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©2013 NBC Studios, Inc. & ™ Electus, LLC

Celebrate a new season with looks you’ll want to wear from America’s next Fashion Stars. M6788. Here we deliver a figure-skimming, color-block dress. It features a cowl neckline, bow detail at the shoulder, and a panel-seamed skirt.

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M6789. Geometric panels in a mix of gorgeous fabrics create the allure for this peplum cocktail dress.

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M6790. This super sexy, faux-wrap dress in python-print chiffon has back-bodice pleat details and a short silk slip.

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M6798. Our Geo tunic is a feminine, loose-fitting top with a high-low hem, sheer-sleeve details and a keyhole closure at the back.

M6791. Melissa Watson’s jersey knit dress has a natterinH sliNmt Xith seaN details and slit skirt. -onH rVDhed sleeWes and an oQen draQed CaDk add to its sexiness.

M6801. 5his HeoNetriD Qrint jersey dress GeatVres a DrissDross XraQ CodiDe and rVDhinH details. 1lenty Cy 5raDy 3eese.

M6792. 1ati 1alNer’s DolorCloDk dolNansleeWe knit sheath easily Hoes GroN desk to dinner Xith the DhanHe oG aDDessories.

M6797. )er knit tVniD has one mtted sleeWe and a draNatiD dolNan sleeWe that sXeeQs GroN the Qoint oG the asyNNetriD heN to Dreate an edHy Nodern toQ.

M6799. OVr ontrend Naxiskirt has soGt Qleats that Gall GroN a DVrWed yoke Gor a Gresh Nodern aQQeal. #loVse M6436.

M6794. We loWe this CriHht red toQ Xith an inset XaistCand that ties to the CaDk. Wear it DasVally oWer jeans or dressed VQ oWer a sliN ClaDk skirt.

M6796. OVr sXeater knit toQ sQorts an asyNNetriD DoXl neDkline Xith CVtton details...Xill Ce as DoNGortaCle oWer a skirt as Xell as oWer jeans. Skirt M6654.

M6802. An open weave gives this shawl-collar cardigan with dolman sleeves and front pockets an airy aesthetic. Jeans M6610.

M6793. 5he easy mt of Coth oVr rVfne hem tie top and lace tVnic is as nattering over jeans and pants as well as skirts for a pVlled together work look.

M6795. 5his feminine silk CVtton-front peplVm top featVres a contrast collar and tab tie.

M6803. $ardigans for the both of yoV...)is sports a shawl collar side-seam pockets and sVede elbow patches hers in a lVxe stripe with contrast banding. M6810. )eat Vp the season with this knit hat and scarf.

M6800. OVr mt and nare coat achieves its artistry throVgh intricate seaming and a high-low hemline. *t has a detachable faVx fVr collar.

M6809. Create these exciting wraps in faVx fVr and lVxe fabrics and trims to give any of yoVr boots the wow factor. (old seRVin dress M6355.

M6784. OhĂž She will look so chic in her pleated skirt with bVckle or appliRVĂ? details and coordinating pVrse.

M6782. 5hese fVn neece jackets are the perfect warm Vps for cool weather oVtdoor fVn. )er i,itty ,atw hoodie has a feminine rVfne hem. )is is in a classic bVffalo plaid.

M6785. 5hese casVal dresses with fVn details deliver a hip sense of style and come with there own leggings. M6787. She’ll jVmp for joy in this asymmetric hem tVnic with lace sleeves and tie-dyed leggings. 5he belt is inclVded.

M6786. #e the perfect little miss in this ’s retro-style A-line dress or jVmper.

M6783. 3Vfnes and -ace delivers the sweetest rendition of bVtton-front jVmpers and noral-print bloVses. M6781. 5his -aVra Ashleyhs nared nower-print dress has gathers at the contrast yoke. *t also featVres a contrast border hem.

M6808. A little kids backpack with 3% appliRVĂ?s that will deliver as mVch fVn as it does fVnction.

M6807. A menagerie of large soft stVffed animals from Sew Sweet Chic will sVrely become yoVr little darlings i#est 'riend.w

M6779 A classic gingham check a fVn print and bright colors are so cool for this infant boys oVtmt. #owtie and cap inclVded. M6780. OVr little girl’s faVx fVr vest plays it cool over its t-top and knit skirt.




M6818. Once Vpon a time in a fairy-tale land there lived a wicked RVeen and a beaVtifVl princess M6819 who was the fairest of them all. CostVmes for misses’ si[es. M6817. 'rom the mysterioVs highlands of Scotland we bring yoV costVmes for every brave princess. Misses’ and girls’ si[es.

M6813. Welcome to the secret garden of nower fairies. CostVmes designed with gossamer wings. M6815. As the mayor of mVnchkin land yoV will welcome everyone most regally. M6814. OVr scarecrow is very happy becaVse it’s )alloween.

M6816. 5hese girls costVmes are monstroVsly colorfVl and totally fVn. M6814. OVr retro ’s robot costVme will make yoVr little gVy feel like &lectroMan .

M6812. :oVr little cVddly creatVres will be the stars of the neighborhood )alloween parade.

M6811. #ewitching decorations will add spine-tingling fVn to yoVr )alloween festivities. *nclVded are shadow cVtoVts haVnted hoVse treat calendar ghost windsock and witch’s apron fascinator and pVrse.

M6805. %ress Vp yoVr doll in a seasonal holiday oVtmt. )alloween Christmas 7alentines %ay and &aster dresses for 1Ă˝ dolls.

M6804. Mix-and-match designer-style wardrobes for your 18 " fashionista doll.

M6806. Toy storage boxes that are as much fun to play with as the toys they hold‌ Create a village for her‌a train or mre engine for him.

ACCESSORIES M6788 Ring and Earrings: Liz Palacios at Supplements NY. Bracelets: Chamak at Supplements NY. Shoes: Sizzle by ColorifďŹ cs at Zappos. M6789 Bracelets: The Alchemy Shop and Chamak at Supplements NY. Shoes: Enzo Angiolini at Zappos. M6790 Ring and Earrings: Emitations. Shoes: Steve Madden at Zappos. M6791 Earrings: K & M Associates. Ring: R. J. Graziano. Shoes: Type Z at Zappos. M6792 Earrings and Bracelet: K & M Associates. M6793 Lace Tunic: Earrings and Bracelets: Guess. Blue Blouse: Earrings: Emitations. M6794 Earrings: K & M Associates. Bracelets: Chamak at Supplements NY and Gold Bracelets: R.J. Graziano. M6795 Earrings: Emitations. M6796 Earrings: K & M Associates. Bracelets: Chamak at Supplements NY. M6797 Earrings: K & M Associates. Bracelets: The Alchemy Shop. Shoes: Type Z at Zappos. M6798 Front View: Earrings: K & M Associates. Ring: Liz Palacios at Supplements NY. Shoes: Chinese Laundry at Zappos. Back View: Earrings: Guess. Ring: Liz Palacios. Bracelets: Chamak at Supplements NY. M6799 Earrings: Emitations. Shoes: Adrienne Maloof at Zappos. M6800 Earrings: K & M Associates. M6801 Earrings and Bracelets: Guess. M6802 Earrings and Bracelets: Guess. M6809 Handbag: Imoshion Handbags. M6810 Earrings: K & M Associates. M6811 Earrings: Emitations. All tights both adult and children: We Love Colors

The Alchemy Shop Chinese Laundry at Zappos Emitations Enzo Angiolini at Zappos Guess Imoshion Handbags Jessica Simpson K & M Associates

R.J. Graziano Sizzle by ColorifďŹ cs at Zappos Steve Madden at Zappos Supplements N.Y. 212-290-0091 Email: Type Z at Zappos We Love Colors

Shoes: A dri Bracelet: enne Maloof at Z appos. Guess




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McCall's Fall 2013  

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