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The Australian Women's Bobsleigh Team Sponsorship Proposal

Slide to success in Sochi 2014

History and Vision of Our Team The team began in 2002 with a handful of mostly Track & Field athletes, willing to leave their comfort zone to pursue a dangerous form of ice racing. Of the original squad of athletes, Astrid Radjenovic (then Astrid Loch-Wilkinson) was selected as the most gifted in the piloting role. She teamed up with National Long- Jump Champion Kylie Reed as brake-woman, and the pair competed at the 2006 Torino Winter Olympic Games with a credible 14th placing After 3 years away from the sport, Astrid returned in 2009 to reform the team, and pursue a path to Olympic Success in Sochi 2014. Along the way, the team qualified and competed at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, despite just starting back in the sport. The team has always ‘punched above its weight’, including medal placing’s in America’s Cup and European Cup level, and top-ten finishes at World Cup level, to the astonishment of international audiences. Since returning to the sport, Radjenovic has built the team from strength to strength, with the 2011/2012 Winter Season being the most successful yet. The team currently has an overall World Cup ranking of 11th. We have surged from an overall ranking of 32nd, to 12th, in just 2 years. Our media exposure in Australia and overseas continues to soar, with weekly television exposure all through Europe and North America, being the only ‘small nation’ in the sport of bobsleigh to place regularly within the top 10.

Core Team Values • Precision and excellence • Team work • Fair play • Courage • Being positive role models for Women in Sport, and Winter sport athletes



Sponsor Opportunity and Benefits Worldwide Television*, Internet live streaming, Phone App viewing, print media exposure and other forms of media exposure (radio, events, local spectators at events). Most significant Exposure in Europe and North America. NB Bobsleigh had an annual viewing rate of 9 Billion worldwide, in 2010/11. Large Advertising space on the Bobsled, team race suits, uniforms during all World Cup, World Championships, European cup and America’s Cup events Unlimited possibilities for company promotion of the sponsorship and wide range of advertising options (radio, billboard, televsion, internet, print, website) Promotion of Association with Australian team during high-exposure Olympic time both nationally and internationally. Particular exposure in Germany, other European nations and USA/Canada. Opportunity to be associated with an emerging team, in an intriguing, hi-tech, exciting and visually attractive sport, and supporting Australian Olympians.

Our goal is to place in the top 6 at World Cup level, then progress to Olympic medals.

Sport Specifics The Team: Women compete only in the two-man event, with brake-women sometimes interchanging. The team is ranked under the Pilot’s name, and qualifies also for Olympic Selection this way. Hence a team comprises of one pilot, with a ‘squad’ of brake-women. The Races: Each winter racing season runs November to February, for the European and NorthAmerican Winter. Bobsleigh races are held in Germany, France, Italy, Austria,Switzerland, Canada, USA and now also Russia. Our team competes at the highest level, which is the World Cup. We complete in 8 World Cup races each season, World Championships, as well as usually 2-6 European Cup races. Advertising: Teams are permitted in all races (except Olympic Games) to use all available sled space and uniform space for advertising. A small amount of space on the sled is reserved by right to the International bobsleigh Federation (IBSF) for advertising of the race sponsor (See specifications later in document).

Our team has a working partnership with the German Federation, which allows us further exposure and following in Germany. Our top 10 results at World Cup level ensure more air time and viewing interest for our team.



Sponsorship Packages Major Sponsor A Major Sponsorship package can be tailored to your company. This level of sponsorship would be negotiated, to form a significant financial contribution to the team. The sponsorship period would run through the 2012 and 2013 competitive seasons, encompassing the Winter Olympic Games, and two Bobsleigh World Cup circuits. A major sponsor can negotiate exclusive rights or shared advertising space on the sled, uniforms, websites and social media (see index at the end of this document on advertising space available). Benefits include associative advertising by your company, large advertising space on weekly bobsleigh television footage, large brand exposure in Europe, North America and Australia. Promoting the ideal of supporting an Australian team, whilst gaining the benefits of international exposure Sponsor A minor sponsorship package can be tailored to your company, with sponsorship of a slightly lesser value. This would include some negotiable advertising space on the bobsled, uniforms and also exposure on websites and social media, listed as a Sponsor. The advertising space allocated would be determined by the amount of sponsorship. Benefits include associative advertising by your company, advertising space on weekly bobsleigh television footage, increased brand exposure in Europe, North America and Australia. Promoting the ideal of supporting an Australian team, whilst gaining the benefits of international exposure. Supporting Partner A supporting partner would offer the team goods or services for support, or Monetary sponsorship up to a value of $3000. This can be in the form of athletic apparel, nutritional supplements, travel assistance (truck hire), footwear, medical support AUSSIE ICEBIRDS


Advertising information Broadcasting Television Broadcast partners for Bobsleigh can be observed at the link below.

These include Eurosport (Asia, Britain) Sky Sport News (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) SBS ESPN (Korea) Sportbox Russia TV Drenth Netherlands RSI Switzerland TSR Switzerland NOS Netherlands 2DF Germany ARD Germany MTV3 Finland CBC/Rogers Canada, Canal + / Sport+ France ORF Austria CCTV China and more.

Target Audience: •Young women in sport •Winter sports enthusiasts •Extreme sports enthusiasts logo’s and names painted onto the sled

Sled advertising space Advertisement space on bobsled: · Advertisements can be placed on the sides and front of the sled · The Bobsled can have logo’s and names painted onto the sled · The sled can be painted to resemble a product or logo

No Signage Allowed = Reserved for F.I.B.T Advertising permitted

Sled Space Division For Sponsors The Bobsled can also be painted in any colour scheme, to resemble to logo of your company. This benefit is associated with a Major sponsorship package, and can be negotiated for an extra sponsorship fee.

Major Sponsor Sponsor



Uniform Advertising A small space is reserved for the FIBT to advertise on Race suit arm sleeves, and the side of the athletes Helmet. However, most of the time the FIBT does not exercise this right and fill the space. All other uniform space can be advertised on. Advertising can be placed on Jackets, Beanies/hats, race suits, ski pants, training clothing etc.

Push-Sled Advertising The ‘Push’ Sled that we use for training in Australia, can also be used for advertising. The sled used to be raced as a ‘Red Bull’ Go-cart back in the 1990’s. The cart was then converted to be used as a bobsleigh push-sled. Television news stories run in Australia about the team often feature us pushing this sled in training, as do team photo shoots (see below). We train with this sled for 6 months of the year, during the off-season.

Advertising Value Television viewing value (Per season):

See attached Data sheet of FIBT Women’s Bobsleigh viewing in 2012

Direct correlations: Given in each World Cup Bobsleigh race, the Australian Team would take average 6% of the viewing time • 6% of Viewing time through 9 countries = 8.46 hours viewing time – Only for Australian Women’s Team • 9.38 Million viewing audience over those 9 countries Comparative advertising costs Based on Average advertising cost of $20/1000 viewers* (based on 30 sec Advertisement) 8.46 hours viewing time x 9.368 Million viewers ($20/1000 viewers = $187,360) = Approx $95 Million

By Direct correlation to television viewing alone (without calculation of Phone app viewing, internet live streaming and print media), Major sponsor advertising would give up to $95 Million in equivalent advertising value internationally. As an example, a $30,000 sponsorship gives 322 times its value in Advertising time internationally.




Meet Our Athletes

Pilot: Astrid Radjenovic

Brakewoman: Ebony Gorincu

Brakewoman: Jana Pittman

• Team Captain and Pilot since 2003

• Ebony joined our team in 2011

• 2 x Winter Olympian (2006/2010)

• 3x Top-10 World Cup finishes

• Jana Has joined the squad in 2012, towards the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

• World Cup ranking 11th 2011/12

• World Championships Debut 2012

• America’s Cup and European Cup medallist

• State athletics representative in 100m and 100m Hurdles

• Astrid spearhead’s the team and its management. • Each year she improves and has her sights set on a medal at the 2014 Olympic Games AUSSIE ICEBIRDS

• Ebony continues to improve her athletic parameters and iscommitted to the Sochi Games.

• 2x World Champion in 400m Hurdles • Olympian 2000, 2004 Athletics • Jana’s athletic prowess and experience in World Class competition will boost our team to greater success to Sochi.


Brakewoman: Jamie Hedge • Jamie joined the team in 2010, and has been a consistent and enthusiastic team member. • World Cup top-10 finish Whistler 2012 • European Cup medallist 2011 • State Hockey representative • Jamie brings fun, spirit and dedication to our team and will commit to Sochi 2014, as well as looking to become a pilot herself.

Brakewoman: Elly Graf

Brakewoman: Montana Ardon

• Elly is an Australian Beach sprinting champion, as well as a high level track and field Sprinter.

• Montana is also a beach sprinter, and is joining our squad in 2012 towards a new future in Winter sport.

• After the World Beach Sprinting Championships in 2012, she will be joining our team in overseas competition towards Sochi 2014.

• She has multiple achievements at the state and national level in beach sprinting, and will be an exciting young athlete to add to the team.

• We look forward to seeing how she transfers from sand to ice!

Contact For sponsorship opportunities, and to discuss a package for your company: Astrid Radjenovic Pilot & Manager +61414313659 Skype: astrid.loch.wilkinson

Affiliation Australian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association Mr. Murray Turner - President +61425774084







Aussie Icebirds Sponsorship Proposal  
Aussie Icebirds Sponsorship Proposal  

The Australian Women's Bobsleigh Team - Sponsorship Proposal