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Westlake Academy    

After-­‐School Activities  Program   Spring  2014    

Amaris  Castillo  /  Class  of  2015  

Amaris Castillo,  Class  of  2015  


Program begins: Monday, February 3, 2014 Program ends: Friday, May 2, 2014 [Except for Basketball and Flag Football, please see dates under each activity description.]


February 14th (Early release) February 17th (No School) March 10th –March 14th (Student Holiday) April 11th (Early Release) April 28th (Early Release)

Online registration will be available as from January 28, 2014 All registrations must be completed online. Payment must be received in the PYP office by February 3rd in order to begin the program.

Register online at: under “Headlines” starting on January 28th . • If you wish to “un-enroll” your child for a class please contact the After School Activities Coordinator immediately. • Once final rosters are made for activities, you will be responsible for payment. • Classes will not be prorated for beginning late or missing classes. • No refunds will be given once activities begin.

    Westlake  Academy  –  After  School  Activities  Spring  2014  


G9 &  G10  MATH  TUTORING  -­‐  FREE  




Instructor:   Jessica  Kemmerer   Grades:     G9  &  G10   Dates:     • Mondays  –  Fridays  7.15-­‐7.45am  and     • Mondays,  Thursdays  &  Fridays  3.15-­‐3.45pm.  

G11 &  G12  MATH  TUTORING  -­‐  FREE  




Instructor:   Grades:     Dates:    





Instructor:   Grades:     Dates:        





Instructor:   Grades:     Dates:    





Instructor:   Grades:     Dates:    





Instructor:   Grades:     Dates:    

Simon Aisthorpe   G11  &  G12   Mondays,  Wednesdays,  Thursdays  &  Friday  12.25-­‐12.55pm.  (first  lunch)  

Profe Andrea  Ragnow   G7  &  G8   G8  Mondays  3.00-­‐3.45pm   G7  Tuesdays:  3.00-­‐3.45pm   G7  &  G8  (quick  questions/feedback):  Wednesdays  3.00-­‐3.30pm  

Señora Covarrubias   G9  &  G10   Tuesdays  &  Thursdays  3.15-­‐4.00pm  

Señora Morales   G11  &  12   Mondays  &  Fridays  3.15-­‐3.45pm  

Mme. Kirsten  Siebach   G7  –  G9   Mondays,  Tuesdays  &  Thursdays  3.15-­‐4.00pm  


Westlake  Academy  –  After  School  Activities  Spring  2014  



Instructor:     Joanna  Reynolds         Grades:   G1  –  Adult           Date:   Mondays    3.15-­‐4.15pm       YOGA  is  the  bridge  between  your  MIND,  BODY,  and  SPIRIT.    With  YOGA,  you  will  not  only  develop  strength  and  flexibility   in   your   body,   but   you   will   also   deepen   your   focus   and   concentration,   and   become   more   stress   free   in   your   everyday   life.      You  will  need  to  bring  your  own  Yoga  mat.    All  levels  are  welcome.          Namaste!        

MATHEMATICS SUPPLEMENTARY  COURSE  -­‐  $260   Instructor:     Arlington  Sunray  Chinese  School         Grades:     KG-­‐6         Date:     Mondays  3.15-­‐4.15pm     The   practical   use   of   strong   mathematic   skills   can   be   seen   everywhere   from   the   classroom   to   the   boardroom.   Our   curriculum   is   designed   to   meet   the   needs   of   its   students,   either   as   a   supplement   to   concurrent   education   or   as   a   way   to   get   ahead   of   the   curve.   The   course   is   designed   for   those   who   seek   to   develop   stronger   abilities   in   math   concepts/application,   analytical/critical   thinking,   and   standardized   test   taking   skills.   This   activity   has   a   Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  5/12.      


    Instructor:   Jaime  Estrada         Grade:   G4  –  G6           Date/Time:   Tuesdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm     The  fee  pays  for  a  t-­‐shirt.  Groups  for  primary  school  students  in  grades  4-­‐6  to  have  the  opportunity  to  enhance  their   singing  skills,  learn  and  establish  two-­‐part  singing  style,  and  perform  in  different  settings.  This  activity  has  a   Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  10/30.      

MINECRAFT EDU  -­‐  $15    





Instructors: Grades:     Date/Time:  

N. Bauer,  A.  Bunch,  P.  Moon,  K.  Price,  L.  Cardamone,  K.  King   G3  –  G5     Tuesdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm  

Students in  grades  3rd  -­‐5th  have  the  opportunity  to  learn  using  MineCraftEdu.  Discover  new  worlds  as  you  explore  side-­‐ by-­‐side  with  your  friends  and  classmates  in  a  wondrous  world  of  long  ago.    Cost  covers  a  snack  and  what  ever  is  left   over,  will  make  a  donation  to  Kiva  ( This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  5/20   3   Westlake  Academy  –  After  School  Activities  Spring  2014  

KNITTING WITH  MS.  K  -­‐  $15  




Instructor:   Grades:    

Jessica Kemmerer   G9-­‐12   (interested   students   in   G7   &   8   see   Ms.   Kemmerer   for   approval   before   joining)         Date/Time:   Tuesdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm           Join  Ms.  K  in  the  wonderful  world  of  Knitting!  Knitting  group  will  be  open  to  anyone  with  an  interest  in  knitting  of  any   level.  If  you  have  been  knitting  for  years  and  just  want  a  group  to  knit  with,  or  if  you  have  never  picked  up   a  knitting  needle  but  want  to  learn  you  are  welcome  to  join  us!  This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of   4/12    

LITTLE MUSICMAKER:   MUSICAL   DISCOVERIES   WITH   PIANO   AND  MORE!    -­‐  $195           Instructor:   Little  Musicmaker           Grades:     KG  –  G3           Date:     Tuesdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm     High   energy,   hands-­‐on   class   designed   to   familiarize   students   with   music   theory,   music   appreciation   and   piano   concepts.    Participants  will  learn  to  read  music  and  play  beginning  pieces  on  a  piano  keyboard.  All  students  are  invited  to   participate   in   a   spring   recital.   In   addition,   students   will   have   the   opportunity   to   use   their   music   theory   knowledge   to   create  rhythm  patterns  and  beats  in  GarageBand  and  improvise  lyrics!         After   thirteen   years   of   providing   early   childhood   music   education   in   classrooms,   Little   Musicmaker   has   tried-­‐and-­‐true   methods  that  make  us  a  specialist  in  the  field  of  early  childhood  music  programs.  This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum   Enrollment  of  6/12.            

AMERICAN EAGLES  SOCCER  CLUB  -­‐  $120       Instructor:     Brian  Byrd         Grades:     KG-­‐G5         Date:     Tuesdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm     The  American  Eagles  Soccer  club  after  school  program  is  designed  to  help  teach  students  everything  from  the  basic  skills   of  soccer  such  as  technique  and  tactics  as  well  as  balance,  coordination  and  agility.  Players  of  all  levels  may  attend  the   course  and  Coach  Brian  will  adjust  the  curriculum  for  each  student.  The  course's  main  objective  is  to  help  each  student   learn  the  great  game  of  soccer  as  well  as  to  love  the  game  at  the  grassroots  level.  Due  to  the  large  number  of  students   last  semester  Coach  Brian  will  be  bringing  in  a  second  coach  this  semester.  This  will  allow  for  two  groups  to  be  formed.   The  groups  will  be  divided  be  age  and  ability.            

Westlake  Academy  –  After  School  Activities  Spring  2014  


CHINESE (MANDARIN)  -­‐  $210  

    Instructor:     Language  and  Literature  Offered  by  Arlington  Sunray  Chinese  School         Grades:     KG-­‐G6  and  G7-­‐12         Date:     Tuesdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm     The   Chinese   language   is   one   that   possesses   both   a   rich   cultural   history   and   modern   practicality   as   organizations   and   firms   are   expanding   their   global   presence.   Consequently,   there   is   an   increasing   demand   to   master   other   languages   such   as  Mandarin  Chinese.  The  Arlington  Sunray  Mandarin  Chinese  course  is  designed  for  those  who  seek  to  develop  stronger   abilities   in   reading,   writing,   or   speaking   the   Chinese   language.   Classes   are   taught   after   school   by   the   faculty   members   of   the   Arlington   Sunray   Chinese   School,   which   has   been   had   a   proven   track   record   of   academic   excellence   and   effectiveness  for  over  30  years  in  the  DFW  area.  This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  5/12.  



    Instructors:     Lisa  Redding         Grades:   G3  –  7           Date:   Wednesday  3.15-­‐4.15pm     Students  in  grades  3-­‐7  have  the  opportunity  to  enhance  their  performance  skills.  The  music  will  be  a  higher  level  than   covered   in   Strings   classes.   Participants   are   expected   to   practice   outside   of   the   sessions.   The   fee   covers   the   cost   of   a   binder  and  additional  music.  This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  4/10.  






LA ACADEMIA  (SPANISH)  –     $200  (ONCE  A  WEEK)  $370  (TWICE  A  WEEK)  

      Instructor:     Offered  by  La  Academia  Spanish  Immersion  teachers           Grades:     KG-­‐G6  and  G7-­‐12           Date:       Wednesdays  and/or  Thursdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm     Native   Spanish   speaking   teachers   prepare   students   to   live   and   work   in   a   global   society.     Students   will   learn   conversational  skills  through  fun,  meaningful  and  interactive  activities  and  games.  These  classes  focus  on  students  using   their  conversational  skills.  This  activity  has  a  Minimum  Enrollment  of  5.  

                     WA  INTRAMURAL  BASKETBALL  -­‐  $85  

                               Instructor:     Coach  Barrows                                    Grades:     KG-­‐G5                                    Date:       Wednesdays:  February  26  through  April  9:  3.15-­‐4.15pm     If  you  are  a  Westlake  Academy  student  in  grades  K  through  5  you  are  eligible  to  participate!  We  have  teams  for  boys  and   girls.   Teams   will   be   organized   by   grade   level/groups.   Playing   time   is   regulated   and   equal   based   on   6   periods.   The   season   will  consist  of  7  weeks/6  games.  Practices  are  during  the  week  after  school  and  games  are  on  Saturdays.     Each  player  will  receive  a  Team  t-­‐shirt.       Westlake  Academy  –  After  School  Activities  Spring  2014  



                               Instructor:     Coach  Barrows                                    Grades:     KG-­‐G5                                    Date:       Wednesdays:  April  16  through  May  21:  3.15-­‐4.15pm     If  you  are  a  Westlake  Academy  student  in  grades  K  through  5  you  are  eligible  to  participate!  We  have  teams  for  boys  and   girls.   Teams   will   be   organized   by   grade   level/groups.   Playing   time   is   regulated  and  equal  based  on  6  periods.  The  season   will  consist  of  7  weeks/6  games.  Practices  are  during  the  week  after  school  and  games  are  on  Saturdays.     Each  player  will  receive  a  Team  t-­‐shirt.        


    Instructors:     Joanna  Rains  &  Cassie  Thompson         Grades:   G6  –  G12           Date:   Thursdays:  3.20-­‐4.30pm       Have  you  ever  wanted  to  play  the  DRUMS  for  Westlake?!    Now's  your  chance  to  show  your  school  spirit  by  joining  the   Westlake   Academy   Drum   Line!    You   will   learn   to   read   cadences,   friendships   will   be   made   by   working   in   a   team,   and   you   will  also  build  confidence  needed  to  perform  in  front  of  hundreds!    Come  join  W.A.D.L.!    Space  is  limited!        You  will  need   a  practice  pad  and  sticks.    This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  6/12.              

SOCIAL SAVVY  -­‐  $100  

    Instructor:     Nancy  Stewart  (Certified  by  The  Protocol  School  of  Washington         Former  Fashion  Director  for  a  major  department  store)         Grades:   G7  –  G12           Date:   Thursdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm             Learn  skills  that  will  allow  you  to  seize  the  world  with  confidence.    In  today’s  competitive  environment,  upon  entering   college   or   the   workplace,   success   is   enhanced   when   there   are   recognized   skills   of   leadership,   self-­‐esteem,   poise   and   manners.    This  class  will  cover  body  language,  table  manners  and  personal  style.  You  will  learn  techniques  of  modeling   and  how  to  approach  sorority  rush  or  join  other  organizations.    You  will  develop  confidence  when  entering  a  room  and   feel  comfortable  in  all  social  situations.    You  will  be  taught  how  to  be  a  powerful  teen  in  a  grown-­‐up’s  world.    You  never   get  a  second  chance  to  make  good  the  first  impression.    This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  5/16.      


  Westlake  Academy  –  After  School  Activities  Spring  2014  



    Instructor:     Drama  Kids  of  North  Tarrant  County         Grades:   G4-­‐G7           Date:     Thursdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm         Take  a  journey  with  us  as  a  rappin'  mouse,  a  questionably  cute  monster,  and  a  fairy  godmother  attempt  to  get  their  “big   break”   as   they   audition   for   STORYLAND   IDOL.      These   potential   “idols”   will   be   judged   by   all   our   favorite   fairy-­‐tale   stars.      Will   their   hopes   of   becoming   supporting   roles   to   other   famous   counterparts,   like   Miss   Muffet,   Little   Red,   and   Goldilocks  come  true?      Creative  and  original  script  includes  specific  parts  for  each  student.     This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  11/20.   Performance  will  be  on  May  18th  at  CPAC  Performance  Hall,  Keller  Town  Center.        





Instructor:   Grades:     Date:  

Heather Lentz     G9  –G12       Thursdays  3.15-­‐  

Get ready  to  take  the  SAT  this  spring  by  reviewing  and  practicing  not  just  content  in  all  areas  (math,  grammar,  writing   and   reading)   but   also   test-­‐taking   strategies.    An   optional   Saturday   morning   mock   exam   will   be   offered   as   well   and   scheduled  to  accommodate  as  many  students  as  possible.    This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  4/18      

LITTLE MUSICMAKER:  INTRO  TO  PIANO  &  MUSIC  THEORY    II  (ADVANCED)-­‐  $195           Instructor:   Little  Musicmaker           Grades:     KG  –  G3           Date:     Thursdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm       Introduction  to  Piano/Music  Theory  II  –  The  Next  Step!   Piano  and  music  theory  class  designed  for  those  students  that  have  already  been  introduced  to  the  basics  and  are  ready   to  take  it  to  the  next  level!    Students  will  learn  to  read  music  on  the  staff,  participate  in  various  ear  training  activities  and   begin  to  learn  various  performance  techniques.    This   activity   requires   a   minimum   enrollment   of   6   students.  After   twelve   years   of   providing   early   childhood   music   education  in  classrooms,  we  have  tried-­‐and-­‐true  methods  that  make  us  a  specialist  in  the  field  of  early  childhood  music   programs.        

Westlake  Academy  –  After  School  Activities  Spring  2014  



    Instructor:     Ms  Maru         Grades:   KG  –  G6           Date:   Thursdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm     Scottish   Dancing   is   connected   with   ancient   Scottish   folk   customs   and   is   well   known   for   its  sociable   and   fun   spirit   as   well   as   for   its   lively   music.     Scottish   Dancing   fosters   concentration,   coordination,   rhythm,   elegant   movements   and   good   posture.     Students   work   on   teamwork,   tolerance   and   spatial   awareness   skills.     The   present   form   of   dancing   evolved   through   the   centuries,   but   the   original   basic   steps   and   the   spirit   have   been   preserved.   This   activity   has   a   Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  6/16.  


KICK N’  KIDS  TAEKWONDO  -­‐  $120  

    Instructor:     Master  Salcido  of  Chang  Lee’s  Taekwondo         Grades:   KG  –  G6           Date:   Thursdays  3.15-­‐4.15pm     The   Kick   n'   Kids   beginning   martial   arts   program   is   an   exciting,   fun,   and   rewarding   activity   designed   especially   for   children.    Self-­‐esteem,  confidence,  coordination  skills,  teamwork  and  physical  conditioning  are  key  elements  developed   through  the  class.    The  program  is  a  safe  way  to  teach  discipline,  techniques,  games  and  structure.    Learn  from  the  best!   This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  8/22.          


    Instructor:     Annie  Hans  (G11  student)         Grades:   G2  -­‐5         Date:   Fridays  3.15-­‐4.15pm         This  music  club  is  full  of  interactive  musical  games,  including:  learning  how  to  conduct,  biographies  of  famous  musicians,   and  open  mic  stands.  This  music  club  is  not  your  average  music  class  since  new,  different  aspects  of  music  will  be  taught   and   games   will   be   played!   Annie   Hans,   a   passionate   musician   for   four   years   now,   will   be   teaching   this   club   for   her   personal  project.  Join  if  you  feel  like  music  is  a  part  of  you!  This  activity  has  a  Minimum/Maximum  Enrollment  of  5/20.        

Westlake  Academy  –  After  School  Activities  Spring  2014  


Westlake Academy  After-­‐School  Activities  Program  Spring  2014  Procedures  and  Guidelines     General  Procedures  and  Guidelines  

By  registering  your  child(ren)  in  the  After  School  Activities  program  you  are  agreeing  to  the  following  general   procedures,  guidelines,  pickup  procedures  and  times  of  the  activities  that  your  child(ren)  is/are  registered  for.       1. The   Westlake   Academy   after-­‐school   activities   program   is   available   to   any   student   attending   Westlake   Academy.     Participation  in  the  program  is  completely  voluntary.    

2. After-­‐school activities   programs   will   be   taught   in   the   school’s   classrooms   on   weekdays   only   after   3:10pm.   All   scheduling   is   subject   to   approval   of   the   Principals   and   the   Activities   Coordinator.     No   activities   will   be   scheduled   during  academic  classes.     3. These   guidelines   apply   only   to   after-­‐school   activities   conducted   on   the   Westlake   Academy   campus.     Westlake   Academy  is  not  responsible  for  after-­‐school  activities  conducted  off  campus.    

4. The school’s  Activities  Coordinator  will  facilitate  the  scheduling  process.    

5. Private instructors   will   abide   by   school   policies   and   regulations;   they   are   responsible   to   the   supervising   Activities   Coordinator  and  the  Principals.    

6. Parents will  submit  an  online  registration  form  in  order  to  enroll.    

7. Parents will  bear  the  costs  related  to  all  instructional  materials  (books,  music,  art  supplies,  etc.).    

8. Students are   expected   to   notify   the   private   instructor   at   least   24   hours   in   advance   of   missing   a   scheduled   lesson.     The  instructor  and/or  Activities  Coordinator  may  provide  makeup  lessons  subject  to  agreement  with  the  student  and   parents.    

9. Students may   stop   taking   lessons   at   anytime;   however,   the   refunding   of   fees   is   solely   at   the   discretion   of   the   instructor.    A  student  may  be  dropped  by  an  instructor,  with  approval  of  the  Principals,  for  excessive  absences  or   unacceptable  behavior.    

10. Students will   be   expected   to   follow   the   same   behavior   expectations   as   during   the   school   day.     If   problems   arise,   the   Activities   Coordinator   will   be   notified   and   those   issues   will   be   addressed   and   dealt   with   according   to   Westlake   Academy  policies.    After  school  activities  are  a  privilege-­‐  disruptive  student  behavior  will  not  be  tolerated.         11.  Students  that  are  not  registered  in  the  After-­‐School  Activities  Program  are  not  permitted  to  stay  after  school  to  wait   with  their  sibling  that  is  registered.       Pick-­‐up  Procedures  Agreement:   At  Westlake  Academy,  the  safety  and  well  being  of  our  students  is  of  the  utmost  importance.    Therefore,  in  order  to   better  execute  after-­‐school  activity  dismissal,  the  following  procedures  must  be  followed  without  exception.     For  activities  taking  place  in  the  PYP,  MYP,  Performance  Hall,  Portables  or  outdoors:  When  the  activity  is  over,   students  are  to  be  escorted  to  the  Primary  Pick-­‐up  location  by  the  instructor.    Students  will  then  be  released  to   parent/guardian.         Students  not  registered  for  a  particular  activity  will  not  be  allowed  to  wait  with  their  sibling.    Instructors  are  only   responsible  for  students  that  are  registered  for  their  activity.     Westlake  Academy  –  After  School  Activities  Spring  2014  


2014 WA Spring After School Activities  

WA After School Activities Catalogue for SPring Semester: Feb-May 2014