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According to the Bible, every 50th year was a Jubilee year for the nation of Israel. During that year, all that had been lost or taken away was restored. Lev.25:10




time of freedom and of celebration when everyone will receive back their original property, and slaves will return home to their families”. As many nations in Africa celebrate their 50th year of independence (including Uganda in 2012 and Kenya in 2013), this is a Jubilee season for much of the continent. My prayer for us at Mavuno, as we listen to, and apply God’s word, is that this will be a season of freedom and celebration; a year of debt cancellation and release from bondage in our lives and in the lives of those whom we love. And in the process, that we, the Fearless, will be involved in the work of bringing Jubilee restoration in the lives of our fellow citizens. church in this Jubilee year is OCCUPY!


ownership of every area that God has assigned to us and maximize on every opportunity presented. And already occupation has begun! pay the deposit on the land God led us to in Mlolongo - the land where we intend to establish the global headquarters for this movement. With God’s help, this property will be an amazing training ground for an army of reformation of the nations. Speaking of nations, we began the year with a phenomenal time of prayer and envisioning for the year together with

It was a great joy reconnecting with our campus teams from Kampala and Berlin as well as our outreach teams to Lusaka, Blantyre and Kigali. We also spent some amazing times anticipating together what God has in store for us in 2013. One of the most amazing praise reports was from Mavuno Kampala, where God has opened a miraculous opportunity to share the gospel with army troops in Somalia funded by the government and the UN! In February we had the privilege of commissioning Pastor Charles Maina to was held on March 3rd 2013, and already I am itching for the next edition of this publication because I know we will have much to celebrate and share about how nation. And in the month of March, we had the privilege of speaking to the nation, as Mavuno Central’s services just before and live TV across the East Africa region. Closer to home, we’ve already seen over 150 people give their lives to Christ in the various Nairobi campuses. And indeed

every week I continue to hear stories of amazing transformation stories in every one of our campuses. All glory to God! As we enter into the Easter season, let’s continue to pray for the nation of Kenya elections under the new constitution. God was certainly gracious in granting peace across the entire country. As the courts give hearing and judgment on the legal challenges to the results, I believe this is an opportune moment for fearless begin to play an active role in healing this great nation. In the words of the prayer that is Kenya’s national anthem, may the God of all creation bless this land and nation by establishing justice as our shield and defender and enabling us to dwell in unity, peace and liberty, so that plenty will be found within our borders. I’m glad to be alive and involved alongside you in the work of extending times. Mavuno, it’s our year to OCCUPY! Muriithi Wanjau, Senior Pastor

MIZIZI - Kigali, Rwanda Tour of DUTY

MIZIZI - Blantyre, Malawi Tour of



April 2012: The journey begins,

destination Blantyre City, set in the beautiful hills in the southern end of Malawi, the country’s second largest city and centre of commerce and business. Named after a Scottish town of similar name, Blantyre is the city with the longest historic and cultural heritage in the region; predating Nairobi, Harare and Johannesburg. And on 4th May 2012, Mizizi Blantyre was born at a historic cocktail at Malawi Sun Hotel.


“I cannot tell you why I keep coming back week after week, but I can’t help it. There is nothing neither new nor spectacular. It’s just different… and simple… and transformational.” Thomas Nkosi, (entrepreneur) Mizizi Season I alumni

July 2012: The premier season

closes. There is excitement at Blantyre Baptist, our host church, to celebrate this amazing ten week journey. The people registered, prayed and fasted for

signed up for 10 transformational weeks of the Mizizi experience. “Where on earth do you get this zeal for God? I’ve never seen anything like it! I don’t know what it is but I want what they have. Maybe I’ll influence someone in the end.” Muyeko Mwenifumbo, (student) Mizizi Season II alumni

TALES from

KIMORONKO By Edwin Rwigi

September 2012: A new season

Kigali’s equivalent of Machakos Country Bus terminus is known as Nyarugogo.

begins. They came in with their various hopes, expectations, demands and experiences. 10 weeks of spiritual significance was on the cards. As fate would have it, some Mizizites invite friends and family to the class, and they fit in like they’ve been there all along. You know it’s real when you hear testimonies of life change, of spiritual awakening, of relationships healed and revived.

I arrived there early October 2012 at around 7am, and after a grueling 24-hour road trip, I’m ready to collapse into a heap. Fortunately it’s not long before my host points me to my room. (Mizizi Rwanda... Let’s do this!) few weeks later I am seated at a table close to the edge of the balcony, surrounded by 15 others in a room illuminated by two low hanging shaded lights. The air is thick with expectation. We have been meeting every Tuesday night at Mama Africa, a serene, afro-themed restaurant in Kimichanga. We recently had a Saturday activity, a half-day of prayer and fasting. People are laughing and teasing each other about their fasting experiences. Some had never fasted before, and it was interesting hearing one member who hasn’t quite committed to Christ, with a huge grin, describe their prayer and fasting experience as being pleasantly different. This is a diverse group of Rwandese, Ugandan and some Kenyan folk, all aged between 24 and 34. They are young

professionals seeking after purpose, and represent fields such as media, IT, finance & banking, marketing, psychology and audit. The day’s session is coming to an end, and as prayer partnerships are announced, Fred and Silas pound fists in approval of the exercise. That makes me happy. Collin lives in Kibagabaga, and gives Erick (Kismeti) and I (Kimoronko) a ride home. A quick detour to the oddly named Kamau’s Nyama Choma and we are soon engulfed in healthy conversation. Erick is a recent convert, a Kenyan who has lived half of his life in Rwanda, and he shares about salvation, struggles in both faith and life, dreams and aspirations, fears and failures and a whole lot in between. Mizizi has meant a lot to him, and from week 3 of the study he shares how the SPECTS analysis from

the Mizizi experience has enriched his devotional time. He now has a journal, which he excitedly shows to me. I can’t make much beyond the first two lines, he must have been a doctor in a previous life. He has questions about Galatians 2:20, and says “I want to give all of my life to God”. My heart is turned to mush.

Class Social Justice At Juvenile Home

Looking back I think may be I should be more like Erick – constantly engaging God in my life. That night I hit the sack late, but I was very excited.

half a day, spent time at Chimwemwe Children’s centre and left the children smiling. “The coming of Mizizi was timely. I am not the same person after going through it and never will be.’’

I might have missed the premiere of Sky Fall, but one thing I know for sure is that I don’t need no James Bond waking me up in the middle of the night urging me to pray for Erick and my Mizizi class. It’s a privilege to be a co-worker with Christ. Wait, I take that back. It is a privilege to be his servant in this work of salvation.

Sam Kabambe, (media personality) season I alumnus

August 2012: A team of Mavuno

Jack Odeo 4 4

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

interns set out to Blantyre Malawi for their international mission; a follow up to the grand launch of Mizizi Blantyre earlier in May. They came, they saw, they influenced. 18 college students

“I want all my friends to do this. Mizizi. It’s going back to the roots, the foundations of my faith. It’s a reminder of why I got saved and why God has me here; to influence others yet to experience Him. It’s clearer for me now.” Yolanda Katsonga, (pre -school principal) Mizizi season II alumni

December 2012: The curtains

close yet again, on season II but the experience lives on as the vision becomes a reality. “It's amazing to know that the Mizizi experience is part of something so much bigger - "Take a city, Change a continent and Win the world." This gift came at just the right time and I feel inspired to impact others with all that I learnt.”

Faith Nyirenda, (student) Mizizi season II alumni

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013


No Longer triple


By Esther Mwaniki

Been there. Done that. Bought the T-Shirt.

That was the story of Dennis Kaweru, or as many knew him, “Triple-Distilled”. e was the definition of “smooth operator”; his love for the ladies knew no bounds. He admits to seasons of spending more on condoms than on rent! And to keep the chase interesting, he would identify the hardest targets to ‘conquer’. He became so good at his game that at some point he was even sleeping with the Dean of one of the schools he attended! All these, however, were short flings. “Man – U is the longest relationship I have ever had with anyone outside my family!” he quips. Dennis had another crippling weakness - the bottle! He loved all the hard drinks, vodka being his favorite. (His relationship with weed being an altogether different story). Small wonder he earned the nickname “Triple-Distilled”. 6 6

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

Yet perhaps more intriguing is the fact that Dennis is the first born son of a Bishop! So what had led him down this lane, I ask. His simple answer, “Rebellion. My father was a very different man when away from the church; he would beat my mum, and parade his kids as models of his good parenting when we went to church. I hated him, the church that he represented and the God he preached.” Dennis made it his life mission to be very different from his father, and he made good on this promise. So what brought him to Mavuno? Simple, a wager. A friend of his, Ciiru Mugane, had recently moved to Mavuno, and this once party animal had completely transformed. She promised Dennis an amount of cash

if he came to church and stayed for a while. “I could not walk away from the money. Besides, I wanted to see what it was that had turned her life around this much.” His clever plan was to attend the last few minutes of the service, and show his face to Ciiru to convince her of his presence. There began his Mavuno story.

Mavuno Story Dennis attended three consecutive services and got hooked. He loved the series that was going on; it seemed to highlight how God chooses the unqualified, and how His disciples were the least likely. This was a gospel radically different from what he had heard all his life. He thought God was only interested in wellmannered and perfect people, but here he was learning how Christ was a friend of sinners. He was intrigued.

By the time Ciiru placed a second wager on Mizizi, Dennis was already sold.

“Mizizi is the most amazing thing I have ever done. I made friends with people who did not judge me, and who were eager to walk with me.” He never once missed a class; it was the highlight of his 10 weeks. That is not to mean his escapades ceased all of a sudden. What he did was make a commitment to attend each and every session, sober or otherwise! As he did Mizizi, his eyes began to open. He realized that all this time he had been trying to fill his life with many meaningless things, and he had been seeking for purpose and direction. During the Mizizi retreat, he gave his life to Christ, and discovered his purpose was in Christ. He made a decision to be sold out to God, his mantra being ‘salvation with swag’. “I felt I was in the right place. One of the things I love about Mavuno is the swag; it is possible to be cool and saved.”

Connected Dennis has since connected to his

God-given purpose, and is even serving in Mavuno’s ushering team. He is surrounded by a new group of friends who walk with him in his journey of faith, and are interested in him being the person God created him to be. His relationship with his dad was restored, and he is now even working with a children’s home in Kiambu and has connected 2 street kids to a school in Kibera. “My life has never had more meaning!” He ends our conversation saying ‘my life is not where it should be, but it sure is not what it used to be’. He was once known as ‘Triple-Distilled’, now God is giving him a new name. One defined by a real sense of purpose.

Mizizi is a ten-week transformational experience designed to help individuals connect with God, connect with great people, and get on the journey of discovering their God-given purpose. MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013





LUSAKA By Sylvia Mukami

The energy is off the charts as the dynamic duo; Elface and Geo lead Wandikweza, a recent anthem at Mavuno worship

Name: George Musiwa Code name: Geo 9-5: Music producer

Discovery Class of 2012 aka D12 Team: Greenhouse (3D Inferno)

nights. These two gentlemen have come a long way from the nation nicknamed “the air-conditioned state”. They say a revolution has begun in Zambia, and the place will never be the same again. It’s early in the year, but for them, school’s out. We caught up with them just after their graduation from Discovery Africa

Co curricular activity:

Name: Elface Mwanza Code name: Rizen Rizon Class of 2012 aka D12 9-5: Recording artiste Team: Service Production Off- Peak Hours: Dialinga-delivery

Mentoring upcoming rappers at Teenz Konnekt

Off-Peak: playing Angry Birds Point of Entry I was busy, Point of entry: I was a youth

leader as well as a band member back in my home church, plus I also dabbled in music production. I was seriously overworked, and it wasn’t long before I was diagnosed with Bells palsy, a temporary paralysis of one side of the face. Right there, I knew I had to slow down. At the time I was on a pedestal, teenagers and my band members would look up to me, and I needed a break from the spotlight. I was glad when Mavuno brought Mizizi to Zambia, and as soon as I was done, I signed up for ‘Discovery Africa’.

When I landed I was excited. I

was struck by Mavuno’s services, they were creative and fresh. One morning, I looked outside my window and realized I was going to stay here for a year. I battled with self doubt and loneliness. I really missed home but I kept having faith and decided to plug in; that’s what saw me through. 8 8

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

Discovery taught me to have

a vision that is bigger than myself. What seemed almost impossible at first, like influencing a nation, now feels possible. I have learnt great leadership lessons, and have been able to use them to raise phenomenal leaders in both Greenhouse and Teenz konnekt.

in Olkejuado County. The impact in both places was amazing. In Torosei, we had neither telephone network nor electricity, and I got to experience the Maasai worship with nothing else but their voices, hands and feet. No Electricity. No camera. Nothing I had been used to seeing during a normal worship service, yet God moved powerfully.

Discovery offers gifted people an experience that helps them grow and consequently change society. I now know that every leader is a failed leader until he replaces himself.

Discovery also worked as a door opener for me by allowing me to record music with some of the artistes that I have met in Mavuno.

One thing I know for sure

is that greatness begins now. Those small things that I do (my small assignments) lead to my big assignment (my purpose).

My greatest highlight was

heading with the team on various missions. I had the privilege of leading a team into Kigali on a short-term mission, and later participated in a mission to Torosei,

I know Zambia will never be the same again because I

have come to understand the power of music & the arts has to not only influence society, but set the agenda for an entire generation. I am intent on multiplying myself to create many more artists who will systematically become culture shaping icons.

traveling around Zambia as I ministered through music. It really was draining at some point. It was time to re-evaluate and get rejuvenated. I’m really glad I came across Discovery Africa.

When I landed I wanted to head

back that minute but I knew I was here for a purpose. I decided to stick it out. I expected to do more, musically but I didn’t, but this worked out for the best because I would not have discovered things about myself and my purpose that God had intended to teach me

Discovery: As I served, I learnt

humility by being in a ministry I had not anticipated. Internship has taught me balance and my effectiveness in ministry has increased. I discovered my leadership style, my strengths and blind spots. My faith has grown. I saw God come through for me financially in both international missions.

I know Zambia will never be the same again: I can see

that I count for something more, something beyond music. I see myself as an initiator of change. Over the last 12 months Geo and I have been preparing a manual for mentoring and discipling artistes in Zambia- Rewired. Classes start this February; hopefully, the same will take place in Tanzania in April.

they have their own styles of leadership. At some point, I had to listen to the people I led because whatever I had in mind was not working on the ground. That taught me humility. Looking back, I am glad I did not quit. I was misunderstood by many as it was a great risk but I finished well.

My greatest lesson: God can

take care of me in any country, culture and situation. I am not afraid.

One thing I know for sure:

The church really is the hope of the world. And I am part of it. My zeal for governance and the environment increased while on Discovery. I have a burning passion to keep leaders accountable, and I hope to rally the Zambian youth to clean up Lusaka.

My greatest leadership challenge was when I led the

Discovery team into Malawi. It is not easy leading leaders because

Discovery Africa is a one year full-time leadership training program that seeks to train and equip candidates for God-centered, transformational leadership. Through this one year internship, each intern is prepared to become the leader God created them to be. Intakes are in January and August. For more details reach us at

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013




Expansion Office Pastors Waweru Njenga, Kevin Nderitu, Kyama Mugambi, Richard Chogo, Tim Kaburu.

– expansion office

By Pastor Kyama Mugambi

2012 presented a year of unlimited possibilities.

In all aspects of my life I had to look inward to answer questions that had been on my mind. I would love to say that Jesus is the answer and leave it at that but how will you know it was my year to THRIVE?

ne of the highlights as a department was the March spy trip. I had the honor of leading eight courageous men and women to the warm heart of Africa - Malawi. It was a humbling experience to see 5 different nationalities unite under one cause. To change the city, take the continent and win the world. To see this vision take shape with my own eyes? Priceless!

to see a young man from Mavuno Downtown (MDT) take this vision and run with it. He sacrificed his time and comfort away from his family to serve in Mavuno Kampala for a couple of months. He proved a real asset to the Mavuno family we just had to have him. Kelvin Mugambi is currently doing his internship at MDT where he’s being equipped to serve at greater capacity.

God really exuded His abilities in this trip and it felt like He wanted us to know He was in control. Did I mention that a Mavunite happily donated his van for the trip and we didn’t pay for accommodation either? Say ‘favor’! My wife has declared her candidacy as my travel mate in the next spy trip so that she can see this vision crystallize with her own eyes.

With Pastor Muriithi on sabbatical I was left to steward the church, smack bang in the middle of the Count Me In campaign. Life lessons were drawn from this experience and I’m thankful to the Mavuno leadership for allowing me to shepherd them and lending me the necessary support in this.

A personal highlight for me was 10 10

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

This year is a big one! We just kick-started Mavuno Lusaka and are looking at launching out into

Addis Ababa and Harare. With this in mind I’m positioning myself to raise leaders capable of reaching out to this generation and the next. It’s history in the making. Pst Kyama Mugambi

Executive Pastor- Expansion

Let theChildren come to me By Wangeci Kanyeki

Jeddy Odera,

Harris Mwongela

When my daughter Zuri turned two, I decided to take her to the Green House. She was timid and I had to sit with her in class to give her confidence. I was surprised to see how overwhelming teaching the kids there could be, so I decided to lessen their load by volunteering every alternative month for an hour each week.

I have a passion for children, so I joined Greenhouse in January 2012.

Marketing Executive, Projector Solutions

At the time I was doing Mizizi, and I discovered my passion for children. One day the seven year old class, full with over 30 children had no teacher and I was asked to assist. I have been a teacher ever since. Greenhouse has taught me how to handle children of different ages, and grown my confidence as a teacher immensely. Now I’m always looking out for the timid ones so I can build their own confidence. The children love me and invite me for their birthday parties, and I love it when they spot me from a mile away in the supermarket. Working in Green house has improved my parenting skills and helped me nurture Zuri spiritually.

Ethiopia - Addis Ababa Malawi - Blantyre Zimbabwe - Harare

Zuri is now five years old and has grown in confidence and can speak up. When Zuri watches me teach, she says “If Mommy can do it, so can I.”

Musyoka, Graphic Designer, Envisage Multimedia

Being a graphic designer, I was invited to make crafts, computer-generated crosswords, puzzles and word searches to nurture the children’s spiritual growth. I had never actually worked with children before, yet with time, I have gotten to know, understand and connect with them. From observing the children I have learned that life is simple and I should not hold on to many things. Just let things go and put your trust in God. With the kids your worries such as unmet deadlines, heaps of work, a quarrel with your boss or threat of losing a job are all forgotten as you serve. I love it, and I give Green House priority and regularly pray for them. I have also learnt that Greenhouse is not a quick dash. It takes time to know the kids and invest in them. It encourages me to pursue my dream to set up a children’s home someday. Greenhouse is the best place to get equipped for this ministry.

The Greenhouse is Mavuno’s thriving children’s church. With just over 700 kids each week, it takes the skill and dedication of not just pastors, but of highly motivated and enthusiastic associates (volunteer leaders) MAVUNO LIFE March 2013


Ashley & her dad

Parenting is a

choice either. Obedience was not an option. It was the only thing going. Now, it is about a relationship with my parents where I choose to respect them, and we have conversations and understanding.”

Ashley says, “I was 11 or 12 at the time and my relationship with my parents mainly had to do what they said and wanted, and I was yelled at more than I was talked to. I did what I was told mainly out of fear and pretty much not having much of a

The impact this has had is that at her school, where she’s in Year 10, Ashley is the go-to person when her peers need to talk about the issues they are dealing with. Her achievements that attest to this include being elected as a

She adds, “Mum has since gone on to be a Lea facilitator and parenting coach at Mavuno and so it is an ongoing conversation at our house.”

Contact Sport

“Do you think parents ought to take LEA?” This would be an obvious question to ask when delving into an exposition of Mavuno’s Intentional Parenting experience. Only thing is, I asked this question to a 14-year old who is far from being a parent herself. Her answer was amazing.

12 12

Ashley Kigen

yet I was their mother." As she went through LEA, and the reality of her parenting settled in, she knew something had to give. It wasn’t long before she voluntarily resigned from her job and dedicated herself to following her new-found passion which, as she puts it, is “Building structure in the family while intentionally parenting and mentoring the youth''.

“Yes, doing LEA helps the parent get into the world of the child and form a relationship, the age of the child notwithstanding.”

“It helps the parent get into the world of their children without losing the Godly authority bestowed on them.”

Ashley initially thought her mum enrolling in a parenting class was, well, just a joke.

Ashley Kigen, 14, the first born of 3 girls and sister to Amy, 9, and Ariel

“One of those things or classes mum would take and sometimes ask dad to join her to advance their careers

MAVUNO MAVUNO LIFE LIFE March March 2013 2013

“Oh, boys! I see a lot of my friends using boys to fill gaps in their lives. I don’t have any; so, I take boys as friends.”

or fill their weekends. Yeah, that was mum and dad before LEA for me,” At the time, Ashley’s mum, Rose Kigen was a high flying marketing executive at a leading multi-national firm, and was extremely busy building her career. She was the proverbial ‘top of her class’, and was constantly receiving plaudits for surpassing huge targets. Yet as she attempted balance between her thriving career and her responsibilities as a mum and a wife, she floundered. The further up the corporate ladder she climbed, the more distant Ashley and her other daughters became. She says, “I realised I had sidelined my children and they were beginning to get more comfortable with the house help as opposed to me. They preferred to confide in her

How About Discipline? Discipline is a huge topic in the LEA 10-week experience. The Biblical principles governing discipline transformed the Kigen household and certainly Ashley’s, Amy’s and Ariel’s upbringing. Where discipline was once synonymous to punishment and enforcement of rules and ‘proper’ behaviour, it has now become a quality of order and control. Consequences for misbehaving are clearly communicated, punishment is understood and behaviour change is the inevitable result. “What about boys? What do your parents say about relating to boys?”

By Chris Lyimo

4, is a bold, spirited and confident girl; but you wouldn’t tell this until she starts talking. She is a joy to listen to, initially comes across as a quiet, unassuming personality until she quickly settles into the conversation, with a burst of energy, confidence and passion for life. This she exhibits in animated gestures, speech and fingers brushing through her long braids.

school prefect, organising a teens’ financial camp at Kingdom Business Network’s during last August holiday, interning at Simani and Simani Co. Advocates as she wants to study law and having an interview during the "Fulfilling Your Potential" sermon series at Teenz Konnect; all that in one year.

Ashley & her two sisters

Clear, direct, confident, unwavering and final. My lingering thought was here was a girl purposeful about her life.

Lea (Swahili word for ‘Parenting’) is a ten-week, life changing experience to equip you with practical tips on how to intentionally raise great high-achiever and successful kids. Learn how to navigate common parenting pitfalls.

Ashley with some of her friends

MAVUNO MAVUNO LIFE LIFE March March 2013 2013

13 13

ThisBoyThis Man – Our Brother’s Keeper

By Chris Lyimo (Additional writing by David Kuria)

This Boy This Man (TBTM) is a unique frontline initiative of Mavuno Mashariki that best personifies Mavuno’s values

of Relevance, Excellence, Authenticity and Passion. And Cindy Ogana was just the man, sorry the woman, for the job. “No really, why This Boy This Man?” I asked. “What was missing that you felt its presence would make a difference? What inspired you? Why Cindy and not, a guy?” The ease and grace with which she glides into the conversation makes the restaurant setting for our interview comfortable. “My desire is really to celebrate the boy child. Over the years there has been a lot of attention paid to the girl child, and being the mother to a 2 yearold boy, I’m keen to see him pick up values that will not only make him a man of integrity but also a man among men in society. I already see him as someone’s husband, father and brother”. 14

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

Cindy, a published poet, accomplished MC and a participant on KTN’s The Presenter goes on to say, “our Kenyan society hasn’t lauded men’s efforts as much as we lambast them for failing. Society demands so much from men and in such a cruel, emotionless manner. I just wanted to do something to help instead of joining the masses and talking down on the very specie we need to elevate us.”

officially called. Cindy who is also a radio presenter, had invited personnel from National Authority on the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) to the HOT 96 studio. During the show, they revealed the extent to which alcoholism had left communities matriarchal, stemming from the postindependent era when the male freedom fighters came home from fighting in the bush and found the women had taken over the running of both domestic and economic affairs .Consequently, the men

resorted to the bottle and shirked their responsibility. That’s when she started “This Boy/This Man”, a bi-monthly event organised by herself and Tamasha Beats Management Ltd. Every 1st Thursday, bi-monthly at Dass Ethiopian Restaurant in Westlands, this charity event features an evening of music, poetry and fun, but also key guests sharing life-skills tips and training on what it means to be men. Some of their guests have included Hon. Peter Kenneth, actor Kevin

Samuel (Mali) and musicians such as Amileena, Ng’ang’alito and Mimmo. Media personalities from Janet Mbugua and Bernard Ndong, to Michelle Morgan and Waihiga Mwaura, have also graced the event. Some of the noble causes the event has supported is that of an 11-year old boy whose plight was captured on KTN after Nairobi City Council workers cut off his genitals, as well as 16 year old leukemia patient Caleb Kipkan who had been featured on Citizen television. They have also raised funds to purchase books for Uhuru Boys High School, and supported George Ojwang, a gentleman whose wife fell into a 6 month coma before passing on – they had accrued an Ksh. 18 million hospital bill. “My deep gratitude goes to the pastoral team of Mavuno Mashariki who share in my vision of changing men one generation at a time. Whenever I host TBTM it is not only announced in church but the pastoral team and some members of the congregation attend. It is in line with our church’s “Boys to Men” program that targets High School boys seeking a deeper value for their lives/manhood.”

This Boy/This Man is organised by Cindy Ogana of Bonita Belle Inc. and Tamasha Beats Management Ltd. It is a celebration of the boy child and the man child.

Interesting to note, Cindy adds, is that out of all her female friends, she is the only one whose father in still married to his wife. Male role models to teach our daughters how to be princesses and our men to be princes are in short supply.

You will find them on Facebook at www. thisboythisman/

Her curiosity into the “male question” was heightened during the enactment of the infamous ‘Mututho Law’ or the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2010 as it is

Cindy Ogana of Belle Inc.

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013


LIFE-GROUPS - (Top L-R) Pastors Milton Jumba, Toni Mungai, Gordon Rogo, Sam Mwaka (Bottom L-R) Anne-Marie Nakimera, Jade Gichuri, Sylvia Mukami, Beverly Mlale

MASHARIKI - Pastors Waweru Njenga, Allan Kefa, Janet Chogo, Nelly Mukuria, Janet Nzilani, Njeru Runji, Rahadia Chogo, Tim Kaburu

Leaders’ LOG

- Vision & Leadership Office

By Pastor Carol Wanjau

In the midst of a conversation, a congregation member once quizzically looked at me and asked “what exactly do you do?” And I could understand their confusion.

Leaders’ t’s not every day that one hears of a ‘Vision and Leadership office’, indeed what corporate term best parallels this function? I will let you decide but first let me describe some of the functions of this department.

SERVICES - Pastors Emmanuel Gachanja, Ler Koteng’o, Robert Kemboi, Henry Wamai, Vincent Kasule, Michael Onen, Nelly Mukuria

CONNECT - Pastors Susan Mwangi, Thomas Omollo, Trizah Gakwa (Missing: Cynthia Rawlings)

MAVUNO DOWNTOWN - Pastors Kevin Kilonzi, Kelvin Mugambi, Kevin Nderitu, Karimi Wamai, Evie Waweru, Kui Wanjohi (Missing Pastor Benson Xavier)

16 16

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

GREENHOUSE - Pastors Darius Okello, Victoria Mbuvi, Kirigo Mathai, Nene Ochieng, Rachel Tuhimbise (Missing Pastors Cynthia Otieno, Mark Nduati)

DISCOVERY AFRICA - Top (Samuel Muthomi, Darius Okello, Kelvin

Mugambi, Robert Kemboi, Emmanuel Gachanja. Bottom (Kelly Wepundi, Victoria Mbuvi, Susan Wanjiru, Emily Wangui, Kui Wanjohi, Rachel Tuhimbise, Njeru Runji

The Vision and Leadership office, led by our Senior Pastor, sets direction for the entire Movement. So how does this work? Maybe as one who has known Pastor Muriithi for a long time, perhaps I can tell you how it all started. You may have heard Pastor Muriithi mention that he played team sports (rugby, to be specific) but what you might not hear mentioned enough, is the effect that this had on him. You see at that time Pastor Muriithi had just given his life to Christ, having grown up in a strong, nurturing Christian family. But his pals in the rugby field were not as fortunate. They came from broken homes

where conflict, strife and divorce were rampant and his friends had started engaging in lifestyles that were destined to be just like their parents. Unfortunately however, despite the chaos, these pals would never come to church to sort their lives. They did not think the church was relevant! Ouch! How? Isn’t church supposed to be a place where people received solutions to life issues?

The main reason these pals found church irrelevant was that it was speaking a different language: whereas music out there was fast, poppy and hip, at church, it was a slow dirge in Shakespearean English. The church also talked about strange stuff like ‘being covered in the blood of Jesus’ or ‘winning souls’ and ‘feeding sheep’! This I know caused and still causes Pastor M sleepless nights. As we dreamed about the kind of church Mavuno should be it was clear that it would have to be one

Pastors Sam Muthomi, Maggie Gitau, Kuyoh Owuor, Rachel Maina, Carol Wanjau, Lucy Kachale, Nyambura Kamau, David Kuria

that is relevant to those who do not attend church. This is the passion and call that God has put in his heart and it is from this perspective that he leads the entire movement.

So what then is my role? As his partner (or as some say, better half), we dreamt and still dream together; we pray together, talk together yes even fight as we seek to understand and fulfill this great dream that God birthed in our hearts to accomplish in our lifetime. The Vision and leadership office therefore does exactly that. Provide strategic direction, according to God’s leading, to the entire movement which involves among other functions, envisioning the organization (i.e. Mavuno Staff and congregation), aligning the organization to the vision and developing networks that help expand Mavuno’s influence.

So the next time someone asks the role of the Vision and Leadership office. Well, there you have it!

Neema Leading Some Exhuberant Worship

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013


eventual buildings. We hope to soon invite you to share in kind any resources/professional skills you have as we begin preparing the land for occupation

step process to take possession of a 20-acre piece of land in Mlolongo where we intend to settle. We dubbed this “SECURE-

OCCUPY-OWN”. The property


The story is told of a large American shoe company that sent two sales representatives out to different parts of the Australian outback to see if they could drum up some business among the Aborigines.

Shortly after, the company received telegrams from both agents. The first said, “No business here... natives don’t wear shoes.” The second one said, “Great opportunity here... natives don’t wear shoes!” Talk about missed opportunities! One of them was blinded to the possibilities, yet the second realized the sky was the limit. Over the years many ‘salesmen’ have dubbed Africa “the Dark Continent”, and miss the opportunity. Yet Africa is home to 7 of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world, and unlike in the West where economic growth has mostly stagnated, Africa’s is just beginning. Many predict a take-off similar to what China experienced 30 years ago, or India 20 years ago. With increasing peace and stability across the continent, vast mineral resource, a large young urban workforce, and huge markets, Africa is becoming increasingly influential. In the midst of all this there is a growing urban population that is becoming increasingly influential, 18 18

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

commanding great resource, and determining the social, economic and spiritual direction of the continent. Yet for many of them, church and spirituality have become increasingly irrelevant. We are excited...the natives have no shoes! As Mavuno we are beginning to position ourselves for global impact, with Africa key to all this. Our vision is broken down as: * 2015 - A City-Impacting church that is ready for Africa (a 20,000 member church in Nairobi meeting in 5 locations, and Mavuno churches in 10 African cities) * 2025 - Taking A Continent to Win The World (a culturedefining church in every capital city of Africa and a gateway city church on every continent)

Take AFRICA! We began 2013 with a clarion call to OCCUPY - to confidently take ownership in every area that God has assigned to us and maximize on every opportunity presented. As Mavuno, 2013 is our year to OCCUPY! It is with our vision in mind that in 2012 we aggressively ramped up our efforts to take Africa. Our goal is to develop a home that will not only be our base of operations, but also serve as the global headquarters of this movement. From here we will raise a fearless army for the continent, men and women ready for the work of the reformation of the nations.

3. Change Of User Ksh. 200 million Thirdly the Development Team has


, cost was and as we trust God for Mavunites to fulfill their pledges, a short-term

Ksh. 100


bridging facility of

Cash Received

help us close the deal. We are glad to announce the SECURE phase is nearing completion.

Ksh. 96,093,953.00

Cash Pledged

Ksh. 357,839,172.00

Number of pledgers

1,417 people

To this end Mavunites, must be commended. The entire Mavuno community has participated robustly through their prayer, by being advocates for these plans, and also in their giving. Our blessing is like that spoken over Ruth, “May the Lord repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge” (Ruth 2:12).

Time To OCCUPY Last year we embarked on a three-

million has been received to

The Occupy phase involves the actual relocation of our Mavuno Central campus from Belle Vue to Mlolongo. To this end a number of exciting things have happened.

1. Mavuno 3.0 Tours

Firstly, three tours were organized to the land. During these trips, Mavuno’s staff, leaders and congregation visited the property and began to spiritually take hold of it.

2. Architectural

Planning A “Design Workshop” was recently held with various Mavuno staff and leaders to envision what the Mavuno space will look like when do move there. Our intention is to develop a space that adequately meets the needs of the Mavuno family, but is also a communityoriented space that invites even nonMavunites to access and enjoy this space. We are now in the architectural planning phase to determine the best use for the whole property including

now entered a ‘Change-Of-User’ process that will enable Mavuno fully utilise the space for its purposes. The land is currently designated for Residential Use and we are looking to change this to a Mixed-Use facility. We want to continue to encourage the entire community to be diligent in prayer and serving, but also in faithful giving. Even as we thank God for the faithfulness of His people, we pray that we would press on - we have debt we urgently need to retire and a relocation budget of Ksh. 100-150 million to fund. We believe that as God’s people continue in faithfulness, fulfilling their pledges and giving sacrificially towards this vision, nothing will be impossible with God on our side. Our encouragement? “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Hebrews 6:9). Mavuno Church now has three Nairobi Campuses, and one each in Kampala, (the recently launched) Lusaka and further out in Berlin! The Lord is positioning us to take Africa and the nations. We are excited – the natives will soon have shoes!

Mavuno leaders during the 3.0 Tours

* 2035 - To Win The World in our Generation (a culturedefining church in the key influential global capitals, and a global movement of fearless influencers who are changing every sector of society)

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

19 19

Carl Kachale, Development Banker

“I’m a development banker, but my real purpose is to be able to open up doors for Mavuno everywhere in Africa. I go to 53 African capitals in Africa and talk to all the policy and decision makers of our time. I believe this is just a platform that God has given me to spread Mavuno’s influence through all the African cities as part of our vision. I’ve had the privilege of opening doors for Mavuno through launching Mizizi in Malawi, Rwanda, and soon going to the DRC and Angola and possibly Botswana. I don’t believe Africa is the dark continent. I think it’s our time and our time now! You can count me in!”

Wendy Masale, Program Manager (Community Development)

A friend of mine introduced me to Mavuno at a time when I was desperate and just come out of a bad relationship and was a mess. Since then, God has done an amazing work of healing me from those wounds, and restored me to a place of leadership in the community of faith. I did Mizizi, became a lifegroup leader and later a life-group coach. I now serve in Simama, and I’m passionate to reach out to others who have gone through what I have.

Buddha Blaze, Entertainment Promoter

If you knew where I was when I first came to Mavuno, you’d know why I’m so excited about Mavuno 3.0. Before I came to Mavuno my life was in complete turmoil. I was messed up. I had tried everything under the sun to try and get sorted, I’d even tried shrinks. But Mavuno was the first place I encountered something real. This was the first place that showed me God, and taught me that the thing that matters most is my connection with God. It’s turned my life around.


I have faith that when we finally move to Mlolongo, God will establish us and do an amazing work of impact and changed lives in the area, and I am looking forward. For those who have reallly plugged in, God will move them to another level and bless them for their faith.



Right now I am so excited! I’ve never been involved in building anything in my life, and to be part of doing something so significant with Mavuno is amazing. I don’t know if Mavunites know it, but this is a historic moment. When Mavuno moves and settles down, it is going to be HUGE!! I’m just waiting to see, because Mavuno is going to be a powerful tool in the life of thousands of others. That is why I have given, and I will continue to give until Mavuno fulfills it’s purpose. Mavuno is a very special place to me!”

Esther Mwaniki, Banker

Maajabu Mbaga, Marketing Executive

“I’m originally from Tanzania and I’m part of the Pearls of Testimony lifegroup that was involved in launching Mizizi in Dar-es-Salam. I’ve since developed a burden to see Mavuno launch out into other African cities. I was part of the spy trip that took Mizizi to Malawi and Rwanda. I’m excited. I want to be part of shaping Africa’s future with Mavuno. All I can say is, Mavuno Church, Count me in!” 20 20

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

When I first heard about Count Me In, I was skeptical about it. However my life has been so transformed here and knew I had to participate. I made my commitment to give towards ‘Count Me In’ at a time when I was about to quit my job. When I finally left this job, I was very tempted to forget my pledge. I had decided to spread my CMI contribution for 3 months and now without a job this plan felt very ambitious. However, I felt I had made a commitment; I needed to go through with it. I’ve since been amazed at how God has, in His own miraculous ways provided for me. I never once lacked. Now I’ve really come to believe what the pastors say. “This has nothing to do with money. It is all about faith”.

Susan Wanjiru, Artist & Actress (Necessary Measures) I

joined Mavuno in 2009 and my life has completely transformed here, and this was the place where my artistic gift has been nurtured. I now serve in Greenhouse and I can’t wait for what we as Mavuno are doing. I see a really bright future for us, and especially for the kids at Green house. I see us having many more kids coming through and more lives being influenced. Plus when we get Mavuno Park...some amazing spaces for all of us. I really can’t wait.

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013


Mogadishu’sLock! Pastor Anthony Njoroge & his wife Miriam Njoroge of Mavuno Kampala.


Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. Psalms 2:8 hen we’re talking about taking this continent, we mean business. It’s business unusual. We are taking risks, unsettling the status quo and challenging the impossible. Our dream is to see Africa impacted for the sake of the Gospel. We do whatever it takes, whenever it counts to realize this.

I call him now, he can be on the next flight.”

Ours is a shared dream, pastor and Mavunite, we own it, we stand behind it. Mavuno’s vision is coming alive and I’m excited to be a cog in the wheels of change.

God is giving us a silver plattered platform to engage with and impact a sector of society that we rarely get to interact with – the uniformed forces. I’ll be making my 1st ‘spy trip’ in early March and by God’s grace, we will begin to OCCUPY in Somalia.

A fearless Mavunite from Mavuno Kampala, Gloria Ekemu, who serves as the Executive Director of the NGO Hili Somalia, helped opened doors for her church. By divine appointment, she was invited to a meeting by business and other stakeholders interested in the peace and economic development of the nation. As they spoke of business opportunities, it was also apparent that the soldiers lacked spiritual nourishment. The soldiers themselves had been continuously lobbying for a pastor to be ministering to them every week. In the UN protected area in Mogadishu stands a contingent of 3500 soldiers from 7 African countries – Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. The Mavunite shot up immediately. This city on a hill could not be hidden. “I know the perfect church and pastor who can spearhead this initiative. If 22 22

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

By Pastor Antony Njoroge

Leaders’ LOG

– Discipleship Office By Pastor Linda Ochola-Adolwa

2012 was a prolific year for the Marathon team and there was great determination in claiming the word that it was our year to THRIVE!

Vision Is Being Fulfilled

leadership of the country. Being able to speak from the heart about the things I’m passionate about was an immeasurable experience.

I’m seeing this as a point of prophetic entry for us as Mavuno Kampala. The U.N has invited us to hold not one, but two church services for the soldiers each week.

In March, Mavunites had already donated a whole stack of toys and sanitary pads, all of which are great needs for the children in the area. On March 12th 2013, these were distributed to much joy and celebration. My encouragement? Pray for us as we enter this new territory. And if your life-group would like to adopt the nation, commit to praying for it and possibly support with gifts, sanitary pads or financial resource, please contact the church office for details. I’m ready! Are you ready for Mavuno Mogadishu? MAVUNO’s VISION – To plant culture defining churches in every African capital and the gateway cities of the world by 2035

As a team, we were able to restrategise and realign our different departments to the Mavuno Marathon, and it is exciting to see the results that are already taking shape. This year is business unusual as we seek to grow in depth and breadth in order to strengthen the discipleship core of Mavuno.

Pastors Thomas Omollo, Henry Wamai, Kirigo Mathai, Linda Ochola-Adolwa, Angela Gatamah, Milton Jumba, Grace Ndege.

A number of opportunities opened up for the department and for me as well. The brightest star in that night sky being the “Tuvuke Initiative”. Tuvuke Initiative is a program that seeks to raise peace ambassadors in the youth through elements relevant to this generation such as music, dance and social media. One of the things I loved the most was our ability to leverage on relationships created by Mavuno Downtown to traverse several public universities (UoN, Kenyatta, Maseno, Egerton) and reach out to over 5000 students who we took through a Hatua crash course.

Ordinarily these were unchurched students who were interested in governance, and this enabled us to raise over 10,000 peace ambassadors who pledged to maintain peace in their actions and words before, during and after the elections. It was perfect time for taking – as Gospel artist Juliani would say – pulpit kwa streets. Taking God’s word to the people it mattered to the most.

2013, for me will be an electrifying year. For one, I will be away from April – June at the Fuller Theological Seminary in California as part of my post graduate studies. It is a 4-year online program with a short study each year in the US. Obama here I come! I hope to interact and engage with various individuals and organizations that will be instrumental in ensuring we can turn ordinary people into fearless influencers of society.

Leaders’ Being able to also lead the congregation through the two sermon series Bold Conversations: which spoke on the relevance of prayer, and The Governor; which undoubtedly spoke on the relevance of Godly principles in the

Pastor Linda Ochola-Adolwa

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

23 23

KickingCancer OUT

ofKampala By Sylvia Mukami

Some of the children who have benefitted from BCF

We have had many challenges; there were times when we didn’t even have food to feed the children, money to pay our utility bills and salaries for staff. God always came through for us. God will never give you work that he can’t sustain. Every time God gives you a job he also provides. It will not be easy but it’s a journey of faith and trust. Some days you may need to take it a day at a time asking only for daily bread. All you have to do is trust and obey, He always shows up!

They say necessity is the mother of invention. A request by a child changed Brian Walusimbi’s life. He tells us how his foundation is painting smiles on children’s faces in Kampala. What is the Bless A Child Foundation about? Bless a Child Foundation is a frontline

organization, providing care and support to children suffering from cancer and cancer-related infections. It was founded in March 2007.

How was the idea born?

I had never seen children and the poor suffer from cancer until I visited the Uganda Mulago Hospital’s Cancer Institute. Many of the children could not afford medication, food and clothing, and many had travelled long distances to receive treatment. Counting the cost of medication; most patients were left with no money and nowhere to turn to for help. I was overwhelmed. I went outside to clear my head, and as I stood there, a boy walked up to me and asked me for transport money to go back home. He and his mother had come from Gulu in Northern Uganda for treatment and had already been in Kampala six months. As I gave them the money, my journey with cancer patients begun.

What happened after the incident?

I started organising parties that I called Smile Again parties for them. As my friends donated money towards 24 24

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

this, BCF was born. The little boy I spoke of earlier has since kicked cancer and is living happily with his mother.

How does the Foundation Work?

We house children and their care givers in Akiba home. Akiba is Swahili for treasure. We believe that every child who walks into our home is God’s treasure. They receive meals, play therapy and recreational facilities. We offer tutorial services to patients and long-term survivors whose education is put on hold due to treatment. Parents are also provided with counselling and consultation. If in the unfortunate event that their child dies, we provide moral and sometimes material support.

How has Mavuno Kampala been involved in Bless a Child Foundation?

I have been at Mavuno Kampala for about a year now, and have been very excited to see many Mizizites visit our children’s home in Makerere. We are fortunate to have both Pastor Antony Njoroge, the campus pastor, as well as Rosemary Okanga , a Mavunite, sit on our board.

How do you get funding?

All our funding is locally raised from strategic partners like Barclays Bank Uganda. The rest of our funding comes from my company, Fun House Creations Limited, which organizes kid’s parties and corporate team building in Kampala.

Is there a story that really stood out for you?

Mary Mambu (9 yrs) was brought to us from Uganda Hospice in December 2011. She was in so much pain with a huge tumour coming out of her mouth, it seemed like she had two tongues. It was hard for her to eat, play or even talk, always sitting alone in a corner as the other children played. We took her for reconstructive surgery in March 2012. It was very successful,

Mavuno Kampala’s Brian Walusimbi

now Mary is one of the loudest kids!

What are some of the challenges you’ve experienced?

What next for Bless a Child? More than 300 children and families with cancer have been supported by our foundation. We are excited about 2013, we are hoping to open up more

homes and pass on our services to more children living with cancer. It is a big dream but we have a bigger God.

How can we plug in?

There are so many ways you could help! We are looking for both short term and long term volunteers in ward and house maintenance, advocacy, marketing, transport, teaching and medicine. We hope to have full time social workers to provide the children and their families the psychosocial support that they need once they are diagnosed. Above everything else, we need people who can partner with us in prayer.

What would you tell those of us who would want to make a difference but do not know where to start?

God asked Moses; what do you have in your hands? It’s almost the same question that Elisha asked the widow; what do you have in your house? To make a difference you don’t have to look far, start where you are, with what you have. In His faithfulness, God will grow it. MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

25 25


Rigga’s sophomore album ‘Urban Prayers’ introduces

him as an urban psalmist, and is produced by Jaaz “That Guy” Odongo of Soundmind. Rigga uses the mic as a journal of thoughts, fears, mistakes and dreams.

MediaReviews Here, Rigga bares his soul and gives you a glimpse into his own prayer life. From his desire to stand in the gap for others on “Intercession”, his cry for purity on “Ring Finger” and the need for trusting God in “A

Little faith”, one would be forgiven for thinking you were flipping through his prayer journal. It’s intimate, it’s honest, it’s vintage Rigga. And to prove his versatility, he is unafraid to toy with genres. From the Genge infused “Sina Chorus” and the world sound of “My Africa” to islandtinged “Fruit” and the poppy “Happy Song”, Rigga showcases amazing skill. One thing’s clear. Regardless of whether you are into hip-hop or not, this album has something for everybody, and comes highly recommended.


MY OWN Words By Wanjiku Lumula

From the makers of ‘Soul Boy’ and the critically

acclaimed “Nairobi Half Life” comes yet another sterling Kenyan feature film, “Something Necessary”. With Mavuno’s own Susan Wanjiru as lead actor, the film asks the poignant question - ‘can one forgive, and also forget?’ The film follows two diametrically opposed characters caught up in the civil unrest that rocked Kenya following a disputed general election in 2007. Anne is a woman who suffered great personal, family and economic loss, and is struggling to find her feet and rebuild her and her

son’s life. On the flip side is Joseph, a young man who, together with a gang of youth, played a part in the turbulence. Now, with a haunted conscience, in no small part because of his actions, he is desperately looking for redemption. In a clever twist, their paths collide when Anne returns to reestablish her badly burnt farm and Jospeh becomes a hired hand there. Both he and Anne need something that only the other can give to allow them to shed the painful memories of their past and move on. Will either of them find it? Something Necessary has been showing at Century Cinemax

When I joined the Discovery Africa program in 2010, I really wasn’t interested in “discovering my purpose”.

- Junction, and will be premiering around the world at different film festivals.

BOOK: My Side of the Street

One Man’s Journey from Alcoholism To Sobriety – Anyone who has struggled with addiction, or watched a loved one grapple with substance dependance will appreciate this honest and sincere book. Written more as a timeline of events and memories in his life, Mavunite Chris Lyimo comes clean, painstakingly describing the slippery slope leading into addiction, and the great resolve and support required to climb out of the abyss. As he does this, he bares it all - from his first sip and first sexual encounter, to his battle with depression and the journey of forgiveness, all the while displaying the devastating effect his addiction has not just on himself, but on his friends and family as well. 26 26

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

My Side of the Street is unapologetic, raw and candid, yet both captivating and inspiring in its complete honesty. Few books will provide such great insights on addiction told from the standpoint of a recovering alcoholic. Fewer still will teach the lesson that life challenges, regardless of how large, are never totally insurmountable. If he could beat the addiction, then so can you and your loved ones. Published by StoryMoja, the purchase of this book directly contributes to not only funding school literacy programs, but also promoting the writing and publication of great books from local authors everywhere.

hat was too lofty a goal for me. All I wanted was someone to tell me something – anything – that would help me out of the confusion that was my life. I was a fresh graduate, with great papers and not a clue what to do with them. Had things carried on as they were, I probably would have ended up drifting through unproductive and unfulfilled employment for the rest of my life. But God had other plans. Only by God’s grace was I accepted into the Discovery (program). On paper, I didn’t qualify. I had only been a Christian for five months prior to my application. God doesn’t call the qualified, but qualifies the called. Discovery turned out to be a personal, transformative experience and by the end of it I had a High Definition quality picture of what God was asking of me, and beyond that, I was equipped to do it.

Desire For Film

I had always loved film. I had even worked at a production company for a brief spell but the experience had been scarring. I was a lowly intern who had naively assumed that the industry would welcome me with

open arms. Turns out the industry didn’t know I existed and didn’t care to appreciate my input. Towards the end of my time in Discovery though, we took a leadership class facilitated by Pastor Muriithi Wanjau. It required us to do a lot of self-examination – personality types, gifts and interests. One day, mid-way through the class, on my way to the loo, all these coalesced into a single thought: God had created me with the ability to tell His stories through film. I started with what I had then and there: My ability to write. I prayed and asked God for a story and out of that came “Spilled”; a short film about a desperate man who is promised financial freedom by two prisoners running an SMS scam. Having done the script, I got a team together and we began raising money for the production of the film through crowd funding – online platforms that allow you to invite the public to contribute to your project. Again by God’s grace we were able to raise enough to shoot the film and find a fantastic volunteer cast and crew to roll film.

Spilled “Spilled” premièred in October 2012 and was well received and is set for release in early 2013. I am now working on my next project, a feature film called, “The Hut”. Set a few days after the ICC acquitted several suspects of crimes against humanity during the 2007/8 post-election crisis, it’s the story of a group of masked assailants who blackmail a witchdoctor into extracting incriminating information from a prominent politician. It’s a great script but we can’t make into a film without you. Please visit our crowd funding campaign to find out how you can be a part of it. projects/252775

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013



MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013


My family and I had the privilege of flying to Nairobi, Kenya for the annual Mavuno Staff Retreat.

Power of Vision The

Pastor Roddy Dinsmore

t is was very refreshing time for us where we were able to slow down a bit, enjoy some sunshine and enjoy the warmth of African friends. The retreat had 87 participants in it, representing the five different campuses of Mavuno Church (Central, Downtown, Mashariki, Kampala and Berlin). It was an exciting time of hearing from each of the campuses, celebrating with each other and praying for one another. I am sure I will be processing my experience there for quite a while. But one thing in particular stood out to me - the power of vision.

Mavuno’s Vision

Mavuno Church has a bold vision. They want to plant a church in every influential gateway city of the world by 2035. They want to plant a church in every African capital city by 2025. They want five church campuses in Nairobi with a congregation of 20,000 influencers by 2015. They are firm believers in “if your vision does not intimidate you, it may be insulting to God”. They are bold in setting their goals and trust God to lead them to achieving them.

You Need to Resign

“We are way overstaffed for the size of church that we are. Some of you need to resign. Some of you have volunteers who can do your job!” One of the leaders of Mavuno church stood before us and made this statement. I could not believe what I was hearing. What was even more unbelievable was the reaction of the staff. “Preach it!” “Amen!” “Keep talking! What in the world would warrant such a response from a group that is being asked to consider resigning? 30 30

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013


Some fun at the Mavuno retreat

Roddy Joins In On The Retreat Games

The Power of Vision

It actually makes perfect sense. Staff members at Mavuno churches are there because they believe in the vision of the church. They want to be part of this culture defining movement. They are not just looking for a paycheck - they want to see the world changed by the power of the gospel. “Pastor Roddy, I am writing my resignation letter. I am going to go plant a church in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania),” said my neighbor, one of the Mavuno pastors, with a smile on his face. And he meant every word of it. He began writing his resignation letter and announced it to the group. This pastor was one of many to do this during the retreat. It made perfect sense to him. That is what Mavuno church is all about. Going into the places where darkness rules and shining the light of the gospel.

What is your vision?

Mavuno church is setting out to

Roddy, Katie and family pose with the Mavuno Staff Team

Teens Konnect Pastors Frank Ondere, Emily Wangui, Osayi Onen, Deborah Mwanika, Jack Odeo, Grace Ndege

change the world. And I believe they are going to do it. They have a clear God-given vision and they are fully committed to seeing it through. Does your church have a clear vision? Do you have a vision for your life? These are important questions to consider. They will determine where you will invest your time, your money and your abilities. And one day, if your boss walks in and says, “Some of you need to resign or we will not accomplish our vision”, you may just say, “Keep talking!” and turn in your resignation letter.

Roddy and Katie Dinsmore, along with their two sons, Gabe and Elijah, relocated from one of Mavuno’s partner churches in the U.S, Chapel Hill Bible Church, (where Roddy serves as Minister for college and youth) to Berlin to assist with the ministry of Mavuno Berlin.


MAVUNO LIFE March 2013


Leaders’ LOG

- Operations Department

By Pastor Anthony Mwaniki

2012 was a significant year for the operations department. We swung from a high of

having found 30 acres of prime land that would be Mavuno’s new home, to seeing the deal slip away.

e were however able by the grace of God to source and identify a new parcel of land at a substantially lower price. The sale agreement was signed, deposit paid and we began the process of closing the transaction. The first phase of this process, dubbed ‘Secure’, will be complete in March 2013.

through it become richer in every area of our lives We have also spent time strengthening our systems with focus on Finance and Procurement. We have been able to continually improve our systems and grow them to support our vision. We

procurement officer. I would like to commend this team for exceptional results in stewarding our resources. I cannot close without sharing my excitement about 2013. I am looking forward to seeing our first service on our own land and also being part of a new phase of Mavuno’s growth. I am confident

We also thank God for being able to secure a loan facility for KES 100M which will act as a bridge to allow everyone of us who has pledged some grace period to make good on their pledges. It is our goal to have retired the facility in no less than 12 months The ‘Count Me In’ Capital campaign has been a special highlight for me. I have been challenged, encouraged and many times moved at the faithfulness of the Mavuno Family as we together raised

KES 324 Million in

in as cash. The faith of Mavunites has been a fire for my family’s faith, as we have been able to give more than we have ever done, and 32 32

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013 MAVUNO LIFE March 2013



The 2012 theme for Mavuno Church was encapsulated in one word, THRIVE. Indeed it was a year of thriving in many aspects of the church’s activities, not the least of which was financially. An operating surplus of Ksh 20.787 million was recorded at the end of December 2012. This was an 18% increase on the 2011’s operational surplus of Ksh17.543 million. Moreover the vision to purchase and develop our own property through the Count-me-in Capital campaign was initiated towards the end of 2011. Through God’s favor and the response of His people we were able to raise Kshs 81.69 million, and even paid a 10% deposit of Kshs 20million for the land we identified. However tithes and offerings reduced by 7% in 2012 to Kshs 164.8 million. Clearly, our capital campaign depressed our normal giving, as overall income in 2012 was 38% higher than the previous year. From an administrative perspective we have had the privilege of implementing a new accounting system and a gradual procedures overhaul during the year. The results of these efforts are gradually manifesting in form of clearer and more accurate accounting and book keeping as well as a better balance in expenditure ratios compared to 2011. Whereas staff costs increased by 4% in 2012 to Kshs 72.9 million and represented 37.3% of total operational income; ministry expenses increased by 21% due to the Tuvuke initiative that attracted a grant and expenditure of about Ksh17 million. Administration costs however notably decreased by 28% to Kshs 45.1million This report contains details of an Income and Expenditure Report and Balance Sheet, from January to December 2012 illustrating the highlights above. To provide insight into the reports further analyses of incomes and expenses have been prepared to enable the study of trends affecting the church’s performance.

(Standing) Alex Luchendo, Duncan Mukangai, Peter Musyoki, Nicholas Kimaru, Anthony Mwaniki, Peter Kabuki, Kelly Wepundi, Chris Mukuria, James Muchai (Seated) June Ranja, Catherine Koki, Lydia Mwakijuma, Grace Mwaniki, Emma Sawa, Nancy Mukabi

pledges of which KES

84 Million had been paid


also continue to build and invest in a world class team. To this end we added two members to further strengthen this team – Mrs. June Ranja our Head of Finance and Lydia Mwakijuma our

that God will bless Mavuno corporately as well as bless individual members and families. This is a Jubilee year - we will see restoration and new things. It is our year to OCCUPY!

In 2013 as we seek to achieve the theme of OCCUPY we look forward to implementing the new budgeting system that we have put in place, in conjunction with regular performance monitoring and improved asset management among other processes; to upgrade our standards of operation. This is in a bid to adequately prepare for the much larger organization we shall be upon settlement in our new home. It is also with a sense of great responsibility that we make these changes as we recognize the need for excellent stewardship of God’s resources.


Financials June Ranja

Head of Finance and Administration

MAVUNO LIFE March 2013


Income & Expenditure Statement

2012 Balance Sheet As At 31/12/2012















Property and Equipment

2011 KSH







































Receivables and Prepayments

Mavuno Merchandise






Short Term Investments


Interns Buffer











Cash at Bank KES







Cash at Bank USD







Short Term Deposit





Staff Costs








Ministry Expenses






Administration Costs








Designated Expenses




Tithes and Offerings Grants Food Court Fearless Summit Green House Marathon Classes

Development Income (COUNT ME IN) Interest Received TOTAL INCOME




Investments available for sale Project and Accounting Software



Fund and Reserve Balance



Accumulated Fund








Surplus for the year







Accounts Payable
















Operational Surplus






Development Income (COUNT ME IN)






Value to be properly reconciled to bank balances to eliminate book balances

Mavuno Savings




Deposit for the land and the purchase of greenhouse and Teenz Konnekt Equipment




Growth in value of investments

2012 surplus include the development funds

Non-Current Liabilities Insurance Premium Financing Current Liabilities

Bank Overdraft Payables to Related Parties


MAVUNO LIFE March 2013





Count me in Funds

Current Assets

Investment Revaluation Reserve



2012 KSH

Chase Bank Loan


Prepared by:

Reviewed and Approved by:

June Ranja

Anthony Mwaniki

Head of Finance and Administration

Executive Pastor - Operations MAVUNO LIFE March 2013



MAVUNO LIFE March 2013

Mavuno Life - Volume 003 - March 2013  

In the third edition of 'MAVUNO LIFE', Mavuno Church's quarterly magazine, we glimpse into the vibrant community cutting across Africa and t...

Mavuno Life - Volume 003 - March 2013  

In the third edition of 'MAVUNO LIFE', Mavuno Church's quarterly magazine, we glimpse into the vibrant community cutting across Africa and t...