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Fire Safe Helps Protect Valuable Items At Home And Office The best way to protect your important documents or other valuable possessions is to keep them in a fire safe. These safes come in smaller sizes for use in your home and in larger sizes to meet the needs of businesses. A fireproof safe is generally rated based on the amount of time it can withstand the extreme temperature produced by the fire. Typically, the safes have a rating one, two or four hours. In other words, the rating specifies the duration of time the contents inside the safe will remain unharmed. Models with higher as well as lower ratings are also available in the market. For instance, a class 3 rated safe provides protection against 1700 degree temperature for a period or one hour, a class 2 rated safe protects contents against 1850 degree temperature for two hours at least and class 1 rated safe resists fire having temperature of 2000 degrees for many hours. Fireproof Safe for Homeowners Small, box-sized fire safes are best suited for home use. The fireproof safes are designed in such a way that they not only provide protection to your valuables, but also go along with the dĂŠcor of your home. These safe boxes can be hidden or tucked anywhere easily. Some of the documents and things that you can keep in these safes include wills, personal documents, valuable items, jewelry, etc. They can also be used to store firearms safely and securely in your home. Fireproof Safe for Businesses Businesses also make use of fireproof safes, but they need larger safes when compared with those that are used by homeowners. These safes will have a great deal of space to store documents, cash or anything that needs to be protected from fire, theft, etc. The safes that businesses use resemble a cabinet or wardrobe. A fire safe is also used by museums in order to protect some of their original paintings and precious collections. How to Choose a Fireproof Safe If you are planning to buy a fireproof safe for use at your home or in your business, you need to keep the following aspects in mind in order to select the right safe that is best suited to your requirements.

The type of lock provided for the safe. Safe locks are of three different types: key, electronic and combination types. You must choose a fireproof safe that is impact resistant as well. This information is generally provided in the label on the safe. Decide on the size of the safe needed to meet your requirements. This can be done easily by taking into consideration the items that you would like to keep inside safe. Safes that can be fitted under the bed or on the wall can be purchased according to your preference. It does not generally cost much to buy a fire safe. The price of a small fireproof safe may be around $50. The cost of a large-sized safe for business use can be as high as $200. It is important to always remember that higher the safe's rating, the longer it will protect the contents at higher temperatures. You can buy fireproof safes online or from any of the home improvement and office stores or visit:

Fire Safe Helps Protect Valuable Items At Home And Office