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ACFN: Your Part Time ATM Franchise for Full Time Retirement American Consumer Financial Network, or ACFN for short, is a company that owns and operates a network of ATM in travel and entertainment-based businesses. It was franchised in 2003 and has been recognized as one of the top franchise opportunities by prestigious publications such as Inc Magazine, Military Times Best Franchises for Vets, Entrepreneur Franchise 500,, and Franchise Times. Currently providing ATM services to 1,800 locations, the company has expanded across Canada and the United States. It offers its customers eventual financial independence with a strong long-term residual income. It does not involve complex employees and a demanding schedule, making it the ideal homebased franchise. ACFN offers a number of benefits in many aspects such as marketing, expertise, flexibility, simplicity, affordable capital requirement, immediate and independent income, and a proven track record. The company finds the qualified location your area and negotiates to obtain the contract for ATM placement. It involves an experienced team of professionals that will assist you with your franchise. You can begin part time without compromising your primary source of income, meaning you can deal with the business as your finances and time allow. You do not need employees and long-term leases. You only need a capital requirement of $35,000 to $50,000. You start generating income as soon as you install your ATM. The company offers the opportunity to build a large and independent network of ATMs and enjoy a long-term residual income. The company has a significant client base in the country which includes hospitals, sports bars, entertainment venues, national parks, and many more.

ACFN is the only ATM franchise business in North America. The company enjoys sustainable and significant competitive advantages compared to other ATM companies. It has established routes in various places including Moline, Connecticut, Indianapolis, and San Francisco. It still has available ATM routes in Albany, Madison, Manchester, Birmingham, Northern and Southern California, Spokane, Bakersfield, Chico, and Albuquerque. New ATM routes were recently added, and the company is looking for new franchisees in these areas.

Your Part Time ATM Franchise for Full Time Retirement