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2014 Marshall Football Seat Selection Process “How To” Guide with Ballena Technologies, makers of the state-of-the-art Seats3d product.

2014 Marshall Football Seat Selection “How To�



There will be Three Seat selection rounds Round 1- Available to all current Big Green members who have made a pledge to the 2014 Annual Fund (after January 1st, 2014). A Big Green member may select as many season tickets in Round 1 that their giving level allows. If you wish to increase your ticket purchase in Round 1, you can do so by finishing your original order, then calling the ticket office (800-THE-HERD) to increase your giving level. At that time a ticket office representative will assist you in selecting additional seats. Ticket quantity

eligibility during

Annual Fund Level Amount Rd. 1 selection Directors Circle............................$5,000 and up.............................Up to 10 Coaches Circle............................. $2,500-$4,999............................... Up to 8 Gold Buffalo.................................. $1,200-$2,499............................... Up to 6 Silver Buffalo..................................$600-$1,199................................ Up to 4 Bronze Buffalo.................................$300-$599.................................. Up to 4 Green Buffalo...................................$150-$299.................................. Up to 4 The Herd.............................................$50-$149................................... Up to 2 * Round 1 ticket quantities are the same for all sections in Joan C. Edwards Stadium. Customers who choose to purchase tickets in premium seat sections must make sure the required Big Green contribution is paid prior to the second week of August before season tickets are distributed.

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Additional Seating Round 2- Available to Big Green members who would like to select additional seats above and beyond their ticket limit that was allotted in Round 1 based on their annual fund level. This round is available to all donors that made additional seating requests on their intent form previously submitted. Donors will also choose in this round in Priority Point order. Individuals who requested additional tickets in Round 2 will be able to select those tickets during the time and date provided for Round 2 in your personal information. There is not a limit on the amount of tickets that can be selected in this round. Round 3- Available to all non-Big Green members. Customers will select in Priority Point order. New customers who do not have Priority Points will pick in order in which their intent form was submitted.

2014 Marshall Football Seat Selection “How To”

Step 1: Start! -

Go to and click on the 2014 Football Seat Selection button, located under the “Tickets” tab on the main page. The software being used for the reseat process will be available to view prior to the first selection date. It does not require an additional download- just an Internet connection. It does, however, require Flash version 9.0 or higher (available on most computers, but not on iPads and some other mobile devices) to operate properly.

Step 2: Log In - Log in using your unique customer number and

pin number 5-10 minutes before your assigned time provided with your personal information on the insert provided with this brochure. (We recommend you test your login before your assigned date to avoid any confusion or mishaps.)

Step 3: Watch Video -

Watch the instructional video explaining the website and the selection process. This video will show you the ease in which you can complete the seat selection process.

Step 4: Find Your Cart - Your “Shopping Cart” appears at the left of your “My Account” and “Select” screen, as well as on following pages. Your cart will show the number of seats you are selecting as well as your appointment time.

2014 Marshall Football Seat Selection “How To”

Step 5: Go To the Map - When you are ready to view an interactive map of Joan C. Edwards Stadium, click “View Available Seats”.:

Step 6: Zoom in for Details -

From the interactive map, you can click on a specific section to go to a detailed map of that section. If you hold your cursor over a section, information on that section will appear in the Information Box.

Step 7: Find Your Future Seats -

The section detail shows you all seats in a section. Green dots represent available seats. Red dots represent seats that are no longer available.

Step 8: Check Out the View - You can see panoramic views from the seats by clicking on the “Seat View” box. You can return to the overhead view of Joan C. Edwards Stadium by clicking on the “Back to Overhead” link on the right of the section image.

Step 9: Time to Choose - Your “Shopping Cart” appears

on the left side of the screen. Additionally, your appointment time appears. When your appointment time begins, you will be prompted to begin selecting seats. You can choose your seats by clicking on any green dot. When you click on a seat, it will appear in your cart, and the seat will turn blue. If you change your mind and want to choose different seats, you can unclick the seat dot.

2014 Marshall Football Seat Selection “How To”

Step 10: Reserved Parking - The ability to select reserved parking (West Lot, Softball, Annex, Annex II) for qualifying customers will be based on Priority Point ranking. Individuals who qualified and requested parking that will not have the opportunity to obtain reserved parking will be notified prior to the selection process. Those who are granted a reserved parking location will have the opportunity to choose their location(s) at this time. Step 11: Lock In Your Seats -

Once your cart is full, click “Approve Selections” below your “Shopping Cart” on the left of the screen. After you approve your selections, customers who have used the online Marshall ticketing system prior to this year’s seat selection process will be taken directly to their ticket application to continue the ticket order process. Customers who have NOT used the online system prior to this year will be asked to reenter their same account and pin number to continue the ticket order process.

Step 12: Finalize - Upon accessing your application you will have

the opportunity to purchase away game tickets, non-reserved parking (Maple North, Maple South, 3rd Ave. Garage), and portable seatbacks. *Customers who requested portable seatbacks on their intent form must provide the desired quantity they wish to purchase during the application process. This item will be added to your application order total.

Step 13: Payment - You will have the option to pay for your order in full or a 3-installment payment plan. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and E-Checks. Payment plans require credit cards that are still valid through September 1st, 2014.

All Done! After submitting your selections, an email will be sent to you confirming your selections. Shipping Information Season tickets will be mailed out approximately the second week of August. Address Change It is the responsibility of the customer to notify the ticket office of any address changes. The ticket office should be notified by August 1st of an address change for a season ticket holder.

2014 Marshall Football Seat Selection “How To”

SEAT Selection


What are my options if I’m not available during my specified time? You are able to select your seats at any time after your specific date and time up until the final seat selection date. Another party may select for you online. It is the account holder’s responsibility to provide account number and pin number to that person, along with seating preference. A Proxy Form (available on under ticket tab) must be returned to the ticket office one week prior to the first selection date to have another party select for you in person at the ticket office. Will I have the opportunity to renew the same seats I select during the 2014 seat selection process for the 2015 season? Yes. Individuals will have the option to renew their same seats for the 2015 season that they selected for 2014 season. How often will the seat selection process occur? The seat selection process for football will occur every five seasons (subject to change). What if I want to sit next to someone specific? If you wish to choose seats next to someone else, we recommend simply waiting until the lower Priority Point person’s date and time. It is imperative that all parties wishing to sit together communicate with one another to make sure they select seats at the same time as the lowest Priority Point member of the group. What if I’m not near a computer when it is my time to choose? Not only can individuals select their seats by visiting, you may also do so by calling 800-THE-HERD, or stopping by the Cam Henderson Center Athletic Ticket Office or Big Green Office in person at your specific date and time or after. It is recommended individuals selecting in person show up 30 minutes prior to their time. What are the advantages to selecting my seat locations online? We encourage that you complete the seat selection process using By doing so online, you are able to see your exact seats along with a virtual view of the field from any seat.

2014 Marshall Football Seat Selection Process "How To" Guide  

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