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The Event Conceived by DARYUS in 2010, with support from DRII, ISACA and EXIN, GRC International has created a landmark in Latin-American calendar and assembled the largest private and public organizations to discuss the current demands and global tendencies in relation to the subject. To assemble in Brazil the world’s largest GRC institutes, professionals, academics, companies and their success cases, in a single event was a big challenge. In 2011 the event has added more content and knowledge with a Business Continuity exclusive day called DRIDAY Latin America, that brought together the main Latin-American executives to approach issues as the state of resilience art, global best practices and regulations, tendencies and challenges. The DRII is the world’s largest institute in training professionals in Business Continuity Management.

Main public: - Entrepreneurs; - Risk management professionals; - Executives; - Consultants; - Auditors; - Educators; - Internal controls professionals.

PREVIOUS EDITIONS In 2010, at the auditorium of Microsoft, were received about 200 participants from the 500 largest national companies, 12 experts, including 2 international ones, 30 MBA students and public representants.

In 2011, at the Hotel Renaissance theatre in S達o Paulo, were received over 400 participants (100% growth), 20 experts, 6 internationals ones, 30 MBA students ans public representants.


Alan Berman Director DRI - USA

José AngelP. Ibarra ISACA– Mexico VP International

Jeferson D'Addario André Pacheco CEO – DARYUS Brazil TCU – Tribunal de Contas da União

Eduardo Cabral Director - Fidelity

David Bathiely EXIN France

Lieutenant Cosme Leandro do Colonel Roberval Patrocínio França Central Bank of Brazil Military Police of São Paulo State


Alan Berman Director DRI - USA

RaphaelMandarinoFábio Ramos General Director- DSIC CEO AXUR - Brazil GSI - Brazil

Jeferson D'Addario Johanna Gutiérrez CEO Directress - Banco de DARYUS - Brazil la Republica -Colombia

Carlos Freddy CSA Microsoft Americas

Marc Taillefer Exin - Expert Canada

Roberto Zegarra VP LATAM MARSH - Brazil

Ricardo Carnicelli SIMENS

Fernando Santos Country Manager Check Point

Thomas M Wagner Head of BCM HSBC - USA

Walkyria A. Augusto Executive Manager CETIP - Brasil

SPECIAL CONTRIBUTIONS 2011 Debate’s Mediator

Roberta Prescott Editora-executiva - InformationWeek Brasil | CRN Brasil | Portal IT Web na IT Mídia

Paulo Pagliusi Project Manager and Director of Research, Director of Communications na ISACA



02 and 03 July

- Located in the “business heart” of São Paulo; - 100 meters from Paulista Avenue and subway stations; - 11km from Congonhas Airport; - 35km from Guarulhos International Airport – Cumbica; - The Hotel has an International Restaurant, SPA and a spacious support center (not included in the event).


Jeferson D'Addario CEO - DARYUS - Brasil

Alan Berman Diretor -DRI - USA

Jacques A. Cazemir Expert – EXIN - Holanda

Roberto Zegarra VP LATAM MARSH - Brasil

Vitor A. Oliveria Group Country CFO – Novartis- Brasil

Alfredo Moraes Diretor Banco Intercap - Brasil

Marcos Assi Diretor - DARYUS - Brasil

José AngelP. Ibarra ISACA– México VP Internacional

WHY SPONSOR IT? Because it will provide the brand’s company: more visibility and direct relationship with a qualified public, networking and new partnerships possibilities, share the event success, get more competitive advantages, status more attractive and added value.


Contact us for more information

BENEFITS Benefit Visual comunication Exposure area Ceremonial Mailing Disclosure Promotion and Merchandising VIP Invites





* * * * * * 10

* * *

* *


* * 7

* * 5

* * 3

Visual communication: Sponsor brand on communication material, as banners, badges, posters and folders. Exposure area: The sponsor will have an exclusive area, with a table, to expose his products and services. Ceremonial: Formal thanks on the official opening and closing ceremonial, and the logo image on the screen during the breaks of the lectures. Mailing: The mailing of all participants will be provided to the sponsor, including name, phones, company and e-mail. Disclosure: Insertion of the sponsor logo on the media disclosure material of the event, such as the website, e-mail marketing, , social medias (quotation), event newsletter, Daryus newsletter. Promotion: The sponsor may conduct promotions, delivery of material to be included in the participant kit, giveaways distribution. * Daryus approval.

SPECIAL FEES COVER OF THE CHAIRS Brand logo in the cover of the chairs, in the conference room. BRAND DIFFERENTIAL REINFORCEMENT

Every chair will have the company logo, so all the participants will see it all the time, so it provides a big disclosure of the brand.


PRE-EVENT • Delivery of the entry list (name and company) with 3 days in advance, so the company may prepare itself for the networking. • The sponsor shall delivery a costumer suggestive list for the meetings, so the organization team can schedule 3 business meetings with the selected companies. IN THE EVENT • It Will be provided a meeting room with 1 table and 3 chairs, 1 internet and eletric energy point; • The scheduled meetings list will be delivery to the sponsor, but each meeting will be in 1 a different time; • 1 corporative banner that will stay inside the meeting room (provided by the sponsor); • Two executives of the company for commercial relationship, with access to the exposure area (brunch and coffee included); POST-EVENT • The completed list of the participants will be delivered (name, company, post, phone, full address).

*Contact us for more information.


We always count on blogs related with the subject, YOUR BRAND HERE YOUR BRAND HERE YOUR BRAND HERE YOUR BRAND HERE

beyond the disclosure in our



partner companies.

*Illustrative images, layout can be changed, but the sponsor brand position will remain the same.



During the event disclosure is sent a Newsletter for a 90 thousand contacts base! *Illustrative images, layout can be changed, but the sponsor brand position will remain the same.


*Illustrative images, layout can be changed, but the sponsor brand position will remain the same.



Mariana Lima: Phone: +5511 3285-6539 ou +5511 6713-7663

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