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Create the identity for a hypothetical cake shop and cafe based in Dubai, called ‘The Pudding Club’. I wanted to reflect the idea that the cakes and food is all freshly made, so this I wanted to show some of the kitchen utensils required for baking.

I applied the identity that I created for The Pudding Club across a range of products. This includes the menu, the receipt holder, cake packaging and apron.

Create the identity for a range of travel products that will be sold at The Body Shop. The ranges within ‘Travel Collection’ are based on the kind of destination that you are traveling to (mountains/seaside/countryside). The products are in travel-size bottles and the overall packaging adheres to airport liquid restrictions, so you are ready to go!

The ‘Travel Collection’ identity was then applied across a range of promotional material for the new range. This includes an in store promotional poster, an in store price list, a promotional flyer in the form of a boarding pass and a loyalty passport.

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Mini-PDF Portfolio  

Mini-PDF portfolio showing 2 projects

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