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A gentle game.


WHAT WHY A three-year projection in which activities and productions are established as a flow of coordinated work through the common intention of a body of artists, disemboguing into a fully formed artworks. Each part influences the outcome of the other, formalizing a sense of encounter, and awakening new capabilities of creative dynamics and artistic expansion. A living artform.

There is a growing and decisive need to find routes of artistic composition through dialogue and expression, that find contact not only through the commercialization of a product, or social networking purposes, but also through the sheer and potential energy that is shared within community and a geographical ambience. The value of activity becomes achievable through concentrated exchange dynamics. The artform finds its life. The product itself (be it a film, a dance piece, an art presentation, a music production) looses its centre of gravity and becomes whole within the sharing of a creative spirit.

HOW PROFILE PLANNED through specific time framed creative matches in various locations, production is fulfilled through a structured aim (or point production) that drives the encounter. In order to amplify artistic output, conception and development require constant stimuli and attachment to the territory in which it unfolds.

WHEN KICKOFF to start February 2014 with detailed scheduling and budget the project envisions a constant and exponential growth.


THE production aims at high quality products, performance gems, and life expansive works of art. The heart of such corporate activity is not specific to production or directed at commercial ends, but through an artistic need that inevitably flows into it. Super Proposito Power Match is in itself a creative channel of shared intention.

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HOME BASE Switzerland nationwide. Northwest Argentina. Spain. Australia. The World.



Super Proposito Power Match is understood as a whole and seen through its detailed parts. The overall analysis and presentation becomes evident through its texture, each aspect explicitly represents and sustains its entirety.

Definitions. A MATCH A time framed encounter, set into a specific location, in which a body of artists develop and actively further discussion on a specific creative universe, and through which they deploy through personal and group activity, a number of creative productions, multidisciplinary or specific, that relate and nourish back into the central point production.

POINT PRODUCTION The principal production through which a match focuses and addresses coordinated artistic relationship, with sufficient breath to spark complementary artforms.

CREATIVE UNIVERSE A set of values, placed within expanding boundaries of elements, that detail and further the solution in dramatic forces and the growing life of an artform. It is the humour to which’s spirit it aspires in order to fulfil movement, personality, truth and transformative power.

ARTFORM If we could explain what a creation comprehends it would immediately cease to exist, for it is in its representation and presented form (in whatever discipline it is expressed) that it finds relation to life and reality.

A PLAYER Any person who puts his expertise, vision, and creative thrust into the creative body to conform, vibrantly participate, and responsibly take through a match to its final product.

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The Players. POSSIBLE players include dancers, actors, researchers, scientists, filmmakers, graphic artists, musicians, writers, engineers, communication managers, fashion designers, textile designers, etc., or anyone with enough life to muster a passion for things true. Limits are the boundaries of cohesion, truth in intimate relationships, and strength in common vision. The work to be created has a strong horizontal value in the way players access a production. However there are clearly established roles that define and respect the discipline and expertise of production. This will be handled through the weight of the vision on things, and the experience within the company. However, the rhythm of creation is keyed to the entire group: beats and moments of contemplation lead into moments of deep analysis and creation: a hands on approach. We are reminded constantly that the whole is bigger than its parts. This dictates vision and work. As a whole, players work and act creating neuralgic links to the production at hand.

It is the principle of motion in a body.

MASNĂ€DA ASSOCIAZIONE * Via Ciseri 3, Spazio 1929, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland * +41793606579 * *

Understanding the value of the game.


“An artist who has no faith is like a painter who was born blind.” Andrei Tarkovskij from his book Sculpting in Time.

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Workforce. Human Resources in today’s working space. THE whole space of productivity is intrinsically placed in the value of the people involved. As we keep close to the fact that today the shared value of creativity relies on personal expression, thrust, passion, and a vision of things, each personal projection drives new encounters and the thickness through which we place new artistic products. Throughout the geographical movement of the project, during the established matches, it is essential to connect with local artistic reality; to find creative bearings; to establish links; to fathom small encounters and mobility in projects.

We want to be surprised: this is an inherent situation in life. In order to possiblitate such encounters we propose: a) Personal projections Driven by each personality and opened to a community or interested parties we put in motion a showcase exhibition of potential vision. They are a way of sharing who we are, at a personal level. If placed within the frame of education (seminars), they are a way of linking with universities, schools, top institutions, etc.* and achieving sustainable economic activity. The action is to impregnate, exchange, find, move and propose. *expanded below, Partners b) Masterclasses By invitation to specific match locations during short visits these masterclasses aim at adding life and vision to the movement. *expanded below, Masterclasses. c) Nucleus of work As stimuli begins with location, life begins within. During the process of travels and work, there lies a creative encounter, first and foremost, amongst the established artists and persons of the company. We encourage small nuclei of work (2 to 3 persons) from which products are born specific to the area of interest, hurdling personal limits and then expanding to the company, a match and community. This means that a musician can play a vital role in the development of a short film, or an illustrated

book. The level of intuitive communication is key to the success of the project. Thus the need in finding clearcut professionals with a passion for their work.

It is not evident to find this type of artists in today’s fast paced performance oriented work scenarios. We are looking for the one that is addressing his capabilities beyond the limits of career and into a life exchange. For Super Proposito is a 360º exploration of personal expression. Close to our heart at Masnàda Associazione we believe that today’s creations lie within the fabric of individual potential spilled into an associated work. The value of our potential lies not only on our area of expertise and in depth of field, but also in the unknown or still undiscovered scents of creativity. A tingling into new experiences can amass amazing communicative power. This comes with a strong responsibility. Each person involved in the process of Super Proposito Power Match carries in himself the present and future of the project, and holds the means to take it through to the next level. Each person needs to find solutions, constantly, as well as adding information to authorize the outcome: share resources, create contacts, but primarily to believe. Masnàda Associazione understands that a creative process (more so one conceived through several stages and locations) requires for a professional actor to find ways of both owning and releasing the work done.


“I do not search, I find.” Pablo Picasso.

ASSOCIAZIONE Via Ciseri 3 Spazio 1929 6900 Lugano Switzerland +41793606579

Engagement. It’s about life. The level of commitment corresponds to simple facts of live, in the ways that there is an otherness to take note upon almost at a constant pace. This allowing yourself to be beyond yourself is a core aspect of Super Proposito Power Match, for there is a common treasure within personal riches. Allowing the latter poetics to occur, and taking it a slight step further:

we are worth as much as the person beside us corresponds in value. This deep professional understanding creates respect and responsibility. I cannot undermine the time of anyone else, nor disintegrate the level of commitment. It is through this that we can address a purpose with such underlying stance: “it’s about life.” For this is not a place for the shallow hearted, or comfort driven souls: there is a displacement of the self through time and space, of finding and discovery, and strength in the understanding of all things that flow. Super Proposito could be regarded, to a certain extent, as the soft element of artistic production. The life that finds a form and moulds it. It is living tissue if we may, composed of a body of persons with a shared intention. I would not use lightly the word intention, for it is the arrow that pierces through all activity and action.

Intention is heart. The other underlying aspect of Super Proposito is the trajectory of growth. By sharing, and enabling new scenarios, there also transpires the assimilation of talent. When a painter is asked to exchange creative ideas with a musician, there is at work a mixture of languages that find centre in the melody, in the colour, in the need to find common grounds for such an exchange to bear fruits. This is true for any exchange, dynamic enough in its encounter, be it a scientist with a textile designer, or a history professor with an actor. So we find already another distinction to what becomes exponential, curve like not lineal, as growth and possibilities. We needn’t much social understanding to grasp the

difficulty of finding decent work in today’s repellent social policies. For young artists the situation is a riddled with impossible dreams. The way to find experience through work is to embark in a probably shallow, commercial driven, impersonal production, perfumed with the anecdote of grandiloquence, and suckled through the conviction of walking the road to fame. All of this with unbearable economic returns. For some of us with a bit of traveling done, the situation is also a struggling ascent through a mountain of garbage packed productions or choosing to further into belief. There lies a deep interest into aggravating the ego of an artist, in the illusion of making money in fast and large quantities, and in accepting things as they are without questioning the interests that have placed you in the scene in the first place. Like an ass follows a carrot hanging from a rod over his head and in front of his muzzle. Art is certainly dis-interested. It is the first, last, and foremost transformative agent in the history of mankind. And it is so because it appertains to every single living person. It is the most common and appreciated aspect in life. It makes us see, move the unmovable, believe beyond our human limits, and project our life: through facts and the power of imagination, into what is larger than ourselves. It is not coincidence that in a world driven almost exclusively by individual (or hidden) interests – primarily professed by the power of money - art is in a sort of under graded crisis. The artistry of what an artist creates is not merely an object of adoration, a possibly financial gem to be kept in a vault, a super commercial success, but the extension of his work process into the community (through a finished artform), into the social texture, and the sharing and learning capacities of mankind. An artist has the capacity to mirror his life with an audience and to kindle, even if for a slight moment, the artist inside of anyone: that possibility to create. So, it is in the heart of our search that we define it so: the importance of our work is complete.

The Story. Working our way through stimuli.

There is certainly a divergence into how many generic plots make the total number of possible stories to tell. Aristotle fixed his Poetics on two (Tragedy and Comedy); Recently Christopher Booker finally compiled seven basic plots after a life of research; Working through Carlo Gozzi, Goethe and into Georges Polti there would be thirty six dramatic situations; Ronald Tobias lists twenty master plots and William Foster Harris only down to three. In due time there is always a new story to be told, and in its essence today it matters mostly that what is being told holds a sense of truth. What happens next is the way we tell a story: and how this story in so many aspects becomes a means to itself. But when the storyteller becomes protagonist, the story absorbs him and the action unfolds from his own actions.

Ultimately the story is about ourselves, and how the course of events and production changes and transforms us. A creative universe contains potential information, dramatic movement, critical opposing tension, that produces the humour to unleash a story. It does not appertain to a certain form, but definitively has preference in structures, as their elements, myths and archetypical journeys are tied to the movement within. A creative universe also proposes a set of rules or, in this case, a dramatic exposure through the need of resolution that leads into the story of Super Proposito Power Match. Each universe is thus attached to certain plot problematic: searching for a fugitive, resolving a murder, looking into the memory for solutions, man vs. nature (its own nature), etc. But they can also share elements and classical strategies, such as life and rebirth, transformative characteristics.

MASNĂ€DA ASSOCIAZIONE * Via Ciseri 3, Spazio 1929, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland * +41793606579 * *

Super Proposito Power Match is a story in the making: The collision of two creative universes, Carnal and ÂĄLazaro!, that generate nuclear activity, a new galaxy of possibilities. As these two opposing forces get more and more defined, the outcome becomes manifest: when collision happens, a new synthetic story emerges, and new life with it.

MASNÀDA ASSOCIAZIONE Via Ciseri 3 Spazio 1929 6900 Lugano Switzerland +41793606579

Believe. The Economic Problem. “I believe” requires courage. To stand to such a belief, determination. To act upon it, a sort of madness. Because artists today, at least in the European market, are given specific roads to travel, to develop and make career. Yet art, in its definition, is to transcend boundaries and open new ways: because it is expressive to personal understanding and social patterns that demand solutions to an un-perfect life.

This belief, with the consistency of time, becomes a vision. When a vision is shared, a movement. We are proposing a number of productive languages as part of a whole vision of events. We are not taking the road of the pre-ordained fund-distribution channels of support directly, but on a day-to-day need basis out of structure. To make a film, on its own, can be a gigantic enterprise. Fundraising, setting production values, constructing liaisons, writing and re-writing screenplays, looking for actors, etc... is in itself a massive undertaking. However, the instruments at hand today (the same channels that provide for a career direction), the speed at which analytical and creative understanding move, can be displaced from a merely industrial commercial hungry scenario into that of small qualitative groups. The main difference in quality is in the truth of what is being deployed as art: an industry is an economic driven reality, whereas Super Proposito Power Match is a purely artistic expansion and movement. A crystal of a rock. Super Proposito proposes not an alternative but a solution to creative work: Create a scene, exponentialize growth, use technology and knowhow to find shortcuts where needed. * Expanded on card: Methodology.

So in this sense, to propose a film encompassed within a creative match, paradoxically becomes more plausible: This is because the drive is not a goal in itself. The film is a means for a larger universe of events, discussion,

and lives in relation within it. There is therefore poetic life to film, and the development of its language explicit to the encounter of a common spirit, emptying the individualisation of a production and finding its communal tone. The prerequisite for such to happen surely is twofold (for now): 1. To leave aside our own private ambition and place it in a common vision. 2. What drives the creative plot is not economic returns, but the handling of information, the sharing of knowledge, and the growth in our creative and human capacity to share the ungraspable mystery of creative life. Key to Super Proposito Power Match is a sheer belief that one’s self-artistic vision becomes exponential in communion with others.

Research. The groundwork of creativity. The importance of research is a cornerstone to the entire underlying project and of Masnàda Associazione as an instrumental entity.

Understandably so, as art provides answers to our present time, through the instruments and mechanisms of science, history, and the humanities. So we can actually take this into specific areas of expression. Working with minerals as a qualitative element for a story (“¡Lazaro! The desert wanderer”) leads into a documented relationship with the science of Mineralogy, further detailing the creative universe, settling documentary exchange, and awakening sparks of life. Detailed specific research provides answers at a different level of artistic expression: not analysing through logic what is a creative impulse, but adding information into underlying weight. Pliny the elder talks about art through mineralogy, Muhammad Ali punched art into boxing: research and training instruments creativity.

Research should exhibit life, not discuss it. It is pinpointing and freeing analysis of impressions, a conscious application of perhaps unconscious waves of expression, letting an irrational creative act (what is perceived by an artist and then put forth) become the moving force for exploration, to then feed back into the creative body and shed light onto vision. The space proposed for such an exchange opens from Masnàda’s Nn magazines and into alternative publications. Thus it is a space with the aim of promoting action.

MASNÀDA ASSOCIAZIONE * Via Ciseri 3, Spazio 1929, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland * +41793606579 * *

Every single aspect of our creative spurs is funnelled back into a systematic process of understanding and concept development.

“...tal vez todos sabemos produndamente que somos inmortales y que tarde o temprano, todo hombre hará todas las cosas y sabrá todo.” Jorge Luis Borges, Funes el memorioso.

On Film. Filmmaking has only been around for over a hundred years: Since Lumière addressed a moving train towards a fleeing audience, the lunar fascination of a magician called Meliès, to massive studio realities, to independent (and conceptual) expressions filmmaking seems to have done it all. We could also believe our subsequent reality has found its absolute: all of our actions can be recorded or shared from birth (before birth, before conception) to death. We are particles in motion. It is not farfetched to fall into the acceptance that all of our stories have been told, structuring life on film as a cliché and creating a scene of particularized repetition. Again, a sort of content fill form value of events in that it depicts variables of our modern life, enhanced through the capacity of emulating reality, or massive fiction blockbusters with visual effects that collude into the realm of the impossible. Buñuel’s oneiric prediction onto a screen is truer than ever, as this projection is ourselves. We live through film today what we do not dare live in our lives: romance, impossible affairs, adventure, riots and rebellious souls, voice against what is wrong, to then fall back into our lives unaltered and certainly unresolved states. This is the magic of film, to fix time. Yet the exclusiveness of film lies in a poetic language like no other. Images speak more than words. To associate images is to move currents of information emotional and psychic. Information that is today knotted to rules and preconceptions, narrative gestures that should be used with growing freedom, aesthetically and imaginative. Film is replacing illusion as we demote our capacity to imagine to visual imposition. Technology grows exponentially, and we have developed the habit to judge what we see on a screen as if it were our own. As expressed above, the actual process of filmmaking, established in a multiple audio-visual scenario a part of a larger, living, creation, strips the film from it egocentric sphere of allure and into life. If a film contains a zest for being it will also transpose it to an audience. There is an existential need for a film to be, poetic and unbounded, true to itself.

MASNÀDA ASSOCIAZIONE * Via Ciseri 3, Spazio 1929, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland * +41793606579 * *

All of our life in motion.

“It is as hard to read a good book as it is to write it.” Goethe

Partners. Finding partners is not an easy job. Mainly because our existence is rigged to laws of movement and social popularity that facilitate work for the so called “art promoters”. There is a ready pre-established route one just needs to follow, fill the forms, wait in line. This is a very confortable position that might have worked for a limited amount of time. But art finds ways around the mainstream, as a river adjusts its course to a changing topography.

The problem with these bureaucratic routes is that they generate individualism. A serial killer for art. They also tend to benefit the same established artists. There is no market for art today, there is a market for success stories, for unwarranted heroic figures, and for commercially expanding scenarios. There are festivals and tours, interviews and magazines, residencies and online garbage being thrown around like candy. An artist needs only to play the game that is handed to him and be contented with reality as it is. Smile through it, eat into success. Masnàda Associazione needs, as breath, to find partners in the area of production and education to grapple with intention: To ripple into society, to produce works of art into an ultimate goal, Super Proposito Power Match. To help us find the hungry artist, the one that is not settling in, that answers back. What we do as artists, our work, finds expansion through production possibilities. If we develop a music score, we need a recording studio and a collaborator producer to get it through and into the market. The value of the industry specification marries to creative potential. It is growingly impossible to process information individually, to a certain extent, we need to move right into a group consciousness that beats through individual vice of expression and liberates the persona. Super Proposito proposes a creative movement, that brews what could be defined as the soft (and sometimes yielding) response to life. It is a processual environment through a creative body.

MASNÀDA ASSOCIAZIONE * Via Ciseri 3, Spazio 1929, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland * +41793606579 * *

The sea and beyond.

MASNÀDA ASSOCIAZIONE Via Ciseri 3 Spazio 1929 6900 Lugano Switzerland +41793606579

Methodology. How it works. Each match is set into motion through a specific point production (either a book, a theatre and dance performance, a film), irrigated by a number of smaller creative situations, drawn into a common output. The strategy of each match is to convene creative energy into the definition of complete quality artforms. How this is put into practice is not necessarily through the manifested finished products, and the subsequent commercialization, communication, and expansion but through a constant flow of growing stimuli and information. Information is personal and put forth to a group in a creative environment is potentially very rich. Through a determined direction this becomes exponential: we are dealing with mustering enough lucidity and energy to bring life to a product. Irrational activity happens. Stimuli mingle in intuition and, in a body of artists creating together, group consciousness (and unconsciousness) takes form. All of this activity becomes relevant data. As well as the influx of research. What is seen, what is read, what is discussed, becomes partly responsible for the creative universe. What appertains to the actual territory where we are matching, its cultural background, its present predisposition to events, its rhythm, its happenings, its life, all adjust and perform the tone of expression. The way all of this is associated, in a manner poetic and true to the life and will of the artform brings forth the means to make artistic decisions. The artist processes this data in a subjective way, correspondingly addressing his or her own reality to facts, time and deliverance. But it is also possible to make use of technology during the creative process in ways that we are still potentially discovering but that are implicitly omnipresent in our everyday life. The constant flow of data will be placed into containers of information that process it throughout with analytical equations: through pondering the acts of

repetition (words, acts, movement, the recurrent aspect of decisions), to breaths and rhythms of creation, to specific talent, etc. Algorythimic solutions will process of data as a third player in the group established in art: artist – audience – technology. We are finding answers together. Creating artistic consciousness together. Not to diminish the divine aspect of creation but to share in its mystery. Super Proposito Power Match is the outcome of this triangle of creativity. Through the continued definition in the environment of Carnal and ¡Lazaro! (creative universes) as opposing creative forces, we find new stories and subsequently new dynamics in stories. It is in the collision of defined and expanding creative universes that we will find the new verse. How this will affect creation, and how the relationship with this technological response is fulfilled depends, recurrently, on human capacity. There is certainly a responsibility in providing answers through structure, that only become apparent in times of need. So the aim of the methodology is to enhance life expansive works. Clearly, when there is a vision there is a direction to it. It is through the dynamics of a director that we put ourselves into the service of a story to be to found, defined, and ultimately told.

Masnàda Associazione. Principles.

Masnàda believes and promotes art as an associative movement, fostering relationship with artists at an international level and through consolidated collaborations in Latin America, Australia and Europe. Masnàda Associazione understands that creative products today do not exist in an isolated or individual space. A work of art takes life and value through the personal expression of each artist to the expansion of the artwork’s spirit and propagating towards social reality. Creative humus happens at small, qualitative, cross – cultural discussions that have an intense ripple of effect with an audience. Thus, fundamental to our work is to root our creative activity in the territories where we are present. For downloads and extra information, including Nn magazines, statutes, and audiovisual material please visit

MASNÀDA ASSOCIAZIONE * Via Ciseri 3, Spazio 1929, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland * +41793606579 * *

Founded in Switzerland in 2009 as groundwork for an international artistic reality, Masnàda Associazione places the centre of its activity in the exchange within a creative process, and the opening of an artwork to diverse artistic manifestations.


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