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Simple Lines

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libros de reedición constante

Simple Lines


Simple Lines

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libros de reedición constante

Original Title in Spanish: Trazo Simple 1st edition of 200 copies made by Pánico el Pánico. September 2011, Buenos Aires.


Books of constant reissue. First edition in english of 12 copies. December 2011 Second edition of 13 copies. May 2012

Drawing: Matías Berneman Texts: Diego Skliar (the majority of them) Matias Berneman (some of them) Translators: Gabriela Panesi and Maximiliano Ramos. Supervision and final version: Laura Sol Zaslavsky.

Designed, printed and assembly by áthius. Cover’s trim sizing and stamping: Cuadernos Mucho.

Deposit done according to the Law N°11723 Printed in Argentina Berneman, Matías Simple line. - 1a ed. - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires : Áthius, 2012. 80 p. : il. ; 19x13 cm. Traducido por: Laura Zaslavsky ISBN 978-987-28141-0-6 1. Poesía Argentina. I. Zaslavsky, Laura, trad. II. Título CDD A861

Fecha de catalogación: 16/05/2012


To my folks and brothers for their invariable nearness. To “El Gordo�, for his invariable having been near. To Georgi, for variably being herself

Past and Future Deep down, present


The first one to become aware: they are not gods.

He will not tell anyone.

Suspicious of life in other plants.

At last, the substitute goalkeeper entered the match.

About to say “Your Majesty� for the umptheen time in the morning.

Don’t know why I keep coming to these parties.

Humming a tango to himself.

He deslikes food, but hears interesting things in the convent.

Arranc贸 la temporada nuclear. Es el primero salir ahas la started. calle. Nuclearen season He is the first one to go out.

Museum of the last flower.

His friends were allowed to enter.

You have gone too far, go the other way round.

Medicine has improved considerably under the mechanistic paradigm. Although new ways of thinking are being thought, advances cannot be denied.

It may not be aesthetic, but I can see better.

Orthopedic ice-cream is like the lemon one: straight to the head.

It was told it would live one day, but it’s been a little more.

Too many stimuli.

They always take a long time to pick him up.

Otro graffiti del comando invisible. Another graffiti of the invisible command.

This equipment is expected to perform better than the previous. Se espera que este equipo supere al anterior.

The guardian of the last flower heard a noise.

Who said they don’t get bored?

Will they notice?

Who obeys whom?

The everyday Love and everyhing else


Like everything, you get used to.

First day wearing a hat.

A new element complicates the theory.

To see her with someone else is breaking him apart.

He should have told her.dicho. Se lo tendrĂ­a que haber

Speaker and hearer are the same thing.

Vast deserts Deprived of sand Immense in the fiction Endless, deep, distant. Inattentive, she goes without becoming aware. her movements do not seem to be accurate, but they are. Each step, a silence. Each step in the correct place. Her trace is blended with the air Calm seas, Deprived of water, Complete the deserts. Filled with lavender scent, the landscape is shaped.

No, nothing, I remembered a dream. No, nada, me acordĂŠ de un sueĂąo.

The damp patch that is similar to Latin America reminds him he has to go to work The damp patch that resembles her dancer girlfriend reminds him he is alone The damp patch reminds him to fix the wall.

The husband still believes it’s a game.

Was it a dream, or did it happen?

Vuelve despacio, nadie la espera. She returns slowly, no one waiting for her.

And there was a future.

Say hello, don’t put me in a bad place. Saludå, no me hagas quedar mal.

The same for everyone The same everywhere


Everything I once thought keeps flowing over me Those ideas continue flowing over me Many of them without ending Most of them without starting

He has ideas but lacks contacts.

Extreme sports were included in the package.

How did I end up again here?

Flying with seat belt is not that fun.

Never thought that when grown up he would be a box door.

I would’ve never paid that for the snorkel rental.

If you stare at him over three seconds, he starts talking and never stops.

I just wanted to jump.

It was at noon, not long ago. He realized about it in a moment. He no longer fears for his life, he knows he is a videogame character.

Even when he is alone, he can hear someone calling him.

Is that you?!

The difficult thing is to find the balance.

Sometimes he gets angry with himself and punishes himself.

-Y no vuelva nunca mรกs. -And don`t ever come back.

Spanish?... Hm... Rudimentary.

Nunca pens贸 que llegar铆an a esto. He never thought they would end up like this.

He became the point of all their jokes.

A matter of practice.


Most of them are synonims Blowing the air The same is tried to be said. No one knows what it is said. No one understands what it is heard. They are all words Blowing the air Trying to say the same No one understands what it is said. No one knows what it is heard. Metaphors are not enough They do not solve the problem Everything is in the air.

Should I try a larger size?

Index Past and Future The everyday The same for eveyone

-Do you see? -Yes. I understand everything now.

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Books of constant reissue. Second edition of 13 copies. Edited, printed, and assembled by รกthius. Buenos Aires. Argentina. May 2012. Book number: web version

Simple lines  

Edited by áthius on December 2011