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The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall


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Massey Hall Revitalization

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The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Members, Sponsors & Donors

Who We Are The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, managed by a professional management team with a volunteer Board of Governors. We:

1 PROVIDE a world-renowned environment to showcase international arts and a public space for the cultural communities of the Greater Toronto Area.

2 SUPPORT the development of Canadian talent.

3 INCREASE & ENHANCE our worldwide profile as a leader in the arts community through our professionalism and programming, while remaining operationally self-sufficient. We provide access to meaningful music experiences in our world-class concert halls and beyond, by investing in artists, audiences, education, and technology to respect the diversity of the communities we serve. We aim to generate excitement around performance and music, building on the unique strengths of both Halls.

Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall acknowledge that the land on which these buildings now stand are the treaty lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. We also acknowledge the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat peoples who also share these lands.

We would like to thank and credit the photographers whose images helped capture our favourite moments of 2017/18 and are seen throughout this report. They include: Stephen Chung, Mitch Fillion, Jag Gundu, Sean Howard and Dustin Rabin.

Annual Report 2017/18


A Message from Eileen and Deane Dear friends, he 2017/18 season was one of the most successful and meaningful in our history and we could not have done it without you. The patrons, donors, partners, and of course all the artists who shared these incredible memories have each made invaluable contributions towards that success. As you will read in these pages, it is a time of remarkable growth and renewal for our independent, charitable non-profit organization and we hope you share our sense of pride for the accomplishments of the past year.


Whether it’s the ambitious, yet much needed expansion of our education & outreach programs, the exciting advancements in our artist development initiatives, marking important milestones at Roy Thomson Hall, or the gamechanging Massey Hall Revitalization and the overwhelming early response from donors bringing us within reach of our $142M fundraising goal, we are building towards something very special. We are evolving into a music company that works with artists at every stage of their careers, welcomes audiences reflecting the incredibly rich


The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

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diversity found in our community, and actively invests in our future to ensure we are ready for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. To get there it will take an entire community of people who understand how music can change lives, strengthen our economy, and make our city a far better place to live. We couldn't be more grateful that you are one of those people and that you are reading about the year we've enjoyed. We hope you share our excitement for the future, and we can’t wait to get there together.



Board Chair The Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall

President & Chief Executive Officer The Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall

Annual Report 2017/18


The Year at Roy Thomson Hall Photo Credit: Spring Morris, Courtesy of TIFF

'LONG TIME RUNNING' TIFF PREMIERE Documentary chronicling the Tragically Hip's 2016 Canadian tour premiered at Roy Thomson Hall.

108,731 tickets (excluding TSO) sold this year. Pictured: Evgeny Kissin's sold out recital with stage seating.


t was a year of reflection and celebration at Roy Thomson Hall. Our season started with the Toronto International Film Festival’s inimitable mix of artistry and glamour, but it was the premiere of Long Time Running, a documentary chronicling the Tragically Hip’s 2016 Canadian tour (their last with beloved frontman Gord Downie) that hit closest to home and reminded us of the emotional power of film. Classical music demonstrated its continued vitality as Itzhak Perlman and Evgeny Kissin performed sold out recitals, even accommodating stage seating to satisfy the demand for their craft.


We marked notable anniversaries – the 30th year of hosting the Law Society of Ontario’s Call To The Bar while the Conference of Independent Schools Music Festival celebrated their 25th edition at the corner of King and Simcoe Streets. And in June, Peter Oundjian completed a remarkable 14-year tenure as Music Director for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the second longest in the ensemble’s history. Peter’s genuine affection for Toronto, his warmth, generosity, and his artistic vision have endeared him to audiences, artists, and all of us at Roy Thomson Hall. We are and will always be grateful to Peter for the wonderful musical memories.

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

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14 years as Music Director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra completed by Peter Oundjian.

TAMI NEILSON at 'live on the patio' This year's 'Live on the Patio' summer concert series saw notable performances by Tami Neilson, iskwē, Zaki Ibrahim and many others.

Annual Report 2017/18


124 years of Massey Hall celebrated by artists and audiences with a memorable concert, following the Mayoral Proclamation of June 14, 2018 as Massey Hall Day.

he 2017/18 season at Massey Hall took on added significance knowing that the lights would soon go dark in order to complete the Massey Hall Revitalization project. Artists and audiences flocked from near and far to add their stories to this chapter of Canada’s most celebrated concert hall. Canadians at the top of their game made it a point to leave their mark – July Talk and the Arkells each took over the hall for triumphant multiple night stands. International superstars including Harry Styles from One Direction chose Massey Hall over larger venues for their Toronto visits. On June 14, a concert to celebrate Massey Hall’s 124th


Buffy Sainte-Marie and Sam Roberts performed during Massey Hall's 124th birthday celebrations.

Massey Hall’s 124th birthday was celebrated on June 14, featuring music performed by Leah & Peter of July Talk, Joel Plaskett, Sarah Harmer, Sam Roberts, Buffy SainteMarie, Whitehorse and Jim Cuddy. 8

218,485 tickets sold this year. Pictured: Harry Styles' sold out performance at Massey Hall in October 2017.

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

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The Year at Massey Hall birthday featured musical direction from our dear friends Whitehorse who were joined by special guests Leah & Peter of July Talk, Joel Plaskett, Sarah Harmer, Sam Roberts, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Whitehorse and Jim Cuddy for an epic night of music that was captured as part of our Live at Massey Hall concert and film series. And of course, there was only one choice for the last artist to grace the stage before closing the hall, and that was Gordon Lightfoot. His Canada Day concert capped a three night stand, and was his 169th performance in the hallowed hall. We couldn’t have imagined a more fitting way to make memories to last until reopening.

HE ROOM MAKES ME SMILE, IT'S MIXED UP “TWITH SO MANY GREAT MEMORIES, BOTH AS A FAN AND AS A PERFORMER.” - geddy lee, rush is the place, man. When you've played “This Massey Hall, you've arrived.” - Tyler Stewart, Barenaked Ladies always thought the wood of Massey “I’ve Hall sings back to me.” - FEIST

Massey Hall's legacy stretches far beyond its folk heroes – the Gords (Downie and Lightfoot), Uncle Neil, Joni and Lenny. It's got grace and grandeur and a sense of occasion, but it was also built for the people, and its identity has come from the people who've filled it over the years. - NOW Magazine, June 15, 2018

169th MASSEY HALL performance BY A LEGEND Gordon Lightfoot graced the stage for the 169th time before its close.

Annual Report 2017/18


Massey Hall Forever is more than just a slogan for us, after more than a century it is our opportunity to ensure one of the nation’s most treasured cultural icons will continue to be enjoyed by future generations.


n June, we launched the Massey Hall Forever fundraising campaign after sharing the final design details of the project with the public for the first time. Throughout the year, renderings of the new and rejuvenated spaces inside the expanded facility were showcased, revealing a musical hub of creativity featuring three performance venues, fully modernized production infrastructure, enhanced patron accessibility and amenities, turn-key digital content capture, exhibit space to celebrate our musical heritage, and dedicated resources for education and artist development. This vision for a contemporary music centre (the first of its kind in Canada) has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback and inspired a


The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

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A look into the future of massey hall Renderings of the new and rejuvenated spaces inside the expanded facility were showcased this year.

growing number of community leaders to volunteer their time and energy to help the campaign by sharing their passion, connections, and financial support, bringing us closer to our $142M goal. Confidence in the project was exemplified by significant leadership gifts from prominent philanthropists and community builders including the Slaight Family Foundation, W. Garfield Weston Foundation, the Edwards Charitable Foundation, and the McLean Foundation to name a few. In many cases, donors’ personal passions are reflected in their support of the project as is the case with

Stephen Smith and Diane Blake’s commitment to the Massey Hall archives and aforementioned musical heritage exhibit space inside the rejuvenated facility. As we continue to move closer to achieving our goals and ultimately reopening Massey Hall, we are both grateful to those who have shown early leadership and buoyed by the interest generated by this campaign. Massey Hall Forever is more than just a slogan for us, after more than a century it is our opportunity to ensure one of the nation’s most treasured cultural icons will continue to be enjoyed by future generations.

For a virtual tour of the revitalized Massey Hall, visit masseyhall.com/revitalization/virtual-tour


June 14, 2018 was proclaimed "Massey Hall Day" by the Mayor on behalf of the Toronto City Council.

Annual Report 2017/18


Massey Hall Revitalization Even while artists continued to take the stage, the Massey Hall Revitalization project was in full swing behind the scenes.

Nearly 100 stained glass windows will be carefully restored or recreated as part of the Massey Hall Revitalization. Pictured: stained glass windows being carefully removed for transportation and restoration.


The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Massey Hall Revitalization esign work led by internationally acclaimed architect Marianne McKenna of KPMB Architects was largely completed and focus shifted to the physical work that could take place in advance of the planned temporary closure of the hall. Extensive work was completed on the south tower basement as artist dressing rooms and other important spaces began to take shape. Nearly 100 original stained glass windows were carefully removed and transported to the facility where each will undergo a painstaking restoration (we’re thrilled to report that the first completed windows to emerge from the process are absolutely stunning).


But none of this compares to the magnitude of what began just hours following Gordon Lightfoot’s concert on Canada Day. Once the venue had closed, critical components and heritage elements were either protected or removed from the hall during the decommissioning process, and shortly thereafter the site was handed over to Ellis Don, our construction team who are overseeing the renovation and construction work set to unfold over the two year closure, and by the end of the fiscal year a significant amount of progress had already been made.

MARIANNE MCKENNA, KPMB ARCHITECTS Internationally acclaimed architect of KPMB Architects leads the design for the Revitalization.

Wooden gallery level seat back Watch videos detailing the Revitalization and the hall's remarkable history at bit.ly/MH-shinealight

Annual Report 2017/18


Donor Profiles

Stephen Otto t’s a surprise to no one who knew him that legendary Ontario historian and civic activist Stephen Otto was a supporter of the Massey Hall Forever Campaign. A steadfast champion of Toronto’s history right up until his death in April 2018 at the age of 78, he believed that the best cities are forward-looking, finding innovative ways to grow, while still respecting the people and places that got them there.


“Steve was very cognizant of the need for the world to move on, but not to lose where it came from in the process,” acknowledges Toronto architect Catherine Nasmith, who partnered with Otto on a number of heritage rehabilitation projects, including Friends of Fort York, which they co-founded. Stephen had a lifelong love of the intricate balance between past and present, old and new, and of projects that bring people together toward a common goal — things he learned while studying business and history at the University of Toronto, Harvard and the University of Cambridge, and as the founding head of heritage programs for the province of Ontario. The Massey Hall restoration project ticked all those boxes; in fact, Nasmith calls the project 14

“quintessential Stephen”: it’s a marriage between the latest architectural principles in concert hall design, acoustics and accessibility, and the 125-year-old building’s original stained glass windows, refurbished wood and wrought iron seating, and plaster ceilings. So strong was Otto’s belief in the project that he made a generous donation to the Massey Hall Forever Campaign shortly before his death. One of the restored stained-glass windows on the west side of the main auditorium will be named in his honour. Nasmith, for one, wouldn’t be surprised to learn that his support of Massey Hall proves a rallying cry to others who share his love of Toronto and Toronto history. “Steve understood people. It gave him this ability to make things happen, to move people, even when they didn’t know they were being moved. He put his own resources forward as a way of saying, ‘I’m doing this. I hope you’ll come along with me.’” When the doors reopen in 2020, we can add the revitalized Massey Hall to Stephen Otto’s many great legacies.

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Donor Profiles

Doug Houston ith somewhere between 50 and 100 Massey Hall concerts under his belt, Doug Houston is a bit sheepish that his earliest memory of the hallowed hall doesn’t involve a single musical note.


“It was the early 70s and the City of Toronto, where my father was an accountant, had its kids’ Christmas party at Massey Hall. They’d call your name and you’d march onto the stage and get your present from Santa,” laughs the Managing Director at TD Securities in Toronto. “I remember thinking it was the coolest place.” Fast-forward 15 years and Doug, then a student at the University of Toronto, started spending much of his free time hanging out downtown with friends. “I started working downtown at a few places and was able to get tickets to Massey Hall shows. I went to a lot of concerts.” He counts performances by Neil Young, Van Morrison and Lenny Kravitz among his greatest memories over the years. There was also a particularly over-the-top night featuring The Chieftains, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor, who joined the Irish band on the Massey Hall stage for a couple of songs. After the show, Doug and Jim shared a Guiness in Centuries.

“There’s just something about this place. It makes things happen,” he says. And now Doug is returning the favour. Already a volunteer champion of Massey Hall’s Share the Music, an education and outreach program cosupported by TD Securities, he agreed to serve on the Massey Hall Forever Campaign Cabinet, helping to raise $142 million for the venue’s revitalization. His first order of business is getting his own commitment squared away. Doug, his wife Karen and their daughters have made a generous gift that will be recognized in the restored Art Deco-style lobby. Doug is now turning to his personal and professional network to invite investments from those who share his love of music, Massey Hall and the City of Toronto. “We don’t have a lot of places left in the city that are literal shrines to a past era,” Doug explains. “Massey Hall is our history and its renovation is going to bring the buzz back to the heart of Toronto. This is such an amazing place and a very worthy cause. I’m humbled to be a part of it.”

Annual Report 2017/18


Education & Outreach Following the strategic expansion of our Education & Outreach department, we enjoyed a year of remarkable growth as no fewer than five innovative programs were launched for music fans of all ages while existing programs continued to thrive, offering accessible artistic experiences to thousands of music lovers.

In-school programs In 3 different in-school programs, students learned about songwriting, social justice, and careers in the arts with artists such as Royal Wood & LIZ LOKRE.


Rise Up!

SHSM workshops


Building on the successful track record of our longstanding program Share The Music which connects thousands of students to music through insightful workshops and captivating performances by world-class artists, we expanded with initiatives designed to inspire and engage our community through creativity, collaboration, and curiosity. New mothers were paired with accomplished songwriters to craft and record bespoke lullabies for their babies. New Canadians used music to hone their language skills while building friendships for life as participants in LETS (Learning English Through Song). High School students in the Specialist High Skills Major program were hands-on behind the scenes at our halls, receiving an exclusive and illuminating look at career opportunities in arts and entertainment. Other high school students experienced the joy of giving back to their communities and the reward of developing skills, building community, and learning from arts professionals in our Call & Response volunteer program. And we were delighted to build partnerships with many of the gifted musicians from our Artist Development program to bring their art directly into schools, empowering and inspiring the next generation of music fans.

Call & Response helped youth explore careers and gain

new skills through arts-based workshops & volunteer experiences, resulting in 284 cumulative hours of training 17 and volunteering.

1,170 listeners engaged with lullabies written and performed by new and expectant mothers paired with professional songwriters in THE LULLABY PROJECT.

2,300 students participated in Share the Music in its 19th year.

6,000 attendees enjoyed four free CHOIR & ORGAN concerts.

Section Title Artist Development

Investing in the creative and professional growth of artists is one of the most important contributions we make to the music community. Our Artist Development initiatives create opportunities and provide support for gifted musicians to accelerate their progression from small venues to our stages.

iskwē performed on both the Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall stages as part of Creative Minds and Dream Serenade.

ver the last year we continued to build on the success of presenting artists in progressively larger spaces on their way to the big stage with over 35 concerts in smaller clubs, concert halls, and other venues throughout the city. We enjoyed considerable growth across our original content platforms, connecting artists to new audiences as the Live at Massey Hall concert and film series expanded to a record nine concerts and surpassed 1 million unique viewers, while the Ghostlight Sessions expanded their reach, showcasing new music filmed in the most aspirational setting we could imagine, Massey Hall.



EMILY HAINES performed during the 2017/18 Live at Massey Hall concert series.

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860,000+ fans listened to MAPPE OF's music in nearly 38,600 cities around the world.

Celebrating significant milestones in the careers of our Artist Partners is one of the incredible rewards of this work. Royal Wood made his long-awaited headline debut at Massey Hall following an eight-year journey that began with us at the Glenn Gould Studio in 2010. William Prince opened for Neil Young on tour shortly after making his Toronto headlining debut at the Drake Underground. LIZ LOKRE surpassed 1M streams on Spotify and performed as part of our free concert series, Live on the Patio at Roy Thomson Hall. iskwē performed on both the Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall stages as part of Creative Minds and Dream Serenade. Mappe Of gained millions of new listens and fans on streaming platforms. Donovan Woods sold out the Danforth Music Hall, moving one step closer to realizing his dream of headlining Massey Hall. These are just a few examples of the next generation of creative and captivating artists who represent our future.

WILLIAM PRINCE opened for Neil Young after making his headlining debut at the Drake Underground in Toronto.

DONOVAN WOODS performed to a sold out crowd at the Danforth Music Hall.

1 MILLION+ ROYAL 19WOOD made his headline debut at Massey Hall this year.

streams surpassed on Spotify for LIZ LOKRE, one of our Artist Development Program's partners.

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Spoken Word



Corporate & Private Events

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

31% Concerts


Community Events

489 Total events: All Venues 358 Total events: Roy Thomson Hall 119 Total events: Massey Hall 12 Total events: Other Venues The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Concerts (31%): Alt/Indie, Blues, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Roots, Singer Songwriter, World Music Toronto Symphony Orchestra (27%) Corporate & Private Events (25%)

Spoken Word (8%): Comedy & Lectures

TIFF (5%): Toronto International Film Festival


5% 4%

Community Events (4%): Graduations, Community Festivals, Religious Gatherings

Financial Statements As at August 31




(In thousands of dollars)

assets Current Cash and cash equivalents



Short-term investments



Accounts receivable









Inventories Prepaid expenses Total current assets Investments







Accounts payable and accrued liabilities



Deferred revenue



Total current liabilities










Internally restricted ($5 million is in respect of the Massey Hall revitalization project)







Capital assets, net

Liabilities and Net Assets Current

Deferred capital contributions Deferred contributions Net assets

Total net assets

Incorporated by Special Act under the laws of Ontario For a complete set of financial statements for the year ended August 31, 2018 please email us at reachus@mh-rth.com An unqualified report was issued by independent auditors on the financial statements for the year ended August 31, 2018.

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall is a registered charitable organization. No. 11922 8633 RR0001 As at August 31, 2018, the Roy Thomson Hall and Massey Hall Foundation had fund balances of $541,000 of which $412,000 was an endowment fund restricted for music education and programming support.

Annual Report 2017/18


Financial Statements For the Year ended August 31



(In thousands of dollars)

Revenue Rental






Ticketing services, front of house and production



Bar, catering, parking and music store














Ticketing and event services, front of house and production



Bar, catering, parking and music store





Development Other Amortization of deferred capital contributions


Development Arts education and community outreach Building operations

429 3,101




Amortization of capital assets











Massey Hall revitalization project

Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses from operations before the following Investment income


472 3,294

Excess of revenue over expenses for the year Unrestricted net assets, beginning of year





Unrestricted net assets, end of year



The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Financial Statements

Statement of Cash Flows

For the Year ended August 31



(In thousands of dollars)

Operating Activities Excess of revenue over expenses for the year







(3,824) (277) (405)

1,453 921 (287)



Purchase of capital assets



Massey Hall revitalization project



Add (deduct) items not affecting cash • Amortization of deferred capital contributions • Amortization of capital assets Net change in non-cash working capital balances related to operations Deferred contributions Reinvested investment income Cash provided by operating activities

Investing Activities

Sale/purchase of short-term investments, net



Sale/purchase of long-term investments, net









Net increase in cash and cash equivalents during the year



Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of year



Cash and cash equivalents, end of year



Cash used in investing activities

Financing Activities Contributions restricted for purchase of capital assets Cash provided by financing activities

Annual Report 2017/18


Presenters, Promoters & Clients A.T. Kearney, Inc. Accenture Canada AEG Presents Canada Ltd. AGF Investments Inc. Agnew Peckham Al Mair American Pediatric Society Art of Living Foundation Attila Glatz Concert Productions atWork Management Aurea Foundation B Lab Corporation B.C. Fiedler Holdings Limited Bell Canada Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP Blakes, Cassels, & Graydon LLP Bloomberg Bounty Enterprises Inc. Buck Productions C3 Toronto CA Technologies Canada China Cultural Development Association Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Canadian Cancer Society Canadian International Military Games Corporation Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Canadian Tennis Association Cape Breton University CBM Press Toronto Centre for Civic Engagement Chai Lifeline Canada Chris Hadfield Inc. Chuke Entertainment Inc. CIS Ontario Citibank Canada Collective Concerts Consulate General Of Italy - Italian Trade Commission Creflo Dollar Ministries, Canada Cube Media Inc. D Major Associazione Culturale Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area Embrace Ernst & Young Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. Falun Dafa Association of Toronto


Fidelity Investments Canada ULC. Fresh Ideas Productions Inc Future Beat LLC GEP Umbrella Inc. Goldenvoice Hemmings House Pictures Ltd. Heritage Toronto HSBC Bank Canada Idaho Productions Ltd Imagic Inc. Insight Lighfoot Ltd. International Association of Venue Managers International Grand Music Studio JL Entertainment Law Society Of Ontario Let's Talk Entertainment Inc. Live Nation Ontario Concerts GP, Inc. Mackenzie Investments MAX (Muslim Awards for Excellence) McCague Borlack LLP Metropolitan Community Church Of Toronto Mister Rock Inc. Mizrahi Developments Mosaic Sales Solutions Canada Operating Co. MRG Concerts LTD. Myseum of Toronto Mystical Stone Entertainment, LLC National Bank Financial Northern Media Inc. OCAD University Our Kids Publications Outside Music Particular Skills Productions CN 2 Inc. Prepskills Inc. Princessa Productions Ltd. Productions Juste Pour Rire II Inc. Quatro Entertainment Inc. Ramsay Inc. RBC RBC Global Asset Management RBC Investor & Treasury Services

RBI Productions Inc. Red Bull Canada Renraw Production Services Inc. RichardsonGMP Rogers Media Inc. Roots Canada Royal Canadian Military Institute Rubin Fogel Productions Ltd Sai Productions Salvation Army, The Shopify Inc. Single Minded Soft Citizen SONAR St. Andrew's College St. Clement's School St. Michael's Choir School Sun Life Financial Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra & Chamber Choir TD Bank Group TD Business Banking The 5700 Inc. The Toronto Secondary School Music Teachers' Association Thomson Reuters Corporation Toronto Blues Society Toronto Children's Chorus Toronto District School Board Toronto Festival of Arts, Culture & Creativity (Luminato Festival) Toronto Foundation for Student Success Toronto International Film Festival Inc. Toronto Star Toronto Symphony Orchestra TorontoJobs.ca Torys LLP Travelers Canada Ultimate Software Unifor Unite Productions Inc. Universal Music Canada VersaPay Corporation VIP Nation Wells Fargo Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) WWP Marketing Group

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Members, Sponsors & Donors


n addition to operating two of the world’s finest concert halls, our mission as a not-for-profit organization is to nurture the growth and success of Canada’s music community. We gratefully acknowledge the following Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall members, sponsors and donors, whose generosity supports our education, community outreach and artist development initiatives. MARQUEE CIRCLE Stephen Bain & Julieta Sevilla The Balsillie Family Foundation The Butcher Family Colonial House Capital Ltd. Gregory J. David Roy Eappen Fabris Inc. Marty Gillespie & Ali Kahn Richard & Nancy Hamm Fraser Hatt & Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt John B. Lawson C.M. Q.C. Maria del Mar Lorenzo John & Susan Maynard John & Lise McBride Bruce & Alison McDonald Oliver Murray Tony & Isabel Muto Stephen Porter & Malcolm V. Porter Szeto Sheldon Resnick Jonathan Ruth Joseph & Antoinette Sorbara TSINetwork.ca Jack Van Bendegem Gabriele Westwinkel CORPORATE MARQUEE CLUB 120 Main St Inc. Chantler's Environmental Services Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP Heathbridge Capital Management Ltd Impulse Technologies The Woodbridge Company Limited MARQUEE CLUB Anonymous (2) Chris & Zeinab Adair

Jamie & Patsy Anderson Richard J. Balfour Arron Barberian & Linda Rodeck Michael Bateman & Karla Minello Colin Baxter & Ruth Harris Craig Bell & Valerie Martin Matt Bentley William Blakeney & Ruth Henneberry Suzanne Bradshaw Marcia Lewis Brown Richard Bryan & Lisa Reikman David & Wendy Bunston Steve Burleton & Heather McGowan Deane & Cristina Cameron Linda Campbell & Michael Cruickshank Nancy Chafee Diana Chant & William Mitchell Colin & Nadia Chapin Sharon & Lorne Chapnick Dr. John Chiu H.C. Eric Choi Warren & Kelley Chomiak John & Lynn Clappison James & Roma Clasper Dean & Maris Connor Vance Cooper, Cooper Mediation Eileen Costello & Damien McCotter Carol Culp Jayne Davis & Duff Waring Gordon & Nancy Dawson Elizabeth DelBianco Gerry & Deborah DiLeo Cyril & Christine Dimitris Kevin & Lisa Dougherty Anne-Marie Dunn & John Healy Norman & Gail Findlay David & Elizabeth Forster James Forster & William Edwards Linda Frum & Howard

Annual Report 2017/18

Sokolowski Foundation Bruce Fullerton Thomas & Linda Gajer Mark Garner Kirby C. Gavelin Susan Gerhard Martin & Mindy Gerskup Ferne Glaser Barbara Goldring John Graham & Christine Brogan Carol Gray Robbie Gunn Jody & Deborah Hamade Ethel Harris Michael & Vicky Harrison Peter Heisey Sybil & Tom Hennebury Judith Hinchman & Pat Garver Dr. Lily Ho-Tai & Mr. Michael Oliveiro Doug & Karen Houston Vito & Angela Ierullo Joyce Ito Javid Jalilvand-Ajir Terry Kelly Ross & Ann Kennedy Paul & Lisa Kirk Andrew Knight Richard & Nancy Kostoff Donald Lang Carolyn & Hugh Lawson Cynthia MacDougall Robert Mackenzie William MacKinnon Gary MacMillan & Reinie Theodoridis Tom MacMillan Alexander Mair Paul Marcaccio Tim Marino Lorna R. Marsden Julia Masterson & Jeffrey Weitz Chetan & Clara Mathur


Members, Sponsors & Donors Heather Ross Lisa & Bruce Rothney Robert Rubinoff Eric Rumack & Susan Yack Blake & Karen Ryder John Sartz & Mallory Morris-Sartz Richard G. Sayers Randy Scharfe Sandra Secord & Robert Kligman Colleen Sexsmith Richard Shekter Godyne Sibay David Skurka John Sleeman Kirk Sloane & Valerie Klempa Brian Smeenk Geoffrey Smith & Megan Hagarty Smith George & Grazina Soltys Jim & Darlene Spray Marie Stauch & Dermot Sweeny Jared & Allison Steinfeld George T. Surdykowski Steven Szeto & Maria Perivolaris Elian Terner & Poonam Puri Elizabeth Tory John & Leslie Tuer Michael Varley Greg & Courtney Walker Jimmy & Roberta Wang Jeff Watchorn Gary & Donna Waxman David M. R. White Martin Williams Richard Woodruff & Cath Devlin Michele Zentil & Steven Small ROYAL FRIENDS Anonymous (2) Joni & Lawrence Adelberg Adrian Bannister & Christine Timms Donald & Loula Bigioni Robert Black & Judith Adams P. Bowie Dr. Melanio G. Catre


Wendy & Dennis Cook Marc Crabtree Terry Craig Gail Drummond & Bob Dorrance Zelda Helena Dufgran Vicki Dunleavy C&K Flood Gary Forshaw Drew Foss Laura Fric & Casey Mahood John & Claire Game Matthew Gardiner Julia Germain & Mark Dranfield Robert Graham Patricia Hanrahan & Eric Rothschild Kevin Helfand Judy Helperin & Dr. BJ Rye Scott Higginson Doug Hitchcox Brian & Jo-Anne Jardine Kapoor Barristers Robert & Ruth Keilty Jim Lawrence Karen Malone Larry & Barbara-Ann Marlow Alec McGillivray & Teti Argo McLean Family Sandra Meinig & David Hayes Meredith Heron Design Pamela Meredtih William Milks Abby & Perry Minuk Neil Moore Margaret Mulhall & Chris McAlpine Tim Murray & Kim Curran Mark & Lisa Nash Shasha Shaun Navazesh Michael Norgrove Dr. Nan Okun & Dr. Vlad Dzavik Robert & Sandra Oswin Lisa Pappo John Pirie Dr. G. R. Rastegar & Sheryl Armstrong Doug & Nancy Raymond Rimrock Corporation

Paula F. Robertson Larry Rosen Joe Ruddy Michael Rumball Martha Grantham John Saksun David Scandiffio Steven & Diane Schmeiser Stephen Sheather Jay Smales Andrew Sprachman Tim Svirklys Mariola & Janusz Swierczek Michael Sydor Mrs. Shauna Leigh Taylor-Oppenheimer & Mr. Jamie Oppenheimer Kevin Thatcher Debra Thier & Bruce Croxon Chantal & Michel Viau Mitch & Les Wallace Benita Warmbold & Gerald Wood Peter Watson Marlene Weller Michael Wolfish David & Jennifer Wortzman

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Members, Sponsors & Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the lead supporters of the campaign.

PUBLIC SECTOR The Government of Canada The Government of Ontario The City of Toronto

$500,000 - $999,999 BMO Financial Group Nancy & Richard Hamm The McLean Foundation RBC Foundation St. Joseph Communications

PRIVATE SECTOR Founding Donor ($5 million) The Slaight Family Foundation in honour of Allan Slaight Cornerstone Supporters Tricon Capital Group MOD Developments $3 million+ The W. Garfield Weston Foundation $1 million - $2,999,999 American Express Foundation Edwards Charitable Foundation Frances & Timothy Price Stephen Smith & Diane Blake TD Bank Group

$250,000 - $499,999 CIBC Alison & Bruce McDonald The McAlpine Family $100,000 - $249,999 Patsy & Jamie Anderson Richard J. Balfour Dan Coholan & Sarah Mills John B. Lawson C.M. Q.C. Michelle & Michael Levy William MacKinnon & Sandie Dix Oliver Murray & Colleen Donnelly Joseph & Antoinette Sorbara Spin Master Mathew Szeto & Jenny Porter Szeto $25,000 – $99,999 Suzanne Bradshaw Annual Report 2017/18

John & Lynn Clappison Eileen Costello & Damien McCotter Kevin & Lisa Dougherty Doug & Karen Houston IATSE Local 58 The Robert G. Kearns Foundation KPMG Tom MacMillan Lorna Marsden & Edward Harvey McCarthy Tétrault LLP The McDonald Family Lorrie & Alec Morley Stephen Otto $10,000 – $24,999 Diane Bean & Dennis Lalor John & Heather Clark Charles & Barbara Cutts David & Elizabeth Forster Donald & Helen McGillivray Peter Smurlick Thomglen Corporation Ash Vahman & Leyli Taheri Moayed Nancy & Jamie Westaway 27

Members, Sponsors & Donors $5,000 – $9,999 Anne-Marie Dunn & John Healy Randy Lennox Michael & Paul Levine Families Jacqueline Moss David Smith $1,000 – $4,999 Anonymous Kathryn Elton & Peter Hohenadel John & Maureen Farrow Rick Goldberg Peter & Frances Hogg The Susan, Sarah and Nicholas Latremoille Fund at Toronto Foundation Karen & Fred Leitner Thomas G. MacMillan Jennifer Martin & Kim Cooke Martha McCain Alec McGillivray & Teti Argo Tim Murray & Kim Curran Open Road Music Linda Robinson SHARE THE MUSIC ENDOWMENT FUND $20,000 and above Renette & David Berman In memory of Madeline A. Courey, Board of Governors (1998-2004) Kirby C. Gavelin John B. Lawson C.M Q.C. Catharina & Tom MacMillan Tim & Frances Price Joseph & Antoinette Sorbara The Westwinkel Family, in honour of Florian Westwinkel $10,000 – $19,999 Richard J. Balfour Dr. John Chiu H.C. & Yvonne Chiu, C.M., in memory Charles & Barbara Cutts Aditya Jha, POA Educational Foundation


$5,000 – $9,999 Diane M. Bean The Dianne & Irving Kipnes Foundation Bill & Erin Furlong Kamala-Jean Gopie, O. Ont. Anthony & Helen Graham Rebecca MacDonald Arthur Mitchell, in memory of Madeline A. Courey Thomas & Irma Payne $1,000 – $4,999 Anonymous Marcia Lewis Brown Linda Campbell & Michael Cruickshank Diana Chant & William Mitchell Norman & Gail Findlay Richard & Nancy Hamm Robert G. Kearns The MacMillan Family Jason Sniderman EDUCATION & OUTREACH ANNUAL CAMPAIGN $20,000 and above Presenting Sponsor – Share the Music Sun Life Financial

$5,000 – $9,999 Anonymous Outland-Carillion $1,000 – $4,999 S. M. Blair Family Foundation Colin & Nadia Chapin Greg Cumming & Bianca Marcus Fabris Inc. Great West Life, London Life and Canada Life Greg & Susan Guichon Megan Hagarty Smith & Geoffrey Smith The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation Long & McQuade Musical Instruments Anne & Chris Rankin Gary MacMillan & Reinie Theodoridis Barrie D. Rose, Karen Solomon and Family G. Sibay SOCAN Foundation Mathew Szeto & Jenny Porter Szeto

Education & Outreach and Artist & Audience Development The Woodbridge Company Limited Call & Response funded by The Government of Ontario $10,000 – $19,999 J.P. Bickell Foundation The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation TD Securities Underwriting Hope Fund

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Program & Venue Partners

Annual Report 2017/18


Board of Governors

BOARD CHAIR Eileen Costello Partner Aird & Berlis LLP

PRESIDENT & CEO Deane Cameron C.M. President and Chief Executive Officer

GOVERNORS Susan Abramovitch

Head, Entertainment Law Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

John Kim Bell

President Bell & Barnard Limited

Gary Berman President & CEO Tricon Capital

Michael Burns

President & CEO Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation


Linda C. Campbell Business Owner

Colin Chapin

Finance Consultant

Dan Coholan

Vice Chairman RBC Wealth Management

Kim Cooke

President Pheromone Recordings

Kevin Dougherty

President, Sun Life Financial Canada Sun Life Financial

Anne-Marie Dunn Senior Vice-President Human Resources CIBC

Graham Henderson President Music Canada

William MacKinnon CEO (retired) KPMG LLP

Alison McDonald Freelance Producer

Alexander Morley

Senior Vice President TD Bank Group and CEO UGO Mobile Solutions L.P.

Jacqueline Moss Business Executive

Miranda Mulholland

Fiddler, Singer, Business Owner

Drew Fagan

Consultant and former deputy minister

David Forster

Senior Partner (retired) PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Staff & Volunteer Coordinators PRESIDENT’S OFFICE Deane M. Cameron C.M. President & CEO

Alasdair Hooper

Director, Development

Jesse Kumagai

Director, Programming, Marketing & Business Development

Sharon MacDonald



Nancy Beaton Krista Beaudry Geoff Allen Mike Mastrandrea Courtney Voyce

Alan Moffat Wes Doerksen Ian McDonnell Karen McKerracher Eleni Mitchell Mary Pocrnic Mone Sengthavy


Doug McKendrick

Dan Brooks Alex Naylor Megan Paquette

Grant Troop


Liew Wong

Brett Towns Roxanne Melliza Kalyna Pidwerbesky Cal Woodruff

Director, Human Resources Director, Production

Director, Operations Director, Finance & Administration

Cathie Carlino

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Secretary to the Board of Governors



Stefania Paterak Amanda Cho Rodrigo Fritz

Richard Kalitsis Victoria-Lynn Cartwright Basil Lowe Jill Taylor



Derek Fast Hunter Devolin Sasha Girling Preethi Jagadeesh Meghan McCready Josh McIntyre




Stephen Clarkin Karry Prendergast Kalsang Norbu Kai Yick Richard North Willie Olicia Rocco Pisani


DEVELOPMENT Elizabeth Birss Ashley D’Andrea Tuula Heinar

I.T. Neil Bowen Steve Wright

CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS Vered Koren Kelly Livingstone

I.A.T.S.E. STAGE TECHNICIANS Curtis Cowley Gord Henderson Douglas Hook Micheal Murphy Jim Thibeau


Humphrey Siu Krystle Coates Zita Griskonis Jessica Guo Josie Latino Candi Peach

Vanessa Smith Laraine Herzog Jodi Mason Annual Report 2017/18


Section Title

The Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall

60 Simcoe St. Toronto, ON M5J 2H5 | 416-593-4822 | contactus@mh-rth.com masseyhall.com | roythomsonhall.com | liveatmasseyhall.com 32

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Profile for Massey Hall

Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall Annual Report 2017-18  

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, managed by a professional management team...

Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall Annual Report 2017-18  

The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, managed by a professional management team...

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