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Hello My name is Max and I am a student at the University of Loughborough studying Industrial design and Technology. I am a creative and motivated person who strives for perfection. I enjoy the design process and the broad skills and opportunities it enables me to explore.

Safe Water // O2 Tou


uch // Varmé // Modj // Pulse // About Me

#1 “Identify an opportunity for an Internet of things product for which the industrial design and app interface are dedicated to a clearly defined context. The aims of this module are to manage industrial design concept generation, design development and the focus on product form and user interface�

#1 Safe Water Safe Water is a personal swimming pool monitor. Safe water keeps track of your pool data to keep both the pool and the users safe. Live data from the device gets sent to the application on the users phone and keeps them up to date with any maintenance that is required. The Safe water app also keeps family members informed if the pool is safe to enter or not.

Internet of things - 9 Weeks - Individual

The Pr

Why is Safe Water needed? With swimming pools having a complex echo system, it can be very difficult for the users to know if the chemical balance is correct in their pool and if it is safe to enter. Waiting for an expert to come and check your pool condition is inconvenient when you want to use your pool and can be several hours before they arrive. Safe Water removes these issues and monitors your pool condition for you, giving you up to date information to allow you to spend more time in your pool.

In 2008, an estimated persons visited an em department for pool c associated injuries. M half of the injuries occ residence.


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Ideation Sketches & Development One of the first elements to this project was my ideation sketching, this consisted of producing a variety of ideas where I could explore the potential forms that the product could take. This significantly developed my sketching skills and taught me how to express my design ideas in a variety of ways along with how to show my design thinking.

Development Proce My process started with form research and ideation sketching, the next step was the creation of foam models to have a 3D prototype. I could use this model to see what the form of the product would be like. When testing this design I identified my product was too large for most users hands so the design had to be developed into a smaller form.










How Safe Water Works 4. 1.

The users turns on Safe Water by pushing the button on the top of the device.


Safe Water is then placed in the swimming pool.


Safe Water will monitor the water condition and send this information to the Safe Water app.


This data will then be used to ensure the swimming pool is safe to use and if there is any maintenance required.

With a display on the top o device Safe Water is ab instantly inform people o pools condition, letting know if the pool is safe to

Combined with the Safe W app the data then can be to all the users of the pool le them know the pools cond

Safe Water F












of the ble to of the them enter.

Water e sent etting dition.

#2 “The aims of this module are to provide core skills and understanding in the areas of manufacturing and materials, in particular injection moulding and polymers. This is done through the exploration of theory but also through a practical exercise of designing and making a working injection moulding tool.�

#2 O2 Touch O2 Touch is a give away widget for touch rugby, the widget itself is a rugby boot stud tool. Through the full process of mould tool design and development ending in the manufacturing process we produced the outcome of a functioning injection moulded widget. The project contained a vast array of different design elements, from sketching, CAD, manufacturing and materials, helping develop my skill sets in these areas.

Injection Moulding Project - 12 Weeks - Group Project

"Tolerances are the key to success in a project of this nature.�


Wo aw he ma as co pro req

Design & Manufacturing Process

orking in a group of six members we produced a mould that could create widget made from LDPE. Refining the design to the widget and mould tool elped us learn how to work to defined tolerances, as well as learning a variety of anufacturing processes. I learnt a combination of hand working processes as well using CNC manufacturing. Using these we were able to produce a mould that ould be used on the injection moulding machine to create our widget. During this oject team work, time management skills and a high level of accuracy were all quired for a successful outcome.

Design & Manufacturing Process Using the lathes, milling machine and other processes the inserts and pins could be created. Through these techniques I learnt how to make multiple elements of a product fit together as one. I learnt that a very high level of precision was required to make sure all aspects of the design would fit together perfectly, especially when combining CNC manufactured parts and hand made parts together.








Combination of CAD & CNC Processes

The creation of a CAD model meant we were able to use a CNC milling machine to produce the top and bottom blocks of the mould. With this I learnt how to make CNC cutting paths on Solidworks and about the different tooling processes. With the CAD model came highly accurate engineering drawings that in turn could be worked from to create the other hand made parts to the mould.

The Final Outcome The final outcome was a two piece product that would slot together and be able to be mass manufactured through injection moulding. The physical stud tool would be made from HDPE, while the branding would be made from an elastomer such as TPE. The mass manufacturing data had to be calculated to identify the amount of moulds that would be required to make 3 million widgets in 3 weeks. This was another aspect where we had to learn about reset times and automated mould opening.

#3 “As a team, you are to redesign your allocated consumer electronic product. Your client (an unbranded manufacturer of products) wants to improve the environmental impact of its products whilst increasing profits.�

#3 Varmé Varmé is a new way to boil water, boiling only the water you need to the temperature you want. Using induction heating and up to five people being able to boil water at once. Varmé has a significantly lower environmental impact compared to traditional methods and brings a social aspect to a everyday task.

Product Re-design - 8 Weeks - Group Project

Why VarmĂŠ? With kettles being one of the main consumers of energy in peoples households, there is a large area for improvement when it comes to making kettles more environmentally friendly. Kettles are generally quite efficient, and convert 80% of their power to boiling the water. One of the key issues with kettles is the user boiling too much water, this is one of the main areas we have addressed with our re-design.


“67% of people in Britain admit to overfilling the kettle each time they use it.”

3.25 Million Street Lights “If everyone boiled only the water they needed, in a year enough electricity would be saved to run half the street lights in the country.”

Varmé Foam Modeling One way to show the form and scale of Varmé was through foam modeling, using a range of materials we were able to produce a accurate model of Varmé. By doing this physical prototyping I learnt about how to go about material selection. The model could be held and we were able to get a sense of scale and presence of what the product would be like.

How VarmĂŠ Works

VarmĂŠ works using induction heating technology, when the rod is in the vessel on the base the liquid is warmed up. Us a exploded view of VarmĂŠ it taught us t sizing and placement of internal compon have to be considered and that working how each component goes together a how it is secured is important. We also h to think about part lines and how we co make these as aesthetic as possible.

g l and sing that nents g out and had ould .

How Varm

The User fills their vessel with the required amount of liquid.

The vessel is then placed onto VarmĂŠ and the user selects the numbered rod.

The rod is placed into th vessel and the liquid w be heated with inductio technology.

me Works

he will on

Using the dial on the end of the rod the user can select a specific temperature for the liquid to be heated to.

The relevant cup icon on the user interface will flash when the water has met the desired temperature, and a happy user gets the perfect drink.

#4 Modj Modj is a modular fridge system, using different sized modules that can be built up to a layout and function that meets your needs and environment. The user simply scans the food on the fridge, Modj will then inform the user of what module is best for that specific food product. The display will then inform the user of food which will be going out of date, so it can be used before it has to be disposed of.

Design Week - 1 Week - Individual Project

Why Do We

Food waste has a significant impact on the worlds environment, food that goes greater then Carbon Dioxide” the methane that come from food waste contrib reduce out of date food waste and potentially stop it all together. Fridges today

£6.7 Billion pounds worth of food and drink is waisted each year because it is not used in time.


Need Modj?

s to landfill creates methane, “which has a global warming potential 21 times butes to 40% of all the methane the UK produces. The design of Modj will help are relatively energy efficient but the way people use them can be improved.

An open door accounts for 7% of the appliance's total energy use.


The initial designs were based around a standard fridge, these ideas did progression to the re-design, I developed my ideas to a design that used a m organization of food products easier for the user. This taught me that sometim what the core functions of a product are to create a new and more innovativ

not bring enough product modular system. This makes mes you need to go back to ve design.

Initial Ideas

Modj Design

Modj is one design outcome of my research, the way Modj has been designed makes it market. In this project I learnt that sustainability is a ever more important factor that nee sustainable strategy needs to be built into as many different new products whether it is in th

Advantages Of Modj Food Saving With smart notifications informing you of when food is going out of date, no out of date food will be thrown away again.

Simple scan and a is scan your food p

Custom Size With different combinations of modules Modj can fit any environment big or small, and cater for all family sizes.

Main display showing clear information of food going out of date on the day and the week ahead.

With doors being op

t more sustainable then other fridges on the eds to be incorporated into design, and that he products materials, manufacture, or disposal.

Easy Use

add system means all you need to do product and Modj will tell you the best module for the food to be stored in.

Environment Saving

pen for less time Modj saves electricity and time for the user.

Individual module displays, to identify specific areas for different food types. Reduces the amount of time spent with fridge door open.

#5 “The brief is to design a smartphone app that enhances the experience of Smart City living. The assignment will consist of low fidelity sketchy screen layouts for a user journeys through the app, detailed final screen layouts, and an interactive Axure RP prototype in relation to its use on a mobile device.�

#5 Pulse App Pulse is an app that helps people identify places to go on a night out in an unfamiliar city. With a lot of cities having a huge variety of night clubs and bars playing all sorts of different music, it can be difficult to know where will be best to go for you. Pulse helps you with making sure that you go to the most suitable venue, making sure you have the best night possible.

User Experience Design - 11 Weeks - Individual Project


Attempting to organise a night out in an unfamiliar location can be difficult.


Trying to navig city to find the of it being tha

Storyboards allowed us to identify the key pain points that oc allowed us to determine the areas that an app would have based on a scenario with the user not having an app and a sec the app. The storyboard above is based on a

User Re

gate around a unfamiliar e venue, with uncertainty at good.


Being in long queues to try and get into the venue, and not knowing how much the entry cost will be.

ccur when planning and going on a night out. This therefore e the biggest effect on. We compared a storyboard that was cond storyboard showing how the scenario would pan out with a scenario where the user didn’t have an app.


Low Fidelit

Once the user research was undertaken the next step was to p paper prototyping on phone templates, these would then be use I could quickly work out the best places for things to go and lear I initially found that I was trying to put t





ty Sketches

produce low fidelity sketches. These were made through rapid ed later on for user testing and feedback. Creating these meant rn the most appropriate locations for the most common buttons. too much information on each screen.




User Testing & Developm

User testing was the next step, using the Pop Prototyping app I was able to add prototypes to a phone and have the user try out the app to see how it perfor allowed me to see how the user interacted with the app, this also allowed m feedback from them on how it could be improved. Learning what was working wasn’t was a vital stage that helped me develop the app to be as user friendly Taking the things I learnt I produced a working prototype using Axure R

I found the homepage icons easy to understand, it would be good to have a sort by option though to make choosing the clubs easier.


d my paper rmed, this me to gain g and what y as possible. RP.

The Fi

From taking on the user feedback and developing they want to know, with global navigation that is fam have added a ‘sort by’ option that allows the user to extremely beneficial as there was several

inal Outcome

the design Pulse has a simple interface showing the user the information miliar to many it makes navigating through the app easy and effective. I o rank the information in order of importance. I learnt that user feedback is l things that I missed when testing the paper prototypes myself.

Max B

I am currently a second year design sector, I am a very ve I enjoy experiencing and lea myself to be the best of my a

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MG Photo

2016 - Present Working in ph company at

Sign Mark

One Week - 2 Creation of ba along with pri


r student who is seeking a placement in the ersatile person who is willing to give anything a go. arning new things with the drive to always push ability in all aspects of my life.

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t hoto booths for photography variety of different events.

keting - Graphic Designer

2014 anners and other graphic material, inting and construction of signage.


Thank I look forward to

k You. hearing from you.

Max Benning-Batstone - Industrial Design Portfolio 2017, Loughborough University  

Hello, I am an Industrial Design student studying at the University of Loughborough. This is a collection of some of my design work that I h...

Max Benning-Batstone - Industrial Design Portfolio 2017, Loughborough University  

Hello, I am an Industrial Design student studying at the University of Loughborough. This is a collection of some of my design work that I h...