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South Maui Development Projects

Mau-Wikoli Subdivision

Ma`alaea to Makena

Legend A& B

Development Projects 04/07

oi k a s i h ce n l a den u K e si R

Hokulani Golf Villas

R e M T s e e a c a u h r i c P h a & rk

Phased Development Proposed Roads CP Boundaries

M Ho a lu l sp a n ita i l

Kihei Kauhale

West Maui



Osterstock 7 Lots

Chambers Apartments

Kalama Hills

Kihei Baptist Chapel Kihana Nursery

Kalama Heights Ph. 2

Avis Rental Car

Hale P ama Cond os

Hula Girl Garden Nursery

Walaka Village Apts Cove Bea ch Villa s

Moana Estates



Landry Apts.

Kih ei Hana lei Cond os Ili `ili Cond os

Ke Ali`i Homes

ui P alis

Ke Ali`i Ocean Villas

Kanani Wailea Paradise Ridge Estates

Wa ilea Ambu lan ce Stn


One Wailea Dev.

Wailea Gateway Center

Wailea Villas (MF-4) (Papali)

Kai Malu Wailea

Maluhia at Wailea

Wailea MF-10

H (W o n ai u le a` a ul 67 a 0) W ai l ea





LOCATION MAP Regarding the Development Projects Depicted Here Abner Delima Subdivision

The development projects shown are those that have come to the attention of the Planning Department. There are certain to be other developments being contemplated or planned by private individuals or corporations that the Planning Department has not been informed of, therefore this is not a complete depiction of the development projects for the county. Further, as of this date, the Planning Department is not attempting to track housing projects smaller than 6 dwelling units and subdivisions of less than 4 lots. For projects identified as "Proposed", no formal submission has been made to the Planning Department -- so none of the information is firm. For projects identified as "Planned/Designated", the fate of these projects is entirely uncertain.

Copyright F April 1, 2007 All rights reserved. No part of this product shall be modified without prior written approval from the Planning Department. For information regarding this product please contact the GIS section, Long Range Division, Maui County Planning Department. Copies of this product are available from the Long Range Division for a fee.


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St. Regis Wailea (Renaissan ce)

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Wailea Beach Villas

Ho`olei Wailea MF-9

This is not a zoning map or community plan map. Please contact the Planning Department for Zoning and Community Plan information.

One Palauea Bay PD 8 MF-21 Subdivision


Liloa Village


M ak en a Ma C o ke n a nd os

Ji m S te w ar t Offic e B l dg Ta e Mu r ph y Offic e B l dg Ma u i D i ve Sh o p W a re h ou s e

Ki h ei R en ta l s & S u pp l ie s

Hale Mahaolu Ehiku


Kai Ani Village Project

Sp e n ce r O ffi ce Bu i ld in g



CarQ ue st Bld gs

Kihei H.S. and Police Complex


Fa t D a d d y' s Sm o ke H o u se


Ma k

Kato Commercial Center

N ap a Au to Pa rts Bl d g


ut h Pa Ma ui rk & Co Re Rec mm u d e m yc ni pt io ling ty n

M Wa F- i l 11 ea Lo ts

Aina Development

Stinson Commercial Center


Kilohana Waena Kilohana Hema

Ho S ub oha ni d i vi si o n


Maui Lu Timeshare

li` i V Kam i H om llag e al i`i es Est Al ay n ate a s

ni La na t el o N Ho

oU P h lu E . V st a

i i Ka an ak M


Kihei Seventh Day Adventist Church PreSchool


's llie aui e N M on

o oli i n n Ke eila L ub S

io ol n e K e la c P


nu l e o H He a Al

u Ul l o ia n O str Ka ndu ark I P


Kilo ha n a Ma uk a

Ki he iK a iw

on e r a ii Am aw H


Na Co upa u r ka ty a rd

ine h a i w ot s a K L

ah ine

Re s id

en t ia

u ion l u s ` o an n o xp ` Ka n E a b r U

Ka m He ao igh le ts


Growth Classes

1 inch equals 1,000 feet 0

R es o rt

Papaanui Lots

Gar cia Maken a Reside nces

Kal ani Maken a Cond os

Malu aka Maken a Cond os

0.125 0.25



Miles 1


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