112663 ratio .66 Let Her Fly

DESFOO128639 ratio .66 Market Fruit

DESLAN134477 ratio 1.5 Sand

CHRBLI110988 ratio 1.5 Pisa Tower

CHRBLI110990 ratio .66 Poets Walk

CHRBLI110991 ratio 1.5 Red Bus

DESLAN135574 ratio .66 Tropical Island

DESLAN136917 ratio .66 Ocean Wave

Douglas,79481 ratio .5 Traces of History


CHRMOY115491 ratio .66 Smoothing Scripps

Cook,82596 ratio .66 Fountain of Apollo

d2263437 ratio .67 African Elephant Bull

d3610377d ratio 1.38 Leopard



Photography 276

Douglas,80018 ratio .5 Pont Neuf

e109635d ratio .62 Houses of Parliament

e4898747s ratio .66 Andaman Sea

ERICLA83812 ratio 1 Silence

e5725793d ratio 1.49 Australian king parrot

ERICLA83760 ratio .8 Over the Meadow

ERICLA83769 ratio 1 Birch Forest

ERICLA83770 ratio 1 Central Park

ERICLA83788 ratio 1 Foggy Path

ERICLA83789 ratio 1 Downtown Detail

ERICLA91911 ratio 1.43 Corinthian Column I

ERICLA91912 ratio 1.43 Corinthian Column II

ERICLA91913 ratio 1.43 Corinthian Column III

ERICLA83800 ratio 1 Hazy Maple

ERICLA83801 ratio 1 Serenity

ERICLA83811 ratio 1 Winter Woods

ERICLA91926 ratio 1 LOVE

ERICLA91930 ratio 1 Philadelphia Architecture

ERICLA92096 ratio .66 Manhattan from Brooklyn

ERICLA83846 ratio .33 Forest Path

ERICLA83826 ratio .33 Misty Meadow

ERICLA83845 ratio .33 Woodland Walk

ERICLA83847 ratio .33 Tree Curtain

ERICLA91905 ratio 1 Majestic Oak



Photography 278

ERICLA92114 ratio .66 Flatiron Building

ERICLA92116 ratio .66 Bicycle

ERICLA92251 ratio .66 Ants

f0698934d ratio 1.13 Australian King Parrot

f5395879 ratio .66 Nike

F6010927B ratio .66 Pier

FLOPHO117665 ratio .66 Leaves

g0354603 ratio .66 Lotus

g2812470b ratio .65 Spanish Steps

g5636928 Times Sqaure ratio .66

g2107932 ratio 1.20 Hamar woman

g6018385b ratio .54 Adelaide

g9979753 ratio 1.49 Mursi

GEOAGR112517 ratio .67 Terraphilia

GEOAGR117708 ratio .74 Beyond Measure

h0986430b ratio 1 Old Photo Film

GEOAGR111125 ratio .75 Pi Again

GEOAGR111963 ratio 1.13 Insurgency

GEOAGR115458 ratio .79 Anglesea Moire

GEOAGR115459 ratio .79 Gnomon

GEOAGR119032 ratio .67 Preamble

h0840639b ratio .66 Beautiful Sunset

h1829922d ratio .66 Big Ben

h2475930 Venice canal ratio .66



Photography h6429903 Water Lily ratio .67

h7777113 rat .66 Pier on the Lake

h8023356d ratio .40 Panoramic View Of Big Ben

h9617325b ratio .66 Autumn Wine valley. South Australia

HARFLO81872 ratio 1 Three Of A Kind

HARFLO81878 ratio 1 Orchard 3 Buds

HARFLO84590 ratio 1 Tunnel Of Love

HARFLO90055 ratio 1 Silky Red Orchid

HARFLO90056 ratio 1 White Orchid On Leaves

HARFLO90058 ratio 1 Pink Orchids

h8135328 Red Fort ratio .66


HARFLO95373 ratio 1 Red Flowers with Stems

HARLAN77792 ratio .43 Par 3 Trap Designs

HARTRE50319 ratio .5 Frosted View Plate 5

HARTRE50328 ratio 1 Morning Texture Plate 2

HARTRE55425 ratio 1.5 Walkway Of Trees

HARTRE55779 ratio 1 Black And White Morning Toned

HARTRE55806 ratio 1 Reflections Bear

HARTRE59167 ratio 1 Brookville Winter

HARTRE61308 ratio 1 Row Of Trees

HARTRE61317 ratio .66 Row Of Trees 2

HARTRE66947 ratio .6 Bare Branches & Woods 3 Tone

HARTRE74785 ratio 1 Bare Branches & Woods

HARTRE78038 ratio 1 Greys Of Winter



Photography HARTRE83559 ratio 1 Morning Texture 2

i1242617 ratio .67 Himba Woman

i1833926 Venice canal ratio .66

i1864829 Venice bridge ratio .66

i2154611b ratio 1.50 Eiffel Tower

i2186909 Anthias fish ratio .66


i6927692b ratio .66 Motorcycle Chrome Metal Grille

i6983714 Waterfall in Sri Lanka rat .66

ISTNAG128801 ratio .66 Budapest

ISTNAG128811 ratio .35 Panorama Etretat

ISTNAG128815 ratio .35 Panorama Maspalomas Dunes

ISTNAG128816 ratio .5 Panorama Sunset No 1

i3200743s ratio 1 Frog

i3940781 ratio 67 Silverback Gorilla

i4525826 ratio 1 Close Up Tiger Portrait

ISTNAG128818 ratio .31 Panorama Switzerland

ISTNAG128822 ratio .66 Sand Wind and Light No 2 BW

ISTNAG128823 ratio .66 Sand Wind and Light No 3 BW

i4529540 ratio .56 Close Up Tiger Portrait

i5247908d ratio .40 Eiffel Tower

i5902634 Anthias fish 2 ratio .4

ISTNAG128826 ratio 1 Silent Stream BW

JAIJOH140009 ratio .8 Changing Season 1

JAIJOH140024 ratio 1 Country Pond


Photography Seascapes

Photography 284

MOILEV124995 ratio .75 Manhattan Pier 4

MOILEV126316 ratio .66 Water Tree

MOILEV138183 ratio .82 Nautilus Xray I

MONNAG112838 ratio 1.25 Red Pines

MONNAG121324 ratio .8 Moeraki Boulders

q22796527 ratio .81 Athena

sunset-on-a beach-c6382048 rat .75

TANHOV93060 ratio 1 BIB - Mock Leafbaby 1

TANHOV93079 ratio 1 Little Feet

TANHOV93080 ratio 1 Baby in Purple Blossom

TANHOV93081 ratio 1 Baby on Single Leaf Plant

WILWAY109374 1.5 Early Morning

7152ma ratio 1 YACHTING II


Red cat part 2  
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