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If life seems jolly rotten There’s something you’ve forgotten And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing When you’re feeling in the dumps Don’t be silly chumps Just purse your lips and whistle, that’s the thing And Always look on the bright side of life Always look on the light side of life - Monty Python Each of us has a moment when this song is appropriate. It’s what I have been singing to myself this past week. Bill and I were on nice walk one morning, having some fun and counting our lucky stars when Maureen Cary, Publisher I tripped falling on my face. A visit to the emergency room, after having not been in a public space for 8 weeks, determined that my wrist was just a bad sprain, not broken. The bump on my head and subsequent black eye (first one ever, can cross that off my bucket list now!) was not a concussion. The bruise on my chin that looks like a beard kept all my teeth in. The broken bone in my nose is hardly noticeable and does not require surgery. I was impressed with how safe the ER felt as they greeted us at the door, took our temperature and had masks if we didn’t have our own. It could have been so much worse and all will be gone in a couple of weeks. It feels good to look at the bright side. One of the reasons Natural Awakenings appeals to me and has been a part of our lives for 12 years is it’s healthy, positive, hopeful outlook. It matches my soul. Clearly this is a challenging time for most, and Rhode Island Natural Awakenings is no exception. Some of our partners have reluctantly been forced to put their advertising on pause until they are able to reopen, rebuild or perhaps ultimately even shutter for good. The effects can feel devastating, scary and insurmountable. Choosing to take a productive outlook, we know that whatever happens during and in the aftershocks of any negative event, is all going to be okay however it shakes out. The mindset—just keep moving forward, don’t let fears take over, keep looking at the bright side. As things slowly and cautiously open back up and as the weather allows more outside time and activities, we hope that you and yours are doing well and finding the bright side wherever you can. Please continue to use masks and social distancing even if it’s not isolation. We will plan get-togethers over the summer with outdoor events and plenty of space. We will tell our friends we love them and, challenging as it may be, minimize our hugs. Let’s all stay healthy.


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The KnoWEwell Collaborative with benefits for all in the “wholistic” health and well-being ecosystem.


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FEEDING HAPPINESS Lift Your Mood with Feel-Good Foods


RHODE ISLAND REMOTE Online Classes for Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and Stress Relief

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance. ~Bernard Williams

Natural Awakenings is a family of more than 70 healthy living magazines celebrating 25 years of providing the communities we serve with the tools and resources we all need to lead healthier lives on a healthy planet. 4

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| June 2020


news briefs

The Science of Getting Rich Book Study Benjamin B. Blackett, a certified DreamBuilding coach and life mastery consultant will be on Facebook Live from 9:05 a.m. to 9:25 a.m., Monday through Friday during the month of June, starting Monday, June 1st, discussing the book The Science of Getting Rich by the New Thought Movement writer Wallace D. Wattles originally published in 1910 and still being used today. The book looks at the positive influence the mind has over how one feels physically and if that same state of mind leads to prosperity, happiness and finding love and romance. Blackett will be reading through the book, sharing his knowledge and offering insights. Additionally, Blackett is offering four-week virtual group programs aimed at helping those that are looking to thrive instead of barely just survive through this Covid-19. “If you are having a difficult time, standing firm while your world is shaking, this program is for you,” he says. Cost: Science of Getting Rich - Free. Location: Facebook.com/Benjamin.Blackett. For more information and to secure a spot in the program, call 401-855-2008 or email bbb3pips@gmail.com. Standing Firm - Higly Discounted Rate - $40. Location: Zoom conferencing - dates TBD - Contact Benjamin with his above listed information. See ad on page 29.

Unconditional Love For All: Reiki Level 1 Certification Learn the art of energy healing in a reiki level 1 certification class taking place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., June 7, on Zoom. This level 1 class will teach individuals unconditional love energy healing that is especially designed for animals, children, people that have extreme trauma, mental illness or mental/emotional disabilities. Students will also learn how to communicate directly to the soul/spirit/subconscious of any person, passed or present. Unconditional love energy is gentler than other forms of energy healing for steady growth, expansion and gradual healing. The class will be partially channel-taught by the consciousness of unconditional love reiki. By the end of the course individuals will have become attuned to the energy and will know how to fill an aura with unconditional love, how to detect when someone needs this energy along with being able to communicate with any animal or human beings. This form of reiki was founded by Chloe Moers who is an unconditional love reiki founder, quantum reiki grand master and Usui reiki master/teacher. Cost: Sliding scale between $80-$250. Location: Zoom. For more information and to register, visit MagentaSunHealing.com.See Listing in Community Resource Guide.


Rhode Island Edition


Order Local Handmade Soaps for Pickup The New Bedford Soap Company, specializing in creating handmade soap in the purest form, is taking orders online for curbside pickup. Using a cold process method, soaps are made in small batches using nourishing ingredients and are cured for four to five weeks. Owner Brenda Levasseur starts by selecting the best food grade oils like olive oil, organic palm, castor, wheat germ, apricot kernel oil, coconut and cocoa butter. In addition, every bar contains a generous amount of fair trade Shea butter for superior nourishment and conditioning of the skin. After saponification, herbs, clays, spices and essential oils for aroma are added. Levasseur says, “I have had customers come back to me saying, ‘We have tried every soap in the area and we keep coming back to yours.’” Cost: $4 or three for $10. For more information and to order, call 774-263-8788 or visit NewBedfordSoapCompany.com. See Listing in Community Resource Guide.

A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure. ~Henry Kissinger

The Empowerment Factory to Launch State-Wide Creativity Contest

MAXINE BORNSTEIN Center for Healing Therapies Taking New Clients Now at Rob Michael Salon/Spa 401-846-9777 84 WILLIAM ST., NEWPORT

The Empowerment Factory has launched a state-wide Creativity Contest series for Rhode Island youth grades K-5. Children may enter the contest by submitting a photo of a drawing, poem or story that is created in response to a monthly topic. The purpose of this contest series is to empower local youths to embrace creativity and celebrate what is good in the world. The first Creativity Contest “What is Kindness?” will run through June 14, 2020. There will be five monthly contests in total. Every monthly contest will have four winners: two in grades K-2 and two in grades 3-5. Monthly winners receive games and prizes valued up to $25 each and will be entered to win a grand prize. Winners will be contacted by email. A summer grand prize will be awarded in late July which might include a Chromebook, or a bike, or more. Fall grand prizes will be awarded in October 2020 as part of our Annual Healthy Living Community Adventure. Even if not selected as a contest winner, artwork will be part of a project that brings joy into the lives of others. Some work will be used to create banners to decorate the Baldwin Loop walking path and be transformed into videos, signs and cards to uplift the spirits of residents at elder care facilities in Rhode Island. “We’re very excited to be able to offer this creative opportunity to local children during this difficult time,” remarks Gail Ahlers, founder of The Empowerment Factory. “It’s so important for children to have the confidence to express themselves. We’re hoping these Creativity Contests will help bring joy into their lives and hope to our community.” Find details on applying to contest at TheEmpowermentFactory.org/currentcontest. See ad on back cover.



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Do you Qualify? These are the ONLY approved, qualifying, debilitating medical conditions

A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces one or more of the following:

n Cancer or the treatment of this condition; including chemotherapy, radiation, etc. n Cachexia or wasting syndrome n Severe, debilitating, chronic pain-(specify) n Glaucoma or the treatment of this n Severe nausea condition n Seizures, including but not limited to n Positive status for Human Immunodefithose characteristic of epilepsy ciency Virus (HIV) or the treatment of n Severe and persistent muscle spasms, this condition including but not limited to, those characteristic of multiple sclerosis or n Acquired immune deficiency syndrome Crohn’s Disease (AIDS) or the treatment of this condition n Agitation related to Alzheimer’s Disease n Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) n Hepatitis C or the treatment of this condition n Autism Spectrum Disorder

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| June 2020


health briefs

Consume Olive Oil to Fight Off Aging In what might be good news for teetotalers, researchers at the University of Minnesota found that it’s not the resveratrol in red wine that increases the life span of cells of those following the Mediterranean Diet, but the fat in olive oil that activates the critical pathway which prevents age-related diseases. “This pathway has been linked to almost all of [aging diseases]. It’s the roots,” says Doug Mashek, Ph.D., a professor in the departments of medicine and biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics. His studies suggest that the benefits of olive oil are most pronounced when coupled with fasting, limiting caloric intake and exercising. “We found that the way this fat works is it first has to get stored in microscopic things called lipid droplets, which is how our cells store fat. And then, when the fat is broken down during exercising or fasting, for example, is when the signaling and beneficial effects are realized,” Mashek explains. 8

Rhode Island Edition


Well-designed and maintained green spaces in cities such as parks, community gardens and tree-lined streets lower the rate of violent crimes, make communities safer and keep people healthier, concluded Cornell University and University of Virginia researchers that conducted a meta-study of 45 papers studying the links between greenery and crime. In particular, more green spaces, such as community gardens converted from vacant lots, decrease gun violence, six studies found. But poorly designed green space with inadequate maintenance, bad lighting and excessive nearby traffic can help crime take root and spread.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~Maya Angelou

Andrii Zastrozhnov/Shutterstock.com

Green Up Cities to Reduce Violent Crime

ANTONIO TRUZZI/Shutterstock.com

In a study that for the first time establishes a direct link between the microbes inhabiting our bodies and the genetic alterations that drive cancer development, researchers from the Hubrecht Institute, in the Netherlands, have found that mutations linked to colorectal cancer can be caused by common gut bacteria carried by about one out of five people. By exposing cultured human mini-guts to a particular strain of E. coli bacteria, they observed that the bacteria induced a unique pattern of mutations in the DNA of human cells that was also found in the DNA of patients with colorectal cancer, implying that these mutations were induced by the “bad” bacteria.

Aleksandrs Muiznieks/Shutterstock.com

Maintain a Healthy Gut to Sidestep Colorectal Cancer

Brain Health Supplements Photo by anatomywarehouse.com

A category of specific supplements, called nootropics, improve brain function and boost memory, alertness, motivation and cognitive function as well as reducing age-related decline in brain function.

where healthy is an option...

Here are the 5 best nootropic supplements: Fish oil/omega-3 fatty acids These are rich in two types of omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. DHA maintains the structure and function of our brain and EPA has anti-inflammatory effects that protect the brain against damage. Fish oil has been shown to improve memory, reaction times and thinking skills. Aim for a professional brand of at least 1,000 mg per day. Resveratrol Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in blueberries, grapes, red wine and dark chocolate. This antioxidant has been shown to decrease decline of the hippocampus which is the part of the brain associated with memory. Aim for 200 mg per day.

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Acetyl-L-carnitine Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid naturally produced in the body which is important for energy production. This amino acid improves alertness, memory and learning capacity. Aim for 600 mg per day.

McArdle Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Gingko biloba Gingko is an herb that has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain and improve focus and memory. Aim for 200 mg per day.


Bacopa monnieri Bacopa is an Ayurvedic herb that improves brain function. It has been shown to improve memory and thinking skills. Aim for 300 mg per day. Consult a naturopathic doctor for specific recommendations and dosing. Dr. Kaz is a naturopathic physician and a clinical nutritionist. She is the President of RIANP and practices at Providence Wholistic Healthcare where she is accepting new patients. Call 401-455-0546 to make an appointment. See ad on page 15.

“Better test scores at school, more chores done at home, a smile I can always count on now.” Call 401-397-9948 www.chirowg.com

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| June 2020


A surprisingly high voltage can be generated from raindrops using a field-effect, transistor-style structure, reports a new study from the City University of Hong Kong in the journal Nature. A single drop can muster 140 volts, enough to briefly light up 100 small LED bulbs. The new design couples an aluminum electrode with an indium-tin oxide electrode layered with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a material with a quasi-permanent electric charge. When a raindrop hits the PTFE/tin surface, it bridges the two electrodes and creates a closed-loop circuit that helps fully release any stored charges. The technology could handle sustained rainfall, as well. If there are continuous drops, the charge accumulates and eventually hits a saturation point. Building rooftops could supplement some of the electricity used inside, and electric boats could extend their range.

Mental Relief

Mindfulness Training May Reduce Paranoia In news that may be useful for people dealing with the stress of the global pandemic, researchers from the University of London have found that just one week of practicing mindfulness—moment-to-moment awareness—reduces feelings of paranoia. The research, published in the journal Mindfulness, was based on questionnaires of 494 people, enabling researchers to find a correlation between paranoia and judgemental thinking. They found that higher levels of nonjudgement predicted lower levels of paranoia, even in individuals that had a predisposition for it. Then, 68 people were selected and divided into two groups: one that was asked to go through a prerecorded, guided mindfulness session once per day, and one that acted as a control. The session consisted of a quick body scan, mindful breathing and awareness exercises. The results showed a drop in judgmental thinking and paranoia in the mindfulness group.


Rhode Island Edition


Down-Under Drought

Australian Wildfires Linked to Climate Change Australia’s devastating wildfires during 2019 and 2020 were at least 30 percent more likely to occur because of human-caused climate change, report researchers in a new study published in the online journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. An intense heat wave was the primary factor in raising the fire risk, says climate scientist Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute. The study linked to climate change the extremity of that heat wave, which is 10 times more likely now than it was in 1900. Van Oldenborgh notes that climate simulations tend to underestimate the severity of such heat waves. “We put the lower boundary at 30 percent, but it could well be much, much more,” he says. The year 2019 was Australia’s hottest and driest since modern recordkeeping began in the country in 1910.

Anna LoFi/Shutterstock.com

Generating Electricity from Rain

Beware the Air

Dementia Linked to Air Pollution

People continuously exposed to air pollution are at increased risk of dementia, especially if they also suffer from cardiovascular diseases, reports a new study from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, published in the JAMA Neurology. Researchers examined nearly 3,000 adults with an average age of 74 living in the Kungsholmen district in central Stockholm for up to 11 years. Of those, 364 people developed dementia. The district’s annual average level of particulate matter 2.5 microns or less in width is high by Swedish standards, but low compared to international standards. Heart failure and ischemic heart disease both enhanced the dementia risk, and stroke explained almost 50 percent of air pollution-related dementia cases, according to the researchers.

Mix and Match Studio/Shutterstock.com

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Rhode Island Edition

THE MOON by Karyn Mahrie Chabot, M.Ay, LMT, RYT

The Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse on June 5, 2020 occurs in side-

JUNE 2020

real Scorpio in the lunar star of Jyeshtha symbolized by a mystical pendant which provides protection from negativity and brings luck. Jyeshtha’s real estate in the stellar skies is one of the most powerful, yet most sensitive locations. It holds extreme potentials, such as magnificent victories or shocking catastrophes. How it unfolds depends on the influence of the other planets and stars, but especially Mercury in this case since it lords over Jyeshtha. Although Mercury sits in its own sign of sidereal Gemini comfortably at the time of the full moon, one of his cohorts, Rahu, is also visiting Gemini. In Vedic mythology, Rahu is the north node of the moon and the head/mouth of the proverbial serpent. Mercury’s nature is like that of a chameleon; he will act like whomever he is with. While Rahu will be busy eclipsing the moon on June 5, the only way Jyeshtha can potentiate a magnificent victory is through a starburst of collective prayer, love and fearlessness from as many beings as possible. According to Vedic literature, during an eclipse, the molecules in the air are heavy and feisty, causing secrets to bubble up and hidden agendas on a global and personal level to unfold publicly as Rahu’s mouth starts “talking”. Typically, the twoweek window between the full moon and


new moon after an eclipse can be quite daunting, giving rise to more bacteria, virus, food poisoning, illness and general malaise, unfortunately. The eclipse window is a time to get extra rest, do more purification rituals like meditation, sauna, steam, magnesium warm baths, self-massage and jacuzzies. Eat light, green and clean, blessing your food and those you are with. Play soothing music and read uplifting stories. It’s best not to make impulsive decisions during this time because the fruits may not deliver. Instead, wait for the new moon to make major life decisions and stay in the eye of the COVID storm with a little pep in your step and a song in your heart. It’s OK to be afraid of the uncertainty every now and then. Feel it pass through you like an ocean wave. Then feel the sparkling sandy shore under your feet and know we were built for times like this.

The New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse on June 21, will occur in sidereal Gemini within the lunar star of Ardra, represented by a teardrop and associated with wind, quakes and destruction. On the light side, it is also associated with herbs, integrative healing arts, immunity and anything botanical and earthy. If you have ever dreamed to study herbology, healing or Ayurveda, this would be an ideal time to enroll in such a program.

We may experience a temporary calm

will give rise to a new financial system

signs are not related to the seasons, but

after the storm this summer, but with five

next year, but only after it’s been shaken

rather to the specific portions of the ecliptic

retrograde planets, the underlying ener-

to the core. Lessons in non-attachment

as measured against the fixed lunar stars.

getic direction is backwards. It may not

and surrender will serve us well, but it’s ok

be visceral until this fall. Good news: With

to be human since no one is Buddha yet.

Karyn Chabot, M.Ay, LMT, RYT, has her mas-

Venus still in Taurus, it may ignite new,

Remember, we are all in this together and

ter’s degree in Ayurvedic medicine and been

short-lived romances or it may attract past

all is well in the Universe.

an international teacher and presenter in the

loves for a revisit or much needed closure.

The difference between the tropical

field of metaphysics, astrology and healing

New encounters may not be lasting because

zodiac and the sidereal zodiac is about 23

for more than 25 years. For appointments,

of the backwards energy of five retrograde

degrees. Both systems have value. Side-

text 401-680-3934 or visit https://www.

planets, but may be an opportunity to clear

real astrologers believe the qualities of the

karynchabot.com. See ad on page 18.

up outdated narratives and forgive those that may have broken our hearts.

It is said that Rahu swallows the sun

during a solar eclipse, making the molecules in the air dense, dark and heavy. Again, eclipse seasons are a ideal time to go inward, meditate, cleanse, pray, purify, eat clean and green and focus on building immunity. Be the change you wish to see in the world fearlessly while preparing for revelations and hidden truths to come front and center since all eclipses tend to reveal

Be Balanced, Grounded & Centered in 2020

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the unseen. Trust yourself, stay in your







L O V E !

own lane, be inquisitive, be kind and be of service.

Collectively and personally, our be-

loved celestial beings are taking us through a purification so that we may enter a beautiful new way of living in harmony with one



Certified DreamBuilder Coach

& THE TRICK IS TO LEVERAGE IT TO the upcoming book OURAuthor BESTofLIFE.

Susan De Lorenzo

another, the earth and its creatures. Jupiter

Thank You, Cancer

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Six Pillars of

BRAIN HEALTH Our lifestyle has a major impact on our brain health. What we eat and drink, how much we exercise our body and mind, how well we sleep, how we manage stress and the way we socialize are all critically important for our brain health. NUTRITION AND HYDRATION A Mediterranean style diet which is rich in green leafy vegetables, fish, whole grains, olive oil and nuts has been proven to help maintain brain health and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This diet includes following the lifestyle as well, which means cooking and eating fresh food, savoring and being mindful of the taste and enjoying the dining experience with friends and family. Decreasing intake of food high in saturated fats like processed red meats—hot dogs and sausage—pork, butter and dairy products can help decrease the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids including fish twice per week such as salmon, cod, sardines and haddock, or walnuts, flaxseeds and chia seeds will help support brain health. Eating a rainbow of colorful foods such as blueberries, raspberries, broccoli, spinach and kale slows aging in the brain due to the high antioxidant content. Using herbs and spices can also help decrease inflammation including turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. In terms of hydration, avoid sugary drinks as sugar causes brain inflammation. Aim for filtered water and adding lemon or ginger to water. Green tea is high in brain boosting antioxidants and one cup of organic coffee can improve memory and decrease dementia.

EXERCISE Our bodies need to move. Exercise fosters new brain cell growth and preserves existing brain cells. Exercise improves all-over circulation, especially to the brain. It also stimulates chemical changes in the brain that improve mood, thinking and learning. Find a daily activity that can fit into your life. Various ways of exercising include aerobic: focus on 30 minutes, three to five times 14

Rhode Island Edition


per week of moderate intensity; strength: focus on 10 minutes, five times per week of squats, lunges, planks, bicep curls, etc.; flexibility: focus on 10 minutes. five times per week of stretching muscles through full range of motion; and balance: focus on 10 minutes, seven times per week of standing on one leg, standing heel to toe, walking on heels and toes, walking backwards and sideways or yoga/tai chi.

MENTAL FITNESS Along with physical fitness, we should all focus on mental fitness. We all have something called a “brain reserve” which helps our brain adapt and respond to changes. This develops in childhood and strengthens through adulthood. Continuing to learn, starting new activities and learning new skills help build and improve the brain reserve. Learning a new skill helps our brain form new connections and strengthen existing ones. We can learn a new language, instrument or start a new hobby like photography. Playing brain games are helpful as well, such as crossword puzzles, chess or card games which improves reaction time and problem solving.

SLEEP When we rest well, our brain thanks us. Adequate sleep allows the brain to repair its neurons or brain cells which helps us concentrate and focus the next day. Sleep is the only time the brain can clear out toxic wastes accumulated during the day. Without sleep, we don’t remove the waste which can lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Follow a regular sleep schedule by going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time which helps reset our circadian rhythm. Develop a bedtime routine such as reading a book, listening to soothing musing or taking a warm bath. Limit screen

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

by Chrysanthi Kazantzis

time 30 minutes before bed including computers, cell phones, TVs and tablets. Bright blue light impacts our melatonin production and makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Sleep in complete darkness by using an eye mask or black out curtains to stimulate optimal melatonin production. Aim for a total of seven to nine hours of sleep.

Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

SOCIAL INTERACTION A support system helps reduce stress, decreases depression and improves intellectual stimulation. Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers found that people with the most social interaction experience the slowest rate of memory decline. Happy relationships and marriages, as well as having a purpose in life, show protective effects to age-related cognitive impairment. Staying physically connected can be more complicated now that we are socially distancing, but technology has made communicating effortless. Set up a FaceTime, Zoom or Skype with a loved one or friend you haven’t connected with in a while.

Providence Wholistic Healthcare Integrative Natural Family Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic

Sheila Frodermann, MS, ND, DHANP Naturopathic Physician & Classical Homeopath

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Naturopathic Physician & Clinical Nutritionist

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Doctor of Acupuncture

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We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. ~Kenji Miyazawa

MANAGE STRESS Stress is inevitable but it can be managed. Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, proved that regular meditation keeps our brains healthier. Here are some simple ways to help de-stress. 1) Focus on the present; 2) Give the brain a 10-minute break by sitting in a quiet place and focusing on breathing; 3) Think positively. Motivate yourself. Say, “I can do this; I can figure this out; I’m going to be okay”; 4) Use imagery. Keep a picture of your favorite spot, and when stressed look at the photo, imagining how it feels, looks sounds and smells there; 5) Journaling about what bothers you helps to relieve internal stress; 6) Practice saying “No” if you don’t feel comfortable doing something. Chrysanthi Kazantzis, ND, (Dr. Kaz) is a naturopathic physician and a clinical nutritionist. She is the President of RIANP and practices at Providence Wholistic Healthcare where she is accepting new patients via telemedicine. Call 401-455-0546 to make an appointment. See ad on this page.

Wellness Within Counseling Center Outpatient Therapy Focusing On:

Depression Anxiety/Panic Disorders Mood Disorders Trauma/PTSD Co-Occuring Disorders Chemical Dependency/Addictions Anger Management Issues Grief and Loss Issues EMDR/DBT Phase of Life Problems

Elisa Reid-Robley MA, CAGS, LMHC, CADC, CCDP-D

Marie Capobianco MA, CAGS, LMHC, CADC, CCDP-D

Adults, Adolescents, Individuals & Couples, Long & Short Term Therapy M-Th: 8am-8pm

F-S: 8am-5pm

We Accept Most Insurances & Self Pay

900 Reservoir Ave, Cranston, RI, 02910



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Transformative Staycations Finding Respite and Adventure Close to Home

Staycations—sticking close to home for new travel experiences— was a growing trend even before the COVID-19 pandemic turned it into a practical necessity for many of us. Staycations reduce costs, minimize travel time and also lower our carbon footprint by eliminating international travel. Happily, they don’t reduce the pure pleasure of finding new adventures, exploring untrammeled nature, seeing the familiar with fresh eyes and meeting people from all walks of life. All of that is close at hand, and especially when compared to foreign jaunts, the price is right. A good place to start is by checking out state and regional parks, often overlooked gems offering scenic miles of trails for hiking, biking, birding, fishing, picnicking and other activities. “Whether mountains, prairies, rivers, forests in the country or heart of the city, there is always a state park waiting to welcome you, no matter what kind of recreation you enjoy,” says Jason Clay, spokesperson with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. In Colorado parks, people can, for example, river raft in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area; boat, fish and hammock camp in Jackson Lake State Park; and rock climb in Eldorado Canyon. Parks can be discovered and trail maps downloaded by visiting TrailLink.com, run by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. It provides searches for nearby trails using parameters such as distance, types of activity and wheelchair accessibility. Its smartphone TrailLink app is free to download and $30 per year for unlimited customized use. State, local and regional parks across the country offer rich

16 16

Rhode RhodeIsland IslandEdition Edition

educational opportunities for kids and adults alike, including naturalist-guided activities, bird and botany walks, lessons in local history, ecology and geography, and more. Several states offer free admission to all state-run parks, including Hawaii, Tennessee and Illinois. State-by-state listings of fees and policies can be found at Tinyurl.com/StateParkPasses.

MAKING A QUICK GETAWAY Weekend forays into natural and rustic settings can be ideal escape valves for people needing a simple, quick change of venue. Camping, of course, is always an option, but for those that want to be in nature in a more comfy fashion, using “cabin” as a search word works well in websites like Airbnb.com and TripAdvisor.com. The option of glamping—or glamorous camping—offers surprisingly luxurious stays outdoors in tents, pods and domes; check out Glamping.com. Getaway.House offers woodsy outposts in 10 locations equipped with “tiny house” cabins around the country designed for quick escapes from cities. “If you were at your desk in need of an escape, you could cut out early and be there by 6 p.m.,” says Vice President of Marketing Rachel Mansfield. The private experience, with no check-in desk or communal areas, enables it to continue operating safely during the pandemic. The cabins, designed to blend in with their natural surroundings, are equipped with food for purchase, stove, books, radio, firewood, fire pit and Adirondack chairs, as well as a map for local hikes and adventures.

RINaturalAwakenings.com RINaturalAwakenings.com


by April Thompson


“I did a getaway at a point in my life where I wanted some time alone, away from commitments, to figure out what my next chapter in life was going to be,” says Paige Conner Totaro, of Alexandria, Virginia, the founder of Unquote Travel, a web-based tour agency focusing on small group, offthe-beaten-track adventures. “You can change your environment without going very far, and that in turn can change the way you think about things. Little things like sleeping on the other side of the bed can help you shake up your brain.”

Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock.com

Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock.com

LOCAL ATTRACTION Local-led excursions are another way to see our home turf through a new lens. Airbnb Experiences, offered virtually everywhere that Airbnb lists lodging, are one-of-a-kind tours and classes designed and hosted by locals with unique expertise. Experiences run the gamut from neighborhood tours on foot or bikes with athletes to museum tours led by local artists or art historians. Many include a hands-on learning component, like how to make mosaics in a community art space or cook a local delicacy from a family recipe. Similar tours and experiences can be found on TripAdvisor’s Things To Do listings. WithLocals.com, whose mission is “to break down the barriers between travelers and locals worldwide,” also offers foodie fun and off-beat adventures. Kelly Kniewel stumbled onto tour guiding after experiencing burnout in her previous career in the beverage industry. An Airbnb Experiences host, Kniewel now leads small group tours of Chicago, introducing locals and visitors alike to many of its little-known facets. “I’ve fallen in love with my city all over again doing these tours,” says Kniewel, a self-proclaimed history geek. She loves to take guests inside Art Deco and Beaux Arts buildings they may have passed before without realizing the gorgeous art and architecture that exists inside, such as the library-turned-cultural center, Chicago Cultural Center, boasting two impressive glass domes, one designed by Tiffany Glass. Another favorite excursion is taking guests on a water taxi tour. “It’s a cheap and unique way to see Chicago. The water, both the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, is so much a part of who we are as a city.”

During the limitations imposed during the COVID-19 period, Airbnb and other websites began offering experiences online, allowing people from all over the world to connect and make pastries with a Swedish baker, draw with a Mexican cartoonist, learn about apartheid from a South African or experience a day in the life of an American Olympic bobsledder.

TRAVELING THE WORLD WITHOUT LEAVING HOME Hosting travelers can bring new meaning to a staycation, offering a rich opportunity for cross-cultural exchange without any exchange of currency. The popular CouchSurfing.com connects travelers with locals offering free use of a couch, air mattress or spare bedroom. Available in more than 200,000 cities worldwide, it has 14 million members and sponsors local language exchanges, dance classes, hikes and dinners, so there are opportunities to make new friends and have new experiences even without offering a place to sleep. (During COVID-19 restrictions, these activities were moved online.) Similar organizations that offer opportunities for local hosting (including low- or noc o s t l o d g i n g ) i n c l u d e Servas.org, established in 1949, which stresses world peace and cultural exchange, and preinterviews potential guests and hosts to ensure safety; GlobalFreeloaders.com, a free registry for hosts and guests that do their own online screening and matching; and EvergreenClub.com, in which hosts provide a bed-and-breakfast homestay for travelers over age 50 for $20 a night. An exciting option for homeowners is HomeExchange.com, a $150-a-year service that allows people in far-flung places to switch homes, either directly or through a staggered point system so they can truly live like locals. John Fackenthal, of Rockville, Maryland, has hosted more than 100 couchsurfers from 29 countries, and loved every experience. “I had a big apartment in the heart of Washington, D.C., when I first started hosting, but lived alone and felt a little isolated. I wanted to bring back the youth hostel feel from travels in my younger days, where you’d hang out with fellow travelers and go hiking, share a meal or play cards,” he says. A web developer, he recalls such memorable guests as a carpenter in his 60s from the Pacific Northwest that helped him with fixer-upper projects, a pair of pro

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| June 2020


BE A WEEKEND FARMER Agrotourism, in which working farms open the barn doors to visitors for day or overnight trips, has the added advantage of supporting local agriculture. AgritourismWorld.com and FarmStayUS.com provide listings for farm stays worldwide searchable by type, such as Christmas tree farm, vineyard, orchard, dude ranch or alpaca farm. The 40-acre Taos Goji Farm and EcoLodge Retreat, in Taos, New Mexico, is one such venue. “My husband and I returned to the land nine years ago after many years working as professionals in stuffy offices. The farm has been developed for our family and others who wish to be close to na-

Environmentally Friendly Treatments Because You Care!

Bio Tech Pest Controls, LLC

Organic Lawn Care & Pest Controls Free Inspections. Servicing Rhode Island & Connecticut.

18 Granite St. Westerly, RI 02891 RI: 401-315-2400 • CT: 860-445-BUGS www.BioTechPestControls.com Environmentally Friendly Treatments for All Kinds of Pests 18

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Connect with Washington, D.C., freelance writer April Thompson at AprilWrites.com.

Live It Love It Wellness * Reiki & Distance Healing * Reiki Certifications * Oracle Card Readings * Reiki-infused Crystal Healing Jewelry

Alicia Mastrangelo REIKI MASTER / TEACHER

401-323-7199 www.liveitloveitwellness.com

Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock.com

ture and to live off of the land,” says co-owner Elizabeth vom Dorp. The farm is open for paid guests, as well as to the volunteers known as “Wwoofers” that come through Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms to help raise goji berries, fruits, vegetables and free-range chickens. All cabins date from the early 1900s, including an old dairy barn converted into a duplex and five sheep herder cabins. The farm is surrounded by a national forest, so many guests visit to enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, rafting and ballooning. “Families with children love to come and pick berries, collect eggs and pet the animals. We have rescue alpacas, sheep, goats, chickens and turkeys,” says vom Dorp. While the world may still be at the mercy of unfortunate circumstances this summer, travel is ultimately a state of mind. By staying open, curious and present, there are always new encounters and discoveries underfoot very close to home.

Chepko Danil Vitalevich/Shutterstock.com

volleyball players from the Czech Republic and two young women from China that prepared him a massive traditional Chinese feast “with all four burners going,” he says. “It’s restored my faith in humanity. I’ve encountered nothing but wonderful people, all with such different personalities and backgrounds.”

Better Circulation….

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green living

Everyday Adventures

Taking to Vans and RVs for Life on the Road by Sandra Yeyati

Many Americans choose to travel in recreational vehicles (RVs) or well-equipped vans with all the comforts of home—no hotels, just the open road and a tank full of gas. Cindy Jane is a Florida naturalist, vegan advocate, accomplished artist and wife to land surveyor Kevin Georgeson. Now 50 years old, she’s had a dream since she was 18 to travel the country in a van, visiting state and national parks, hiking trails and spending quality time in nature. She envisions setting up an easel and painting in inspiring settings. “It’s about getting out of that social norm of always knowing what the next day is going to be like, doing the same thing every day. I like a little bit of the unknown, the unexpected. I want to see things. I want adventure. I want the freedom that comes with going,” she says. The couple purchased a 2018 Ford Transit van with low mileage and a little warranty left on it. Together, they are customizing it to create a comfortable home away from home to satisfy Jane’s wanderlust. Crafty and resourceful, they voraciously watch YouTube videos to learn the ins and outs of solar panels, electrical hookups, kitchen countertops, insulation and 1,000 other details that go into a successful buildout. They’re taking their time to do it right after investing thousands of dollars already. To document 20

Rhode Island Edition


their progress and hopefully inspire others, they record videos on Jane’s smartphone and post them to her website (ArtfulVeganNomad.com). Val and Nick Wheatley are veteran nomads, having travelled the world for almost four years in all kinds of rides, including the 1994 Ford Bronco they drove across the U.S. for six months. Camping outdoors was challenging, and they vowed never again to travel in a vehicle without a bed. They purchased a Ford Econovan to explore New Zealand and sold it three months later when they left. In Germany, where beautiful campgrounds and free public lots with inexpensive electric and water hookups are plentiful, a rented RV was the way to go. With experience, the couple has come to prefer converted vans or smaller RVs, thanks to their fuel savings and easier maneuverability in cities and on narrow country roads. According to the Wheatleys, traveling and living in close quarters has its drawbacks. Cleaning out portable toilets and taking showers at truck stops can be challenging, but for the avid explorers, these inconveniences were always eclipsed by jaw-dropping scenery and cultural immersion in new countries. “Because we had wheels and time, we got to see some cool stuff off the beaten track

that most people that were visiting for a weekend or week never see,” says Val. Offering tips, tricks, candid descriptions and inspiring photography of their many world-trotting experiences, the couple’s travel blog (WanderingWheatleys.com) tallied more than 600,000 visitors last year. Through online advertising and affiliate programs, they earned enough money for living and travel expenses. “The world actually isn’t a scary place at all. People all over the world in every culture are friendly and welcoming,” Nick says. For those looking to connect with fellow travelers, there are numerous recreational clubs that offer base camps, programming and social opportunities. One such club is Sisters on the Fly (SistersOnTheFly.com), an all-women outdoor adventure club founded in 1999 by Maurrie Sussman and her sister Rebecca Clarke with a penchant for small, vintage trailers that are restored and embellished by their owners. With 9,000 active members and an organizer in each state,

these resourceful and festive ladies hold more than 1,000 events nationwide every year, including fly fishing, guided tours, kayaking, mountain climbing, biking and more. “It’s about being outdoors and meeting amazing women. We love going into the national parks, taking back roads and visiting all the small towns,” Sussman says. Living in an RV or van full-time has become an attractive option for many people, including college kids looking for inexpensive housing or retirees on limited incomes. “I think more and more we’re seeing people who value their time more than a bunch of possessions,” says Jane. “Maybe that means working less and living more frugally, so you see a rise in minimalism and van life.” For a wealth of information on vans and RVs as full-time options, as well as indepth interviews with van lifers, visit Bob Wells’ YouTube channel CheapRVLiving. Sandra Yeyati is a freelance writer. Reach her at SandraYeyati@gmail.com.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~Lao Tzu

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| June 2020


healthy kids

HELP KIDS COPE DURING TOUGH TIMES by Ronica O’Hara In these challenging times as our children struggle to cope with a swiftly changing world, one of the best things we can do is simply to let them know what strong stuff they come from. Decades of research show that children that know their family’s stories—especially how their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other forebears overcame adversity—have the ability to handle societal and personal trauma better. “Family stories help children feel safe, secure and grounded,” says psychology professor Robyn Fivush, Ph.D., director of the Family Narratives Lab at Emory University, in Atlanta. “The stories provide a sense that they belong to something larger than themselves.” In the midst of unsettling events, she says it’s especially important for children to know that the family has been through hard times before and persevered. Emory research shows that children, teens and young adults that know more of their family’s narratives have a greater sense of control over their lives, more self-esteem, better grades, higher social competence, less anxiety and depression, and fewer behavior problems. After 9/11, children that tested high in measures of family narratives proved to be more resilient and less stressed. 22

Rhode Island Edition


Family stories can be of loss—“Once we had it all”—or of triumph—“We came up from nowhere”—but the most powerful stories are those that show both the peaks and the valleys, the hilarious escapades and deep losses. “Even simply hearing what other people wish they could have done differently helps to offer children a broader perspective to current experiences,” says Carrie Krawiec, a family therapist at Birmingham Maple Clinic, in Troy, Michigan. Accounts of the deepest trauma also prove formative: Knowing how their great-grandparents survived the Holocaust gave young adults a sense of gratitude, pride, courage and a greater religious commitment, a University of Pennsylvania study found. Stories unfold easily at holiday dinners and during long car rides; even during an ordinary dinner, some kind of story—“Guess what happened today at the store?”—occurs about every five minutes, Fivush’s research shows. But summer vacation or days spent together inside a house provide a special opportunity for kids to dive deeper into their family background. For example, they can write an essay about a grandparent or aunt, write and direct a play with siblings, make a scrapbook, read history or novels to study events that took place during a specific time period, write a song or story from the


Family Stories

ancestor’s point of view, research and draw a family tree or create a mini-documentary based on an interview with an older relative. This is the quiz used in family narrative research, but Fivush cautions that the 20 questions are only a starting point, and many more can be created. Nor does getting the facts exactly right matter—those can easily be in dispute among family members. “It is the telling, the sharing and the listening that is more important than the story itself,” she says.

n Do you know how your parents met?

n Do you know which person in the family you act most like? ● Do you know some of the illnesses and injuries that your parents experienced when they were younger? n Do you know some of the lessons that your parents learned from good or bad experiences? ● Do you know some things that happened to your mom or dad when they were in school?

● Do you know where your mother grew up? n Do you know where your father grew up?

n Do you know the national or ethnic background of your family?

● Do you know where some of your grandparents grew up?

● Do you know some of the jobs that your parents had when they were young?

n Do you know where some of your grandparents met? ● Do you know where your parents were married?

n Do you know some awards that your parents received when they were young?

n Do you know what went on when you were being born?

● Do you know the names of the schools that your mom went to?

● Do you know the source of your name?

n Do you know the names of the schools that your dad went to?

n Do you know some things about what happened when your brothers or sisters were being born?

● Do you know about a relative whose face “froze” in a grumpy position because he or she did not smile enough?

● Do you know which person in your family you look most like?

Ronica A. O’Hara is a Denver-based health writer. Connect at OHaraRonica@gmail.com.

Is ANXIETY INTERFERING with your well-being, happiness, health or relationships? Take control and join us for small group classes focused on the holistic treatment of anxiety. NEX T SESSION BEGINS WEEK OF JUNE 15TH.

heal (v.) studio 1019 Waterman Avenue • East Providence, RI

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| June 2020


Feeding Happiness Lifting Moods with Feel-Good Foods by Marlaina Donato Whether it’s a pandemic, a breakup or a busy day with the kids, heading to the kitchen for a carb fix or a pint of ice cream is a common knee-jerk response to stress. It’s easy to get caught in a whirlpool of poor eating when our bodies need nutritional support more than ever. Sustained or chronic stress can reduce levels of dopamine and serotonin—neurotransmitters linked to feelings of both satiety and happiness. “When serotonin levels are normal, it leads to both emotional satisfaction and a sense of fullness after a meal,” says Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Maria Marlowe, in New York City and Dubai. “Conversely, when serotonin levels are low, it can lead to depression and a tendency to reach for sweet and starchy foods.”

AVOIDING EXTREMES Stress-eating sparks only temporary physical and emotional fulfillment. “When your brain is in need of energy, it can mimic the symptoms of depression and anxiety,” notes Tara Waddle, holistic life coach at The Center of Balance, in Greeley, Colorado. “Finding healthier substitutes that are less processed can make 24

Rhode Island Edition


a huge impact.” Experts agree that concentrating on weight loss or superstrict diets during times of adversity might do more harm than good. “Focusing on the need to lose weight during crisis will only do two things—make you feel guilty if you’re not eating what you think you’re supposed to and potentially make you eat more out of guilt,” says Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Jennifer Neily, in Dallas. Opting for healthier versions of favorite comfort foods is a doable compromise that can prevent endorphins from plummeting after the usual temporary spike. “With the right ingredients and recipes, we can satisfy our cravings for sweet, salt, creamy or crunchy with healthier upgrades of our favorite junk foods,” says Marlowe.

FRIENDLY FARE Eating to stay healthy during hard times can tickle the taste buds without a lot of invested time. Marlowe’s go-to favorites like homemade banana ice cream or chocolate truffles not only take minutes to prepare, but fortify the brain. For must-have salty favorites, she

Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock.com

conscious eating

photo courtesy of Maria Marlowe photo courtesy of Maria Marlowe

suggests opting for snack foods seasoned with unrefined or pink Himalayan salt, fresh guacamole, salsa, olives or pickles. Filling a seaweed sushi wrap with avocado can be a satisfying and easy snack. For easy-exotic, Marlowe says, “I always keep coconut milk and unsweetened curry paste on hand to whip up a red Thai curry, my favorite 15-minute dinner. Simply add fresh or frozen vegetables and protein of choice and you have a satisfying, flavorful meal that is faster than delivery.” Waddle’s healthy comfort foods include nuts of different flavors, dried fruits and baked Brussels sprouts with nitritefree bacon, black pepper and a sprinkle of nutmeg. “The food you consider comfort food is comforting because it’s familiar,” she says. “When you start eating healthier food more often, it will become comfort food. Just keep trying new things.”

Sweet Recipes for Healthy Snacking Banana Ice Cream 2 overripe bananas ¼ tsp vanilla extract Add-Ins: choose as many as desired 2-3 tsp cacao powder 1 Tbsp almond butter 2-3 tsp carob powder 3-4 pitted dates ¼ tsp cinnamon 1 cup frozen strawberries 6 mint leaves 1 Tbsp coconut flakes (or coconut butter or shredded coconut) 1 Tbsp ginger 1 Tbsp almond butter or almonds ½-inch peeled ginger piece

KEEP IT SIMPLE The kitchen can be our greatest ally during any life-storm, but having a stress-free strategy is key, especially paying attention to emotional states. “Ask yourself, ‘Is it head hunger or belly hunger? Above the neck or below the neck?’ If it’s the latter and that’s truly what is desired, don’t deny yourself, but choose with conscious understanding. Savor the flavor,” says Neily. Marlowe recommends easy meal planning and maintaining an eating schedule. “This helps remove some of the stress and decision fatigue that comes with figuring out what to eat in the moment, especially with random ingredients in the fridge.” Food shopping can be an instant junk food trap. Waddle’s approach is a sure way to outsmart impulse buying based on habit. She says,“Start with the produce department first. This fills your cart with fresh foods and your cart will be full by the time you get to the snack aisle.” Self-compassion can be one of the most important, yet overlooked considerations. “Regardless of what you choose to eat, be gentle with yourself,” notes Waddle. “The guilt of eating poorly is more damaging than the food.” Marlaina Donato is an author and a composer. Connect at AutumnEmbersMusic.com.

Five-Minute Chocolate Truffles Truffle 3 Tbsp cacao powder 1½ cups dates, pitted 3 Tbsp shredded coconut, unsweetened

Toppings (choose a few) Cacao nibs Cacao powder Sesame seeds Shredded coconut Pistachios, crushed Walnuts, crushed Acai powder Goji powder Maqui powder Pomegranate powder

Peel bananas, break in half and put in a zip-top freezer bag. Freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight. Place all ingredients (banana base plus the add-in ingredients of choice) into a high-speed blender such as a Vitamix, and blend on high until soft-serve ice cream consistency is reached, which should be in about 30 to 60 seconds. Taste to determine whether any more addins are needed and re-blend if desired. Spoon out and serve. Source: Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Maria Marlowe

Add cacao powder, dates and coconut to a blender. (A bullet blender works well.) Blend until a paste is formed, which should only take a few seconds. Roll about a tablespoon or so of paste into a ball. Repeat. Choose a topping, sprinkle it onto parchment paper and roll date ball in it to coat. Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) and non-bromated ingredients whenever possible.

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| June 2020


Online Classes for Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and Stress Relief by Wendy Fachon In quick response to the travel restraints and physical distancing required to control the spread of COVID-19, fitness, yoga, Pilates and meditation studios have shifted to online class formats. The following practices are using live streaming and video technology to help Rhode Islanders stay well, reduce anxiety and increase physical and mental resilience.

INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS RI, in East Greenwich, is offering virtual classes in functional fitness, integrative stretching, self-care, reiki and meditation. As a certified exercise physiologist and Usui/Holy Fire III reiki master, owner Alyssa Knapp uses complementary and alternative methods to promote optimal wellbeing. Integrating principles of kinesiology, positive psychology, energy techniques and other holistic therapies, this practice catalyzes the shift from healing to thriving. The cost is $5 per class or $20 per week for unlimited classes, and private sessions also available. IntegrativeWellnessRI.com SYNERGY POWER YOGA, in Barrington, is live streaming classes. Maryellen Fowler leads a 45-minute Yoga Nidra experience on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. This session can be done on the bed or on the floor with blankets, pillows and eye pillows. Studio owner Alyssa Sullivan’s classes can be accessed by connecting through Synergy’s website to download them through Zoom. Recorded sessions are being posted on Facebook so individuals can practice at a time that best suits their personal schedule. Those that have lost income can practice for free, while those with financial stability are asked to help support Synergy by donating through the website. SynergyPowerYoga.com. 26

Rhode Island Edition


TIME FOR YOU YOGA, in Cumberland, is offering online Svaroopa yoga classes. Based on a significantly different paradigm, this style of yoga excels in core opening and spinal decompression by releasing the tension in the muscles connected to the spine. Svaroopa yoga specializes in bliss and the practice uses the physicality of yoga to provide a deeper experience. The studio is currently offering six beginning/continuing classes per week via Zoom. Participants need some props in order to participate in classes: blankets, blocks and a chair. Maria Sichel, owner and primary teacher at Time For You Yoga is a certified Svaroopa yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She has trained extensively with Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati the originator of Svaroopa yoga. TimeForYouYoga.com. LAUGHING ELEPHANT YOGA, in East Greenwich, is posting Facebook live videos and YouTube videos every day to help students continue their practice at home. The class schedule is posted on the studio’s website, and anyone can go to the Laughing Elephant Yoga Facebook page at the scheduled time and date to experience the class. The videos remain posted, so individuals can access them as their own personal schedules may vary. LaughingElephantYoga.com. ANANDA RHODE ISLAND, in North Kingstown, is a community offering Kriya Yoga, spiritually oriented hatha yoga and meditation sessions Sunday through Friday through Zoom. Ananda is a global movement based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of one of the 10 best-selling spiritual classics of the century, Autobiography of a Yogi. Ananda was

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Rhode Island Remote

INSET Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

fit body

founded in 1968 by Yogananda’s direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda. Yogananda was the first yoga master of India whose mission was to live and teach in the West. He spoke of the underlying oneness of all religions and the path of self-realization. AnandaRhodeIsland.org.

JALA STUDIO, in downtown Providence, offers ashtanga, vinyasa and jivamukti yoga classes. Jivamukti yoga is a vigorous and creative style of vinyasa yoga. It is a physically and intellectually stimulating practice that emphasizes spiritual awareness. Each class focuses on a theme, which is supported by asana sequencing, yogic breathing, music, meditation and explorations of yogic philosophy. A $10 fee is suggested for online classes. Visit the studio website for a listing of weekday and weekend classes. Jala-studio.com. SANTOSHA YOGA STUDIO, in South Providence, provides Zoom classes to studio members, class pass holders and intro package holders. Non-members may register to drop in. To access Zoom classes, one must join the Santosha Community Private Group through Santsha Yoga Studio’s Facebook page or email Mail@YogaAtSantosha.com. A U L L PI L AT E S A N D MOVEMENT STUDIO, in Middletown, offers remote classes with a focus on exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and control, while also calming the mind. Pilates focuses on the deep stabilizing muscles of the torso, hips and shoulder girdle. The exercises emphasize joint stability and muscle balance to create a stronger and more flexible spine. Controlling muscles while focusing the mind enhances awareness of muscle function and coordination. AullPilates.com. Wendy Fachon is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings and host of the Story Walking Radio Hour on the Dream Visions 7 Radio Network. Visit dreamvisions7radio. com and search out her podcasts on sustainable living.






Synergy Power Yoga 32 Bay Spring Ave SynergyPowerYoga.com 401-289-0966

Aull Pilates & Movement Studio 1077 Aquidneck Ave AullPilates.com 401-619-4977

CUMBERLAND Time For You Yoga 2155 Diamond Hill Rd TimeForYouYoga.com 401-305-5319

EAST GREENWICH Laughing Elephant Yoga 816 Middle Rd LaughingElephantYoga.com 401-398-2616

NORTH KINGSTOWN Ananda Meditation & Yoga Center 714 Ten Rod Rd AnandaRhodeIsland.com 401-524-4766


Classes, Privates, and Meditation

Jala Studio: Yoga & Art 285 South Main St www.jala-studio.com 508-566-2524

4372 Post Road East Greenwich, RI 02818

Santosha Yoga Studio and Holistic Center 275 Reservoir Ave YogaAtSantosha.com 401-780-9809



401-398-2616 begin here:

try ashtanga. Saturday 8:30am or Tuesday 7:30am ASHTANGA FUNDAMENTALS CLASSES Email Bristol Maryott at BRISTOL@JALA-STUDIO.COM

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| June 2020




Fee for classifieds is $1 per word per month. To place listing, email content to Info@RINaturalAwakenings.com. Deadline is the 10th of the month.

NOTE: All Calendar events must be received by the 10th of the month prior to publication and adhere to our guidelines. Visit RINaturalAwakenings.com to submit Calendar events or email Info@RINaturalAwakenings.com for guidelines.



Opportunities DISTRIBUTION SITE – Offer your patrons the opportunity to pick up their monthly copy of Natural Awakenings magazine at your business location, and promote your events for free with 2 calendars listings a month. Contact Classifieds@RINaturalAwakenings.com.

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Unconditional Love for all Reiki Level 1 Certification – 10am-4pm. Learn the art of energy healing that is especially designed for animals, children, people who have extreme trauma, mental illness or mental/emotional disabilities. Learn how to communicate directly to the soul/spirit/subconscious of any person or any, past or present. With Chloe Moers, Unconditional Love Reiki founder, Quantum Reiki Grand Master and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. Sliding scale: $80-$250. MagentaSunHealing.com. Music at the Farm : Celtic Celebration of Spring – 2-4pm. With master piper Patrick Hutchinson and Vox Hunters. Patrick Hutchinson is an internationally recognized performer and teacher of the Irish Uilleann pipes. The Vox Hunters offer an all-natural connection to the living tradition of folk music. Celebrate the wonders of the natural world with us. $20/adult, $10/children. Grace Note Farm, 969 Jackson Schoolhouse Rd, Pascoag. GraceNoteFarmWeb.com.

SUNDAY, JUNE 14 Animal Reiki Level 1 Certification – 10am4pm. Learn the basics of animal reiki. You will download different types of energy for different purposes from Quantum Reiki and Unconditional Love for all Reiki, gain knowledge of animal energy systems/chakras as well as learn the basics of how to communicate with animals. With Chloe Moers who is also a Past Life Regression Therapist, Quantum Reiki Grand Master, Channeler and Usui Reiki Master, channeled vegan meal plan creator and Psychic ability mentor. Sliding scale: $80-$200. MagentaSunHealing.com.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17 Polka Dot Powerhouse Breakfast Meeting – 8-10am. Join us at our monthly meetings to connect with like-minded women looking for a drama-free, pressure-free, comfortable atmosphere. Free. Zoom meeting. More info & to register: PolkaDotPowerHouse.com/ chapters/central-ri. Polka Dot Powerhouse Lunch Meeting – 11:30am-1:30pm. Join us at our monthly meetings to connect with like-minded women looking for a drama-free, pressurefree, comfortable atmosphere. Free. Zoom meeting. More info & to register: PolkaDotPowerHouse.com/chapters/central-ri.


Join Us Now! Sign up for our Digital Magazine! RINaturalAwakenings.com We’ve been Digital all along


Rhode Island Edition


Manifesting with Malas and Mantras Workshop – 2:30-5:30pm. Materialize your intentions by creating your own mala in this energizing workshop. A mala is a string of 108 beads that are used as a tool to help the mind focus on meditation. Learn how a mala meditation will support your everyday practice of mindfulness, and the significance of this powerful tool for whatever intention you are manifesting for your personal and spiritual development. $65. Life Breath Wellness Center, 378 Main St, 2nd Fl, East Greenwich. IntegrativeWellnessRI.com.

A Creative Healing Place Return to Yourself

Benjamin B. Blackett

First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island Sundays 10:00 am


Life Mastery Consultant Dream Builder Coach Reiki Master Healer/Teacher

401-855-2008 bbb3pips@gmail.com


Services held at:

83 South Rose St. East Providence www.spiritualistchurchri.com

Let Us HeLp YoU Make a HeaLtHY CHoiCe Vitamins … HomeopatHic Remedies peRsonal caRe pRoducts . . . local Honey and We caRRy Bulk HeRBs, teas & spices

Holistic Development / Creatigo.org Debee (401) 793-0097

Michelle (401) 287-2781

Massage Therapy (including pregnancy massage) • Reflexology • Reiki • Polarity • Iris Analysis • Health Consultations • Ear Coning • Readings • Yoga • Spiritual Book Studies • Energy Classes and more…

Private Readings & Healing Sessions Past Life, Card, Akashic Record & Mediumship

Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Theta & Shaman

Certifications (Reiki IET) Playshops for ALL Ages and MUCH MORE!

Check our website for Class Schedules

1099 Mendon Rd, Cumberland RI • 401-305-3585 • its-my-health.com

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| June 2020



ONGOING EVENTS Dates and times may chenge. Please call ahead to confirm. All ongoing events must be received by the 10th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Visit RINaturalAwakenings.com to submit listings.

SUNDAY Sunday Celebration Service – 9:3010:30am. Change your thinking and change your life through an hour of uplifting music, affirmative prayer, meditation and an inspiring message. All welcome. Love offering. Concordia Center for Spiritual Living: Facebook.com/concordiacsl. 401-732-1552. ConcordiaCSL.com. Sunday Gathering – 11am-12pm. Music, chanting, meditation, uplifting talk, beautiful Festival of Light Ceremony. Donation appreciated. Ananda Meditation & Yoga Center via Zoom. For details: AnandaRhodeIsland.org. Healing Circle – 1-2pm. 3rd Sunday. All are welcome to a Healing Prayer Circle in which we explore the Divine Will Healing techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda. The circle opens with prayer, short meditation and chanting, creating a space for devotion and deep inner peace. Guided prayers, affirmations, visualizations and healing techniques follow. Opening the hearts and minds of all who participate and bring many blessings to those who receive. Free. Ananda Meditation & Yoga Center via Zoom. For details: AnandaRhodeIsland.org.

MONDAY Svaroopa® Yoga with Maria – 10:30am12pm. Dissolve your stress and pain with a deeply relaxing slow moving class. Poses adapted to your body using blankets, props and gentle alignments. Find ease in your body and a quieter mind. Beginners welcome. New students: $55/5 classes. Contact the studio regarding online virtual classes. Time for You Yoga, 2155 Diamond Hill Rd, Cumberland or Zoom. TimeforYouYoga.com. Autobiography of a Yogi Book Study – 6-7:15pm. Explore Paramhansa Yogananda’s classic book Autobiography of a Yogi. This book is a masterpiece of spiritual literature. Even if you haven’t read the book yet, you will find the discussion interesting and illuminating. All welcome. Donation appreciated. Ananda Meditation & Yoga Center via Zoom. For details: AnandaRhodeIsland.org.


Rhode Island Edition

Self-Care with Reiki: Virtual Class – 7-8pm. After being trained in reiki, it can be easy to fall out of the habit of performing regular self-reiki sessions. Be guided through a self-reiki session by Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, Alyssa Knapp. Prior experience with Reiki Level 1 or higher suggested. Receive a confirmation and a separate email with instructions to sign in to Zoom. $5; $20/ unlimited class pass available (all class types included). IntegrativeWellnessRI.com.

Virtual Functional Fitness Class – 5:306:15pm. Also on Friday. Flow mindfully through a series of moves to build some heat in your body while focusing your mind in the moment for emotional well-being. Appropriate for all fitness levels and body types. Receive a confirmation and a separate email with instructions to sign in to Zoom. $5; $20/ unlimited class pass available (all class types included). IntegrativeWellnessRI.com.



Ananda Gentle Yoga & Meditation – 1011:30am. Ananda Center is closed. Daily yoga classes and meditations Monday-Friday are on our website. Please check our website for all events. Donation appreciated. Ananda Meditation & Yoga Center, 714 Ten Rod Rd, North Kingstown. AnandaRhodeIsland.org.

Energy Flow: Virtual Class – 7-7:45pm. In this unique class, we integrate therapeutic stretching, mindfulness meditation, and reiki energy therapy for optimal balance of your physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing. No experience with reiki or meditation necessary. Receive a confirmation and a separate email with instructions to sign in to Zoom. $5; $20/unlimited class pass available (all class types included). IntegrativeWellnessRI.com.

Virtual Integrative Stretching Class – 5:30-6:15pm. Also Thursday. Mindfulness meditation and therapeutic stretching for all levels. Release tension in your body and mind through mindfulness-based therapeutic stretching. Great for all levels and body types. Receive a confirmation and a separate email with instructions to sign in to Zoom. $5; $20/unlimited class pass available (all class types included). IntegrativeWellnessRI.com. Virtual Reiki + Meditation Class – 7-7:45pm. Class designed to reduce stress and promote positive energy. Receive reiki while being guided through a deep and relaxing meditation, led by a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master. No experience with reiki or meditation necessary. Receive a confirmation and a separate email with instructions to sign in to Zoom. $5; $20/unlimited class pass available (all class types included). IntegrativeWellnessRI.com.

WEDNESDAY Svaroopa® Yoga with Maria – 9:30-11am. Dissolve your stress and pain with a deeply relaxing slow moving class. Poses adapted to your body using blankets, props and gentle alignments. Find ease in your body and a quieter mind. Beginners welcome. New students: $55/5 classes. Contact the studio regarding online virtual classes. Time for You Yoga, 2155 Diamond Hill Rd, Cumberland or Zoom. TimeforYouYoga.com.


Svaroopa® Yoga with Janice – 7-8:30pm. Dissolve your stress and pain with a deeply relaxing slow moving class. Poses adapted to your body using blankets, props and gentle alignments. Find ease in your body and a quieter mind. Beginners welcome. New students: $55/5 classes. Contact the studio regarding online virtual classes. Time for You Yoga, 2155 Diamond Hill Rd, Cumberland or Zoom. TimeforYouYoga.com.

SATURDAY Svaroopa® Yoga with Suzanne – 9:4511:15am. Dissolve your stress and pain with a deeply relaxing slow moving class. Poses adapted to your body using blankets, props and gentle alignments. Find ease in your body and a quieter mind. Beginners welcome. New students: $55/5 classes. Contact the studio regarding online virtual classes. Time for You Yoga, 2155 Diamond Hill Rd, Cumberland or Zoom. TimeforYouYoga.com.


COMMUNITY RESOURCE GUIDE Your source for natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and servces that support a healthy lifestyle.

Akashic Records MEGHAN GREER


Phone Readings 401-378-4234 MeghanGreer19@yahoo.com Empresshealing.me

est good.


Beauty Leah Deslandes 4272 Post Road East Greenwich RI IntuitiveBeautyLLC.com

The Akashic Records contain the history of your soul, who are now and what you may become in the future. A reading provides information to guide you. Open to your Record keepers to receive information for your high-

Advanced stylist specializing in the DevaCurl haircut, using organic products to rejuvenate hair. Industry veteran for over a decade, knowledgeable in hair/ makeup. Experiences have led me to work with a wide range of celebrities. I can give you a look you will love.


Animal Wellness



Animal Reiki, Animal Communication 401-556-7199 ChloeMMoers@gmail.com MagentaSunHealing.com Chloe, Quantum Reiki Grand Master and Usui Reiki Master, works with all animals, long distance and in person, to provide pain relief, aid with trauma and help build relationship bonds. She also teaches private and group lessons. Her practice includes mediumship, channeling and past life regression readings.

Ayurvedic Astrology

Patricia Hogan-Casey, DC Wholistic Chiropractic Center 215 Cottage St, Pawtucket 401-725-4380 • DrPatOnTheBack.com Dr. Patricia Hogan-Casey, using Network Spinal Analysis, has witnessed profound effects on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of her patients. The gentle precise touches to the spine initiate the removal of interference to the nervous system’s tension and function—essentially cueing the brain to develop new strategies to experience greater wellbeing. See ad on page 12.

Dr. Jesse Steinberg 201 Waterman Ave East Providence, RI 401-284-8278 RenewFamilyWellness.janeapp.com Dr. Jesse is a gentle, holistic Chiropractor with a Reiki Master’s touch. His passion is helping children and families be their brightest, happiest, healthiest selves. His calling and purpose is to release the interference to the expression of our infinite potential. He serves with Love, Joy, wit and wisdom.

Classes HEAL (V.)

Sarah R. Memoli, LMHC 1019 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, RI Sarah@HolisticTherapyRI.com HolisticTherapyRI.com Group therapy classes for the holistic treatment of anxiety. Each 90-minute class integrates the practices of breath work, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness with traditional psychotherapy techniques for a complete mind-body healing experience. Sessions run for 8 weeks and will change your experience of living with anxiety.



Phone Readings or Newport Office 401-680-3934 Karyn@KarynChabot.com SacredStoneHealing.com

Vedic Astrology is India’s divination system, the sister science of yoga and considered the “Eyes of the Veda”. I also use playing cards, a forgotten mystical calendar and oracle. With the Divine Mother’s assistance, let’s improve your health, decipher relationships; predict windows for money, romance and jobs, while illuminating Soul purpose and peace of mind. See ad on page 18.

342 Atwood Avenue Cranston, RI 401-942-6967 DrRichardPicard.com

With 25 years of experience, Dr. Picard has helped thousands of patients recover from various health challenges with chiropractic care. Dr. Picard is unique; he looks at the body from a holistic perspective and focuses on wellness.  He provides traditional nutrition and natural medicine to help heal the tissues of the body that are in need of repair.  This in combination with chiropractic care creates a dynamic healing response within the body.  Don’t deal with your pain and health challenges alone, call someone who cares.

Energy Work ENERGY WORKER AND TEACHER Christal Rae Nichols 401-793-6762 NorthernLights.one

I am a Usui Reiki master teacher, Reiki Drumwave practitioner, and Integrated Energy Therapy master instructor. My intention is to empower and connect people more fully with the Oneness energy and their own inner selves so they can reach their wellness goals.  Let’s release those “issues from your tissues!”

Once you’ve been through tough times, you can only become stronger. ~Alesha Dixon Be sure to let our advertisers know you found them in

| June 2020


Environmental Awareness

Holistic Guidance


53 Child Street, Unit 387 Warren, RI 02885 401-465-4249 BitsisShari@gmail.com

We are a nonprofit who provides opportunities for individuals and community organizations to learn about cutting edge ideas in sustainability, biodiversity of species and green community building. GTS uses creative practices to engage the community, young and old, into greater environmental awareness. Email us to be added to our newsletter list.

Handmade Soaps & Skin Care

SOUL WISDOM READINGS WITH CHRIS Chris McCullough 204b Clock Tower Square, Portsmouth, RI 401-662-6642 CrisMcHolistic@gmail.com SoulWisdomTarot.com

Readings in Person or by phone by appointment. Bring a little magic to your next Home Parties or Fundraiser. Cris is Author of “Holistic Tarot: Soul Wisdom for a New Paradigm”, her integrative approach to reading merges numerology, spiritual astrology and connection with Divine Source to help you solve the problems in your life. Classes in Goddessing, Tarot and Shamanism forming now. Go to SoulWisdomTarot.com or facebook.com/HolisticTarot for the latest news.




We have been making soap for over 10 years and have over 60 blends. We have scrubs, face, hand & foot creams, fragrance stones, along with perfume sticks, lip & cuticle balms. We also have dog shampoo and balms. Open daily 10 to 4 M-F Saturdays 10-2 when not at shows.

Health Food Store


Om Homeopathy, It’s My Health, Cumberland Above All Holistic, Cranston 401-573-3757 • OmHomeopathy.com With 12+ yrs experience in classical Homeopathy Vandana Pitke has helped many clients restore and achieve health. Vandana is a certified classical homeopath. She looks at the symptoms from a holistic perspective focusing on mind and body. She also incorporates ayurvedic nutrition and Mudra meditation in her practice, which makes healing faster, better and from within when combined with homeopathy. Go to omhomeopathy.com or join Facebook group My Holistic Health. See ad on page 29.


510 East Main Rd, Middletown, RI 401-847-7480 facebook.com/NaturesGoodness NaturesGoodnessRI.com Since 1984 we have been providing the finest quality Natural & Organic Whole Foods including many Gluten Free products, Natural Body Care, Athletic Supplements & Protein Powders, Incense, Smudging Supplies and Candles made with Essential Oils, Natural Pet Care Food & Supplements and Healthful Information in a fun, comfortable and inspirational environment.  Open Daily M-F 9:30-6:30, Sat 9:30-5:30, Sun 11-4.  View our web site and Facebook for upcoming events and educational information.


John Koenig, Certified Instructor 401-374-1890 John.Koenig.Hypnotist@live.com GreaterRhodeIslandHypnosisTraining.com Help people change and earn income as a Certified Hypnotist. 100 Hour National Guild of Hypnotists Certifications Course next class starts January 2020, get on the waiting list today. $400, early enrollment discount.  Call today to see if this is the right course for you.


The New Seminary, NYC 2009 401-323-7664 NataliadeRezendes@gmail.com Facebook: Slatersville RI Center for Spiritual Living Teaching Chapter @ OneVoice  Slatersvillericsl.com

Visit us at our new website so that you may know of services rendered here in Slatersville . Toltec Wisdom Teaching, The Four Agreements, CSL course curriculum, virtual and on location, personalized wedding officiant services (trilingual Portuguese, Spanish and English,), small wedding venue, seasonal healing rituals, memorials, funerals, spiritual growth workshops, private spiritual support sessions, Zentangle classes, Vintage Vocal coaching MM NEC ‘78.

Licensed Naturopathic physicians SHEILA M. FRODERMANN, MS, ND, DHANP, CCH

Providence Wholistic Healthcare 144 Waterman St, Providence, RI 401-455-0546 • ProvidenceWholistic.com Over twenty years of private practice experience in holistic natural family healthcare - providing individualized diet, nutrition & lifestyle counseling, homeopathy, and herbal medicines towards optimizing one’s health and wellness. Naturopathic Physician - Classical Homeopath - Bowenwork practitioner. See ad on page 15.


At Providence Wholistic Healthcare 144 Waterman St, Providence, RI 401-455-0546 ProvidenceWholistic.com Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Clinical Nutritionist and Reiki practitioner. Specializes in digestive disorders, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, Lyme disease, weight issues and chronic pain. Addressing these conditions by treating the underlying cause through herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, homeopathy, guided nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Book an appointment to start your journey to optimal health. See ad on page 15.

The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered, there is opportunity for growth. ~Unknown 32

Rhode Island Edition


Sound Healing


508-736-8844 Susan@SusanDeLorenzo.com SusanDeLorenzo.com Susan De Lorenzo is an inspirational speaker, author and life coach who specializes in helping people overcome adversity to design a life they love. Susan is working on her book, From Adversity to Awesome, where she shares tools and mindsets to help others through troubled times and create life anew. Please find details to work with Susan on her website. See ad on page 13.


Lisa Ashton, R.N. The Psychic RN 204b Clock Tower Square, Portsmouth, RI 401-500-1908 LisaAshtonMedium.com NorthernLights.one I specialize in mediumship readings, and connect to your loved ones, family and friends, that have passed. It brings such a sense of closure and peace to know they are safe and they are around you. You have the opportunity to speak to them as well. Meet your own guardian angels and speak to them about your career path, life, love, and future. I also do house harmonizations. Phone reading or in person.

Nutrition Response Testing NATURAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS

Dr. Laura Bomback 293 Linden St, Fall River, MA 508-678-1233 DrBomback.com Our mission at Natural Health Solutions is to improve the health of our community by providing natural options for most health issues and guidance toward the understanding that real solutions can be achieved with real nutrition. I have been helping people for close to 25 years achieve a higher level of health through both nutrition and chiropractic. See ad on page 19.

Shamanic Practitioner ENERGY-N-ELEMENTS

Paul A. DiSegna 401-736-6500 Energy-N-Elements.com

Are you feeling stuck, stressed or disconnected? I will assist you in releasing energy blocks and guide you to experience the comfort and peace that comes with power and soul retrieval.  “My intension is to improve my client’s health and well being.” Call for your appointment today.


Joy Quinn Blum 401-258-3952 Joy@GongsOfJoy.com GongsOfJoy.com Sound therapy creates vibrational overtones to help relieve stress, pain, fatigue, fears or phobias, and promote an overall state of peace and deep relaxation. Gongmaster Joy plays gongs at yoga studios, healing centers and other venues. She also offers private gong healing sessions, sound workshops and more. Contact to find out how sacred sound therapy can help you overcome physical challenges and emotional stress.


Alyssa Knapp, MS, CEP, TTS Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher 378 Main St, 2nd Floor, East Greenwich, RI 401-268-7225 IntegrativeWellnessRI@gmail.com IntegrativeWellnessRI.com Are you ready to take a new approach to achieving wellness? Our services integrate physical activity, mindfulness, meditation, and Reiki energy therapy to promote healing in a holistic way. We offer private sessions, group classes, workshops, and certification trainings.


Marie Bouvier-Newman 1099 Mendon Road, Cumberland, RI 401-305-3585 • Its-My-Health.com We provide much more than products, services and education. We provide the tools you need to optimize your health in a comfortable environment. We care. See ad on page 29.


Evolve Nutrition & Vitality; Wig Boutique Cranston-Johnston, RI 401-578-5879 Evolve-Nutrition-Vitality.com Certified in Functional Nutrition. Boutique has a full line of wigs and accessories to help with hair loss, health and wellness products, an 8-wk “Power to Feel your Best” class based on each individual’s needs, essential oils classes and “make and take” essential oil parties. Free consultation by appointment!

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Maria Sichel, RYT, CSYT 2155 Diamond Hill Rd Cumberland, RI 02864 401-305-5319 Maria@TimeForYouYoga.com TimeForYouYoga.com I offer private Svaroopa® yoga therapy sessions tailored to meet your needs. I am specially trained in treating pain - including back pain and neck and shoulder issues. Yoga Therapy is more powerful than weekly yoga classes and moves you more quickly toward health and well being. My students experience pain relief, greater mobility, improved sleep, easier breathing, deep relaxation, increased flexibility, and a deep sense of peace.


714 Ten Rod Rd, North Kingstown, RI 401-524-4766 AnandaRhodeIsland.org

Find joy, love, and peace with Ananda through ancient and effective techniques of meditation, spiritually oriented hatha yoga, kirtan, Kriya yoga and more. Deepen your own spiritual journey in the company of friends who support your inner growth. Ananda is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, and was founded by Yogananda’s direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

Yoga Therapy GO SLOWLY

Jorge C. Armesto, Ph.D., Ed.M., RYT 845 North Main St., STE 6, Providence, RI 781-724-9007 GoSlowly.com Therapy on the Mat: Change how you relate to body, heart, and mind. Yoga therapy helps you befriend your body, hold difficult experiences with compassion, relieve stress, regulate emotions, and cultivate joy. Dr. Armesto offers individual yoga therapy sessions on a donation basis. Online sessions available. Please visit GoSlowly.com for more information.

RINaturalAwakenings.com | June 2020


eco tip

Messing with Nature: What Could Go Wrong? by David Jones Using toxic chemicals to control nature is a surefire way of killing creatures we don’t like. Society seems to think that we can do whatever makes us comfortable no matter the cost to our environment, and of course, eventually us. Over the years, rats and mice have become immune or resistant to toxic poisons. All around us, companies are spraying vast amounts of nerve-damaging pesticides to control mosquitoes, and fleas and ticks are now reaching almost epidemic populations as they become resistant to toxic chemicals which are designed to attack nervous systems. One of the major problems with toxic methods is the pesticide kills any insect along with many other life forms that it comes into contact with. Scientists are already looking at alternative methods of pollination, predicting that bees, butterflies, fireflies and many other beneficial insects will soon go extinct.  Still, it is possible to act responsibly; it just takes a little more time and thought. Nontoxic formulas that don’t cause resistance, immunity or secondary poisoning are available to control rodents. With these products, birds of prey, cats and dogs that eat the controlled rodents do not suffer the same fate. Instead of toxic chemistry, biology is used so the target pest is the only one that gets controlled. For the sake of our environment, find a company that uses safe, natural methods of pest control. David Jones works at Bio Tech Pest Controls, 18 Granite St., Westerly. For more information and advice, call 401-315-2400, email David@BioTechPestControls.com or visit BioTechPestControls.com. See ad on page 18 and this page. 34

Rhode Island Edition

To help keep the community engaged and active this spring, Bio Tech Pest Controls is holding a coloring contest.

Identify and color the following insects: butterflies, bees, fire flies or all on the next page and send to: Bio Tech Pest Controls LLC 18 Granite Street, Westerly, RI 02891

CONTEST RULES: No purchase necessary to enter or win. Submission must be received by June 30. One entry per person. One winner will be picked from each age group: Ages 0-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-12.”. ALL entries must be original and entirely created by the entrant. Bio Tech Pest Controls employees’ children and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter. Winners will receive a $25 gift card for Savoy Bookshop & Café. No cash allotted. Mail entry to: 18 Granite Street, Westerly, RI 02891 or scan and email to Bugs@BioTechPestControls.com. For more information, call 401-315-2400.

Tech Controls Bio Bio Tech PestPest Controls, LLC Organic Lawn Care & Pest Controls Organic Lawn Care & Pest Controls

got blood?

Mosquito are not only a nuisance, but they can carry diseases such as West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). Conventional chemicals used to treat these insects are harmful to you, your family and pets.


Call us at 401-315-2400 or 860-445-BUGS. Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, Year-Round Services! www.BioTechPestControls.com • 18 Granite Street • Westerly, RI 02891


RI License: RI H6305 & CT License: CT B-2523

My Name Is: and I am a:

My Name Is: and I am a:

My Name Is: and I am a: Be sure to let our advertisers know you found them in

| June 2020


Profile for Rhode Island Natural Awakenings

06 2020 Rhode Island Natural Awakenings  

Staycations, Brain Health, Everyday Adventures, Rhode Island Remote Fitness, Feeding Happiness and so much more!

06 2020 Rhode Island Natural Awakenings  

Staycations, Brain Health, Everyday Adventures, Rhode Island Remote Fitness, Feeding Happiness and so much more!

Profile for mcary

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