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International retailer focus

Left: An old bath is used as a display feature at Jumbled. Below right: A view of 9Design, Poland’s furniture and housewares store.

World leaders

At March’s International Home + Housewares Show, five Global Honorees were announced from the 30 national gia winners, in addition to digital commerce and visual merchandising winners. PH takes a tour of these world leaders in housewares retailers, spanning Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Japan and Australia.

Commitment to excellence Global honoree: Jumbled, Australia Joyfulness and surprise “Jumbled is a vibrant space filled with all the things that bring me happiness and joy – home, fashion and coffee,” says Pip Brett, owner of Jumbled, situated in Orange, New South Wales. Pip thanks the power of social media (particularly Instagram and Facebook) for the growth of her retail outlet (a small store that opened in 2012). She renovated an old masonic hall in 2016, creating new space for three separate stores: Jumbled for homewares, iglou for women’s fashion, plus a café. While three distinct spaces, there are no physical barriers to the stores. There are several living spaces set out in

In 2000, the gia (Global Innovation Award) programme was established by its global sponsors and organisers, the IHA and International Home + Housewares Show (IH+HS). The programme fosters and rewards innovation and excellence in home and housewares retailing (see news). This year marks the highest number of national gia winners from around the world – to see the full spectacular line-up go to The Global Honorees were selected following evaluation on several retail criteria by the gia expert jurors and a panel of co-sponsoring housewares magazine editors from around the world.

the store so that consumers can get a feel for how products might look in their own homes. Jumbled sources many unique products with some exclusive collaborations with makers. Hanging displays of greenery, flowers, birds and branches add to the vibrancy of the store. “We use our visual merchandising to evoke emotions and create an element of surprise,” says Pip. For example, an old bathtub is planted with greenery and used for displays. Jumbled emails a downloadable artwork to its mailing list on quarterly basis as

What the gia expert jurors highlighted: • The floor plan promotes exploration – a treasure hunt. • Seamless omni-channel experience - very good on social media. • The point of sale is wireless, customers can use iPads for shopping, so there is no restriction at counters. • Jumbled involves staff in decision making, with breakfast brainstorming sessions daily – providing a working environment where staff feel empowered, motivated and inspired.

recognition of ongoing support. It also produces an e-magazine to inspire and educate.

Winner of the gia Digital Commerce Award: 9Design, Poland Omni-channel experience 9Design’s website was built in a minimalistic and aesthetic way, with attention not just to product information but to delivery information and options. The retailer has created a virtual walk through its showroom, where consumers can click on products they like in order to buy them online. It also has its own digital magazine.

Inset: Tableware at Jumbled.




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