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English 103: Writing Project 3 This assignment is a continuation of project 2 in the class. I hope that all of you have your final research proposals and Bibliographies ready and good to go. Now it is time to build on the foundations which we laid during the previous month.. You are to write a research paper of 4-6 pages length based on the proposal which you already have completed. Your papers will be graded on the basis of writing program rubric, and focused thesis, organization, clarity of expression and appropriate research. The paper will be assessed and graded based on the inclusion/exclusion of the following parts: 1. Thesis and Focus: The title, the introduction, and the thesis statement. Is there a compelling and clear identification of the argument? 2. Introduction and Conclusion: Does the writer use an effective introductory strategy in this paragraph? Does the introduction mention the main issue, the context, the primary material of analysis, and the specific argument about this topic? Conclusion: Does the writer provide sufficient closure and end with impact? Does the writer finish with a new thought or use a unique closing strategy that is memorable and effective? 3. Arrangement/Organization: Does the argument flow well from beginning to end? Are there adequate transitions? Does the writer use headings effectively and consistently to aid the organization? 4. Rhetorical Strategies: The use of pathos, logos, or ethos, the appeal to an audience, the identification of a persona and a purpose. 5. Research Strategies: The writer’s reliance on sources and integration of quotations and other evidence. Is there adequate support for the claims made? Are the sources smoothly integrated (introduced, commented upon)? Does the writer build ethos through careful selection and identification of sources? Is there overreliance on one or two sources or not enough sources? Is there a variety of foundation texts (theoretical arguments), analytical texts, and “background” texts? 6. Persuasion: Is the analysis/argument convincing? Is the paper interesting, balanced, and thorough? 7. Polish: Are there needless typos, spelling errors, mechanical issues, and other less-thanpolished aspects of the paper which will detract from the writer’s ethos? Does the paper utilize the conventions of MLA in-text citation, Works Cited format, and explanatory footnotes that show true scholarly responsibility and academic diligence? This includes page numbers in MLA style? 8. Creativity: What is the most impressive part of this paper? What new, creative, or strong writing or rhetoric technique does this paper exhibit?

It is expected that you will at least cite five sources for this paper. The most recent articles published in different major academic journals can be good sources. The students are expected to read and research extensively on this topic. First Draft Due: November 09, 2010 Final Draft Due: November 16, 2010 I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding this assignment. Please feel free to contact me at Have Fun and Good Luck! Quote of the Day: "Scientific research consists in seeing what everyone else has seen, but thinking what no one else has thought." (Unknown)

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