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Every day is a new day full of hope, happiness and good health. The reason I keep healthy is for the love I have for myself. I am ready to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body heals the soul. My body relishes a healthy lifestyle and is grieved by unhealthy choices.

EDITORS NOTE I Greetings to all Foskorites, , Sharon Mashele I am part of the Corporate Affairs Department situated in Phalaborwa.

Previously, I found myself working as a receptionist/switchboard operator at Moshate House before this amazing opportunity arose. For me this is such an exciting career opportunity, as I never thought I would ever be an editor for any magazine, but today I’m delighted that I’m the editor for Focus magazine.

I have the utmost respect for Jeanine, the previous editor, and all she has accomplished with the magazine to date. For the past 5 years, she worked on the publication and transformed it with much dedication. This is why the Focus Magazine is where it is today. It is certainly going to be a hard act to follow as she has left big shoes to fill, but I welcome it with open arms and a warm heart. I know I cannot do this alone. By joining hands with the editorial team and all the Foskorites who share their stories, news, exciting moments and interesting information, we can follow with tradition and ensure a great publication. I would like to wish the outgoing editor all the best for her future and to promise her to ensure that I will make an effort that our magazine is taken to another level, and it will be something that she will be proud of. I am excited to be the editor of this prestigious magazine as it will give me an opportunity to interact directly with my colleagues in all three divisions. Focus aims to be more operational, so that we are all well aware of what is happening in our plants and mine and also to be informed about our Foskorites, who are behind daily production in both the Mining and 4 FOCUS

“I welcome this challenge with open arms and a warm heart” Acid divisions. Moving on to the sticky issue of our health and well-being in short, we must exercise; eat healthy; drink lots of water; stick to our healthy weight and control our blood pressure and cholesterol. We are lucky as Foskorites to work in an environment where health issues are one of our priorities. In this issue we will look at quick tips on how to get on the path to “Health Heaven” and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I hope that all Foskorites will find these tips useful.

Well fellow Foskorites, I’m looking forward to hearing from you all with any feedback and suggestions you may have. I hope you will enjoy reading this issue as I have enjoyed putting it together. Until next time,


Green tip Keep the Air Clean
in your home by switching to green cleaning products. Many household products, especially sprays and aerosols, contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can have short- and long-term health effects associated with your central nervous system, liver and kidneys. When you use a spray, the chemicals can linger in the air long after the initial mist dissipates.

EDITORIAL Editor Sharon Mashele +271 578 92176 Corporate Affairs Team Sharon Mashele,Thembile Jobe Abigail Modika, Sarah Luthuli & Abby Ledwaba Focus is the six weekly publication for Foskor (PTY) Ltd.


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CSI Projects Visit Mandela Day, Richards Bay Division Foskor Hand-Over School Kit Foskor Donated a Soft-Ball Kit


Health is your Wealth


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Briefing Session: Stanger High school visiting Acid Division Secretary’s Day Heritage Day at Foskor

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MOM Take a Girl Child to Work Programme Students Visiting Foskor Exhibition Area Foskor Women’s Day Event Forests and People, Celebrating Arbour Day Phalaborwa Logistics Departmental visit Acid Division Foskor on a Top 3 Supertech Annual African Woman in Engineering Symposium How good is your Plan for Retirement?

New Appointment: Ravesh Dukey Profile: Seakgane Kekana Exiting Remarks of the VP ACID





reetings to all Focus readers. It is amazing how the year has went by; it was not long ago that we came back from the holidays.


Whilst this year has been tough with commodity prices still low, our cash flow is in a healthy condition, unlike last year. All the Bain initiatives have been completed. The rest of this year is going to be an uphill struggle to reach our EBIT target, mainly because of the Magnetite price that has gone down by approximately forty percent due to an increase in capacity. There are opportunities to claw back the loss from the lower sales price of magnetite, e.g. depreciation of the rand to the dollar and the competition commission ruling that we can charge Phosphoric Acid at cost plus and cost control. With regards to health, good health means less absenteeism and more productivity. Exercise and good eating habits are the keys to achieving good health. I want to thank all our employees for having achieved safety, production and cost per ton targets. We are expected to perform on things that are within our targets. I am very proud that Foskor was nominated as The Company to work for, even under the difficult trading conditions that we experienced.


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Dear Foskorites,

On behalf of CSI Department I would once again like to express my deepest gratitude you have shown on all our Market Days. They are always a huge success. Without At prese nt Focus deals withyour support, the market days eventcontinuous s and news thatwouldn’t takes place have been successful.

within the company, if you feel that we are Foskor Coops always appreciate the missing out on some importantsupport issues thatfrom are the Senior Managers to all taking place at foskor employees; the support has been tremenplease feeldous. free to notify us with the details.

Let’s continue to support our Coops.


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n the 21st August 2014 Foskor CEO, Mr MA Pitse, VP Corporate Affairs, Ms XS Luthuli and VP Acid, Mr N.V. Nkomzwayo paid a respectable courtesy visit to the various CSI Projects, to engage with the beneficiaries. The objective of the visit was to better understand the needs of the community and the impact that Foskor contributes to the lives of the poor. The projects that they visited were, Foskor Media Centre, UNIZUL Science Centre and Dinaledi School (Khula High). The last courtesy visit was paid to the office of the Mayor of Umhlathuze Municipality, Mr Elphas Mbatha.






Dear Foskorites When you need medically equipped transport in South Africa, like an ambulance or helicopter for a medical emergency, your Medical Scheme and the emergency personnel need to have up to date contact details for you and your dependants. The emergency may be a matter of life or death so having the correct contact details loaded under your membership is vital. So don’t delay!!!! Information that needs to be updated are: • Cell phone number • Email address (if any) • Work telephone number • Home physical address Update your contact details by either logging onto your Medical Scheme’s web-site or contact: • Joyful Sibiya- Richards Bay- 035-9023314 • Susan Strydom-Phalaborwa - 015-789 2448 We would like to encourage all employees to update their details as we’ve seen an increase in outdated information. Update your contact details with your medical scheme so emergency personnel get accurate information.



= Making O How is my contribution rewarded by MOM? What are we building?

MOM = Manufacturing Operations Management MOM is a shop floor of information systems that is integrated into the control information system (DCS), the Business Management Information System (JDE) and other systems. MOM is designed to aid in the effective and efficient management of production or service. Why are we building it? We want a common operations management system. We want to eliminate many of the manual data capturing systems that capture manufacturing information by transferring them to MOM. This system will enable us to enter one validated data entry and effectively stop entering the same information several times. It also has an automatic report generation and will reduce delays and serious errors. Wouldn’t it be great not to wait for several hours or days to get the right information? It would be Ideal to know that the system you have improves operations by using correct information and taking correct action. One system, one version of the truth? Who is going to be value added? Foskor employees interacting with 12 FOCUS

manufacturing activities will benefit from MOM. With MOM, “Information is Key”! Delivering the right information to the right level at the right time so that operational decisions can be made, turn them into actions and improve our effeciency, from the PPO to the CEO. What will MOM do for us? PPOs – Ease of data capturing. SPOs – Reporting by exception rather than capturing 2-hourly process parameters from the DCS. SPOs – Stop capturing the lab sample values on a log and in a spreadsheet and displaying a graph plotting actual values against specification. Supervisors – Eliminate compilation of daily production report . Co-ordinators - Automated Production planning. Immediate adjustments of plans based on employee attendance and machine break-downs. Management – Timely production information and analytical tools for operation optimisation - and much more! Who is driving it and how? Raymond Naidoo is the Project Leader and with Foskor operations will

implement MOM . Your participation and contribution through the facilitation process with Foskor 22 seconded employees form the “Design” of the project. The “Design” teams primary activity for the next six months is to map our operations business processes to form the baseline to develop the system. The leaders in the departments are owners of this activity. Your involvement is what will make the new system a success, so that you can say “We Made Our Mark” When will it be implemented? We will start to roll out the new systems in July 2015, one application at a time in order to minimise disruption to our operation, to cater for your adjustment to the new system and transition to maximise your adoption of every improvement that will benefit your work and ultimately to simplify the way we do business. Rewards of MOM…Designed for Success!!!. The decisions you make from the Information presented by MOM makes you valuable, Information Priceless and improved operations.

& ME

= Our Mark! Umnikelo wami uvuzwa kanjani nge MOM? Yini Esiyakhayo nge MOM? MOM = Manufacturing Operations Management (Ukuphathwa kwezinhlelo zokukhiqiza)

eziphusile ekusingathweni kwebhizinisi. Lokho kuzothuthukisa ibhizinisi lethu kusukela kumsebenzi kugcine kumphathi owengamele ibhizinisi.

Lolu uhlelo lokuhlanganiswa kwezinhlelo zolwazi zonke (DCS & JDE). Loluhlelo lwakhelwe ukulekelela ukuphathwa okuhlelekile komkhiqizo.

OBANI ABAZOSIZAKALA PPO’s – ukushicilela ulwazi kalula.

SILWAKHELANI NA? Sifuna uhlelo olufanayo yonke indawo. Sifuna ukuqeda izindlela eziningi obekufakwa ngazo ulwazi lokukhiqiza ngokuba lonke ulwazi ludluliselwe kuloluhlelo olusha iMOM. Ngakho-ke sekuzoba nendlela eyodwa ethembekile yokuthola ulwazi singabi sisababikho isidingo sokufaka ulwazi olulondwa ngokuphindiweyo. Loluhlelo luzokwazi ukuzakhela umbiko bese futhi kuncipha imbambezela kanye namaphutha. Ave kuzoba kuhle ukuthi akusezuba bikho ukulinda amahora ngamahora noma izinsuku ngezinsuku ukuze uthole/ube nolwazi oluqondile…… Kuzoba kuhle futhi ukwazi ukuthi wenzengcono, ukusebenza ngenxa yokuthi usebenzise ulwazi oluyilo futhi wenza nezinqumo eziyizo. UMBONO OWODWA WEQINISO Ubani ozozuza na? Abasebenzi base Foskor abahlanganyela ngomkhiqizo bazozuza nge MOM. Nge MOM ulwazi luyisihluthelelo sokwenza ukuthi kutholakale ulwazi olufanekile ngaso sonke isikhathi kuzozonke izigaba, lokho kuzokwenza ukuthi kuthathwe izinqumo

SPO’s- Ukubika ngokwehlukile kunokushicilela ngokwamahora amabili izinhlelo ze DCS. SPO’s – kuyekwe ukushicilela ubunjalo besample yaselab kwi bhuku, nakwisendlalelo esibukezwa kwi graph ngokuhlahlela ubunjalo ngaphezu kwesifaniso. Supervisors- Ukunciphisa ukuhlanganiswa kombiko womkhiqizo nsukuzonke Coordinator- Ukuhlela umkhiqizo ngobu chwepheshe. Ukuhlela izinhlelo maqondana nokungena kwabasebenzi nokuphuka kwemishini. Management-Ukukhishwa kolwazi nokuhlaziya izinsiza sebenza ngesikhathi IZOSENZELANI I-MOM • Izosiza ukuhlanganiswa kwemibiko yansukuzonke ngemikhiqizo. • Akusekusebenza ukufaka imiphumela yokuhlola imikhiqizo , kwisikhangisi secomputer ukuze kubonakale ukuhluka komklamo onqunyiwe. • Ayisekuthulwa imibiko njalo emahoreni amabili kodwa kuzosebenza indlela eyahlukile. Izozihlelela indlela eyahlukile nokunye.

MOM – Zulu Version

Waqoka uMnu. Raymond Naidoo ngengomholi waloluhlelo, engxenyeni yokukhiqiza ukuthi balusebenzise loluhlelo luka MOM. Ukubamba iqhaza nokuzinikela kwabasebenzi bakwaFoskor kulenqubo , kwenza kubelula ukusongozaloluhlelo MOM.Loluhlelo kusongwe ngalo ukunikezela ngendlela umsebenzi ozoqhubeka ngayo ezinyangeni eziyisithupha ezizayo. Abaholi beminyango ibona abangamele lomsebenzi futhi kuzobandakanywa labo abazi kangcono ngenqubo nemisebenzi yokukhiqiza. Ukuzibandakanya kwenu ikhona, kuzokwenza siziqhenye sithi“ Silwenzile uphawu lwethu,” ngaloluhlelo olusha. LUZOQALA NINI UKUSEBENZA MOM zoqala ngo January 2015 , Senza okukodwa ngesikhathi , senzela ukungaphazamisi uhlelo lokusebenza , ngakolunye uhlanga senzela inguquko yenzeke ngendlela . Lokhu kuzosiza ekuxazululweni kwezihibe ezingenzeka uma kumukelwa uhlelo olusha nekwenzeni ngcono indlela yokusebenza kwebhizinisi. IMIVUZO NGEMOM … IQOKELWE IMPUMELELO Izinqumo ezitholakala kulwazi lokuthulwa kwe MOM luzosiza kakhulu , lwenze wonke umsebenzi ubaluleke, lunikeze ulwazi oluyigugu, lwenze imisebenzi yokukhiqiza ibengcono.


MANDELA DAY 18 JULY 2014 RICHARDS BAY DIVISION “We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination”


Nelson Mandela

he essence of Nelson Mandela lives in every South African, be it acknowledged or not.

Perhaps a part of his essence resonates in all people across the world. Now that he is no longer with us, Mandela Day is celebrated on the day he was born 18 July. As part of celebrating the greatness of Nelson Mandela it is only appropriate that it is done helping those that are less fortunate amongst us. The quote above gives us great insight into who the man was and what he stood for. His life during the time of apartheid is well documented and shows the character of a man that fought against the injustice that faced his people and all those that were under the threat of tyranny. His life after being released from prison was very different. As


“Old citizens looking nice and warm with the gifts from Foskor” president he ensured a peaceful transition into a new era. His period as president was a period of hope and joy but not without a theme that needed to be addressed that of poverty. For many South Africans the issue of poverty was vital, and still is today. Mandela, in many ways realised this and sourght to address it with the development of an equal and affordable educational system as his long term view. The Mandela Foundation was also set up to address this inequality. Mandela’s fight against racial injustice turned to economic injustice with this fight against poverty. He believed, ‘that poverty, (…) like Slavery and Apartheid is not natural’. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.’ At Foskor’s Chemical Industry they celebrated Mandela Day in exactly this

“Mandela’s fight against racial injustice turned to economic injustice with this fight against poverty”

“For Foskor this was an appropriate way to honour the legacy of this icon of our times” manner when they contributed their 67 minutes by visiting Senior Citizen Centres situated at Gobandlovu and Mandlankala near the Esikhawini Township, KwaZulu Natal. This year, Foskorites decided to respect Madiba’s memory by handing out warm blankets, beanies, scarfs and gloves to the elderly. These elderly citizens failed to hide their excitement when they

received these gifts. For Foskor, this was an appropriate way to honour the legacy of this icon. Foskorites were also very excited to present these gifts as part of their involvement as part of giving back to the community. Thembile from the CSI department added that “the senior citizens are the most

important people in our communities, as we wouldn’t be here if they were not around, and this is a call for all of us as individuals and institutions to respond to the needs of our communities in whatever way we can using whatever means we have, that’s why at Foskor we will continue to work at improving the lives of our communities”. FOCUS 15




n the 31st August 2014, Foskor CSI Department handed over soccer kit jerseys to the underprivileged children at Esikhawini. This was a combined effort where VP Acid, SHREQ Manager and Department of Environmental Affairs Manager Mr Mngoma joined hands in assisting these teenagers by donating soccer kits for junior and senior players to keep them away from the streets and also from being involved in criminal activities.


Foskor Donated a Soft ball kit, to the value of R50 000, to a team in Namakgale


local soft ball team in Namakgale received a donation of sports equipment to the value of nearly R50 000 from Foskor Mine. The donation includes nine gloves, bat, balls, kit and other equipment.

It was difficult to enter competitions without proper kits The founder of the team Kwena Chokoe said the aim of starting the soft ball team was to keep young people from the streets and keep them busy with sporting activities. “It was difficult to enter competitions without proper kits and that pushed me to ask for a donation from Foskor.” “We are really grateful for what they did”, said Chokoe. He further added that one of the boys from the team of Ranti Dikgale an U/17 player had been selected to play in Gauteng province. Foskor Corporate Social

Investment administrator, Abigail Modika said that she was aware of the hardships faced by many parents in the area. According to Modika, the objective of the donation was to instil

important values through participation in sports. “It will also increase the children's Physical, emotional and intellectual potential and promote mass participation from schools” said Modika.

The objective of the donation was to instil important values through participation in sports. FOCUS 17


its true potential if it utilises its full work force and South Africa, like the rest of the world, is unable to do that at present. Although this does seem a bleak representation of issues facing women, there have been some strides to ensure a better future for South African ladies. According to SAICA, statistics have grown by almost fifty percent over the past few years and according to international standards women have accounted for 28 percent of a global average as filling senior positions and South Africa has accounted for 21 percent.

Foskor (Acid Division) have taken an initiative to participate in the ‘’Take a girl child to work’’ on the 29th of May 2014, on the theme of “Dream, Believe and Achieve”.


ost South African women still live in poor conditions with meagre salaries, limited skills, poor sanitation and inadequate basic necessities.


According to official data from Statistics South Africa, more than 25 million of the country’s 48 million citizens are women, but this fact has not improved their status in any way. Social development and social justice still lack efforts to improve the status of women in South Africa. Despite the importance of women in society, they are still fighting for their need for a good education despite the better opportunities that have been made available in the last two decades. Whilst the country has moved to a strong urban setup, ‘most poverty-stricken women find themselves still in rural areas and these are women between the ages of 24 and 49 years old. It is true that a nation can only reach

While this is not the ideal and we certainly have a lot to improve on, steps are being taken in the right direction. Foskor (Acid Division) have taken an initiative to participate in the ‘’Take a girl child to work’’ on the 29th of May 2014, on the theme of “Dream, Believe and Achieve”. The primary objective for this initiative was to expose disadvantaged female learners to the real world of work and to empower them to make their greatest dreams come true by believing in themselves. By doing this at Foskor, we believe we will be able to provide them with the motivation to pursue meaningful careers that will bring numerous social and economic benefits. A planned, structured approach to the day ensured that the girls got the most out of what our company can provide. Each department was required to nominate one or two female employees that would be responsible to showcase girls in their

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation”.

- Brigham Young

departments. The following departments were able to accommodate two girls for an hour: Human Capital, SHREQ, Finance, Logistics, ICT, Marketing and Safety. These were the key activities of the day: • A structured presentation to outline the key activities and disciplines within the company and to welcome the girls. • The girls had an opportunity to interview female and male employees regarded as role models

and mentors and also had time for questions in terms of the best career choices they could follow and as well as a tour of the plant.

to follow different people in different departments, learning what they do and how they do it. This was a funfilled day for the girls.

• Job shadowing, where the girls had FOCUS 19

Students visiting Foskor Exhibition Area (UNIZULU SCIENCE CENTRE)


oskor has a partnership with UNIZUL for the past few years. This partnership with the Science Centre was to ensure that the field of Science & Technology is kept in the forefront in Zululand Communities. Most of the schools that are visiting the Science centre are from rural communities. There is great scope for this centre as it conducts school visits on Foskor’s behalf using the exhibits they have and the auditorium to show DVD’s and other relevant PowerPoint presentations including Foskor’s . These learners were from one of the schools that were visiting the Centre. When asked what they like about Foskor exhibiting stand, they replied that they like the Foskor area because it is so colourful, attractive, and the processes that are displayed are of their current curriculum. They are easy and simple to understand.



n the 14th August 2014 Foskor Acid Division hosted Women’s Day. This was an exciting and a very informative gathering for all ladies. They were pampered with gifts, music, dancing and roses. The highlight of the day was the Senior Managers ushering the ladies to their seats as a gesture of appreciating and honouring them on their special day by giving each a red rose. The key note speaker of the event was Mrs Sarah Luthuli: VP Corporate Affairs & Human Capital who cited on different aspects as to how a woman should carry herself when faced with challenging situations. All ladies went home with wise words to look up to and to put into practise.


“Wishing you whole lot of Happiness and Joy today and always”


HR Department Ladies Scooped The Prize For Being Best Dancers




Phalaborwa Logistics Departmental Visit Acid Division


ogistics is considered to be the complete process involving planning, managing and controlling the flow of goods and services, information, real time and human resources from the point of origin to the point of destination. There is hardly any manufacturing or marketing activity that can be achieved without the support of an effective logistical department. This department ensures that goods are reached on time, in a safe condition and at the right place. It also serves as a middleman between the organization, the vendors and the carriers for tracking down the geographical location of the goods and thereby provides customer support. Foskor Logistics Department from Phalaborwa visited Foskor Acid Division, Richards Bay Harbour and Phosfert Marine. They were also lucky to see the loading of a magnetite vessel. It was a great experience for them in terms of relating to what they do daily.



Ravesh Dukey - Senior Sales Manager- Marketing Department


avesh Dukey joined Foskor as Senior Sales Manager on 1st August 2014, based in Midrand. Ravesh is married to Neervana Dukey and they have 1 daughter, eight -year old Shriya Dukey. He previously held Head positions as: Sales/Marketing/Logistics and Supply Chain at Bosveld Phosphates (2011 – 2014) and Chanrai SA (2009 -2011), as National Sales and Logistics Manager. When asked why he took up the position at Foskor, he replied, “being voted in the Top 500 companies meant that Foskor is a great company to work for and is hugely focused on employee wellbeing. In addition I have been very actively involved in marketing of fertilizers within the SADC region and the opportunities available to Foskor within the region are great. With a top 500 company that has huge market potential, my choice to move was a no brainer.”




Ms. Swazi Ndlovu (Div. HR Manager) & Mr. Charles Reddy (Snr. Manager: Sulphuric Acid) attended the KZN TOP Business Awards held in Durban 28 FOCUS



his event took place on the 26th August 2014 in Durban in Kwa Zulu - Natal. These awards were to celebrate successful companies and organizations in KwaZulu-Natal. It offers an excellent opportunity for different business sectors to meet, be inspired and showcase their achievements and innovations to their peers. Each of the Awards on offer celebrates and recognizes business and organizational success across the economic sectors in both the private and public arenas. Foskor had gone through to be in the top three finalists under the category of Mining in the whole KZN and was competing against Corobrik and Rio Tinto (RBM). For Foskor, this was a wonderful and exciting moment, which showed that as a company we can still fly our flag high. The KZN Premiers office was present to hand over the awards.


Annual African Women in Engineering Symposium, Sandton


eakgane Kekana, Marcia Baloyi, Mashudu Mudzunga and Hellen Malahlela got an opportunity to attend the Women in Engineering Symposium held at the Hilton Hotel, Sandton at the end of May. The ladies were sponsored by the Women at Mining Forum, Foskor. The Symposium was informative and richly rewarding. Topics were set around career experiences of women in engineering, career advancement, leadership and development, and the best ways to succeed in a male-dominated industry. This focus helped motivate and inspire the women. Our ladies from Phalaborwa met Foskorites from Richards Bay: Siphiwe Nyandeni, Slindile Phiri, Zandile Jele, Thandeka Khanyile and Cynthia Baleni.

Foskorites meeting, our ladies from Phalaborwa met Foskorites from Richards Bay: Siphiwe Nyandeni, Slindile Phiri, Zandile Jele, Thandeka Khanyile and Cynthia Baleni

Congratulations Seakgane! Award Ceremony The Award ceremony was a remarkable and rewarding event for the Foskor women. Foskor women were nominated in three categories, (1) Best Achiever Career Development (2) Best Achiever Leadership (3) Best Achiever Going an Extra Mile.

Seakgane Kekana was nominated in all three categories and won both the Best Achiever Career Development and Best Achiever Leadership Awards. The Awards were presented by CEO of CESA, Mr Makibinyane. 30 FOCUS




annana Ntoampe, an Environmental Engineer at Foskor is soon to be married.

Mannana has been working at Foskor for two years and has a son of four, Nathi, who is her pride and joy. Being a woman of ambition she finds political figure Mamphele Ramphele her icon, saying of her: “She is living her dream and has achieved a lot in her lifetime (academically, careerwise and politically) despite her background.” Mannnana jokes that she is also aging gracefully. Mannana is a firm believer and gains her strength from the Creator of Heavens and Earth. I’m not operating in the fullness of His Glory yet but I’m on my way ‘there’. Her short-term plan is to learn as much as possible. She hopes to always be learning new things and contributing to the overall success of this organisation and of South Africa as a whole. Her message to women is, ‘’No matter what happens in life, never lose your nurturing nature that God has given you.’’ FOCUS 31




outh Africa as a whole has tremendous natural resources and because of this, it has a very active and growing chemical and mineral process industry. Engineers also play a key role in areas such as production, energy conservation and environmental protection. Engineering as a discipline and profession in South Africa and the world has been dominated by males in its early history but this has been steadily changing since the late 1990s. Although a number of women are applying for engineering courses and positions, a lot still needs to be done to improve on the statistics. One of the causes for this could be the misinformed perceptions on society that chemical plants are “dangerous” or a “risky” environment to work in. Therefore women are regarded as soft and not willing to fit in the prevalent male-dominated environment. Female engineers are still a novelty in the chemical industry; males still outweigh their female counterparts. At Foskor Richards Bay, female engineers can be found at SHREQ, Process & Production, Maintenance and Project Management. In SHREQ alone, we have women responsible for radiation protection, environmental monitoring, protection and improvement and environmental laboratory analysis. The company is trying in every way to educate female school learners around the surrounding communities to take maths and science as key subjects to prepare them for choosing engineering related studies as a career.


PROFILE: Seakgane Kekana


eakgane Kekana is a registered candidate engineer in Metallurgy. She joined Foskor in 2011 and is currently working in the Metallurgical Laboratory. Born and bred in a rural village of Limpopo, Tiberius, she is married to Madimetja and they are blessed with 4 children, Tshepo (27), Malebo (20), Keneilwe (17) and Phomolo (12). Seakgane started her career at the age of 21 as a qualified teacher in a high School after completing a Secondary Teachers Diploma. She served in the teaching industry for 13 years, teaching Matric Physical Science. During her teaching career, she managed to get a higher diploma in teaching. She further registered for a BSc Chemistry with UNISA. After completing most of the second year Chemistry courses in 2004, she decided to study full-time with the University of Pretoria. “The progress I made with part-time studies stirred something in my heart, an unquenchable burning desire to be my best.” This pushed her to register full-time with the University of Pretoria to pursue Metallurgical Engineering in 2005. It was not an easy step to take at the age of 35, being a married woman and a mother of 4 children, the youngest was just two years. Seakgane left her family in Limpopo and started a new life without a salary in Gauteng. When asked why such a huge step, she would say “it was a calling.” Seakgane started her new career in the mining industry by training with Anglo Platinum from 2008 to 2010. She then joined Foskor after completing her BEng (Metallurgical Engineering) degree. She, graduated in BEng (Honours) in Metallurgical Engineering with the University of Pretoria in April 2014.


“Education, the treasure I will always cherish.”

HOW GOOD IS YOUR PLAN FOR RETIREMENT? “The secret is to live a debt free life today, some critics might say it is not practical but I say it is possible.”

retirement money and this will not contribute towards your financial independence. The secret is to live a debt free life today, some critics might say it is not practical but I say it is possible.

“It is important that you plan your retirement today when you are still economically active.”


here was an interesting newspaper article that indicated that only about six percent of South Africans will retire comfortably without any financial hiccups. For the other 94 percent of the South Africans this is a cause for serious concern. You will agree this is scary but what can you do today whilst you are still privileged to be employed? Are you taking a casual approach and saying “ek sal toe sien” (I will cross that bridge when I get to it) or are you concerned? If you want to get to that bridge to see for yourself it is fine but if you are concerned here is one of the tips that you can use. It is important that you plan your retirement today when you are still economically active, your retirement should not come to you as a surprise. You need to work hard for your financial freedom now so that you can have a graceful retirement. One can ask a simple question, how do I achieve financial freedom for my

retirement? Determine a sustainable lifestyle that you want to live today and beyond retirement. You do not need to adjust your life down when you retire and the one way of maintaining your current lifestyle during retirement will be to start saving for wealth creation today.

“Only about 6 percent of South Africans will retire comfortably without any financial hiccup.” If you choose a lifestyle that does not allow for savings today, it must be noted that it will be a lifestyle that you will not take into retirement and if you happen to retire with debts against your name, then you are likely to pay for your debts with your

One of the ways to mitigate for a favourable retirement is to invest in income-generating assets that will comfortably assist in funding your retirement to supplement your pension and maintain your comfortable lifestyle. It must be remembered that financial wellbeing can contribute significantly towards your own personal health as well. If your finances are stable, you are likely to have peace of mind. A common mistake that people make is to focus on income. Income is not the most important ingredient in financial wellbeing, assets are. We all need to ensure that the day we stop working, we should still be in a position to lead the lifestyle that we chose early in our lives by learning to build our lives with assets that can earn us income during our retirement. We need to have a good understanding that it is not what you earn that matters, but what you do with it, if you can understand this principle. It will be the beginning of your financial transformation. FOCUS 35

Long Service Awards J

acobus Johannes Van Zyl is an Electrical & Instrumentation Planner at Foskor.

He has two kids, Jacobus and Bernard. Johan, as he is known, has enjoyed all the changes the company has undergone for the past 25 years and would love to be a part of the future of Foskor until the day he retires. Johan loves the people he works with and being part of such an incredible company.



aria Boucher is part of the ICT Business Systems. She is married to Gerhard Boucher who is the Electrical Superintendent at Umhlatuze Municipality. The couple have two kids Angelique (23) and Gregory (19). Maria’s plans for the next five years are to enrich herself with knowledge to become a Business Systems Analyst, strive to work hard and make sure that she can serve all needs that employee’s request and become an expert in her field. Her personal plans are to travel by 4x4 on a road trip to South West Africa. She wishes to see her daughter qualify as a teacher and her son as an electrician. She will soon be a grandmother as her grandchild is due in January 2015. Maria began working at Foskor back in 1989 as a typist and she is very grateful that Foskor helped her grow to the position that she is in at the moment, “They gave me the opportunity to enrich my knowledge and to be able to become successful in my profession.”




r Nkomzwayo, joined Foskor on April 1, 2009 as a GM Acid. In November 2010 he acted as VP Acid till July 2011 when he was officially appointed to the position of VP Acid. He has chosen to go back to studying because as a Chemical Engineer he believes that an MBA will further enhance his skills and better himself. With this MBA he will be able to take up a position as a business strategist or an investment banker.

“He also speaks highly of the company saying that he liked most the family environment and that you need to understand culture and people if you wish to succeed at Foskor.” When speaking about his proudest moment at Foskor Mr Nkomzwayo had this to say: ‘Planning and implementation of the Asset Replacement Program (ARP), for a plant that was 33 years old when I joined in 2009 with no maintenance strategy in place, I think we did well with the ARP strategy. My focus was to go back to basics by ensuring proper goal alignment through programs like Mission Directed Work Teams. This program (MDW) was meant to facilitate proper value adding communication and support bigger strategies like the ARP Strategy that was to follow’. He also speaks highly of the company saying that he liked most


the family environment and that you need to understand culture and people if you wish to succeed at Foskor. He speaks fondly of his experience managing a diverse and experienced group of people.

“The trick is to always embrace change positively”. As a former VP of Acid, he believes that morale and motivation is important in every company but that morale is depended on the situation at that current moment. He explains this by saying: ‘I find that at the Acid division, there is a lot of what the emotional intelligence refers to as ‘external locus of control’. If things go well, e.g. production is good; prices are good or bonuses paid, people’s moral is high and they are very much motivated (everybody claims victory) but if things don’t go well, (which is inevitable in a production environment), it is easy for people to allocate blame to someone thus affecting the morale and motivation. My advice will be that the issue of proper communication and accountability need to be embedded in the strategy formulation of the company and must become the important component in the pillars of the organisation. He also hopes that if he has a further opportunity to return to Foskor he would expect to see a change in communication and accountability. Since his most difficult moments at Foskor was proper communication from VP level downwards. To keep his own morale high, Mr Nkomzwayo recalls a quote from a book, “Valleys and Peaks are connected. How well you manage

your valleys will determine how quick you reach your peak and how long you stay there.” Decision making is an area Mr Nkomzwayo is familiar with as it was his responsibility to lead the company forward. He provided us with his insight to company culture by saying ‘In order to truly assess the connection of employees to the company culture one has to define the culture first. The best way is always look at the company values. I do believe that the majority of employees do align themselves with the company values (4R’s), however more work still need to be done to properly entrench these values and get total ‘buy in.’

“Valleys and Peaks are connected. How well you manage your valleys will determine how quick you reach your peak and how long you stay there.” He does wish that a few areas could be improved such as the slow turnaround in implementation of key projects and strategies, and wrong perceptions. He also sights lack of communication and accountability as areas that need to be improved on. As for the future of the company, whether he returns or not, he believes Foskor has a bright future ahead. His last bit of advice is ‘the trick is to always embrace change positively.’ As the English proverb says “many hands make light work.”



or many people good health is a given. It’s something that’s not given a second thought and often, it’s even taken for granted.

Like everything in life, health can deteriorate in a moment without any warning. We all have had a member of our family or friend who went from perfectly healthy to extremely ill, in some cases even resulting in death. Besides these critical moments, there are those less severe times when we realise how important good health actually is. These are those times when we have influenzas, colds and fevers. These are the moments that we should take cognisance of as they make us understand what it’s like to be bed ridden and how awful we feel in these short periods. This time of year is also important as sickness takes hold of the major part of the population. With the cold temperatures many people are bed ridden for days on end. While physical illness is one form of ill-health, there are other ways that people can be unwell. Stress, tension and fatigue are other forms of ill-health that can lead to major illnesses if not managed well. Mental and emotional health is as important as physical health yet it is less managed and mainly overlooked.


For all round health keep to these simple tips:

T Food:

hink of your body as a car, the better the fuel the better it runs. A healthy diet is one that's full of vitamins, nutrients, and colour (well, in addition to being balanced). And the easiest way to do this is through piling on the fruits and veggies, As good as fruits and veggies are, you need some other stuff in there to mix it up and stay balanced. When you go for meat, milks and cheeses, and pasta, make sure you choose lean meats, dairy products and whole grain pasta. Try these: yogurt, brown pasta, quinoa and oats. Stay away from processed junk foods. A simple rule with these: If it's in a package it’s not good for you. And if it's in a package that doesn't go old for years, stay far from it. Drink lots of water. Water will ensure


you stay healthy, your skin, hair, nails, organs and mind. Water even helps you lose weight. Don’t forget your good fats: olive oil, avocado, and nuts. Good fats help your hair to be shiny, your nails to be healthy, and your digestive system working as normal.

Exercise: Find a balanced exercise regiment which includes aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and flexibility and stretching. Combining high intensity workouts with low intensity periods is also an effective way to get fit. This type of workout will ensure maximum fitness and will keep your body agile and healthy. Don’t forget to have rest days. Rest days are as important as your exercise routine. It helps repair the body tissue and allows your body to recover from strenuous exercise.

Over-exerting your body without any rest will exhaust your body. This can lead to fatigue both mentally and physically and can mean that no results are gained from exercise.

Social life and having fun: According to some studies, a healthy social life means better health. Being social also means mental and emotional health. Your ability to give social support has a way of feeding back to you and enhances your own health. Besides having a social life take time either daily or weekly to do something that you enjoy, be it reading, playing a sport, dancing or horse riding, make time and do.

Sleep: Sleep is essential for good health.

Wellness : It is important to have regular checkups, get yourself a wellness focused doctor that will not treat you when you are ill but will guide you to being healthy all year around. Just like you visit the dentist every few months for checkups make a habit of visiting your doctor regularly. Mental stimulation and relaxation: Instead of watching television continuously, use that time to do an activity that will stimulate your mind such as reading, puzzles, chess or other board games. While keeping your brain active is better than having it waste away by television it is necessary to find ways that you can rest it. Ways to do this are breathing exercises and meditation as well as long solitary walks. Experience something new. Do something that you have never done before. Get creative and just be. Take up a hobby that you always wanted or classes for something you always wanted to learn. By taking up these you’ll feel productive and like you have accomplished something.

Follow your passion:

Sleep regulates blood pressure and hormones. The ill effect of not sleeping enough are loss of focus, can’t pay attention, over-eating and our hormones are all over the place.

Each individual will need a specific amount of time to get rest, usually between seven to nine hours. The best thing to do before going to bed is to find time to be at ease.

Passion is healthy and revitalises those parts of you that wither away with age. Find your passion and do it, if not all day, every day than at least once in awhile. By doing what you are passionate about, you will keep your mind and body healthy.


BITS AND PIECES Briefing Session: Stanger High School visiting Acid Division


ducational Tour: Learners from Stanger High School visited Foskor Acid Division. The aim of this educational tour was to boost the learners understanding of the content relating to their Maths and Science curriculum, and also to generate and improve scientific interest to enable the learners to choose careers within the chemical and engineering fields. The marketing department also shared with them the different kinds of products that we are producing at Foskor.





oskor honoured Secretary's Day by taking all secretaries to lunch at Sefapane Lodge on the 2 September 2014. All the secretaries from various departments at the mine were pampered with gifts vouchers. When acknowledging the ladies good work, Foskor's Group Manager Corporate Affairs, Abby Ledwaba appreciated the importance of the secretary’s role in their respective departments and how they make the day to day running of the manager’s schedules easy. She added that they are also managing their manager’s lives. Ledwaba also thanked the secretaries for not losing their cool characters even when the managers and their colleagues put them under too much pressure. Foskor wishes all secretaries well and to keep up the good work.



eritage Day is a South African holiday to celebrate culture and the diversity of beliefs and traditions. Foskor Ladies celebrated Heritage day in style and embraced the country’s rich, cultural heritage, and diversity by displaying an infusion of cultural attire. Human Capital ladies wore proudly African attire, whereas Finance ladies dresssed in their mix of traditional attire.


LIST....... LIST....... SURNAME

Ali Bedhasie Biyela Bosch Boucher Buthelezi Buthelezi Carroll Cebekhulu Cebekhulu Cele Cele Chetty Coetzee Connors Dimba Dlamini Dlamini Dlamini Dlamini Dubazane Dubazane Fakude Ferns



Muhammad Razak Rabilall Bundhoo Nomvuzo Bongokuhle Zanele Werner Gideon Maria Absalom Phiwayinkosi Zakhele A Denis George Khayelihle Mordical Thabani Blessing Khumbulani Medigan Thembalethu Kevin Petrus Jane Sibongiseni Wiseman Cornelius Madoda Brian Jabulani Matshikili Petros Thabane Ziphozonke Ephraim Mtshengiseni Sbonelo Carel Graham Edward

SURNAME Forere Gabela Gasa Goba Golden Golmari Govender Groenewald Gumede Gumede Gumede Gumede Gumede Gumede Gumede Gwala Hariparsad Hlekwayo Hlengwa John Kanyile Khambule Khambule Khanyile

LIST....... LIST....... NAME

Matsemela Zibonele Bonokwakhe Osborn Thulani Themba Melusi Godfrey Mathews Anika Satyanarayana Reddy Pooventhan Christoffel Zuzifa Lucky Dumisani Mbongeleni Agrippa Dennis Richard Raymond Dumisani Robert Udheer Gcinokwakhe Simon Nolan Mntwwenkosi George Zakhele Viviah Njabulo Amagugu Unity


Khanyile Khanyile Khanyile Khoza Khoza Khumalo Khumalo Korb Krishnasamy Labuschagne Landela Langa Langa Lesekele Liebenberg Luthuli Mabaso Mabaso Mabunda Madondo Madondo Magudulela Magwaza Maharaj


Thandeka Nomthandazo Mphumuzi Nsindiso Siboniso Blessing Thembinkosi Thobani Francisco Siboniso Mzikabani Agreement Etienne Jaganathan Jan Benjamin Itumeleng Khalema Lindokuhle Phila Naphtal Maringi Neo Osiah Wendy Xolani Alpheus Justice Xolani Philisweyinkosi Hazel Vujaha Teddy Njabulo Ayanda Linnert Dawn Tholi Anthony Milton Bhekizenzo Lorna



Mahaye Mahlaba Mahlangu Majwede Makhoba Manqele Manqele Mantengu Margach Maseko Mashile Mathenjwa Mbatha Mbuyazi Mbuyazi Mdletshe Mdletshe Mdluli Meyiwa Mhlambi Mhlongo Mhlongo Miller Mkhathini Mkhize Mkhize Mkhize Mkhize Mkhize Mkhize Mkhize Mkhumbuzi Mkhwanazi Mkhwanazi Mlambo Mlambo Mlambo Mncube Mncwango Mngomezulu Mngomezulu Mnguni Mnguni Mnomiya Mnyango Molefe Moodley 48 FOCUS


Sphamandla Gezephi Jeros Bongani Patrick Frans Zinikelo Shadrack Bonginkosi Khulekani Derrick Mlungisi Professor Brenda Mandisa Marvin Nicolus German Thembinkosi Linda Joel Michael Samuel Bhekokuhle Senzeni Siyabonga Ntuthuko Noah Nkosemnene Wiseman Bhekumusa Bheki Nhlanhla Nkosinathi Sabelo Khanyisani Mziwethu Cyril Dustin Nondumiso Nonjabulo Sibusiso Bongani Sandile Cyril Kwazikwenkosi Thandinkosi Siyanda Andile Nozipho Phindlile Mduduzi Siyabonga Benjamin Alfred Nkosinomusa Thokozani Nonkanyiso Prudence Jabulani Thabiso Sipho John Ezra Mdelwa Eric Vikelumuzi Siphamandla Muzikayise Jabulani Sikhumbuzo Thuthukani Million Sphesihle Blessing Bonga Sifundo Elijah Thabiso Donald Loganathan


Moodley Mpontshana Mqadi Msane Msane Msimango Mtembu Mthembu Mthembu Mthembu Mthembu Mthembu Mthembu Mthembu Mthethwa Mthethwa Mthethwa Mthethwa Mthethwa Mthiyane Mthiyane Mthiyane Mtshali Muruganandam Mvelase Mweleni Myeni Myeza Mzimela Naidoo Naidoo Naidu Nataniel Nchabeleng Ndebele Ndlamlenze Ndwandwe Ndwandwe Ndwandwe Nel Nene Nene Ngcobo Ngcobo Ngcobo Ngobese Ngobese


Gopalan Mzwandile Khumbulani Linda Thobile Sinelile Sicelo Siphelele Ntuthuko Ntethelelo Anthony Muzikawukho Africa Sikhumbuzo Vumelani Steve Cyril Mbuso Joshua Bhekisisa Nontobeko Nomfundo Velaphi Kelvin Amos Mlungisi Nhlahla Robinson Androse Phiwayinkosi Bheki Michael Lwayiphi Mfaniza John Njabulo Happy Thobile James Kardivelu Nhlanhla Wiseman Siyabulela Doctor Lindelani Bongumusa Anderson Nqobile Sindiswe Mercie Devandran Rajendra Tanya Amanda Busiswe Rittah Xolisani Nkululeko Thuthukani Phumlani Freddy Nhlonipho Siyabonga Mkhonzeni Marco Eleornora Thembi Wiseman Sifiso Patrick Mntukakhulu Blessing Thulile Evidence Mbongeleni Grison Sibongiseni Fezile


Ngqola Ngubane Ngubane Ngwane Ngwenya Ngwenya Njobe Nkolanyane Nkomo Nkomo Nkosi Nkosi Nkwanyana Nqayi Nsibande Ntanzi Ntoampe Ntombela Ntozakhe Ntshangase Ntshingila Ntuli Nundlal Nxumalo


Melikhaya Joseph Julius Sibongiseni Thamsanqa Nelisiwe Felicia Sindisiwe Petronella Thamsanqa Fortune Patience Elliot Nontobeko Jabulani Mfanizakhe Albert Nkosie Sydney Thulani Jeremiah Ntombzodwa Nokwanda Thulani Mannana Sandile Nicholas Mziwoxolo Gift Vusowakhe Kenneth Gordon Njabulo Thobelani Sinda Naresh Sicelo Welcome FOCUS 49


Nyathi Nyawo Nyawo O Connor Omar Orbin Padayachee Pieterse Pillay Plowes Pretorius Qwabe Ramlakan Sakichand Sangweni Schnuir Scholtz Searle Shabalala Shozi Sibiya Sibiya Sibiya Sigwebela Sikhosana Simelane Singh Sithole Sithole Smith Steenberg Tembe Thabethe Thethwayo Thwala Tonjeni Van Der Linde Van Zyl Venter White Xulu Xulu Xulu Xulu Yalo Zondi Zulu Zulu Zuma Zungu 50 FOCUS


Zazi Scelo Xolani Thembinkosi Norman Niall Charles Farhad Anthony Thirushelvi Carel Candice Brian Winston Johan Hendrik Moses Thulani Virendra Arvin Nozipho Mattheus J Petrus Ernest Petrus Mbongiseni Charles Fana Dingezweni Wilson Bongumusa Aaron Almon Silindile Bhekumbuso Maxwell Caswell Pranil Lucky Azon Kenneth Themba Alan Hendrik Nkosingiphile Sandile Dumisani Vincent Mandlenkosi Zama Millicent Malande Sibongile Gert Johannes Jacobus Yolandi Charles Zandile Princess Nhlanhla Bhekithemba Vincent Velenkosini Gerald Zwelakhe Njabulo Wiseman Nkosinathi Patrick Vikelwayinkosi Mthobisi Siphesihle Zeblon


his Foskorite enjoys singing, soccer, cricket, worshipping, reading, music (RnB, gospel, classic and choral) and karate. He visits the church regularly and loves spending time with his family and friends.

He is a Gemini and has been a Foskorite for eleven years. His proudest moment as a Foskorite came when Foskor was voted best employer. He wants to ensure Foskorites keep producing high volumes of phosphoric acid in order to drive up the companies finance and competitive levels.




his Foskorite has been at the company for two years, he is married and loves spending quality time with his family, praying, reading and watching movies. He is not averse to working in the kitchen as he helps his wife prepare dinner for the family. For him each business day in his office is a proud moment, because it is a day added to the wellbeing of Foskor at large. Not only that, but he sees and feels the multitude of opportunities in his own career and development.

During holidays he enjoys adventurous trips that allow him to sky dive, track and loves horse riding trails. His message to Foskorites is this: “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” Life is about the decisions we take every day. Foskor is where it is today mainly because of decisions made yesterday, last year and decades ago. Great things in life are not meant for certain people only but rather for all for us, if you can dream of it, then you can have it. You have a DNA of greatness!. How your life turns out tomorrow depends on the choices you make today. If you want to live a good or posh life tomorrow, you can experience such a life by making the right decision today because “what we do in life echoes in eternity”




Name: Department: Word Search: NUMBER


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20





All entries should be accompanied with full names. Closing date for entries is 30 November 2014 and only ONE entry is permitted per Foskorite. FOCUS 53










3. 4.


1. Theme for take a girl child to work programme 2. Health is your ‌ 3. The year maria began working at foskor 4. First name of a south african mayor



1. Manufacturing operations management 2. She is the new editor of the focus magazine (6,7) 3. Name of the 2014 indigenous trees planted 4. One of the senior citizen centres visited by foskor 5. They hosted the womans day event (4,8) 6. Month 0f the year for kzn top business awards 7. This lady won 2 of the 3 catergories she was nominated in





We are exceptionally proud to announce that Foskor (Pty) Ltd has been certified a Top Employers South Africa 2015.


n 2 October 2014, the Top Employers Institute announced the results of its annual research into a large number of employers and their employee conditions in South Africa. We are delighted to let you know that our company is one of the successful organizations to be awarded the exclusive Top Employers South Africa 2015 Certification.

What does this mean?

The Top Employers Institute is an independent organization uncovering the employee offerings of significant employers around the world and measuring them against the international standard. As such, only the worlds leading employers become certified as Top Employers. Crucial to the Top Employers procedure is the participating companies must complete a stringent research process – the Top Employers Institute’s International HR best practices Survey – and meet the required high standard in order to achieve the certification. To further reinforce the validity of the process, all answers were independently audited, meaning this research has verified our outstanding employee conditions and earned us a coveted spot among a select group of certified Top Employers.

The Top Employers Institute assessed our employee offerings on the following criteria:

• Talent Strategy • Workforce Planning • On-boarding • Learning & Development • Performance Management • Leadership Development • Career & Succession Management • Compensation & Benefits • Culture Foskor (Pty) Ltd earned the certification as a Top Employer because our employee offerings across all measured criteria surpassed the required Certification Cut-off.

So please share this fantastic news with others! Spread the word via email and you favourite social networking sites, and tell everyone you know that you work for a Top Employer! From:

Sarah Luthuli

The Next Level As a certified Top Employer, Foskor (Pty) Ltd can proudly wear the exclusive Certification Seal for a year. The Certification Seal is not only a recognisable symbol of our successful employee environment over the past 12 months, but also of our commitment to optimise, develop and work with you to become an even better employer.


Focus (issue 3)  

M.O.M, Retirement Plan, Foskor, Health & Future

Focus (issue 3)  

M.O.M, Retirement Plan, Foskor, Health & Future