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At Dusk Digital 2013 Artist: Vladimir Jean

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masConsumption zine


Inside the Song: Romantic at Heart I was inspired by a beautiful model, and went straight to my art form, created “Romantic at Heart,” and captured what I would like to call the very early stages of infatuation. My favorite line would have to be from the second verse when I say, “Your beauty an angel that’s nature spawned, only my God could have made you one.' Deep down, I feel that people forget to appreciate the little things in the person they enjoy being around. Angels are considered to be a supreme being and just knowing that God handmade that special someone just for you, that’s truly the beauty in that metaphor. -Dannie Swift

Listen to Romantic at Heart on Dannie Swift's recent EP, The N.H.C. Tape.

The N.H.C. Tape was mostly recorded at ORNG Ink Studio with Sykez, a fellow Soundbox Bandit. It is a very good project that highlights many of Dannie's talents: songwriting, guitar & producing.

Also, watch the 90s inspired music video for, End of a Melody, another single on The N.H.C. Tape.

The video was shot by Marco Dorce of HLS Films & Photography, in the Valley Arts District of Orange, NJ.

Photography: Briana Heart

Denice Perez aka Dannie Swift is a prolific writer, rapper/emcee & guitarist.

masConsumption zine


masConsumption zine

letter from the editor //5 music //6 KRK x Black Scale x The Monad Life is But A Dream: A Review Class Clown Two Boob Theory The Group Dynamic with Soundbox Banditz art //10 Clay from the River: New Paintings by Anj Ferrara MUSIC.FOOD.DRINK.ART 10 Calls for Artists In this Issue: Contributor Profiles style //16 Retro Futurism with Mark Tauriello I Love Arter The Shoots: Behind the Scenes with the Stylist masConsumption x 91 Films I SPY: Modest Apparel community// 21 ORNG Ink Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign lifestyle //23 Blind Love Letters: Chapter Two: Savior Love in the Time of Aurora by Phillipe Garcesto Ladisav: A Lady That's Knows Are We Strangers? Upcoming Events/Releases editorial //28

masConsumption zine



Letter From the Editor Dear Readers,

I realized recently, thanks to Facebook, that masConsumption is officially over a year old. I can not believe how far it has come in such a short time. It was only meant to be a blog and now we are releasing the second issue of the masConsumption zine. We have come a long way. I was able to "drop the dash" in the blog url debuting a cleaner blog with daily updates, of music, art, and style posts. There's a newly added video link on the site, and a community section (P21) in the zine.

There has been so much going on since the Winter issue released at ORNG Ink. Which was such a success. So many people came out from all over, and Kosmic Daydream rocked the house. It only made me more excited about the Spring issue.This issue is significant because everything has come full circle when thinking back on the very beginning. This was the second time I was able to work with avant-garde designer, Mark Tauriello (P16), who was my first ever masConsumption video interview.

I wanted the Spring issue to be so much better than the Winter. There's a lot more content, and there were a lot more people interested in being featured. A former colleague of mine, Maulin Mehta from HANDS, Inc. submitted two of his photographs (p4,31). I was able to incorporate the street art here in the Valley Arts District on the cover, and work with more dynamic individuals I've met in the Valley like Marie David of (P25).

I appreciate how so many people have been supportive of the project. It is really touching to see people getting excited about being apart of masConsumption. The best part has been working more closely with my friends at ORNG Ink. We have been taking more risks, and getting more creative. Thanks to Laura Campbell becoming masConsumption's creative director. There will also be many more 91 Films collaborations in the near future.

in the zine.

What means the most to me, is seeing masConsumption follow through in its mission. I have always wanted to give artists, and writers or whoever wants, a platform to share their art and expression. To give people a voice and the power to share it with the world and make a difference in the community. If I have inspired one single person to follow their dreams, or to re-envision their creative paths, I am content. I hope those of you who never read or heard of masConsumption are moved by the stories, and keep up with the dynamic artists featured Enjoy! -P.R. A special thanks to my biggest supporter. I am so blessed to have such an amazing, and loving mother. Love you Mommy. masConsumption zine


THE MONAD P.R. sat down with KRK, born Sherman Carpenter, in his recording studio at ORNG Ink Studio to talk about the release of his much anticipated beat tape, The Monad.

When I first heard The Monad, I was impressed. I felt so proud hearing the finished project which truly exceeded expectations. There are so many stories inside the complex beats. After midnight, I was able to catch the uber creative super producer before he walked out of the door. It had been hard trying to find time to sit down and talk about his new tape. He's been busy producing, building his brand, and mentoring emerging artists at ORNG Ink Studio.

We, and by we I mean all of the artists at ORNG Ink, are very fortunate to have such a visionary. KRK is someone who brings an amazing spirit and embodies such positivity. Not to mention he is a supportive friend and devoted father. Read what the self-proclaimed ''weirdo'" had to say about The Monad. - P.R.

What is The Monad? The Monad is a concept of action. Basically, the concept of the thing before the atom, it is action which creates, which is the beginning of everything, in theory. I look at this project as my first movement, like my first plunge into the world. The start to becoming a bigger and greater being. The Monad evolved from nothing to something greater and greater and greater. It never stops, it keeps evolving.

Why does the release of The Monad feel so significant? Its my first "hoorah" into the world. I partnered with the clothing company, Black Scale which is pretty big right now in hip hop and street-wear. I am a producer collaborating with a brand is kind of different. I kind of want to throw a curve ball into everything thats going on. I'm odd and awkward so I always have to find odd and awkward ways of maneuvering into the system and not following any rules. This beat tape is a move for me to be able to get out there. I am getting a stamp into the industry and its been working. Talk about your music journey and why this feels like the "moment". This project is my music journey; encompassed into thirty minutes. Its basically a story like a yin and yang. You start off with the intro of the project which is really really dark and sinister and eery. Like that place, or void of nothingness place to love. So thats my music journey. Right now I'm reaching the love part of my journey, and then it goes into the next phase which I'm anticipating. This moment is kind of crazy. I haven't even really felt it 100%. Im kind of just riding it and working. Im trying to stay calm and creative.

"This moment is kind of crazy. I haven't even really felt it 100%. Im kind of just riding it and working. Im trying to stay calm and creative"

masConsumption zine

Where does ORNG Ink fit in your path? It is my path. If it wasn't for ORNG Ink or this building, this project wouldn't even happen. Just talking to everybody and communicating with everybody throughout the process , and everyone seeing my process, the people that were involved. I spend a lot of time here, just getting the full support from everyone. Just making noise and everyone coming and vibing and talking. Thats a huge part of building with the kids and MUSIC

Download The Monad: & KRK's

youth helping them to find their path while I'm finding my path. ORNG ink is kind of bigger than me, and so is the project. Its helping a lot of people right now, find their dreams. it helped me find my dream, realize my dream.

Whats next for you? I don't know whats next. Im right here. I don't really look. I don't anticipate the future or look to the future much anymore. I kind of live in the moment, and embrace it, enjoy it, have fun. I know what I want, but I don't know whats coming next.


I like to call myself a Beyonce fanatic, I am in the Beyhive. When I first heard that Beyonce was coming out with a documentary, that she produced, edited and directed. I was too excited.

I have always admired how Beyonce was able to keep her life private. I liked that she wanted her music to speak for itself. Beyonce managed to stay relevant even though fans do not have a view into every detail of her life. Artists' today, are so over exposed. Social media has allowed fans to have access to every single part of celebrities' lives. It has become so much about how many twitter and instagram followers you have.

Life is But a Dream takes fans more into her world, and for me, it was a little disappointing. Friends, and other Beyonce fans tell me that I expected too much. I guess I did. I wanted to get to know Beyonce more as an artist, and performer. I wanted to see more of her creative process, and what really goes into producing her breath taking performances and tours. Maybe meet more of her behind the scenes team, a lot goes into her shows and she does work very hard. She has a hand in every single detail of her productions. I wanted to see a little more of that. Not hear her talk into her webcam about incidents we already kind of knew about.

Half way through the documentary, I was bored. She showed concert footage and award show performances I have already seen. Come on, who has not watched her announce her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards? Or Beyonce accepting her Millennium Award at the 2011 Billboard Awards?

The highlight of the documentary for me, was seeing her interactions with her husband, Jay-Z and daughter, Blue Ivy. I am such a huge fan of the couple and ate all of the romance between them like candy. Their relationship is so cute to watch because that is something the both of them have kept close to the chest. You can tell that they are so in love, and have so much of it to give to their daughter.

I have always been inspired by Beyonce, ever since I was a young girl and listening to Destiny's Child. I always work to be the best woman I can be: independent, confident, strong, and always a lady. Later in my adult life Beyonce continues to inspire me to reach higher, stay true to myself and to never settle for less, and always stay true to myself. Life is But a Dream, only inspired me to keep a video diary of my inner thoughts. But I do not think the world would care as much to see that.

I see Life is But a Dream as nothing more than footage of Beyonce talking to herself, and about herself. NY Magazine called it, a "selfie documentary". The term selfie comes from the pictures people take of themselves with mobile phones and then are uploaded on social media sites like, facebook & instagram. I think being a celebrity with the kind of international influence like Beyonce, she had the chance to make a more powerful documentary about issues or stories that truly mattered. I thought I would want to watch the documentary over and over again, like I have with her electrifying Superbowl 2013 performance. Nope. I saw enough of Beyonce in the fish lens.

Although Life is But a Dream was everything but, I still am one of Beyonce's number one fans and I will continue to support her throughout her 2013 takeover. Who else has two Vogue covers, Superbowl Halftime Show, animated movie, Pepsi endorsement, new album and a world tour since the start of the year, its only April! Only Beyonce. -P.R. masConsumption zine


Marley is stepping out on his own with the mixtape, Class Clown. P.R. was able to chat with Marley MultiArtistry's

about his upcoming project at his studio in New York City.


What can people get from your first mixtape,

Class Clown?


A little bit of everything! I don't want to

say its something different because it seems like everyones trying to do that ; but its definitely another side of me I don't usually show .

P.R.:Who are some of your music inspirations? M:

I'm a huge Jay-Z fan, I grew up on all of his music . Kanye & Kid Cudi are also major

influences on my music , their creativity & versatility still amazes me .

P.R.: Why is your tape dropping on 4/20? M: That question is pretty much self explanatory , but 420 is like a second birthday to me .. I don't want to be considered another weed rapper but hey, its a lifestyle not a hobby .

P.R.: What is First Class & acg freelancerz? M: First Class is a part of life , but also expectations my team & I have set for ourselves. We might not be the flyest or have the most money, but our goals are aimed high & we plan on reaching them . Acg freelancerz Stands for A Conscious Generation of FreeLancerz . They're my first musical family , they showed me everything I needed to know .

Class Clown

is dropping on on 4/20 !

Follow Marley on twitter : @chief_marley & his teams : @firstclvss_ & @ACGFreeLancerz

TWO BOOB THEORY Q&A with Capital Ode, Shawn K. & MouseSucks

The first time I saw the three of them perform or even heard any of their music was at the zine release party in January. I was mesmerized. Once Shawn K.'s beat dropped, and they began performing, I couldn't look away. They each have a presence on stage, and the chemistry on stage between them is electric. I can not wait to see future projects! -P.R. masConsumption zine


Who is Capital Ode? I am also an artist, just like MS, nice to meet you guy. Im an artist off the rap persuasion. I am also a dentist. Sike. I am getting more into making beats. Who is MouseSucks? I an artist. Is that thee answer you guys are looking for?

Who is Shawn K.? I sing, produce, and rap from time to time. THis is the only thing that i ever did good. this is the only thing that. I sang first.

Do You Feel Like This is It? This Group? Capital Ode: I feel like just because like, we are three very different artists, and for us to come together and find our middle ground.

Describe your chemistry on stage in 3 words? MouseSucks: I think Ode and Shawn are definitely on the same page, and I am just floating off in this awkward space, and somehow it comes together. Shawn K.: smooth. Its groovy. Its mad sexual. I do say sexual all the time. When I say sexual I mean it feels ultra good. I have been in a lot of different performing situations, I played a lot of shows, i am happy to say Ive played over 200 shows, Ive had some fun nights, wit this being just a starting point it feels more powerful then when my other projects ended.

Capital Ode: organic, energetic, fun. I know for me personally, performing is the most important part my favorite part too get to the shows, and being on stage. Its my power trip. Life is jut performance, and life in between.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Capital Ode: Penthouse in Manhattan, mansion in New Jersey

Talk about the Where's Jarrett EP Capital Ode: The Wheres Jarrett EP gave us a step away then what we are used to. A lot of people supported the project. We have been able to meet a lot of people.

"No one can quite say what the creative process is because I have nothing to do with it almost, because its created in space, it's God's work." - Michael Jackson

masConsumption zine


Clay From the River

New Paintings by Anj Ferrara March 2, 2013 IronWorks Community Gallery

"Humans have used clay for a multitude of purposes since before recorded history. Pottery is an obvious example, but it has many other uses: from cave paintings to rituals, mummification to medicine. It is said to be a powerful detoxifier, and is wonderful for soothing scrapes, burns, and insect bites. Paint came from clay. Clay heals. The paintings in Clay from the River were inspired by an especially clay-filled river bed in an especially magical place -- a place that I revisit in my mind time and time again. The heavy application of whites in these paintings reference the clay from that river directly, and I hope that they have captured some of its magic as well." See more at and at her new show, May 5 in Jersey City.

masConsumption zine


mas Consumption



406 Tompkins St. Orange NJ 07050


MUSIC FOOD DRINK....and now, ART. Hat City Kitchen continues to promote the arts in the Valley.

Hat City Kitchen is the destination spot of the Valley Arts District. It is located on Valley Street and serves as a home for local artists, and musicians. It is "one of those precious 'third places' where people gather." says, Patrick Morrissy, the founder of HANDS Inc.; the nonprofit organization that is responsible for the creation of the Valley Arts District.

"Hat City Kitchen has long been labeled the 'anchor' of the Arts District. That was certainly true at first, a neighborhood needs a place such as Hat City Kitchen to meet and gather. However as a metaphor I do not now if that fits anymore. An anchor is static it keeps a ship in one place. I would rather see HCK as the engine driving the District forward. By promoting local musicians,artists, creative endeavors,and community projects, HCK is clearly now more an engine than an anchor." says the general manager, Mark Lyons. He is partly responsible for helping the restaurant establish an identity within the last year. I believe he truly understands the mission of the Arts District and where Hat City Kitchen fits into the bigger scheme of building a community, while running an eventually profitable establishment.

Hat City Kitchen has only been here for three years, and it has already established itself as the place where Valley artists meet to exchange ideas, network and simply have a good time. It's down the street from the newly opened Firehouse Artist Lofts, less than a five minute walk from the Ironworks building which houses the resident emerging artists of ORNG Ink, and on the same street as Luna Stage Theatre Company. It is also a destination spot for those visiting the Valley Arts District from neighboring West Orange, South Orange, Montclair, Maplewood, East Orange, and Newark.

As a major part of the Valley Arts District, it is surprising Hat City Kitchen has not always been used as somewhat of a gallery space. The first exhibition debuted on the restaurant's third anniversary, last February. Eleven local artists submitted to the show through ValleyArts, Inc., a nonprofit in partnership with HANDS, Inc. in revitalizing the Valley through the arts. "By becoming a gallery and exhibit location and working with Valley Arts we can further engage the local community and our customers and promote the Valley Arts District as a more complete venue" says Lyons.

The staff are an exciting group of young people actively engaged in their art, the community, and their futures. Currently projects range from a fashion and lifestyle blog and website, poetry, acting, singers and songwriters,writers,artists, and aspiring chefs in the kitchen as well. So Hat City Kitchen not only supports the Arts District it is an active component of the District as well. -Lyons

There are pieces by the bar area, the lounge, and the dining room. It adds a great feel to the already trendy, and cool atmosphere. Since the pieces are from a good amount of artists there are so many unique pieces. Lots of horses, skylines, and mix of photographs and paintings in various mediums.

The art component of Hat City Kitchen, is long overdue. It is good to see another renovated space in the District showcasing the artists that reside and create here. It's one of those puzzle pieces that has been missing, and it has already caught the attention of artists all over New Jersey that want to show their art on masConsumption zine


the walls of Hat City Kitchen. Now all of the local artists, and people all over can come there to enjoy the food, music, company and art!

10 Calls for Artists! Apply Any Time.

1. Valley Arts calls for artists for exhibitions at Firehouse Gallery, Hat City Kitchen and Luna Stage 2. Call for Occupy-Related art, photography, and video, online. For anyone who has done artwork, or documented the Occupy movement. 3. Open all for all artists, professional, emerging or college students, Long Island City, NY. 4. Art in Hand Cards looking for artists- from any medium (as long as it can be photographed or scanned) and currently living within the United States. Submit link to your work, 5. The Critique Room, online, grow as an artist through a critique process and on-going constructive criticism. 6. Elements Massage, Montclair, NJ: Artwork needed for therapeutic massage salon. Hangs for six months. 7. Featured artist on Rolling submissions every two months. Subscribe to the blog for notifications. 8. Young Artists Creativity Hub for teen artists, 9. The New Jersey Emerging Artists Series at the Monmouth Museum is supported in part by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. For more information contact: Catherine Clark, 732-747-2266, 10. IronWorks Community Gallery, New Jersey, calls for artists for exhibitions at the IronWorks building in the Valley Arts District,

masConsumption zine


In this Issue Contributors: Laura Campbell, 24 Creative Director/ Photographer In this issue: Retro Futurism p28 Working with Laura, has been quite a pleasure. After watching the documentary, 'the September Issue', she has reminded me of Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue. She has a great creative eye, and a true passion for everything she touches. I look forward to working with her more in the future. - P.R.

masConsumption is a growing zine with an incredible mission statement: to expose the lives of young creative thinkers, doers, and achievers. Though the zine is still young it has been an honor, thus far, to grow and evolve with masConsumption. I anticipate nothing but glossy pages and inspired readers for the future of masConsumption. -Laura Campbell

Maulin Mehta 27, photographer In this issue: photography submissions, p4,31

I have been involved with photography for seven years and am interested in opportunities that let me use my lens to promote awareness and social change on issues that are important to me. I am self-taught and am always finding new things to learn, and hope to continue developing my voice through this medium. -Maulin Mehta

Maulin has a background in economics and urban planning. Currently he works as a project manager at HANDS, Inc. where he helps review financing, construction management, and other on-going tasks related to our redevelopment projects.

Sofia Lombardo, 18 Blogger/Lifestyle Columnist In this issue: Why Are We Strangers? p25 I am 18 years old college student just trying to find out what it is I want to do in life. I live in West Orange, NJ. I recently started blogging and I am now starting to write for different newspapers in the area. I am currently majoring in Journalism with a minor in Nutrition. I hope to possibly write for magazines like Cosmopolitan. I also started my own tumblr blog, I hope readers can enjoy and relate to my entries! -Sofia Lomardo masConsumption zine


The JaTay Poll

What's your favorite childhood cartoon?

Spongebob Looney Tunes The Powerpuff Girls


The Boondocks Rugrats



18% 30%

Other top favorites: Tom & Jerry, Shera, The Smurfs, Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead What is your favorite childhood cartoon?

masConsumption wants to CONGRATULATE:

Paul Lombardo: Won Top Male Performer at the Jersey Acoustic Music Awards Ammonie Nicholas: ORNG Ink Emerging Artist, accepted to her top • college choices, School of Visual Arts & Fashion Institute of Technology Marie David: Launched her women's empowerment website, •! Kelly: For creating the amazing launch party decorations and • LadiSav giftbags! •

masConsumption zine


Avant-Garde Fashion Designer, Mark Tauriello is taking over!


You can now purchase Mark Tauriello designs at Atelier Boutique in Montclair, NJ

& working on a new collection for this year's Williamsburg Fashion Weekend! Retro Futurism Editorial P28!




Talk about memorable moments, notable connections Arter Clothing has made? Aside from seeing Arter on Vh1 for the first time (that was definitely a biggie.) I've always been a sucker for our events. So much goes into them, and it's a chance for the whole team to finally come together and enjoy ourselves while at the same time networking and getting to know everyone that has become a crucial part to Arter's blueprint. -Jason What's in store for 2013?

Oh .... We have an epic line up! Things are still in “Building Mode” but we are working on a cool project with Grammynominated Reggaeton artist Ken-Y, and a collaboration for his up coming clothing line “Romance”. I'm very excited about that. For the scoop on everything else, you guys will have to follow us on our website, you can also check out the world through our eyes by following us on Instagram, Facebook, tumblr, and twitter @iLoveArter -Tash

Talk about the last year and how Arter has gotten more exposure.

Ahhhh it's been a wild and crazy ride!! Trey Songz and Po Johnson are honorary members of the A-Team. A lot of the people I listen to on a regular basis on my iPod are now supporting Arter. Trey did a lot of his Chapter-V promo in Arter... thanks to the introduction by his stylist Talia Coles (a great friend of mine.) Po and Dice Dixon rock us hard on Vh1's “Lala's Full Court Life” as well (the last two seasons). We've also been really blessed to have the team involved in not only the show, but also in Po's musical projects as well. She's been rocking our “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” tank throughout a lot of her promo, which is really dope!! (Check out her music via her website We also get a lot of love from RnB artist CJ Hilton, numerous Dj's, and other artists. Hence, the constant spread of word, and the ongoing buzz of what Arter is all about. -Tash

masConsumption zine



The Shoots Behind the Scenes with the Stylist

Retro Futurism w/Mark Tauriello, &

Robyn Modest story, p16 editorial, p28 Wardrobe: Mark Tauriello Photography: Laura Campbell Location: ORNG Ink Emerging Artist Studio

masConsumption zine

Retro Futurism editorial P28 I think the title of the editorial, Retro Futurism perfectly describes Mark's designs and use of props. He is obsessed with old horror movies, and VHS tapes. But at the same time, his designs are constructed with a vision for the future. I love his stuff because it is unique, and almost abstract. This shoot was so much fun. The team (Laura, Robyn, & Mark) were all open and eager to make the shots pop! -P.R.


masConsumption x 91 FILMS

P.R. & Tyree Huey team up for in-depth video interviews with creative thinkers, doers and achievers.

Behind the Scenes: LadiSav Photoshoot

I was particularly moved by this photoshoot. Marie got about 15 women she has met throughout out her life, her two sisters, childhood, high school and college friends, and coworkers at Hat City Kitchen. There was so much love and respect in the room. Each one of us were glammed up by make up artist, Durell Morgan and felt beautiful in our LadiSav shirts. Tyree and I headed to Brooklyn for the shoot, I actually modeled and Tyree made an amazing promo video of the Behind the Scenes action.

The Meaning of LadiSav Video Interview with Marie David "I feel like a lot of blogs do not promote diversity, and I wanted to promote diversity, and empowerment. Women of different size, ethnicities. We all go through the same thing." Marie David

Read more about Marie David and LadiSav on P25 Futurism Video Interview with Mark Tauriello

This was the second time we sat and talked to Mark about a new collection. It had been a while since the last interview, and there was so much more going on. We did the interview the same day as the editorial shoot, Laura was on hand to co-direct. We got good shots, playing with shadows, and the crisp white walls of the gallery at ORNG Ink. Read more about Mark Tauriello on P16 and enjoy the Retro Futurism editorial on P28

Watch full interviews on the VIDEO page of and

masConsumption zine




from left to right: Molly Rose at the Innovation Celebration Awards 2012, P.R. at Alisha Trimble's Fashion's Night Out Event 2012, P.R. at the masConsumption zine release party January 2013, Nupur at her birthday party at Two Moon Art House & Cafe, Shelly George of NAKED2FASHION, & P.R. at VAMP Festival powered by ORNG Ink 2012

See more Modest Apparel, do not miss his fashion and art exhibition, Threadbone. He joins forces with creative director, and artist, Laura Campbell. It's all happening at ORNG Ink, Saturday April 20. Visit the new, masConsumption zine



ORNG Ink's IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign

ORNG Ink Studio is a nonprofit youth/emerging arts center that runs on pure talent and passion. The Ironworks building, located at 406 Tompkins Street, serves as a 2nd home, and pure creative space for many aspiring artists, including myself.

What sets ORNG ink apart from other partners in the Valley Arts District, and even other youth arts centers, studios or galleries are the people, ambition and the space we are allowed to grow organically.

In the face of financial hardships, we were forced to reevaluate, in order to head into our next phase of our growth. We focused in what we had an abundance of, instead of what we didn't necessarily have, money. We opened up and reached out to other organizations and The campaign gave us an amazing made useful connections, independently and opportunity to take a snapshot of how far launched a campaign on IndieGogo.. ORNG Ink has come, and to, very We set a goal of $13,000. At the end of last year. Tyree Huey, ORNG Ink's resident videographer, made an inspirational video for the Indiegogo page. It summed up the crazy, action packed 2012 at ORNG Ink had. And because, the campaign kicked off in late December it got us all pumped for the new year.

encouraging to get the support from people who have even with us since the beginning and the people who were just discovering ORNG Ink.

-Mike Mal ORNG Ink Program Director

REACHING OUT & BUILDING CONNECTIONS We met with the congregation of the First Unitarian Church for brunch with Chef Jesse. The congregation gave us a new sense of hope, new ideas and practicality. We continue to build our relationship with the First Unitarian Church and have many exciting projects coming this year. Georgiana Hart, has even begun teaching a weekly playwriting workshop here at ORNG ink on Tuesdays, 3:00pm.

ORNG Ink Takes NYC!

An old and dear friend of ORNG with Brownsville, Brooklyn helping planner, wanted to get involved. She party to us. Nupur hosted her birthday/ORNG House & Cafe in Brooklyn, NY. Part campaign. We also sold the newly had an art auction that included program. We made almost $1,000, our goal of $13,000.

It was ORNG Ink that made me sit up and take notice about all the work that needed to be done here in the States, and helped me understand how I could be apart of it.

-Nupur Chaundry

masConsumption zine


ink, Nupur Chaundry, who works the community as a community generously donated her 30th birthday Ink fundraiser at Two Moon Art of drink proceeds went to the designed oink, ORNG Ink shirt, and pieces donated from artists in the and hopefully by June we can meet


Since the campaign we have continued to look forward and continue to grow organically and on our own terms. The zine release party, Clay From the River, and Imagery X|Press were all successful shows since the campaign ended. The resident artists have taken more responsibility in managing the space and creating the best structured program that fits ORNG Ink. We have been connecting with the community politically, as well as welcoming more high school aged students go down the road we can later pass the torch.

ORNG Ink presents... Inkalicious 4 Saturday, August 10 2013

Youth Art Block Party Live Music Games of Chance Game of Skate Collaborative Art Making & masConsumption summer 2013 zine release! for more information, visit

Get Featured in masConsumption! masConsumption broadcasts emerging talent, dynamic creators and the underground art scene in the Valley Arts District of Orange, NJ & in New York City.

Submit upcoming/ongoing music, art, style, lifestyle and community projects, events or stories to the blog,

For event coverage, press and/or video interviews contact editor-in-chief- P.R.

For more information about submitting to the Summer 2013 issue of the zine, visit the SUBMISSIONS page on or contact editor-in-chief P.R.,

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Blind Love Letters Chapter Two: Savior

Tonight, I am lost. I am lost in thoughts that are swirling infinitely upward, like an endless flock of geese in search of winter warmth and comfort they will never find. My lips are in search of nectar, sweetest flower. Your honey bee; eyes roving and taking in all sights to be seen. The strength of you, the length of you; your whispers of propitious loveliness; indecent pleasures laid out for my decadent appetite. I am so sad. Your heart yearns to heal my own soul. I have forgotten what it is to love. And now you hold me, so gently; so fevered are your caresses that I cannot help but bow to them. As I continue to lament, your eyes never leave mine. You are so giving; your purity and grace, your impeccable knowledge of my body dwarfing my own. And now, you are making love to me. Whispering your amorous somethings. Giving me everything. I am shuddering quietly in the dim light of dawn as you continue to show me I deserve to be loved. I am crying for the time that I have spent without love. Crying for the many times you have told me you loved me and I could not believe you. I am crying for the multitude of ways you have shown me time and again that you will always be at my side. I am crying because the kind of love you are making to me mends my soul and simultaneously breaks my heart. I am crying out for you now. I am holding on to you now. You are saving me now. Taking me, placating me. Making me whole. I am shivering my bliss. Anticipating the next kiss. Holding on for dear life as you tell me again with your words and your body what I have done to deserve you. “You were born. You were you.” “Husband,” I whimper close to your ear, as my heart taps a dizzy beat, dancing beneath my breast, pressed to yours bump-thump-thumping in reply. “Master.” For you are the master of my heart. “Savior.” For you have given me new life. “Lover.” For I will love you as no other. “There will never be another.” I let go, as you, too, do. Whispering your name, over and again. “Thank you.”

-Donette Belizaire For Donette's personalized blind love letters, erotic stories, and poems contact her, & visit her tumblr ,

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Love in the Time of Aurora By Philippe Javier Garcesto

spinning pulsars in heaven forever stretching out to touch the formless particle rhythm of evolutionary ascendant arise sleeping beauty from your slumber these hands built with love aspire to touch your grace and taste the infinite aurora of your space this nebulae boundless and free experimentally humanized in this holographic universe listless in the isle of the Alchemist i long to tender you with kisses ~ during that peculiar hour on daybreak i wake at first light the darkness takes flight the solar beacon the majesty's herald announces the triumphant return of sol reflecting the energy within us all we are the kings and queens when Kether breaks into shine refracting into this multi-dimensional wonder Makati ebbing tide allusion to cosmopolitan illusion of holographic wavelengths waiting for my Venus in a clam shell ~ behold the splendor of luminous beings residing within the wonder of our clay bodies rough and eroded by life's tumultuous waves as we kiss bathe in the aurora

Philippe Javier Garcesto is a spoken

word/performance artist born in Iloilo City, Philippines and then he moved to Maplewood, NJ when he was 8 years old. He earned his BFA from Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts and currently works as a bartender at Hat City Kitchen.

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Petal Enchantment, taken at flower stand outside a grocery store on the Lower East Side, New York City Photography: Naeema Campbell

Imagery X|Press: I want to take a moment and congratulate, Marco Dorce, Naeema Campbell and Briana Heart on their successful photography show. I was not able to come to the opening but I heard that it was a great night. When I walked into the room, I was speechless. I am so proud of you all. I have seen how each of you have grown as photographers and it keeps getting better and better. I am so fortunate to be able to work with you. -P.R.

What is a zine? zine (noun): 1. An inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publication.


LadiSav: A Lady That Knows

Marie David talks about her new website,, a women's empowerment website geared toward all women.

Beyonce, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Obama, Beverly Bond.

What does it mean to be a LadiSav girl? LadiSav Girl- loving yourself, believing in yourself, empowering other women. A LadiSav girl follows her dreams and refuses to settle. LadiSav girl wants to break free of traditional patterns and find the strength and power she has within her self to be great!


What does LadiSav mean? A Lady that knows. The name originated from the word, Savoir which means, to know.

What do you hope LadiSav can bring to women? I wanted to create a site where all women can log on and relate to one another. I wanted to promote diversity and empowerment. I hope that I can inspire the youth as well as women of today to shoot for the stars.

How would you describe the average woman, 18-35 today? It depends... There are women out here working their butts off everyday and they are not being recognized.. Then you have some that rely on men for a financial plan, some looking for a quick come up so they rather put their morals aside for some cash.

Talk about the BIG launch of April 7th is a day of celebration.... I remember just talking about the site, never knew I would receive so much help and support.. I feel like God is using me to deliver a message.

Where do you want to take LadiSav? I want LadiSav to be an empire... I want to somebody have a non profit to help and assist women in need... I want LadiSav to be known nationwide.. I want women different races, cultures, sizes and backgrounds to come together and support one another... There is a growing strength in women and together we have power....

Who are some of your biggest inspirations? masConsumption zine

Are We Strangers? By Sofia Lombardo Listen to, Like Rock and Roll and Radio by Ray LaMontagne while reading this entry.

People believe that when a relationship strays off and slowly disappears that you become strangers….but how can someone who you shared so many secrets, dreams, experiences, hardships, simply erase you from their memory? They cannot, have not, will not. Even when years pass and memories start to fade from both of your minds…you will be somewhere…. smell something….hear something….feel something…that will remind you exactly of that person. They have left a mark on you that will last forever. Don’t feel bitter…feel happiness. Accept that no matter what happened they were there… there for you through it all…helped mold you into who you have become. Can you compare someone who once knew everything about you to someone you have never met eyes with? Strangers are people we have yet to meet….people who are there and we see but we don’t look at….pay attention to…but what if maybe the strangers are who are hearts are longing to find… all everyone wants is to find that person who is going to be there best friend…soul mate…confidant. Everyone is in this life searching for something. If you feel pain, confide in someone… confide in yourself… your mind should be at ease, that you tried to find that one person but they were not meant to save you, maybe they are meant to help save someone else. The memories they gave you…cherish them…be thankful for them…they will be with you forever for a reason. Were all alike, born strangers to everyone in this world, give a stranger a chance, maybe that person was not meant to be your serenity, maybe they were a preview of what is to come and what your heart is only just beginning to desire for..


Upcoming Events // Releases April 2013

7: LadiSav: A Lady the Knows Release Party at Hat City Kitchen, 9pm 13: masConsumption zine Release Party at Two Moon Art House, 8pm 20: Threadbone Art & Fashion Show at ORNG Ink, 20:Class Clown Mixtape Release Party, 251 w 30th Street, NYC, 10pm

May 2013

2: Capital Ode Performing Live at Trash Bar, 256 Grand Street, NYC, 7pm 5: Passages: New Paintings by Anj Ferrara at Tachair: Art, Books, Conversation, Jersey City, NJ* TBD: ORNG Fundraising Event*

June 2013 7: Urban Alchemy Book Release, by Mindy Fullilove, MD. at Unitarian Church, Orange, NJ* 9: North Jersey Pride Festival, Maplewood, NJ * 15: Tatamae Alive Art Show at ORNG Ink, 6pm

July 2013 23: A Show of HANDS Neighborhood Walking Tour Series with Molly Rose's Favorite Things in the Valley beginning at Hat City Kitchen, 6pm

August 2013

10: Inkalicious Block Party, ORNG Ink* masConsumption zine Summer 2013 release

*more details to come on

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masConsumption zine

Summer 2013 n0.3

Spring 2013 no. 2

Release: August 10,13

Editor in Chief: P.R.

mas(music, art, style)Consumption

Creative Director: Laura Campbell Editorial Board: Molly Rose Kaufman Ray W. Sykes III

Fashion Director: P.R. Photography: Briana Heart Marco Dorce Naeema Campbell Tyree Huey Laura Campbell Art: Vladimir Jean Gamal Jones Amonnie Nicholas Laura Campbell Contributors: Denise Perez Donette Belizaire Molly Rose Kaufman Sofia Lombardo Maulin Mehta Phillipe Garcesto

The Cover: Untitled, LESBO. Brothers With Colors Shouts to My Brother Panda BWC contact, photography: Tyree Huey cover design: Vladimir Jean

broadcasts emerging talent, telling the stories of dynamic creators and full coverage of the emerging art scene in the Valley Arts District of Orange, NJ.

P.R., is a writer & style enthusiast. She works as a writer, wardrobe stylist, & journalist. She currently lives in the Valley Arts District in Orange, NJ. She is also based in her hometown, NYC.

stylist inquiries: patricia@mas-consumption or to be featured in the masConsumption zine/blog visit the SUBMISSIONS page on

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Looking for: -bloggers -photographers -Inkalicious Summer Program: volunteer with ORNG Ink!

more information:,

Special Thanks: Molly Rose, HANDS, Inc., Tyree Huey, Mindy Fullilove MD, Mike Malbrough, Two Moon Art House & Cafe, ValleyArts, Inc., ORNG Ink, Hat City Kitchen, Carol Rogers, and all those who have supported masConsumption. Read Winter 2013 issue online.

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"SWAG Project is an Urban Farm, Food Justice, and Community Building project in the South Ward of Newark. We are dedicated to providing community food access and increasing educational and economic opportunities for local residents. We provide fresh and healthy foods to the local community of Newark's South Ward and work to empower residents to take control of their local food system and health."

To connect with the SWAG Project, please visit their Facebook page at: https://

Photography: Maulin Mehta

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The new website is cleaner, simpler and offers a lot more to readers. New music, art, style posts updated daily broadcasting emerging talent, telling the stories of dynamic creators and full coverage of the emerging art scene in the Valley Arts District of Orange, NJ.

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the 2nd issue of masConsumption zine features: The Monad, Art at Hat City Kitchen, Arter Clothing, and Retro Futurism Fashion Editorial, plu...