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15 - 25 MAY


Adventurous Theatre for Playful People


Welcome to Mayfest 2014 From intimate encounters in small rooms to large-scale adventures in public places, Mayfest 2014 has cabaret, live art, ballet, circus, music, dance, installation, storytelling and all manner of uncategorisables in between. We are excited by artists who do things a little differently, and who invite us into a world where we can be moved, transformed, challenged and thrilled. We’re seduced by risk-takers and tickled by true entertainers. We have artists joining us from far-flung places and from just down the road, and they’re all coming here, to Bristol, for you.

Of course, we want you to find your own pathway through the festival. Try something new, be adventurous and then tell us what you think. You can tweet us @mayfestbristol, join the conversation on our Facebook page, drop us an email at, or come and find us in the bar during the festival.

Over the final weekend of the festival, we welcome back Requardt & Rosenberg, who wowed us in 2010 with Electric Hotel. The Roof, their hotly anticipated new outdoor extravaganza opens right here before playing LIFT at the National Theatre in London in June, so make sure you get yourselves down to Millennium Square for this 360º panoramic performance under the night sky.

Have fun, and thank you for being here. Kate Yedigaroff and Matthew Austin Artistic Directors

This year also sees us reaching out in new directions with a brand new smattering of shows for children and families and our very own Mayfest radio.

The Mayfest Team Kate Yedigaroff and Matthew Austin Richard Aslan Georgina Asser Kerrie Avery Annie Bell Gemma Brooks Luke Emery Becky Hall Callum Ostell Claire Skelcey


Artistic Directors Writer-in-Residence Bristol University Placement Project Manager Producing and Marketing Assistant Production Manager Mayfest Radio Producer Project Manager Deputy Production Manager Marketing Manager

The Mayfest 2014 Opening Party Thu 16 May, 7:30pm until late We smash the proverbial bottle of champagne against the good ship Mayfest at arguably the best party in town, with music, drinking and dancing. And to kick it all off we’ve invited Scottee and friends to bring the fun with: Scottee’s CAMP 7.30pm-9pm Tickets: £12 Venue: Bristol Old Vic

Scottee’s CAMP Award winning performance artist and glorified sequin wearer Scottee is coming to Bristol. Camp is his infamous, sell out variety showcase that features some of the world’s leading show offs: tap dancers, opera singers, banana smugglers – the works. In-house dance troupe Japan’s People throw shapes and shade between acts. Expect a mixed bill of camp clichés, limp wrists, game shows and catch phrases smashed together with television rip offs, some cheap outfits and lots of good old fashioned light entertainment. Suitable for mums, locals and homosexuals.


The Blind Tiger

Mayfest Café

Fri 16 - Sat 24 May, 9:30pm until late

This year we’re moving the Mayfest Café onto a boat. We’re teaming up with Under The Stars, where you can pop in for delicious tapas and refreshing drinks. Available during the day throughout the festival, this is where to come for daily festival news right in the centre of Bristol

Mayfest’s late-night festival bar returns. This year we’re unleashing The Blind Tiger into the bar at Bristol Old Vic. Expect the usual unpredictable mix of music, impromptu improvisation and cocktails. Anything can happen, and it usually does. Bristol Old Vic King Street BS1 4ED

Narrow Quay Bristol BS1 4QA


Ruff Split Britches A Peggy Shaw solo performance Directed by Lois Weaver “She makes us chuckle, then teases those chuckles into guffaws as she draws us under the skin of her very being, until suddenly you realise that you’re on the verge of unsuspected tears.” «««« Herald

Image Credit: Michael Conti

Fri 16 - Sun 18 May, 8pm Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:

Bristol Old Vic Studio £12/£8 0117 987 7877 75 mins

Post-show discussion 17 May DR IN THE HOUSE - an interactive post-show Q&A with Peggy Shaw and a local medical professional, chaired by Lois Weaver.  

Peggy Shaw had a stroke in January 2011. The stroke was in her PONS, which rhymes with the Fonz, one of her many role models. Since then she’s realised she has never performed solo. She has always had a host of lounge singers, movie stars, rock and roll bands and eccentric family members living inside her. RUFF is a tribute to those who have kept her company, a lament for the absence of those who disappeared into the holes left by the stroke and a celebration that her brain is able to fill the blank green screens with new insights.

The Money Kaleider

Conceived by Seth Honnor

“Brilliant.” The Guardian «««« How to play:

Sun 18, Tue 20, Fri 23 May, 7pm Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:

M Shed £10 benefactors minimum, £13/£11 silent witnesses 0117 987 7877 180 mins

Become a Benefactor by donating as much as you can. Work with other Benefactors to decide what to spend the group’s money on. You have two hours to come to a decision. No rules. If you don’t decide unanimously in the allotted time, you relinquish your privilege to spend the money and the money rolls over to the next group of Benefactors. If you’re the quiet observing type, you can become a Silent Witness and watch as the group of Benefactors attempt to decide how to spend the money they’ve donated. And if at any point you want to voice your opinion, you can become a Benefactor and buy your way in. Spend the money on whatever you want. Be as creative as you like. Just keep within the law.



Aakash Odedra Fri 16 May, 7.30pm

“Single-minded passion is never quite enough. Innovation is a collective performance.” Unknown Rising is an evening of dance performed by Aakash Odedra. Aakash performs solos by renowned choreographers Russell Maliphant, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Akram Khan, featuring lighting by Michael Hulls and Willy Cessa. Aakash also presents a contemporary Kathak solo choreographed by himself. All use Aakash’s background in Kathak and Bharatanatyam to create a new flavour of contemporary dance.

“It’s the dance equivalent of a red-carpet event...…establishes Odedra as a dancer to follow.” The Guardian Commissioned by AKCT, DanceXchange, Sampad, Eastman, The Hat Factory, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Dance, South East Dance, New Art Exchange, The Place, Curve Theatre, Leicester and funded by Arts Council England and Akademi.

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:

Bristol Old Vic Theatre £12/£8 0117 987 7877 75 mins with interval


This year we’re joining forces with In Between Time to present work by two ground-breaking artists. the vacuum cleaner’s Mental (IBT13), and Scottee’s The Worst of Scottee both explore territory that sits defiantly on the edges

of genre categorisation. Performance, confessional, theatre, live-art – these pieces are all and none of the above. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with IBT to bring this exhilarating work to Bristol audiences as part of Mayfest 2014.

Mayfest and In Between Time present

Mayfest and In Between Time present

The Worst of Scottee


Fri 16 - Sat 17 May, 8pm

Sat 17 - Sun 18 May, 5.30pm & 9:30pm


“The Worst of Scottee sees this showman walk the fine line between vulnerability and charisma and reveal a little part of himself. It’s a potent and compelling combination.” The Stage “Cunningly constructed, beautifully delivered.” «««« Lyn Gardner, The Guardian Everyone has done stuff they regret. Most of us bury it. But six months ago Scottee hired a psychotherapist and a filmmaker to dig up his past. In The Worst of Scottee, the Time Out Performer of The Year encounters past flames, ex-friends, and other people who no longer like him. This is a darkly comedic, occasionally musical and ultimately devastating attempt to find out where he went wrong. This show will give you reasons not to like him - it’s Scottee at his very worst.

the vacuum cleaner

An autobiographical performance by artist-activist, ‘the vacuum cleaner’ The Metropolitan Police call him a domestic extremist. The NHS have described him as ‘highly disturbed’ and labeled him with Borderline Personality Disorder. ‘A real and present threat to the safe running of our lawful business’ is how E.ON described him at the Royal Courts of Justice. He prefers the term “mental”. An outlaw for 10 years, notorious artist activist ‘the vacuum cleaner’ is famed for hijacking the Starbucks logo, parodying the Olympics Twitter account and causing a minor riot by giving away 100,000 one cent Euros. Mental is an autobiographicaal performance told through his psychiatric records, police intelligence files and corporate injunctions, collected through the Data Protection Act. Contains material that some people may find upsetting. Made with support from Artsadmin and Arts Council England.

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:


The Cube £10/£7 0117 987 7877 Door sales, cash only. Subject to availability 75 mins

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website: Age Guidance:

Location revealed upon booking £10/£7 0117 987 7877 Limited capacity. Booking essential 60 mins 16+

Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina Andrea Miltnerova Sat 17 May, 7.30pm

“Obsessive discipline, obsessive symmetry, authoritative geometry of movement... Ravishingly beautiful... a thrilling self-destruction through movement.” Dance Zone, Czech Republic

Rooted to the spot on a platform surrounded by light, the magnetic ballerina flutters, shivers and shimmers for her audience. Stark and intensely beautiful, Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina will imprint an image of a vulnerable, peacock-like dancer on your retinas. This is the UK premiere of Czech artist Andrea Miltnerova’s striking dance solo. Alone in a darkened auditorium, the magnetic ballerina will dance her way into our subconscious. The performance was created thanks to the kind support of Motus - producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, Prague.

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time:

Bristol Old Vic Theatre £12/£8 0117 987 7877 40 mins


Atomkraft Greg McLaren


Sat 17 - Sun 18 May, Time TBC

Tom Marshman

Tom Bailey and Jez riley French

People of Bristol! Your beautiful city has been chosen as the beneficiary of a new type of socio-industrial experiment. With rumours that the proposed new nuclear builds at Hinckley and Oldbury will never rise from the mud, AtomKraft propose clean energy and mass employment at The Icon for Bristol, with nothing but benefits from a nuclear powered World-Class culture venue.

Sat 17 - Sun 18 May 5pm, 7pm & 9pm

Fri 16 - Sun 18, Wed 21 - Sun 25 May, 9.15pm

You are invited to a public consultation chaired by artist Greg McLaren. Present will be pro and anti-nuclear workers from this region’s proud nuclear history; look for the black pyramid Marketing Centre in town on 10 - 11 May for more information. AtomKraft is a series of performance events that continue to explore the many layers of power production and distribution in our world. Supported by Arts Council England.


Location revealed upon booking Tickets: £10/£7 Booking: 0117 987 7877 Running Time: 60 mins Website:


Move Over Darling

Join Tom Marshman on a walk around the old city, stopping by places rich in memories, as he unveils true stories of the local LGBT history. From the politically charged marches and protests, to the prosaic and the illicit, this walk-about performance celebrates full lives of a community through their stories. “Tom sings his song with the heart breaking surrender of someone aware of how many people’s visibility depend on it.” Saini Manninen Advance booking recommended. Limited capacity

What would we hear if, on one night, we could enter into a museum of sounds – the sounds that have resonated through the site of Leigh Woods across its history? The echoes of a fire crackling through an ancient camp, or tidal rhythms above a tropical sea bed, three million years ago? Perhaps the sound of the Earth slowly turning, or the groaning of oak trees upon an arctic tundra? Following a year-long residency with the National Trust, artists Tom Bailey and Jez riley French invite audiences to go with them on a re-exploration of a beloved Bristol landscape, wandering with field recordings in the dark. Nightwalk 2014, commissioned by Trust New Art Bristol and MAYK as part of Mayfest for the National Trust Leigh Woods.

Venue: Meet at Bristol Old Vic Tickets: £10/£7 Booking : 0117 987 7877 Running Time: 50 mins Website:

Meeting Point: Leigh Woods. Next to Clifton Suspension Bridge Tickets: Free Booking: 0117 987 7877 Running Time: 60 mins

Slap Talk

Qu Junktions presents:

Action Hero


Sat 17 May, 12-6pm

Sat 17 May, From 3pm

Inspired by the self-aggrandising of boxers at the pre-fight weigh in, Slap Talk is a verbal sparring match that is both a linguistic version of the fight itself and a reflection upon the violence present in everyday language.

Many moons ago, on a special day in May, villagers would gather round their cow in anticipation, applauding and cheering every splat that fell from its rear.

Speaking to each other and to the audience via a live feed from a camera to a monitor, the performers rant, insult and threaten each other in a scripted version of a pre-fight press conference crossed with a 24-hour rolling news channel. Over six hours, an autocue scrolls a continuous barrage of passive aggressive violence. You are free to enter and leave at any time during the performance.

Venue: Arnolfini Auditorium Tickets: £6 Booking: 0117 917 2300 Running Time: 6 hours Website:

Magick was happening. The more pats that thudded on the earth, the more fruitful the village’s crops would be that year. Artist and composer Ergo Phizmiz takes us on a multimedia family disco adventure into the wild and wonderful medieval magick rituals of England and Europe. With music, masks, projections, massive heads, and puppetry, accompanied by lots of dancing to modern pop hits and nostalgic novelties.

Blind Tiger Cub Sat 17, Sun 18 and Sat 24 May, 1pm - 4pm This year our infamous Blind Tiger is leaving us in the capable hands of her lively offspring for 3 days of open-mic cabaret for and by children. Blind Tiger Cub is our speak-easy extravaganza reimagined for little people. This is a space where anything goes. We invite children any age from 4+ to come into our den and do a turn. Of course you can come and just hang out, but joining in is what it’s all about. This is a relaxed environment where children will entertain and be entertained.

A Kids Disco Adventure at Bristol City Museum. An event for Museums at Night. Presented in conjunction with Jeremy Deller’s English Magic exhibition at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Supported by Bristol City Council Creative Seed Fund.

Refreshments available. Sense of humour essential.

Venue: Bristol Museum & Art Gallery Tickets: Free Booking: Just turn up Website: Age guidance: All Ages

Venue: Bristol Old Vic Basement Tickets: Pay what you can Booking: Just turn up Age Guidance +4

Supported by Bristol City Council Creative Seed Fund.


Wuthering Heights

Feel About Your Body

Peter McMaster

New Art Club

Sun 18 - Tue 20 May, 7.30pm

Mon 19 - Tue 20 May, 8pm

Four performers explode their own experiences of being men in this bold theatrical debut from ‘one of Scotland’s most interesting young theatre makers’ (The Scotsman).

New Art Club present an uplifting, life-affirming and hilarious spectacle about how we ‘feel’ about our bodies.

They recall the dark expanses of the Yorkshire moors, sing together full-throated and bold, recall poignant memorials of being a boy, and dance optimistically to the howling tones of Kate Bush. McMaster’s all male, award-winning interpretation of Emily Bronte’s seminal text, re-visits the iconic landscapes and characters from Wuthering Heights and places them alongside the stories of the male performers. This re-imagined classic considers how, almost 200 years after the book was published, the lives and aspirations of men are now different. “Honest, inventive, beautifully choreographed and evidence of a bold and inventive talent.” «««« The Guardian

««««« The Herald Supported by the Arches Platform 18 Award.

Venue: Tickets: Booking:

Running Time: Website:


Trinity Centre £12/£8 0117 987 7877 - Door sales cash only, subject to availability 65 mins

Expect silliness, a man talking to his bottom and a lesson in what not to do during a heart attack. Sexy and intellectual, Feel About Your Body has already left some people feeling ‘a little bit dirty’. Warning: this show contains brief nudity (long enough to see ‘the works’), brief dancing (silly and emotional), and some puerile songs (there’s a really rather good one about a shed). New Art Club, loved by audiences and critics alike, bring you an evening of beautifully engineered physical and verbal lunacy. “Physical comedy with brains, I laughed ‘til my face hurt.” Stephanie Merrit, The Observer “Had me laughing out loud throughout… I left feeling uplifted and undeniably great.” «««« Three Weeks

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:

Tobacco Factory Theatres, Factory Theatre £12/£8 0117 902 0344 60 mins

BSL interpreted performance 20 May Contains nudity

Opera North, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Warwick Arts Centre present

The Tiger Lillies Lulu: A Murder Ball ad Mon 19 May, 7.30pm Prostitute, mistress, murderer. The brilliantly twisted Tiger Lillies take on one of theatre’s most seductive and intoxicating creations, Lulu. With 20 new songs and innumerable dark tales from the underbelly of the city, the Lillies combine cabaret, opera, video and delicious imagery to seduce, delight and terrify. Lulu’s unbridled sex appeal, her youth, and her self-destructiveness combine to make her dangerous, unpredictable and tragic. With the men (and the women) who circle her, Lulu’s journey from street prostitute to the toast of society and back again, is told as a hypnotic and kaleidoscopic dance of death. Journey with her from Berlin to Paris and finally to the dark London streets of Jack The Ripper.

“I would defy anyone to remove their eyes from the sublimely illuminated stage as Laura Caldow delivers a heartbreakingly tender dance performance as the tragic heroine.” The Independent Written by Martyn Jacques Directed and Designed by Mark Holthusen Performed by The Tiger Lillies and Laura Caldow Based on Frank Wedekind’s play, Pandora’s Box (1904) Commissioned by Opera North Projects.

Opera North gratefully acknowledges financial support from PRS for Music Foundation.

“So morally provocative, intriguingly two-edged.” The Times

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Websites: Age Guidance:

Bristol Old Vic Theatre £16 (£14), £12 (£10), £5 0117 987 7877 100 mins including interval 16+


Gym Party Made In China Tue 20 May, 8pm A razor sharp and darkly comic exploration of our universal desire to win. Three intrepid contestants compete in a series of games, from the hilariously stupid to the arbitrary and downright heartbreaking. Chris, Jess and Ira fearlessly do whatever it takes to win - to please you, the audience. Anarchic, thoughtful and unsettling, Gym Party speaks to anyone who frets about the state of the world – then gets distracted by a dumb celebrity tweet.

«««« The Guardian «««« The Scotsman “One marvellously unusual hour... Gym Party finds the sweet spot between pure play, sociopolitical satire and personal confession... sharp, silly and surprisingly tender.” «««« The Times Commissioned and developed at Battersea Arts Centre. A Pulse, Mayfest, Sprint and Sampled co-commission. Developed with support from the National Theatre Studio and the Almeida Theatre. Funded by Arts Council England.

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website: Age Guidance:


Bristol Old Vic Studio £12/£8 0117 987 7877 60 mins 14+

The Ted Bundy Project Greg Wohead Tue 20 - Wed 21 May, 9.30pm In November 2012, Greg stumbled upon the confession tapes of Ted Bundy, the American serial killer, rapist and necrophile. He couldn’t stop listening. The Ted Bundy Project was born from a curiosity about the nature of charm, the label of ‘monster’ and the tension between attraction and repulsion. Greg has a wig, a bit of rope, a few YouTube videos and Bundy’s confession tapes. Come and hear what he has to say to you. “[The] gentle and richly evocative narrative brings audience and performer into genuine emotional as well as physical closeness.” Total Theatre (on The Backseat of my Car (and Other Safe Places)) A Contact Flying Solo Commission developed at Ovalhouse, Bristol Ferment and the Orchard Project and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. This performance contains graphic subject matter.

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website: Age Guidance:

Bristol Old Vic Basement £10/£7 0117 987 7877 60 mins 16+

Smashed Gandini Juggling Tue 20 May, 7.30pm

“Juggling: not just artful but art.” «««« The Guardian 9 jugglers, 80 apples, 4 crockery sets. You are cordially invited to a tea party that you will never forget...


“A bravura entertainment for all ages, this is a juicy treat from  first bite to its mid-air core.” The Herald

At the forefront of contemporary circus for over 20 years, and having performed in over 40 countries, Gandini Juggling bring their awardwinning sensation Smashed to Mayfest. A rare opportunity to catch this global SMASHhit in the UK, Gandini Juggling smash all your preconceptions about juggling to tiny pieces, in this mesmerising blend of circus and theatre, inspired by the work of Pina Bausch.

«««« The Independent ««««« What’s On Stage Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:

Bristol Old Vic Theatre £16 (£14), £12 (£10), £5 0117 987 7877 60 mins


Marta Ceresoli with Richard Jordan Productions and Produzioni Fuorivia (Italy) in association with Summerhall (Edinburgh), Soho Theatre and Gorki Theater (Berlin)

If Destroyed Still True


Wed 21 - Thu 22, 8pm

Cristian Ceresoli Thu 22- Fri 23 May, 8pm

Molly Naylor and Iain Ross Last year Molly saw an old school friend in a sauna. Rather than make small talk, she managed to hide from her in what’s essentially a small, hot shed. It was weird.

Winner of six major awards, including the coveted Scotsman Fringe First Award and the Stage Award for Best Actress (Silvia Gallerano) La Merda caused a big sensation at its 2012 Edinburgh Fringe World Premiere, returning in 2013 for a sell-out Fringe run and successful European tour. In Cristian Ceresoli’s critically acclaimed angry play, a ‘young’, ‘ugly’ and literally naked Silvia Gallerano captivatingly reveals her revolting secrets, as she struggles with obstinacy, resistance and courage for her own celebrity breakthrough in the society of Thighs and Liberty. “Devastating stream of consciousness. One of the most wonderfully full-on performances ever seen at the Edinburgh Festival.” The Scotsman «««« “A piece so literally and metaphorically naked, raw and angry that you leave the theatre feeling as if you’ve had all your skin scraped off.” Lyn Gardner for The Guardian

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:

Arnolfini Auditorium £12/£8 0117 917 2300 60 mins

Post-show discussion 22 May Contains nudity


It occurred to her that her relationship with her teenage self might be slightly dysfunctional. Part autobiography, part fictional story; If Destroyed Still True is about friendship, growing up and our relationship with our teenage selves. Contains loud guitars, the sea, and cringing. A new storytelling show from Molly Naylor (BBC Radio4) and musician Iain Ross (Bearsuit, Mega Emotion). “Does everything new and worth having come at the cost of something old and worth keeping?” Carl Jung* *Probably Carl Jung. It might have been Coolio. Dramaturgy by Joe Dunthorne. Produced by Beckie Darlington. Supported by Arts Council England and Escalator East to Edinburgh.

“Funny, tough, beautiful writing” The Guardian, on Molly Naylor

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time : Website:

Bristol Old Vic Studio £10/£7 0117 987 7877 70 mins

Melanie Wilson and Fuel present

Landscape II Melanie Wilson

The Future Show Deborah Pearson

Wed 21 - Thu 22 May, 8pm

Wed 21 - Thu 22 May, 6.30pm

Three women separated by a hundred years start a conversation across time. Their parallel experiences reveal shared imaginings of identity and escape, as menacing undercurrents steal into their solitary and reflective lives. As the landscape presses in on them, they draw upon the threads that connect them to survive.

You will clap. Even those of you who were a bit bored will clap because it’s a comfortable way to signal an ending.

Landscape II is a compelling solo work by Melanie Wilson. This bold hybrid of performance, film and sound art creates a minutely observed piece of new theatre. Funded by Arts Council England and the Ernest Cook Trust. Supported by Warwick Arts Centre and Battersea Arts Centre. Developed as part of the Jerwood Residencies at Cove Park that are supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

“A hauntingly intense multimedia monologue.” Herald «««« “Melanie Wilson’s Landscape II is an extraordinary piece of theatre.” Postcards from the Gods

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:

Tobacco Factory Theatres, Factory Theatre £12/£8 0117 902 0344 70 mins

The Future Show plays with what is expected, what is foreseen and what is ultimately unknowable about the future. This Sisyphean task of a show tells the story of performer Deborah Pearson’s future, starting from the end of the performance and going until the end of her life.  An existential twist on the autobiographical monologue, the script expires the moment it is spoken, and is rewritten for every performance. 

“An act of quiet generosity.” «««««  Whatsonstage “Beautiful and desperately sad.”   Lyn Gardner, The Guardian The Future Show was developed with a grant from Arts Council England, and support from BAC, Amhurst Republic and MAKE in Ireland.  

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:

Arnolfini Dark Studio £10/£7 0117 917 2300 approx 45 mins


Eat the dots, avoid the ghosts ...

Fuel presents Requardt&Rosenberg’s

The Roof

Commissioned by LIFT and presented in association with the National Theatre

A 360° panoramic performance under the night sky. Thu 22 - Sun 25 May, Doors 9pm (all days) Doors 5.30pm (Sat & Sun)

“thrillingly intense.” The Guardian (on Electric Hotel) A door opens and an immaculate fifigure steps out onto a roof. Knives are sharpened and the game begins... Set within the suspended reality of a brutal and unforgiving game, this breathless mix of intimate three-dimensional sound and the hair-trigger movement of free running will transport you into the body of a reluctant hero, desperate to stay alive.

The Roof is a truly unique experience taking place in a purpose built arena designed by Jon Bausor, set designer for the London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony. Sound & music is by Dave Price. Please note, you will be standing and wearing headphones throughout the show Funded by Arts Council England. Supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, the Backstage Trust and the Binks Trust.

Following Electric Hotel (Mayfest 2010), The Roof premieres at Mayfest before a threeweek run as part of LIFT at the National Theatre. It is the third performance created by co-directors David Rosenberg (co-founder of Shunt) and choreographer Frauke Requardt.

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Websites:

Age Guidance:

image designed by Mark Millington for the National Theatre

Millennium Square £20/£15 0117 987 7877 60 mins the-roof 12+


Theater Aan Zee, Richard Jordan Productions, Big in Belgium and Theatre Royal Plymouth present

Freeze! Nick Steur

Friday 23 May - 7.30pm, Sat 24 & Sun 25 May - 2pm, 4.30pm and 7.30pm Once in a while something raises the hair on the back of your neck. Something incredibly minimal, beautiful and breakable. This is that show. Small in approach, big in ideas. When he was a child Nick Steur balanced rocks on top of each other. At a crucial time in his artistic career, he rediscovered this skill and created a performance with mindboggling stone sculpturing. No glue, cement or any other trick is involved. Share some of his focus and realize that true happiness lies in the luxury of being occupied with one thing only.

“absolutely and compellingly beautiful... Nick Steur’s remarkable piece of performance art is one of those rare and beautiful shows unlike anything else.” The Scotsman “A performance rarely demands the commitment, concentration and heartbeat of an audience to this degree.” De morgen (Belgium) Winner Laureate Young Theatre Award at Belgium’s Theater at Sea Festival 2012. Winner Edinburgh Fringe First Award 2013.

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Running Time: Website:

Circomedia £12/£8 0117 987 7877 45 mins - 60 mins

Post-show discussion 24 May (7.30pm show)

Echo Beach

Butterfly Man


Hannah Sullivan

Caroline Hunt, Nick Hunt and Dan Jones.

Alice Tatton-Brown

Thu 22 - Fri 23 May, 6.30pm Hannah has a dance collection; she has been gathering it for a while. Since 1999 in fact. She calls it ‘dancing like everybody I know’. It’s in the detail, that’s what makes your dance so specific, whether you dance with your hips or your elbows, whether your eyes are open or closed. These details matter. Delving into her dance collection she uncovers memories from her life revealing a look at how we come together and how we come apart. “What a beautiful, poised and lovely thing... One of the most quietly impressive moments of this year’s Mayfest for me.” Audience feedback from work in progress at Mayfest 2013. Made with support from IdeasTap, Bristol Ferment and Battersea Arts Centre

A work in progress

Thu 22 - Sun 25 May

Fri 23 - Sat 24 May, 6.30pm

See Mayfest website for detailed booking info

As a child, Ben fell in love with butterflies. But when the wood behind his home was felled, the butterflies disappeared - with profound implications for his mental health. Psychiatric treatment helps him ‘cope’ with his severe depression, but should we really be medicating the ones who cry when a butterfly dies? This is the story of his journey from depression to recovery - a multilayered scratch performance using sound and projection to weave an intimate portrait of loss and hope in the age of the Sixth Extinction. Created by the company. Developed in association with MAYK. Research and development supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and The Island, Bristol.

Hannah is a member of Interval, an artist-led support network

Venue: Bristol Old Vic Basement Tickets: £10/£7 Booking: 0117 987 7877 Running Time: 60 mins Website:

“Moving and quietly contemplative, it celebrates a life-long romance while tugging mortality gently but insistently into the frame.” Exeunt “In everyone there sleeps a sense of life lived according to love” (P. Larkin) Ariel is an intimate story told and retold in a library. It’s the story of Ariel and John, and of what they left behind. A re-working of a mystery and a love story. Part audio walk, part installation, and part performance. Ariel is about what we create together, what remains of us, and of what our modern preoccupation with photography and documentation might reveal to us. Ariel is a Kaleider commission and is presented in partnership with Bristol Libraries.


Tobacco Factory Theatres, Factory Theatre Tickets: £5 Booking: 0117 902 0344

Venue: Bristol Central Library Tickets: £10/£7 Booking: 0117 987 7877 Running Time: 45 mins Website: Tickets need to be booked in pairs


The Assembly of Animals Tim Spooner

Tim Spooner presents the first manifestation of his new show The Assembly of Animals. Young audiences and families will be able to experience both the spectacle and the inner workings of an installation of delicately composed elements.

Sat 24 & Sun 25 May 2pm, 3.30pm, 5pm, 6.30pm Venue Tickets Booking Running Time Website Age Guidance

Revealed on booking £6 adult plus one child, £5 each child thereafter 0117 987 7877 30 mins 8+

Puppetry, magic and scientific-demonstration combine into a kind of performed sculpture. On a slowly expanding stage, mysterious visions of amorphous objects, luminescent liquids and magnetic dogs will emerge from the darkness, then gradually reveal their mechanics. “I keep coming back to the feeling that what I saw was not exactly a person but some kind of other thing.” Bellyflop Mag Produced by Artsadmin for Bamboo Network, funded through the European Union’s Culture Programme. Supported through the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Supported by Bristol City Council Creative Seed Fund.

My Son and Heir Search Party

Search Party are parents, they have a son born in the same year as ‘Baby Cambridge’, and that’s where the similarities end. My Son & Heir confronts the spectacle of the ‘New Royals’ and their strategic attempts to appear just like us. In a playful examination of the relentlessness of raising children, and the guilt-ridden one-upmanship of mainstream baby culture, Search Party consider what sort of man their son and heir will become. Search Party return to Mayfest, following 2011’s acclaimed Mayfest and Theatre Bristol commission, Save Me. A Pulse, Mayfest, Sprint and Night Watch co-commission. Development supported by the Showrooms Projects, Bristol (UK), made with support from the University of Chichester, (UK). Search Party are associate artists of The Point, Eastleigh (UK)

Sat 24 May, 8pm

Venue Tickets Booking Running Time Website


Bristol Old Vic Studio £12/£8 0117 987 7877 60 mins

“Brave, honest and despite not being a parent, I am more prepared for the fears and more understanding of my parents own.” Ellen Waddell

Aracaladanza (Spain) in association with MOKO Dance present the UK premiere of

Constell ations Sat 24 May, 2pm & 6pm

Multi-award winning international company Aracaladanza consistently delights audiences throughout Europe with their extraordinarily magical dance theatre made especially for children and families. In Constellations, choreographer Enrique Cabrera has taken the brilliantly abstract work of artist Joan Miró as his starting point and repeatedly fills his imaginary blank canvas with vivid colours, shape and movement. Wonderful dance, ingenious puppetry and terrific digital visuals are delivered with the trademark playfulness, creativity and style that mark this company out as one of the most accessible, and one of the best. Free fun-filled family activities will be available pre and post-show. Supported by Bristol City Council Creative Seed Fund.

“Breathtakingly beautiful. My 4 year old commented ‘Wow it’s magic.’” Audience Members on Nubes (Clouds) Aracaladanza 2012

Venue Tickets Booking Running Time Website Age Range

Bristol Old Vic Theatre £10/£6/Family ticket £25 0117 987 7877 approx. 55 mins (no interval) Suitable for 4+ and families


I Wish I was Lonely

Hardy Animal


Laura Dannequin

Chris Thorpe, Steve Lawson, Lucy Ellinson

Sat 24 - Sun 25 May, 3pm & 6pm

Sat 24 May, 8pm Sun 25 May, 4pm

Sun 25 May, 9pm

I Wish I Was Lonely is an interactive show about contactability. A show in which the audience must leave their phones on. A show investigating what it means to participate in communication – or not.

A tender solo that looks at chronic pain and human resilience, Hardy Animal is a goodbye letter to a former self and an ode to dance.

What better way to underscore conservative economic policy than with the sound of PURE EVIL? Part gig, part metal-recital, part exorcism, #TORYCORE combines sludge and doom metal with the Budget speech 2014; a pounding subverbal deathgrowl with text samples from the blue suits at Tory HQ.

Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe

I Wish I Was Lonely is the new show from Fringe-First winners Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe that asks how much of ourselves we’ve given up to the Gods in our pockets. “An excellently crafted piece, both thoughtful and relevant.” Time Out

Concerned with the human body and its failings, it tells of a dancer’s journey into immobility. Interweaving text and movement, it retraces a brutal journey of loss, and hope, and looks at our need to create meaning in a baffling world. Written, created & performed by Laura Dannequin.

Chris Thorpe and Steve Lawson on guitar, Lucy Ellinson on vocals, with lyrics by George Osborne and the architects of austerity.

Creative Advisor: Dan Canham

“A show full of cleverly-orchestrated audience participation.” Scotsman

Developed with support from Bristol Ferment and Theatre Bristol

In association with Forest Fringe, first performed at The Gate Theatre London. Winner of The Arches Brick Award 2012.

Venue: Arnolfini Auditorium Tickets: £10/£7 Booking: 0117 917 2300 Running Time: 45 mins Website:

Venue: Spike Island Tickets: £6 Booking: 0117 987 7877 Running Time: 45 mins

Advanced booking recommended. Limited capacity

Venue: The Island Tickets: £10/£7 Booking: 0117 987 7877 Running Time: 75 mins Website: BSL interpreted performance 25 May (3pm show)


Mayfest Radio

The Wardrobe Theatre

Hello listeners. This year, at Mayfest HQ we’re turning our attention to a brand new pilot project – Mayfest Radio – an audio accompaniment to our live festival programme. An aural blend of breaking news, features, live streams, theatrical musings and much much more, Mayfest Radio will be broadcast online, so whether you’re with us in Bristol or listening from afar, you can still be a part of it all.

Mon 19 – Fri 23 May

We’ll be broadcasting for a few hours each day during the festival (full schedule coming soon on Listen out for interviews with and by artists, audio artwork, regular slots and ad-hoc shenanigans. Our radio team will be tuning in behind the scenes to bring you new perspectives and reflections. And if you can’t listen live because you’re too busy seeing shows, we’ll be podcasting it all too, so you can revisit your festival once it’s over, and share the best bits with your friends. And as this is a new adventure for us we need you to tell us what you think. Tweet us @mayfestbristol or email

Nikesh Shukla

This May, The Wardrobe Theatre and Mayfest are joining forces for their third collaboration to present a week of debut performance from upand-coming companies and artists in the region. Showcasing two brand new pieces from the South West, we are throwing open the doors of the city’s most exciting pub theatre and inviting our artists to transform this gorgeously intimate space. For full programme details please visit

Venue: Tickets: Booking: Website:

The Wardrobe Theatre £5

Elevenses A series of informal discussions and talks designed to stimulate, inspire and provoke. All served with coffee, croissants and a pinny on. Sat 17 May, 11am-12.30pm

Earlier this year we announced an exciting new co-commission with Theatre Bristol which will see us working with acclaimed writer Nikesh Shukla to develop a new performance piece from his original novella The Time Machine for showcase in our 2015 festival.

Trinity Community Arts

Wed 21 May, 11am-12.30pm Bristol Festivals Hub, 1 Unity Street

Fri 23 May, 11am-12.30pm Spike Island Associates Space

The Time Machine is an autobiographical work which conjures the memory of Shukla’s mother through recreation of her cooking. As part of the journey towards making the piece Nikesh will be spending the 2014 festival in residency and will document his shenanigans online so keep it here for more of that.

Details will be announced on our website, or email


Venues, Booking and Ticket Deals Arnolfini

Cube Cinema Bristol

Spike Island

0117 917 2300/01 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA

Dove Lane, Bristol, BS2 8JD

133 Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6UX

Leigh Woods

Mayfest 4-for-3

Leigh Woods, Bristol, BS8 3PZ

Canons Way, Bristol, BS1 5DB

Book four shows for the price of three. Applies to all shows apart from Wardrobe Theatre, Blind Tiger Cub, Mental and Ariel. Cheapest ticket free..

Queen’s Road, Bristol, BS8 1RL

M Shed

Mayfest Festival Pass

Bristol Old Vic*

Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol BS1 4RN

Nelson Street, Bristol, BS1 2LE

See 10 shows for £90 (£70 concession). If you really want to dive into the festival, buy a festival pass which gives you access to 10 shows across the 11 days of the festival.

The Trinity Centre


Trinity Road, Bristol, BS2 0NW

Tobacco Factory Theatres

Club together with friends and save money. Buy 10 tickets and get the 11th free.

0117 902 0344 Raleigh Road, Bristol, BS3 1TF No booking fees

All offers subject to availability. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Bristol Central Library College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TL

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

0117 987 7877 King Street, Bristol, BS1 4ED All credit card bookings (phone / online / in person at the box office) are subject to a £1.50 booking fee. * Please note you can book for all Mayfest shows at Bristol Old Vic

Circomedia Portland Square, Bristol, BS2 8SJ

Millennium Square

The Island

"An essential date on the theatrical calendar" The Guardian

29 May - 7 June Ticket sales open

5 April 2014 24

#pulse14  @PulseIpswich 

/PulseIpswich Box Office: 01473 295900

Thank you to: All our wonderful volunteers and crew; Phil Gibby and Phil Hindson at Arts Council England; Emma Stenning, Tom Morris, Alison Hargreaves and all at Bristol Old Vic; Ali Robertson and all the Tobacco Factory Theatres, Al Cameron and Lauren Jury at Arnolfini, Tanuja Amarasuriya, Katie Keeler; Sarah Kingswell and all at Theatre Bristol, Joe Mapson, Jude Hutchen and all at Circomedia, Rhiannon Jones and all at Trinity Community Arts; Lynn Goh, Helen Cole and all at In Between Time; Residence; Nic Burke, Lhosa Daly, Charlotte Hetherington and Helen Legg at Spike Island; Interval; Stand+Stare; Chiz and Mark at Qu Junktions; Becky Peters at Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery; Synth Media; Matt Whittle and all at the Wardrobe Theatre; Emma Bettridge at Bristol Ferment; Sam McAuley; Megan Farrow; Esther Mars at Bristol Walking Festival; Bristol Festivals; Sunita Pandya; Annie Warburton; Jonathan Harper; Parlour Showrooms; Lina B Frank; The Island; Bristol Central Library; Ruth Gooding at the National Trust; Vicky Jones and Ross McKenzie at At-Bristol; Sarah Davies, Peter Watts, Tana Holmes, Claire Teasdale at Bristol City Council; Chris Swain; the team at St Nicholas Market; Arthur Tibbs; Mr Cox; David Hendy; Jo Bannon; Pervasive Media Studio; Barefoot Wines; Paul Blakemore; Renata Clark at the Czech Centre, London; Stella Yates and Simon Kelly at M Shed; First Great Western; Dick Penny; Tom Wainwright; Sue Atkinson; Frank Petrie; Roger Petrie; Will Clarke; Berenice Ray and to all of you, too many to mention, who make a difference to everything we do. Brand & Design by Synth Media.


MAYK A DIFFERENCE TO MAYFEST This year, we’re launching a brand new supporter’s group for MAYK, the producing organisation behind Mayfest. Get the inside story on all our projects, including Mayfest, and a range of great benefits, from as little as £3 per month.

MAYK A PLEDGE £180 per year (£15 a month) All of the above, plus Four complimentary tickets for Mayfest

Alongside the festival (our flagship project for Bristol) we collaborate with organisations across the city to create bespoke events for the city; and work year-round with visionary artists to develop, produce and tour extraordinary new work to audiences all over the country and beyond.

MAYK IT HAPPEN £500 per year All of the above, plus


Two further complimentary tickets for Mayfest Name in Mayfest brochure

£36 per year (£3 a month) Exclusive MAYK quarterly newsletter Exclusive Mayfest ticket offers Mayfest priority booking Mayfest/MAYK tote bag

MAYK OUR DAY £1000 per year All of the above, plus

MAYK A DIFFERENCE £60 per year (£5 a month)

Four further complimentary ticket for Mayfest Personalised booking through MAYK Bespoke festival ‘menu’ created for you by the Directors

All of the above, plus Invitation to MAYK friend’s / supporters event Name on MAYK and Mayfest website

If you’re a business looking for a unique way to attract customers and profile your brand, we are now looking for sponsors for Mayfest 2015.

For further information and to join, visit or email us directly at



FOOD: 8 May 6.30 – 10pm

Grab a drink, get hands on and experiment! Registered charity number 1049954.

Apr-Aug 2014 Bookings 0117 987 7877 The Tinderbox

This May Hurt A Bit

Bitch Boxer

23-26 Apr

29 Apr -3 May

29 Apr -3 May

Death & Treason, Rhyme & Reason

Our Country’s Good 7-10 May

The Libertine

London Road

28-31 May

10-21 Jun

Ferment Fortnight

Bristol Proms

8-19 Jul

28 Jul -2 Aug

World Cup Final 1966

7-10 May

Made In Bristol Show 24-28 Jun

28 Jul -2 Aug Charity No. 228235

at Revolutionising how we share, discover and exchange value around live events. Coming from albow - the company who developed the Theatre Bristol network of sites, this is on is a new social network that enables you to create your own personal ‘what’s on’; a listings community for the social age. This is not a system of algorithm driven recommendations – this is about human contact. The recommendations of people you like, know, and respect. You’ll have an event feed tailored entirely to who you follow – your favourite bands, artists, promoters, and that mate who always seems to know where the best things are going on – you follow them, and see what they post, repost, and what they are attending. You can also search for what’s on nearby, list and respond to jobs and opportunities, and share your events too; your top tips, your comments, reviews, reposts and follows. And in an entirely new piece of thought, each profile will have a ‘digital hat’ which they can offer around to those attending or interested in their event. You’ll be able to invite people to log on to this is on and add donations not just of money – also of time, feedback and contact details. Users of this is on are totally in control of how they discover new events, and of how to support and be involved with them before, during and afterwards. There will be no advertising. No hidden algorithms. We believe in designing digitally for human behaviour, rather


than asking human behaviour to adapt to the digital. We are designing for the reality that the arts and events sector trades on more than just money – also on time, resources, expertise, feedback – and with the aim of producing a system that uncovers all our cultural practices; from yoga classes, circus workshops, underground DIY gigs, car boot sales, large touring theatre productions, to 5-a-side football matches. And we’re looking for testers. There’s no experience needed. Just a little time and enthusiasm. A first early stage beta will be launched as part of Mayfest. We want you to help us test it, in order to understand how this very first version of the site works, and how we can continue to develop it. Join us. Have an explore. Drop us your email address at to be added to our tester list, and sign up at on the 12th of May. Supported by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts Nesta, Arts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Made in the south west of England by albow, in residence at the Pervasive Media Studio in association with UWE’s DCRC, Calvium, Isotoma, Sam Machin, the University of Exeter Business School and Kaleider.

Kneehigh with Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Written by Carl Grose Music by Charles Hazlewood Directed by Mike Shepherd

Bristol Old Vic October 2014

Illustration: Daryl Waller

Enjoy the space and style of your own city-central apartment Welcome to a more relaxing way to stay away. SACO West India House is a beautiful Grade II listed building offering studio, one and two bedroom apartments, many of which boast views of Bristol’s picturesque harbourside. Just down the road, you’ll find SACO Broad Quay, right in the heart of the city and close to a hive of boutique shops, bars and restaurants. Studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments mean you’re sure to find the perfect space to suit your needs.

SACO Bristol - West India House 2-4 Welsh Back, Bristol, BS1 4SS

However long your stay, live like a local and enjoy the best of Bristol from the comfort of your very own apartment.


Everything was outstanding quality - the service, the cleanliness, the amenities. Why would anyone book a hotel when this is an option?


SACO Broad Quay TripAdvisor review, November 2013

SACO Bristol - Broad Quay Central Quay North, Broad Quay, Bristol, BS1 4AW

web: tel: 0845 122 04 05

Thu 15

Fri 16

Arnolfini Auditorium

Sat 17

Sun 18

Mon 19

Slap Talk, 12pm

Arnolfini Dark Studio Bristol Central Library Bristol Museum


Bristol Old Vic Basement

Blind Tiger Cub 1pm - 4pm

Bristol Old Vic Studio Bristol Old Vic Theatre

Ruff, 8pm Opening Party, 7:30pm

Rising, 7.30pm

Lulu: A Murder Ballad, 7.30pm

Dance of the Magnetic Ballerina, 7.30pm

Circomedia Cube Cinema

The Worst of Scottee, 8pm

Millennium Square Leigh Woods

Nightwalk, 9.30pm

Tobacco Factory Theatre

Feel About Your Body,

The Trinity Centre

Wuthering Heights, 7.30pm

Off Site 1

Mental, 5pm and 9.30pm

Off Site 2


M Shed

The Money 7pm

spike island off site 3 Meet at Bristol Old Vic

Move Over Darling, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm

The island

Thu 15


Fri 16

Sat 17

Sun 18

Mon 19

Tue 20

Wed 21

Thu 22

Fri 23

Sat 24

La Merda, 8pm

Sun 25

Hardy Animal , 8pm (Sat) and 4pm (Sun)

The Future Show, 6.30pm


The Ted Bundy Project, 9.30pm

Gym Party, 8pm

Echo Beach, 6.30pm

Blind Tiger Club

If Destroyed Still True, 8pm

My Son and Heir, 8pm Constellations, 2pm and 6pm

Smashed, 7.30pm

FREEZE!, 7.30pm (Fri) and 2pm, 4.30pm, 7.30pm (Sat & Sun)

The Roof, 5.30pm (Sat & Sun) and 9pm

Nightwalk, 9.30pm


Landscape II, 8pm

The Money 7pm

Butterfly Man, 6.30pm

The Money, 7pm

#TORYCORE, 8pm The Assembly of Animals, 2pm, 3.30pm, 5pm and 6.50pm

I Wish I Was Lonely 3pm, 6pm

Tue 20

Wed 21

Thu 22

Fri 23

Sat 24

Sun 25


N Clif ton w ter Ro

Reg ent St

l Hil

d nR

y wa ge d ell R n Gor Hotw Avo

ee n’s Rd

Brandon Hill

3 Park Row

t College Green

Bristol Bus Station


Baldwin St




d m ea

se Hor

ad Bro

ark tle P Cas

or ct Vi

Queen’s Square


rk Yo

Bond St

Redcliffe Way







St ket Mar

Bristol Temple Meads

th Ba



mayfest bristol



The Guardian


Crof t

Stok es

“Few festivals sizzle quite so deliciously as Mayfest, which always succeeds in feeling both very local and completely universal.”



City Centre

ll Hi



8 rbou r

d Anchor R

Floa ting Ha Cumb er

land R d

12. Tobacco Factory Theatres 13. Spike Island


r Pa

lls We h

ls ae ich


b co Ja


Rd well

on lift

Whiteladies Rd n Rd Coronatio

ig le Ra


rC we Lo

t New Cu


M St

Dow es Glouc

Greville Smyth Park

6. Cube Cinema 7. Valley Road, Leigh Woods 8. Millennium Square 9. M Shed 10. The Island 11. The Trinity Centre


t Por


Ashton Court

1. Arnolfini 2. Bristol Central Library 3. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery 4. Bristol Old Vic 5. Circomedia

Prince St


St tS


Clift on

Ru pe rt Ea s

age Rd Clan

Mayfest 2014 Programme  

Brochure for Mayfest 2014, a festival of contemporary theatre in Bristol, UK.

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