Hypothetical volunteer agreement

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Our Mission:

Hypothetical Volunteer Agreement 1. Name, Address, Contact, yada,yada…. You’ll probably start with the usual contact information, people are accustomed to seeing this first and it helps with filing (our eyes tend to start at the top and work down). We all know the drill here, name, preferred nicknames, addresses (possibly permanent and temporary), phone numbers, email address and preferred contact.

Great space to outline the organization’s mission. Depending on how you feel ,you might include value statements too.

Did you know…. 2. More About You…. In thinking about my own experiences the organization’s I resonate with most, and consequently work the most for, are those who take an authentic interest in who I am and what makes me tick. Who treat the volunteer experience as a mutual exchange. So applicants might list a few hobbies, or explain what draws them to volunteering. You might even ask about past volunteer experiences. What did they like about past volunteer experiences, and what wasn’t so fun?

Good opportunity to throw in an interesting fact or three highlighting the need for your organization, its impact or why it does what it does.

Volunteer Value Statements

Tell Us About Yourself Please list 3 hobbies you enjoy: 1.__________ 2.___________ 3. ________ Volunteered before? Tell us about it. What did you enjoy? How could it have been better? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

3. Looking for Anything in Particular….

What 3 to 5 things do you expect of all volunteers? If there’s a code of conduct, you might mention that here. If not, this is an opportunity to be upfront about the values every volunteer must have. Or the values the organization holds toward its volunteers.

Here you could dive into what the applicant is looking for with your organization. There are all kinds of ways to go about this. You might list open opportunities and let them choose (a great way to fill lesser known or harder to fill positions) or include a blank in case someone has something else in mind. Even ask what few things (maybe 3) they hope to accomplish volunteering with you. Or you could take the complete opposite approach. Have applicants list skill sets, current employment, and place them yourself.