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LMG Design Consulting turned this condo from dated to delightful in record time and on budget.



Homeowner Patti Grazioso, Interior Designer Heidi Pettee and Architect Don Kino are the trio of talent behind reinventing this beautiful condo

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Transform, Prepare and Celebrate

“Innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful, what is useful, what is lasting.” - Sister Parish

Hello, Summer, and welcome to our “Amazing Transformations” issue!

As a society, we tend to think of innovation as the creation of something brand new. I believe, however, that what was once excellent can often become a greater version of itself, by taking the best parts and restoring the beauty and ingenuity.

Transforming an outdated room or home into a space that reflects your style and lifestyle, while at the same time respecting its originality, is what this issue is all about. You will be astonished when you see the before and after images of home transformation projects, and read the stories of how talented and imaginative designers worked to make their clients’ dreams come true.

Last year we endured a horrific hurricane that rocked our world. Sadly, many lives were lost, and innumerable homes and other buildings were destroyed. Joyce Owens, principal of Architecture

Joyce Owens LLC, is a pioneer in architecture who also focuses on designing and building homes that can withstand these powerful forces of nature, especially on barrier islands. In this issue, Joyce and Brad Nickel, principal of Benchmark General Contractors, discuss rebuilding stronger and smarter, a campaign they initiated to teach Florida residents who reside in waterfront areas how to prepare their homes for catastrophic storms in the future. This is a must read.

Design + Decor—along with co-sponsors Perennials and Sutherland, GWT Outdoors, Real Wood Floors, Hafele, Judith’s Cleaning, and PLC Closets—hosted our first annual Builders, Architects, Designers (B.A.D.) Summer Solstice Party on June 21. This ode to summer featured ice cream, a spiked-lemonade stand, a summer-inspired menu and a live DJ. We ate wonderful food, had great fun, and made lasting connections and memories. Check out the photos on this page to see some highlights of this unforgettable evening!

Enjoy your summer!


Summertime and the livin’ is easy


The TULUM Beach Umbrella

Featuring fringe details, lay under its shade at the beach or poolside as the fringe waves in the breeze.


French artist Caroline Perrin crafts expressive mask portraits from exotic sea shells. Ethically sourcing the most beautiful shells from around the globe, Caroline’s creations come to life through her meticulous work and artful composition.

Hexagonal Garden Stool

The garden stool is shown with our ivory nile sage Geode #305 Handmade. Signed by Paul Schneider. Lead time eight weeks.

The Coco Cocktail Table

Introducing the Mainly Baskets x Caitlin Wilson Monaco Collection, bringing to life our love for wicker furniture and charming design details. The Monaco Collection combines the chic lifestyle with the natural charm and effortless coastal French style. The Coco Cocktail Table features a scalloped edged detail in effortless handwoven wicker and two-tiered shelving perfect for displaying accents & showing your style!

Pagoda Bamboo Dining Chairs of Six Vintage Pagoda Bamboo Dining Chairs with Rattan Weave backs and new custom outdoor fabric.

Experience Your New Home - Before It’s Even Built - With Virtual Reality Design Technology

Step into a virtual reality (VR) world featuring your own backyard and your new, soon-to-be luxury pool and world-class entertainment space. Peer inside the mid-century modern cabinets of your kitchen, enter your spacious walk-in pantry, and admire the paint finishes you selected—all before any of it has been built.

That’s what you can expect when you work with Justin King, residential designer and owner of JKing Designs, who offers breathtaking 3D modeling and schematic designs of his projects. Well versed in all aspects of the building process, Justin learned the fundamentals of building at construction sites during his youth, and has worked as an expert in drawing and drafting for more than 25 years. Justin’s “See it before you build it” approach is exciting for homeowners and valuable to all members of the building team, including general contractors, engineers, interior designers and landscape architects. Whether you are building a luxury residence, a detailed renovation or a home addition, nothing can compare to bringing your blueprints to life with a true-to-scale, interactive, full-color experience.

Justin recently spoke with Design + Decor about how JKing Designs has been sharing the 3D modeling VR experience with clients all over the world.

Design + Decor: Please walk us through the experience of VR design.

Justin: When we begin any project with a client, we always start with rough sketches and designs on paper. You have to begin with the basics. When we get

Justin King

to exterior evaluations and what the home is going to look like, we love the expression, “See it before you build it.” We now utilize technology that allows us to do just that. Since we started our business, we’ve always built our renovations, additions and new homes in 3D models and showed those to our clients. We feel it is a huge benefit to let people see it before they build it.

Design + Decor: Is the 3D model interactive?

Justin: It completely is. We build our 3D models for the clients to view, and we can change things in real time, depending on what changes are being requested. We can do most changes right then and there, and show the clients what they would look like. Somebody might suggest they’d like to have a walk-in pantry in a certain area. We show them, and then we decide together whether there would be a better location for that. We can show the clients an alternative location, and we can change it in real time while they’re sitting in our conference room with us. We’re learning the best way to take advantage of the technology that’s out there.

Design + Decor: How detailed is the 3D virtual reality model? Does it show the paint color of the house?

Justin: It’s very colorful. We pride ourselves in making the design as accurate as we can. We’ll often ask people to share paint colors and numbers, then paint those areas the same color, trying to match the same

realistic colors you’d get from a paint store. We show the stucco, siding, stone façade, wood plaiting, tongue-and-groove ceilings and flooring— everything you can think of. It’s very accurate and very colorful.

Design + Decor: How commonly utilized is 3D modeling technology?

Justin: I believe that in our area, the technology is utilized in at least 50% of projects, with residential designers and architects using this technology as well. Technology changes every year; there are newer and better ways of doing things. The software is not necessarily cheap—it is an investment—but I feel it gets better every year. I’m excited to see what it’s going to be like in the next five or 10 years. It will allow things to be done more simply, and the cost will come down on some of the technology that’s out there.

Design + Decor: When do you think this 3D technology will accompany all blueprints?

Justin: I think it’s going more and more towards that every year. We still need blueprints and construction documents, with the full set of documents to be submitted to our municipalities, counties and jurisdictions. The 3D element and the virtual reality are more in the design phase, to show everyone what a project is going to look like before it’s built.

Design + Decor: How has VR technology improved project analysis



Bring inspired ideas for your outdoor home to life with Walpole Outdoors. Schedule your free design consultation today. | 888.303.6031

and communication among building teams?

Justin: We use 3D modeling and virtual reality as very advantageous visual tools to communicate the intent of our design projects to our clients and structural engineering partners. We listen, we design and we make the modifications that are needed, taking advantage of the 3D software that’s available. We refine and define all those processes through the initial design stages, which takes away many potential problems later. Communication before a project is built has become so vitally important, and it saves so much on the back side. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and it’s powerful for a client to sit there and look at your own home, renovation or addition on a computer screen before you see it on the property.

Design + Decor: Could VR technology help with cost reductions for a building project?

Justin: We think people could save money by seeing their project before they build it. We can go to the interior and exterior—in the pre-stages—and define and redefine all the elements throughout the home. We can discuss how we are going to build something and figure out problems before it’s built in the field.

Design + Decor: Do you think VR technology can make construction safer?

Justin: Safer construction sites can be achieved by ironing


out details virtually in the 3D model, prior to the design being built. That means you can have fewer people and laborers in the field, trying to figure out details later, and also reduce the time spent by workers in the field. With this technology becoming better every year, I believe there will be more 3D modeling in the future.

Design + Decor: How do your clients react when they get to explore their new home, renovation or addition virtually?

Justin: When we design these models using virtual reality, we bring our clients into the office, and we give them headsets to put on. We predefine rooms, spaces and areas that we know the clients want to see. The rooms are to scale and they are 100% accurate. The clients can “walk” through them in real time and see the shape, scale and significance of spaces. They can see the staining on the front porch of their home or on the back lanai, and, looking around 360 degrees, they can see the floor, ceiling, walls, sliding glass doors, pool and everything in the home. It is amazing. The clients just light up and get really excited. We definitely get to see their expressions, and it’s elating for us to see the reactions of our clients. We partner with our clients, and we want them to be extremely happy and love the final result of their new home, renovation or addition.

Design + Decor: If someone would like to see their blueprints in a 3D virtual reality model, how would that work?

Justin: The first point of contact is me—I’m the one who interacts directly with our clients or general contractors. I have our team set up and go through multiple stages of the process. Other clients are probably our largest source of client referrals, which also says a lot. People are also directed to us by referrals from other contractors. We’ve found that

showing our clients these projects before they are built has been a helpful tool for everybody, and the clients get so excited to see the design.

Design + Decor: In the 14 years that JKing Design has been serving clients, how have you upgraded with the ever-evolving technology?

Justin: The 3D modeling technology is brand new and evolving quite frequently; we just invested heavily in that. We use multiple software programs to create our 3D models and walkthroughs. Virtual reality is changing every week; there is amazing technology out there. I think it’s going to increase every year to scales we can’t imagine yet—that will be very surprising to us all.

Design + Decor: Can you serve clients who live far away?

Justin: Yes, we can; we have clients all over the country. Utilizing meeting software is one way we can do that. We present our 3D models and virtual reality walkthroughs through file sharing applications. For more information on 3D designs and a virtual reality rendering of your upcoming project, go to or call Justin directly at 941.465.0036.


JKing Designs

Justin King, Owner

1383 5th Street

Sarasota, FL 34236




One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of the home is discussed in detail by lighting designer Justin Keenan Miller.


The golden glow of illumination draws us in with its charismatic magic. From crackling fireplace flames to a warmly lit, cozy family kitchen, lighting is essential to our well-being, workspace and relaxation. Exciting innovations in home lighting may even have the power to lift our moods and dramatically improve the comfort of our spaces.

Specialty lighting designer Justin Keenan Miller, founder and principal designer of JKM Lighting Design in Naples, FL, has been entrusted with lighting elite commercial projects and the most luxurious homes around the world. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh with a Master of Fine Arts in Theatrical Lighting Design, Justin has honed the art and science of specialty lighting and transformed the ambience of his exclusive clients for more than 10 years. And, in so doing, he has won multiple lighting awards and gained international recognition. Justin recently talked with Design + Decor to share his secrets for creating a beautifully lit home or office.

When building or remodeling a home, the homeowner’s goal is usually to create a stunning layout. He or she often thinks about lighting later, when bringing in an interior designer. But when exactly is the perfect time to consult a professional lighting designer to bring beauty, balance and ambience to your project? “The sooner the better,” says Justin. Considering lighting as early as possible ensures that your finished space will incorporate all the criteria of a well-lit room.

What important lighting principles should be incorporated when designing a room? Justin says there are six criteria: “First is the decorative layer—the apparent source of lighting within a room,” he says. “Think of the decorative fixtures as a piece of art—it should look its best.” Second is the task layer. “This is the lighting that covers a room’s

Design + Decor 29

primary purpose—table lighting in a dining room, countertop lighting in a kitchen, desk lighting in an office, etc.” Third is the backdrop layer, which is used to highlight vertical surfaces, architectural elements, and so on. “This is critical in helping a room feel welcoming,” says Justin. The fourth layer is the art/ architectural layer—lighting specific to artwork on walls and unique architectural elements. Fifth is the ambient layer, which is “lighting that fills in the areas between task and backdrop, and helps make a room feel even,” says Justin. And last is the integrated layer. “This is lighting integrated into architectural/ millwork elements,” notes Justin. “Examples include linear lighting in bookcases and display shelves.”

When working with residential clients, Justin carefully considers each unique client’s daily routines—paying special attention to what’s important to his clients and where in the home they spend their leisure time. For example, if you love entertaining guests in the kitchen and reading in your bed at night, he will give these spaces extra attention with light layering to bring maximum comfort to the places you enjoy most. Purposeful lighting, Justin believes, can boost your health and benefit your home by “helping you define your visual aesthetic.”

Today’s technology also allows us to adjust our lighting when

needed. Justin always recommends using dimmers when possible, yet recognizes that there are some challenges when dimming LED bulbs versus incandescent. “Technology in lighting controls have come a long way, and advancements are being made all the time,” he says. If you’re unsure which light to use with a fixture, many lighting controls today come with a “works well with” list, to make it easier to choose the best bulb.

When lighting our bedrooms and lounging areas, we aim for the space to feel comfortable and relaxing. Choosing a light temperature that evokes warmth will feel welcoming, cozy and less glaring. If you relish reading in a special nook or enjoy relaxing and watching TV in bed, says Justin, consider using layers of light to boost your comfort in these beloved spaces.

What type of lighting supports productivity in our workspace? Turning up the lighting may help us feel naturally more awake and productive. Justin suggests light in the cooler 3000K (Kelvin) range to help keep alert while working. He also recommends several layers of light to avoid shadows on your keyboard or work area, such as an overhead light plus task lighting.

If you have a work desk in your bedroom, how can lighting help distinguish the separate spaces? “Lighting for a mixed-uses space


always presents its challenges,” says Justin. “For someone planning on using a bedroom for relaxation and work, it’s crucial to prioritize which function is more important. For most clients, the bedroom is about sleeping and relaxing, so I gear the design toward making the room feel like a well-lit bedroom. I would then treat the office area as a secondary space, giving it some lighting layers specific to its function, such as a task lamp and/or a recessed accent from the ceiling. This way, the owner can use the room for work and relaxation without compromising his or her health and well-being.”

Circadian rhythm lighting is among the most exciting advancements in lighting technology today. Research shows that light regulates our body’s “internal clock” that controls our circadian rhythms that keep us alert during the day and sleepy at night. Circadian rhythm lighting is particularly attractive for families who could use an extra hand at bedtime, lulling little ones to sleep. As the father of a two-and-a-half-year-old, Justin thinks this familyfriendly lighting option might be worth the investment.

Need the illusion of a larger space? Purposeful lighting design can help. Rather than moving or knocking down walls, Justin suggests ensuring that all layers of light are present to make the space feel bigger. “The walls are the most neglected area,” he notes. Try wall accents or wall sconces, and notice how this changes the feel, mood and appearance of the space.

Lighting has the potential to uplift our moods with its gentle

New Home Builds, Remodels and Complete Furnishings (239) 260-4850 6001 Taylor Road Naples, FL 34109 INTERIORS IMAGINED...
New Home Builds, Remodels and Complete Furnishings (239) 260-4850 6001 Taylor Road Naples, FL 34109 INTERIORS IMAGINED...

warm glow, especially if the light provides the whole spectrum of color, rather than some LED options that do not. Thoughtful home and office lighting can help define spaces, create instant comfort and make a room feel inviting. When lighting our homes and offices, how can we think more like a lighting designer? Where do most homeowners go wrong with lighting? “Lack of vertical surface lighting,” says Justin. Many of us forget to light the walls and window coverings. Our rooms radiate a fantastic glow when light gently comes through the curtains, yet in the late evening, when the window dressings go dark, the space loses some measure of comfort and aesthetics.

Illumination is essential for work, leisure and well-being. Expertly designed lighting can revolutionize a room with more comfort and elegance, showcasing your space in a whole new way. Justin’s lighting criteria can help guide us in properly lighting our homes and offices, while reminding us to bring attention to areas we may have missed.


JKM Lighting Design

Justin Keenan Miller, Founder & Principal Designer

P.O. Box 12303 Naples, FL 34101 239.380.7001 347-262-7001

A One-of-a-Kind Residential Village
a New Spin on Luxury
Story by Meryl Siegman The
Residences, Estero Bay, Redefine Upscale Living

When London Bay Development Group, the acclaimed real estate developer, partnered with The Ritz-Carlton Residences to develop a unique and extraordinary property in Southwest Florida, it hired the best talent there is to help it achieve its vision: the world-renowned architecture firm Arquitectonica and highly esteemed interior design firm Meyer Davis Studio.

With an opening date set for 2025, the Ritz-Carlton Residences at Estero Bay in Bonita Springs is in a class by itself. Sited on 30 acres of pristine upland and gorgeous coastline, the project will consist of two elegant towers housing 224 homes, a private lagoon and a dizzying array of amenities—all within the new coastal village of Saltleaf, which will offer an 18hole championship golf course, nine-hole short course, 72-slip marina, and five-star restaurant. The Ritz-Carlton’s concierge team will be on hand 24/7 to cater to residents’ every need.

The development is located adjacent to Estero Bay Preserve State Park, which consists of nearly 12,000 acres of undeveloped conservation land, and offers 10 miles of coastal access and 12 miles of hiking trails in an untouched natural habitat.

Design + Decor 35
Lobby Sunset Lounge Sunset Lounge

Design + Decor was fortunate to sit down with the developer, architect and interior designers of this one-of-a-kind project. Here’s what we discovered.

The Players

The Ritz-Carlton Residences

Ritz-Carlton is the celebrated international hotel brand with the apt tag line “luxury without limits.” The Ritz-Carlton Residences offer whole-ownership, luxury living defined by sophisticated style and unparalleled amenities delivered with legendary service. Its locations include some of the most stunning resort destinations in the world.

“Private Label Living”

London Bay, the award-winning real estate developer in the Southwest Florida home market that coined the term “private label living,” offers a spectrum of home building, development and design services. Founded in 1990, London Bay is credited with building world-class homes and residential communities in some of the area’s most exclusive neighborhoods. It was named “America’s Best Builder” by Builder magazine, and has earned more than 450 industry awards.

“The Residences at Estero Bay is an exceptional property,” says London Bay CEO Mark Wilson. “In addition to being sited on 30 acres, which is unusually large, it will offer virtually everything you need in a self-contained village. From you moment you arrive, there’s nothing but peace and quiet—no sound of urban noise. You’re totally surrounded by nature: the spectacular estuary leading out to the Gulf of Mexico, and Florida’s very first aqua preserve. It’s the crown jewel that sits on Estero Bay.”

Besides its extraordinary location, says Mark, the development’s exquisite architecture proves why London Bay is a leader in the real estate marketplace. “Whether it’s a single-family home or a senior living facility, we try to make a mark on design and distinguish ourselves from the overall market,” he says. “Miami is one of the most exciting cities, with fabulous buildings. But when you look at the architecture of Southwest Florida, all you see is mock-Mediterranean, without anything iconic or truly distinctive. We’re trying to change all that with a property that has a real ‘wow’ factor and will draw people from all over the country. We understand Southwest Florida.”

Awe-Inspiring Architecture

Arquitectonica is a known presence on the international stage, its distinctive

Pool Bar Oasis Private Dining Room News Cafe Whiskey Lounge

portfolio filled with projects in 59 countries across the globe. With offices in several major cities, the firm is known for pushing the limits of design with its innovative use of materials, geometry, pattern and color to introduce a new brand of modern design to the world.

Bernardo Fort-Brescia, a native of Lima, Peru, who holds a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University, founded Arquitectonica in 1977 with a group of young architects. Since then, he has led the firm’s expansion across the U.S. and abroad. He has earned it a reputation for being one of the pioneers of globalization in the profession of architecture, accumulating hundreds of awards along the way. He couldn’t be more thrilled about being on the team of this unique project. “The sheer size of the property enabled us to create something of this grandeur and significance,” says Bernardo. “Most projects of this type don’t have that kind of acreage. It allows us to create an entire village complete with marina in a totally natural environment.”

Inspiring Interiors

Meyer Davis Studio is a globally recognized design boutique specializing in residential and hospitality interior design. The award-winning firm has established itself at the forefront of high-end residential design projects throughout the U.S. and abroad.

One of Meyer Davis’ two founders, Will Meyer explains that the firm designs “experiences” rather than simply spaces, combining principles of great design with a clear vision of what its clients wish to create. He believes that great design weaves together bold concepts and striking details to ensure that each project makes an immediate and lasting impression.

“One of the most appealing aspects of the southwest coast of Florida is its amazing sunsets; they make the area special and unusual,” says Will. “With Estero Bay, we took advantage of the best sunsets in the state. The buildings are oriented to capture the sunsets and the coastline. The building reflects how the water, land and greenery are intertwined—they are such a big part of the iconography of the area.”

A Harmonic Convergence

The breathtaking scope of this extraordinary development in a natural habitat of pristine coastline was made possible by the team of developer, architect, interior designer and brand that was assembled—a constellation of talent, ambition and vision.

“The Ritz-Carlton has been involved throughout the entire design process,” Mark from London Bay explains. “They review every aspect of what we do, from landscaping and architecture to interior design and amenities, to ensure that everything is in line with their brand standards. The marvelous thing for our residents is that once we complete the building, they’ll have a team from the Ritz-Carlton managing the building. When they move in, not only will it be beautiful, but they’ll have Ritz-Carlton service people looking after their every need.”

“We looked at multiple architects and interior designers for this project,” Mark continues. “Arquitectonica stood out because of its fabulous portfolio. We felt that Bernardo and his team would create something that would help us truly stand apart, not only because of their talent but because they understand luxury and the Ritz-Carlton brand. We felt very much the same with Meyer Davis. They’ve done many projects with all the top luxury hospitality brands—you name the brand, they’ve worked with them. They understand the balance of creating something high-end and luxurious, but making sure it’s still warm, comfortable and inviting.”

Design + Decor 37
Spa Treatment Room Spa Lounge Pet Grooming Room Beauty Salon

The landscape architecture design firm, EDSA, with a long history of working with Arquitectonica and Meyer Davis on successful projects, completed the package.

“We’ve worked on other Ritz-Carlton projects, so it’s a brand we know very well,” says Bernardo. “We’ve also collaborated on other properties with Meyer Davis. We work well together—we do the architecture and they do the interiors.” But London Bay is a new client for the architectural firm. “They called us because of other luxury branded condominiums we’ve completed,” he says. “We understand each other. The project has worked out really smoothly; we’re happy with how things have evolved.”

Adds Will of Meyer Davis, “Over the years, we’ve developed a strong relationship with Arquitectonica based on mutual admiration. We are inspired by their work, and their sense of design matches our own sensibility. We complement their vision and complete the story they tell about their approach to the building with our interiors. That’s why we enjoy working together so much.”

Nancy Santorelli, an associate principal at Meyer Davis, adds that EDSA played a large role in setting the foundation for the property by integrating the lushness of the outdoor space, including the marina and lagoon, with the interiors. “There is a serene landscape on one side, with the private cabanas on the other. The landscape blended well with the architecture and helped us as we shaped the interiors.”

“It’s a magnificent project,” Will concludes. “When you put together the right team and combine it with this pristine location, you get something spectacular. That combination elevates the project to the degree that it’s very special.”

The Architectural Details

No one describes the shear heart-stopping beauty of the space better than Bernardo, who explains that the arrival experience is otherworldly. “As you approach,” he says, “you see the two towers in symmetrical profile with a big

gap between them that reveals the sky. The façade of the buildings looks like there’s a water wall in front of you, cascading down to right and left, creating an undulation. You’re on a high point of the property—actually, a plateau—as you look towards the waterfront.”

The awe-inspiring experience continues as you enter the lobby. “From this perspective,” Bernardo continues, “you can see the geography of the lagoon and the bay, as the undulation reappears on the water side. The circular clubhouse in front of the lagoon is elevated, so everything—the water, the exotic pod-like floating cabanas in the middle of the water—seems to cascade towards the marina.” He adds, “We think it will be very special. We had a lot of room to create the effect. The clubhouse and other buildings are built at angles to embrace the lagoon, so along with the pools, it’s an extension of natural waterfront into the site.”

The glass building is transparent, connecting it with the horizon and the views. “Everything flows from the inside out!” Bernardo exclaims. “Your ‘backyard’ is the view. You’ve elevated—it’s like being on an observation deck, with the feeling that you’re floating over water.” He explains, “Each of the two buildings was constructed from four contiguous towers of varying heights. The way the sun hits them makes them looks like seashells, with the glass changing color throughout the day.”

Interiors Defined by the Sea and Landscape

Estero Bay itself serves as a muse for the interiors, whose natural materials and warm tones give the residences a sense of barefoot luxury. Nancy tells us, “The inspiration of environment—the flora and fauna, and the topography of mangroves—and the mimicry of its shapes by the organic forms, created by Arquitectonica, create a warm ambience.”

Most of the architecture, including the towers, is constructed from glass and wood. “The glass has a crystalline aspect to it, making the buildings feel transparent and soft. The wood brings real warmth to the property,” explains Will.

Residence Living Room Residence Kitchen Residence Master Bath Residence Master Bedroom

“It’s a classic nautical material, appearing throughout the property and giving a yachtlike quality to the design.”

“The lobby is all-inspiring from the moment of arrival,” Will continues. “The curved walls that open up to double-height spaces are spectacular, and the large oak panels that angulate upon each other create a rippling illusion as the wood starts to emulate natural forms that you would see in the bay.” The lobby is curated with natural, “honest” materials, including stone, metal and wood. “These materials in their natural state support the overall narrative of the property being tied to nature,” he says. “The organized and graceful forms create a calming effect while reflecting the surrounding environment.”

The magnificent round building in the middle of the property houses the stunning Sunset Lounge. Enclosed by glass, it faces west to capture the spectacular sunsets. “It was inspired by the notion of sitting on the porch of a house on the water—there’s really nothing more relaxing than that,” says Will. Yet this is a contemporary reimagination in which the designers interpreted those sensations through a modern lens. The great room is graced by soaring floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around it, and designed with comfortable and spacious seating groups with unobstructed views of the marina and the bay.

The property includes an array of amenities that are beyond compare, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, full-service spa and pet salon. “You don’t have to leave the property to get it all,” Nancy says. There is a space for private dining, a wine and whiskey lounge that can be converted into an event space, and a news café. “There are different areas with different lighting for different moods. You can pick and choose where you want to spend your day, whether it’s the pool bar, private cabanas or lagoon.

Also under construction is a five-star restaurant at the marina, located in a separate structure. It’s part of the plan for the entire village to be communitycentric, with its marina, restaurant and golf course open to the public, designed to engage people from the neighborhood.

We can hardly wait until 2025, when the distinctive Ritz-Carlton Residences, Estero Bay, come to life and welcome their first homeowners. It’s certain to change the vibe and coastline of southern Florida in magical ways.



London Bay Development Group

2210 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 1300 Naples, FL 34109 239.592.1400



2900 Oak Avenue Miami, FL 33133 305.372.1812

Interior Designer Meyer Davis Studio

180 Varick Street New York, NY 10014 212.627.5574

Landscape Design


1512 East Broward Boulevard, Suite 110 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954.524.3330

Design + Decor 39
Residence Balcony

Building Back Better After the Storm

An architect and a builder help a Florida community to be prepared for the next hurricane.

Unless you live in Florida, you probably haven’t given too much thought, until recently, about how to protect your home from a hurricane. But after Hurricane Ian, which caused $112 billion in damages and killed 149 people in 2022, the nation’s attention has become more focused on the devastating aftermath of such a disaster.

Soon after the storm, local architect Joyce Owens, and the president of Benchmark General Contractors, Brad Nickel, traveled by boat to Sanibel Island, FL, whose only bridge to the mainland was wiped out by the storm, to tour the island on electrical bicycles. After reviewing the extensive damage and making note of which structures were still standing after Ian passed, Joyce and her team embarked upon her “Florida: Rebuilding. Stronger. Smarter.” campaign to teach the residents of Southwest Florida how to prepare their homes for the future.

AJO Studio and Benchmark General Contractors to the Rescue

Founded in 2007, award-winning Architecture Joyce Owens is a Florida-based architectural and interiors firm known for its exceptional work and modern designs. Its focus is on coastal island homes and commercial community projects, with an emphasis on designing spaces that are both environmentally sensitive and culturally appropriate for their location. As Southwest Florida’s leading residential and commercial builder, Benchmark General Contractors has been dedicated to taking the lead on environmental and sustainable efforts in the building community since


its inception in 1984.

Joyce and Brad, who often collaborate on both residential and commercial projects, have committed themselves to ensuring that all new residences on Southwest Florida’s barrier islands are built not only to meet Florida’s strict building codes and FEMA’s federal regulations, but to exceed them. They are also encouraging homeowners in need of renovation to incorporate appropriate improvements in anticipation of major hurricanes in the future. They offered a specially prepared PowerPoint presentation with the residents of the City of Sanibel in the spring of 2023. Since the storm, they have both been invited to share their knowledge and expertise with local community organizations in the area. Joyce’s office also set up an Instagram account to help the community after the storm.

Steps to Take When Building or Renovating a Home in a Hurricane Zone:

Concrete Foundation and Structure

After their tour of Sanibel Island, Joyce and Brad were thoroughly con-

vinced that concrete structures were best equipped to withstand hurricanes. The older wooden homes that were popular in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s did not fare nearly as well. “After Ian, many wooden homes throughout Southwest Florida were just empty shells, whereas those built with concrete were possible to restore,” Joyce explains. “We don’t believe building with wood for coastal homes is a viable option in the long term. We recommend using masonry.”

“Design with Mother Nature—not against her”

This is Joyce’s motto, because hurricane season in Florida is inevitable. A big proponent of building “above the flood,” Joyce recommends constructing new homes on concrete foundations with pilings below the ground. And designing concrete shear walls parallel instead of perpendicular to floodwater will keep the water from damaging the living areas that are located above flood. In the event of a flood, the water will pass through the unoccupied ground level of the home.

Follow the Code

Brad and Joyce agree that best building practices include not only following current codes and regulations, but building beyond them. Joyce

Design + Decor 41

explains that, due to lax enforcement, some owners and builders unfortunately get away with noncompliance. This practice leads only to more headaches down the road.

Don’t Build Out the Ground Level

“One of the biggest mistakes people make,” Joyce says, “is building out their ground floor. Even though it might be a zoning or FEMA violation, they often add bedrooms and bathrooms there.” All of that could be wiped out in a hurricane.

“Living spaces, bathrooms and bedrooms must be above the flood,” she adds. “The only use for space below the flood is parking, storage and stairs.” In addition, all utilities, including electrical meters, HVAC and generators, must also be above FEMA’s flood elevation for the property.

Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

Brad advises against using shutters. Instead, he recommends investing in impact-resistant windows and doors, saying, “I didn’t find a single window or door that was compromised which hadn’t been latched. And don’t spend your money on electric shutters,” he cautions. “If the power is knocked out, they’re not going to work!”


A Few More Precautions

Vinyl siding is a no-no, the pair concludes. As for the attic, Joyce tells us that the “principles of roofing insulation have changed. Roofs are no longer ventilated.” That way, the roof is not torn off during hurricane-force windows.

The Bottom Line

Homeowners who live in hurricane zones should not be penny-wise and pound foolish. “Invest for the future,” Joyce advises. “And when renovating or restoring your home after a disaster, don’t make it like it was. Make it better!”


Architecture Joyce Owens LLC (Studio AJO)

1520 Royal Palm Square Boulevard, Suite 300

Fort Myers, FL 33919 239.362.1688

Benchmark General Contractors

16836 McGregor Boulevard

Fort Myers, FL 33908 239.466.1590

Design + Decor 43


LMG Design Consulting turned this condo from dated to delightful in record time and on budget.
Story by Heather Shoning | Photography by Blaine Jonathan

Sometimes the clients of interior design have unrealistic budgets and time frames for their intended projects, and need to be educated about the realities of the design process. For this project, however, Lisa Guild, owner and principal designer at LMG Design Consulting in Naples, FL, was fully capable of executing her clients’ wishes—to completely remodel their dated Tuscan-style condominium into a light, bright coastal style— within four months and on budget.

“It was dark and Tuscan with browns, golds and reds, and heavy ornamentation,” Lisa says. “They hired us to renovate it, creating a coastal style with an open space plan, in a very short time frame.” And that’s exactly what the design team did.

LMG specializes in turnkey residential projects, most of which come from referrals. Lisa says that about 95% of the company’s clients do not live in Naples full-time, so her team often meets with the clients in person only a few times. The rest of the communication happens remotely, and, at the end, the designers have a big reveal.

“When you have a referral, it’s a big responsibility to come to the table prepared to provide a complete and total one-of-a-kind design for that client,” Lisa says. “We have made a commitment that we don’t do the same thing twice. And we’ve found that collaboration is key—listening to our clients and helping them define their goals is an important part of our job.”

Lisa’s team consists of three additional designers, each with her own
Design + Decor 47
The bleached oak cocktail table with ottomans from Four Hands Furnishing Style is the star of the seating area in the living room, thanks to its utilitarian design and good looks. But all eyes land on the pair of chests from Uttermost, which serve as a focal point with their modern, geometric design. A beautiful, richly patterned rug from Surya ties it all together. Upholstered chairs in a soft white fabric by Universal Explore Home provide comfortable seating for gathering with cocktails. To give the space an elevated look, the team selected a luxury chandelier from Crystorama Lighting, with fabric-covered shades and glass accents.

ometimes the clients of interior design have unrealistic budgets and time frames for their intended projects, and need to be educated about the realities of the design process. For this project, however, Lisa Guild, owner and principal designer at LMG Design Consulting in Naples, FL, was fully capable of executing her clients’ wishes—to completely remodel their dated Tuscan-style condominium into a light, bright coastal style—within four months and on budget.

“It was dark and Tuscan with browns, golds and reds, and heavy ornamentation,” Lisa says. “They hired us to renovate it, creating a coastal style with an open space plan, in a very short time frame.” And that’s exactly what the design team did.

LMG specializes in turnkey residential projects, most of which come from referrals. Lisa says that about 95% of the company’s clients do not live in Naples full-time, so her team often meets with the clients in person only a few times. The rest of the communication happens remotely, and, at the end, the designers have

a big reveal.

“When you have a referral, it’s a big responsibility to come to the table prepared to provide a complete and total one-of-a-kind design for that client,” Lisa says. “We have made a commitment that we don’t do the same thing twice. And we’ve found that collaboration is key—listening to our clients and helping them define their goals is an important part of our job.”

Lisa’s team consists of three additional designers, each with her own unique talents. One of these is Casey O’Brien, interior design consultant, who works closely with Lisa and was heavily involved in this condominium project. “The two of us work collaboratively quite a lot,” Lisa says. “Casey does a lot of design specifying, as well as client communication.”

Converting the dark, dated space into a bright, coastal look was a heavy lift. To achieve the design, LMG employed shiplap walls, white paint, natural materials and an array of blue hues throughout. “We touched every single space,” Lisa says. “We basically

Design + Decor 49

started at the front door and took it all the way to the exterior.” Besides finishing the project in a relatively short time, the design team was challenged to meet a specific budget. They got creative in selecting certain off-the-rack elements that would be cost-effective yet still provide a finished designer look. The team also used luxury vinyl flooring throughout the home to create consistency and go easy on the budget. “Luxury vinyl flooring is a pretty big player in Southwest Florida,” Lisa says. “It’s no longer that plastic material. It looks really beautiful and, in many contexts, it can actually help with sound mitigation if you apply it correctly.”

Design + Decor 51
Neat and sleek is the look in the galley kitchen. The design team specified quartz with soft gray veining for the countertops and backsplash to keep the look clean and fresh. The original cabinetry was lacking in function and storage, so the replament Shaker-style cabinetry stretches to the ceiling for a designer look, while adding beautiful storage for less-used kitchen items.

The main living areas are open to each other and have a connectedness through the use of color and design materials. In the living room, two sofas in a creamy white performance fabric anchor the space around a bleached oak cocktail table, with four nesting ottomans that provide additional seating for entertaining. To create an interesting focal point on a wall bedecked in shiplap, the team selected two rich blue chests with graphic door treatments and butted them together to create a console below the wall-hung television. They softened the look using two pretty sconces with patterned fabric shades.

The galley kitchen underwent a complete transformation with all new cabinetry and countertops. Lisa redesigned the layout for better function and flow, and specified white Shaker-style cabinetry that goes all the way to the ceiling for additional storage. To keep the clean style, the countertop material is also used for the backsplash. Lighting both under and inside the cabinetry gives the space a designer look.

The adjoining dining area features a banquette with shiplap on the face of the seating bench to create continuity with adjacent spaces. An oval table plus two ottomans and a rattan chair provide ample space for several people to gather for a meal. Custom pillows and Roman shades give the room a tailored look. To stay on budget, the team got creative with artwork. “Our ability to navigate the budget by mixing some inexpensive pieces with some expensive ones was an important part of the project,” Lisa says. “The artwork is inexpensive—it’s off the rack—but because it is in a vertical application of three and fits that space so effectively, it really looks custom.” Additionally, the art resembles shibori, an expensive Japanese hand-dyeing process. “When Casey selected that,” says Lisa, “I

Custom window coverings plus pillows and ottomans covered in luxury fabrics by Schumacher and Kravet give this space a truly custom look. The table by Sunpan Modern Home is highlighted by a pair of pendant lights by Regina Andrew Design.

This room exudes a comfortable, relaxing retreat vibe, thanks to the soft upholstered headboard from Four Hands Furnishing Style and the plush chair and ottoman from Universal Explore Home. Delicate glass accents such as the lamps and reading area table provide a light airiness to the space.

felt we were adding a detail or a nod to something more expensive than what that art really is.”

The designers employed this tactic throughout the home. “You’ll see that we stacked a lot of the artwork in the home because, since this is a second-floor condo, the ceilings aren’t very tall,” Casey says. “We added the illusion of height by stacking the art.”

The adjacent seating area features two stacked off-the-rack watercolors with a rainbow of blues that are seen throughout the home. This area was originally a formal dining room, which the homeowners, who often visit groups of friends and family, didn’t need for this vacation home. “We created these little vignettes of living spaces that would define how you use that space, versus the traditional living room/dining room layout,” Lisa says. The design team calls this the “chitchat area,” and it’s ensconced in the shiplap wall treatment. “I think shiplap in a farmhouse interior can be passé, whereas in a coastal interior, it’s a classic look that will never go out of style,” Casey says. Four white upholstered chairs gathered around a central cocktail table, with a pair of black side tables punctuating the space, provide a perfect gathering area. The design team captured an underutilized niche to create a bar for glass- and barware storage plus a wine refrigerator.

The outdoor living area, which can be seen from the dining nook and accessed from the living room, carries the textural elements of the design from inside to out. The furniture, created to withstand the Florida weather, looks like driftwood, some having rope detailing. The metal cocktail table with its ombre finish has the appearance of concrete. The floor tile in a herringbone pattern resembles concrete as well. The wood-look and metal dining table and faux rattan chairs provide space for alfresco meals.

“The clients wanted the bedroom to be a little more restful,” Lisa says. “So we tended toward an aqua and light blue palette, with just a couple of punches of the darker blue.” The upholstered bed with nail-head detailing is flanked by medium-gray nightstands and aqua glass lamps in front of tall mirrors with a soft silver finish. A seating area features a crisp white upholstered chair and ottoman; behind it is access to a private patio. One guest bedroom features a primarily navy-and-white palette, while another incorporates soft blue with pops of medium blue and natural materials, including a rattan side table and sisal-look rug.

Lisa is exceptionally proud of having met her clients’ expectations, creating the dream vacation home they desired. The entire condo came together in a short time frame, on budget and with a custom,

This soft blue room features a burst of natural materials, including the rattan side table from Jamie Young Co. and coordinating pillow fabric by Pindler.

professionally designed look. “Whenever we come to a project, we seek to elevate the scale,” Lisa says. “We do that with large-scale pieces, large-scale art, and also wonderful punches of color that lead you through the home.”


LMG Design Consulting Inc.

Lisa Guild

6001 Taylor Road Naples, FL 34109

1785 Northgate Blvd

Sarasota,FL 34234


Design + Decor 55




Stories by Danielle Porter

The landscape design for the house at Davis Road transcends architecture, becoming an artful integration of unique and thoughtful solutions that make this family’s outdoor experience as inspired as the inside of their home. From the outset, the homeowners knew they wanted their residence to feel like it was set in a clearing in the woods, accessible and open, yet private—and they sought out Christopher Cawley Landscape Architects to achieve this vision.

Where the client had set a clear goal for this transformation, Christopher and his team brought an equally thoughtful approach and vision to make it happen. With the family’s affinity for art, the designers looked at the landscape as if it were a gallery of view corridors and vistas, ensuring that every nook and cranny was thoughtfully articulated space.

Starting at the street approach to the home and continuing into the interior spaces looking out, the team studied the property meticulously to determine where they could find opportunities for impactful design. This included figuring out how to highlight and showcase the collection of art that the family wished to integrate into the property.

Design + Decor 57

Through the use of 3D modeling, the team was able to integrate the landscape design with the architecture to produce a rendering that would show the family exactly what to expect from the design and the experience. The model is a game changer, Christopher explains, as it gives his team the ability to convey their concepts and design in a meaningful way that the clients can understand.

One such area where this was particularly helpful was the auto court in front of the home. Not wanting parked cars to distract from the composition of the house and landscape, Christopher and his team created an artful solution: Instead of using the traditional grass and hardscape grid typical to the Florida region, they integrated strips of grass into the hardscape, running perpendicular to the home. This approach creates a contemporary, artsy aesthetic that responds to the architecture while establishing a welcoming, human scale. The auto court wraps around a central island of trees relocated from other parts of the property. The team carefully curated the scale and proportion of this space to balance the symmetry of the architecture and set the stage for the minimalist, aesthetic landscape palette throughout the property.

The overall planting palette is simple, but still natural in character. It is set against an open composition, producing a combination that creates true harmony and balance. The thoughtful collection of plantings includes ground covers and ferns that grow low and require minimal maintenance to keep the exterior beautiful year-round.


Christopher Cawley Landscape Architecture

Christopher Cawley

780 NE 69th Street, Suite 200

Miami, FL 33138


Design + Decor 59


Starting with a traditional and neutral Florida home, Jackie Armour and the JMA Interior Design team transformed the Loblolly Residence into a vibrant and bold coastal experience. Looking for a balance of aesthetics, function and durability, the homeowners dreamed of having a place that would be an exciting destination from their primary residence in New England, and where their college-aged children could come visit with friends.

At the beginning of the project, it was clear to Jackie that the clients had a strong vision for the home, and they were putting an immense amount of trust in her team to achieve it. The family loved the idea of having a creative palette with confident colors woven through the spaces, each one subtlety connected to the next. For Jackie, whose interior design concepts seem to come together almost intuitively and organically, this was an exciting opportunity.

The first step in achieving this aesthetic was upgrading the existing, warm-neutral wall color to a crisp white, creating the perfect backdrop for the vibrant colors to pop against. The second step was to develop the layers of colors and patterns that would bring it all together. The coral-red-toned coffee table was one of the first things the family fell in love with, and it became an inspiration for the design, empowering the team to take risks and push the boundaries of color.

This aesthetic carried right to the front door, where the designers upgraded the previously yellow exterior and wood doors to a crisp white exterior paint and a vibrant coral front door, a risk the family loved. In the foyer, another bold moment—this time in blue— catches the eye and creates balance, highlighting the ceiling feature and light fixture. The two tones set

Design + Decor 61 Before Before

the direction for the home and are prominently carried throughout.

In the remainder of the residence, in the bathrooms, bedrooms, guest house and breezeway, the design is thoughtfully adjusted to match the tone and function of each space. In the bedroom, color still creates contrast and layers, but in a softer way. In the laundry room, an artistic blue wallcovering and fun mosaic floor tile provide interest and excitement in what might otherwise be an ordinary space.

Perhaps one of the most stunning spaces in this transformation is the kitchen, where the blue takes center stage on the island, a statement moment made that much bolder through its contrast with the crisp white cabinetry beyond. The designers reconfigured the kitchen for a more streamlined experience, modernized the cabinetry design and upgraded the flooring, collectively creating a space meant for gathering and entertaining.

This transformation is one for books, and shows that with good bones, you can truly create a masterpiece.


Design + Decor 63
JMA Interior Design
Armour 1907 Commerce Lane, Suite 103 Juniper, FL 33458 561.743.9668
Before Before Before


If you’re in the market for a problem-solving general contractor in the Naples, FL, area, who is up for what seems an impossible task, PBS Contractors might be the right fit for you. Offering both residential and commercial construction services, the company partners with architects and designers to create unbelievable spatial experiences for their clients, and specializes in taking on unique and challenging projects.

Homeowners at the St. Pierre luxury condominiums had asked PBS to make their space feel brighter, and to open the kitchen to the living area for better flow and functionality. While the kitchen presented challenges because of a structural column, the PBS team found a beautiful solution that allowed better sight lines between the spaces, and used the column to anchor different elements at that location to make it feel intentional.

When it came to the lighting, the team members had to get creative. They knew that adding fixtures in addition to a fresh coat of white paint was the way to better illuminate the space, but the eight-foot ceilings couldn’t get any higher to accommodate new fixtures. They opted to install a thin, twoinch-deep system on the existing ceiling, and integrated slim-design LED lights that

Design + Decor 65 Before

look like traditional downlights. This solution allowed them to get plenty of lighting and lose only minimal ceiling height.

At Admiralty Point, the homeowners had purchased one unit, worked with PBS Contractors to renovate the space, and loved the result. When the clients opted to purchase the unit above, they brought PBS in again, not just to renovate, but to make a physical connection between the two units. While this may seem like an easy request, this high-rise building has a complicated structural system—including tension cables hidden within the structure that separates the floors— so simply opening up the floor was not an option.

The team at PBS took an in-depth X-ray scan of the floor to determine the location of the cables, and then worked around the spaces on both floors to find a suitable connection point. Ultimately, this spiral stair provides a connection for the owners between the foyer space on each floor, an ideal circulation location. The stair itself is a prefabricated metal stair that was finished with engineered wood treads to match the flooring used throughout the home. PBS’s final touch was to add LED lights on the underside of each step, offering both illumination and interest.

The project at Park Plaza exhibits the firm’s highest level of creative thinking. The space was originally designed when sunken living rooms

were all the rage, but the clients wanted one-level living and better use of the expansive ocean-view windows. PBS took a multifaceted approach to the project by installing metal joists that bring the living room up to the same level as the kitchen—enhancing the panoramic experience—while also enclosing the balcony space. This enabled the team to relocate the dining table and a seating area next to the windows, two steps down from the living and kitchen space.

The new design made an enormous impact on the space and allowed the team to gain back enough room to add a third bedroom—in a way that seems as if it had always been there. The true magic behind these ingenious solutions is that PBS is continually able to create spaces that feel intentional and purposeful.


PBS Contractors

Mario Valle

4395 Corporate Square Naples, FL 34104


Design + Decor 67

hen Nan Wright and her team at Wright Interior Group were brought in to renovate the Fiddler’s Creek project, they were asked to transform a traditional Mediterranean-style house into a home suitable for a couple who loved to entertain, cook and bake. The project was expansive, encompassing the foyer, living room, staircase, great room and master bathroom. Nan and her team were certainly up for the challenge, and delivered a stunningly modern space that supports their clients’ lifestyle.

The upgrades start upon entry, where the foyer received a brand-new solid wood door and a waterjet marble-and-metal inlay in the large-format porcelain tile floor, to create an intentional landing point for the space. The designers removed the faux columns both here and in the living room, creating a less distracting passageway between the spaces. The tile at the

adjacent stairs, while no longer an aesthetic fit, didn’t call for complete demolition. Nan and her team cleverly finished the stairs in a coordinating carpet that offers a softness to the space and works brilliantly with the new, modern handrail.

The living room, with its expansive 22-foot ceilings, was given new life from top to bottom. The fireplace, which originally ended short of the ceiling, was expanded to the ceiling and clad in a large 10-foot porcelain tile with a book-match layout, so the entire face of the fireplace looks continuous. With the fireplace effectively grounding the space, the team integrated a new wood veneer ceiling detail with a custom chandelier that thoughtfully fills the volume of the space.

For this couple, as for many, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home, so Nan’s team gave it the utmost thought and consideration during its

WDesign + Decor 69 Before Before Before

reimagination. Adjacent to the kitchen was a courtyard that the homeowners didn’t use often, so the team closed off the connecting door to create a pantry that supports the culinary endeavors of the couple.

The kitchen itself is one of a kind, and it is nearly unimaginable that it is in the same physical space as the original kitchen. The designers considered every detail, including the dual custom islands, built-in wine storage, custom stone backsplash at the range, and new transom window that increase the natural light in the space.

The crisp and bright palette throughout the home weaves in thoughtful details, layers of texture and custom solutions. The Wright Interior Group brought about a transformation that will surely make anyone a believer in the impact that design can have on the experience within a space.


Wright Interior Group

Nan Wright

6001 Taylor Road Naples, FL 34109 239.260.4850



From the moment they entered the showroom and saw the bold, mid-century-style Beatles poster, the couple knew it would be the inspiration for their new home at Castella at The Colony in Bonita Springs, FL. The homeowners wanted to have a youthful, lively and inviting space where their grown children, grandkids and friends could visit and stay—and that’s exactly what Sherie Weidner and her team at Clive Daniel created.

Set to the task of renovating every space within the residence, Sherie and her team found innovative and unique ways to breathe new life into the home. She shares much of the credit with the talented builders at Imperial Homes. “You can have all the designs in the world,” she says, “but without good communication and a good builder to bring it to life, you’re stuck.”


While some spaces in the home, like the bedrooms, received simpler upgrades, the design team completely gutted the bathrooms down to the studs, and rethought the social spaces to create the entertainment-ready environment the clients requested. In these social spaces, the team took a risk by expanding the kitchen footprint and minimizing the dining space to bring everything into scale and create better connectivity between the two areas.

This expansion, coupled with the installation of a modern, woodlook porcelain floor tile throughout the home and lanai, created a natural, easy flow from space to space. The team removed the traditional 42-inch-high bar counter and integrated a counterheight breakfast bar, perfect for little ones and adults alike, with integral storage and a wet bar where everyone can gather easily.

In the now right-sized dining room, the much-loved Beatles

Design + Decor 73

poster that started it all adorns the feature backdrop of the living and dining spaces. Sherie and her team did a job of translating the visual aesthetics of the poster into the built space—balancing color, warmth, neutrality and clean midcentury-modern details.

Throughout the rest of the home, the mid-century, youthful vibe is consistently captured, including the powder room with its statement black-and-white wallcovering contrasted by a teal vanity and fixtures, and the bathroom, with its fun mosaic floor tile and sleek details. In the bedrooms, the team crafted spaces that are neutral in their base, but vibrant in the details—a perfect testament to carrying a concept of liveliness into a space of rest and relaxation.

All in all, the Clive Daniel team undoubtedly delivered a sophisticated result that is bound to provide this family with endless happy gatherings.


Clive Daniel

Sherie Weidner

Boca Raton, FL | 561.861.3237

Naples, FL | 239.261.4663

Sarasota, FL | 941.900.4663



Linéaire Designs was making minor design updates to Continuum 2801 to get it ready for sale when a fashion-forward couple purchased the apartment. The couple engaged Dominique Bonet and her team to not just upgrade the apartment, but to give it an entirely new look. The aesthetic was to be centralized around the idea of glamour and beauty—a concept the team clearly delivered.

Every space in the home was upgraded and customized in some way. The palette went from neutral and plain to bold and contrasting, with layers of texture, deep shades of ebony, and rich marble accents bringing depth to the space, making it nearly unrecognizable. This neutral and timeless base palette gives the family freedom to explore color without commitment, allowing their home to age gracefully.

In the kitchen, the sleek backsplash, while beautiful, was almost out of place against the modern white cabinetry and was aesthetically disconnected from the adjacent living room. It is here that Dominique and her team saw opportunity. Two contrasting marbles, one white with gray veining and the other ebony with white veining, became parallel features in the space, creating a sophisticated elegance that drew from the concrete-look floor tile.

The biggest challenge of the renovation was a bulkhead filled with large pipes that could not be relocated and did not fit in with the design or layout. (Oh, the joys of high-rise design!) While it took some time for Dominique and her team to determine the right solution, the final look is breathtaking. The cove of light in the ceiling showcases a custom-made chandelier composed of individually hung Swarovski crystal pendants,

Design + Decor 77 Before

and is paired with a sleek, white, custom-built, wood-slat ceiling detail.

While the chandelier is otherworldly, the wood-slat detail and the marble tie the home together and are reinterpreted to connect the spaces without repetition in execution. In the master bath, wood slats are used to surround the new standalone tub with dramatic marble backdrop and splashy artwork. In the guest bath, the same materials are reinterpreted into a sleek storage unit and backsplash as a perfect nod to the other spaces.

With all the customization throughout the social and bath spaces, the bedrooms also received royal treatment. Custom-designed upholstered wall panels in the master bedroom add a soft and sophisticated feel to a quiet space of relaxation. In the second bedroom, the custom bed and headboard are accented creatively by a textured white tile and fun pendant lights at the nightstands.

It’s clear that no detail in this home was overlooked. The magnificent transformation exudes glamour and sophistication at every crevice—an absolute transformation success.


Linéaire Designs

Dominique Bonet

Catalina Sapuyes

2347 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 108

Miami, FL 33137


Design + Decor 79



When your home is an iconic awardwinning design from 1864 and you’re looking for an update, you’ll want to call in the dream team to bring it to life. That’s exactly what this family did when they were ready to update the exterior of their home, hardscape, and landscape, which was designed by Jack West of the Sarasota School of Architecture.

The renovation was extensive and required meticulous planning to have it effectively executed, particularly given that the home had undergone several prior renovations, and that’s where Ryan Perrone and the team at Nautilus Homes’ expertise came in. Nautilus rounded out an impressive team of Echt Architects, Hazeltine Nurseries for the landscape design and installation, and Siesta Pools, who installed both the pool at the rear of the home and the water feature at the entry to the home.

In this project, every aspect was considered and detailed out to ensure a “seamless integration between functionality, aesthetics, and client satisfaction”, Perrone says. It is

Design + Decor 81

because of this diligent effort that despite challenges – like finding pre-existing structures and foundations in unexpected places, among other surprises in the demolition efforts – the team was able to successfully complete deliver this project, that serves as a motivating force to continually push their own boundaries in future projects.

The aesthetic focus for this project was a revival of mid-century modern design that would carry through every aspect of the home while respecting the original intent. While the home was memorable, the slow reveal of the experience through various elements, like the vertical wood-look aluminum slats, makes this home entirely unforgettable. The team effectively layered in modern elements that would respect the existing architecture, in particular the sweeping Balinese style roof line.

Upon approach to the home, the family and their guests are greeted by one such wall that provides for a unique experience. As soon as you pass through the opening, you’re greeted by three oversized steppingstones laid across a quiet and Zen-like water feature with a singular topiary, a perfect moment of tranquility. This serenity is carried throughout and into the backyard where the new pool is nestled within crisp white pavers and a built-in fire pit adds warmth to the integrated spa experience.

The team was able to keep the subtropical climate and holistic indoor-outdoor lifestyle at the forefront of the design. The upgrades here were thoughtful and respectful of the existing architecture – preserving the historic intent and craftsmanship while giving this family a modern and serene experience for years to come.


Nautilus Homes

Ryan Perrone

7126 S Beneva Road, #201

Sarasota, FL 34238


Design + Decor 83


Homeowner Patti Grazioso, Interior Designer Heidi Pettee and Architect Don Kino are the trio of talent behind reinventing this beautiful condo in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

Story by Danielle Porter Photography by Blake Caccavale

When great minds come together, anything can happen. This is especially true in real estate—except when it comes to location. This is why, when Patti Grazioso found this beachfront condo in Lauderdale By The Sea, FL, and fell in love with the location and ocean views, she bought it without hesitation, despite the outdated aesthetics and systems.

Patti lived in the home for six months to get a true feel for the space before beginning the design work. When the time was right, she contacted interior designer Heidi Pettee and architect Don Kino to bring her ideas to life. Collectively, the trio envisioned the future of this 1,400-squarefoot condo, maximizing every inch of space, and completely transforming it into a chic, beach-glam home.

Patti was a collaborative partner in the design—she came to Heidi and Don with a vision, and spent her weekends shop -

Design + Decor 87
Patti Grazioso and Heidi Pettee

ping and thrifting in Palm Beach to find just the right pieces for the space. On one such trip, she discovered and purchased the sofa that now sits at the end of the master bed. What she didn’t realize at the time was that this sofa would become the centerpiece from which the design and palette would evolve.

In their pursuit of Florida chic, the design team brightened the home with a crisp white base layer throughout. They layered in vibrant, bold colors and patterns for dramatic contrast and, in the process, noticed that they all tied back to one thing—the master bedroom sofa. Unknowingly, the team was drawing from this unique piece to tie the whole home together.

The color palette is sophisticated, interesting and elegant. This is exemplified by the orange pop of color on the mid-century modern desk and guest bedroom walls, which share the same vibrancy as the soft coral in the bedroom, and the kelly green and leopard print in the great room.

The aesthetics aren’t the only sophisticated aspect of this renovation: When it comes to space, the original areas were separate and divided, but the final design is a modern and connected experi -

ence. By breaking down barriers between the spaces, the team was able to embody the light, bright and airy experience that Patti desired.

The kitchen’s remarkable upgrades are the epitome of Florida chic. The team managed to keep the space open and airy with minimal upper cabinets, while maximizing storage in the custom white cabinetry with cane inlay. The bright white backsplash and counter are illuminated by the natural light from the sliding doors, while the custom acrylic legs that adorn the breakfast peninsula not only create a sense of openness, but add a touch of retro glam.

Around the corner from the kitchen in the great room, two beautiful, white lacquered wall panels open to reveal a built-in bar with integrated beverage drawers. Painted a vibrant kelly green with brass detailing, it’s a bold statement piece perfectly located for entertaining. This hidden gem is rivaled in beauty only by the custom, hand-painted silver flamingo silk de Gournay art pieces at the other end of the great room.

This stunning backdrop has another unexpected secret: a set of sliding doors on a hidden track that, when opened, reveal the

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master bedroom. The idea for this life-size, functional art was born when Patti told the design team she wanted to wake up and see the ocean.

To fulfill this big request, Heidi and Don first replaced the original jalousie windows with picture frame windows that show off the ocean view. Next, they expanded the opening between the master bedroom and living room wall to provide an extraordinary connection to the views that Patti had dreamed of.

The team brought the sliding door concept to the next level in the master bedroom, where they had taken three feet from the bedroom to expand the master bathroom. To maximize space in between, they integrated a set of sliding doors that were custom computernumerical-control routed to have an integral pattern, adding elegance and interest.

Every detail in this condo is a collaboration of ideas from Patti, Heidi and Don, layered onto one another and ultimately creating a perfectly Florida chic, beach-glam experience where Patti can feel at home and put down roots.


Interior Designer

Heidi Pettee Designs

Heidi Pettee

Pompano, FL


9 Square Garden Architecture

Don Kino, President

480 Hibiscus Street, Suite 609 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561.301.4180

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DeMarco Tile

Creating beautiful spaces for over fifty-eight years.

Located along Florida’s Paradise Coast, award-winning DeMarco Tile in Naples is the premier destination for professionals and homeowners seeking a wide assortment of exceptional European luxury tiles. Since the 1960s, the DeMarco family has cordially served clients looking to beautify their spaces with exquisite tile options imported directly from Italy and Spain. While DeMarco Tile is a meeting place for top interior designers, leading contractors and professional builders, its doors are always open for retail sales to the general public as well. Design + Decor recently spoke with DeMarco Tile Vice President Loretta DeMarco about the firm’s attractive showroom and what truly distinguishes the company: its successful history of personalized customer service.

DeMarco Tile was founded in 1965 by George and Maria DeMarco. The same family love and dedication that pioneered superior service in the Florida tile industry then still powers the establishment today, with all the warmth and kindness the company is known for. Whether a client needs a handful of tile options or a forklift’s worth for a complete home remodel, everyone who walks through the showroom door is welcomed like family. How did DeMarco Tile develop such a trusted reputation

that has lasted for more than 58 years? The secret to the firm’s prosperity, says Loretta, is its combination of offering only the finest crafted European tiles, and of providing “quality customer service and personalized attention.”

Sand Dollar Award winners for the Best Design of Showroom, DeMarco Tile has a spectacular 1,800-square-foot showroom that displays an impressive collection of porcelain, ceramic and decorative tiles with endless possibilities for your home or commercial space. Indeed, a stroll through the showroom will transport your senses and enliven your spirits as you plan the transformation of your home. A mesmerizing feature wall of blue agate slab is reminiscent of the cool blue waters surrounding the island of Santorini, Greece. The magnificent colors, shapes, patterns and finishes on display feel like a personalized tour of Northern Italy or a trip around the sunny southern Spanish coast. Whether your eye is drawn to graceful neutrals or vivid dynamic color patterns, the experts of the DeMarco family can help you find the tile combinations you will love.

With so many opulent options, it can be challenging for homeowners to settle on one superbly crafted tile choice. Loretta


shares her tips for clients who don’t know where to start when choosing tiles. “Bring in pictures of looks you like,” she says. “We can help you put the look together.” After decades of experience, DeMarco professionals know how to help customers feel relaxed and confident. “If customers don’t know what they like, we ask what they don’t like,” Loretta says of the delicate art of the discovery process, and how the company’s design specialists assist in bringing a vision of elegance to life.

Helping customers to build their dreams, one tile at a time, is rewarding in many ways for the DeMarco family. When asked which part of the customer service process she likes most, Loretta says, “seeing the customers smile when they leave happy.” Clients are valued and cared for, and that has been the heart of the company’s success for more than 58 years. So, come browse alongside luxury home builders and celebrity interior designers in the showroom. Bring your magazine clips, floor plans or swatches of color. The warm and friendly professionals at DeMarco Tile will help make your vision come to life with their elegant and stylish European tiles.


DeMarco Tile

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The Legend of Walpole

For homeowners seeking to add timeless, durable appeal to their outdoor spaces, Walpole Outdoors is the most trusted name in the game.

Founded in 1933 in Walpole, MA, by P.R. Allen, the company began as a fencing company with the goal of employing area laborers during the Great Depression. This area of Massachusetts is known for its cedar forests, and it was only natural for the Walpole woods to spark a business idea. Originally named Walpole Woodworkers, the company has set the industry standard for quality outdoor products for nearly a century, and is known for its innovative and forward-thinking approach to changing times and technologies.

Mark Bushway, director of sales, began working for Walpole just over 35 years ago. During college, he worked summers with the company, installing fences and building furniture. “I always enjoyed my time there, and after graduating college, the company was looking to hire a couple of sales people,” says Mark. “I thought I might be pretty good at that.”

With showrooms in retail locations all along the East Coast from Florida to New Hampshire, Walpole provides residential and commercial customers with stock and custom outdoor products—including pergolas, arbors, fences, gates, outdoor furniture and children’s playsets.

Over the course of its history, Walpole has constantly looked for opportunities to incorporate new and original processes and technologies to improve the overall look and durability of its

Wapole Outdoors celebrates ninty years Story by Brittany Shepard

product line. As its products grew in popularity, the company developed a process for pre-staining cedar fences to more quickly serve their customers.

In the early 2000s, Walpole began working with materials other than wood to increase the longevity of its products. The firm settled on AZEK cellular vinyl as the material of choice, and became the industry leader in the fabrication, reinforcement and finishing of outdoor products in the material. This allows Walpole to replicate some of the cedar designs with material that is impervious to rot, warping and insects. Due to the expansion of material offerings, the company changed its name from Walpole Woodworkers to Walpole Outdoors in 2015.

Walpole’s products and designs can be seen in notable landscape architecture projects in homes and commercial locations nationwide. Some of Mark’s favorite projects include several exquisite commercial pergolas featured at prestigious golf clubs, including the Hyannisport Golf Club near the Kennedy family compound. “Those types of projects bring me the most satisfaction,” says Mark.

The company also has a long-standing relationship with This Old House—the hallmark renovation, remodeling and carpentry TV show that is a household name in the U.S. In fact, Walpole and representatives from the company were featured on the very first episode of the show in 1974.

“We’ve always been the leaders in the industry and selling the top product, and that means we have to deliver. There is something to be said for that,” says Mark. “That’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed with Walpole for so long: because we hang in there until the job is done and the customer is satisfied.”


Walpole Outdoors

Corporate Showroom and Headquarters

255 Patriot Place

Foxborough, MA 02035


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Casey O’Brien

GCFlooring: A Family Flooring Company that Embraces Its Clients

Husband-and-wife owners Giuseppe and Lizette Candela are the friendly faces behind GCFlooring. The company stands out from others in the industry because it is a family-owned firm that treats employees as part of their extended family. “Our team is like a family, so we all care about it equally,” says Lizette. “I don’t see that in a lot of other businesses.”

For Lizette, one of the most complex parts of the industry is finding quality employees who genuinely care about the business. She’s incredibly grateful for her devoted team members, some of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years.

Originally from Sicily, Giuseppe has always worked in flooring and installation. Lizette, however, was a biology major who switched careers to help build the flooring business with her husband. GCFlooring had humble beginnings, with Giuseppe working out of a home office. As the company started to take off, the couple moved to an office plaza and finally opened their J & C Boulevard showroom in Naples, FL, where they’ve been for nearly five years.

When customers walk into the GCFlooring showroom, they immediately enter a unique atmosphere. The Candelas want their clients to feel warmth and energy—not to see their interactions solely as business transactions. In fact, Lizette notes that relationship-building is a major reason why their business is thriving. The Candelas make an effort to stay in touch with their clients. “Our relationships are for life,” says Lizette. “Even if they’re not buying anything from us, we still reach out and go to dinner.”

The GCFlooring team often works with large-format tiles, such as 48 x 48s, which have become very popular. These tiles have beautiful lines and fewer grout joints. The company also offers textured tiles, and has an

impressive industrial selection at the showroom.

Lizette loves working with different customers on diverse projects, helping clients to actualize their design visions. “We get excited to show our clients the new things we’ve gotten in,” she says. “We especially love when they’ve hand drawn their design, and we make it come to fruition.”

The Candelas are constantly seeking new ideas and products coming to the flooring market, and make sure to order samples for customers to see. For Lizette, it’s crucial to be aware of the current trends in the industry. “We’re always keeping everything fresh and new, keeping up with the design trends, going to conventions, and learning more from our vendors.” Sometimes the vendors visit the J&C Boulevard showroom and provide classes on their new offerings in the industry.

With their friendly service and state-of-the-art products, Lizette and Giuseppe give their customers an enriching experience every time they visit the showroom.

Resource: GCFlooring Giuseppe and Lizette Candela 2155 J & C Boulevard Naples, FL 34109 239.599.5678

27 N Pineapple Avenue Sarasota, FL 34236

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