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T h e S i d n e y S u ss e x N e w s l e tt e r American Connections

Photograph: Ed Strauss

With the support of Cambridge in America, Andrew and Jo hosted a lively and enjoyable dinner at the Cornell Club in New York, following “Cambridge in America Day.” The evening was a very Dinner at the Cornell Club special opportunity to meet Sidney Americans, including several Directors of the Sidney Sussex Foundation (described below) and to discuss future visits and plans. The Master was impressed by the loyalty and enthusiasm of Sidney’s American Members, and looks forward to hosting regular events in New York, San Francisco and other regions. A smaller alumni gathering in New Haven, CT was equally congenial.

The Fox International Fellowship Program One highlight of the Master’s US trip was an opportunity to meet Joseph Fox and to visit the Fox International Fellowship Program at Yale University. This student exchange partnership between Yale and eleven leading world universities offers talented graduates and postgraduates the chance to pursue academic research and to develop their leadership skills while experiencing the culture of another country. Sidney Sussex is privileged to be the only Cambridge or UK College presently working in partnership with the Fox International Fellowship Program; the other partner institutions are Moscow State University, the Free University of Berlin, Fudan University in Shanghai, the University of Tokyo, Institut d’études de Politiques de Paris, Jawaraharlal Nehru University, El Colegio de Mexico, Bogazici University, Tel Aviv University and the University of Cape Town.

Boat Club US travels and Alumni dinner 24 Sidney rowers and two coxes travelled to Philadelphia in late June for the Independence Day Regatta, held between the 2nd–4th of July on the Schuylkill River. Hosted by a local club, the Sidney rowers trained hard and rowed well, staying on in Philadelphia for several extra days to see the sights. The Sidney Boat Club is pleased to announce the 2010 SSBC Alumni Dinner, to be held in College on 6th November (booking form enclosed). All who rowed or coxed for Sidney are welcome to attend. There will be alumni outings during the day. The dinner two years ago was very well attended and by all accounts a great success; the dinner helped to fund a new boat for the 1st women and there have already been noticeable benefits across all levels of the women’s side of the boat club. This year the aim is to raise money for two new fours.

Photograph: Zoe Swenson-Wright

In March, the Master, Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, travelled to the US with his wife Jo to meet Sidney alumni in New York, Maryland and New England and to give public lectures on his project at Herculaneum at Yale and Washington and Lee Universities.

The Sidney Sussex Foundation

Christopher Stoneman and Tony French

The Sidney Sussex Foundation was established in 1973, the brainchild of Sidney alumnus Christopher Stoneman (Law, 1947). A Vermont and New Hampshire attorney, Christopher has had a remarkably long association with Sidney, through four generations of his family.

The 1973 Sidney Sussex College Annual recorded the establishment of the Sidney Sussex Foundation, announcing that: ‘The five Directors (Founding Fathers) are: The Reverend Sewall Emerson (1928, Theology), President; Dr Ronald N. Bracewell (1946, Physics research), Vice-President; Christopher G. Stoneman (1947, Law), Secretary and Treasurer); Peter G. Andrews (1938, Mechanical Sciences); and Howard L. Meyer (1957, Law).’ The Foundation was set up to support the College financially, and to assist alumni in need. It was conceived of as an organization that could bring Sidney’s American alumni together in support of the College and each other. This mission evolved over time; by the mid-1990s, the Foundation was raising substantial sums, and funding annual North American Fellowships to build links between Sidney and the US. In all this, the Sidney Sussex Foundation (cited by College historian C.W. Scott Giles as a highlight of Sidney’s modern period) was very much ahead of its time. In 1973, neither Cambridge nor Sidney had any organized fundraising or alumni activities, beyond the traditional Commemoration dinners. The five original Directors not only raised money for the College, but introduced Sidney to the concept of modern, American-style fundraising and alumni relations. Sidney took this lesson on board, becoming one of the first Colleges in Cambridge to recognize the need for alumni fundraising, and the first to launch an Annual Fund. In 1995, Professor Anthony P French became the President of the Foundation. Howard Meyer (now sadly deceased) and Christopher Stoneman continued in their roles, together with John F Scott (1951) and Derek T Weatherill (1948) . When Christopher Stoneman retired in 2003, he was replaced by another attorney, the indefatigable Tom Viles (1992), an alumnus and former Fellow of the College. On the retirement of Derek Weatherill, David Smith (1958) joined the Board of Directors. Over the years, the Sidney Sussex Foundation has hosted many visitors from Sidney, including Masters Gabriel Horn and Sandra Dawson, and Vice-Master Tony Badger. During their recent American tour, Andrew and Jo Wallace Hadrill met with Tony French and Tom Viles to discuss the future of the Foundation. Although Cambridge in America, with its modern offices and substantial, professional staff, is now better placed to fundraise in the US on behalf of the College, the spirit and alumni connections created by the Sidney Sussex Foundation go far beyond legalities. Although the Foundation has now wound up its fundraising activities, the community of support created in 1973 has become a permanent part of Sidney’s history and future.

Sidney’s men’s quad on Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River

For more information, please contact the Captain of Boats, Sam Harrison, at or Elin Gosby at alumni-officer@ If you would like to be kept informed of boat club events please return the relevant section of the form, even if you can’t attend the dinner.




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2010–2011 Diary Dates 12 September 2010

Reunion garden party for the matriculands of 1990, 1980, 1970, 1960 and all earlier years

16 October 2010

The annual John Thornely dinner in Hall, all Sidney lawyers welcome

6 November 2010

SSBC Alumni dinner in College

20 November 2010

Dinner in honour of Donald Green, all Sidney engineers welcome

6 December 2010

The Sidney Sussex Society Christmas Party in London (details TBA)

5 February 2011

Arts at Sidney Lecture and Dinner

27 February 2011

Celebration of the Quatercentenary of the King James Bible

February 2011

The John Thornely Lecture in London (details TBA)

14 May 2011

MA Graduation Dinner

21 June 2011

Sidney Sussex Society BA Graduands Party

8 October 2011

Sidney Sussex Society visit to Duxford

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Thank you to all who have supported Sidney Sussex in 2009 & 2010 The Master and Fellows of Sidney Sussex College are most grateful to all those members and friends of the College who have supported Sidney Sussex between 1 July 2008 and 30 June 2010, through gifts to the Annual Fund, gifts to funds and special projects and gifts-in-kind. We thank also those of you who have made your contributions anonymously. Although your names are not listed below, we are very grateful for your support. Dr S Ahnert, 1998 Professor J W Allen, 1946 Mr N G Allen, 1971 Mr I Anderson, 1986 Mr J V R Anderson, 1955 Mr P G Andrews, 1938 Mr R G Andrews (in honour of P G Andrews) Mr S M Andrews, 1953 Mr R A Angier, 1958 The Ann D Foundation Mrs G N G Appleton, 1995 Dr M Archer Miss M L Archer, 2000 Mr S W Askew, 1966 Mrs D A Atkinson Miss P Atkinson, 1986 Mr M K Ayers, 1964 Mr J B Bairstow, 1952 Dr K R Baker Aggarwal, 1997 Mr C H Balch, 1971 Mr S Baldock, 1999 Dr P J Ball, 1952 Dr S Bannerjee Mr G G Bannerman, 1950 The Estate of Mr R A Barber, 1935 Dr T J Barber, 1996 Mr M P Basing, 1976 Mr A V Bassili, 1952 Mr G A Bazire, 1978 Mr J R Beale Mr M M Beber, 2000 Sir Terence Beckett, 1981 Mr J M M Bell, 1952 Ms C L Bennett, 1996 Mr C E Benson, 1947 Mr C R Benson, 1992 Mr J N Berry, 1970 Dr S A Bew, 1981 Mrs C L Bewick, 1984 Dr E Biagini, 1985 Professor H J B Birks, 1963 Mr P Birnbaum, 1951 Mr R H Birtwistle, 1961 The Blackstone Charitable Foundation (Mr P A Melwani) Mr D M Blake, 1961 Mr A C Bloom, 1989 Professor Sir T L Blundell, 1995 Mr J A W Boardman-Weston, 1973 Dr P A Bonnet, 2002 Mr M Bouchard, 2000 Mr and Mrs D C Bowker Mr W R Bradford, 1949 Mr S Braid, 1973 Mr T J Bramley, 1959 Dr R E Brigety, 1995 Mr R G Broadie, 1959 Mr J Brock, 1948 Lord and Lady Broers Mr D D Bromley-Challenor, 1949 Dr L Broughton Dr A K Brown, 1976 Dr P V Brown, 1975 Mrs B K Browning Mr C A Browning, 1953 Dr L F Brunt, 1947 Mr J H Bryson, 1961 Dr J F Buchan, 1933 Ms M J Buchanan, 1998 Mr G W Buckley, 1948 Mr M G Bullen, 1954 Mr M P D Bullock Mr A M Burgess, 1946 Dr J Burgess, 1957 Mr and Mrs C L Calderwood, 1986 Mr M Cantor Professor K J Carpenter, 1941 Dr L J Carter, 1967 Professor P Cartledge Rev’d J M Casement, 1985 Dr M W Cemlyn-Jones, 1936 Mr F W Cheesman, 1952 Dr S Chebankov Mr W G E Chilton, 1945 Dr R J Chisnall, 1970 Mr P J Clare, 1968 Mr D R Clegg, 1949 Mr J H Clement, 1948

Mr P J Coggan, 1977 Ms L A Cohen, 1999 Mr J R Collis, 1958 Mr G E S Coltman, 1991 Mr S R Coltman, 1954 The Company of Biologists Mr W A Cook, 2004 Mr A D Cooper Mr R B Cooper, 1977 R G Copleston (1935) Trust Mr F D Cousin, 1953 Mrs S Coutu Mr R A Crabb, 1957 Dr D E C Crean, 1957 Dr J M Crossman, 1966 Professor R T Curtis, 1964 Mr D T K Dagg, 1987 Mr Y R Dallal, 1989 Mr G Darby, 1948 Mrs S L Darke Professor A A Dashwood, 1995 Mrs H C Dauris, 1985 Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, 1999 Cdr D Dawson-Taylor, 1953 Dr G De Andrade Mr D E de Saxe, 1954 Mrs N De Soysa Mrs B P Deans Mr M Deans, 1990 Mr J D Derry, 1958 The Alan and Sheila Diamond Charitable Trust Miss K Dickers Mr R W Dingle, 1974 Dr R H L Disney, 1959 Miss C E Dixon, 1994 The Shawn M Donnelley Fund Mr J Donnelly, 1988 Dr J P Dougherty, 1953 Mrs S J Downey, 1979 Dr A L Downing, 1944 Rev’d A J R Driver, 1963 Rev’d R C Dunnett, 1951 Miss A E Eames Mr F A Eames, 1963 Mr F R Edgar, 1957 Mr E R P Edgcumbe, 1970 Dr M E Edwards,1977 Miss S V M Edwards, 2003 Dr N S Elzeer, 1998 Mr J C Emmerson, 1949 Ernst & Barber Mr P I Espenhahn, 1962 Mr N O Essex, 1961 Mr T M Etherton Mr C D Evans, 1991 Mr H M Evans, 1965 Mrs J Evans, 2002 Miss J T Evans, 1985 Mr S J M Evans, 1976 Mr C D S Ewart, 1956 Mr R M Farahar, 1948 Mrs H E Farmbrough, 1978 Dr E Faulkes Mr M Fealy, 1991 Mr C A K Fenn-Smith, 1953 Mr P N Fison, 1966 Dr A J Flewitt, 1999 Mrs V S Flint, 1989 Dr P D Flynn, 2005 Mr M P Fogden, 1942 Mrs H C Flewitt, 2002 Mr M D Ford, 1955 Mr J Fordham, 1981 Mr I G Forman, 1949 Mr P G D Fox, 1963 Mr R France, 1991 Professor A P French, 1939 Mr W French, 1935 Mr K G Frey, 1960 Mr R M Furber, 1959 Dr D Fyfe, 1963 Sir William Gage, 1958 Mr J W F Gardiner, 1938 The Honorable Sir P N Garland, 1948 Dr R E B Garrod, 1964 Mr D G Garton, 1982 Mr J C Gaskell, 1936 Mr R C H Genochio, 1964

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Honouring Donald Green It is very fitting that a Fund in support of Engineering at Sidney is being established in the name of Donald Green and in response to a suggestion from a number of past and present engineering students who hold Donald in such high affection and gratitude for his influence on them. Donald was born on 16th February 1928 in Manchester. He joined the army straight from Stand Grammar School in 1945 and was commissioned from R.M.A. Sandhurst. He came to Cambridge as a serving officer in 1950 to study the Mechanical Sciences Tripos, from which he graduated with distinction. He also had the good fortune to meet Jenifer, who was a student at Newnham, and they were married on graduating in 1953. Looking at his matriculation photograph in the Departmental records he seems to have barely aged in the following sixty years! In the army he served with the Royal Engineers in a variety of regimental, staff and research positions and when he retired from the army in 1965 he was appointed to a University Lectureship in Engineering bringing with him a wealth of engineering and other experience. He was elected a Fellow and College Lecturer in Engineering at Sidney in 1966. He joined Robert Angus as the other engineering Fellow, but sadly Robert died and Donald found himself the sole engineering Fellow and was required to supervise across the whole Tripos with no notice. Donald therefore became the Senior Engineering Fellow almost on election and his influence on engineering at Sidney has been profound. An early intervention was when he observed that the Stephenson Society had become little more than a drinking society, so he hid the minute book and after a suitable fallow period he encouraged its resurrection as the only College-based engineering society. He ensured that it was a student-led society with support only as necessary and he has been a most regular attender and ‘uncle’ to this day and takes great pleasure from its continued success.

from 1980–85 with overall responsibility for the whole undergraduate teaching programme and its evolution. Another inimitable Donald legacy is the Surveying Field Course held in Scotland each long vacation, where students experience much more than the purely technical.

He has always been the ‘gold standard’ for supervisors, with his exemplary clarity of exposition but equally important no student left a supervision unclear about their progress and understanding – be it outstanding or awful. He could also immediately see when a student was having real difficulty coping, and was extraordinarily supportive in the pastoral aspects of Fellowship with many a struggler taken in by Donald and Jenifer in their house in Millington Road.

One word that is easily associated with Donald is ‘duty’ – to ensure that others do their duty while he always serves way beyond the call of duty.

Donald’s service to the College went well beyond engineering and he was Senior Tutor from 1975–85, a period which saw many changes in the College with the most significant being the arrival of women undergraduates in 1976. He was a Senior Tutor completely on top of the details without being buried beneath them, who had a very clear view on what mattered and was uniformly firm but fair. He was most concerned that all students benefit fully from their time at Cambridge, and at Sidney in particular, and was, for example, the Senior Treasurer of the Sidney Boat Club for seven years.

Professor Keith Glover (1976)

Introducing the Donald Green Fund

In the Department of Engineering Donald was equally effective and renowned for his teaching and ability to organise ‘the troops’ – not at all routine in an academic environment! He served as Secretary of the Faculty Board from 1969–74, at a time when the Department was essentially run on each Monday morning by the Head of Department together with Donald and the Secretary of Department. On one occasion, when the department was going round in circles on a particular issue and making no headway, at a meeting of the whole faculty in LT0, Donald, as a young lecturer, stood up and said that they were all hopeless and told them what they should do, and carried the day. This was noted and led to him being appointed to the Council of the School of Physical Sciences for two years, perhaps to give the attending Heads of Department similar feedback! On another occasion in the Department, an unfortunate lecturer was subject to an end-of-term near-riot in LT0, and the head porter called Donald for help. When Donald walked in all became quiet and the malefactors departed. He has always had a commanding presence in any arena. While serving as Senior Tutor Donald also became Deputy Head of Department

Message from Richard Chisnall (1970)

Immediate Past President, Stephenson Society On the 15 February 2009 Donald Green celebrated his 80th birthday in a packed College Hall. Donald has held many roles in college, perhaps best known to most of us are his appointments as Director of Studies and as Senior Tutor. It was apparent to all present what a substantial contribution to the education and encouragement of generations of undergraduates in College and the University he has made throughout a period of over 40 years.

Donald became Director of Studies in Engineering in 1966 and officially retired from undergraduate supervisions in 1997 although he continued in this role until well after the turn of the millennium. He is still actively engaged in the Stephenson Society, the College Engineering Society, and is an invaluable support to the secretary and other officers. He has continued, despite his retirement, to encourage those who may benefit from it, to apply to Sidney to further their education.

Engineering triumph at Sidney Ball

What is obvious is the fondness in which he is held by all who have had the pleasure of being taught by him or whose lives he has touched. Even I, as an electrical engineer, can trace my knowledge of virtual work and constant reference to the ‘data book’ back to Donald’s insistence that I take civil engineering seriously! You will know, directly or indirectly, that the costs of education are rising and are a factor that can weigh against the choice of reading engineering, especially at Cambridge where fees, currently £3000 p.a. but predicted to rise in 2011, are seen by some as daunting. Equally the College has increasingly to focus its own resources on direct needs and those extra-curricular activities that widen the scope of true education have justifiably to follow-on behind. A number of engineers have persuaded Donald to allow us to use his name to support the objectives that he himself has been espousing over the years. We propose to name a fund in his honour and look to him for leadership in its policy and direction for as long as wishes and is able to do so. The intention of the fund, which welcomes both one-off and regular donations, is to support Sidney undergraduate engineering education through an endowed undergraduate tripos prize named in honour of Donald Green, and a flexible fund to support study-releated travel and other aspects of engineering education. I was delighted to make the first contribution to this fund at the Engineers’ Dinner in 2009 and I strongly commend this appeal to you both for the value it should bring to future undergraduates and also in recognition of the exceptional talent that Donald has shared with us in guiding us through our own undergraduate educations. Photograph: Donald Green in 1950, at the start of his Cambridge career Drawing: Portrait of Donald Green by Michael Noakes, presented to the College on 23 May 1997

Befriend the Sidney Choir Photographs: David Beckingham

Photographs: Geoff Robinson

The 2010 Sidney Sussex May Ball made headline news around the world when a team of past and current engineering students successfully flooded a “lake” in Hall Court for a romantic night of punting. The lake fed into a brilliantly-designed Venetian canal that looped through Chapel Court, passing by the Porters’ Lodge on one side and the Chapel on the other.

This programme, the Outreach Programme, is designed to widen the awareness of Sidney as a place of education in its broadest sense.

The Hall Court Lake

The Choir of Sidney Sussex College

As all who have heard a recent concert or Evensong in College will appreciate, the Sidney Choir has undergone a remarkable transformation, and now ranks among the very best mixed-voice choirs in Cambridge.

Engineering student Rob Weatherup and Natural Scientist Adam Lawrance-Owen, advised by alumnus Roland Trim (who first conceived of the idea punting at Sidney) designed and rigorously tested a wooden structure with a double-skinned waterproof lining, that could hold enough water for punting and withstand the jabs of punting poles. The result was a striking and newsworthy success!

The new “Friends of the Sidney Choir” (membership form enclosed) will help to maintain our Choir at the highest level. Friends will receive regular news of Choir activities, an advance copy of the termly music list, reduced ticket prices and priority booking for concerts, exclusive invitations, and discounts on Choir recordings. Your support will enable us to acquire new music (editions and commissions), plan domestic and international tours and recordings, provide singing lessons and ultimately to purchase a new organ and other essential instruments. We also hope to create a new Chapel administrative post.

Entrance to the Chapel Court canal


Forthcoming Events

Past Events

Pass it on



Congratulations to:

On 16 January 2010, Sidney celebrated the Cambridge 800th Anniversary Year Grand Finale with a lunch preceding the stunning lightshow on the Senate House, Old Schools and other venues in the city.


The Sidney Sussex Society would like to invite alumni to an Arts Dinner on 5 February 2011. The evening will include a concert in the Chapel given by the College Choir, who will present a varied programme of 16th- and 17th-century music, close harmony and jazz. Pre-dinner drinks will be followed by dinner in Hall. Dress will be black tie.

The 2010 Thornely Lecture

The 2010 Thornely Lecture was held on Tuesday 16 March 2010 at at Lovells. The speaker was Her Honour Judge Katharine Marshall (Sidney Sussex, 1977, Natural Sciences/Law), a Circuit Judge . The topic of her very interesting and accessible lecture was: “The Children Act is working.”   The College was extremely grateful to Lovells for hosting this lecture and the generous reception that followed it.

The dinner is open to graduates in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, Archaeology and Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Classics, English, Modern and Medieval Languages, Music, Oriental Languages, Philosophy/Moral Sciences, and Theology. For further information, please check the College website or contact the Membership and Development Office at


On 27 February 2011 Sidney will be celebrating 400 years of the Authorized Version as a cornerstone of worship and culture in the English-speaking world, and as a central part of the College’s early history. The day will bring together distinguished speakers addressing the significance and impact of the text and the role played by Sidney’s first and third Masters in its creation, as well as launching an exhibition of related treasures from the College Archive, and will be accompanied by readings from the Bible in languages ancient and modern. The event will be followed by a Grand Evensong. A booking form is attached.

Sidney Sussex Society Christmas Reception

Last year, we held a well attended and enjoyable Christmas Party at the Arts Club. To demonstrate our lack of bias, this year we will be at the Royal Society, which was founded 350 years ago “to promote and advance the understanding of science, mathematics, engineering, technology and medicine.” The Reception (we are not allowed to call it a party) will be on Monday 6th December from 6.30 pm at 6–9 The Master with author Richard Humphreys at the 2009 Christmas Party Carlton Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG. This is a centrally located Grade 1 listed building (designed by John Nash) and is well served by public transport; so, Sidney contemporaries will be able to meet for a drink beforehand or for supper afterwards.

Professor Dashwood introduces the 2010 Thornely Lecturer, Her Honour Judge Katharine Marshall

The 2010 Sidney Sussex Society Dinner, With a Lecture by the Master

On 24 April, 2010, the Master gave a lecture to members of the Sidney Sussex Society about his project in Herculaneum. The talk was well-attended and enthusiasticallyreceived. Afterwards alumni joined the Master and other members of College for an excellent dinner in Hall.

We are at the planning stage and one of our themes will be the strong scientific reputation of Sidney up to the present day. As in previous years, we are very keen to keep ticket prices down, particularly for recent graduates, and we would greatly appreciate any individual contributions towards the costs. Regrettably we will not be issuing certificates or blue plaques for the house(s) of any such benefactors, nor will they be given a special badge to wear at the Reception. However, they will be able to toast themselves with the wine that they have subsidised!


If you are able to support us with the costs please contact the organisers, Wendy Hedley ( and/or Mike Styles ( as it will help us enormously with our planning and pricing.

On 1 May 2010, the Confraternitas Historica held a special celebratory banquet to mark 100 years since the founding of the Society in 1910.

Visiting Cromwell’s House

In June, 2010, the Sidney Sussex Society visited Oliver Cromwell’s recently restored house in Ely. Cromwell was a resident of Ely for ten years from 1636, having inherited from his uncle, Sir Thomas Seward both property and the position of Tithe Collector for Ely Cathedral. The house shows how Cromwell and his family would have lived, and offers special exhibitions on the Civil War and the Fens.

Emeritus Professor John W. Allen (1946) who has been awarded the degree of D.Sc. honoris causa by the University of St. Andrews. David J Mabberley (1970) of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, who has been awarded the IAPT’s prestigious Engler Medal in Silver for the most outstanding publication in monographic or floristic systematic botany published in 2007 or 2008. The medal was awarded for the third edition of his Plantbookpublished on 1 May 2008 by Cambridge University Press. Professor Anthony Bebbington (1981) who in 2009 was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences. He is currently at the University of Manchester. Chris Lipscomb (1995) for competing in a triathlon to support the charity Born Too Soon, which raises money to purchase much needed equipment for the neonatal unit at Kingston Hospital, and to support the parents of pre-term babies. In June, he cycled 120km from Kingston Hospital to Portsmouth Harbour, swam 5km across the Solent dodging boats in one of Europe’s busiest shipping lanes and then ran 5km to a village called Seaview on the Isle of Wight. Support and view photos at richmondtoseaview. Nina von Groote-Lukas (1988) and her husband Philipp Lukas on the birth of their daughter Wilhelmina Johanna Fabia on 2 October 2009, a sister for Emilia and Cosima. Sarah Cochrane (2002) on her recent wedding to Hughes Hall alumnus Paul Hunter (2002). Victoria Mann (2003) who was married to Jack May on 1 May 2009 in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.

If any College Member is willing to offer advice or assistance to fellow College Members and would like to publish details in Pheon, please write to the Editor with the relevant information.

The Honourable Lord Asa Briggs speaking at the Confrat

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In Cromwell’s House

Guests at the Confrat Dinner


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All Sidney lawyers and law graduates are warmly invited to join Law Fellows and students for the annual John Thornely Dinner on Saturday 16 October 2010 (booking form enclosed.)

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