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February 2021 Health & Wellness Advertising Offer Promote the best options for taking care of your workplace, your workforce and their families: hospitals, assisted-living facilities, retirement communities, alternative medicine and specialty practices, insurance services, rehabilitation, dental, behavioral health and fitness centers, and much more!

ADVERTISING OPTIONS ’s East 16504 Saint Mary Street, Erie, PA 26th 607 East 21 e 814/451-06 ry Ridg ’s at AsbuErie, PA 16506 , Saint Mary Ridge Road 4855 West 00 814/836-53ysHome.org www.StMar ent and SSJ Erie Presid is McCracken, ’s Home of Phyll Saint Mary tive Officer Sister Chief Execu

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JULY 2017

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Greater Erie Com munity Action Com mittee (GEC AC) 18 West 9th Stree t Erie, PA 16501 Phone: 814/4 59-4581 Website: www.geca c.org


Provides Res

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The Grea Danny Jone ter Committe Erie Community Chief Execu s, Action e, better tive Office known as believes r lack the train Erie GECAC, opportuni is a place of endle ing and soft skills ty. GECA that will C has more ss years of help them real-l get families succeife experience than 50 keep — good — and helping ed. jobs. To help busin As Erie Coun esses find ty’s pove quali organizatio rty-fi fied work r) enjoy n,Liedt ers and to g ke C(cente ghtin GECA developin work helps assist work Berta ing, Mary:’s1)Home g career and low-i er hard Saint (left) at ers ncom Lead gg and offers the in living e famil Team on a ded Mary Kello ies, tion provi Work Certi life skills, GECAC tenance fixed Saint senio at2) Mainincom Residents mpus transporta Work Certi fied™ prog sudd right) e, ded provi 3) wage earn rs enly is (far fied™ prog ram. The out tion the off-ca red helping retur of is program ers s transporta work, that focus ram is a national of Erie. Pictu . Off-campu ning to our command 4) residents es soft skills Corey incarcerat unity from and work on customized Michael ion. of Erie. to ensure read Mary ’s Home performan iness training GECAC is retention looking to of employeece, production and the futur renewed e with a ces s. focus on ces: The Work engaging Day community Servi Servi Certified™ tthe entire to Adul work • designed program with residimer’s Care in pove nts, which rty. for is • Alzhe ents for their reside Services incumbent pre-employmen mpus We are focus and Careliving off-cameas part of life oneresul Hom t uring our • ed ortation nt Living g and skills, which workers, focusing and endets impa Indep launc Kellog is why transp hing GECAC Care Services on soft new initia • ct. ed. Mary readiness leads to a certifi partn Personal isl Living at Saint is also provid who live • deve erships and tives, cate . The loping new e, ly tool for indiv program is the of work ident•ifying Residentia to do , happi Berta Liedtk what“Iwe Care perfect new iteresou Asbur y Ridge do best — Resp e. to intermed iduals seeking entry rcesm • comm build servichuma Mary ’s at t/Long-Ter tage of this ing, Shorunity also an exceiate-level employme -level on twice n service •delive advocatin take advan bilitation g for ry and transportati Reha ing looking to llent resource for nt. It is Nurs py. We alsolow-income famil use the van d thera train exist employer • Skille waterErie needing, going ies. a resource s ing empl a week for like shopp s a robust and oyees or thingswork gs,” wellforce employers that can be used outin use it for . How to ever, many trained and other their jobs. get the best cand ensure individual likes the fact ugh Mary to see plays Work Certi idates for Currently, s ibes. Altho lf fied™ curri organ med, Berta ing new Mary descr to myse ization licen GECAC is the a six-county culum throu feels welco g out, meet like time only to sed to teach everyone region. ghout desires. “I loves gettin an activity making sure privac y when she the is always Work Certi do people and ain her that there fied™ is an go out, I can I also like can maint program Eggs ‘n’ Issues briefing that she stay in, I can I want, but oyerwhere empl empl Association driven recently held its January for 2019 at the MBA’s do what The like it. I can can I feel I the curri if when energy update go on culum arou oyers provide says. todesig n members with an Asbur y outing to Employee nd space at do or an happy!” Berta Center in Erie. need outdoor Conference s must mast their with the makes me of ver work comp nts whate er nearly s. the most etenc other reside erful to have also make She and to be read ies before they are 50 and Berta gardener. ins. us. “It’s wond y certifi to ntial Both Mary expla camp work ed the ensure that . The prog ify is a reside walk,” Mary ram Ridge. Mary Team to beaut or just go for a areas like graduates are comp will home.” dskeeping e and visit, feels like custo It the Groun outsid etent us! mer servi g in and acco to relax iful camp ce, work n of “Lovin untability a nice space “It really is a beaut ethic its missio to business s, to maintain ensures that the literacy and digital technology Berta agree ’s of Erie unity” , critical analy Saint Mary e of comm us life and Our goal itment of sis. is an atmospher do. A vibrant camp know how The comm “fostering they employee to prepare your futur they s to Care” and is reflec ted in all that to them, because behaviors with the soft skills e life is impor tant . beaut y of and that community in your work will ensure their there who live supportive success it is to those your work place. Join us in transform impor tant place and ing our comm To learn more unity. contact Ben about Work Certifi 814/459-45 Wilson, WorkForce ed™ Divisi 81 or bwils on@gecac. on, at org.




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The Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) strives to keep its members informed on the most current business issues affecting employers in the region. For more information about upcoming events or to view the MBA’s photo gallery, visit www.mbausa.org.



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2017 Health & Fitness Guide

The new year is a good time for employers and their employees to focus on wellness and fitness solutions that can help lower health-care costs while improving overall health. Here are some options that you may want to consider to give yourself and your team a healthy and competitive edge:



Workforce CPR and AED Training A smile is a powerful tool... Delta Dental can help protect yours.

At United Way of Erie County we recognize the importance of children and families having the resources they need - including those suffering with addiction. That’s why United Way was an early funder of the Women’s Recovery Center at Magee-Womens, UPMC Hamot through the Hamot Health Foundation.

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Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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United Way of Erie County


At Highmark, we’re dedicated to keeping the heart of your company healthy and happy. We’re here to help you find the right coverage for your employees. To connect them to the right care. And to make both of those as simple as the truth: your business is only as good as your people. Learn more at

Ensure your employees are prepared for onsite emergencies.


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FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact David Thornburg at dthornburg@mbausa.org or Frank Mehler at fmehler@mbausa.org 814/833-3200 or 800/815-2660

Profile for MBA Business Magazine

January 2021 Business Magazine  

Logistics Plus is marking its 25th year as a leading provider of transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, logistics, business intelligence,...

January 2021 Business Magazine  

Logistics Plus is marking its 25th year as a leading provider of transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, logistics, business intelligence,...