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Focus On Giftwrappings - News

Special Delivery The annual Focus On Giftwrappings shares the current news, views and brand new launches within this vibrant and creative sector.

Industry issue “The cost of paper has increased massively over the last three to four months alone. It is around 15% to 20% more expensive now, primarily because the Chinese (and Asia generally) are now having to buy legally sourced paper from Europe/Scandinavia,” states Martin Bramley, managing director of giftwrap company Eurowrap. So how are UK giftwrap publishers dealing with this paper price hike? Lydia Scamponi, director for The Unique Paper Company says: “It is true, there have been substantial paper price increases over the last couple of years, which being one of the largest costs, has really put a strain on margins. While we have tried to absorb these ongoing additional costs over the past few years, we have found ourselves this year having to apply increases in some areas.” Lydia highlights how sterling’s devaluation affected by the Brexit uncertainty is another contributory factor to rising costs. “As most paper is purchased from sustainable forests outside of the UK this has made the price increase worse than it normally would have been - the price is both going up, and then costing us further through the sterling devaluation.” David Byk, ceo for Swan Mill Group, of which Penny Kennedy is a part, affirms that “Prices on everything are going up, and it is unprecedented in its speed and unpredictability. It is not only paper but also cardboard, ink and also transport.” He said that the Swan Mill Group is reacting to paper cost increases by using its large purchasing power and size “to buy stocks now to fix the price but, in this toppy market, we are also taking delivery of the product, which requires cashflow and space.” Giftwrap UK has set its pricing for 2019, however, Mark Allam, director of the company, adds, “If there are any significant increases in raw material costs in the future, we will try to absorb them as much as we can to assist our customers during this difficult trading period but this is clearly dependant on the level of increase.” Above: Eurowrap’s roll wrap sales remain buoyant.

The marrying kind Adding to its current alliances with card publishers Stop the Clock and Jessica Hogarth, Deva Designs has recently launched its latest collaboration with Cheshire neighbour Katie Phythian Design. Deva has brought out two new giftwrap collections based on Katie’s popular greeting card ranges - Patterned Boutique and Party Mice, based on Katie’s Paintbox range. Left: Deva Designs’ Patterned Boutique collection created in conjunction with Katie Phythian.

Eco-friendly wrap Is your giftwrap recyclable? Does it come from a managed forest? Is the glitter biodegradable? What is your ethics’ policy for your factories? Deva Design’s md, Andrew Maddock has been asked all of these questions recently, and more besides, about the eco-friendliness of the giftwrap company’s collections. “Most giftwrap companies will be FSC accredited and carry out full factory audits, but going forward there is a growing trend for consumers to ‘know they are doing the right thing’. I am sure there will be a growing list of logos such as FSC and the recycling mark appearing directly on products to reassure consumers that that are purchasing ethically,” says Andrew. Above right: Glick giftwrapping collection featuring Rosie Made a Thing’s Proseccosize and the magnificent Lycra Biker designs amongst others.

Life is Rosie One of Glick’s brand new giftwrappings collections features the funny and quirky designs by Henries award-winning humour card publisher Rosie Made a Thing. In a licensing tie-up with the talented card company founder, Rosie Harrison, the ‘Proseccosize’ and ‘Lycra Biker’ are just two of the chucklesome designs included in Glick’s Rosie Made a Thing collection. Becky Dobson, director of Glick commented: “We all need some light relief with the doom and gloom the media like to show us every day. The giftwrap designs are taken from some of Rosie’s best-selling cards and they are hilarious!”

Happy days Penny Kennedy has signed a licensing tie-up with British designer Emily Coxhead’s The Happy News to create a range of luxury bright and fun giftwrappings with uplifting, positive and kind messages and quirky illustrations. Left: The Happy News giftwrap range from Penny Kennedy.

Fluttering homage The Tag Company’s Butterfly Michelle Gold large gift bag with its thistle motif was released in honour of Michelle Obama, the ex first lady of the USA. However, it is a designed that pays homage to the proud and regal Scottish thistle, the national emblem of Scotland a place the brand founder spent two years working and living. Right: The Tag Company bag with its motif dedicated to Michelle Obama.



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