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December 2012

Military honored at HOMECOMING


A look back at the STEUER years


DECEMBER 2012 Volume 90, Number 1 EDITOR Kristin Van Aken Jamison ’99 | Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations CONTRIBUTING EDITORS MaryEllen Roy | Director of Marketing and Communication Bryan Leonard | Associate Director of Marketing and Communication Todd Spann | Senior Writer Matt Wing ’05 | Director of Sports Information COMMUNICATION ASSOCIATE Judy Sager | DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE Susie Engelbrecht | GRAPHIC DESIGNER Steven Varble CONTRIBUTORS Lani Cooper ’12 Kara Hoover ’16 Stephanie Palley ’16 Tom Roster Steve Warmowski The Illinois College Quarterly is published four times per year by Illinois College and is distributed free of charge to all graduates, donors, former students and parents of current students. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is prohibited. In response to violations by some of its coaches of the NCAA’s ban on sending text messages to prospective student-athletes and the College’s insufficient monitoring of compliance with this rule during the time it was in force, Illinois College has been placed on probation with regard to the sports of football/men’s golf/men’s swimming until August 24, 2015. The full report is posted online at pdfs/2012/illinois+college+public+infractions+report. THE ILLINOIS COLLEGE MISSION STATEMENT True to its founding vision in 1829, Illinois College is a community committed to the highest standards of scholarship and integrity in the liberal arts. The College develops in its students qualities of mind and character needed for fulfilling lives of leadership and service.


Illinois College Quarterly

Upcoming Events FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22 Founders’ Circle Dinner featuring Alumni Association Awards Ceremony, 6 p.m., Hamilton’s 110 North East

FRIDAY, MAY 10 Golden Club Alumni Mixer featuring Alumni Reunions for Classes of 1938, 1943, 1948, 1953 and 1958, 4 p.m., Alumni House. Osage Orange Festival, 6 p.m., Illinois College Walkway

SATURDAY, MAY 11 Class of 1963 Reunion Luncheon, 12 noon, location to be announced. Literary Society Love Feasts, details to be announced. Visit for hotel information.

SUNDAY, MAY 12 Baccalaureate Service, 10:30 a.m, Rammelkamp Chapel. Commencement Exercise, 3 p.m., Historic Upper Quadrangle

SATURDAY, AUGUST 17 Illinois State Fair Tent Party for Alumni, Parents and Friends, 5 to 8 p.m., Director’s Lawn, Illinois State Fairgrounds

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12 Homecoming activities including Alumni Reunions for the classes of 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008. Visit for hotel information.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2 Family Day activities will include athletic events, games and more. Call the Center for Student Involvement at 217.245.3094 for more information.

OUR APOLOGIES In the July issue of the Illinois College Quarterly, we incorrectly identified the class year of Matt ’02 and Lindsay Harris Espenschied ’02 when announcing the birth of their daughter. The correct information should have read: ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Matt Espenschied (Lindsay Harris), a daughter, Macie Taylor, May 26, 2011. Macie joins sister Calla, 5. In the 2011-2012 Annual Report, we failed to list Cindy Arnold ’07 as having volunteered with Illinois College’s Teacher Preparation Program. We regret both errors.

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14 President Axel Steuer: A legacy of integrity, service and excellence

2 From the President’s Desk

Last year President Axel Steuer announced his plans to retire after the 2012-2013 academic year, making it 10 years at Illinois College – leaving a legacy that brought values, ethics, service, the environment and the rich history of the College to the forefront.

19 Red, White and True Blue Forever Illinois College celebrated a “Red, White and True Blue Forever” Homecoming October 12-14. Military alumni were recognized for their service to the U.S., the new Alumni House was dedicated and alumni returned to campus to reminisce about their days as students on the Hilltop.

3 Campus News 10 True Scholarship: Faculty Digest 12 True Victories: Athletic Digest 22 True Moments: Reunions, Illinois State Fair, Alumni Events 26 True Vision: Philanthropy 27 True Connections: Class Notes, Marriages, Births, In Memoriam


36 As IC It

ON THE COVER Loreli and President Axel D. Steuer, 13th president of Illinois College

December 2012


From the President’s Desk

As I meet Illinois College alumni from around the nation, especially at homecoming, I am struck by how many describe their time at the College both in terms of the decades during which they were enrolled, e.g., the ’60s, and in terms of the particular IC President who presented them their diplomas, e.g., Vernon Caine. The first description presumably makes indirect reference to what was going on in the world outside of the College while they were students. The other perhaps draws attention to the persona of the particular IC president who impacted their lives while they were at the College. It is much too early to speculate on how the students graduating from the College over the past decade will remember their era, but “change” will probably be a fairly common theme. The changes these “last decade” alumni might recall include much improved facilities; changes in the diversity of the student body; expanded opportunities for Study Abroad, internships and student-faculty research; as well as stronger College commitments to good environmental stewardship and community service. For better or for worse, these sometimes dramatic changes reflect an underlying strategic plan that was originally endorsed by the Illinois College Board of Trustees in 2004-2005. This comprehensive plan’s mission, vision and values statements have been clear guides for the College since that time. Almost all of the significant recent changes alumni might notice have been quite intentional, the result of carefully implementing a blueprint first proposed nearly a decade ago and regularly updated.

“...even as the College always sought to look forward and embrace positive change, it has also been careful not to forget its roots or to significantly alter its identity as a leading liberal arts college. ” Nonetheless, even as the College always sought to look forward and embrace positive change, it has also been careful not to forget its roots or to significantly alter its identity as a leading liberal arts college. Few colleges in our nation have a heritage as rich as that of Illinois College, or have as many distinguished alumni. Building on this solid foundation has been essential to the many successes the College has enjoyed and regularly chronicles in the Quarterly. At Homecoming 2012, we again heard many alumni remark on how much Illinois College has grown and changed over the years. Often, this observation is followed quickly


Illinois College Quarterly

by the phrase, “but not really.” I take this to mean that alumni perceive that the essence of the Illinois College they remember with affection survives, even as its form has evolved in exciting new ways since they graduated. Most cordially,

Axel D. Steuer President

Campus News

CAMPUSnews Barbara A. Edwards Farley named 14th President of Illinois College Illinois College has announced that Dr. Barbara A. Edwards Farley will become the college’s 14th president. She was introduced to the campus community and media by Illinois College Search Committee Chair and Board of Trustees Vice Chair Robert Chipman and Chair of the Board of Trustees Joy French Becker. “The moment I met Dr. Farley I was immediately impressed by her warmth and friendliness, and by her innate ability to communicate effectively with the search committee, students,

[July 2012 - December 2012]

faculty, staff and the board. Dr. Farley brings to our college an excellent background in higher education administration, both in the classroom and as an administrator,” Chipman said. Farley is currently vice president of academic affairs and dean of the college at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minn. Prior to her current role at Augsburg, Farley was also academic dean/associate dean and associate professor of business administration at the college. She also served as academic dean and chief academic officer at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Penn. Farley holds a Ph.D. and an M.B.A from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the College of Saint Benedict. “Following meetings with faculty, staff and students it was quite apparent that Dr. Farley was an excellent fit for Illinois College, a true leader as I see it. She understands and appreciates the value of a liberal arts education and has demonstrated the critical skills needed to maintain the college’s high academic standards,” Becker said. “I have no doubt that Dr. Farley, with her excellent leadership qualities, experience and energy will be an outstanding president.” Farley said it is a great privilege to be joining a liberal arts college with such a remarkable legacy of academic excellence and student success, and she looks forward to leading a college that is driven by its values. “My leadership of Illinois College will be grounded in the college’s values of excellence, integrity, community, justice, service, respect and openness,” shared Farley. “I offer an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, enrollment strength and financial vitality.” As for the students, Farley said she plans to be a regular presence on campus and show the students respect for their aspirations and who they are as individuals. “I will be approachable and interested in what you have to tell me about your life here. I believe in your dreams.” Farley continued, “Illinois College’s early leaders shared President Lincoln’s goals of justice and opportunity for all people. In that spirit, we will move boldly and confidently forward in continuing to fulfill the great mission of this college. I promise to do everything I can to ensure a strong college for today’s students and future generations.” Farley will take office June 1, 2013.

December 2012


Campus News

Illinois College sees increase in enrollment, again Total undergraduate enrollment for the fall semester at Illinois College increased 3.4 percent from the previous academic year. On the 10th day of classes, the traditional benchmark for student enrollment figures, the student body stood at 970 undergraduate students for the 2012-2013 academic year, the highest number of students enrolled since 2007. Stephanie Elpers Chipman, vice president for enrollment management and college marketing, says high quality academic programs and dedicated faculty are attracting more students to the College. In a year when many colleges and universities in Illinois experienced lower enrollments, Illinois College was able to increase the size of enrollment, the diversity of the student body and the academic profile of the first-year class. Twenty-six percent of all first-year students have self-identified as being persons of color. In addition, the average high school GPA of the incoming students is 3.51, and 30 percent hail from the top 10 percent of their class with 12 valedictorians in the group. “This is one of the brightest, most diverse first-year classes we’ve had in recent years, and I’m thrilled to welcome them to campus,” she says.

By the numbers* 285 Number of incoming students to the Class of 2016

50 Transfer students new to Illinois College

970 Total enrollment for fall semester 3.4% Increase in enrollment compared to 2011-2012 148 Number of first-year, first-generation students $3.7m Scholarships awarded to incoming first-year students by Illinois College

86 Number of incoming first-year students in their

high school National Honor Society

3 Number of incoming first-year students who are

Eagle Scouts

18 Number of states from which incoming first-year

students hail

8 Number of countries incoming first-year

students call home 40% First-year students having participated in the arts 1,500 Number of community service hours logged by first-year students during Welcome Week *2012–2013 Illinois College academic year


Illinois College Quarterly

Students perform community service Lori Large Oldenettel ’93 has worked with the Illinois College students and community organizations to partner on a great number of causes and outreach programs from blood drives on campus to tutoring students in the Jacksonville schools, to assisting with parties with the local Best Buddies group, to fundraisers for disadvantaged children. A recent event Large Oldenettel organized encouraged students to use chalk to take action during September – the month deemed “Hunger Action Month” by Feeding America. By partnering with the regional Foodbank, Central Illinois Foodbank, students shared hunger facts and statistics with those who passed the sidewalks on campus on September 18. Facts shared through sidewalk chalk included statistics such as, “1 in 4 children are food insecure in Central Illinois,” and “Nearly 5,000 individuals in Morgan County are food insecure.” Through this information, the goal was to both educate and inspire action in those who read it.

A new service event On what was named “Jeans for Jacksonville Day” at Illinois College in September, 336 items of food weighing 337 pounds and $276 were donated to the Jacksonville Food Pantry. In light of the shortage at the local food pantry, the College’s Employee Appreciation Committee organized a day where faculty and staff members could wear jeans in exchange for a $5 cash donation or a nonperishable food donation. “It was a very successful day as we had 61 participants that generously donated,” Teresa Floyd Smith ’05, director of human resources at Illinois College, said. “I’m proud to be a part of a college community that sees the value in serving our community.”

New reads from faculty and an alumnus Illinois College alumnus Adam Kershaw ’02 performed a reading from his novel, The Price of Loyalty, on campus recently. Kershaw, a Pi Pi Rho Literary Society alumnus, graduated from Illinois College with a major in English with a secondary education certificate and Kershaw experience working in the Campus Writing Center. He teaches English and is a football coach at Williamsville High School. After earning his master’s degree in English from the University of Illinois Springfield, Kershaw also took on the role of teaching English at Benedictine University. His novel was written in partial fulfillment of his master’s degree and is based loosely on his experiences as a literary society member, telling a riveting story of the trials of maintaining the bonds of friendship through trying times.  Illinois College professor Joseph Genetin-Pilawa’s new book, Crooked Paths to Allotment: The Fight over Federal Indian Policy after the Civil War, was released in Fall 2012. In the book Genetin-Pilawa complicates standard narratives of 19th century Native American history by uncovering Genetin-Pilawa the stories of individuals who contested federal Indian policy and proposed viable alternatives during a critical moment in its development. Genetin-Pilawa focuses on reformers and activists including Tonawanda Seneca, Ely S. Parker and Council Fire editor Thomas A. Bland. He reveals how these men and their allies opposed such policies as forced land allotment, the elimination of traditional cultural practices, mandatory boarding school education for Indian youth and compulsory participation in the market economy. Although the mainstream supporters of assimilation successfully repressed these efforts, the ideas and policy frameworks they espoused established a tradition of dissent against disruptive colonial governance. A new book, Exodus to Shanghai: Stories of Escape from the Third Reich has recently been published by Steve Hochstadt, professor of history at Illinois College, about Jewish refugees who escaped Nazi Germany to find refuge in China. Hochstadt said of the 400,000 German-speaking Jews who

escaped the Third Reich as refugees, approximately 16,000 ended up in Shanghai, China, as part of one of the more remote enclaves within the Jewish diaspora. “The stories of the Shanghai Jews contain extremes of the suffering and endurance that defined the refugee Hochstadt experience. Nobody wanted to go to China, and because Shanghai was the last choice of refugees, those who went there had nowhere else left to go,” Hochstadt said. The book is an oral history based on 20 years of interviews with over 100 former Shanghai refugees. Over the summer, Hochstadt spent three weeks in China visiting Jewish studies programs at universities throughout the country. He gave the opening keynote address about his research on the Jewish community in Shanghai at the Second Young Scholars Forum on Jewish Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

American Library Association selects an emerging leader Brittney Thomas, public services librarian in Schewe Library, has been selected into the 2013 American Library Association (ALA) Emerging Leaders program. The ALA Emerging Leaders program is a leadership development program which enables newer library workers from across the country to participate in problem-solving work groups, network with peers, gain an inside look into ALA structure and have an opportunity to serve the profession in a leadership capacity. It puts participants on the fast track to ALA committee volunteerism as well as other professional library-related organizations.


December 2012


The Freedom to Read Illinois College Departments of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, English, and in conjunction with Schewe Library, hosted a celebration of banned books by offering students the chance to publicly read challenged, censored or banned literature in October. Sponsored by the American Library Association, this annual nationwide project calls attention to the importance of the rights of free speech and free expression. Chris Oldenburg, assistant professor of communication and rhetorical studies, chief organizer of the event, stated “One fundamental goal of a liberal arts education is to understand one another. Celebrating the freedom of artistic expression affirms our didactic errand to experience and reflect critically on the human condition in all its triumph. This is what the Reading Banned Books Contest convocation is all about.” Each contestant received a 15-minute interval to create a memorable public performance on a reading of their choice. Students were graded on a 100-point system spilt into three sections — content and organization, delivery and time management. The winners were Logan Giesing ’14 for reading The Catcher in the Rye; Brett Lurkins ’13 for reading Of Mice and Men; and Jami Di Gearhart ’13 and Erin Tighe ’13 for readings of The Lorax and Where the Wild Things Are. Faculty judges were Beth Capo, Chris Oldenburg and Jan Figa.

Whightsil interned at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Mitch Whightsil ’13 was one of six students selected for an internship at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate in Mt. Vernon, Va., last summer. Whightsil’s internship responsibilities were to interpret the life and time in which George Washington lived. He dressed in 18th century clothing and worked on the “Pioneer Farm” which is the plantation and garden on the grounds of Mt. Vernon. Only 35 students were chosen to interview from roughly 100 applicants, and six students received the internship. Whightsil feels it was his experiences and connections at Illinois College that made him stand out from other applicants. Two summers ago, he interned at Abraham Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site in Petersburg through the IC Explorers Internship Program, and he has had the opportunity to work in the Illinois College Archives filing primary documents with relevance to the Jacksonville area. Whightsil also received excellent letters of recommendation from his history professors as well as Tim Guinan, his supervisor at New Salem. Dr. Jennifer Barker-Devine, assistant professor of history at Illinois College, is one of Whightsil’s many connections. “This isn’t just an opportunity for Mitch, but for Illinois College. There’s no doubt that he was a competitive candidate for the job because of his internship at Lincoln’s New Salem through the IC Explorer Program and the opportunities we offer in the archives. These internships and hands-on experiences really are unique to Illinois College, and when one of our students is selected to intern at a prestigious historic site like Mt. Vernon, it affirms our commitment to those experiences. We, in the history and political science department, couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishment, and we’re confident he represented us well.”

Faculty member inducted into honor society



The Alpha Phi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, an International Honor Society for women educators, recently inducted Illinois College Biology Department faculty member Linda Cockerill into the society. “It’s an honor to be a member of an organization dedicated to the promotion of professional and personal growth of women educators,” she shares.

Illinois College Quarterly

Mitch Whightsil winnowing wheat at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon

Illinois College receives more recognition Illinois College is identified as one of the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the nation in the Washington Monthly annual College Guide and Rankings for 2012. The college rankings in this highly regarded publication evaluate each school’s contribution to the public good in three broad categories: social mobility (recruiting and graduating low-income students), research (producing cutting-edge scholarship and Ph.D.s), and service (encouraging students to give something back to their country). The College is ranked 88th overall. Of the 249 liberal arts institutions ranked in the annual assessment, Illinois College ranks third for the number of staff participating in and supporting community service, and fifth for community service participation by students and hours served. Illinois College is one of nine liberal arts schools in the State

of Illinois included in the list and places in the top 100, along with Knox College, Illinois Wesleyan University, Lake Forest College and Wheaton College. When measuring social mobility – a measure of how well a school performs, by providing its students opportunities for an education – Illinois College ranks 70th, a significant increase over last year’s social mobility ranking of 122. IC

Spotlighting a new addition to the Office of Development and Alumni Relations: Q and A with Julie Surratt Wilkinson ’05 What is your new title? My title is director of development, and I work with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Working remotely from Morris, my focus will be strengthening relationships with new and current donors, primarily in the Chicagoland area and the Midwest, as well as growing membership in the Julian Monson Sturtevant Society for planned gift contributors. I look forward to helping connect the philanthropic goals of alumni and friends of the College with the College’s mission of preparing students for lives of leadership and service. Why work at Illinois College? As one of 10 family members to graduate from IC, my roots on the Hilltop run deep. Since graduation, I have been an ambassador for my alma mater, giving time, talent and treasure in a number of ways. When the opportunity arose to give back Wilkinson professionally, it seemed like a natural fit. In addition, my parents, Ron ’72 and Barb Ater Surratt ’72, live in Arenzville, and my brother, Andy Surratt, and sister-in-law Manda Garin Surratt ’02 reside in Jacksonville. So, my family was partial to the idea of having me in the area more often, too. If you met a stranger on the street in Chicago, how would you describe Illinois College? Living away from the Jacksonville community, I often encounter people who are not familiar with Illinois College. I describe IC as a small, liberal arts college with a rich history and promising future. Quite simply, it’s where I spent the four most transformational years of my life. Share what you have been doing since 2005? Thanks to the support of my communication professors at IC, I was accepted into a master’s program in speech communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a full scholarship and teaching assistantship. Upon graduation in 2007, I moved to Rock Island and entered the field of development working for Habitat for Humanity of the Quad Cities. In 2009 I married Phil Wilkinson ’05, who had just completed his doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and we moved to his hometown of Morris. We reside there with our bulldog and enjoy staying active in our local community. Until starting at IC in November, I served as development officer for Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers.

December 2012


Campus News

October 13 Phi Alpha brothers congratulate Judge Richard Mills ’51 on being selected 2012 Illinois College Parade Marshal.

October 20 Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight poses for a photo with Sigma Pi actives and alumni following his honorary induction into the literary society in upper Beecher Hall.

October 13 Gamma Delta alumnae and actives pose for a photo under the Homecoming Celebration Tent.


Illinois College Quarterly

Literary Societies

October 13 Gamma Nu and Pi Pi Rho alumni celebrate homecoming with one another.

October 13 Sigma Phi Epsilon alumnae have fun in the photo booth under the Homecoming Celebration Tent.

Dana Mallett hired as new coordinator of literary societies Illinois College’s seven literary societies and its service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, play a distinctive and vital role in the heritage and the identity of the College. Dana Mallett has been hired to help strengthen that tradition. “In hiring its first full-time coordinator of literary societies, Illinois College shows its strong commitment to ensuring a bright future for the literary societies and its service fraternity,” President Axel Steuer says. Mallett

Mallett sees her role as coordinator of literary societies as being an advocate for these student groups. “Right now I am working with the organizations to develop a positive public image to the Illinois College community, as well as the Jacksonville community,” Mallett says. “These groups do a lot of great things, and I feel that it is important, in my position, to work with the students to get those great accomplishments out there.” Ideally, Mallett would like the societies and APO to be the first groups that people think of when they need a positive role model or help with a project. She would also like to maintain a strong connection with alumni.

“I would like to set up an alumni mentoring program or ask our alumni to come back and speak about their success and the path that took them to where they are today,” Mallett says. She also will help the literary societies enhance their communication skills and productions by working with faculty and other resources on campus. “I want to celebrate the great things that these students do,” Mallett says. Each group has a lot of great qualities, and it is important that they are recognized for the positive things that they do.” Mallett moved to Jacksonville from Stevens Point, Wis., with her husband, Justin, who also works at Illinois College as the director of diversity and multicultural affairs. She has an undergraduate degree in sociology and master’s degree in human and community resources, both from the University of WisconsinStevens Point. “Dana brings a wonderful combination of relevant experience in guiding Greek-letter organizations to this new position, as well as a passion for the important role the College’s literary societies and APO play in the academic, social and service life of Illinois College,” Steuer says.

December 2012


True Scholarship


Illinois College Department of Music “Even though I’m not a music major, I can still participate.” – Sarah McCoskey ’11. This quote found on the Illinois College Department of Music’s website embodies what full-time music faculty, Drs. Timothy Kramer, Abby Musgrove and Garrett Allman, would like all current and prospective Illinois College students to understand. Over the past two years, Kramer, Musgrove and Allman have developed a vision, and a program, that supports McCoskey’s statement. And, along with the adjunct faculty and support staff of the music department, they are excited and encouraged by the volume of students currently enrolled in music courses, ensembles and the number of declared majors and minors. So what is making the difference?

The Message “Lots of students, when they get to college, think they don’t have time to participate or play in the band, and others think, well, if I’m going to study music, it might be difficult to find a job, which is completely not true,” proclaimed Kramer. “There are lots of careers that benefit from having a degree or a minor in music. At the very least, students participating in music courses or an ensemble benefit from a well-rounded liberal arts education.” The Department of Music’s mission is to have a positive impact on as many students at Illinois College as it possibly can, regardless of their intended major. “I think there is a common saying or understanding on campus,” said Kramer, “that you’re here for the academics and to obtain your degree, but you can still play your sport. This is wonderful and true, but we believe you can come to Illinois College and still play your instrument, too.” Their message seems to be taking root across campus. Since 2010 the number of students participating in music courses, playing in an ensemble or being directly affected by the music program has gone from 275 students to 423 in 2011-2012. The Concert Choir has more than doubled in size with 55 current members. The Jazz Band has gone from being a jazz combo to a full ensemble. New facilities, like the piano lab in Rammelkamp Chapel, have been installed. New courses have been added, scholarships are more available, ensembles are touring more, and the list seems to go on and on. “Besides the message that all are welcome,” says Allman, “we want everyone to know that it is an exciting time to be part of the Illinois College Department of Music.”

Degree Emphasis With the desire to provide more learning opportunities for students, the music program under the direction of Kramer has worked with Dean Elizabeth Tobin to create a new


Illinois College Quarterly

curriculum structure that allows for students to obtain a specific emphasis with their Bachelor of Arts degree in music that makes it more like an actual Bachelor of Music degree. Currently, the College only grants a degree for a B.A. in music which requires approximately 40 hours of credit applied to music courses, but music majors that would like to take an additional 15-20 credit hours can now earn an emphasis in music performance, education (K-12 certification), composition or research. These emphases allow students to study specific interests more fully and help prepare them for future graduate programs and careers within their field.

Scholarships Over the past couple of years, the music program has benefited from an increase in scholarship funds, and according to Musgrove, these scholarships “provide the music program the ability to be more competitive with other liberal arts colleges with well-established music programs.” The additional scholarships came about from a simple change in college administration and a repackaging of Fine Arts Scholarship funds that were then available. The result was that the music, art and theatre programs at Illinois College are each able to award a $10,000 Tier 1 - Emerging Artist Scholarship ($40,000 over four years) annually, as well as four $5,000 Tier 2 - Talent Scholarships ($20,000 over four years) and a number of Tier 3 - Music Participation Awards ($2,000 to $4,000 over four years) for students participating in music, regardless of major. “We’re not offering as much as other schools when it comes to scholarships, but we are now financially competitive,” says Musgrove.

Tours Since her arrival in 2010, Musgrove has taken on the coordination of ensemble tours for Illinois College. In the past, ensembles would travel together performing tours locally one year and then travel nationally, to other states and cities, the

Full-time Faculty Dr. Garrett Allman - Associate Professor of Music Dr. Timothy Kramer Professor of Music and Composer, Chair Dr. Abby Musgrove Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Choral Activities  


Part-time Faculty Addie Gramelspacher Instructor in Voice

Adjunct Instructors Russel Brazzel - Instructor in Classical Guitar  Brett Burchard - Instructor in Violin Shelley Cochran - Instructor in Flute Nichol Eyman DelGiorno ’97 Instructor in Music History and Instructor in Organ John Hume - Instructor in Trumpet David Kozelka - Instructor in Horn Marty McCandless - Director of the Jazz Ensemble and Clarinet Choir, Instructor in Saxophone/Clarinet Dr. Hugo Magliocco Instructor in Low Brass Susan Phillips - Instructor in Cello Ann Marie Stahel - Director of the Wind Ensemble Krista Steller - Instructor in Oboe Karma Vortman - Music Department Administrative Assistant, Instructor in Piano Amy Zordan-Moore Instructor in Bassoon


next. One of the first changes that Musgrove initiated was splitting up the ensembles so they felt like it was more about the individual ensembles and not the music department as a whole, making experiences more specific and personal for the students. Now the Jazz and Wind Ensembles travel together while on tour, and the choirs travel separately, alternating between regional and national tours. “It’s a lot of work because now we are coordinating two tours a year instead of just one, but it has been well worth it.” Each tour is about more than just the performances, it’s about recruitment of potential new students, retention of current students and learning to serve as goodwill ambassadors for Illinois College. While touring, ensembles typically perform in an area high school during the day and then again at a local church in the evening. This year, beginning with their upcoming tour to Texas in January, Musgrove is incorporating opportunities for students to stay with host families in the communities in which they are performing. The strategy provides not only a way for ensembles and the choirs to save money, but provides students with the opportunity to truly serve as ambassadors of Illinois College. “They make wonderful connections with their host families and with prospective students, and that type of positive connection, you just can’t buy,” said Musgrove.



It is no secret on campus that President and Mrs. Steuer are fond of the arts and have championed and encouraged participation in all Illinois College Fine Arts Programs. When asked about the difference that has been made in the recent growth of the music program, Kramer said, “We are very thankful for the support that we have received from the Steuers. They are supportive of our vision and our programming, and especially the students. It’s very rare that not at least one, if not both of them, attend our concerts or the students’ recitals. The students see that, and it validates their efforts. Simply put, they are our biggest fans.” IC

December 2012


True Victories

ATHLETICdigest Peters ’94, Kathy Sipich Reuter ’94, Donna White May ’94, Erica Caruso Helmich ’95, Denise King Mixdorf ’95, Becca Thorne Lindstrom ’95, Kary Cram Dowling ’96, Rosemarie Langley Piper ’97, Raya Petefish Bogard ’97, Shelby Simmering Kinney ’97, Erica Slavin Kindermann ’97, Jennifer Stevens Baptist ’97, Joana Ramsey ’98, Amy Lemmon Romanowski ’97, Kirsten Timmerman ’97 and Heather Winters Moore ’97. The team was coached by Brenna Kelly, Roxana Butler and Matt Grimm ’95. Axel Steuer, Thompson, Range, Bill Merris ’56

Ten individuals, one team inducted into Sports Hall of Fame In his speech presenting Willie Thompson ’05 as an inductee into the Illinois College Sports Hall of Fame, Adam Range ’05 described the strengths that enabled his teammate to become one of the best football players in Illinois College history. Thompson was able to call on those same strengths, Range said, when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer, in February 2012. “I talked to him on the phone that day, and there was not a doubt in his mind he was going to beat it,” Range said. “He was going take cancer on with everything he had. He was not going to let it affect his life. Willie did it his way, and as soon as I got off that phone, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind he would beat it.” Thompson has been cancer-free since August 2012 and was on hand for the Illinois College Sports Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremony on October 12 which honored 10 individuals and the 1993 volleyball team. The inductees included Charles “Bud” Colin ’33, Buford Green ’64, O.C. Hughes ’88, Jon Murray ’92, Brian Rhoades ’96, Martha Vest Blakeley ’99, Alicia Brown-Vest ’99, Carey Cappel ’07, Jim Murphy and Thompson. The 1993 volleyball team, which became the first Illinois College team selected to participate in an NCAA tournament, was honored as the third Illinois College athletic team inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame. Members of the team included Jennifer Beck Wollstadt ’94, Heather Kirby


Illinois College Quarterly

Hard work, dedication and loyalty were common themes in the speeches given by both presenters and inductees. “Tonight isn’t all about sports or the classroom – it’s about the relationships you make at Illinois College,” Thompson said during his induction speech. “I am so grateful that I am being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but I am more grateful that I am a member of the Illinois College family.”

IC football team finishes at 8-2 The senior members of Illinois College’s 2012 football team concluded the season with a record of 8-2, giving them the distinction of being the winningest team in Illinois College history. The Class of 2013 seniors finished their careers with 27 wins, the highest win total over a four-year period in school history. “We didn’t make it quite as far as we did last year, but this group of seniors has helped get us to a point where we are competing for a conference championship year in and year out,” said Illinois College Head Football Coach Garrett Campbell. “This senior class will be missed.” The Blueboys finished the season tied for third in the Midwest Conference and just one win shy of a share of the Midwest Conference title. The season featured a pair of four-game winning streaks which included the Blueboys’ first win over Monmouth College since 1996 and the first win over Cornell College in school history. The season started with record-breaking performances from Cecil Brimmage ’14 and Michael Bates ’15. Brimmage ran for a single-game school record of 341 yards in a 51-28 victory over Hanover College in the season-opener on September 1. Bates followed that with a school-record 580 passing yards and seven touchdown passes in a 53-20 win at Grinnell College one week later.






The team followed with home wins over Ripon College (46-21) and Lawrence University (56-20) before suffering a 35-28 loss to Midwest Conference co-champion Lake Forest College. The Blueboys then rattled off four straight wins over Beloit College (31-9), Knox College (49-29), Monmouth College (34-31) and Cornell College (50-28) before falling to Carroll University (49-14) in the season finale. Bates threw for 2,271 yards and 20 touchdowns over the course of the season. Brimmage ran for 868 yards and eight scores. Kevin Fuller ’14 led the Blueboys with 37 receptions and 594 receiving yards. Kurt Frischman ’14 made a teamhigh 70 tackles and 7 1/2 sacks. Joe Gaines ’13 led the team with three interceptions. Matt Newman ’15 was 5-for-7 on field goal attempts and a perfect 53-for-53 on extra-point kicks. Brimmage, Bates, Frischman, Newman, Keith Hunter II ’13 and Kevin Wallace ’13 all earned Midwest Conference Performer of the Week honors during the 2012 season. Bates, Brimmage, Frischman, Fuller, Gaines, Carter Cox ’14, Dylan DeFauw ’13, Travis Gullett ’13 and Keith Lane ’14 were all-conference selections. Bates, Frischman, Gaines, Lane and Newman were First Team picks. IC

The Illinois College men’s and women’s cross country teams turned in 10th-place finishes at the Midwest Conference Championships on October 27 at St. Norbert College. Tim Southerland ’15 and Jill Friedrich ’16 turned in IC’s top times. Ana Flores ’15, Emma Hudspath ’13 and Southerland were honored as MWC Performers of the Week during the 2012 season. � The women’s golf team took fourth at the MWC Championships at The Rail Golf Course in Springfield October 5-7. Alexis Lintker ’16 finished tied for sixth in the individual standings. Lintker was also named an MWC Performer of the Week on September 4. � The women’s tennis team won four matches during the fall season, the team’s highest win total in over a decade, before a 10th-place finish at the MWC Championships. Tamar Norville ’16 was named the MWC Performer of the Week on October 9. � The men’s soccer team posted a record of 7-8-3. Drew Comstock ’14 scored a teamhigh five goals. Kyle Mason ’14 dished out three assists. Goalkeeper Trevor Donahue ’13 and defender Andrew Matheney ’15 were all-conference selections. � The women’s soccer team finished up at 7-9-2. Sarah Skaggs ’15 broke Illinois College single-season and career records for assists by tallying 12 during the 2012 season. Cat Solberg ’16 broke the single-season record for shutouts with six. Skaggs was an all-conference selection. � The volleyball team was 12-13. Brittney Burgess ’14 led the team with 221 kills. Maurissa Moulton ’15 registered 693 assists, and Kayla Birdsell ’13 made 450 digs.









December 2012



resident P

AXEL STEUER A legacy of integrity, service and excellence


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our years ago, Illinois College President Axel Steuer was walking across campus when he took a moment to greet a young man who was sitting outside of Baxter Hall. It was a simple, casual introduction that turned into a half-hour discussion on philosophy. “What President Steuer didn’t know was 10 minutes before he sat down, I was thinking of transferring out of IC,” Julian Nelms ’13 says. That casual conversation ended up helping a struggling first-year student adjust to his new surroundings and come to the realization that IC was the right place to be. “I saw a president that took notice in what his students did and was willing to network and connect to his students on a personal level instead of strictly academic.” That kind of connection to the College president is a major reason why students gravitate toward President Steuer and First Lady Loreli. As for Nelms, that interest from the president is the reason he stayed at Illinois College. “He showed me that if I ever had a problem, I could actually go to my president for help. The College will certainly miss him.” Last year Steuer announced his plans to retire after the 20122013 academic year, making it 10 years at Illinois College – leaving a legacy that brought the values of ethics, service, stewardship of the environment and the rich history of the College to the forefront. When Steuer took the position at Illinois College, he saw a college that was unsure of its identity. It was its distinctive history and heritage that sold the Steuers on the College, but at the time that history was not being embraced and celebrated. The process started with reclaiming the liberal arts designation. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching reclassifies colleges every few years based on the percentage of degrees they award in the liberal arts. “For whatever reason, we drifted away from being a true national liberal arts college which has always been a part of the heritage of the College. So reclaiming that distinction was one of the first things I hoped to accomplish,” Steuer says. “The Board knew there would be some challenges. We talked very candidly about what needed to be done, and I received strong Board support to move forward.” With the support of the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, Illinois College set out to make those institutional changes and to restore its liberal arts heritage. In 2005 Carnegie reclassified Illinois College as a liberal arts institution. “President Steuer had an enormous impact on the College by his ability to remind us of who we are,” Nick Capo, associate dean and associate professor of English at Illinois College, says. “We are in the process of transforming ourselves

to be one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the country. That means we are becoming one of the best educational institutions in the world.” Dean Elizabeth Tobin adds, “Axel always saw the potential of the College and wanted us to live up to our liberal arts beliefs. So he helped faculty and staff to learn how we need to restructure to get back to the high level Illinois College has historically been.” Del Dunham ’72 joined the Board of Trustees eight years ago and has worked with Steuer on a number of challenges the College has faced. “Axel has a strong capacity for finding the little nuances of the problem and working with the Board of Trustees, the faculty and the staff to develop the right course of action,” Dunham says. “He always displays a broad capability of grasping whatever challenge we are facing.”

Core beliefs Steuer is a philosopher, he has taught ethics, he has a strong commitment to social justice, and the fact that Illinois College was rooted in moral values was very important to him. Early on, he convened a strategic planning task force that included representation from all areas of the College to set out to rewrite Illinois College’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement, along with articulating the core values of the College. “We focused on the vision of the College, recovering the College’s position among the top 100 liberal arts colleges nationally. And given my own interest in values and ethics, we worked out the values statement,” Steuer says. “As a philosopher, I had an interest in clearly spelling out the values that guide the College.” These core values include excellence, integrity, community, justice, service, respect and openess. The Board adopted the Mission and Vision and Value Statements in 2005. “This is something that has guided us and is always checked to make sure we are consistent with our values, consistent with our mission and consistent with our vision,” Steuer says. “When you look at our mission statement, and when you look at our strategic plan and our vision statement, you see words like integrity, you see words like justice. These are not only important to him, but they are also important to us,” Capo says. Illinois College Board Chair Joy French Becker ’67 holds Steuer in high regard, not only for the way he has guided the College, but also the way he leads his life. “Axel is a true gentleman, and genuinely cares about the lives of each person he encounters,” Becker says. “He has guided this College through some rough economic times. His

December 2012


insistence and willingness to do the right thing has moved Illinois College to become a better known liberal arts college.” As the College moved forward with realizing its mission and vision, there were some specific areas that needed to be addressed. During his presidency, Steuer affirmed improving student retention and graduation rates as a top institutional priority. “As a result of his leadership and through the hard work of faculty, staff and students, the four-year average of the College’s first-year retention rose from 72.6 percent during the four years prior to the start of his presidency to 81.2 percent during the past four years,” Tobin says. “In 2003, the year his presidency began, the College’s four-year graduation rate was 49.1 percent; last year the four-year graduation rate was 66.3 percent. Regarding retention and graduation for students, the past decade has been one of progress.” A strong international presence is another key ingredient in becoming a first-rate liberal arts college. With the help of a 2004 grant from The Archer Daniels Midland Company, the College hired a director of international studies and BreakAways to help change the international character of the campus. “By sending students abroad and bringing people from around the world here, it’s much more of an international campus now than it used to be,” Steuer says. “I’ve put a heavy emphasis and worked very closely with Dean Tobin and others on experiential education. That means studying abroad, it means students leading community service projects, it means student-faculty research and high quality internships. Good liberal arts colleges do these sorts of things for their students.”

Samer Anabtawi ’12 is grateful to Steuer for giving him and three other Palestinian students the opportunity to come to the United States and call Illinois College home for four years. “I cannot forget that such a wonderful opportunity would have never been made possible without Dr. Steuer,” Anabtawi says. “After four years at Illinois College, I can speak to Dr. Steuer’s genuine interest in the welfare and the success of the students, all students.” Anabtawi also noticed the amount of attention Steuer gave to the needs of international and minority students to make sure they not only succeed, but also enjoy their time at Illinois College, “I remember that after meeting with him in his office to address some of the needs international and minority students on campus have during the winter and during college breaks, he invited me and another student representative from the Coalition for Ethnic Awareness to a cabinet meeting to discuss with the College administration a feasible action plan,” Anabtawi says. “He was a genuine advocate for diversity and equal opportunity on our campus.” Another area that was deliberately focused on was leadership and service. As Steuer puts it, “If you want to lead, you have to view yourself as serving other people, as being a public servant, and we have tried to encourage that. Again, this builds on the heritage of public service of the College.” Evidence of this can be found in the Al Habtoor Leadership Center and with the creation of the Leadership Program. Professors Karen Dean and Kelly Dagan have spearheaded this interdisciplinary academic program that has been integrated with the many leadership, service and learning opportunities that take place outside the classroom. “Our students contribute to the community in many important ways,” Tobin says. “These service opportunities help prepare them for future leadership positions in their chosen fields.”

Making themselves accessible The Steuers make it a point to go out of their way to get to know the students, and that is the reason why Steuer stopped that day to talk with Nelms outside of Baxter. “By taking the time to listen and talk to the students, it brings us closer to them,” Steuer says. Another way they do this is by hosting formal dinners for first-year students. “This gesture demonstrates the Steuers’ genuine interest in welcoming all students to campus,” first-year student Gabrielle Esparza ’16 says. “The Steuers are both dedicated to playing an active role in the students’ lives on campus. They make a strong effort to get to know us individually, and the dinner for first-year students is an important part of this process.”


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The reason why the Steuers are so popular with the students, Barker says, is because they are always trying to help. “Simply put, they truly care, even enough to do the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ with over 600 students at the homecoming dance.” Mrs. Steuer was asked why she thought the students felt so fond of them, and she answered simply, “Because we really love them.”

Moving forward by reclaiming the past Esparza added that it not only allows the Steuers to meet them, but also allows the students to become better acquainted with the Steuers and faculty on campus. “By inviting students into their home, I not only recognized how sincere and kind the Steuers are in their role as President and First Lady, but also what makes IC such a special place.” Over the course of 10 years, the Steuers have warmly welcomed students in their home. “I figure just counting first-year and transfer students alone, we have had 3,500 students here for dinner over the 10 years,” Mrs. Steuer says. “We have enjoyed this tremendously. It took a few years to get the process down, but now we have nearly perfect attendance.” The Steuers will host 30 to 40 first-year students at a time, depending on the size of the class. “It’s a great way to develop ties with the students and build a sense of community,” Steuer says. Apart from the formal dinners, the Steuers also host picnics for over 300 student-athletes, resident assistants and other student workers who arrive on campus early in the fall. It’s just another way to build a connection to the students.

Building for the future ironically meant looking to the past. One of the many things that sold the Steuers on Illinois College was its history, a history that Steuer felt needed to be dusted off and talked about. So when he was out in the community, he would purposely talk about the many distinguished people associated with the College, the Underground Railroad and the abolitionist history of the College. “The history was something that struck a chord with Loreli and me,” Steuer says. “She got very involved with the Underground Railroad and all the community projects she threw herself wholeheartedly into, and I think this presidency is marked by that fact that it was a partnership between Loreli and me.” Mrs. Steuer jumped right in and certainly did her part in reclaiming the history of Illinois College. Since 2003, she has taught a course solely on Abraham Lincoln and written several articles on him, she was co-chair of the 2009 Jacksonville Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration, and she was instrumental in authenticating Illinois College’s role in the Underground Railroad. “One of the main goals for my time as the ‘First Lady’ was reclaiming and celebrating the College’s amazing 19th century historical connections,” Mrs. Steuer says. “Abraham Lincoln and the Underground Railroad movement are two passions I have devoted myself to during our time here.”

“The students seem to like these events and enjoy our company,” Steuer says. “We certainly have deep affection for them.”

Dunham sees that passion to tell people about the vast history of Illinois College as one of the biggest influences the Steuers had at the College.

Ross Barker ’13 has a unique relationship with the Steuers – he walks their dogs, Laddie and Folkee, in the evenings. Barker says he feels privileged to be able to interact with Steuer in his own environment outside of his office and have conversations about everyday subjects like campus activities, family and the world at large.

“The attention Axel and Loreli brought to the history of Illinois College has made a very powerful impact,” Dunham says. “They not only reintroduced the College’s history to the campus community, but they also made it known to the surrounding communities and beyond.”

“I’ve learned so much from Axel, starting with one’s decision to be humble, stemming from the rewards found when serving others. So much of our conversation is based on his asking me how the student body feels about certain issues and what he can do to improve their experience,” Barker says. “I’m honored that he values my representative input as well as my personal opinion.”

Commitment to the environment A Steuer retrospective would not be complete without talking about the beautification of the campus, along with making Illinois College more environmentally friendly. “The commitment to the environment was from the very beginning. Early on I said ‘every time a tree dies we will plant

December 2012


two new ones.’ This idea goes back to Earth Day 1970 when Loreli and I planted a lot of trees in West Philadelphia.” That environmental passion for the Steuers goes back 45 years and continues this very day. “The wonderful partnership the College has formed with the Starhill Forest Arboretum, thanks to the great generosity of Guy and Edie Sternberg, is a source of great satisfaction for me,” says Steuer. “He always tries to think about the environment and be a good steward of the earth. He has implemented measures to make sure we are using energy wisely,” Dean Tobin says. Many changes to the campus have taken place on his watch. He worked with the City of Jacksonville to close the portion of Mound Avenue that went through the College. “Suddenly we had a connected campus. We had a single campus without a street running through it, and the Lower Quad was developed with Lincoln Hall being one of the main features, along with the new walkway connecting the Lower and Upper Quads,” Steuer says. Other major facility projects include the new track and field, the Baxter Hall addition, and the refurbishing of Whipple and Crampton Halls. The landscaping projects include the planting of a large variety of new trees around campus, adding Knock Out Roses as the signature flower on campus and a brick paved memorial area in the Upper Quad. Mrs. Steuer says, “There seems to be a new culture on campus where everyone from staff to students appreciate the natural and man-made beauty of the landscape, along with the magnificent old and new architecture.”

The next 184 years Looking back over the last 10 years, Steuer deliberately focused on many facets of the College, so it is hard to pinpoint a signature accomplishment that stands out above the rest. “With the efforts of so many good people, we have been privileged to be part of an institutional transformation,” he says. That transformation took many forms from visible changes like the beautification of the campus to less visible curriculum changes, and Steuer feels he has gotten the ball rolling in the right direction. “I believe we have set the stage to move forward,” Steuer says. “But there is still a lot of good work to be done for the next 184 years.” IC


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2012 G N I M O C HOME E G E L L O ILLINOIS C Federal Judge Richard Mills ’51 was designated as the 2012 Homecoming Parade Marshal and conducted the coin toss before the football game. Due to heavy rains and lightning, the parade was canceled. In true red, white and blue spirit, many retired military and active duty service members participated in homecoming activities. The most poignant of all was the tree planting ceremony for Blueboy Bryant “B.J.” Luxmore, a 2010 graduate. Luxmore was killed in Afghanistan while serving his country on June 10, 2012.

December 2012


Post-game celebrations under the Homecoming Celebration Tent continued into the evening following the Blueboys’ victory over Beloit College.

5K Run


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Trustee Emeritus Richard Johnson ’50, was presented a Congressional Gold Medal — the highest award Congress can give a civilian in the United States. Johnson was one of the first African-Americans to enter the Marine Corps through the nontraditional training facility at Camp Montford Point in Jacksonville, N.C., from 1942 to 1949.

Along with the Illinois College Alumni Association Board of Directors, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations kicked off homecoming weekend with the dedication of the new Alumni House located at 1201 Mound Avenue. President Axel Steuer and Alumni Board President Betsy Ryan Kennedy ’73 conducted the ribbon cutting with assistance from Suzanne Hartman Verticchio ’67 (below left) and Illinois College Board of Trustees Chair Joy French Becker ’67. During the wine and cheese reception, the Hartman Garden, originally given by Robert ’35 and Beatrice Hayes Hartman ’34 in 2004, was rededicated in its new location behind the Alumni House.

December 2012


True Moments





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1 Class of 1967 (l to r): Sharon Littig Krohe, Tom Lenz, Suzanne Hartman Verticchio, Joy French Becker, Joe Sam Vassar, Ann Fusselman Showalter, Bob Mullgardt, Marty Summers Vaché, Pat Kennedy and Louis Vaché 2 Class of 1972 (l to r): Deborah Hanson Langdon, Del Dunham, Joyce Trimmer-Lindsey, David Miller and Linda Quigg Dash 3 Class of 1977 (l to r): Tom Killam ’78, Robbin Boulch Killam, Shelley Hutchinson, Susie Gray Winkelmann, Andy Winkelmann, Rita Anschutz Euler, Meredith Cargill and Connie Schramm Walls 4 Class of 1992 (l to r): Barb Hosto-Marti,


Heather Range Witt and Venise DeVore-McWard 5 Class of 1982 First row (l to r): Russell Johnson ’83, Becca Holloway Johnson, Sharon Santa Cruz-Peterson, Sally Stuber Smith, Vicki Osborne Sanders, Sarah Pratt and Wendy Good Henry ’83. Second row: Dan Carie, Preston Sanders, Rick Smith, Mark Mann, John McCluggage, Rex Ginder, Winston Rogers, Rich Aston, Dave Henry, Tim Tracy, Joe Thompson and Frank Zyskowski. 6 Class of 1987 (l to r): Lori Schisler and Carrie Schramm Schuetz 7 Class of 2002 First row (l to r): Megan Venz, Megan Cook, Chris Proffitt, Pam Gillis, Natalie Blake Prince, Hillary Hudgens Enloe and Elizabeth Butler. Second row: Sarah Heideman Wilson, Katie Viner Stringer, Joanna Marker and Bobby Noll. Third row: Nickie Doerfler Harris, Brian Novak, Matt Berry, Jeremy Baldridge, Ryan Tanner, Glenn Fernetti, Kevin Johnson, Alban Haxhinasto and Victoria Asher Crow. 8 Class of 1997 (l to r): Adam Grojean and Conrad Noll IV 9 Class of 2007 (l to r): Ryan Boarman, Brandon Reed, Rachel Cramsey, Kristen Prief Reed, Tate Ulm,


Katie Perry Slaughterback, Mike Kralik and Shad Miller

December 2012


True Moments








August 18, Illinois State Fair Alumni Tent Party 1 “The Boat Drunks” performing during the event 2 Mark ’85 and Deanna Tebrugge Kuchar 3 Carrie Walberg ’11 and Sarah Puckett ’11 4 Deitra Suter ’03, Jude and Mallory Thuente Bendorf ’07, Mike Ziri ’04 and Michael Bendorf ’04 5 Brad ’96 and Jody Nell 6 Garrett ’03 and Mary Elliott-Ingram ’03, Eric and Bonnie Meiners Brownback ’04, and Ada Dickerson ’03 and Adam Range ’05 7 Kayla Montgomery ’08 and Danny Sheehan 8 John Roome ’10, Eric Hiatt ’11, David Kleckler ’10, Jim Proffitt ’70



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and Brad Regul ’11








1 September 7, Arenzville Burgoo – Kristin Van Aken Jamison ’99, Gale Vaughn ’78, Bill Merris ’56, Rick Bystry ’81, Jeremy Beard ’02, Marcia Short ’86, Gerry Beard ’78, June Taylor Beard ’79, Jessica Meyer Crawford ’02, Gale Weglarz Wessler ’77, Dustin Leifheit ’96 and Molly Clark Daniel ’78 2 October 31, Alumni House Trick-or-Treat – Jeremy ’04, Charlie and Sarah Strack Briggs ’06 3 October 31, Alumni House Trick-or-Treat – Anderson, Nolan and Carrie Hendricker Decker ’97 4 September 29, Illinois College Varsity Club Tent - Katie Collins ’06 and Nic Soer ’00 5 August 28, New Student Cookout – John Love ’16, Wade Mathis ’16 and Eli Wright ’16 6 November 19, Alumni House Reception for President-elect Farley – Cathy Green, Elaine Chapman, Barbara Farley and Pat Aputis Bone ’63 7 November 19, Alumni House Reception for President-elect Farley – Barbara Farley and Jay Jamison ’78

December 2012


True Vision

New giving club embraced by fans of Illinois College athletics Illinois College is pleased to announce the launch of the Illinois College Varsity Club, an organization of alumni, family and friends with a special interest in Illinois College athletics. Committed to offering its student-athletes an exceptional athletic experience along with a first-rate education, Illinois College is dedicated to continuing athletic success by providing topnotch facilities, high quality equipment and travel opportunities. Members of the Illinois College Varsity Club will play a key role in meeting these goals. “On behalf of the entire athletic department, we are excited about the opportunity to offer our alumni, family and friends a chance to support the athletic department,” Illinois College Athletic Director Gale Vaughn ’78 said. “Members of the Illinois College Varsity Club will be instrumental in helping Illinois College provide a first-class athletic experience and maintain a winning tradition.” The Illinois College Varsity Club was launched in August and has been quickly embraced by nearly 160 alumni, faculty and friends of the College. Varsity Club memberships and the proceeds of a golf outing and dinner featuring hall of fame basketball coach Bobby Knight total over $31,000. Exclusive events have been offered to Varsity Club members during the fall and are being planned for the winter and spring seasons. “Most, if not all, of our peer institutions provide their alumni, parents and friends a streamlined way to support intercollegiate athletics,” Illinois College Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations Phil Hood said. “Given the very high percentage of our alumni who played a sport as a student at Illinois College, developing the IC Varsity Club is a natural way to keep these people engaged with our programs. Their support will allow Illinois College to provide, if not enhance, opportunities available to our current student-athletes.” A total of 383 student-athletes, or nearly 42 percent of full-time students, competed in intercollegiate athletics at Illinois College during the 2011-2012 academic year. Approximately 38 percent of Illinois College alumni participated in athletics as students.


Illinois College Quarterly

Varsity Club members Mike Worrell, Bill Merris ’56, David ’88 and Lucy Chipman Earhart ’90 visit under the tent.

Jack Fairfield ’61 makes a putt during the inaugural Illinois College Varsity Club golf outing on October 19 at the Jacksonville Country Club. Teammates Bob Bradley ’62, Jim Green ’61 and Bill Merris ’56 look on.

Varsity Club members Sarah and Winston Wells enjoy the Varsity Club gathering on Family Day, September 29.

Mark Grounds ’91 and Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard watch the Blueboys defeat Lawrence University at the Varsity Club tent.

Illinois College alumni, staff, trustees and friends packed the formal dining room of the Jacksonville Country Club to hear Coach Bobby Knight speak following the Varsity Club golf outing.

For membership information, visit or contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 217.245.3046

Class Notes

TRUEconnections ’64

Rich Webster was recognized recently by COUNTERPARTS for his volunteer service with the nongovernmental organization (NGO) which provides college scholarships to Montagnard youth from Eastern Cambodia. COUNTERPARTS is an association of former military advisors who served in the Second Indochina War.


Dr. Bill Daughton retired as chair of the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Mo.


Jerry and Donna Bartlett have retired and now own and operate an antique restoration business in rural Frederick. � Delinda Chapman was a featured artist in the art show, “Jungle Book,” at the H.D. Smith Gallery at the Hoogland Center for the Arts in Springfield this past summer.


Linda McCaffrey retired from the University of Illinois as associate director of university accounting services on May 31, 2012.


Jeff Scull has retired after a 30-year career working in the Aurora area as the youth director

for Aurora Township High School and in special education, first at West Chicago High School, and then at East Aurora High School where he was the work coordinator and co-op teacher.


Kathy Whiteside Stappenbeck retired in 2011 after 36 years of teaching in Goodfield. � Circuit Judge James Stewart has been elected chief judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit which is comprised of Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, Knox, McDonough and Warren counties. His term will commence December 1, 2012.


Susan Slocum Pecaro is working in the Securities and Exchange Commission, Division of Enforcement in Washington, D.C.

’77 ’78

Bridget York Rahe retired in 2012 after 34 years of teaching in Jacksonville School District 117.


Doug Mills is a financial advisor at Edward Jones in Hannibal, Mo.

Bob Bonjean was the speaker at the Illinois College Constitution Day Convocation in Rammelkamp Chapel this fall.

Cheri Bustos wins 17th Congressional District race Cheri Callahan Bustos ’83 unseated the incumbent in the 17th Congressional District race in Illinois this past November. The district covers the entire northwest portion of the state. Bustos, a Democrat, beat U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling by a 53 percent to 47 percent margin. She told the Peoria Journal Star that it feels great and that she is grateful to the people of Peoria for all the support she received. The congresswoman-elect was a journalist for 17 years, a health care executive for the past decade and has served on the East Moline City Council. Bustos is currently president of the board of directors of the Women’s Connection, one of Illinois’ largest women’s membership organizations. She is a past volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters - Quad Cities, Junior Achievement of the Heartland in the Quad Cities, Two Rivers YMCA in Moline and United Way of the Quad Cities Area where she served on the Community Investment Committee. Bustos is a past member of the Illinois College Alumni Board of Directors and was elected to the Illinois College Sports Hall of Fame in recognition of her accomplishments on the basketball and volleyball courts. Family members who graduated from Illinois College include her parents, Gene ’55 and Ann Hammond Callahan ’55, and her son, Nick Bustos ’10.

December 2012


Class Notes


Randy Bumgarner has been recognized by the Dailey Oklahoman as one of the five top divorce lawyers in Oklahoma.


Dan Carie is the principal at Meredosia-Chambersburg Junior-Senior High School in Meredosia.


Chris Schofield has taken the position as chief accountant for the State of Illinois’ Deferred Compensation program.


Kevin McClelland is the chief accounting officer and corporate controller of UniTek Global Services Inc. In his almost four years with the company, Kevin has led UniTek through the public filing process and listing on NASDAQ. Kevin also spearheaded the company’s debt refinancing.

’88 ’89

Shaun Graves is the exhibits manager for the Putnam Museum in Davenport, Iowa.

’90 ’92


Chad Creasey was awarded the 2012 Federal Bureau of Investigation, Director’s Annual Award for Excellence in the category of “Distinguished Service to the Law Enforcement Community.” � Deanna Still was promoted to senior accounting analyst at RGA Reinsurance Co. in Chesterfield, Mo.


Julie Bodam Macartney is special assistant to the vice president of international programs and operations at CARE USA based in Atlanta, Ga. � Jennifer Skolasky graduated from Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, N.C., with an associate degree nursing in May 2012. She is currently in the Nurse Residency Program at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville, N.C.


Kristen Becker Jenkins was the recipient of the 2012 Jacksonville Kiwanis A. Wadsworth Applebee Community Service Award. This award recognizes a young adult between 21 and 35 who demonstrates devotion to civic volunteer service and benefits the Jacksonville area. � Tiffany Blakey Weisner is a part-time accounting clerk in the Business Office at Illinois College.


Dr. Dan Brunkhorst has accepted a position as a chiropractor at Preventative Medicine in Plymouth, Ind. � Christina Cook is a gift manager at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. � Adam Edlen is a client representative in the commercial insurance division of Marsh in St. Charles, Mo.

’01 ’02

Curtis Spencer is in the Navy stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Va.

Paul Smay is a Level 3 agent at Financial Security Partners Inc. in Springfield. Tim Flynn is controller at Reynolds Consumer Products in Jacksonville. � Michelle Perrine McCurley is the regional sales manager with Sinclair Broadcast Group in St. Louis.


Joe Blessman is the principal of Brimfield High School in Brimfield. In 2013-2014 Joe will also assume superintendent duties.


Dale Gasparovic began new employment as student assistance center administrator at Prevention First in Quincy.



Stacey Atteberry Hubbard is the assistant director for major gifts at Millikin University in Decatur. � Kevin Petty is the head of technology research and U.S. products and technology for Vaisala Inc., a company that delivers weather-based products and solutions to meet a wide range of needs in the meteorological, transportation, energy and defense industries. Kevin is a recognized expert in the field of transportation weather.

Firestone Indy Lights, Star Mazda Championship and the Cooper Tires USF2000 series.

David Craske graduated from the Indiana University School of Informatics with a master’s degree in human-computer interaction. He is now director of Online Strategies for INDYCAR, the sanctioning body for the IZOD IndyCar Series,

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Aaron Enloe is a medical services supervisor for Southern Co. He oversees the Fitness for Duty Program and Medical Physical Program for six nuclear power plants in Georgia and Alabama. � Glenn Fernetti is a junior varsity football coach and permanent substitute teacher for the Keokuk School District in Keokuk, Iowa. � Alaina Adams Heitz is the payroll assistant with the administrative office of the Illinois Courts in Springfield. Alaina is the choir accompanist/ bell choir director/substitute organist at the First Christian Church in Springfield. � Pete Naylor was selected as a recipient of the Springfield Business Journal’s, “Forty Under 40” award

this year. Pete is an attorney at Brown, Hay & Stephens LLP in Springfield. � Brian Novak is the director of orientation and first-year initiatives at Johnson & Wales University – Denver. � Scott Stewart is the dean of careers and technical education at Morton College in Cicero where he oversees three academic divisions – health careers, business and technical/ vocational careers.


Adrienne Dickerson Range received a master’s degree in biology from Saint Joseph University. She is employed at North Mac High School in Virden as a biology teacher.


Michael Bendorf is the associate director of technology and operations for admission at Illinois College. � Jessica Castiglioni Graham is a senior educator with the Youth Exploring Science (YES) program at the Saint Louis Science Center. � Cara Pulver Niemeyer is employed as a school social worker for Springfield District 186 at Harvard Park Elementary. � Steven Snyder and Brandon Montgomery ’05 star in Steven’s documentary, “The Giant Steel Wall.” The documentary was released in May in Los Angeles and is being considered for several national film festivals. The two men continue their online comedy radio show and comedy website, “Toughen Up America.”


Dylan Dudley is a new assistant basketball coach at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. � Heather Jonasson is a senior financial analyst on the financial planning and analysis team for Tropicana, a business unit of PepsiCo. Her team constructs the annual operating plan and periodic forecasts for the Tropicana brand. � Brandon Montgomery and Steven Snyder ’04 star in Steven’s documentary, “The Giant Steel Wall.” The documentary was released in May in Los Angeles and is being considered for several national film festivals. The two men continue their online comedy radio show and comedy website, “Toughen Up America.”


Dr. Donathan Brown, assistant professor in the department of communication studies, was interviewed for a program on KRUU FM radio where he discussed immigration and official language politics. Donathan has also been named editor for the Journal of Race and Policy. � Cole Heitz is the management information systems administrator with Decatur Foundry. � Steve Henry is employed as a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Wentzville South Middle School in Wentzville, Mo., and is also working toward a master’s degree in educational administration from Missouri Baptist University. Steve is also officiating high school football and basketball in the St. Louis area. � Holly Duvendack Saxer is a

Alumnus joins Vanderbilt’s anesthesiology department Brad Grueter ’98 joined Vanderbilt University School of medicine as assistant professor of anesthesiology this past October. He is the principal investigator of a research lab investigating mechanisms underlying motivational learning and the details of how these mechanisms are modified by experience and pathophysiological disease states. Grueter credits his liberal arts education for giving him the tools needed to succeed. “IC taught me the valuable skills and work ethic required to multitask and apply practical knowledge to complex biological questions,” Grueter says. “The nurturing of a drive for excellence and leadership I received at IC has been well suited for a successful career in biomedical science thus far.” At Vanderbilt, Grueter will also be training graduate and medical students in the field of biomedical research. “I hope to be as influential to my students as the professors in the biology program were to me, Grueter says.” Grueter has a master’s degree in biology from the University of Illinois Springfield and received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt’s School of Medicine. He continued training in the world-renowned neuroscience lab at Stanford University. Grueter grew up in Carrollton and came to IC in 1994 along with his twin brother, Chad Grueter ’98, who is also starting his own research lab as an assistant professor. Chad has accepted a position at the University of Iowa starting at the beginning of the year.

December 2012


Class Notes

Alumnus one of 25 Black Leaders to Watch in Rockford area Maurice West II ’07, career counselor at Rock Valley College in Rockford, was selected as a Young Leader in Booker Washington Community Center’s 25 Black Leaders to Watch in the Rockford area. “This has truly been a humbling experience for me here in Rockford,” West says. “And it brings me great joy that I am also making my alma mater proud as well because I am representing Illinois College.” For the past three years, West has been working in Rock Valley College’s Dislocated Workers Program and has been counseling people who have been laid off and are in need of retraining. “I am also heavily involved in the Rockford community, and I am a member of the Rockford Association of Minority Management (RAMM) that gives scholarships every year to elite African-American seniors for college,” West says. Booker Washington Center is a 96-year-old community center that focuses on educational and social service programs for a predominantly African-American population. The center is Illinois’ oldest African-American nonprofit organization.

pre-kindergarten teacher for the Early Years Program in Jacksonville School District 117. � Allison McCombs Worrell was selected as a recipient of the Springfield Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40” award this year. Allison is the director of business and communication at Christian Day Care Center in Springfield.



Susan Bergen has been promoted to supervisor at Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in Decatur. � Dr. Barton Blackorby went to graduate school for biochemistry at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Ark. He then joined the Army Reserves and attended the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. He is now in the active duty Army and an ophthalmology resident at Madigan Army Medical Center in Fort Lewis, Wash. He is a captain and president of the intern residents at the hospital. � Julie Dombek is currently employed by Clarkson Eyecare in Collinsville. � Eduard Faith is the editorial manager at Oxford Business Group in Saudi Arabia. � Chandra Palmer graduated from the University of Denver in 2009 with a Master of Arts in international development. She is working at Benedictine University as the office assistant for the departments of global studies, history, humanities, philosophy, religious studies, Scholars Program and theology. � Dr. Jessica Rubino is a graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. She is in the master’s of public health program in Austin, Texas. � Jenny Sauer appeared on the Fox television show, “The Choice,” last summer.

Illinois College Quarterly


Robert Ballenger is a consultant at CTS Technology Solutions Inc. in St. Louis. � Chris Haschemeyer is a 2012 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in Chestgerfield, Mo. He is a chiropractor at Schippel Chiropratic in Jacksonville. � Kayla Montgomery has been promoted to accounting analyst at Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in Decatur. � Kristen Schmalz is now working in the purchasing department with the St. Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball team. � Alicia Schofield is working as the book scanning supervisor for Illinois at the nonprofit Internet Archive. � Josh Slaughterback was selected as one of Jacksonville Journal-Courier’s “20 Under 40” this year. He is school leader at 8 Points Charter School. � Sarah Steinhorst was promoted to assistant director of undergraduate admissions and coordinator of international recruitment at the University of St. Francis in Joliet. � Dr. Schuyler Stone graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine last May. He has entered an internal medicine residency at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals in Springfield.


Jason Haynes is the head track and field coach at Knox College in Galesburg. � Andrea Postiglione is the high school recruiting specialist at Governors State University in University Park. � Dereth Worrell graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.



John Dougherty is an assistant analyst at State Farm Insurance in Charlottesville, Va. � Ashley Johns is working at SGSM Network in St. Louis as the AmeriCorps VISTA Team Leader for the St. Louis VISTA branch. She is in charge of training and leading a group of over 30 people. � Zach Wittmann graduated from Eastern Illinois University last May with a master’s degree in clinical counseling. He is currently working as a therapist at Park Place Center in Jacksonville. Eric Hiatt is a Dunn Fellow at the Illinois governor’s Office of Management and Budget in Springfield. He is a budget analyst for the Office of the Governor for many of the constitutional agencies. � Eloho Ovhori graduated from McCombs School of Business in May with a master’s degree in professional accounting. Eloho

is working for KPMG as an audit associate. � Jennifer Yeoward is in the master’s program at Illinois State University working on a clinical counseling degree. She is a graduate assistant at the Center for Youth and Family Solutions.


Jaimie Engle is a lab supervisor at Children’s Discovery Museum of Normal. � Courtney Limestall is teaching pre-school at Monmouth Lincoln Early Childhood School. � Dan O’Connor is teaching math at Jacksonville High School. � Darcy Holloway O’Connor is a pre-kindergarten teacher at Christian Day Care Center in Springfield. � Ashlee Iafelice Peyton is working at New Adventures Early Learning Center in Coconut Creek, Fla. � Damian Peyton is attending Nova Southwestern University and is employed by Fort Lauderdale Veterinary Center.

Legacy Students

August 27, new students who have had a family member attend Illinois College assembled for a photograph on the Sturtevant Hall lawn – First row (I to r): Taylor Mohn, Meghan Carriger, Cody Freeman, Cory Clothier, Drew Stroud, Gabrielle Douglas, Rudy Pate, Donald Elston, Deanna Harman, Jameelah Harrison and Kyle Bartlett. Second row: Paige Graham, Lindsey Birdsell, Jenna Thompson, Elizabeth Kelley, Taylor Caputo, Tamar Norville, Marlee Bradshaw, Riley Marshall, Emily Hanes and Jessica Grigg. Third row: Ashley Brown, Rachel Puckett, Margaret Allen, Emily Bystry, John Love, Nicholas Walden, Lauren Aiello, Sam Brittingham, Rebecca Weil, Taylor Coad, Karina Witt and Bridget Drea. Fourth row: Zach Finn, Braden Wherley, Amanda Hoffman, Calla Kaufmann, Kaley Barbknecht, Zach Pruitt, Alex Gardner, David Farmer and Caleb Gerdes. Fifth row: Dalton Ehlert, Gunnar Siebert, Genevieve Elkin, Caleb Harris, John Whitney, Julie Weier, Abigail Wolter, Kassey Black and Faith Irvin.

December 2012



’76 ’82

Dennis Keithley and Becky Stuart, May 28, 2011.


Jim Peterson and Sharon Santa Cruz, May 19, 2012. Sharon is vice president at Lindell Bank in St. Louis.

Bart Blackorby and Sarah Stedem, April 28, 2012. Bart is an ophthalmology resident at Madigan Army Medical Center in Fort Lewis, Wash.



Robin Hager and Jamie Winburn, July 28, 2012. Robin is regional vice president for sales at DexOne. 3

’98 ’01

Kevin Reszka and Terri Townslay, June 2, 2012. Terri is a stay-at-home mom and Army wife. 11

Drake Dotzert and Ashley McDannald, May 12, 2012. Ashley is a teller supervisor at Petefish, Skiles and & Co. Bank in Virginia. 2 � Cody Lawson and Ashley Miller ’11, June 16, 2012. Cody is an assistant manager at Top Shelf Liquors in Jacksonville, and Ashley is a kindergarten teacher at Virginia Grade School. 4 � Brandon Vaughn and Erin Koss, June 16, 2012. Erin is co-owner of Blue Ridge Backwoods II Inc. in Monticello. 6


Jason Gerber and Christina Hoffman, June 10, 2012. Jason is a faculty member at Gateway Technical College. � Paul Graham and Jessica Castiglioni, November 11, 2011. Jessica works as a senior educator with the Youth Exploring Science (YES) program at the Saint Louis Science Center. 8 � Tim Niemeyer and Cara Pulver, July 16, 2011. Cara is a school social worker for Springfield District 186 at Harvard Park Elementary.


Justin Menke and Ashlee Gutierrez ’06, May 19, 2012. Ashlee is an Environmental Systems Technician for Maschhoff Environmental Inc. 5 � Zach Wittmann and Rebecca Ruyle, June 22, 2012. Zach is a therapist at Park Place Center in Jacksonville.


Dan O’Connor and Darcy Holloway, August 18, 2012. Dan is a math teacher at Jacksonville High School, and Darcy is teaching pre-kindergarten at the Christian Day Care Center in Springfield. 9 � Damian Peyton and Ashlee Iafelice, June 22, 2012. Damian is attending Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., pursuing a master’s degree in marine biology. Ashlee is teaching at New Adventures Learning Center in Coconut Creek, Fla. 10


Brett Leischner and Lindsey Raridon, August 4, 2012. 7

Matt Vortman and Christina Carls, August 11, 2012. Matt is employed by Memorial Medical Center in Springfield as a physical therapist. 12


Jeremy Cook and Jennifer Ingram, October 8, 2011. Jennifer is an executive assistant at Illinois Educators Credit Union in Springfield. 1


Steve Henry and Julia Gibbons, October 22, 2011. Steve is a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Wentzville South Middle School in Wentzville, Mo.






6 Warmowski Photography




Illinois College Quarterly






’91 ’93

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hofer (Tammy Witherbee), a son, Brayden Matthew, December 1, 2011. 1

’95 ’98

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Goff (Lynn Kohlrus), a son, Mason Marcus, July 7, 2012. 2 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weir (Lori Bartlett), a son, Jonathan Theodore, January 13, 2012. Jonathan joins brother Timothy, 3.



Mr. and Mrs. Jason Davis (Jessica Oswald), a daughter, Piper Joie, March 27, 2012. 3 � Mr. and Mrs. Evan Wilson (Sarah Heideman ’02), a daughter, Eva, April 12, 2012. Eva joins sisters Norah, 7, Amelia, 3 and brother Colin, 5.



Mr. and Mrs. Phil Stowers adopted a daughter, Chun Le Elizabeth on November 28, 2011. Chun Le was born on January 13, 2010. She joins sister Rachel, 7 and brother Isaac, 5.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Beard, a daughter, Sophia Kate, June 25, 2012. Sophia joins sister Ella, 3. 8 � Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Crow (Victoria Asher), a daughter, Bianca June, June 3, 2012. Bianca joins brothers Tristan, 3 and Silas, 2. 7 � Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Johnson, a son, Brady William, March 4, 2012. Brady joins brother Quinn, 2. 6 � Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones (Renee Carlen), a son, Kierik, March 17, 2011. Kierik joins sister Mya, 5. � Mr. and Mrs. Yong Sun (Marshae Tunis), a son, Mark Wei-Xin, January 17, 2011.


Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kiddy (Lia Ramsey), twins Addison Colleen and Brendan Robert, June 11, 2012. 12 � Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Thompson (Chantel Workman), a son, Owen Mark, June 24, 2012. Owen joins sister Avery, 5.


Mr. and Mrs. Jon Olichwier (Becki May ’03), a daughter, Stella Rose, July 16, 2012. Stella joins sister Gretchen, 3. 13


Mr. and Mrs. Eric Walker (Christine Charney ’07), a daughter, Rhodry Cullyn, October 24, 2012. 10 � Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Whiteside, a daughter, Emerson Marie, September 29, 2012.


Mr. and Mrs. Timothy French (Lindsey Reeps ’05), a son, Calvin Robert, April 28, 2012. Calvin joins brother Conner, 4. 11 � Mr. and Mrs. Casey Grant (Sarah McCullough), a daughter, Natalie Marie, October 29, 2011. 5 � Mr. and Mrs. Cole Heitz (Alaina Adams ’02), a daughter, Lucy Rose, January 15, 2012. Lucy joins sister Lily, 4. � Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Saxer (Holly











13 Duvendack), a son, Griffin David, September 8, 2011. Griffin joins brother Quin, 7. 9


Mr. and Mrs. Noah Eckhouse, a daughter, Ezra Lynn, September 6, 2012. 4

December 2012


In Memoriam

� Loren Becker, August 5, 2012 � Bobby Hoffman, September 14, 2012 � Virginia Judd, September 17, 2012

’34 ’39 ’40 ’41 ’42

Margaret Boston King June 15, 2012 Frederick W. Brockhouse (Sigma Pi) February 18, 2012 Charlotte Schwaner Cassell (Gamma Delta) September 28, 2012 Mabel Tippitt Rammelkamp (Sigma Phi Epsilon) August 11, 2012 MM Austin R. Dumas May 18, 2012

’52 ’55 ’56 ’57 ’63 ’64

Helen Patterson Hinde (Sigma Phi Epsilon) July 24, 2012 MM Carol Coultas Lohman (Sigma Phi Epsilon) July 28, 2012 MM

’46 ’47 ’48

John R. Anderson October 28, 2011 Dr. Robert L. “Bob” Davis July 3, 2012 Merton L. “Duke” Pond (Gamma Nu) October 17, 2012 Cmdr. John B. “Jack” Pratt Sr. (Sigma Pi) October 14, 2012 MM

’49 ’50

Mary Hudson Williams June 10, 2012 Dr. Jack R. Griffen July 15, 2012 William E. “Bill” Spencer August 17, 2012

Constance Lower October 18, 2012 Augusta Waters Welton (Chi Beta) May 1, 2012 William R. Kaufmann August 22, 2012 Roland L. Wallis June 28, 2012 Dr. Martin D. “David” Avolt (Sigma Pi) August 17, 2012 Claire Heckmann (Chi Beta) October 12, 2012 MM *

Gwendolyn Brim Woods (Chi Beta) September 27, 2012


Angelo J. Spinazzola (Phi Alpha) February 27, 2012 MM

Ronald Joseph “Joe” Martin May 29, 2012

’65 ’67 ’70

Barbara Conant Vogt (Sigma Phi Epsilon) July 27, 2012 Andrea Rogozinski Koenig (Chi Beta) September 11, 2012 Rev. Robert L. Kramer September 1, 2012 Ira J. Lionts June 22, 2012

’82 ’83 ’89 ’97

Lucinda K. Reifsteck (Gamma Delta) January 28, 2011 David C. Dennier (Phi Alpha) June 26, 2012 Pam Crawford Schone August 13, 2012 Keith J. Ongman October 2, 2012

William A. Swain May 22, 2012 Milo H. Vogt June 13, 2012

MM denotes a fully funded memorial membership in a special endowment fund. The alumnus will be listed in perpetuity on the Annual Fund rolls. FM denotes an incomplete funded memorial membership.  denotes family has suggested memorial gifts be made to Illinois College.


Illinois College Quarterly

Lohman remembered for her dedication to the College Illinois College graduate and former Board of Trustee member Carol Coultas Lohman ’45 will be remembered for her leadership and dedication to the College. Lohman served Illinois College in a number of ways. She was a member of the Board of Trustees for 25 years where she became chairman of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee, a member of the Executive Committee and vice chairman of the Board. Illinois College recognized her with an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree in 1996. Lohman was also a class agent, vice president of the Alumni Association, president of the Springfield Area Alumni Association, co-chair of the 150th Anniversary Challenge Fund, an alumni trustee and served on two presidential search committees. In honor of her family’s generosity and service, the East Gates of the Illinois College Walkway are named the Lohman Family Gates. One of her more generous gifts was a new grand piano for the Department of Music in honor of her mother, Mary Baxter Coultas, a lifelong resident of Jacksonville who taught elementary school and piano lessons for more than 30 years.

Lohman was very active in the community. She was appointed by four different Illinois governors to the Board of Governors of State Colleges and Universities and served on the Illinois Board of Higher Education for 17 years. Her civic involvement included being a founding director and officer of the Sangamon State University Foundation (now UIS); founding director and officer of Friends of Memorial Medical Center; member of the Illinois Symphony Association Board of Directors; founding member of the board of directors of the Dana-Thomas House Foundation; member of the Illinois Arts Council; and a member of the Illinois Executive Mansion Association. She was also an elder at Westminster Presbyterian Church and an avid golfer – she was the Illini Country Club Golf Champion on several occasions. Surviving are her daughter Berta James of Dallas, Texas, three grandchildren and son-in-law David Pacino. She was preceded in death by her husband, Walter Lohman, and daughter Marian Pacino. Lohman’s mother, Mary, attended Jacksonville Female Academy, and her sister and brother both graduated from IC – Rosemary Coultas Watkins ’38 and James C. Coultas ’43.

Hinde recognized for distinguished service to Illinois College Helen Patterson Hinde ’45 dedicated her life to education and was a strong supporter of the College, having established the Helen Patterson Hinde endowed scholarship in 1999. Hinde worked in the fields of journalism, public relations and education. She was on the faculty at MacMurray College from 1958 to 1964 and taught English at Illinois College from 1967 to 1978. She served as treasurer and board member of the Illinois College Alumni Association and was a member of the Smith House Board. In 1992 Hinde received a Distinguished Service Citation from Illinois College for her dedication to education, the work she did in the community and her concern for the conservation of the earth.

Her dedication kept her busy within the community. Hinde was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville, Sorosis Literary Society and Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library. She was a member and past president of the League of Women Voters and was a longtime member and secretary of the Ladies Education Society. She also served on the Jacksonville District 117 Board of Education from 1964 to 1969. In her spare time, Helen was devoted to landscaping and gardening, having completed the University of Illinois Extension Service’s Master Gardener Class. During her time as a student at Illinois College, Hinde was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the debate team and editor of The Rambler. After graduating from IC, she received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in 1946. She married John W. Hinde on December 9, 1950, at Smith House on the campus of Illinois College. She is survived by her husband, as well as son John P. Hinde.

December 2012




A decade of presidential leadership and accomplishment by Paul Findley ’43 The Steuer years at Illinois College are not over, but this decade-long tenure must be recorded as momentous with progressive attainments that will enrich the lives of students far into the future. One of my life’s greatest blessings is an enduring and rewarding connection with the College. Although I am not a scholar, my life has been greatly enriched by a personal and lasting friendship with Axel and Loreli Steuer and all of Axel’s predecessors in the College presidency since my student days. Each, in order, are H. Gary Hudson, L. Vernon Caine, Donald Mundinger, Rick Pfau and Martha Church. Each presided with a unique leadership style, and for all I have distinct memories. I have a soft spot for Dr. Pfau, a tennis addict, for letting me defeat him one day in straight sets. Axel Steuer is not a tennis player, and I can’t even be sure he likes tennis, but I will tell you, he is a man of achievement and high ethics for Illinois College on several important fronts. I cite several from personal observation: Pioneering in new frontiers of education. Axel led the way among U.S. colleges in bridging East and West with scholastic endeavors. Without hesitation, he welcomed a lecture series promoting understanding with the Muslim world and has prompted scholastic honors to business and political leaders with forthright intercultural messages. With his blessing, a new foundation for Illinois College students will fund student study experiences from and to the Arab world. Advancement of IC as a place of learning. He has strengthened the College in its focus on liberal arts, in my view, the essential foundation for anyone seeking a leadership career. Enrollment has reached 970 students, 35 of which are from other countries. When I was a student, we counted only one student as being foreign. He lived in Manhattan. Campus improvement. Abraham Lincoln Hall is the ultimate in high tech dormitories, the gridiron is the same among football fields, the Bruner Fitness and Recreation Center is the same among fitness and sports centers, the Walkway is the same in


Illinois College Quarterly

beautifully unifying separated campus parts, and the Al Habtoor Leadership Center housed in Whipple Hall is the same in high tech historic restoration. In opening an East-West bridge of scholastic communication, he charted a new path that years earlier the College had avoided. Axel secured a grant of $1.3 million from Dubai philanthropist Khalaf Al Habtoor which financed the restoration of historic Whipple Hall as a Leadership Center. On a personal note, it includes a Congressional Office that displays memoirs of my career in a magnificent manner that exceeds my wildest dreams. Closing part of Mound Avenue was previously rejected by the city government. Axel persuaded the city to close a full block of Mound Avenue. That made possible the permanent unity of the campus, achieved in a beautiful walkway whose many features include a statue of the seated student, Abraham Lincoln. On Axel’s recommendation, Illinois College granted an honorary bachelor’s degree posthumously to Lincoln, who, according to eminent Lincoln scholar David Herbert Donald, gained most of his higher education from six Illinois College students who were Lincoln’s neighbors in New Salem village. At the outset, I mentioned the Steuer years because every step of the way Mrs. Steuer, Loreli, was at his side. Like her husband, she immediately accepted leadership in community affairs. Among her attainments is an organization promoting Jacksonville’s historic role in the Underground Railroad that helped runaway slaves attain freedom in Canada before and during the Civil War. She co-chaired the celebration in Morgan County of Lincoln’s 200th birthday in 2009, as well as an enduring, keen interest in college activities. She taught classes in English and history. One day a man engaged in landscaping the campus told me he and his colleagues were grateful for Mrs. Steuer’s interest in campus beauty. The Steuers regularly attend Presbyterian Church, and Axel is an ardent member of the Literary Union. This reminds me that Bob Dole, who was my seatmate for years on the House Agriculture Committee, once told me the only union support he ever got in politics was from the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Bob made the committee chuckle at least once a day. Now, I know that doesn’t fit this narrative, but do you really care? Axel likes Bob’s humor. My main point: the Steuers will leave impressive, lasting footprints all over the campus of Illinois College when Axel retires from the presidency next June. After they give Axel’s successor time to settle into her new job, I hope the Steuers will take up permanent residence here. Jacksonville is where they belong. IC


Jim Bruner ’66 understands that each gift to the IC Fund, our JIM BRUNER ’66 HAS A VISION FOR ILLINOIS COLLEGE.IC Fund Gifts annual fund, supports each and every student, faculty and staff

the College to respond to its most urgent needs such as updating

$242,354 total unrestricted gifts

$205,422 After 313 people Bruner Alumni Challenge member on the accepted Hilltop andhis has an immediate impact on during the the last couple months of the last fiscal year, he College offered to graciouslyBecause extend his challenge by matching Illinois community. of his commitment, he will your IC Fund gift up to $25 during the current the IC Fund. These unrestricted gifts enable matchfiscal your gift

Jim understands that each gift to the IC Fund, our annual fund, benefits our campus community as technology, supporting departmental initiatives soon as it is received. IC FUND GIFTS SUPPORT EACH AND EVERY STUDENT, FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBER and renovating historic campus buildings. ON THE HILLTOP and have an immediate impact on the Illinois College community. These unrestricted gifts enable thethe College to help respond tothese its most urgent needs such as increasing student scholarships, Your gifts to IC Fund make students’ updating technology, supporting departmental initiatives Illinois College education possible by providing them and renovating historic campus buildings.

with much-needed scholarships.

Jim’s generosity has played a key role in providing critical operating support, enhancing Bruner Challengeathletic Matching programs, andpeople most visibly, providing primary the funding for the Bruner Fitness andGifts Recreation Center. Join the 849 who have alreadytheaccepted Bruner $36,932 PARTNER WITH JIMeffort – onetoofprepare our most supporters Challenge in an ourdistinguished Illinois College students and a true visionary – TO REALIZE OUR FOUNDING VISION: to prepare our students for lives of leadership and service as we strive to become one for lives of leadership and service. of the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the nation.


1101 West College Avenue Jacksonville, Illinois 62650


Change Service Requested

Then chair of the Illinois College Board of Trustees, Jack Fairfield ’61, congratulates Dr. Axel D. Steuer on becoming the 13th president of Illinois College. President Steuer’s inauguration ceremony took place on April 17, 2004, in Rammelkamp Chapel.

“In the talent and commitment of all the people of Illinois College lies our strength, our promise, and our best hope.” — President Axel D. Steuer

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