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Making 3D Art Lenticular photography dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, although In 1692 G. Bois-Clair, a French painter, created paintings containing two distinct images using a grid of vertical laths in front of the image. Jeff Robb’s technique uses the very latest printing technology and optical lens design to achieve the greatest depth and clarity available today. How are they made? The process starts by capturing many images taken around the subject. Jeff Robb has designed unique image capture systems which can take multiple images simultaneously to capture real time motion such as the Aerial series, or as a sequence of frames from a single camera.

Once all the images have been loaded into a computer they are combined into a single 3D image:

Red green and blue lasers expose a photographic substrate which is then combined with a precise optical lens structure to produce the fine art print. All the work is done by hand is requires great skill.

Making 3D Art - Jeff Robb  

This article describes the intensive process involved in making each lenticular print, from the planning to the shoot to the final productio...

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