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COLLEGE ADVANTAGE Key to college success: start early


arim Won, 17, wanted to beef up his math and science skills to prepare for college. At his principal’s suggestion, the high school student enrolled in a handful of courses at MCC and earned credits to transfer to a four-year university. But the rewards didn’t end there. Won’s early college experience prompted a career decision, opened doors to a job shadow, gave him a taste of college life and developed him as a person — all at a fraction of the cost of regular tuition. “Even though I’m only taking two classes per quarter so far, it has helped me mature,” he said. “My education has been taken to the next level. It feels more real than high school.” In Nebraska and beyond, high school students like Won are getting a head start on college in record numbers. According to the U.S. Department of Education, about 1.3 million students took classes for college credit before finishing high

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Community - Spring 2014  
Community - Spring 2014  

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