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DISHING finds to feature some of the most popular offerings, like penny candy, fresh-brewed coffee, and a children's section. Among the improvements the Levandowskis are considering are the reopening of the summer house and the addition of a garden and patio to the space between the two buildings. “We want to provide a genuine service to the up-Island community, while still retaining the business model,” says Michael. He and his wife are looking to find a happy medium between the original “necessities” nature of the store and what it had become in more recent years. “This area, with the library, the Grange, and the Field Gallery is really the West Tisbury town center,” says Michael. “We want to keep the store going and, of course, continue to offer a place for people to meet and socialize.” According to Mi-

chael, the regulars have already returned, and have staked out their spots on the front porch.

MV the Dressing Are you pining away for the farm-fresh options offered by Oak Bluffs' MV Salads, now that the popular Circuit Ave. restaurant has closed for the season? Well, you can still purchase MV Salad's all-natural, preservative-free MV the Dressing online, and create your own combination of greens, grains, protein, and veggies. The dressing, based on owner Susanna Herlitz-Ferguson's special recipe, actually predated the restaurant. While still enjoying a successful design career, she concocted an herb- and spice-infused vinaigrette that became so popular among her friends that she was constantly being asked to reproduce it for dinners and get-togethers.

When Herlitz-Ferguson’s four children were all grown and out of the house, and she started spending more time on the Vineyard, she wanted to explore a completely new venture — something that would

challenge her and offer a very different career path. And so MV Salads was born. For two years, signage on the shuttered storefront served as a tease to Islanders eagerly awaiting a health-conscious eating option

Get fresh fruit from your own backyard!

Come experience the bounty We are now open year round Growing together with you, our community

Growing your own fruit not only means you get fresh-picked fruit but also that you know how it was grown. There is still time to plant fruit trees for this year’s harvest. Come visit us for home orcharding ideas & options, including organic solutions. 45 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Rd., Oak Bluffs 508.693.3511 - www.jardinmahoneymv.com

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