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Mike and Sigrid Moylan Nebraska Trucking Association Foundation Quality Brands of Omaha Rob Randels Paulina Schlott Sid Dillon Chevrolet – Blair, Inc. Jeffrey Taxman Susan Thomas Susan and Vance Wagner Daniel Wesslund Willie P. Young


Action Insurance Agency Leslie G. Abegglen AIT Worldwide Logistics Vicki Allely Harold and Doris Alloy Linda Matson - Andersen Carolyn Anderson Marcia Anderson Phyllis Anderson Gerald J. Aquila Alissa Arbeiter James Ballarin Jean Ann Ballinger and Ward Peters Dale F. Barr, Jr. Baxter Volkswagen Brian and Susan Beebe Roy Bennett Robert A. Benson Richard and Monica Benzel Darald and Nancy Berg Mary Bernstein Steven Blumkin Howard Borden Mike and Ann Boyle Threasa Brown Janet Buckingham and Lauren Ronald Michael Butkus BVH Architects Angelica Carl Brandon and Samantha Carrino Sylvia Cohn Connie Coltrane and Margaret Hobza Completely Kids John and Kathleen Cavanaugh Hal and Mary Daub Fran H. Davis and James L. Weinstein Tim Dempsey John and Carol Dennison Pamela DePorte Dickinson Investment Advisors, LLC Sandra Douglas Kara Eastman Robert Egermayer Jan Egermayer Marlyn and Darsie Eitmann James Farber Donald and Wendy Fenster Kim Ferguson Daniel and Michele Ferris First Presbyterian Church Michael Fox Pam Friedlander Howard and Sandra Friedman Morris Friedman Barry and Connie Gaston Donald Goldstein Michael Goldstein Steve Grabowski Cari Green Jeffrey Grinnell and Dan Gallagher Hallmarq Construction, Inc Geoffrey Hammond Emily J. Hansen Stephen Hasegawa Constance Heiden Shelton Hendricks and Andrew Stevenson Mary Hewitt Timothy Higgins and Patty Zieg Hill Brothers, Inc. Michael and Barbara Hoody Melissa Hurley Integrated Rehab LLC Jessica Janssen Mary M. Jetton

Noreen Johnson Robert Johnson Larry and Deborah Josephson Myron Kaplan Susan Koenig David and Sharon Kotok Frank and Patricia Kumor Nancy Lazer William and Sandra Leeder Rochelle Lewis Lighthouse Restaurants, LLC John and Beatrice Lockett Sally Lusk Neal and Jody Malashock Larry and Diane Malashock Diana Manvitz Melissa Marvin Max’s Body Shop Edward and Carrie May, Jr. MCC Math Department Sara McClure and David Steadman Makayla McMorris Gerald and Jolene Medley Jon M. Meyers Midwest Scaffold Service, LLC Betty Mills Everett and Dorothy Minds Donald Moray and Beth Ryan Craig and Emily Moody Michelle J. Morton Jeffrey Moser Lou Mrla Mary Ellen Mulcahy Steve Nogg Donald Noodell Kim Noddle Nancy Noddle Don and Rachel Novak Pat and Peggy O’Malley Pasta Amore Fantasia Kenneth and Linda Patrick John and Mary Ann Perrin Ross and Karen Pesek Pesek Law, LLC Jeffrey and Susan Petersen Ellen Platt Barbara L. Ramsey Reaching In and Out Together (R.I.O.T.) Group Retired Carpenters Club #37 Cindy Richter Molly Romero Rhonda Saferstein Pat and Jeanne Salerno Gregory M. Schatz Jeffrey and Amy Schmid Steve Schworer Wendy Shermet Michael and Mimi Silverman Jesse Sirotkin Gloria Sorey and James VanArsdall Kevin Steimer Ann Stratton Duane and Marlene Sullivan Todd and Anna Swirczek Mo and Donna Tajvar Michael and Sharon Tesar La Neita Thomas Michael Thompson and Alan VanderLinden John Ulrich and Beverly Bohlke US Bank Vacanti Shattuck, Attorneys WOWT Paula Wallace Robert Weinstein Debbie L. Wells Jim and Judith Wigton Dwight Wininger Jim Winner Col (Ret) David and Irene Wolfe Caren Woodruff WOWT Steve and Kathy Zalkin Tim and Amy Zweiback

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Ivan and Rebecca Abdouch Bonnie Alexander Vanessa Alford

Darlene Allen Katrina Andrews Brad Ashby Scott and Carrie Bagnell Jack and Kimberly Barbaria Patricia Barron P.B. Bartels Robert Baye Bellevue Public Schools Eric Benzel Sarah Benzel Kenneth and Kathleen Bischoff Gladys Boeckner Inez Boyd Kathleen Bradley Carol Broderick Patricia Buck Jon and Mary Butler Patricia Callone and William Flynn Gilbert and Elaine Campbell Donald and Barbara Carlson Colonel Eugene G. Cash Leslie E. Cavanaugh Chanticleer, Inc. Joan Claar Arlene Cohen William and Karin Coker Fred and Teresa Ann Conley Michael and Deborah Conry Gilberto and Margaret Conti Norman and Janice Cooksley Colonel William Coon Jr. Karlus and Melanie Cozart Tim and Barbara Cunningham Tim Daugherty James and Martha Davis Roger Davis Deanna Deegan Joanna Deever Patrick and Karen Drickey Katherine T. Duggan Mary Edwards Paula Endelman Jeff and Molly Ferris James and Georgia Ford Roger Garcia Patrick and Linda Geary Don Gibbs and Ron Caniglia Gregory and Mary Goergen Andrea M. Gordman and Daniel V. Fitzgerald John Green Michael and Freda Gregg Anthony Gulizia William Hackenberg, Jr. Howard and Carol Halperin Sharon Hansen William and Patricia Hargens Ellen Hargus Ken and Sandra Hassig Donald and Linda Hayton Jolene Heibel Connie Herringer Mary and Paul Hoeppner George and Charlene Hon Karen J. Honeycutt John and Carmen Housley Mary Hughey Ken and Kathy Hurt Ronald and Marlene Kaplan Ruth Karney Jim and Ruth Keene Kathleen Kennedy Ellina Kevorkian Danny and Marilyn Kinsley Mari Jo Kirby Patricia Kirchmann William and Kathy Kizer Robin Klusmire Kristin Kuhn Marshall and Barbara Kushner Bill and Susan Laird Patricia Lamberty Pat Lammers Brock and Elizabeth Lasure Dale and Sandra Jo Latshaw Terry and Vivian Lee Shannon and Emiliano Lerda Patricia Lett Karen Levin

Steven and Bonnie Levinger Velma Lippoldt Jeff and Susan Lively Ann MacDonald Larry and Glenda Mahagan Linda Marchello and Michael Carroll Gary and Jacquelyn Marks Steven and Deborah Martines Caryl Matson Alice Mauer Janet McCarthy Sharon McDermott Virgil and Donna McDonough Dale and Frankie McHenry Joe and Judith Medakovich Lloyd Mill Jr. Barbara Miller Linda Milton Craig and Pamela Minds Kendra Mix Max and Carol Moore Rondi Morton Christine Nedved Michelle Nekuda Jim and Sheila Nelson Roland and Marta Nieves Jeffrey and Maceal Norvell Lonnie and Lynn Olson Gregory and Kriste Ongert John and Carolyn Ott Marilyn Parker Douglas and Marguerite Paterson Philip and Helga Patterson Derald and Susan Peters Ronald and Martha Peterson Rita Potter Joseph Price Robert and Denise Putnam William and Theresa Radil Robert and Linda Rausch Richard and Charlotte Ricke Catherine Rihanek Janet Robinson Edward and Victoria Roche Amy Ryan Julee Sauer Jacqueline St. John George Sayles Michael Scherr Carol Schrader Carl and Denise Seaman John and Nancy Shultz Howard Silberg Sisters IHM #233 Patti Smith Charlene Snyder Dale and Victoria Springer James and Joan Sterup William and Lynda Sullivan, III Steven and Amanda Summers Bette Swanson Carol Swayne Larry and Sandy Sykora Michael and Joanna Taylor Bruce and Majorie Thompson Judy Torrens Douglas and Kathy Townsend Dorothy Trinkle Morgan and Deborah Trinkle Janae Vaughn Pamela Vaughn Erin C. Vik Judd and Patricia Wagner Peggy Wagoner Water Cooler Talk Elizabeth Wearin Roger and Ann Webster Frank Weidenfeller Tom and Sue Weidner Stephen Weissman Cheryl Welding Cassandra White Betty Jean Widoe Linda Wilke Linda Williams Larry and Claudia Winkler Suzanne Wise Kim Wyllie

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2015-16 Annual Report  

Metropolitan Community College Foundation

2015-16 Annual Report  

Metropolitan Community College Foundation